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[ Course ‘Science ‘Grade Level . qr = —_ Content StandoralaF Students wil understand how the properties ffl and vans ol fide can be used in technology and mechanical syetems Enduring Understandings/8ig eas: rom Warde: Lesson spect) “Students wil understand that. sental Quertions (lesion spec) Why cant we ist use hydra or poumatc yes? ids can be used to perform tasks that would be | Prior Knowledge: ‘very iu without sing Mads What do students keody know + Liuids and gases have ferent propetiesthat_ | + Compressbity fan be ule in mechanical systems * bresure Retted misconceptions Lesson Emphases NoS and STS + iydeoule and pocunatic ystems ae the same rowiedgeobjecives (pedi outcomes): ‘Stodents wil know Sil abjecives (pec outcomes ‘Students wil be able ‘oa ee a in aT OP Oi crtmermen * compres scssion + Snares and itferences it ‘ther Bedenes (assessments) Seiler Tang aang] Win i ded ‘rc | tree semen wat he Tenet. time | tet fwovetet oan aT Neca ne compress of fast cut homage Wetheny ed soa some Sinle-orine tsa cat + ferwclcmetoe spend hurry ech POM and ‘Spree ns conane preset toe we Somes Senpnt to move twas te pesres compressibility — what Ditusion ees peppy” |g Ridersconpentoe | + canbe auger beense wagethe Ci tava was Vanvign Serpe about tpn were coun pected hyn you retest cas nd hao comer Sayer san tne yore wat a rout ow tinsa oc hese op he Nomtos0 dagecs nd you were seashed e ‘itryur cats you woos So Where else do wo see this? - The 2 Sytem Remember + There are wo types of stems ha use es. Tink about {Both relyon pressure and force to doa ask. compress + Myre systems use ius ssa water or om might the a 5 | ztbemte ference b/w bglds + Peumati systems use aloon nd gases alec these Systems? Lotte and ballon —by the end of his ston you Tak with a partner ‘Should beable to explain what sytem ths sand wha’shapoening oats ores hquds. Can youthink of asystem that uses bydraes? system requires the ‘of pressure opps? 1+ Letsimagine that the desks are bens ina pipe. Sreyaiueuaes + Rearjack uses hydrous toa ear, how? Tink | bout compressaty ‘other hydrate ysters Tdraaicavtems? | «haps. youtube com/watehv=Mina- Poeumatic ‘Compare ee eases + Uses gases can you think of any rg away? nay annemae + Whatsterence (besides the i) ean you tink te of between these systems? 1s Detar these wo — tps ue youtubeom/ watch 2FR73W Yahi Stor at 35 ‘voles nd wanafering Mule Wat pe fester suse to get water tow outofyourtap? + Wat do you need to gt the waters up the Pipes? east [ ntisanenamplects | * Howdoesmestapeofappeaerineamout | eager ofl? {euidyou run ester om one comer othe Sopot corner with he dest or thon the ene + Soipin as severatbend ste pes ging isbengheorlower? ‘Sage t= tection Conaderatons Commer Tir aeament ween ie MATTRABT T gh, gah Gen Tw fa Trae Tanne 7s z eetaseaat ae om hse Twene ore. SevcrOA Mads OF Fecuhing so (OOH cao stadleat ( Viel, group cise Vow doe the ont san ndude svarevot = nits am GSS p = teething eapeenes ht incudes: FM imuteutura anaintrssepnaryaetwies. |“ Sco\ fe" sukuobiay eroaian SIS Oppicts Sources consulted (APA format) PeHecham : ( Pressore + Systems “2 kessens) = - beSeon wos goed, stents wer emogec! ¥ Semel te BFP concept. e MOK Arak al sted have not lod He sane post ERRORS A with ed gph semntfining Hat me S nv we A mg Commer Vne wWingk ant’ dthaten of "seq level” is seem Femina 5 ditkiegia wn inplumurting G naw lessen + wl oe Semana, te werk on 9 Mou be © pod ite. to invest hme inte dome “Souk pocket” ideos fr emphy Home S qops discuss ext Slips (20d ime croand & see Foo peer cam casuer ype #1 on 321) ~ wi wher > ergein [demo comceg + oF Mailer were bic not alk students wr I te Seen 1h. OHuwise , aeat spopss d poher oF erwin 4 commen misccacepe ens Reo opptcotion € eo : Jey Pe well likeet Sredants. Great whan ane fete stent ae & Spek Fim Cploinng why rt wexhes in thee case or nok