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Laptop computers are commonplace devices in todays businesses; their

mobility and performance make them a logical replacement for the standard
desktop computer. This mobility is also the root of many security challenges
that todays information security professionals have to address. This paper
will focus on these challenges and look at various solutions to address them.

The popularity of laptop computers is growing and recent figures show that
they make up nearly 25% of total computer sales1 . The ability to work at the
office, at home, while traveling, or while on vacation appeals to many people
although they may not be fully aware of the security risks that they face.
Once a computer leaves the office it has lost all the defenses
that are in place, from the security guard in the lobby to the administrative
assistant outside your office. Physical security is just one form of protection
inside the office the other is information security. Many businesses have
adopted a defense in depth strategy and use firewalls, routers, anti-virus
software, IDS systems, and backup strategies to protect the companies IT
assets. The moment the laptop leaves the office you have lost the layer of
protection that these technologies provide.
The security challenges can be broken into four categories and we will look
at each of the following.
Physical Security

Data Security
User Education

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