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Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols.

170-173 (2012) pp 3072-3076

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(2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland

Construction technology of lift slab

With concrete filled steel tube columns
Jinming liu1

school of civil engineering, Yantai University, China,


Keywords: Construction technology of lift slab; concrete filled steel tube columns; lift slab

Abstract. This paper discusses a lift slab building with concrete filled steel tube columns. Lift slab
construction as a methodology has advanced on improvements in traditional lift slab construction
technology. When concrete filled steel tube columns are used, the strength of the concrete in the tube
is obviously enhanced by the hoop action derived from the steel tube. The section of the concrete
filled steel tube column is smaller than the section of the reinforced concrete column, thus realizing
cost savings in material and labor. Also, because the steel tube hasnt been filled with concrete when
it is assembled, the steel tube is much lighter than the traditional reinforced concrete column. Thus,
the assembly of steel tube columns without concrete is easier and crane-lifting requirements are less.
This paper describes the construction of a building utilizing current LSCSTC Lift Slab Construction
with Concrete filled Steel Tube Column technology.
Lift slab construction in contrast to other conventional construction methods, does not require a large
construction area or heavy cranes. The floor slab and roof boarding are lifted by lift slab apparatus
erected on the columns. Another advantage that the concrete floor slab is cast at ground level, thus
resulting in better safety, higher casting quality and savings on concrete formwork. Therefore, this
particular construction method especially lends itself to construction in tight areas such as
Before further discussion of the advances in this technology, past safety concerns must be
addressed. The LAmbiance Plaza building used lift-slab construction and collapsed. A main reason
of the collapse is that a hydraulic lifting apparatus that consisted of a hydraulic jack on top of each
column with a pair of lifting rods extending down to lifting collars cast in the slab. (Rachel Martin,
1987). Locating the hydraulic lifting apparatus on top of each column proved to be very dangerous.
The critical compressive force of columns to ensure stability is inversely proportional to the height of
the lifting apparatus on the column.
A coalition of Tianjin Third Building Construction Company, Tianjin Architecture Design
Institute and Tianjin University developed a new system of lift slab construction using concrete filled
steel tube columns, a State Award of Science and Technology for their effort. The new system
overcomes the shortcomings of traditional lift slab construction and improves safety in construction.
Construction technology of lift slab with concrete filled steel tube columns is as follows:
foundation construction
erection steel tube columns
pouring of ground concrete
pouring of floor slabs and roof board concrete fixing of lifting slab apparatuses
lifting floor
slabs and roof board alternately and final fixing between column and slab
pouring concrete
into steel tube
exterior-protected construction (Fig.1)

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