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GROUP 13: Cesar P. Malenab Jr.


Mark Rainier Montes

Keanu Jason Reyes

1. What topics of individual behaviour do you see in the story? Explain.

The case study use individual behaviour, group behaviour and organizational
aspects which is investigated in organizational behaviour. Odd Couples case use the
personality topics of individual behaviour. With the motto of Nobody should be alone,
the company wants every employees to join together and work with combine all idea,
emotion and teaching. Perception topics were also used where process of giving
meaning to environment by organization and interpretation of sensory impressions.
Knowing that Gen Y needs a lot of attention Randstad wants to introduce the pairing
idea. The company also uses learning and motivation since it is based on team or
group. With this method, efficiency and effectivity is increased. Ideas will be developed
to achieve company goals.
2. What do you think about this pairing up idea? Would you be comfortable with such an
arrangement? Why or why not?
Pairing up idea is a good practice by Randstad Holding. Because of this,
organizational goals are easily achieved. For the success of organization employee
productivity, it is important to measure performance in terms of efficiency. With pairing
up idea, efficiency and effectivity is both achieved with combined minds of different age
are put together. They is an opportunity of learning from each other. Transition is also
important in an organizations goals. Transition is a permanent withdrawal in a company.
It can lead to a problem due to increased recruiting and employee training. Transition or
turnover is minimised if there is a pairing up idea. It is a way for managers to minimize
its effects. It promotes effective functioning of the organization. Volunteering for
extended job activities and avoiding conflict is possible. The pairing up idea can also
satisfy the employees with mixing up of ideas.
3. What personality traits would be most needed for this type of work arrangement?
Personality trait which is most important for this type of work is decision making.
Employees should also be aware of co workers feelings, and should give occasional
praises. They also need to be sympathetic and relate to other people easily. Thinking

types are logical order, are able to reprimand people and fine them when necessary,
may seem hear-hearted, and tend to relate well only to other thinking types.
4. What type of issues might a Gen Y employee and an older, more-experienced
employee face? How could two people in such a close-knit work arrangement deal with
those issues? That is, how could both make adjustment easier?
Change would be an issue in a setup such as this one. Older employee prefers
things as it is while Gen Y likes to try new ways and explore stuff. Older employee tends
to be fixated on the process that they already know or have been using through the
years while Gen Y takes advantage of his inclination in technology to make things
convenient for himself.
This problem can only be resolved if both parties are willing to set aside ones
interest and try to compromise. They should address their needs and concerns. In this
way they will have a deeper understanding of one another. The Gen Y can learn from
the older employees work experience and regarding the benefits of doing the long
process. On the other hand, the older employee can acquire knowledge in using the
advantages of technology to work efficiently.
5. Design an employee attitude survey for Randstads employees.

Strong Agre
Agree nor
Employees work well with
Employees are willing to impart
knowledge with one another.
Employees are comfortable
working in this organization.
Everyone is open for criticisms.
I have enough opportunities for
professional growth in this
The company is committed in
creating a diverse environment