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converting waste to fuel for a sustainable

energy and a cleaner environment



SILCASIA ENERGY Mohammed Jowardhar


SARC Consulting
January 2010

About the company

Proposed Projects & Action plan

WTF 2000 Technology

Investment and Opportunities

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“Nature is power”

This document is intended to provide our readers with information about our
company and the waste to fuel project in Bangladesh, it outlines the technology
and the process that has been developed to produce synthetic diesel from
municipal waste at extremely low carbon emission exposure in the environment.

Sound financial and investment opportunity details are provided for examination by
a prospective investor with a projected profit from investment in this project.

We all know that the world energy market is growing and will require an investment
of over 50 trillion US Dollars by 2050 to meet the growing need of power and to
reduce the carbon emissions that are damaging our environment and causing
global warming. Cleaner and sustainable energy is the future of power & power

Dumping our waste irresponsibly causes harm to the environment. Most

municipalities dispose their rubbish in landfill sites which is harmful to our
environment. All governments now agree that waste has to be managed
responsibly and reduce harmful toxic emissions to the environment.

We have developed a technology that converts municipal waste into diesel and
has the capacity to produce carbon pallets, methane gas and organic fertilizer.
This process is known as de-polymerization, which ensures that waste is disposed
in a managed way and energy is extracted for use in generating power or other
regular use.

We believe that it is the future of alternative and sustainable source of energy and
the process will be embraced by governments starting with the developing
countries. One of the many reasons for that is these countries are developing new
infrastructures and therefore the investment is relatively low and good return of
Investment (ROI).

Bangladesh is a country with enormous potential for growth and with an increasing
demand for power consumption. The World Bank report last year identified
Bangladesh as the 11th fastest growing economy amongst the developing
countries. It is the world’s 10th largest telecommunication market and has potential
for growth at 30% annually for next 10 years.

Against this background Silcasia Energy has taken a lead in the market to invest
and establish a source of energy that is never going to dissipate from the human
activities. The company estimate to invest £180m over the next five years in waste
to fuel conversion projects throughout Bangladesh. And a further £300m in
generating electricity from the fuel the company will produce through the de-
polymerization process and will continue to develop new technologies for greener
power. We will explore to expand in other energy related sector in future.
The Company
Silcasia Energy has been setup to work in the global energy
market to produce, source, develop, own, manage and distribute
green and sustainable alternative energy and products. The
company’s head office is based in the UK and has projects
partnership collaboration with other multinational companies in
the development of technologies for sustainable green energy.

Presently we are working on a project in collaboration with a

major technology development company and an industrial
developer to setup a waste to fuel conversion plant in Dhaka

Silcasia Energy mainly owned and managed by a group of

enthusiastic and professional Bangladeshi expatriates (NRB)
living in the UK. The group’s present estimated value stand at
over £2m, and it is estimated that in the second and fifth year
following its operation the company’s net value is likely to be
between £15 - £75 million respectively.

The Company was originally founded by Mr Jowardhar, who has

dedicated 6 years working on the project and has finally in
collaboration with two other multinationals brought the
technology in the energy market place.

Future projects will include expansion to solar, wind and hydro

power projects both in Bangladesh and other parts of the
developing countries, especially in the SAARC countries.

Our ultimate objective is to become a major power supplier to

the national grids of the SAARC nations under the
intergovernmental objective agreement on power sharing
between all SAARC countries.

All NRBs will be invited to participate in this company by owning

shares making Silcasia Energy the biggest private sector power
producer in Bangladesh mainly owned by the NRBs.

Our commitment is to make this company a very successful

business whilst maintaining human values and business ethics.

“Driven by vision

Run by ethics

Sustain by values”
Waste to fuel a de-polymerization waste conversion plant is Market Opportunity
planned to be established in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project
is planned to be put in place under a PPP contract with the Bangladesh has a huge market for
Government of Bangladesh and the Dhaka City Corporation as diesel as energy for generating
electricity and the generation of
being the principal client for waste management and
power through small generators
processing their waste under a project lifetime contract for 25
and diesel for irrigation water
years. pumps etc.
Project has been phased into two phases scaled to a timeline Presently there is a shortfall of
of two to five years. The first phase will implement two units of 3000 mega watts of electricity in
WTF2000 plant in Dhaka City with a view to managing the country. Present primary
approximately 200 metric tons of municipal waste per day and energy source, eg gas, coal and
convert the processed waste to a synthetic oil of the quality diesel are short in supply.
greater than European diesel. It is generally recognized that
Bangladesh is a great place for
Each of these units has the capacity to produce 48000 litres of investment with fantastic return on
diesel every day, produce a massive 17.5 million litres of diesel investments.
Price of diesel presently stands at
Phase two will be to put in place a further 3 units in Dhaka and 35BDT, after government subsidy.
three units in the City of Chittagong in year three to five. The price last year was 55BDT,
which is indicative of the oil price
Phase two will also include establishment of three power plans rises in 2006-07. However, the
each with a capacity to produce 150 mega watts of electricity in price outside this volatile period
Dhaka and Chittagong. has historically remained fairly
stable above 33BDT since 2003.
The project overall benefit is low carbon exposure form the
Price for diesel produced by
process, achieving a higher degree of carbon credit which
Silcasia Energy from waste will be
cannot be achieved by any other similar process in waste tax exempt, hence the prices of our
management. See technical details for more information. diesel for onward sell to the
market will be maintained at an
affordable level.

There is no competitor in the

market producing or trading in the
same field.
Outline Project Phase Plan

Phase 1 Feb 10 March 10 April 10 August 10

Plans Promotion fund structure Local Feasibility & site identification Contracts, clients & Suppliers Future strategies

Attain Initial funds Initial agreements and licenses in BD Site design and technical details Secure project funds
& Global publication of business
Review Initial funds Progress on agreements & licenses Total project funds structure Progress
amend Where necessary Objectives if required Strategy if needed If necessary
Secure Promoters commitments Initial funds in place Site and construction design Place order for WTF2000
Input materials

• Plastics of all kinds (including PVC’s).

• Rubber, including that from automobile tyres.

• Waste oils, waxes and fats of all types (including

hydraulic oils).

• Agricultural wastes (including animal waste products,

spoiled food, etc).

• Hospital waste materials.

• All refinery by-products (bitumen, tars, etc).

• Biologically regenerating raw materials (wood,

vegetables, meat wastes, etc).

Fig: WTF 2000 Schematic representation

End product (synthetic light oil) converted by

catalytic de-polymerisation

Quantity maximum 2000 l/h

Other characteristics

To be defined during project execution

For more details please contact us and on request we may

send you further details about WTF2000 technology and
How you can get involved!
Investments & Opportunities
In order to promote the project we are looking for a group of
Silcasia Energy offers a great venture capitalists to provide an initial investment and project
investment opportunity to all promotion funds of £120,000.00 (one hundred and twenty
NRBs and an opportunity of a thousand pounds).
lifetime for great return on
investment. It is proposed that a group of ten investors are invited to join
the existing three promoters to the board of directors of
This project offers to a Silcasia Energy Limited. Each investor will make an initial
prospective investor to be part of investment of £12,000.00 and sit in the board of directors with
a group who is fully committed full voting rights.
to contribute to our national
development through sound They will be known as the promoter investors and will enjoy a
business idea, commitments and designation in the board of directors. Each investor will be
investment in a productive allocated 7.5% share in the company and may not have to
business on which our national make further financial contribution. However, this would be
development depends. considered by the board of directors in view of the
circumstances prevailing at the time should a situation arise.
Those of us who care about our
environment and the future of
our children, it is about time that
we do something to ensure their
future and our environment is
Each promoter’s projected investment returns in WTF2000
project, assuming the project is either established or have
It is possible to make a been sold at promotion stage.
contribution to that sustainable
future through managed £12,000.00 0 year 1st year 5th year 25th year
environment and by recycling of Promotion 75,000
our waste.
Gross income 250,000 1,250,000 6,050,000
It is equally important to us that
we generate wealth for future
security of ourselves and our
However, at the end of successful completion of all projects the
company will worth over £575 million. At this stage the net
value of the company cannot be determined.

Silcasia Energy stands to achieve

these two goals by sound
planning, secure investments and Estimated total project investments
running our business ethically
and responsibly. All investments Phase 1 Phase 2 Investment
Summary details of your Investments £42m £438m 5th year
investment and its return are Gross Income £250m £2 billion 25 years
provided on the right column. investment worth £55m £520m 1st year
M Jowardhar , BA (Hons) MSc, Cert_CIH
(Company Director & CEO)

Mohammed Jowardhar, is a qualified project and

business development manager and has long
experience of large scale project management in public
sector in the UK.

If you require further information please contact M Jowardhar

on the contact details provided below.

Contact details:
M Jowardhar

Mob: +447974 662 769