USA Since 1945

Roosvelt and the End of the War.
o Yalta o Teheran o El Cairo conferences. Postam Casablanca Moscow

JFK o o o o

Racial integration. Tax reform. Medical benefits for the aged. Invasion of Cuba 1962 at Cochinos Bay. o Orbital flight around the Earth. o Cuban missiles crises.

o Promised end to Vietnam War. o Ordered troops into neutral. Cambodia . o Landing of two men on the moon. o Antiballistic missiles system. o Very conservative at home ( freeze prices, wages and rents). o Agreements with China and USSR. o Withdrawal from Vietnam War. o Watergate affair.

o o o o o o o o o Taft-Harley Labour Act (1947). Previous economic control abandoned Cold War. Marshall Plan. Korean War. NATO Rosenberg Case. Smith Act ( 1940). McCarthy.

Lyndon B. Jonson
o Civil Rights Act ( 1965 ). o Voting Rights Act ( 1965). o “war on poverty” “Great Society” o Economic Opportunity Act (1964). o Vietman War. o Social and civil uprising. o Martin L. King and Robert Kennedy are shot dead.

Gerald R. Ford.
o Continuation of Nixon´s policy abroad. o Arab embargo due to US support of Israel in Yom Kippur War. o Pardoned Nixon´s previous crimes. o Economic recession

o o o o o o Great industrial boom. Strenghtening oligarchies abroad. 1st hydrogen bomb. Missile research. Alaska 49th and Hawaii 50th States. Failed USSR negotiations.

James E. “Jimmy” Carter.
o o o o o o Honesty and morality campaign. Creation of Department of Energy (1977). Texas, Luisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska economies boomed ( oil resources ). Camp David Egypt-Israel. Anwar al-Sadat & Menachem Begin. SALT II. Iran Embassy hostage crisis.

Ronald Reagan
o o o o o o o o o o o o o Oldest man to become President. Cut spending on social programs. Anti trade unions and labour rights. Oil Price bagan to drop. Deregulation of public companies. Economic Recovery. 1987 deregulations lead to financial scandals. Cold War rethorics. Star Wars 1981. Aids to anti-communist Nicaraguan Sandinists. Space shuttle Challenger crash 1986. Lybian air raids. Gadafi government. Mikhail Gorvachev launches Glasnost.

Bill Clinton.
o o o o o o Economic relief. Peace troops in Somalia and Haiti. Oklahoma city federal building explosion. 169 killed. Lewinsky scandal Troops in Kosovo as peace keepers. Nasdaq internet and technology stock bubble.

George W. Bush.
o Florida vote recounting. o Economy recession. o Abandonement of Kyoto Protocol and anti ballistic missile treaties. o World Trade Centre aircraft crash. o Osama bin Laden. o Afghanistan occupation. o 2nd Iraq War. ( massive destruction weapons theme ). o Sunni forces uprising un Falluja. o Shiite upheaval in An Najaf. o 2nd Shuttle crush 2003.

George Bush
o Invasión of Panama supporting Manuel Noriega. o Personal Gulf War. o Operation Desert Shield (1990). o Operation Desert Storm. o Crisis on manufacturing industry crisis.