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Personalized Acrostic Poem and Silhouette (An integration of writing and art)

Sara Kash-Brown


2nd Grade


Language Arts


Language Arts: poetry and descriptive word choice

Art: Color schemes, texture, cutting, tracing, oil pastel, shapes


Nebraska - LA2.2.2.a Communicate information and ideas

effectively in analytic, descriptive, informative, narrative, poetic,
persuasive, and reflective modes to multiple audiences using a
variety of media and formats.
Nebraska - LA2.2.2.d Use precise word choice and domainspecific vocabulary to write in a variety of modes.


Students will be able to create an acrostic using their name.

Students will be able to create a tissue paper collaged facial
Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of texture and
color scheme by using 3 colors (all cool, all warm, or contrasting
cool/warm) in their silhouette.


The focus of our lesson is Language Arts. We will be focusing on


Sources &

-white paper
-black paper
-tissue paper
-lined paper
-oil pastels
-handout of adjectives
-silhouette example


The first step will be to trace a silhouette of your partners head using a
pencil and a flashlight (students will need to be in a dark area). While
one half of the class does this, the other half will be working on their
acrostic poems. After about 5 minutes, the groups will switch.
When everyone is back and has their acrostic poem and silhouette
drawing, they will begin cutting tissue paper that follows a specific
color scheme, then glue the pieces to the silhouette of their face.
Once they have covered their silhouette with the tissue paper, they will
cut out the head and paste it to a long piece of black construction paper.
They will then use white oil pastels to write their name vertically, then
use pastel colors from their chosen color scheme to write their
adjectives horizontally making the acrostic poem.

Assessment and

We will assess students based on their knowledge of texture, color

scheme (warm or cold colors), and their use of adjectives in their
acrostic poem. We will create a rubric to have students self-assess their

Silhouette Example:

Color Scheme/Texture

I am using at least 3
colors to create my
color scheme and all
three colors are all
warm, all cool, or
contrasting warm and

I am using at least 3 colors

but there is no color


I found one unique

adjective for each
letter in my name.

I found an adjective for

each letter, but repeated

I did not find an

adjective for each
letter in my name.

Following Directions

I followed all
directions to the best
of my ability.

I followed most directions

to the best of my ability.

I did not follow

directions to the best
of my ability.

Teacher Example:

I am using less than

three colors.

I am using less than 3
colors but they are all

Student Examples: