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Design Project Topic

Design Specifications

Wireless Power Transfe

Street Lights that Glow on

Detecting Vehicle Movement
DTMF Based Home
Automation System Circuit
RFID based Attendance
Density Based Traffic Signal
System using Microcontroller

Remote Control Circuit

through RF without
Remote Operated Spy Robot

This circuit mainly works on the principle of mutual inductance. This circuit may
be used as wireless power transfer circuit, wireless mobile charger circuit,
wireless battery charger circuit, etc.
This article describes about the circuit that switches the street lights on detecting
vehicle movement and remains off after fixed time. This system controls the
street lights using light dependent resistor and PIR sensor.
This is a simple and very useful circuit in our real life named DTMF controlled
home appliances system. It helps to control the home appliances using DTMF
This simple RFID based attendance system is designed using ATmega8
Microcontroller and is mainly used in educational institutions, industries, etc.
where authentication is needed.
In this system, we use IR sensors to measure the traffic density. We have to
arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that
particular road. All these sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller. Based on
these sensors, controller detects the traffic and controls the traffic system.
Here we have used RF434 MHz modules to make wireless remote. Using this
remote, we can control the appliances within the range of 100 meters. It is used
for remote control applications like burglar alarm, car door alarm, calling bell,
security systems, etc.
This is a simple spy robot circuit which can be controlled by the remote. The
maximum controllable range is 125 meters. It is used to observe the behavior of
wild animals where human beings cannot reach.

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Cellphone Controlled Home

Wireless Electronic Notice
Board using GSM
Remote Password Operated
Electronic Home Appliances

This mobile controlled home automation system is designed without using

microcontroller. We can also control a robot using this technology by making
some modifications.
This wireless electronic notice board using GSM Technology and microcontroller
circuit is used to display the data on LCD whatever we sent from the mobile.

This circuit explains you how to control the electrical appliances using an
Android device. Here, Bluetooth module is interfaced to 8051 microcontroller.
This Bluetooth receives the commands from the Android application device using
wireless communication.
Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle Land mines buried under the ground causes threat to the lives and affect the
economy of the nation. Detection and removing of these mines manually is a
dangerous task. So, we use a metal detection robot which works on RF
Car Parking Guard Circuit
This circuit helps the person in the driving seat in such a way that it gives an
Using Infrared Sensor
alarm if there is any obstacle or a wall while parking or while driving in reverse.
It is very useful in our real life.
Wireless Switch Circuit using
This is a simple circuit which needs no physical contact with the appliance. In
this circuit, all you need is to pass your hand above LDR to ON or OFF the
Cell Phone Detector
This is a simple circuit which helps to detect the presence of an activated cell
phone by detecting the signals in the frequency range of 0.9 to 3GHz. It helps in
mobile phones tracking which are used for spying.
FM Transmitter Circuit
Here we built a wireless FM transmitter which uses RF communication to
transmit the medium or low power FM signal. The maximum range of
transmission is around 2 km.
TV Remote Control Jammer
This proposed TV jammer circuit confuses the infrared receiver in a TV by
producing the constant signal that interferes the remote control signal. If you
switch on the circuit once, the TV will not receive any command from the remote.

TV Transmitter Circuit

Transistor Intercom Circuit

FM Remote Encoder/Decoder

Interfacing GPS with 8051

IR Audio Link Circuit
GSM Interfacing with 8051
Wireless AC/DC Device control
for Appliances Using Remote

PC Regimented Defense
Android Using ZigBee

Wireless AC Motor Speed

Control Using TRIAC

This allows you to watch your own program without anyone changing the
channel or volume.
The main principle of this circuit is to transmit the audio and video signals. Here
audio signals are frequency modulated and video signals are PAL modulated.
These modulated signals are applied for the antenna.
This transistor intercom circuit is a simple two way intercom circuit which is used
for the dual purpose of sending as well as receiving signals.
This is a simple post which shows you how to design FM remote encoder and
decoder circuit using RF600E and RF600D ICs. This pair of encoder and decoder
ICs establishes the communication with high level security. The operating voltage
of these ICs is from 2V to 6.6V DC.
In this interfacing of GPS with 8051 circuit, GPS module calculates the position
by reading the signals that are transmitted by satellites.
This simple IR audio link circuit is used to transmit audio signals wirelessly. This
IR audio link is able transmit audio signals up to 4 meters.
The main principle of this circuit is to interface a GSM modem with the
microcontroller. The microcontroller used is AT89C51 microcontroller.
A simple, small and cost effective equipment for device control is developed in
this project. It is a microcontroller based project, which can control both AC and
DC appliances with the help of a remote control. It is an RF based
communication, so that there is no need for line-of sight contact between the
transmitter and the receiver.
A ZigBee wireless communication based robotic system has been developed for
the usage in military applications. It is a microcontroller based system with
wireless camera. This wireless controlled robot assists the defense as a minisearch robot which can detect any unauthorized materials.
The application of this project is to wirelessly control the direction of rotation and
speed of an AC motor. The wireless network used for the purpose of
communication between the transmitter and receiver is DTMF. Since, it is an AC

Wireless Stepper Motor

Control using IR

ZigBee based wireless remote

weather station monitoring
Two-way Wireless Data
Messaging System for Rural
Areas using ZigBee
Wireless Stepper Motor
Control using RF

Wireless DC Motor Speed and

Direction Control using IR
(PWM and H-Bridge)

Wireless Electronic Notice

Board with Multi Point
Receivers using RF
Communication System

motor, a TRIAC and a TRIAC driver are used.

Stepper motor is one of the frequently used motors in process control, robotics
and machine tools. But the wired control, when used in the application of
robotics, is not a good idea. Hence, a wireless control of stepper motor is
developed here. It is based on infrared (IR) communication with a limited
wireless range. The range of the remote can be increased by employing an RF
communication link.
The aim of this project is to implement a ZigBee based wireless weather station
monitoring system so that it can be monitored remotely without or less human
intervention. The reason for using ZigBee technology is it has a standard data rate
and the battery life is decent.
Using this project, data can be transmitted securely using ZigBee technology for
the application in rural areas. The communication can be two-way
communication and the security of the data is of no concern as the protocol of
ZigBee communication allows encryption and decryption of the data.
This project describes a method for wirelessly controlling the direction and speed
of a stepper motor. RF communication is used to control the stepper motor
wirelessly. RF transmitter and receiver form the communication link. Because of
the RF communication, the range of the wireless network will be significantly
larger and the signals can be transmitted even in the presence of any obstacles.
The goal of this project is to wirelessly control the speed and direction of a DC
motor using IR based communication. A combination of PWM and H-Bridge
(Motor Driver) is used to get the necessary DC motor speed and direction. A
microcontroller is used to generate the PWM signals and also continuously
monitor the data from the IR sensors.
Notice board is the primary means of communication in public utility places like
airports, railway stations, institutions etc. In this project, an RF based wireless
electronic notice board is developed. In order to ensure that the data is secure, an
encoder and decoder module is used so that the communication is only between

ZigBee based Secured

Wireless Data transmission
and Reception
Intelligent Wireless Controller
for Oil Wells

Remote Industrial Security


Wireless Transformer
Monitoring System

Wireless Motor Monitoring


Wireless Traffic Light


the transmitter and the receiver

In this project, a microcontroller based wireless data transmission and reception
using the ZigBee protocol is developed. ZigBee uses a 128-bit key security
mechanism so that the data transferred using system this will be secure.
The monitoring at oil pump units is mainly manual. In this project, a wireless
monitor and control system for oil pumping unit in oil wells is designed. It is a
microcontroller based system with ZigBee transmitter and receiver. A network of
sensors include, level sensor, voltage sensor and current sensor will form a
wireless sensor network that can be monitored remotely.
A wireless based industrial security system is designed here. The system is based
on GSM communication and the main component is a microcontroller. The main
reason for choosing GSM as the mode for communication is the range of GSM is
very large and can send and receive signals or messages from any remote place.
Some of the sensors used in this system are proximity, light, gas and smoke
Transformers are one of the most common and important electrical equipment.
They are located everywhere and are used in consumer as well as industrial
purpose. Hence, maintenance of transformers is a huge task. The system
developed here will help in monitoring the transformers wirelessly. A network of
sensor are integrated to a microcontroller and are communicated via RF
A microcontroller based wireless monitor and control of a motor is developed on
this system. Such systems are often used in industrial automation process. The
wireless communication is based on ZigBee protocol. The use of ZigBee network
will reduce the usage of any wires in the monitoring system
In this project, an intelligent traffic light controller based on wireless
communication is proposed. The system works in two modes viz. automatic and
manual. A set of patterns are defined in the system so that there is smooth flow of
traffic in all the directions.

Wireless Audio
Communication System

The growth of wireless technology in consumer applications is rapid. One such

are is audio transmission and reception. In this project, an efficient and low cost
system is developed through which audio is transmitted wirelessly using IR
communication. The range of the wireless link will be around 10meters.
Cryptographic Secured
Communication between army stations should be very safe and secure from alien
Communication Between
systems. Hence, the data should be encrypted while transmitting and the same
Army Stations
should be decrypted at the receiving station. Cryptography is the best form to
encrypt and secure the data. An algorithm is proposed for secured communication
between army stations over long distance.
Centralized Monitoring System Taxis are one of the common modes of transportation in cities. For the safety of
for Taxies
the passengers and accurate information about distance and fare, a system is
proposed for monitoring taxis. Using this system, police can monitor all the taxis
without any hassle. It is based on GPS technology and also uses GSM for sending
messages to the customer.
Remote Controlled Dish
Antennas are an important equipment is the field of communication. Dish antenna
or parabolic antennas are frequently used in many areas of applications. The
requirement of the dish antennas is its positioning with respect to the satellite. A
system is developed in this project which helps in wirelessly controlling the
position of the antenna. A microcontroller is used to control the position of the
motors with the help of IR transmitter and receiver.
Video Signal Transmitter
A system, which can transmit video signals wirelessly, is developed here. The
transmitter section transmits the signals in RF range and there can be multiple
receiver systems, for example, multiple TVs can receive the same signal without
any wires. The range of the RF communication is about 40 feet.
Wireless Security System
A microcontroller based home security system is developed here. It uses RF
signals as the wireless communication standard. It includes a group of sensors
like IR sensor, window/door contact sensor and a buzzer. Such system, with
additional sensors, can also be used in industrial security applications.
Wireless Voting Machine
Vote is our voice as a citizen of the society. Recent developments in technology

Remote Home Security


Wireless Camera Position


Accident Identification System

Vehicle Tracking System

Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle

Tampered Energy Meter

Information Conveyed to
Concerned Authority by

has helped in organizing elections in an easy and efficient manner. The aim of this
project is to implement an intelligent wireless EVM (electronic voting machine).
The communication between the EVM and the records unit is through RF mode.
The proposed system involves a microcontroller based home security system with
remote monitoring. The system includes passive IR sensor, temperature, gas &
smoke detector. All these sensors form a wireless sensor network and can
communicate with the authorized person via GSM network.
A wireless communication based camera positioning system is developed here.
An RF transmitter and receiver are interfaced to a PC and the positioning of the
camera is controlled by a microcontroller with the help of a motor driver unit.
The communication between the microcontroller and the PC is through RS232
An intelligent accident identification system location display unit is designed in
this project. A microcontroller is used along with ultrasonic sensor, vibration
sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, fire detector, heart rate monitor and
seat belt warning system. All the data from the sensors is collected by the
microcontroller and in case of any emergency, the exact location is captured by a
GPS module and sent via GSM network.
Vehicle tracking system is becoming an important part in city life for safety and
security. This project implements a GPS/GSM based vehicle tracking system. The
GPS module continuously monitors the location of the vehicle. The GSM module
will transmitted the data in case of any request from the user or accident.
A voice controlled firefighting robot is proposed in this project. The system is
capable of detecting fire and alarm a buzzer. The voice commands are transmitted
via RF communication link. It is a microcontroller based system with wireless
video feed with the help of a camera.
The aim of this project is to send a notification to the authority in the event of
tampering of energy meter. Energy theft is a serious problem and has to be
prevented. A microcontroller based system is designed which monitors the energy

Wireless Communication

Wireless Audio Transmitter for


War Field Spying Robot with

Night Vision Wireless Camera

Automatic Wireless Health

Monitoring System in
Hospitals for Patients

Wireless Over Temperature


Wireless Message
Communication Between Two

consumption and sends a message to the concerned authority using GSM

technology. The information about normal energy reading as well as tampering of
energy meter is conveyed.
The use of wireless technology in household applications brings mobility to the
user. One such system is a wireless audio transmitter for TV. In this project, audio
signals from TV (or any other device like computer, music player etc.) are
transmitted wirelessly using 2.4GHz RF communication to headphones. The
range of the designed system is approximately 20meters.
Terrorism is a serious issue the World is facing. The aim of this project is to
design a spying robot which can fight terrorists and also in war field so that the
human victims can be reduced. This robot has a wireless night vision camera that
transmits the video signals even in night time to the base station using RF
Care of critically ill patients should be spontaneous and accurate. In India, many
lives are affected by heart attacks as they do not get timely treatment. The project
helps in monitoring the necessary parameters like heart beat rate, body
temperature etc. The data is continuously monitored by a microcontroller and can
transmit the information using a ZigBee network.
In this system, the temperature is monitored continuously by a microcontroller
and in the event of rise in temperature over the predefined reference level, the
alarm goes off. Such system are very useful in industries, where precise
temperature should be maintained. The data can be transmitted over wireless
communication system like RF or GSM.
The main aim of this project is to enable wireless communication between two
personal computers. The protocol used for communication is ZigBee. The
advantage of ZigBee is that the data transmitted will be encrypted and can be
decrypted only by the appropriate receiver.

Wireless Temperature
Monitoring on Remote Sevensegment Display using RF
Wireless Hospital
Management System

Simple Radar Communication


File Sharing Using Bluetooth

Wireless Process Controller

RF based tsunami detection

and remote alert system with
60dB siren

A wireless temperature monitoring system is proposed here. The main advantage

of this project is that it can be used to display the readings on a 7-segment or
LCD wirelessly over RF links. The system is a low cost and easy maintenance
temperature monitoring device that can be used in industries.
A Bluetooth based wireless hospital management system is proposed here. With
the help of this system, the communication between doctors and nurses about
patients data will be very easy. A dedicated Bluetooth server will collect all the
data. The programming is in Python script. The advantage of Bluetooth over WiFi is that there is no chance of any interference with sensitive medical equipment.
A simple radar communication system based project is designed here which has
an important application in reducing accidents. A radar system captures the speed
of the car and if the vehicle is moving above the speed limit, the number plate is
captured and the information is transmitted to the concerned authority. The
advantage of radar based system is that it is fast, accurate and also can recognize
the number plates very easily.
Peer-to-Peer file sharing helps in sharing data between two devices without any
hassle. Bluetooth is one such protocol which is used in P2P file sharing. A system
is proposed here which enables all the Bluetooth enabled devices like cellphones,
audio players etc. to transfer data. This system allows file sharing with minimum
inquiry and connection time.
Process in an industry is a method of changing the raw materials in to finished
goods. Process control is a method of controlling the process variables. A wireless
process monitor and control system is proposed here which is based on network
of sensors. The advantage of such wireless sensor network is that there is no need
of any cabling, which reduces the time involved in maintenance of the controller
and hence more production can be achieved.
The aim of this project is to design a system which helps in tsunami detection and
alerts a remote area. A pressure sensor, which is anchored to the sea floor, is used
to read the pressure of the water. This data is transmitted to the control station

over RF communication link. The advantage of RF communication is there is less

interference from other signals.
Wireless Electrical Apparatus
Control System using IR

ZigBee based Wireless

Electronic Notice Board with
Multi Point Receivers:

Streetlight Power Cable

Monitoring System Based on
Wireless Sensor Networks
using ZigBee communication.
ZigBee based Wireless Device
control for Industrial

Wireless DC Motor Speed and

Direction Control using RF

Home automation is a rapidly growing area. An infrared communication based

control system for electrical appliances is designed. A microcontroller and a set of
relays are used to implement this project. As the communication is based on IR
transmission, all the apparatus can be controlled using a remote. The range of the
system is limited due to the low range of IR communication. But can still be
Notice board is used to display messages in public places. Using a wireless
electronic notice board, the data can be configured and sent to the notice board
from a remote location. The aim of this project is to implement such system using
ZigBee protocol. The advantages of ZigBee communication are low cost, low
power consumption and encryption of data. This system can be used in academic
institutions, public places like railway stations, hospitals, etc.
A ZigBee based remote monitoring of street lights is developed. It is a system
which provides safety at night time for pedestrians. The proposed system contains
a microcontroller, a sensor network and a solar panel associated with ZigBee
network. It automatically does the actions of ON/OFF/DIM. In case of power
failure, the power from the solar panels is used.
Industrial automation is a very important process as it helps in increasing the
production and also maintenance can be very less. This project aims at device
control using ZigBee communication. A microcontroller is connected to the
ZigBee receiver and controls the associated relays. A similar system using
Bluetooth can be constructed but the advantage of ZigBee over Bluetooth is its
low power consumption.
The uses and applications of DC motors are huge. They are used in various home,
consumer, industrial and research applications. The aim of this project is to
provide a wireless speed and direction control of a DC motor. It is a

Wireless Attendance Recorder

Wireless Weather Monitoring

based on GSM

ARM Hardware Platform for

Vehicular Monitoring and

Air Pollution Monitoring

System Using ZigBee and GPS

Wireless Material Handling

Robot Controlled through

microcontroller based system with H-Bridge for driving the motor. The
communication between the user and the controller is via RF link.
The normal way of recording attendance in institutions is either by calling out the
name/number of the student or by passing a sheet for signature of the student. It is
a time consuming and cumbersome process and the chance for false entries is
more. A system is proposed where automatic entry of attendance is provided
using Near Field Communication (NFC). The electronic attendance register will
start to capture the attendance as soon as the instructor enters a class room. The
NFC devices must be with the students.
A wireless weather sensing and monitoring system is proposed here. It consists of
different sensors like temperature, humidity, light etc. and displays this
information on an LCD. Also, a GSM module is used so that the information can
be sent to a remote system via SMS. Using this system, weather can be monitored
without actually being present in that place.
The aim of this project is to monitor and track different parameters like location,
speed etc. of a vehicle using the GPS module. The tracked data can be sent to a
control or monitor station and also to a registered mobile via SMS using GSM
technology. Such system can be installed in heavy vehicles like cargo trucks to
small cars and bikes for the purpose of security, tracking and surveillance.
The degree of automation in all sectors in increasing rapidly with the growth in
technology. In the proposed system, a wireless sensor network of gas sensors are
used to monitor different pollutants like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide,
Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide. A ZigBee based communication is used to
transfer this data to a control station along with the locations captured from GPS
Manual material handling is a time consuming process and requires more man
power. This might affect the production or delivery time of the goods. The
purpose of this project is to implement a wireless material handling robot which
is controlled via ZigBee network. This system uses flex sensor, ultrasonic sensor,

Assistance for Dumb and

Illiterates in Airline Based on
Touch Screen and ZigBee

Design Project Topic

accelerometer and electronic compass.

A touch screen based assistance system for the dumb and illiterates traveling in an
airline is designed here. Services like coffee, tea, drinks, food etc. can be
requested using this system. The communication between the interface and the
control unit (located at the air hostess) is done through ZigBee protocol. Both the
transmitter and receiver sections require microcontrollers.

Design Specifications

DTMF Projects
DTMF Controlled Home
Automation System
DTMF Based Electronic Voting
DTMF Based Effective
Switching System for Power
DTMF Based Pick and Place
DTMF Based Controller for
Efficiency Improvement of a
PV Cell & Relay Operation

The main objective of this project is to implement home automation system for
achieving the remote control operation of home appliances using DTMF (Dual
Tone Multi Frequency) technology.
The main idea of this project is to replace the ballot paper type of voting system
and make convenient form of electronic voting system by implementing a cell
phone based voting system using DTMF technology.
In this project, switching operation of various appliances in home and office are
controlled in an effective way using DTMF decoder in the circuit. Along with
DTMF decoder, microcontroller unit and GSM mobile facilitates this type of
switching operation.
Due to the limited working range of wireless controlled robots, DTMF controlled
pick and place robot offers remote control operation over larger working range
through the GSM mobile.
The aim of this project is to perform the remote control operation of relays and
also to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic cells by remotely regulating its
open-circuit voltage using DTMF technology.

Link for


Mobile Operated or DTMF
Based Spy Robot
DTMF Based Irrigation Water
Pump Controller
DTMF Based Stepper Motor
DTMF Based Industrial

DTMF Based IR Proximity


DTMF Based Human less Boat

Control for Oceanic Research
Design and Implementation of
Hybrid Agricultural Robot
DTMF Based Multi-tasking
Robot Vehicle with Password

This project aims to develop a mobile operated spy robot which can be useful for
surveillance in enemy terrain by controlling its movements through DTMF based
circuit and mobile phone.
The objective of this project is to control the irrigation pumps remotely using
DTMF based device. By receiving the tones from the remote mobile, circuit
attached to the motor control its switching operation.
This project is designed to perform the position control of stepper motor remotely
using DTMF technology. The ADC interfaced with microcontroller unit set the
step-angle to stepper motor.
The main objective of this project is to design a DTMF based industrial remote
monitoring system which can be used for acquiring different parameters of
industrial processes and then to send control signals accordingly.
The aim of this project is to build a proximity detector circuit using DTMF based
IR transmitter and receiver. Whenever this circuit detects the valid tone in its
proximity, it gives high output which can be further used for controlling any
This project demonstrates the remote control operation of a boat using DTMF
technology. In this, robot (as a boat) is designed to travel in water which is
equipped with battery and internal control circuit. By using DTMF, this robot
movement can be controlled via mobile phone or landline.
This project aims to build a hybrid agricultural robot which can capable of
spraying pesticides to the crops. This robot is controlled through the DTMF
signals received from remote mobile phone.
The main aim of this project is to build a cell phone controlled multi-taking robot
by DTMF technique. Along with remote control nature, this robot also includes
the features like metal, temperature & humidity sensing nature, obstacle
avoidance, edge detection, etc.

DTMF Based Prepaid Energy


This project is intended to control the load to the consumer in the event where
user didnt pay the electricity bill. This microcontroller based circuit calculates
the energy consumption and simultaneously decreasing points from user account.
Once all the points are over, it disconnects the supply by receiving call from
service provider.

DTMF Based DC Motor Control

This project is designed to control the speed of a DC motor via mobile phone
using DTMF technology. With this circuit precise speed control as low, medium
and high speed tasks are performed.
This project proposes a control system for remote control operation of cutting
machine using GSM network based mobile phone and DTMF decoder.

Remote Control System for

Cutting Machine through
Mobile and DTMF
Cell Phone Based DTMF
Controlled Garage Door
Opening System
Display of Dialled Telephone
Numbers on Seven Segment
Designing & Implementation
of Mobile Operated Toy Car by
Mobile Operated Land Rover
Using DTMF Decoder
Design of Mobile Phone
Controlled Four Legged
Walking Robot

The main intention of this project is to increase the security for homes, offices,
and commercial complexes by operating their garage door via DTMF commands
received from remote mobile.
This project demonstrates the procedure of displaying the dialed numbers or
phone number of called party on a seven segment display using DTMF decoder.
DTMF signal converts the DTMF signal to corresponding decimal which further
displayed on seven segment display.
This project implements a toy car which is operated through DTMF signals which
are received from remote mobile phone. This car is assembled with AVR
microcontroller with motor drivers to control the speed and direction of car.
The main aim of this project is to build land rover robot which can be used for
surveillance or land mines detection. This robot is controlled remotely through
DTMF signals received from remote mobile.
Legged robots can access the challenging terrains as compared with wheeled
robots which require relatively flat surfaces. In this, four legged walking robot is
designed with servo motors. This robot is controlled remotely by a mobile by
attaching DTMF decoder circuit to the robot to receive DTMF signals.

DTMF Based XBee Switch

Radio Remote Control using


DTMF based Smart Notice

Board System

FFT based DTMF detection by

using Spartan 3E FPGA
Interactive Voice Response
(IVR) System for Educational
A Simple and Efficient Traffic
Light Preemption by
Emergency Vehicles using
Cellular Phone Wireless
Dual-tone Multifrequency
Signal Detection using
Support Vector Machines

This project illustrates the use of DTMF with XBee to have remote control of
loads as well as multi-load control system. In this project, load switching circuit
and load control circuit are separated Zigbee modules. Zigbee transmitter with
DTMF decoder receives the command signals from remote mobile.
This project makes use of Radio Frequency (RF) to generate the DTMF based
control signals to have control on various loads. At the transmitter side, these
DTMF tones are acts as frequency modulation signals of the carrier while at the
receiver end, these are converted back to DTMF and then to BCD to control the
This system is a step beyond for the manual process of updating the information
on notice boards. This project remotely controls the information to be displayed
on notice board through GSM mobile. At notice board side, a DTMF decoder
decodes the signals and then sends to the microcontroller which updates the
This project demonstrates the FFT based DTMF detection by using Spartan 3e
FPGA. For synthesis and simulation, Xilinx tool is used in this project.
This project deals with DTMF based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
which builds the bridge between computer database and people. When user
presses any key or touch tone, DTMF decoder at the receiver end retrieve the
information from database based on DTMF signal.
This is simple and efficient way of controlling the traffic lights by emergency
vehicles like Ambulance and fire engines. When the person in this emergency
vehicle makes a call to the phone attached with controller, it preempts all the
traffic light after an authentication.
This project demonstrates the comparison of hybrid DTMF detection model with
conventional DTMF model. This project deals with the intelligent approach based
DTMF detection using support vector machines. This scheme is simulated using

MATLAB software.
Collision Vigilant With
The main aim of this project is to make automatic dial in the event of any
Automatic Dialer
collision for vehicle. This system consists of proximity sensor, glass break sensor
and smoke sensors. Whenever these sensors give the input to microcontroller, it
sends the control signals to DTMF dialer which automatically makes the cal to
the predetermined mobile number.
Microcontroller Based
This project combines both DTMF encoder and DTMF decoder to make highly
Reprogrammable Digital Door
secured door locking system. Keypad and microcontroller are interfaced with
Lock Security System by Using DTMF encoder while input from mobile phone is transferred to microcontroller
via DTMF decoder.
Power Grid for NI myDAQ

Solar Powered LED Street

Light with Auto Intensity
Battery Level Indicator

Solar energy measurement

using pic microcontroller

The myGrid for NI myDAQ is an AC power grid that will help a

student investigate the components of a power grid. The myGrid
interfaces with NI myDAQ to demonstrate energy monitoring, energy
conservation, and the concept of the smart grid. The system includes a
traditional power source through a motor representing fossil fuels and
a renewable power source using a solar panel. It models how power is
generated, transmitted, and distributed in a residential setting across
three houses.
This is an energy efficient method of street lighting which uses solar
energy to power-up the LED Street light by storing electrical energy in
battery during the day time. During nights the stored energy supplied
to LED Street lights with auto intensity control based on timings.
Battery level indicator indicates the status of the battery just by
glowing LEDs. For example six LEDs are glowing means battery
capacity 60% remains.
The solar cell parameters like voltage and currents are constantly
monitored and measured by this type of project design. Current and
voltage sensors with appropriate ADCs are interfaced to the

Closed-Loop Control with

LabVIEW and a DC Motor
using NImyDAQ
Power Supply With Auto

Over/under voltage protection

circuit for electrical Appliances
with display
DC Motor Speed Control By

Accurate Room Temperature

Controller Project

microcontroller unit in order to measure the solar energy.

The design give students the opportunity to apply control theory
learned during lectures to a real system, a DC motor system. Through
a LabVIEW user interface, they can interact with the system and
observe how specific parameters change the behaviour of the system.
Most of embedded electronic based systems need a regulated supply
of power. Well this type of power supply is needed to provide a
regulated and variable power supply system that automatically stops
supply in case no load is detected.
This circuit protects refrigerators as well as other appliances from over
and under-voltage.
This system DC motor Controller by Android is developed to control the
speed of the DC motor in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction

The main purpose of this Digital Temperature Controller is to control the

temperature of any device like AC or any other electronic devices whose
temperature keeps fluctuating and thus requires a constant watch on the device.
The use of this system eliminates constant watching on the device by self
controlling the temperature of the system.