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Reboroso, Quennie P.


Increased number of Christmas Bazaars

The increased number of Christmas Bazaars is due to the
demand of the consumers. It seems that everyone will buy
something for themselves or buy gift for their love ones. The
demand and supply are both high but not equal.
This is an opportunity for the producers for they will earn more
profits. They increase their supply than the usual way because the
demand is higher during this season. The police is being more alert
in this season because criminals is also in need so there are more
aggressive during this season.

There is an increased number of

Christmas bazaars because consumers often dont want to add in

the number of people going to malls for shopping and it is more
convenient to go to Christmas bazaars near to their place.
Availability of Provincial Transportation
The demand hike on the availability of Provincial Transportation
is very alarming during holidays, long weedends, and vacations. The
consumers or users of different transportation had different ways to
avoid interruptions during these seasons to have a hassle free going
home. The wise consumers book their travels, made reservations as
early as months or three weeks before their vacation.
The producers, or businesses related to transportation like buses,
airlines and boat had the advantage during this seasons because
business is in demand but always suffer from shortage because the
demand is greater than their supply. The tendency is that the

employees work twice harder than usual to reach the demand like
the provincial buses who demand their drivers to have an
immediate return after reaching destination to fulfil the demand.
The government issues traffic laws to prevent heavy traffic going
out from manila to the provinces. They also implemented number
coding to also avoid traffic. They did not have any shortcoming
regarding in giving warning and advices to the public about traffics
and updates about the demand in provincial transportations. The
international trade which involves airlines is also in demand for
those who prefer to have a vacation abroad.
Increased Prices of Petroleum Products
Petroleum Products seems to increase yearly at the beginning
of the year then had only a little rollback in the following month. The
Philippine petroleum companies only depends on the prices the
producers are giving them. The common producers of petroleum in
the Philippines is often abroad so they dont have choice if they
increase their price, they also need to increase their price. This is a
burden to the consumers especially to the business related to
The ordinary drivers of jeep and tricycle are really affected
because their profit decreases. It decreases because the fare is not
getting high. The passengers is not that affected with the increased
prices of petroleum products because their fare is still the same. The
deliveries of food products are also affected and the sellers often
increased the price of their products to get back their additional
expense due to the increased of petroleum products.

In this

scenario buyers or consumers are affected because products get

high. The government supervised the companies of petroleum and

see to it that their prices are still reasonable.
MMFF 2016 Box Office Sales
All the movies of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 are indie
films. The producers chooses rise to the indie films and believed
that it would increase their profits and I believed that for the sake of
art and those really loves movies will appreciate it even if it has low
budget for the film, the quality is still there. The MMFF needs to earn
millions to help beneficiaries like the Movie Workers Welfare Fund
(Mowelfund), the Motion Picture Anti-Piracy Council, the Film
Academy of the Philippines (FAP) and the Film Development Council
of the Philippines (FDCP).
The expectation of higher profits has not been reached
because it has a lesser profit than the other years. Moviegoers has
decreased may be because of interest in the movie or their idols are
not in the movie. Even how the MMFF Producers promote their
movies they would not reach their expected profit. The government
specifically MTRCB had review the movies carefully before releasing
The producers or management of MMFF should consider the
interest of the public and produce movies accordingly and with the
proper supervision of the MTRFB.