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Rahmayani: "The Effect of Applying Community Language Learning

toward studcnts speaking achievement", English Education Program of
Faculty of Teachers Training and Education, University of Muhammadiyah
Sumatera Utara (UMSU). Medan. 2015.
The objectives of this research were to find out the studentsachievement in
speaking by Community Language Learning Method and the effect of Applying
Community Language Learning toward students speaking achievement. The
populations of this study were the tenth grade smdents in Senior High School,
which consist of two classes (X-1 Class and X-2 Class) at SMA TAMAN SISWA
MEDAN, Jalan Singosari No.1l which consisted 58 students and the researcher
took all the students as the sample. The samples were devided into two groups, the
first group was the experimental group by Community Language Learning
method that consisted of 29 students and the second group was control group by
Using Conventioanal Method that consisted of 29 students, Experimental and
control class was given pre-test and post-test with the same test. The data were
acquired by oral test. The test was design a monologue and practice in front of the
class. The finding of this research showed thitung> ttable or 10,04 > 1,673. So, the null
hypothesis has been successfully rejected. As a result, the studentsachievement in
speaking skill was in level Good and the hypothesis is accepted.