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Most Common Korean verbs

Beginner level

to go

to teach

to point, to indicate

to take, to carry

to bring; to cause

to have, to possess

to change (one's clothes)


to change (cars), to transfer

to close (one's eyes)


to wind up, to coil

to appreciate, to thank

to hide, to disguise

to emphasize

to prepare, to be equipped
to develop, to create

to collect; to achieve

to lie, to tell a lie

to worry (about)

to cross (over)

to walk


to hang; to speak (to); to

to hang, to be hung; to
catch (a cold)
to take (time)

to go on foot

to come on foot

to experience, to undergo

to endure, to bear, to stand

to resolve

to be decided

to decide

to marry

to experience

to calculate; to pay

to continue; to be
to continue, to keep (on)


to be, to stay (honorific of

to consider

to choose, to select

to have a hard time

to repair, to fix; to revise

to study

to be related (to)

to observe, to watch

concerning, regarding


to see the sights, to look

to be composed, to be
to seek; to get


to rescue, to save

to roast, to grill; to bake

to do that, to do this

to draw, to paint

to stop, to drop, to quit

to stop, to cease

to work

to wait

to expect, to anticipate

to record, to write

to raise, to grow; to
to rejoice, to be happy

to remember

to remember, to recall

to lean; to pay (attention)


to peel, to cut; to cut down,

to discount
to wake (up); to sober up


to break, to smash

to realize, to become
to pull, to take out

to decorate; to invent, to
to dream (of)

to put out; to switch off

to not, to give a nod

to cut; to stop; to hang up

to cut; to be disconnected

to pull, to draw; to drag, to

to boil

to end, to be over

to finish, to put an end to

to go out; to attend; to
leave, to quit
to divide, to split; to share

to grow, to sprout; to
happen, to occur
to become worse

to leave; to meddle in

to come out, to turn up; to

finish; to quit
to appear

to show, to express

to fly

to fly away, to fly off; to be

to leave

to remain, to be left

to give birth to; to produce

to put out, to take out

to give, to put; to hand in;

to pay
to go down

to come down

to fall; to get off; to lower

to stick out, to stretch out

to pass, to pass over, to

turn (over)
to cross, to pass

to cross; to move on

to cross, to pass

to overflow, to brim over

to put (something in)

to sing a song

to endeavor, to strive

to play, to hang out with

to be surprised

to make something high, to

to lay, to put; to release, to
let go
to be put, to be laid; to feel

to miss

to press

to lie

to feel

to increase; to improve

to increase, to lengthen

to stretch; to grow, to
to get old

to be late

to approach

to approach, to come up

to go and get back

to go (to); to attend

to hurt, to be wounded

to run out; to carry out, to

to clean, to wash

to close

to be closed, to close

to hoist, to attach, to wear

to change, to alter

to run, to dash


to run


to hang; to be up to, to
depend on
to escape, to run away

to resemble, to look like

to be put in

to put, to hold

to pull, to draw

to go through, to suffer

to touch, to reach

to put, to touch

to answer, to reply

to treat; concerning

to add

to throw

to cover, to close

to take

to bring, to fetch

to pick somebody up

to run away

to help

to arrive

to turn, to rotate

to change, to convert; to
spin, to turn
to take care, to look after

to return; to pass away

to look back

to return, to come back

to help

to become, to come to

to put, to set

to look around

to surround

to be exposed

to show, to reveal

to give (honorific of )
to hear, to listen


to take, to cost; to contain;

to catch


to raise; to hold

to drop by

to be heard, to sound

to enter, to go into

to enter, to go into; to be
to enter, to come into

to look in(to)

to pick, to get; to unlock

to follow, to go after; to
to follow; to match

to beat, to hit

to leave

to rise up; to occur

to recall, to recollect

to shake, to quiver

to quiver, to tremble

to fall, to drop; to fail; to

run out
to take off, to detach


to run, to dash


to jump; to beat


to float, to rise

to open (one's eyes)

to mean, to indicate

to prepare, to arrange

to dry, to run dry; to

become thin
to drink, to have

to end, to finish

to block; to stop, to prevent

to be blocked, to be
stopped, to be clogged
to meet

to make, to produce

to be satisfied, to be
to touch

to stop

to say, to speak (honorific

of )
to say, to speak


to be right, to be correct; to

to be hit, to be beaten; to
to face a certain time; to
greet, to welcome
to check, compare; to
to guess right

to entrust, to leave


to take care of, to take on;

to keep
to smell, to sniff

to tie, to fasten, to wear

to stay

to eat, to have, to take

to feed

to stop, to halt

to not know

to take care of; to take, to

bring (honorific form of
to gather, to collect

to gather, to come together

to be short, to be


to steer, to drive

to be poor; to be incapable

to collapse, to give way

to ignore, to neglect

to tie, to bind

to ask

to bite; to hold something

in one's mouth
to ask

to delay, to postpone; to
shift blame
to hate, to dislike

to go crazy

to believe, to trust

to push

to change, to switch

to change, to be changed

to wish, to hope, to want

to look (at)

to apply, to put on

to oppose

to get, to take, to receive

to accept

to be discovered, to be
to discover, to find

to develop, to advance

to happen, to occur

to develop, to grow

to announce, to make
to reveal, to disclose; to
to step on

to visit

to learn

to throw away, to abandon

to make (money), to earn

to open, to spread

to get wide; to happen

to start, to begin

to take off, to undress

to get out

to change, to vary

to change, to turn

to send; to pass, to spend

to see, to watch, to look at


to be seen, to look


to show, to let somebody

to stir-fry

to see, to meet (humble

form of )
to call; to sing

to ask, to request

to blow

to pour

to stick (to); to pass

to stick

to compare

to be empty, to be vacant

to shine, to reflect

to shine, to be reflected

to borrow, to take out a


to shine, to sparkle

to get out, to escape


to sink; to be absorbed


to fall out; to be dropped;

to be absent
to remove, to subtract, to
take out
to pull; to select, to choose

to spread, to sprinkle

to buy

to disappear

to love

to be used

to use

to live

to save

to examine, to search, to
to imagine

to remember, to occur

to be considered, to be
to think

to originate, to form

to be formed, to look (like)

to stand; to stop

to hurry, to rush

to mix, to blend; to shuffle

to give a present

to choose, to select

to explain

to succeed

to make something stand;

to set up; to stop
to introduce

to shout, to yell

to belong to

to hide

to rest, to relax, to take a

day off
to suffer from

to start, to begin

to start, to begin

to make (somebody do); to


to have a meal

to put on, to wear (on feet)

to load

to annoy, to trouble

to make a mistake

to fail

to hate, to dislike

to plant

to wrap; to pack

to fight, to argue

to pile, to stack, to
to be stacked, to pile up

to cut, to chop, to slice

to pour


to write


to wear, to put on (on or

to use, to spend

to be used

to chew, to bite

to wash

to save; to cherish

to hug, to hold

to be unsuccessful

to sit

to be not

to know

to let somebody know, to

to check, to investigate; to
to suffer (from), to be sick

to try, to endeavor

to promise

to get along; to match, to

to borrow; to gain, to get

to remove, to get rid of

to travel

to study, to research

to practice

to open

to open, to be opened

to come

to rise, to go up

to go up, to rise

to come up

to raise, to lift, to post

to move, to shift

to shout, to yell

to request, to demand

to cook

to do exercise

to drive

to cry, to weep

to make somebody cry; to

sound, to ring
to move

to make somebody laugh;

to be funny
to laugh, to smile

to want, to wish

to care for; for

to mean

to be due to, to be based

to win, to beat; to
to make, to form; to achieve

to be made up of; to be
to move

to talk

to use

to understand

to divorce

to greet

to get up, to stand up; to

to stand up

to raise; to cause

to work

to read

to lose, to be deprived of

to lose, to be deprived of

to put on, to wear; to suffer

to connect, to continue

to be, to exist, to have

to forget

to forget

to sleep

to grow (up)

to boast, to show off

to cut, to sever

to go well

to go wrong

to do wrong

to do something well

to go to sleep, to fall
to sleep

to catch, to hold

to be caught

to write (down)

to tell, to convey, to deliver

to make a phone call

to arrange, to organize

to decide, to determine

to get wet

to offer, to provide

to investigate, to look into

to be careful, to watch out

to doze off

to graduate

to like, to enjoy

to give

to insist

to die

to kill

to prepare

to decrease, to shrink

to reduce, to decrease

to hold, to clasp

to enjoy, to have fun

to increase, to grow

to pass (by)

to pass, to go by

to spend one's time; to get

to lose, to be defeated

to shout, to yell

to delete, to remove

to be exhausted, to be
to watch, to observe

to keep, to obey; to guard

to progress

to ask, to question

to pick up

to make, to build, to name

to spear; to stamp; to take

(a picture)
to kick; to dump

to set, to prepare; to
regain, to recover
to suppress, to bear, to
to attend

to find, to look for

to go, to visit; to pick up

to look for, to find

to come, to visit; to pick up

to fill

to take, to pack; to take

care of
to clean

to gaze, to stare

to invite

to dance

to celebrate

to depart, to leave

to dance

to cancel, to revoke

to be drunk

to hit, to strike; to play; to

to grow bigger

to turn on, to switch on

to grow

to raise, to bring up, to

to take, to ride, to get on



to burn, to be burned

to be born


to give a ride, to ride


to burn

to explode; to break out

to go through; to make
to turn; to turn on

to be wrong, to be
to sell

to unfold, to spread, to
to spread, to be held

to open, to unfold

to give up, to abandon

to be included

to include, to contain

to express, to show

to untie, to unfasten; to
to come untied; to be

to bloom, to blossom

to light, to burn; to smoke

to avoid, to escape

to do

to settle, to solve

to head, to face

to be angry

to confirm, to check

to use

to regret

to flow, to run; to elapse, to

to shake, to swing

to shed, to drop