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Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About my latest work

Im currently part of the team that implements and maintains all new pages on, a localized Argentinian version of Amazon.
I work with designers, UX and UI, along with Product managers to help design
and finally architect and develop the site. Along with the team we choose the
front-end stack (Currently using React on highly responsive pages), ES6 and


Some of the most important challenges I solve are performance and accessibility,
since our customer base has a wide demographic.
I am from Argentina, and I speak fluent english. Worked with US clients in the
past, and I am fully willing to relocate.

Why Airbnb should hire me

I have ample experience working on accessible, modern web stacks that serve to
a large amount of traffic. I can be productive in Airbnbs bootstrap react setup
quickly and tackle UI/UX requirements quickly in an environment as competitive
and innovative as Airbnb.

Work Experience
Frontend Software Engineer,
BsAs, Argentina 2013-now
Started working at when they closed the first investor round. Part of
a 3 man team deciding and implementing the entire website.
My responsibilities varied to full stack and backend, but mostly working on the
implementation of the .com site.

Changed the previous stack from Coffeescript to ES6

Introduced React to improve the speed and performance of key pages
Implemented over 20 pages in a span of 6 months in a high speed high
productivity environment

Junior Software Developer,

Buenos Aires 2010-2013 is the Ebay of Argentina. Worked as part of the website
testing and performance team. Worked creating internal tools for the diagnose
and triage of bugs and performance on the site. Later moved to the Frontend
team and worked on improving and iterating on versions of the website.
Implemented a test architecture that allowed to catch bugs quickly and
reduced the amount of reported server errors by 30% within 6 months.
Did an audit on the technologies used and by upgrading several
different third party libraries, I was able to reduce the amount of web
servers by 20%, saving the company 100k+U$S dollars a year in
operation costs

University of Buenos Aires
Studies 2004-2010


Javascript & Ruby(mastered languages)

HTML(and many quirks of HTML5), CSS, JQuery
TDD(Test driven development)
Highly adept at communication and working collaboratively.
A knack for problem solving and dealing with any situation, technical or
non-technical that comes ahead.

Former employers, coworkers, open-source collaborators are available upon