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Joshua Cruz

Iterative Development
Object-Oriented Design
Circuit Design and Analysis

Web Design and Development

Graphic Design
Technical Troubleshooting

Search Engine Optimization

Web Traffic Generation
Leadership and Management


San Jos State University, San Jos CA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Minor in Music
GPA 3.01/4.0
Expected Date of Graduation: Summer 2017


Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Deans Scholarship Award

Associated Students Advocacy Scholarship Award

August 2014
August 2013

Personal Project
Piezo Drum Pad
February 2016 - Present
Currently working on developing a drum pad utilizing piezo sensors that interface with computer software

Developed a prototype using an Arduino Uno that is able to produce a variety of sounds at different velocities
Assembled a team of students and faculty advisor to take upon this as a senior project
Pew Pew Studios
Game Development / Web Development
May 2015 June 2016
Served as a game developer to develop engaging content for Green Ninjas middle school curriculum

Worked with a small team to make data-driven decisions gathered during playtesting to retain player interest
Developed marketing, business, and analytics plans to enter various innovation and startup competitions
Achieved 2015 Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge 3rd Overall Innovation and Peoples Choice Awards, Silicon
Valley Business Plan Competition Finalist, 2016 Games for Change Climate Challenge Live-Pitch Finalist in NYC
Presentation High School
Baby Ad Graphic Designer
September 2016 January 2017
Hired as a graphic design contractor to work with clients who are purchasing Baby Ads for their graduating seniors
Created genuine connections with clients to bring imagination, vision, and creativity in the Baby Ad design process
Expecting to have about 120 appointments to design and layout 37 pages in the 2017 PHS Honora Yearbook
Digital Media Academy, Stanford University
Teen Director
June 2016 August 2016

Created and implemented strategies to provide the most effective and efficient program operation
Utilized insight from staff members as well as business metrics from clients to continuously improve the program

Served as the bridge amongst instructors, students, parents, and corporate staff to address a wide array of feedback

Exhibited confidence in serving a mentorship, leadership, and management role for over 30 instructional staff, an
overnight program, and up to 200 students each week throughout this summer
Digital Media Academy, Stanford University
Technical Director
June August (2014) & June - July (2015)
Led a technical team to independently troubleshoot unpredictable hardware & software errors

Monitored and maintained the usage of over 400 computing devices

Developed scripts in Java and Applescript to automate various processes
Pioneered a logistics documentation plan that is used for a weekly turnover process in over 20 campuses
College of Engineering, SJSU
Student Instructional Assistant
January 2013 May 2013
Guided 30 engineering students to learn the fundamental programming concepts of the C++ language
Evaluated and graded homework, projects, and exams

Strengthened the students' skills in programming and helped them develop an interest to enjoy programming
University Housing Services, SJSU
Resident Advisor
August 2012 May 2016
Established a lasting legacy throughout my 4 years of work in the SJSU residential community
Produced and initiated engagement strategies to provide memorable experiences for residents and staff

Honored for my achievements in various Resident Advisor positions with the UHS Directors Award for Mentoring