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Motivation Letter

Malang, 1 Oktober 1995

My name is Andhika Megantara, I was born in Jakarta on 6th of October 1995, I live in
Depok but now I go to college in Brawijaya, Malang, East Java, Im in Chemical
Engineering Major, I graduated from SMA 3 in 2013, graduated from SMP 3 in 2010,
and I went to SD Tugu Ibu 1, Depok and graduated on 2007, My first AIESEC journey
was on 2014, I was a buddy of Dominik Gretschel from Germany, he was doing an
entrepreneur project in Malang. He originally from Wuerzburg Germany, I visited him in
summer on 2015, and I traveled around Europe. I was also a buddy of Marina Paych from
Russia, she was in Malang for a project named Enlighten the future. I worked as a
secretary in my dads firm, Megantara Mitrasukses when graduated from Senior High
school. Mostly I did some report for the cashflow of the company and also a report for
the salary of the employees. I have a big passion in Travelling, so far I have traveled to
South east asia countries, Hongkong, China Mainland, Middle east, Europe, etc. I really
like the idea of meeting someone new, someone that have a really different culture than
me. And I think its really good because when youre traveling you will use English as
your daily language and that will really help you to be more confidence about your
English skills, my strength is I am really confidence to talk in English or doing anything
else, but sometimes that could lead to my weakness which is sometimes I get over
confidence. My other strengths is I could easily adapt to a new situation, new
environment, I could get that strengths from travelling. One of my weakness is Im not a
detail person.
I know about AIESEC Global Citizen from my friends that already joined AIESEC and
did the exchange, which I think is really cool, I absolutely sure that I also can join this
AIESEC Global Citizen too, because first I want to know and learn about every culture in
the world culture and since have passion in Environment, also Im studying in Chemical
Engineering Major, I would like to know about the environment situation in the country
that I will visit. My first motivation is I love to travel and to live abroad, second because I
want to have a lot of international friends, and the third since I was a kid I have a dream
to travel the world. The reason why Im so confidence about this because I have traveled
around the world, and I think I can speak English fluently and I can quickly adapt into
any situation with no problem.
So, you can contact me in my email,, or my phone number +62
87808534393, or my line id: dhikaishtaar. Thank you so much for considering me.

Andhika Megantara