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Friendship of those who seem our kin, but are not really kind.
Will change from hour to hour like woman's mind.
The friendship of those who seem to be friends while they are not, will change like
the love of women.
To heartfelt goodness men ignoble hardly may attain,
Although abundant stores of goodly lore they gain.
Though (one's) enemies may have mastered many good books, it will be impossible
for them to
become truly loving at heart.
'Tis fitting you should dread dissemblers' guile,
Whose hearts are bitter while their faces smile.
One should fear the deceitful who smile sweetly with their face but never love with
their heart.
When minds are not in unison, 'its never; just,
In any words men speak to put your trust.
In nothing whatever is it proper to rely on the words of those who do not love with
their heart.
Though many goodly words they speak in friendly tone,
The words of foes will speedily be known.
Though (one's) foes may utter good things as though they were friends, once will at
once understand
(their evil, import).
To pliant speech from hostile lips give thou no ear;
'Tis pliant bow that show the deadly peril near!
Since the bending of the bow bespeaks evil, one should not accept (as good) the
humiliating speeches
of one's foes.
In hands that worship weapon ten hidden lies;
Such are the tears that fall from foeman's eyes.
A weapon may be hid in the very hands with which (one's) foes adore (him) (and)
the tears they shed
are of the same nature.
'Tis just, when men make much of you, and then despise,
To make them smile, and slap in friendship's guise.
It is the duty ofkings to affect great love but make it die (inwardly); as regard those
foes who shew

them great friendship but despise them (in their heart).

When time shall come that foes as friends appear,
Then thou, to hide a hostile heart, a smiling face may'st wear.
When one's foes begin to affect friendship, one should love them with one's looks,
and, cherishing no
love in the heart, give up (even the former).