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By: Pia Angela Elemos

Problem-based learning or commonly known as PBL is a term that I havent heard since
the day I began my Synthesis class. According to my synthesis class, PBL is a, student-centered
pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an openended problem found in trigger material. Such also enhances group collaboration and
communication. That being said, it is no wonder that I learned so much from it.
While doing PBL, I was able to enhance my communication skills. This is so because
PBL encourages its users to work as a team. Thus, I was able to properly communicate my ideas
while keeping my mind open to the suggestions of my teammates. This skill is very important
especially when the team is required to create a holistic map wherein everyone has different
ideas and everyone has to accept or reject the ideas of each other. I was also able to demonstrate
the value of respect during the PBL session since everyone have different personalities. As a
result, I, as a team member and colleague, have to speak my mind without offending the others.
Lastly, I was able to demonstrate my analytical skills during the PBL session. This is so because
PBL requires everyone to come up with a single, logical idea from a scatter of independent ideas.
As a result, everyone was encouraged to exercise their mind in order to complete the task at
hand. However, even though I learned and demonstrated various skills and values during the
PBL session, I still believe that there is always more room to improve on.
I believe that in order for me to appreciate more the PBL, I should have researched more
on the topic at hand which is on Marcos and Historical Truthfulness. During the course of the
PBL session, I completely relied on sources found on the internet. I was not able to maximize the
college library and other sources of information. As such, if I could change one thing during the
course of PBL, it will be my attitude on research. Personally, research for me is surfing the net
and Googling the matter at hand. However, I later realized that research is about gathering
information as much as possible. It is about being informed, knowledgeable and unbiased. With
research, one can make proper decisions and make the correct actions.
Having said all of that, I can say that my PBL journey is not as easy as I thought it will
be. Ive experienced difficulties such as dealing with people who have different personalities and

beliefs. Ive also experienced difficulties in researching information. However, I was able to
overcome it by constantly pushing myself to keep an open mind when accepting information,
either through my group mates or other printed source materials. All in all, my experience with
PBL is an eye-opener. It taught me to listen, speak and understand with an open heart and an
open mind.