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PERSPECTIVE July 1-7, 2010 5A


born July 16, 1972, in Chicago. low. That was all the food that Jamie offered to donate her sister a kidney. broke down constantly. One time
Artaymis Ma’at
JAContributing Writer
Gladys was born March 8, 1975 in had for that day. She told me before The prison told her that she could they drained half of her blood during
Forest Mississippi. Jamie has three she would eat that food that she not donate her sister a kidney. dialysis and the machine broke.
Part III of a three-part report: children and two grandchildren. would actually starve. She said they “I am receiving a lot of emails Other times, they put catherers in
(Mrs. Evelyn Rasco continues Richard (16), Terrance (19) and have found roaches in the food. So I from other people who are willing to her groin area and they fell out. I
with her account of her daughters) Jamicce (22) Scott. Jamicce was in don’t blame Jamie. So yes! The food donate a kidney for Jamie. People hear that this is very rare that that
“There is something else I would special education all through there was disgusting. In other who have worked at the prison and could happen. Evidently whoever in-
really like for you to put in the school. Richard was special Educa- words, I wouldn’t feed it to my best gotten to know Jamie have also of- serted that catheter in her groin area
paper. One of the men said in open tion all through school. He is in high dog! I’m not making this up. I was fered to donate Jamie a kidney. So I didn’t know what they were doing.
court that he didn’t even have any school now and he is still is in Spe- told that there are bugs, flies in the have people in place waiting to do- Jamie was told by other medical per-
money during this robbery. They cial Ed. food. It’s not fit for human con- nate Jamie a kidney, These people sonnel that if all of the catheters had
looked for evidence in the alleged “Richard wants to go to college. sumption or anything else. are willing to donate Jamie a kid- not fell out she could have bled to
robbery. One of the trustees found a He is the only one that really has “We ask supporters to send ney—just out of love. Their children death. Thank God, all of it fell out.
billfold in the ditch with sixty dol- that attitude. The rest of the children money to Jamie and Gladys because are willing to donate a kidney to They put her blood back in her and
lars still inside of the billfold. The are upset and depressed about Jamie unfortunately, they have to buy the Jamie. But the prison keeps telling didn’t get a chance to finish. Some-
way it was written up in court, the and Gladys. This whole family is in more nutritious foods. Truthfully, us that they don’t know if she needs times Jamie didn’t get dialysis at all!
money was took during the robbery. a mental state of depression. We eat, the prison is certainly not going to a kidney transplant. When will it be The prison is insistent on saying
It was all false statements in the sleep and breathe, Jamie and give it to them. This is to say that determined? When she’s dead? that this isn’t true. But it is true.
court proceedings all the way down Gladys! All the children think about Jamie was not getting the right nu- “Jamie was doing office or secre- “Contacts from the prison have
the line. It was stated that the vic- is trying to get them out of jail. Each trition, her kidneys are not function- tarial work and tutoring with the called to tell me what was going on.
tims believed that Jamie and Gladys one of them has some kind of men- ing and she’s not getting anything GED. She also helped tutor some of They told me that the catheters were
set it up. They believed? tal handicap and depression. They that a patient on dialysis is supposed the parenting classes. She was also infected. Jamie has broken out with
“One of the officers that helped don’t really want to do anything. to receive. talking to young people about not warts and sores all over her body.
set the case up was Deputy Marvin They just want their mothers out of “Another thing I want to say and going to prison and how to make a She believes its some kind of staph
Williams. Williams was one of the jail. They are all emotionally and want noted is that medical personnel difference and be a positive proac- infection. Jamie told me pus and
guys that used to give my husband a extremely upset. came into Jamie’s room and asked tive role model by setting an exam- blood was running out of them.
lot of trouble. My husband and this “Gladys’ daughter Olivia (Olivia about some pills lying on a tray. ple—She did this until she was sent Henceforth, Jamie has another infec-
guy used to go to school together Flake, 21) suffers from being emo- Jamie told her that she didn’t know to the hole. tion right now. Plus, on top of all
and they never liked each other then, tionally handicapped. Gladys’ other what they were. The medical per- “Why Jamie was sent to the hole this, she has a urinary tract infection.
but in order to get even with my hus- child, Courtney (Scott) is 15-years- sonnel said, ‘I got to look this up, is still yet another mystery. Suppos- They never did follow up on that.
band, Deputy Williams told him, old. Courtney was born in the cause I don’t know what these pills edly, she disobeyed a rule. She was Jamie was vomiting specks of blood.
‘We will get the closest thing to prison. When Gladys went to prison, are.’ Jamie said, ‘I don’t know ei- sent to the hole because she was in- My big concern is Jamie is not re-
you.”’ The guys got a plea bargain. she was pregnant with Courtney. I ther, but whatever it is, but I was al- side of the gym? Jamie was coming ceiving adequate medical care and is
Jamie and Gladys had to go to trial.” went to get Courtney when she was ready given about four of these back from the clinic. She asked one suffering and slowly dying—liter-
“I would also like it known that in two days old. It was so heartbreak- today, so somebody should know of the trustees if she could use the ally!
2003, an attorney, Edwin Thompson, ing for Gladys. She was chained and what it is.’ This lady didn’t even bathroom. The trustee unlocked the “We have been trying to get the
one of the most crooked lawyers in handcuffed. They handcuffed one of know who laid the pills there and door and let Jamie inside of the gym NAACP on this case for years and
Mississippi, told my husband that he her arms to the bed while she was in what they were for.” to use the bathroom. When Jamie years with no response. Many peo-
knew Judge Marcus Gordon well labor. She was not even allowed to “She didn’t know what they were came out of the gym, Deputy Win- ple in the state of Mississippi do not
and would talk to him about reduc- comfort or rub herself during her and had to go look it up! What were kle, whom Jamie had had a lot of ha- want to be involved with our case
ing Jamie and Gladys’ time. It was a labor with both of her hands. She the pills? Huh? So, that’s the kind of rassment from in the past wrote her because of the politics, undercover
ploy to try to get money out of my was handcuffed the whole time she medical attention Jamie is getting. up for being in a restricted area. The hiding and pushing the law to the ex-
husband. My husband paid Thomp- was in labor. Only with one arm, she It’s neglect and don’t know what punishment? They put Jamie in the treme.
son a large sum of money in order was allowed to hold the baby. I’m they are doing syndrome! If you re- hole for 21 days! Not only was she “All the emails, letters and what-
for Marcus Gordon to have Jamie glad I was there while she was search it, you will find that there are put in the hole, she was put in the not that were sent to the Governor
and Gladys time reduced. Marcus going through her labor. so many lawsuits against them it hole for 21 days without any med- have not received a response, what-
Gordon brought Jamie and Gladys “Courtney’s father lives in Jack- isn’t funny. Again, I’m telling you ication, whatsoever. soever. I attended a board meeting at
back from prison. He began thumb- son, Mississippi. He had also been things as they come to my mind. “Of course, all of her privileges the Capitol building in Jackson. I
ing through a rulebook. He then sentenced under the same judge Lots of times I don’t remember were taken away from her, including told them that Jamie was not getting
stated that a rule in there prevented (Marcus Gordon) as Gladys and things, but later on I do. I’m de- the tutoring, the parenting classes the proper medical care at the prison
him from reducing the sentence. Jamie. He received a 30 year sen- pressed everyday. I stay in the house and everything. She was busted and that she was getting worse. I was
This is something they knew from tence for drug charges. He has been all the time. I try to quit smoking, down, so far down that it was like told by Commissioner (Chris) Epps
the beginning. out of prison for about a year. He but can’t. I cry a lot because I can’t she was just entering the prison. She that they received responses from all
“They exploited my husband. stays in close contact with Courtney stop picturing them in a prison cell. was not even allowed to attend over the world about their case and
Marcus Gordon pulled some under- and tries to help her as much as he A prison cell, for life, for $11.00! church. They stopped her from that he was looking into it to try to
cover stuff that judges don’t usually can. The other children’s fathers No one killed! No one hurt! They going to church! Jamie went into a get them a clemency or a pardon.
do. A lot of people don’t really have not been in their lives at all. never took anything from them. state of depression because she But he made it very plain to me that
know about that. How do you bring “Gladys has been on antidepres- They never pulled a weapon on could not function like she had been he doesn’t have the power to let
someone back from the prison to so- sant medicine for 15 years. It was them. They didn’t do anything to functioning. She was really involved them out. He stated that only the
call reduce their time? Don’t that mostly due to being sentenced for them. And for that, they both are in working and told me she was Governor, Haley Barbour, could do
sound stupid or strange? I will add something that she did not do and dying in a prison, being harassed, making a difference helping other that.
that they had already served a lot of given a double life sentence. She being threatened. My life as it inmates. She was shocked, devas- “My words of wisdom that keep
years before he brought them back. was always high-spirited. She loved stands is being on the computer with tated, and traumatized and went me strong are a lot of people may
So all of a sudden, out of the kind- sports like ball games and fishing. my supporters, fighting to get them downhill from there. think that this could not or would not
ness of his heart, he decides to bring She loved a crowd and made friends out. “Jaime’s health seemed like it spi- happen to them. But in the state of
them back? He did it for the money easily. I have never known either of “Chokwe Lumumba, our attorney raled down, too. All that she had Mississippi and with all the crooked
he could get out of my husband. them to have an enemy. She was of record got back on our case in gained all those years that she had officials, anything could happen to
“How much money did Thomp- picked on and sent to the hole many January of this year when Jamie’s been in prison, she lost. All her priv- anyone’s child at any time. So if you
son get? How much did Judge Gor- times. She began to feel hopeless. kidneys shut down. We’re waiting ileges had been taken away for think that this could not happen to
don get? I don’t know! But I do She said to me, ‘I’m here, and there on something to be filed with the nothing. The trustee that let her in you in the state of Mississippi, you
know that my husband died a broke is nothing that I can do about it.’ courts. Our concern was money. He received no punishment at all. It are so wrong. I hope that something
man. And a sad man! After they The last I heard she was still being told Jamie, ‘Don’t worry about hurt her so bad, because Jamie was comes out of this story and all the
tricked him out of his money, it was- harassed money.’ singing in the choir at the prison. others articles, letters, etc. None the
n’t long before my husband died of “I also witnessed the food in the “Jamie writes to me all the time After she came out of the hole, she less, thank you. Thank you for all
a massive heart attack (2003). He prison and I was shocked by what I and tells me about her medical con- became sick because she hadn’t had the good that has been done and the
was found in our house, in his chair, saw! The prison was filthy, paper dition and what’s going on with her. her medication in 21 days. She was good that will come. Justice will
dead. He had not been sick, or any- was everywhere! The shower had Gladys asks a lot about what’s going on diabetes medicine and high prevail.”
thing. But he did have diabetes and mold in it! Paint was peeling of the on with the kids. She is so worried blood pressure. Her kidneys shut Write the Scott Sisters:
suffered from high blood pressure walls! The place was just filthy! about Jamie because they are not al- down in January. What caused her • Gladys Scott
and was also on medication. He got Jamie was in bed covered with dirty, lowed to see each other. They had kidneys to shut down initially was #19142 C Building
so upset behind it, because he dingy sheets! She had her coat on been together for over 11 years in in 1997. P.O. Box 88550
thought by him paying the requested the side of her in the bed with her the same building. Now, all of sud- “Jamie was given a kidney biopsy Pearl, Mississippi 39288
money, Jamie and Gladys could get because she said that she is so den the prison decided to separate because she was having trouble then. • Jamie Scott
out soon. It didn’t turn out like that cold—freezing most of the time. them. Gladys always writes to tell They put her on medication. Jamie #19197 CMCM12A B Zone
and it wasn’t planned to turn out “The food that they brought to me how upset she is about not being never got the results from the kidney P.O. Box 88550
like that.” her, I would not have fed to a dog. able to see Jamie. She writes that biopsy. They just put her on medica- Pearl, Mississippi 39288
Mrs. Rasco changes direction to The squash had turned another Jamie is not getting the right medical tion. Then they switched medication FREE THE SCOTT SISTERS
express how the children are doing, color. The rice didn’t look right. For attention. She also wrote me about because they found out they had NOW
their pain, plight and state of mind dessert, she was given a cookie. I the times they rushed Jamie to the been giving her the wrong medica- Information Line: 1-888-600-
and what she witnessed about prison have never in my life seen food so hospital and no one would tell her tion. The year 1997was just the be- 5311.
life with Jamie and Gladys. disgusting! Jamie refused to eat it. what was going on—if she was liv- ginning. Write in care of the Scott Sis-
“They can’t understand the justice She said to me, ‘Mom I can't eat ing or dead. So Gladys had gone “When she received dialysis, they ters: Evelyn Rosco
system and how this could happen,” this!’ Shockingly, instead, she ate a through a lot of emotional strain started taking her to a trailer to re- P.O. Box 7100, Pensacola,
she says. “For the record, Jamie was candy bar that she had under her pil- worrying about her sister. She also ceive dialysis. That dialysis machine Florida 32534