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URGENTE a]: *ANO DELA CONSOLIDACION DEL MAR DE GRAU" Lima, 24 AGG. 218 OF. RE (DAE-DcT) N° 9=8-B/ 194 ‘Convocatora al Permio Mohamed Bin Rashid para el. abastecimiento global: del eu Se Ingeniero Jorge Alva Hurtado ‘ Rector Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria Ciudad. Es grato dirigirme a usted a fin de hacer de su conocimiento que el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Cooperacién Internacional de'los Emiratos Arabes Unidos Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum para el abastécimiento global del agua’. El objetivo del premio es encontrar soluciones 'sostenibles e" innovadoras para el problema de la escasez de agua en el munda a través de la desalinizacion ys filtraci6n de ésta con energia solar. La iniciativa permite la participacion del sector privado, investigadores e individuos, en la bisqueda de soluciones permanentes para proveer agua a paises en necesidad usando tecnologia modema. ' El premio se compone de tres categorias: Premio a Proyectos Innovadores (USD 500,000), Premio de Investigacién y Desarrollo Innovador (USD 400,000), y el | premio a la innovacién juvenil (USD 100,000). Los participantes deberan enviar sus | proyectos antes del 30 de septiembre del afio en curso. Finalmente, se adjunta la planilla de inscripcién. Para mas informacién sobre las bases del concurso, cémo postular y el criterio de evaluacion, se ingresa a la pagina i web http/iwww.sugia.aelen | Dios guarde a usted, ion Seoane ‘nisi Ditociora do Cioncia y Tecnologia Moisterio de Relaciones Exterires 29 AGO. 2016 Prowedan® 0808; Yi B® Faeuliades / y\ Ayala gis yf bly gu 300 Otto d\\ simeet eR Gel ices oto UAE WATER AD hammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award plication Form fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Name of individual/organizetion nominated* Nature of business/activity Location (address, city, country) related to the nominated project.” Name and Title of contact for this application* Address* City, Country* Office phone number Mobile phone number* | Emeil™ Business Website = =i Project title” iS Date of execution (please specify the date execution commenced)" “Award Gategory* Diinnovative Projects Award= Small Projects (total CAPEX USD 10 (pleose select million oF below) only ONE innovative Projects Award- Large Projects (total CAPEX above category USD 10 million) representing your_| CiInnovative Research & Development Award ~ UAE National entry) Institutions Clnnovative Research & Development Award — International Institutions Glnnovative Youth Award evi un ke WATER Al (SUQIAD Tet 49714 307 2612-Fox +9714 324 0017 ome infooeuaione Blesuqouse Ed suaoune @sugoUAE SaaiallQujall loans SO4UP #973 6.326 0017 puso 99714907 32 ale info@eusioce anigsSVl aut / all eg Jl abl gtsene pl i \\ Mohammed ae Rashid Al Maktoum Global initiatives be WATER AID Executive summary" (brief description of the objectives, scope, targets, process, deliverables and measurable results ~ max S00 words. Any additional details can be included in the supporting attachments) ‘Submission Details: ‘Applicants shall submit entries supported by proven processes and results which showease the following criteria: Technology & Process Design Creativity and Innovation Adaptability to Local Environments Sustainability, Health & Safety Impacts ‘Supporting Information (as an attachment to the application ~ Max ie 15 pages A4 size): Entries shail be able to demonstrate how effective they have been in delivering intended objectives and demonstrated performance supported by facts and figures on how it has been successful in the criteria listed below. For example, for the Technology & Process Design criteria, entries must showcase results ‘associated with increased water production and quality such as decreased salinity, Total UAE WATER AID (SUOIA) ermaugione outayl yaa 20 Box S64, Ovbok UAE antalya oy ans S84 UE Tet 09714207 2612-Fox 49714326 0017 19714324 O01 yaSls- #9724 3OTRA2 An E-mait infogsoniowe Dlesugoure Mi sigoune Besugoune info@eudiace xnlggSV! a Ayallel ogisa flay gy 3050 sto “ \\ Mohammed an Rashid jlo) ds Al Maktoum Global Initictives UAE WATER ADD Dissolved Solids (TDS), turbidity and/or other water quality measurement/parameters. Entries shall demonstrate how money is saved through a life-cycle cost analysis by outlining its payback period and internal rate of return (IRR). Technology & Process Design - in terms of quality and safety of product water, and water production capacity as a function of feed water quality, technical limitations, disinfection ‘systems, operation and maintenance requirements Creativity and Innovation - in terms of demonstration of new methodologies and opplications, improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness ‘Adaptability to Local Environments - in terms of simplicity in assembly ond disassembly, operation & maintenance and adaptability and durability to local operating conditions and harsh environments: Sustainability, Health & Safety Impacts - in terms of complionce with sustainability principles and health and safety standards and regulations r i We hereby declare that the information provided on this application form and in the attachments thereto is full and correct. !/ We declare my/ our acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation for the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Await Signature of the applicant's highest-ranking officic! ‘On Behalf of Applicant/Organization [isos sent ee UAE WATER AIO (SUQIA) womausaae oueyl a 0, ox S64, Duda UAE, Saatall Ayal Oba ana S04 UP oe +9714 307 2412 Fox +9714 326 0017 1971.4 324 0017 yas #971 4307 802.01 losugoure FAsugoune Bosudauae infos@eunione anlar sult mai infogeuciace