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Collaboration Lesson Plan - Six Thinking Hats MLK,

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Miranda, MGaughey


Social Studies
SS2H1 The student will read about and describe the lives
of historical figures in Georgia history. a. Identify the
contributions made by these historic figures: James
Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove (founding of
Georgia); Sequoyah (development of a Cherokee
alphabet); Jackie Robinson (sports); Martin Luther King, Jr.
(civil rights); Jimmy Carter (leadership and human rights).
b. Describe how everyday life of these historical figures is
similar to and different from everyday life in the present
(food, clothing, homes, transportation, communication,
recreation, rights, and freedoms).
How did the behaviors and achievements of MLK, Jr.
contribute to changes in attitudes of citizens in our
country and the way people of our country are governed?



Hook: - Kid President video on MLK will be shown on projector.
Whole Class Activity:
Teacher will start lesson with interactive whiteboard activity found at!/lesson_plans/1345
Reading Rainbow presentation of David Adlers biography on MLK, Jr. will be
Students will brainstorm character traits of MLK. TT and TSW orgainize
thoughts using a triple T chart with the heading Was, Had, Wanted.
Teacher should form heterogeneous groups to discuss the Thinking Hat
questions. A recorder in each group should write down the answers from
the group for the White, Yellow, Black, and Red Hats.
Directions: Thinking Hats Questions

The teacher will assign you to each of the Thinking Hat groups except for
the Blue Hat thinking. Work in groups to answer your Hats questions.
Each group should have a recorder to write the answers. Groups will share
their answers with the whole class before each student starts the Blue Hat
Thinking questions / activity.

White Hat Thinking (Facts)

1. What facts do you know about the time period in which MLK, Jr. lived?
2. What are some important contributions and accomplishments that
MLK, Jr. made to our country?
3. What are some facts about segregation that were presented in the
material you read?
Yellow Thinking Hat (Benefits)
1. In what important ways did MLK, Jr. shape our nation for the better?
2. What are some positive character traits of Martin Luther King, Jr. that
you might like to imitate?
3. How can non-violence and self-control be a tool against disrespectful
behavior? Could you use this in your life?
Black Hat Thinking (Flaws or Problems)
1. Who was impacted negatively during this time period? In what way?
Cite evidence from your books.
2. In your reading, who had character flaws? What were they?
3. What part of this information to you find hard to understand?
Red Hat Thinking (Feelings)
1. What emotions and feeling did MLK, Jr. have when he was leading
marches during segregation?
2. What emotions and feelings did you have when you heard the I Have
a Dream Speech?
3. Do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. ever felt like he didnt want to be
a leader? What do you think gave him the strength to continue on?
Green Hat Thinking (Creativity) (Choose One)
1. What might have happened if MLK, Jr. had not been assassinated? Show
your ideas in a skit or pantomime.
2. What new ideas came out of this time period?
3. Write a journal entry that MLK, Jr. could have written. Be sure to include his
personal thoughts and feelings as he would have written in a personal

Assessment of Learning:
Conferencing with students as they answer questions as well as the
following summarizing activities:
Blue Hat Thinking (Summarizing)

1. What is the most important new thing you learned about MLK, Jr.?
2. It is important that we reflect on our history and learn from our
mistakes. If we are not accepting of people because of their race or
culture, what will be the impact / effect on our countrys future?