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How to do preparation for ETEA

What is ETEA?
Etea (educational testing and evaluation agency) is a test conducted by
government of Khyber pukhtunkhwa for Engineering and medical government
universities (Uet Peshawar, Khyber medical college etc.) Etea is like Ecat and
MCAT but obviously the testing procedure is different. This test is conducted for
both engineering and medical universities separately. Etea is conducted in the
month of July or august and registration for test is online.
Testing procedure for Etea
Etea test consists of 200 multiple choice questions and the time given is 3 hours
(180 minutes) In engineering part ( 60 maths,60 physics,60 chemistry and 20
English) In medical part ( 60 biology , 60 physics , 60 chemistry and 20 English).
Each multiple choice question has 4 marks so total marks for test is 800
meanwhile if you attempt a question and your answer is wrong -1 is deducted
from your total score so if you are completely struck in a problem and you dont
know the answer you have no idea about the question asked its better to leave
it . For example you attempted 180/200 out of which 120 is right so the marks
for 120 right problems is 480 and you attempted 60 wrong so your total score is
480-60=420. Hope youll get it now

Preparation tips
Start your preparation after your exams even after practicals but prepare
yourself well start from first year for example physics chapter one read
the whole chapter conceptually then try to solve mcqs about that chapter
as many as you can, notice where you are weak and then work on it
Do not use many mcqs books for practice otherwise youll gets confused
use one or two books ( I used one) concentrate on your course books
because everything in the test is from course books

If you can afford academy for preparation then must join it, it helps
specially in mathematics and physics
Try to finish the whole books earlier so can revise it as well
Do not touch your books a day before the test and try to make yourself
calm all you have to do is to do your best and then GOD almighty will did
the rest
When you enter the place where youre going to attempt your test there
will be thousands of people and only few hundreds will be selected so its
going to be tough prepare yourself well
Before test create a plan for yourself that how I am going to attempt the
test, my plan was that first I will attempt all easy questions and then Ill
attempt those which require thinking and calculation
According to my observation 30% of problems in Etea are memory based
and 15% of problems are from previous papers of Etea ( I can be wrong)
Above all dont lose hope, wish you all very best of luck and please feel
free to contact me I am your brother

Muhammad Bilal
Department of Civil engineering
UET Peshawar