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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission

Volume 65 - No. 1 | February 2017 •

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Remembering Fr. Larry .................... 5
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Fr. Solomon Bobson Kargbo SX

Resolutions and Relationships

“Godlike People”
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Dear Mission Friends:
Welcome to the first Xaverian Mission Newsletter of 2017. In these first
months of the new year we think about resolutions. Let me suggest the
1)“This year, let’s make the world a bit more beautiful and better
because you and I have been in it.” (From Fr. William J. Bausch)
2)“Let’s pick up on what others have started.” Most of us have known
losses. We have lost spouses or children, relationships or health, or
maybe only our equilibrium. However we may name them, we can
choose what to do about these losses. We can either turn in on
ourselves and forever cry ‘woe is me’; or we can pick up on those who
turn tragedy into discipleship, following in the Lord’s footsteps.
3)“This year, let us show someone what God is like.”
People learn about God from Godlike people. You and I can be
Godlike to someone who will remember what God is like because they
remember what we are like. So, let us show somebody this year what
God is like, without letting them know that’s what we are doing.
Count on our prayers as we count on yours. May the Lord reward you
abundantly in 2017 and beyond.
With deep gratitude,
Fr. Mark Marangone, SX
& The Xaverian Missionaries

“Here is the missionary style of Jesus, and also the style of the disciples of Christ: to proclaim the Gospel with gentleness and firmness,
without arrogance or imposition....The real mission is never proselytism, but attracting to Christ, from the strong union with Him in prayer,
adoration and concrete charity, which is service to Jesus present in
the least of our brothers. In imitation of Jesus, good and merciful
Shepherd, and animated by His grace, we are called to make our life
a joyful witness that illuminates the path that brings hope and love.”

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~ Pope Francis, Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, January 8, 2017

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Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017




Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Symphonies of Peace


ince its very beginning, Shinmeizan has been involved in international interreligious events having as their
goal the pursuit of world peace. Among these, a special place is given to the meetings known as “Uomini
e Religioni (Peoples and Religions),” which are held annually in various European cities by the Community
of Saint Egidio as an ideal continuation of the great Assisi gathering of religious leaders, called by Saint
John Paul II in 1986.

Every year, since 1989, Xaverian Missionary Sister Maria De Giorgi XMM, who is in charge of international contacts
and theological dialogue for Shinmeizan, takes part in these meetings, at which for over ten years also the Ven.
Tairyu Furukawa participated.
Shinmeizan has also taken part several times in the annual ”Interreligious summit” which is held at Mt. Hiei (Kyoto)
by the Tendai branch of Buddhism, also as an ideal continuation of the 1986 Assisi event.
Xaverian Missionary Father Franco Sottocornola SX represents the Catholic Church at the international interreligious
gathering organized at the foot of Mt. Fuji by the Buddhist association “Byakko Shinko Kai,” held on the third Sunday
of May. “Symphony of Prayers for Peace” consists of an “interreligious and international chorus of prayers for world
peace,” as six thousand representatives of various world religions join with their voices and their hearts.
This Buddhist association is known all over the world for building “Peace poles”
everywhere, with the invocation “May peace prevail on earth!” printed in four different languages on the four sides of the quadrilateral pole. Fr. Franco delivered a
message on peace quoting from the “The Church in the Modern World” of Vatican
II, because of the 50th anniversary of the Council, and offered a prayer for peace
taking inspiration from the 1st letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians.

“Nothing is impossible if
we turn to God in
prayer. Everyone can be
an artisan of peace.”
Pope Francis

In a world torn by tragic internal wars, fuelled often by rampant religious fundamentalism, and scarred by atrocious violence on undefended civilians, the words of
Pope Francis ring out: “All of us want peace. Many people build it day by day
through small gestures and acts; many of them are suffering, yet patiently persevere in their efforts to be peacemakers. In 2017, may we dedicate ourselves prayerfully and actively to banishing
violence from our hearts, words and deeds, and to becoming nonviolent people and to building nonviolent communities that care for our common home. Nothing is impossible if we turn to God in prayer. Everyone can be an artisan
of peace.”

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017


Xaverian Missionaries in the World

“The Lame Walk!”
Dear Friends,

I always think of you with affection and gratitude.
Thankfully last year closed peacefully with no more
anxiety over terrorists, and with the blessings of
heaven. The latest grace seems almost a miracle.
Mohès was brought to us on a stretcher with paralyzed legs, holding the catheter bag that had never
been removed or changed from the day of his accident. Two months earlier he fell off a roof and had
damaged two vertebrae. The Year of Mercy of
Francis inspired us to react.
There could be an attempt to operate in India but it
would cost 400 thousand rupees, with uncertain
outcome and the possibility of further damage.
Mohès had already sold his rickshaw, after fifteen
years of driving it, to cover his original medical
expenses so he could not afford the trip to India.
I am not a doctor, but looking at the x-rays, even
with damaged vertebrae and a disconnected disc I
thought they still seemed quite aligned correctly. All
I could offer him were physical therapy sessions and
a lot of trust in “Allah.”
I have never seen a Bengali with so much good will
and determined desire to get well. He exercises for
almost 24 hours a day! Mohès puts his baby daughter
in her pram (a recycled wheelchair) and, although
staggering, pushes her for a walk a few hours every
Fr. Gabriel encourages Mohès as he pushes his daughter Fatima in her
day. In the beginning I had to tie his feet to the
pedals of a stationary bike to make it turn. Now he
pedals alone and has already performed the equivalent of a thousand kilometers.
He has almost completely abandoned his crutches and does not care if others laugh at his funny stagger. My teammate, a missionary doctor working in the North of Bangladesh told me: “If it were not for you, he’d be dead by
now from bed sores.”
St. Matthew quotes the Prophet Isaiah who foresaw the coming of Jesus with these words “The blind receive sight,
the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor” (Matthew 11:5).
I report to you the joy of the Gospel and this prophesy being fulfilled here in Bangladesh.
Wishing you every blessing,

Fr. Gabriel Spiga, SX

You can help Fr. Gabriel minister to the disabled in Bangladesh. Either clip this paper and send it to the address
below or help the environment by donating online at
Name: Donation Amount:
Address: City: State: Zip
Email or phone:
Mail to: Fr. Frank Grappoli SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017

Xaverian House Supported:

□Franklin Xaverian Knoll, WI; □Fatima Shrine
Holliston, MA; □Provincial House Wayne, NJ

Xaverian Missionaries in the USA


Remembering Father Larry Crosara SX

ather Larry served at Xavier Knoll for more than eighteen
years, and we were very happy to have known him for
all those years. His quiet voice, mild manner and gentle
demeanor had a disarming way of providing an “always-beingaround” presence in whatever activities the Xaverian Missionary
Fathers undertook.

All Spring, Summer and Fall, Fr. Larry could be found either
riding his favorite lawn tractor to cut the grass on the ten acres
around Xavier Knoll or driving his beloved golf cart, picking up
sticks and debris to burn in his special “burning pit.” Because
these were his most visible activities, many patrons might be
surprised to know just how learned man he was, holding three
Masters Degrees.
Throughout his years in Franklin, our many personal
conversations revealed just how knowledgeable, astute and
insightful Fr. Larry truly was. Our children, too, found his
thoughts surprisingly keen and savvy for someone “so much
Through employment and volunteer involvement, our family has
had the rare privilege of getting to know numerous Xaverian
Missionary Fathers who have come to, and gone from, the Knoll
as “regular guys” with personal traits of their own, but united
as one in their service to other people, with the strongest acts
of self sacrifice in their personal contributions towards the
“Goal of Mission.” Fr. Larry quietly lived his life of service and
self sacrifice, not drawing attention to himself, rather staying in
the background, while residing here in Franklin.
Although Fr. Larry had numerous serious health issues, for each
major medical problem he endured, he somehow found the
personal fortitude to fight back, regardless of recovery time, to
determine what he could and could not now do, once he was
back on his feet. This was an extraordinary feat of personal
strength and deep, inner faith, that very few people have
exhibited. We certainly were blessed and enriched by having Fr.
Larry in our lives for so many years.”

~Greg & Linda Gonia
Photos (from
Fr. Larry on Provincial Retreat
in 2015, with
Fr. Jerry Furlan
SX in 2012, in a
Franklin Community portrait
in 2014 and
at the Parma
Cathedral celebration of the
Canonization of
St. Guido Conforti in 2011

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017


“We offer our son
to the universal
Church as a


title expresses sentiment of one of the elders
of Makeni town, the center of activities for the
Xaverian Missionaries in Sierra Leone since their
arrival in 1950, as one of their own was ordained a Xaverian
Missionary priest for the first time. On Saturday, October 22, 2016
Fr. Solomon Bobson Kargbo SX was ordained by Bishop Natale
Paganelli SX at the Auditorium Hall at the University of Makeni. His
first Mass was celebrated at Martyrs of Uganda Parish, Kabala, the
next day. It was the culmination of many years of prayers, hopes
and training efforts by the community to invite Sierra Leoneans
into our ranks.
It has been the practice of the Xaverians to encourage the
development of the local Church first, inviting young men to be
part of the local diocese as it moves from infancy to stability. By
the late 1970’s it became clear that with the growing number of
seminarians as well as the first diocesan ordinations to the priesthood for the diocese of Makeni, Xaverians could
now be open to welcoming young men to be missionaries beyond that land and culture.
Fr. Kargbo began his journey to missionary life as a student in the schools the Xaverians served in his home town
of Makeni. He attended St. Francis Secondary School, opened by Fr. Rocco Serra SX in the early 1950’s, and
was active in the Cathedral youth groups. There he met Xaverian Fathers Victor Bongiovanni, Anthony Guiotto,
Luigi Brioni and Jerry Furlan and was impressed by the supportive bond that they had for one another and their
ministry. After high school, Fr. Kargbo was admitted to our student community in Kissy Dockyard, Freetown,
where he and the other Xaverian students took their philosophy studies at St. Paul’s Seminary in Freetown for
four years. At the conclusion of his college studies, Fr. Kargbo was a postulant and novice at our mission in Lungi,
Sierra Leone. After professing his first vows, he was sent to our Theology Community in Mexico City. This was his
first actual cross cultural experience, living outside his country, culture and comfort zone, and Fr. Kargbo speaks
of being challenged by the different foods, languages, environment and cultures which he found in Mexico. As
challenging as it was, he speaks of the growth that it was for him, discovering a religiosity that was so different
from his, but one that expressed real faith and commitment to the mission of Jesus. He speaks of being well
accepted by his confreres and the people he served in ministry. He found many people very open and eager to
help him know their culture and ways. His five years of study in Mexico entailed studies in Mexico City at the
Missionary Collaborative Center, an interval of direct missionary service in the mountain parish of Santa Cruz
among the indigenous peoples there, and a year of diaconate at Cristo Rey Parish in Mexico City where he involved
himself in youth activities, catechetics and prison ministry. His first assignment is in Mexico. He has been asked
to engage in Mission Education and Vocation Ministry at our community in Salamanca which also serves as one of
our international novitiate communities.

Fr. Kargbo is not the first Sierra Leonean to be missioned beyond that local Church. There are communities like
the Spiritan Missionaries or the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, both serving in Sierra Leone for over 100 years,
that have members who have been sent on mission to France, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Ireland and more. But for us
Xaverians, Fr. Solomon Kargbo is our first, and that is historic and we are grateful. Fr. Kargbo sees his ordination
as a way of the Xaverian Community being accepted on a deeper level by the Church of Sierra Leone. Our thanks
go to him, his family and all the Xaverians who helped him on his journey to be the gift that he is. We continue to
pray that many more young men will follow Fr. Kargbo’s lead.

~Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX

Global Awareness

Formation to Global
Awareness and the
Xaverians Today


aithful to the desire of the Founder, St. Guido
M. Conforti, the Xaverian Missionaries have never
abandoned the commitment to be, wherever they
live and work, agents and formators of open and
forward-looking minds that are sensitive to the problems that
surround us and optimistic about the future.
Over the decades since the beginning of our Congregation,
many instruments have been used for this purpose and, in
some cases, they were also ground-breaking tools and
precursors of innovative formative methodologies. We have
made noteworthy efforts to remain in step with the times,
the new technologies and the needs of the young generations.
Today, the Xaverians have essentially chosen two goals: to be
formators of sensitive and attentive consciences; to form persons
capable of choosing what is good for their own country and for
the true progress of humanity. The methods used for reaching
these goals depend much on the places and the cultures in which
the Xaverian communities are operating. As a Congregation, however,
we have some priorities that we try to bear in mind in order to be
efficacious formators. We believe that formation to Interreligious Dialogue
is very important, especially in societies and situations where there is conflict
and radicalism. Indeed, the encounter between different faiths does not so much enable
us to obtain a solid knowledge of religious contents, but, rather, it gives us a glimpse of the others’ authentic heart,
hopes and prospects, the secret of their inner serenity and of that which gives a profound meaning to the life of the
individual. Various Xaverians are involved in this formative process, working with patience and competence, to form
minds to be receptive and not judgmental, to a sense of wonder and not to prejudice.
The world of cultures is another field in which our confreres are heavily committed. Every culture bears enormous
riches within itself, riches that have great potential for maintaining peace and living in equality, for teaching the
essential values of life and promoting family and social cohesion. We missionaries believe it is our duty to make
known the cultures in which we work, and to preserve their fundamental characteristics when some of them seem
doomed to succumb to the threat of globalization. We collect the sacred texts, customs and traditions that mark
the principal moments of the life of individuals and society, the languages, religious rites, arts and crafts. Various
publications on these aspects are issued regularly, with the sole purpose of forming the young generations to learn
from history and not disregard a cultural journey without which there would be no today. The Xaverian research and
productions in the field of intercultural dialogue aim to form the minds of the modern generations and make them
objective in their judgments on history, and on the manifold and legitimate visions of the world and society. Only
a flexible mind that is capable of analysis, and grateful to past and present history, can build the future. This type
of formation is helped by the periodical publications and the monographic studies produced by the Xaverian Study
centers, as well as by the direct work of some Xaverians as lecturers in some universities.
Fr. Luigi Menegazzo SX, Superior General of the Xaverian Missionaries, entered Eternal Life on December 18, 2016.


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017

and the Xaverians Today

By Fr. Luigi Menegazzo

Rome, October 16, 2016


ur Congregation wishes to play an active
part in this commitment of formation
to Globality, which involves many other
realities, each one with a specific
purpose. We have therefore committed ourselves
to restructuring the General Archives of the
Congregation in order to make them more modern
and accessible. We wish to share our resources with
all those who are committed in the Church and in
society to strive for mutual understanding among
the peoples, cultures and faiths.
Besides an abundant and well-ordered paper
section, the Archives, which are open to the
public for any kind of research, are also online for
anyone who desires to share with the Xaverians
the commitment to the intellectual, spiritual and
human formation of persons. The publications,
research on religions and cultures, anthropological
and ethnological studies and linguistic and art
studies on the peoples among whom we are
working are available to all on the website Centro
Documentazione Saveriani Roma. As a Missionary
Family, we firmly believe that we have a specific
and noble task to carry out this period of history,
just as we did in the past. All that we have
experienced, studied and collected is not a private
treasure: we want it to be available to all, so that
they can use it, make it their own, examine it and,
hopefully, hand it on to others in order to enrich
minds and hearts and so that we might all work
together for the good of the peoples.
For us Xaverians, Formation to Global Awareness
continues to be part of our Charism. We offer our
support and gratitude to all those who, in many
different ways, will take inspiration from our

Photos: Fr. Luigi with the General Direction Council elected at the 2013 General Chapter, and with Frs. Carl Chudy SX and Frank Grappoli SX at the Wayne
Provincial House in 2014.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017


World Mission News

World Mission News Digest

Relatives of murdered priest touch an urn
that contains his ashes during a memorial
mass. Photo: Luis Enrique Granados/EPA

IN 2016”

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - In 2016, 28
Catholic pastoral care workers were killed
worldwide. There were 14 priests, 9 religious
women, one seminarian, 4 lay people who
died violently. In America 9 priests and 3
religious sisters; in Africa 3 priests, 2 nuns,
one seminarian, 2 lay people; in Asia 1 priest,
4 nuns, 2 lay people; in Europe one priest was
The priests, religious sisters and lay people
killed, were among those who loudly denounced
injustice, corruption, poverty, in the name of
the Gospel. Fr. José Luis Sánchez Ruiz, of the
Diocese of San Andres Tuxtla (Veracruz, Mexico)
was one of the victims who was kidnapped
and then released with “obvious signs of
torture,” according to a statement from the
diocese. They all lived in these human and
social contexts, administering the sacraments,
helping the poor, taking care of orphans and
drug addicts, following development projects
or simply opening the door of their home to
anyone. Hardly any investigations conducted
by the local authorities lead to identifying the
perpetrators and instigators of these killings
There is still much concern regarding the fate
of other pastoral care workers kidnapped or
have disappeared, of whom we have not had
any news.

Marching with the Sanctuary Movement

“Sanctuary Movement” has over 800
centers for immigrants”

Tucson (Agenzia Fides) - Few hours before the
new President of the United States took office, many churches and religious congregations
joined the “Movimiento de Santuario” (Sanctuary
Movement),with over 800 places set up to offer
protection to undocumented immigrants who
are in the United States. Now religious leaders,
Protestants, Catholics and Jews, think of including
mosques, in addition to organizing vigils and
The idea, according to the organizers is to oppose
the plans announced by Trump’s administration
and to protect vulnerable groups. Ten vigils, conferences and other events in Los Angeles and San
Francisco (California), Denver (Colorado), Portland
(Oregon), Tucson (Arizona) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) are scheduled ..
“Movimiento de Sanctuary ‘’ was born in the
Presbyterian church in the south of Tucson, in
March 1982, as a challenge for the federal government which at that time had to solve the problem
of immigrants who arrived from Central America
fleeing the civil war. The movement grew, and
shortly after already counted on the accession of
more than 500 Protestants, Catholics and Jews in
17 cities, which since then have become a point of
reference for immigrants.

Takayama Ukon, “Samurai of Christ”

beatified on February 7

Osaka (Agenzia Fides) - The beatification of Justo

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017

Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon

Takayama Ukon (1552-1615), the “Samurai of
Christ,” dear to the Japanese people, was held
on February 7 in Osaka. Pope Francis signed
the decree of beatification in January 2016 and
the Japanese Church asked for the ceremony to
be celebrated on Japanese soil. Cardinal Angelo
Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the
Causes of Saints presided over the celebration
which was broadcast live on TV in Japan.
In the land of the Rising Sun, 42 saints and
393 blesseds, including European missionaries,
were martyred during several waves of persecution. Takayama was a layman, politician, and
samurai, who was not killed but chose the path
of following Christ, poor, obedient and crucified.
Ukon gave up a social position of high rank
and wealth, in order to remain faithful to
Christ and to the Gospel.
Born into a family of landowners, Ukon
converted to Christianity at the age of 12,
after coming into contact with Jesuit missionaries, and following his father. The Gospel was
introduced in Japan by St. Francis Xavier in
1549 and quickly spread. When shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi took power and prohibited the
practice of Christianity, all feudal lords accepted
the measure, except Ukon. He lost his properties, his position, his social status, honor and
respectability and was forced into exile where
he fell ill and died on February 4, 1615.
The Japanese faithful proclaimed his sanctity in
the seventeenth century, but due to isolationism
canonical investigations could not take place. In
1965 the Japanese Bishops resumed the process
of beatification.

USA Communities News

News from our USA Communities

Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX has recovered nicely
from his tonsillectomy and has resumed
celebrating Masses outside the chapel,
particularly with the Spanish-speaking in the
Racine area.
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX will be traveling to
Florida near the end of February to continue
his healing ministry at the home of friends in
a warmer climate.
Fr. Dominic Caldognetto SX continues serving
at parishes throughout the area and plans
to concelebrate the Triduum at St. Mary’s in
Hales Corners.
Fr. Juan José Ciriaco Toribio SX is becoming
more comfortable with his study of English
as a second language at the Sacred Heart
Seminary in Hales Corners. He has begun
celebrating Masses in English here in our
chapel on Wednesday mornings.



Our Lady of Fatima Across Different

Parish Ministry & Outreach

This year is the centennial celebration of the
apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. Devotion to
Our Lady of Fatima has strengthened millions
of believers worldwide. The Xaverian Missionaries are offering a monthly program throughout
the year at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, that
presents the love, devotion, and wisdom of the
Blessed Mother as she has touched deeply those
of other faiths, as well as our own.
On Sunday, March 19, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., we
will spend the afternoon on the Roman Catholic
perspective of Mary and her relevance in our
faith and the world today.
On Sunday, April 30, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., our
friends from the Islamic Center of Framingham,
MA will share the Muslim devotion to Mary,
“the most righteous of all women.”

Fr. Michael Davitti and Fr. Frank Grappoli
SX continue outreach and ministry in New
Jersey parishes:
St. Anthony, Hawthorne
St. Joseph, Newton
St. Nicholas, Passaic
St. Agnes, Paterson
St. Anthony, Paterson
St. Michael, Paterson
Our Lady of the Valley, Wayne
Fr. Michael also has given retreats for the
Daughters of Charity in Paterson and the
Salesian Sisters in Newton.
Fr. Frank serves at St. Joseph Hospital,

The Orthodox Church and other Protestant
friends will be joining us in May through
Soup & Mission

March 11th at 6:00 p.m. we have the yearly
GUADALUPE - MEXICO and the Xaverian Missionaries. Presenter will be Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX.
Fr. Aniello’s 50th Anniversary Mass.

Join Us!
Praesidium Accreditation™ publicly demonstrates that the Congregation of
the Xaverian Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in
abuse prevention and response.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2017

Be a Missionary!
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX

Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX

The Ordination of Fr. Solomon Kargbo SX

“In imitation of Jesus, good and merciful Shepherd,
and animated by His grace, we are called to make
our life a joyful witness that illuminates the path
that brings hope and love.”
~ Pope Francis, Feast of the Baptism of Jesus,January 8, 2017
Xaverian Missionaries Serve In:
Bangladesh • Brazil • Burundi • Cameroon • Chad • Colombia • Democratic Republic of Congo • France
Indonesia • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Mozambique • Philippines • Sierra Leone • Spain • Taiwan • Thailand • UK • USA

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