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Leon Johnson
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Brenda Long
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Jennifer McLaughlin
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Charles Johnson
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Jim Johnson
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Peace Lutheran Church


Our rescheduled Sunday School Christmas Program was spectacular! Our kids
did a super job and we couldn’t be prouder of them! Many thanks to all who
made our program a success!
Due to the change of time for our church services, Sunday School will be held
from 9:45-10:30 am. We begin with our Opening and singing from 9:45-10:00 am
and our lesson runs from 10:00-10:30 am.
Our Church services are held from 8:45-9:30 am and we hope our kids will
continue to attend as their help with handing out bulletins, collecting the offering, and ushering out is absolutely appreciated!
We learned about Jesus Feeding 5,000 in January which brings us to the
subject of one of our community service projects:
“FOOD FOR KIDZ” event will be held Saturday, February 18, 2017 beginning at
9:00 am at the Wendell Community Center. Let’s spend a few hours filling
packages of food that makes a WORLD of difference for families in need.
Lunch will be provided for the volunteers. Monetary donations are accepted
We’ll be meeting at the church parking lot on February 18 at 8:30 am to car pool
to Wendell. All ages are welcome! Please call Heather Danner at 320-808-0058 or
Joyce Hanson at 320-424-9726 if you plan to attend. Thanks!
We begin our “Love Is….” Rotation on Sunday, February 5 th with Movies. On
February 12th, we will be decorating Valentine cookies and delivering them to
the Barrett Care Center and Rolling Hills Residence. If anyone can lend helping
hands, please come join us at 9:45 am.
Joyce Hanson, Director
Peace Sunday School
320-528-2354 (home)
320-424-9726 (cell) (email)

Peace Youth and parents - Early Bird Registration is now open for summer camp. Pay the deposit and
Peace will pay the balance upon completion. Please sign up by February 14th.

Reminder our church bus is available
if anyone needs a ride to church or Sunday school.
You can call the church office and leave a message 320-528-2536 or
email Mike Wood at

Annual Meeting will be February 12th after our morning worship service.
Annual reports are due.
We are in need of three council persons.
Please let Brenda Long, Leon Johnson, or Jennifer McLaughlin
know if you are interested.

Pastor Sarah’s cell phone number (320) 808-8772
Pastor Sarah’s email address:

Peace Church Council Meeting Minutes December 14th, 2016 6 p.m.
Present: Jim Johnson, Jennifer McLaughlin, Pastor Don, Charles Johnson, Sandy Kashmark,
Marilyn Frykman, Tom Gardner, Lois Scherer, Joyce Hanson, {Call committee chair}

Brenda Long, Leon Johnson,

Meeting called to order by Chairman Tom at 6:02 p.m.
We Gather in God’s Name: Devotional led by Pastor Don from the Healthy Congregation series by Bishop Wohlrabe. The last of the
series focused on our relationship with others in the church, our network of connections within the church family and the various diversities present with a goal to find a balance in working together.
Kyries and Glorias: Expression of thanks and appreciation to Joyce for her dedication to the Sunday school ministry.
We celebrate our past, our history as God’s people: Administrative reports presented as printed. Comments relating to Treasurer’s
report included clarification re: the parking lot fund. Leon wanted a formal motion to clarify the use of any existing funds/pledges is set
aside for further maintenance of the parking lot: seal coat as needed and general maintenance. Motion by Tom Gardner that all existing
and future funding directed to the parking lot is set aside in a fund for general upkeep with a second by Charles, MC. {This motion supersedes the comment re: funding from council minutes from July 8 th, 2015} Special attention called to the Berheim Scholarship program for the 2017 High school seniors from our Peace family. Pastor’s report given: two memorial services performed and visitations
made by Pastor Don. He also reported a very productive meeting December 14th with Joyce, Heather and Pastor Sarah regarding the
Sunday school and Youth ministries. Motion made by Jennifer, second by Leon to accept reports as printed with clarifications made re:
parking lot funding. MC
We look to the future: Chairman Tom gave a report to the council regarding the meetings held and pertinent communications with the
Moe Parish leadership re: service times and pastoral contract negotiations. Sandy Kashmark made available the latest proposed salary
package. A detailed discussion took place followed by a request by Chairman Tom with council vote (show of hands) to approve the
negotiated package {$55,000 base with Peace’s responsibility held at the 48% level of the total package}. Unanimous approval of the
proposed contract was confirmed with council. Tom will inform Moe Parish chairman of the revised package tonight after the conclusion of the meeting and will formulate a 12 month pastoral contract for Pastor Sarah Evenson which includes benefits of health insurance
and pension and four weeks of vacation. Upon contract completion, the signed document will be submitted to Bishop Wohlrabe. Start
date will be January 1st, 2017. Service time will then be 8:45 a.m. Chairman Tom and Administrator Sandy will be communicating the
service schedule.
We offer up our concerns of the past (old business):
Marriage Simulcast: due to the potential technical issues with internet and Wi-Fi here at the church, planning for this program will be
postponed until fall.
Snow removal: this will be a budget item from “church property” line.
Christmas Eve service will be at 7 p.m. with John Zdrazil
Christmas Day service will be at 10:30 a.m. with Pastor Don
Mutual Ministry: Based on provisions in the constitution, a recommendation to go forward and form an active committee starting
January 1st, 2017 to support transition with new pastor arriving. Marilyn will call and solicit for possible members. Pastor Don
volunteered to be a resource for this committee.
We offer up our concerns for the future (new business)
Terry Volker indicated the need for some repairs (re-stretching) of the carpet in the sanctuary. Tom will follow up with Terry re: the
repair plan.
Repairs also needed for leaks in the roof, repairing church rain gutters, and replacing shutters. Leon will research; obtain estimates
and a possible contractor for repairs. Agenda item for action when information available.
Luther Crest request for funding for repair at the camp’s kitchen/dining area. {Prepare the Way campaign} Agenda item tabled for
early spring meeting.
January council agenda meeting to include: setting dates for confirmation Sunday this spring.
Annual meeting dates suggested: January 22 or 29th, 2017. Tom to confirm with Pastor and Admin Sandy.
Three council replacements needed for January annual meeting. Jennifer, Leon and Brenda to solicit for names for the ballot for
Treasurer’s book audit: Mike McLaughlin and John Paulson will be asked.
The need for an updated church directory was expressed. Brenda Long will research and make recommendations to the council for
that project.
Pastor Don offered closing prayers for guidance and thanks.
We go out in god’s name: shared peace.
We adjourn to serve: Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
M. Frykman recording.

February 2017











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Worship 8:45am
Sunday School 9:45am

Worship 8:45am
Annual Meeting 9:30am
Sunday School 9:45am

Worship 8:45am
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Worship 8:45am
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11:20am Release Time
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6pm Council

11:20am Release Time
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Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast

9am Ever-Blessed Quilters Men’s Breakfast
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Faithful Folders

Faithful Folders

Faithful Folders

Serving February

Feb 5

Doug Ostenson

Feb 5

Mike & Jennifer McLaughlin
Feb 12

Ron & Kay Johnson

Doug Ostenson
Mike & Jennifer McLaughlin

Feb 12

Terry & Maureen Volker
Feb 19

Bill & Barb Little

Terry & Maureen Volker
Feb 19

Alveda Rhude
Feb 26

Jim Johnson
Derek & Sara Getz
Work Group #2 Leaders
Ron & Kay Johnson
Jim Johnson

Ron & Kay Johnson

Bill & Barb Little
Alveda Rhude

Feb 26

Jim Johnson
Derek & Sara Getz
Altar Guild
Kim Lang
Sara Getz

We’re excited to share that in 2016 over 335,000 Thrivent members chose
to direct Choice Dollars® to more than 32,000 churches, schools and other nonprofits, including Peace Lutheran Church, through Thrivent
Choice®. Based on member recommendations, Peace Lutheran Church
received $2,249 in charitable outreach funding in 2016. The Thrivent
Choice program helps members of Thrivent Financial make a positive
impact in their communities.
EXPIRE SOON! March 31st…..
Thank you to everyone who designated Peace Church!!!

Graduating Seniors of Peace Church

Scholarship Funds are available. Please fill out and return the application form below by April 15th.

PO Box 206
Barrett MN 56311


Office: 320-528-2536 email:
218 Church Street PO Box 206 Barrett, MN 56311

Come and Join Us!!!

Pastor Sarah Evenson

Peace Sunday Worship Service 8:45am
Sunday School 9:45am

Everyone Welcome!!!

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