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Parade the Circle— Ten New Members and Section A
Thank You and Farewell
“The Mad Hatter’s Two Confirmands 909160
to Bishop Craig | 8A Vol. 157 No. 10
Tent | 4-5A join UCUMC | 4A & 8A
July 9, 2010

The 2010 Quadrennial Assembly of United Methodist Women

chalk Three members of University Circle UMC, Anne Billington, Edna Duffy and
Evelyn Prince, represented our local UMW at the Assembly in St. Louis from
 Feeling the holy presence in an open and engaging community of

April 29 to May 2. To learn more about the commitment of United Methodist women who exhibited a caring for one another, to an extent
Women to help those in need locally and around the word, plan to attend the that I have not before experienced, in a religious setting
next Quadrennial Assembly in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2014. Anne, Edna and  Being amongst a group where there were no strangers
Evelyn share the following highlights of the Assembly:  Being most impressed by the long arm and wide breadth of
BY DR. KENNETH W. CHALKER Anne: mission projects propelled through the efforts of this
 Meeting people from around the world who connect with me and/or organization of dedicated and committed women
At the conclusion of my Father’s Day sermon just Cleveland:  Experiencing an inspiring example of sorority (sisterhood) at its best!
some weeks ago, I quoted my father, Wayne  Two Women from Zimbabwe who also knew Bishop Muzorewa; we  Being most grateful to the Indiana delegation for inviting me
Calvin Chalker, from a speech he made on April shared “Bishop” stories to come and share in the Wonderful Experience
11, 1956, while speaking to an Optimist Club in  A Hispanic gentleman who is director of a youth group in Laredo,
Brookfield, Ohio. His words, spoken 54 years ago, Texas, and has family in Highland Heights Evelyn:
are as prescient now as indeed they were then.  A retired teacher from Arizona who taught at Fairfax School in  Hearing through live video stream shown during one of the
While admitting to editing my father just a bit, Cleveland Heights in the 1960’s services the powerful witness of a woman whose life was
this is the essence and sense of what he said:  Amanda Powell, both a deaconess candidate and a wonderful song transformed while serving 15-year prison sentence in a
The salvation of the world in any given leader who was a music director at Assembly events and programs Kansas correctional facility through the nurture and support she
moment or circumstance has always and lives in Cleveland Heights received when she became a member of the unit of United
depended upon faith-filled people who  Attending the moving “Service of Commissioning” of new United Methodist Women that was established and still continues
will gamble on the best side of humanity. Methodist deaconesses and a home missioner at the historic at the facility
Today, just as it always has, the world Centenary Church that included the singing of great old hymns and  Seeing a wonderfully talented liturgical dancer worship with her body
needs us to take this great gamble. But the sharing of communion in freedom and joy
such a gamble takes great faith.  Seeing a local group of young people performing African drumming  Joining thousands of women singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God
Indeed, the world needs folks who and traditional dancing Almighty”
believe that we all are made for something  Joining a public protest march to a local park against the recently  Attending and listening to the discussion in the workshop on “socially
greater than any one of us have ever signed Arizona immigration law responsible investing for a sustainable future.”
imagined. The world needs folks who
believe in the core of their very being that
God desires us to accept the challenge of
putting our lives down on the possibilities
for noble adventure.
We must accept this challenge with the
full understanding that such a gamble
Hymn Sing Hullabaloo
may not bring a life of security. And, such On Sunday, May 16, the Singing Children led the worship service with song. Praising the
a life will likely cost us a great deal. After Lord with music, the Singing Children as a group or as soloists sang many hymns such as:
all, such a faithful life choice for high “For the Beauty of the Earth,” Amazing Grace” and “Jesus Loves Me.” The congregation was
adventure cost the disciples of Jesus their invited to join in on many of these glorious old favorites. At the end of the service the
fishing boats and their nets. Then, it cost Singing Children sang a special salute to Director Sevilla Morse. The three verse poem
them their lives. sung to the tune of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” ended with this fitting refrain:“Thank you,
Jesus knew that men and women have Sevilla! Thank you, Sevilla, On Sunday mornings our kids’ voices ring. Thanks for your
it within themselves to be chivalrous and love and your faithful commitment, Oh, Ms. Sevilla, your praises we sing!” What a joyous
heroic. Jesus knew that men and women Sevilla Morse, Director way to worship Our Lord and Savior. The Littlest Member
have it within themselves to take on the of Singing Children of Singing Children
difficult and dangerous. Jesus said, “If any
man or woman will be my disciple, let that
person take up their cross and follow me.”
Jesus said this to attract us, not scare us
away. Jesus knew that it is in our very
spiritual nature to rise to such a challenge.
Jesus calls us over any tumult:
“WANTED: great gamblers who are willing
to risk something for truth, righteousness,
brotherhood, and the best in mankind.” To
those who take this gamble, to those who
rise to this challenge, Jesus offers the
assurance that he or she will find the
fulfillment of their inborn, noble, instinct
The Singing Children
realized in a Divine Calling.
In 1959, at the age of 42, my father died from
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Back row left to right: Russ Gates, Pat O’Brien, Virginia Bruning, Rev.
Chalker, Juliette Regnier, Michael Regnier, Glenn Armstrong Front row left
to right: Venchise West-Glenn, Maureen West, Nicole Pearlman, Barbara

Pentecost Sunday:
Ten New Members
On May 23, 2010, University Circle United Willoughby and works in Aurora in
Methodist Church celebrated Pentecost by customer service and sales support for a
welcoming ten new members into our company that makes digestive aids for
church family. These new congregants live horses. She is interested in the volunteer
as close as across the street and as far opportunities at UCUMC. For the third year in a row “THE MAD HA
away as the Sandusky area. JULIETTE REGNIER, a 12-year for parade goers. Over 1100 hats were m
GLENN ARMSTRONG lives in attendee of First Church, is an
Kimball, Ohio, and is now a self-employed actress/writer/director/singer who has

Parade th
musician after a 15-year career as a police often shared her many talents with the
officer. Glenn is the son of Pat Nelson, church over the years. She lives in ABOVE: Jamie and Ron Fish fashioning HATS.
UCUMC member, and has a 13-year-old Cleveland Heights with her husband,
son, Benjamyn. MICHAEL REGNIER, also an actor BELOW: Dr. Chalker in his parade regalia and friend.
VIRGINIA BRUNING had been whose marvelous voice can be heard from
attending Epworth-Euclid Church since
she moved from Euclid to Judson Manor
time to time as Sunday morning liturgist.
In addition, Michael is a manager at The Another first for UCU
four years ago and is transferring her Alcazar. He had attended both churches
membership from East Shore UMC. She
had a long career at Ohio Bell in training
over the years going back to the 1960’s.
The Regniers have decided it is time to
a tent on June 12 at th
and management and has enjoyed
become “official” members of UCUMC.
MAUREEN WEST is originally from
attended by about 70
BARBARA CAREY lives in Pepper Jamaica and came to Cleveland via
Pike and first attended First Church as a 4- California. She is employed by the VA
year-old newly arrived from Germany. Hospital as a Licensed Independent Social
Years later she was married there and has Worker working with veterans with spinal
returned yet again, this time with her cord injuries. She lives in Beachwood and
daughter, Nicole Pearlman, after they both joined with her daughter, VENCHISE
had visited several other churches. WEST-GLENN, who has just completed
RUSSELL GATES was living near First her sophomore year at CSU. She lives in
Church when he first began attending and Shaker Heights and also works as a
has now moved to University Heights as lifeguard and at Gamestop.
the congregation moved up the street. He When the new members were asked
is in collections with KeyBank. what they most like about University
PATRICIA O’BRIEN is a retired Circle United Methodist Church, many
teacher living in Lakewood who initially expressed similar thoughts:“the people
attended First Church at the invitation of are so welcoming and friendly;” Dr.
member Lee Kamps. She has been a Chalker’s sermons are “interesting” and
“friend” of the church for several years the services are “fun;” and, the fact that
and is very excited about taking the next they feel a sense of community when they
step of becoming a member. are here.
NICOLE PEARLMAN, is joining with Please look for these new members
her mother, Barbara Carey. She lives in and greet them on Sunday mornings.

Deadline for the next Outlook issue is August 23, 2010, 4 PM
Cathy Day, Judy Sockman, Chiquitia Mon


LEFT: On Sunday,
June 27, UCUMC
said farewell to
Zahari Metchkov
who saluted the
congregation by
playing “Farewell
to Old Friends.”
BELOW: Lindsay
and Eric
Charnofsky and
Norine Sharp at
Eric’s festive
“Thank You”
fellowship on
June 13.

ATTER’S” tent was one of the most popular activities

made by the young and not so young.

he Circle
UMC was sponsoring “Happy Now,” UCUMC’s resident
he Parade the Circle clown, ready to greet our visitors


Tommie Gettig with son Andrew and family who were visiting from out of town on
ntgomery and Mary Ellen Zimmerman modeling the HATS. June 13.

Two Confirmands Join

University Circle UMC
On May 23, 2010, we celebrated the first
Confirmation Class of University Circle UMC.
Honoring Aric Generette Floyd and Ozer-Marie Chere-
Christine Brightharp both made the exciting
Graduates choice to become full members of University
Circle UMC. In addition, we had the joy of
The following graduating University Circle UMC celebrating Ozzie’s baptism as part of the
members and friends were honored on Sunday, confirmation ceremony.Aric and Ozzie are kind
May 2: and talented young people who bring
Dr. Chalker, Kip Reader, John and Amy Wheeler, Bishop Craig, Sue Harden, Kay  Katie Andrews, daughter of Jane Andrews tremendous gifts to our church family. The
Hogg, Vivian Harris  Caroline Cart, granddaughter of Marilyn and Confirmation program is a two year journey for
Bill Joerg 7th and 8th graders during which they explore

Thank You and Farewell  Adrienne Craver, daughter of Cheryl Craver

 Jamie DePould, son of Susan DePould
 Brandon Forbes Fields, grandson of Mary and
questions of faith, Bible study, worship and how
to put one’s Christian faith into action every day.
At the end of the 8th grade year, youth then
decide whether they wish to become official
George Forbes

to Bishop Craig  Megan Hawk, granddaughter of Charles and

Eve Hawk
 Peter F. Hedman, son of Kent Hedman
members of the church family. This year the
Confirmation Class enjoyed many exciting
activities including a trip to the Giant Swing at
On June 6, the parishioners of University Circle (will be) evidence that Christ lives and  Matthew Kay, son of Lalene and David Kay Camp Asbury, a visit to a Synagogue,
UMC celebrated the unique presence of Bishop continues the Godly work of seeking the best  Patrick Laycock, son of Sue and Rand Laycock participation in worship and weekly Sunday
Judy Craig during the time of transition that for all of creation…..through the likes of you  Matthew McNeill, son of Kelly McNeill morning time together. Please give these fine
brought two Cleveland United Methodist and me.” What a challenge! Following the  Eric C. Misch, son of Margaret and Brian young people a warm welcome when you see
Churches together. With Bishop Craig’s able service, the congregation gathered in the Great Misch them at church.
assistance Dr. Chalker led First Church and Hall to share a delicious pot luck luncheon and  David Montgomery, nephew of Chiquitia
Epworth-Euclid Church to become one united bid a special farewell to Bishop Judy Craig. Dr. Montgomery
parish: University Circle UMC. Bishop Craig’s Chalker and seven parishioners (see photo)  Jonathan Montgomery, nephew of Chiquita
presence during this process was one of shared special memories of the Bishop and the Montgomery
guidance, support and encouragement. She group sang a parody to the tune of “Lead on Oh  Thomas Montgomery, grandson of Jamie and
was a stabilizing factor to both groups as we King Eternal” penned by Kathleen Shamp: Ron Fish
struggled with the newness of our changing “When Judy came to help us, our spirits  Robert Pierce, chorister member of Chancel
relationships. did arise, Choir
During the service of worship, Bishop Craig For she was known to many, her charm was  Bon Roush, UCUMC member from Clown
delivered an inspirational sermon challenging no surprise. College
the parishioners to continue the process of We’re grateful for her presence, so glad that  Kristen E. Shirkey, chorister member of
unifying two faith filled congregations into one she’s been here. Chancel Choir
united spiritual body of Christ. Her vision is: Our fond farewells go with her; our hearts  Chad M.E.T. Stephens, son of Deirdre C. Perry
“University Circle United Methodist Church will hold her near.”  R. Steve Williams, son of Denise Williams
 Sara Urban, daughter of Caroline and Mark
More Thank Yous and Farewells Rev. Sharon Seyfarth-Garner, Ozer-

On Sunday, June 13,

we celebrated the
and Case we can
easily keep in touch.
chalk talk Marie Chere-Christine Brightharp, Dr.
Chalker, Aric Generette Floyd
eight years of service Following the Continued from front page
Eric Charnofsky gave worship service there he proclaimed during his life. Not only that, his
Epworth- Euclid was a festive faith-filled message is, for me, a very personal THE UNIVERSITY CIRCLE OUTLOOK
UMC and University fellowship time, heritage and present reality. It is also a published bi-monthly as an edition of
Circle UMC. Eric giving everyone a description of the spirit in which we have taken
for University Circle United Methodist Church
served as Assistant chance to say thank the collective gamble this past year as a faith 1919 E. 107th St., Cleveland, OH 44106 216/421-1200
Choir Director and you to Eric for all his family.
then, when Max leadership here at We have been living out something of the Senior Pastor: Dr. Kenneth W. Chalker
Bunker retired, Choir Chester and 107th. great gamble on “the best side of humanity” as we Bishop-in-Residence: Judith Craig
Director of Epworth- On Sunday, June have stepped out on the high adventure of Director of Parish Administration: Kay Hogg
Eric Charnofsky Zahari Metchkov Church Office & Building Rental Coordinator:
Euclid UMC. The past 27, we celebrated the creating University Circle United Methodist
Heather Howard
months he has served as Music Advisor of six years that Zahari Metchkov served as Church. We have taken a great risk but are Parish Associate for Young Adults: Julia Bingman
UCUMC. In all Eric has done he has been organist, pianist, accompanist and Assistant experiencing God’s presence in a very real and Coordinator of Pastoral Care: Rev. Ralph Fotia
known for his superb attention to detail. Choir Director of Epworth-Euclid and wonderful way. As my father realized and Coordinator of Membership and Volunteers:
During the worship service, Choir member University Circle UMCs. During the worship promised, “To those who take this gamble, to Judy Sockman
Norine Sharp saluted Eric with thanks and service Dr. Chalker saluted Zahari for his those who rise to this challenge, Jesus offers the Property Manager: Chuck Huene
Director of Marketing and Tech Operations: Doug Craver
memories. In part she said:“Choir members excellent service to both churches and assurance that he or she will find the fulfillment Director of Children’s Ministries: Dr. Amy Wheatley
will have many happy memories of the fine congratulated him on his achievements. of their inborn, noble, instinct realized in a Director of Youth Programming:
music we created together …. the special Zahari’s organ offertory was: Farewell to Old Divine Calling”. Amen. Rev. James D. Longsworth
oratorios, the Jubilation Festivals in which we Friends. Zahari is moving on in his musical In the conference year ahead, just as in the Director of Music and Performing Arts:
were finalists twice, the Recital Series with your career; on July first he begins his tenured conference year that has now passed, we will face Nathaniel Motta
informative pre-concert talks. The great position as an Assistant Professor of Music at great opportunities as a growing congregation. Music Advisor: Eric Charnofsky
Organists: Joanna Li and Dr. Zahari Metchkov
soloists you found to bring us the classic vocal Colorado State University-Pueblo. Although we Those opportunities will require great risk. Director of Gospel Choir: Sharolyn Ferebee
worship repertoire …. And the fun at the Choir will miss him, we rejoice with him in his new It will be my prayer that Wayne Chalker’s Director of Children’s Music: Sevilla Morse
Entertainment Extravaganzas: As E. Power appointment. Following the service there was a proclamation of the faith for taking such risk will Director of Liturgical Dance: Edna Duffy
Gezundheit you kept the music going in our festive fellowship time, giving everyone a inform and inspire all of us as we continue to Editor of Outlook: Marilou Abele
‘operas’ and your commercials were hilarious!” chance to say thank you and good luck. build a house where all are welcome all the time. Photographers: Jeff Day and Kent Hedman
Editorial Staff: K. Shamp, E. Prince, C. Day
Since Eric will be “just across the pond” at CIM Farewell Zahari, we will miss you. I will certainly pray that the spirit of my
Contributors: University Circle Staff
father’s vision will be a part of me.