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He kept this motorcycle very new.

Ah freedom.
If one hair had fallen out everyday in the past few years, it would've looked
the same.
I believe in you god.
Ive been waiting for years, you bastard.
Anyone else would have lost their patience by now.
How many times do i have to ask you to bring me my money.
Please listen haj agha.
The hell with haj agha, let go of it woman.
If my husband was alive.
I don't care if hes dead, my money shouldn't be.
From today, you have only two weeks to bring me my money, and tell that
meathead son of yours that either you pay off your mortgage, or im putting
the house up for sale.
Haj agha, Please give us two or three months, haj agha.
Only two weeks, meaning fifteen days. Either you pay off your mortgage, or
im kicking you all out.
Hello sister.
Screw your hello.
You two have caused me all these problems.
I hope god strikes you both so I can have a sigh of relief.
What a warm welcome. Hah. what an idiot i am to have come home with all
this excitement.
Ali, wake up my dear, wake up , ali, did you hear me?
I did hear it mom.
All of it?
All of it.
What do we do now?
just wait.
Going to do nothing until they auction our house?
What do you say i do?
Ali, Ali, don't let this house, which means our lives to us, slip from our
Wait till uncle gets released from the prison, Ill go rob a few vaults and pay
off the mortgage.
Ali, Ali, Ali.
The hell with Ali. let go of me, let me sleep.
Dear God
Have you gone mad again?
Why wont you let go my life. What could Ali possibly do?
For how many years have we been carrying the weight of this dump on our
shoulders. Let me bury the burden this house.
First you have to bury me then.

Where the hell am I supposed to bring this money from to give to this
coward. 70000 toman is not a joke. He says it as if its just one toman. Well
tell me what to do, tell me. Its not like I have an inheritance from my father
or my grandfather. Should I sell my farm or my villa in Vanak? Well tell me,
tell me. Become a thief?
I married your father in this house, I gave birth to you in this house, they
took your fathers corpse away from this house.
Hi dear Ali.
Hey uncle, welcome.
When did you get released?This Morning. I wish i hadnt though.
Do you see this?
Yes I do.
I am wondering how to put an end to this? I swear on your life, she likes this
place more than me, her own son.
Yeah, shes at it again. Cmon, smoke this.
Shes driving me crazy, crazy i say, you get me?
I feel you.
Let me go have a word with her see what happens, Although, she was about
to slap me earlier this morning.
Dear sister, hello again.
Well said, this house has also become a problem
Sister, why are you being so stubborn? Havent you heard? quotes prophet
muhammad. Your word is candid, but the poor guy has nothing, nothing i
say. He cant turn into thievery.
What are you saying you stealing coward? Leave and let me die. You dont
understand what i am saying. From the 50 years youve lived, 30 years of it
has been in prison. How would you know what this house means to me?
(yelling at each other)
Sit down uncle.
Screw you, woman.
Isnt there some to
Damn me I was doing just fine in prison.
(Intro song)
Woah woah, lady, lady, I have a wife and a family, stop. Hello, telephone?
Hes not here.
Im gonna kill you. I will cut you to pieces.
Stop her however you can, tell her im not here, im on a trip, Im dead.tell
her whatever you want. Just don't let her come in, okay?
Excuse me.
Tell your worthless boss im here.
Excuse me. Hes in a meeting, please don't go in.
Stepaway before i hit you.
What happened?
Just like that?
Gentlemen, this is a personal issue. Please, let's reschedule the meeting.

Damn you, what have i ever done to you?

Why are you hiding from me? For how long do i have to look for you? You call
yourself a father. This is your baby in my stomach, you unfair bastard.
Remember what you used to say, how you were in the beginning,
remember? Youd send me flowers everyday, youd call me every hour.
Whatever you said was beautiful. who do you take me s, a street gal? Did
you think about how I was supposed to look into my parents eyes? Why
didnt you let me kill myself? Now, I die 100 times every day.
What kind of driving is this? Ahoy?
What kind of driving is this. Maam? Are you blind? Cant you see in front of
you? Poor girl. Are you okay, maam?
You need to marry me
You need to marry me
Thank you Gholam Hossein khan for the bride, where you trying to force your
daughter onto us
Excuse me, sir?
Dont play dumb.
You be quiet woman, i know what to do from now on, you don't need to
meddle. Get up, get up and lets leave before
Gentlemen someone tells me whats going on?
Lucky that this accident happened, it opened our eyes to the truth.
Shut up, you bastard. Falling in love? With such a girl? What a mistake. Lets
go you useless dummy.
Mr. Hassan, Mr. Hassan...
I didn't understand, i didn't understand what was happening.
Aliye, Aliye my dear wife. Tell me what is happening in this house? My
daughter has been in an accident? She's in the hospital now? What were
Hassan khan and his wife saying? Why do you want to give me a heart attack
and kill me? Im her father. Tell me, is my daughter dead? Is she dead?
I wish she was dead, i wish i was dead to. The doctors are tending to her
right now.
My daughter, Atefe, what has happened to you, my daughter, answer me, its
me, your father, YOUR father, why did you run away from the wedding.
You need to marry me.
You need to marry me.
Damn me.
You need to
Doctor, Doctor. Tell me honestly, what has happened to my dear daughter?
She has done this to herself.

What does that mean? What does that mean? Why wont you be frank with
me, doctor? Tell me, doctor.
Shes fine, sir. She can still carry children after this.
What does that mean? What does that mean? I said what does that mean? I
said what does that mean?
Its just that the baby is gone, shes fine. Be happy about it.
I don't understand, doctor. Was there a kid in the car?
No, sir. The baby she was carrying.
The baby she was carrying? Wait a minute. pregnant? Who was pregnant?
You?! Wait, tell me who was pregnant? Tell me whos pregnant?
I wouldn't know about that.
Come on, start talking. Who is pregnant?
You daughter sir. From someone whom i don't know and i'm not supposed to
know. Then she crashed and the baby died from internal bleeding.
Hey there. I havent seen a person like whoop.
Whats happening? whats happening?
Dont say anything.
What do you mean dont say anything?
Pay for my damages so I cant leave
What? Damages?
Its damaged goods. Theres no use for it.
Nothing has happened to it. Leave it to a mechanic. If its just the bumper, its
fixable. With his fortune, he could actually fix the whole thing.
Get out of here, man.
What about my damages? My leg is limp.
Go tell him yourself.
Tell him myself?
Of course Im going to go get it from him myself.
So go tell him.
If course.
Get up then.
I did a good thing by saving the girl.
Hello, sir. My name is Rostam Khan, also known as Dayee Jan. honestly, i got
released from the jail this very morning. I was just walking in the street,
when your daughter suddenly hit me and passed out herself. I found the
address however i could and brought her here. Thank god that she is doing
fine right now. If you would give me anything
I swear not on your life, but on imam Mahdis, since i shut its doors, i gave
everything i had to start it up again. On the other hand, whos more dear
than you, because if you are not here every night, who knows what they are
going to do to me. I swear on your life, I dont have a Gheroon, let go 70,000
Hello, whoops.

Dayee Jan is here!

Sit down.
Whos Dayee? The hell with Dayee.
How are you doing, darling?
How are you doing, pretty?
Hey Dayee.
Hey, you pretty thang.
Hey, pretty boy, did your sister get released from jail?
What, excuse me?
Im sorry, i just got released myself, so im a little thirsty.
Wussup Asghar Metri, you doing well?
Hey Jale, how are you doing?
My darling Ashraf, sugermama, Dayee is here. Its me.
Love you, Dayee. When did you get released?
What happened?
I found him with such trouble. Bastard only gives loan with workers cheque.
Ive changed, Ms. Ashraf. From tonight on, Im going to put my head on your
breasts and sleep for the rest of my life.
Tell me, what did you do eventually?
I also couldnt go to Abbas, someone hit me and almost paralyzed me. Give
me a minute, i havent seen any ladies in a while. They lighten up my mood.
Whats up cutie? I aint going to jail again. Hey pretty!
Hey Dayee Jan!
Why arent you sitting next to Ali, girl?
Hes sick tonight.
Im bringing him home tonight and Ill make things right.
Let go, bro.
You think Im going to jump in your arms just by buying me drinks?
No, I come here every night to listen to your wonderful stories and drink. You
don't pay anyways.
Whats happening over there? Keep quiet. Stop looking and get the hell out
of here.
See whos talking.
Please tell your woman to stop harassing people.
Well done. I liked it a lot. You remind me of my younger years. I hope your
mother blesses your future.
But she damns me ten times a day instead.
I swear on your life Dayee, she thinks i don't care about her, but where the
hell am i supposed to get 70,000 tomans from? I wanted to sell my
motorcycle, which is my life to me, but it doesnt even get close to 70,000.
Come on, drink this and dont worry about it. God will help us.
Im afraid that when they put the house up for sale, I would blame myself for
moms misery.

Shame, shame that Im a clean man now, otherwise, I swear on your life,
getting it would be a piece of cake for me.
God damn it.
I said how, Dayee.
If i wasnt clean, going to that house once more wouldve sufficed.
Everything wouldve been resolved.
Which house, Dayee?
Ah. how do i describe it? What a house. I wonder how those bastards keep
stacking up bricks. It was like a palace.
Im going to kill her. Im going to kill her. Im going to kill her. Im going to kill
her. Let go of me woman. Youve caused me all this misery.
What is this youre doing?
I have to remove this disgrace from this family.
Are you trying to go jail in the few years you have left? Dear god, what do i
Yes, i wash blood with blood. They spill blood, Ill spill blood. They kill, I will
kill. I swear on your grave, Ill tear her to pieces.
Doctor, please.
Bring him something sweet.
Im doomed. My reputation is gone. How do i look into people's eyes now?
Hello, sir.
Go upstairs, go i say.
Tell me what happened?
Don't say anything, go upstairs god damn it. Go, why are you standing still?
What happened?
Oh my god.
It hurts my leg.
Go downstairs I tell you.
Oh my god.
How is the baby?
What does he mean?
Turn around, turn around.
How are you doing?
Im Im fine. Im fine.
The other one was fine too until we found out. Doctor!
Yes sir!
Go in, go in!
Go examine her, go examine her.
But sir, Im specialized in heart.
God damn me.
These are the reasons my heart is failing.
Go in there and find out if she is pregnant or not.
Over here, over here, over here for gods sake. Go ahead.
Dear sir, drink this so youd feel better.

Turn around! Turn around! Turn around! Come here, come over here.
Sir, i swear to god sir...
Turn around, turn around i say.
You look suspicious too. Doctor!
Yes sir?
Doctor, examine this one too, she has a flirtatious walk.
I dont get it.
Get in there.
Gholam Hussein, what are you doing? I tried to keep my mouth shut, but
youre causing a scene.
Dont say anything. You look suspicious too. You also need to be examined.
You also need to be examined.
What are you saying? Have you gone mad?
You also need to be examined. Doctor!
Oh my god.
Who do I need to examine now?
Examine this one too. Examine me too.
I feel car sick. Im about to throw up everything.
Which house is it?
Right now I feel very dizzy. Im about to throw up
I said look and tell me which house is it.
I can't look up
The house you were telling me about.
Oh yes, that is the house from this morning. Why are we here?
Youll know later. Come on, get moving.
No. No, no, Ali. Im not doing stuff like this anymore. No, Ali, no.
What do you mean no Dayee? Its just this one time.
No, no, Ali, no. This isnt what I do.
Dayee, all these years you climbed over peoples fences, do it once more for
your sister.
Do a burglary for my sister?
No, Im a clean man now. I got released from the jail this very morning, you
bastard. Im too old for jail. My hands are shaking; my eyesight is almost
gone. Why did you dismiss me all those years ago when I asked you to work
with me, now you suddenly want to become a thief?
Dayee, you know yourself that I am no thief. You know why I am doing this.
You saw that nothing else worked. But with the way you described this

house, if we are lucky, we can get the money and throw it in that bastards
face and get the house back for my mother. Come, stop stalling.
Dear god, what did I get myself into. I leave it to you, god.
Dont be scared Dayee, Ill look after you myself.
Ali, we havent check this place out before, they might have a guard or
Be quiet.
For gods sake, this time is for life. If I go back to jail, its for life. Im not in.
Come over here.
Im not in.
Dont be scared.
Ali, I swear to god this isnt my line of work anymore. Climb over here. I leave
this to you dear lord. What the hell did I get myself into?
Stop making a scene.
Get my hand, get me, the police is going to show up soon. Come on.
After all these puppies, I popped out for you, you sent me to be examined?
Not only you, Ill send myself too.
You think Im still a young girl?
Im sending the girl to the village tomorrow, and nobody should find out. I
have a reputation. Shell stay there till she rots. Oh my reputation, oh my
name, oh my fame. My dear uncle, where are you? Dear uncle, protect me!
How are we supposed to carry all these stuff out of here?
Uncle, we are going to take what we need: 70000 tomans worth.
Get out of here. After that that begging, do I expect me to do this for 70000
This isnt a burglary Dayee, you understand?
So are we here for a party?
For gods sake
Ok come on, dont start another argument.
Move aside.
What? Let Dayee go first. Let me go first!
Stop screaming.
Are you just blindly walking ahead? This isnt the way its done.
So tell me what to do?
If you brought me here to steal, then let me do my thing. I might know
nothing about other stuff, but I know a thing or two about my own
profession. Stealing isnt exactly bullying or extorting
Go ahead, Mr. professional.
Haha. Come on, follow Mr. Dayee. God, help us along
You leave, leave so your records are clean. Give me my glasses, my glasses!
Thief! Thief! Get him!
Im family! He knows me!
What was that Gholam Hossein?
Over there! Hes over there.

Hes here sir.

You thought you could escape?
Hello sir! Sorry I woke you up! Im so sorry!
I said who are you?
Well, to be honest, Im a burglar, but I have retired.
Oh my god! Its him, the guy who was here this morning.
Yes! Swear to god I got released from the jail today. I was in there for five
years and I had quit. I swear. Look I have an ID on me too. I saved your
daughter life and you gave me nothing, so I came here to grab something
and leave.
Maheen, Maheen.
Whered you go?
Why the long face?
Im coming, for gods sake.
Hes not leaving me alone. He has been stuck to me like a leech all night
Leave me alone. Wait a second.
What is it?
Come on, follow me.
Where to?
Youll know later.
Let me change my outfit.
No need to, come on.
Where to?
Where are you going to, mister? So sorry, but do you think shes going to
drink with me and have fun with you? In your dreams!
Heres the fun part!
If you dont tell me the truth, Im going to put a bullet in your empty head.
What am I supposed to say? God damn you, Ali!
Whos job is this?
Well, both of us, but please forgive us mister
Shut your mouth!
Of course.
So this shameful act involves two.
Look at him, daughter.
Whos shame (as if shame is a persons name)? I dont know no shame.
Is it him? Do you know him? Did this beardo do it?
Is it him?
Take her away.
Lets go upstairs, dear lady.

Looks like mistakes happen. Mister, youre making a mistake. hopefully your
finger is not on the trigger. Please dont hit me!
Why are you hitting him? Send after the police.
Hope they arrive early. I swear to god, Im here to take away two of your
extra rugs.
Confess to what?
What are you saying?
Confess to the shameful thing youve done.
Im a thief! A thief! Ive been a thief for thirty years. Are you happy now?
Shame on you, you thief!
Why are you hitting me, lady? You think Im an orphan or something? I swear
to god I have no idea what Im supposed to confess to.
You dont know?
Hmm, Ill do to you what you have done to my daughter!
Hes over here, come in. right here!
Officer, its me! Put my hands in handcuffs and take me to jail immediately!
Get me out of here. Take me out of this madhouse.
Hey old man, arent you ashamed of your age?
This isnt what I do! This isnt my line of work. I have a different line of work. I
steal toilet paper and such! I am not a rapist!
Gholam Hossein!
Be quiet!
Im sorry officer, but looks like theres been a misunderstanding.
Thank goodness!
Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you, have a good night.
Get off.
What am I supposed to say.
What I told you.
Why dont you ask it yourself?
Because they might have seen me. Come on, get off.
Officer, excuse me officer. I live a block away. We heard that theres been a
burglary here, is that true? Thank you very much.
What happened?
He said there was a misunderstanding, it was someone from the family.
I hope god does your children well, hope god does you well in life. Yep. What
happened? Looks like hes boiling up again. Why are you doing this to me?
Sit the fuck down.
Its not over yet.

Whats happening?
Hang on a second.
In the name of the giving and forgiving god.
Mister, could you tell me what misfortunate thing you are going to do to me?
Shut up.
Aha, I get it now.
Mister, Im not that great of a man.
Even better.
Miss Atefe, will you give me permission to marry you to Mr. Rostam, also
known as Dayee Ghasem?
Dear Miss Atefe, will you give me permission to marry you to Mr. Rostam,
also known as Dayee Ghasem?
Say yes you geezer.
What if he doesnt divorce her?
Its up to me, and I will get him to do it in a week. This way, at least theres a
husbands name in her passport.
I dont know
Dayee, is that you?
Bastard, did they get you?
No, I got married?
Dayee, where are you right now?
In the living room.
Are you drunk?
No, the living room. (in Farsi, its a double entendre for being drunk.)
In prison?
No, the house we went to rub!
What did they do to you, Dayee?
First they beat me, then gave me their daughter. I dont know, I guess there
was something wrong with the girl and they think theyve gotten rid of her.
Gotten rid of what?
Their daughter!
Im supposed to divorce her in a few days, but in their dreams!
Ill get 500,000 tomans
everyone come over here.
Why are you grabbing me? The voice is coming from upstairs.
Even if its coming from upstairs
Come here and see the tragedy that has happened. Look here.
Oh my god!
Miss Atefe has escaped!
Dear Ali, are you still thinking about your uncle?
Get away from me, Jesus.
Ali, you dont love me?

Ok, goodbye. Nope, she wasnt there either.

Im going to pull my hair out.
Hes beating himself yourself up.
Whats the police stations number?
What are you doing, woman? You want everyone to find out that Gholam
Hosseins daughter has escaped? You want the newspapers to print out your
daughters picture and everyone to start talking behind our back? To lose the
little reputation we have left?
What am I supposed to do? Wait here until they bring the news about her
Yes, yes, yes! That would be better than finding her.
Your madness has caused us this trouble.
I am not mad.
Yes, you are.
Look, I know where my sister is.
Shush, be quiet! I dont want them to find out.
Well why dont you tell before this madman has killed all of us?
Atefe has gone to the north after her love. They were supposed to get
So, you do know where your respectful sister has gone?
Yes, I do.
Mhm. Stop fighting, shes found! Shes found.
Oh god.
Shut the fuck up.
What is wrong with you.
Allo, yes? Pfft, I mistook the phone for the doorbell. Get and go see who it is.
Jesus, ok.
Clumsy bitch. What a night.
Hello! Is Ali here? I said is Ali here? Are you listening?
Yeah hes asleep.
Who is it?
Its your uncle.
Move aside and let us in.
My uncle?
Yes your uncle, the one you ruined our night for. I told you either hell come
or the news about him.
My uncle?
Yadollah, you stay here and make sure no one escapes.
What do you mean escape? You think Im a thief?
Yes I have and Im not letting go.
Hey Ali.
Get up.
What is wrong with you, man?
Get up.

Where is she?
Ali, give me a second.
What is he talking about? And whats with the face?
My daughter, wheres my daughter?
Your daughter? I dont know. See what mess youve caused?
Wait up, wait up a minute and let me talk.
Wheres my daughter?
Tell him to stop imitating me.
Stop imitating him. Wait up a second for gods sake.
Wheres my daughter? If I dont find him I will ruin your life.
Sit the fuck down for a second. Hold on for a second for gods sake. What a
stubborn man. Heres the radio enjoy it till I get back to you.
Who the hell is this guy youve brought here this early in the morning?
Dont worry about it, hes a little crazy.
Couldnt find a crazier person?
This is much more important than you think.
Thats all of it.
What the hell are you going to do now?
If we find her
Then what, Dayee?
If we do find her, then everything is good to go. They will want me to divorce
her, and I will ask for a 100,000 tomans immediately. Ali, with all our
misfortunate, this is a great fortune thats sitting on our doorstep. You use
70,000 to pay off the mortgage, and Ill use the rest for a business.
How are you going to find her?
I got that part. You dont worry about it. The sister
Congrats, father in law! Dont worry about a thing. The bride is found!
Everything is gonna be fine, dont worry about a thing.
Ok, well find her.
So you do know where my daughter is?
Yes he does, dear father in law. Hang on a minute, he will find her.
You need to be willing to pay though.
Dear Ali
70,000 tomans beforehand.
You scammer! I will sue both of you. Will send both of you to jail.
Sit down, sir. Ali, why are you messing everything up?
Dont say a thing, Dayee.
Listen mister, from what Ive heard, you dont want anyone from Tehran to
know about this and the newspapers to print photos of your daughter. Its not
good for your reputation. Yes? And you want your daughter alive, right? Well
god damn it, with all the money you have, at least spend 70,000 tomans on
your daughter.

How am I supposed to know that you will find her? How am I supposed to
know that youre telling the truth?
I dont promise anything. But if this is about the money, then you can keep
Dayee as collateral.
What? Why me?
Dont say anything.
Listen mister, after I find her, you hand over the money, and Im out of this
equation. Thats it.
Ok. Just hurry up. And keep it on the low.
Here, mother. This should suffice for two, three days.
Are you going on a trip?
So what about the house?
Thats why Im leaving, my dear mother. Ill be back soon.
Are you going to come back with the money?
Yes. Just pray for me. Just pray that Im lucky and I find the girl in this photo.
Who is this?
The girl that if I find will get me the money for the mortgage.
What a pleasure, hello! Ha-ha. Im happy to see you again
Traitor, liar, shallow, charlatan.
What has happened, my dear? Why are you so angry? What has happened?
What the hell? What are you going to do?
Im going to kill you!
Kill me? But why? What did I do my dear?
Ah, the things you told.
But I still
Sit right there! Do not move an inch. You said: id die for you, I worship you, I
like you, I love you.
No you dont! you dont have compassion. You arent a real man. You said
youd marry me, remember? You said well have a baby together, remember?
You said all these, but you lied.
No, no. youre wrong.
Sit down. Do not move. You blew it all. You showed a false haven. You did
whatever you wanted to me.
Please my dear, calm down.
The only thing that kept me going was finding you and killing you. That way,
you couldnt have ruined other girls lives. Why? Why? What did I ever do to
So, based on what you told me, no one knows where you are?
Just my sister.
So she has probably told them by now, right?
How come? Are you worried that theyre going to come after you?
Haha. No my dear. What kind of question is that? Whos going to come. Even
if someone does, what have I done? You know, when we go back to Tehran, I
will officially propose to you. How does that sound?

Thats her.
Ill throw a wedding that people would talk about for years.
For sure!
Just one thing.
What is it?
Never try to run away from me again, because this time I will definitely kill
If you knew how much I love you, you wouldve never say that.
If you have any documents, you can get out of it.
Lets play a round.
You guys get busy let me see what I can do.
Go, dont stall.
What a hottie.
Come on my dear, drink. Stop thinking, drink. Drink itll warm you up. Drink
When are, you coming back?
Im worried about my parents. They are probably looking everywhere for me.
When we go back everything is going to be ok, right?
Yes, my dear. Everything, I promise you.
You will tell them that I wasnt a bad girl, right?
Of course Il tell them, of course.
I dont feel good, my head is spinning.
Come on, let go of each other and get up. Come inside and live up with the
rest of us.
With you, right?
Get up darling, lets go live with them. Get up, good girl, get up. Youre gonna
feel good in a minute. You know, alcohol is like that; sometimes it gets you,
and sometimes it doesnt.
You rest a little and youll feel better. Its nothing.
Were leaving.
What the hell!
How are you doing?
What the hell is this you are drinking?
Whered you go 70,000 tomans?
70,000 tomans?
Hey pretty.
Let go of me, I dont feel good.
Im not doing anything.
Huh? You? Who are you?
Yes, me!
Let go of me you bastard!

Stop struggling.
No! no!
Let go of me!
Let me pound it.
Stay right here. Where are you going? You bastard.
Hes coming stop him.
Whered you go?
Where do you think youre going?
Where is he?
Take this. How are you doing? Theres an eggplant under your eye!
Where did she go?
Hey, lady, my 70,000 tomans, breathe, please. Lie down, at least. Theres no
one else to help. Look at that Jeep. I hope it doesnt go over the border. Hey,
look. I think shes passed out. If someone sees me like this, what the hell am
I supposed to say?
(children muttering in northern accent)
I was taking to the lady.
Ill take it to her.
What do you want for lunch?
We arent staying for lunch, we must leave.
But your wife isnt feeling good.
Jesus I know, but we have to go. Our honeymoon is over. Mhm. It looks good
on you. Eat. Eat itll warm you up.
No. where am I?
Wherever it is, its better than where you were last night.
Last night?
Yes. Last night. You dont remember? I rescued you from the sea, caught you
like a fish. You got lucky, girl. Otherwise, your parents had to visit you in the
Get up. Get up we got to hit the road.
No? what are you doing?
Dont touch me.
Listen girl, I just want to help you.
Where are you taking me?
Wherever you want to go, but we got to leave this place. Get up, get up dear.
What for?
I told you to stop.
What the hell girl?
Who are you? Where are you taking me?
Mr. Ali, Tehran
What if I dont want to go?

You will. Are you forcing me.

Think of it however you want to. Where to? Listen girl, maybe its time I tell
you the truth about everything.
So everything was a plan?
What did you think? You think I did all this because Ive gone mad? Your
parents are waiting for you, girl. And my poor uncle is also in trouble because
of you. More importantly, the mortgage of a house is waiting for you as well.
Yeah girl, you have no idea how much youre worth. So be quiet and lets hit
the road.
What the hell is wrong with this thing? Whats this noise. For gods sake.
what kind of a car is this? Sit behind the wheel. Of course, when a car goes
swimming such things happen. Look at this, not even 60 mechanics would
know what is going on here. Stop pressing the gas pedal so much. Move
over. God damn you and your family. Stop, please. Stop, maam, please.
Please, stop. Stop, please. Brother, is this car for sale?
Brother please chase that car for me?
She stole my car!
Sir please stomp that pedal, if you cant move over!
Ive pressing for years it doesnt go any faster.
Press itll go.
But this is an old car.
If I get her, I will kill her.
Press the god damn gas pedal.
Its not going any faster.
If you stomp, itll go. Youre not stomping on it.
Right there, the one that has stopped right that?
Shes the thief?
I swear on your life thats her. Shes pulled over looks like something has
Dont forget my fare.
Ill pay your fare later. Stop, stop right here before she leaves.
The fare
My fare
She screwed me over!
The fair!
Ill come back to pay you. Wait girl, youre going to cause me trouble. Stop
girl, stop running from me. Thank god you fell. I dont give a hell. Wait up.
Wait up you douche. Where are you running to?
Let go of me! Let go of me! What are you saying? What do you want from
me? Who the hell even are you?
You bastard, so youve been planning this all along the way?
I dont want to go back; you cant force me to.

Of course Im going to force you. Youre going to head to the jungle and
become Tarzan.
You cant take me back. No!
If Im the shepherd, I know how to move my herd.
No, Im not going.
Ive dealt with worse than you.
No, Im not going.
Damn your father for putting me up to this.
No, let me go back.
Keep struggling.
Let go of me.
Are you going to calm down now?
Yes, but let me go back.
Go back to do what?
To kill him. Then Ill go with you. Let go of me. Put me down.
Let me get the money first, then you can leave.
Put me down! Let me go.
Stop screaming.
Shut up. Stop crying. What is wrong with you? Im doing whats good for you.
I dont want it. Let me get this 70,000 tomans. Cant see me get paid? Sit the
hell down. Listen up girl, and listen well, if you try to escape one more time, I
will break both of your legs.
Im hungry.
So what?
Im thirsty.
Not important.
I have to do something.
Do it later.
Do you not understand?
I do. Its a must. Are you going to escape again?
Its obvious. Give me your god damn hand. I cant trust you. You arent in a
hurry, so lets eat first. Woah, its so crowded. One bus arrives and the
cafeteria is full. Most of them are checking you out. Sit down so no one can
see you. What do you want to eat?
Nothing. Im full.
Didnt you say youre hungry?
I did.
Well what the hell do you want to eat?
I dont know.
Keep your head up.
What would you like?
What do you have?
Kebab with rice, chicken with rice, lamb shank, kashk-o-bedemjoon

One kebab with rice for me.

What would the lady like?
I dont know, ask her yourself.
What would you like?
nothing, shell (b)eat herself up. Eat it, god damn your eyes.
Here you go.
Is this animal butter?
Bring us a doogh too.
No problem.
Shes crazy!
Stop looking at him. If they get you, they will lock you up. Then, they hand
you over to your mom and dad. Only difference is, I wont get paid if that
happens. 70,000 tomans gone with the wind. Whatever. What a juicy kebab, I
swear to you its like rubber. Youre missing out. Where to?
Somewhere you cant go.
You mean, there?
Dont try to escape, otherwise were going to have a problem.
Travelers all get aboard.
70,000 tomans? 70,000 tomans? Stop acting like a child, girl!
Sir, like this we wont even get there by night.
Excuse me.
Whats going on sir?
Ladies and gentlemen, please cooperate with the police.
Sorry, dont worry. Get up.
Im not going.
Get up.
No, Im not going.
Get up before I slap you.
No, Im not going. Dont let him take me.
Hes trying to kidnap me! Dont let him take me. Hes lying.
Shes crazy.
Hes trying to kidnap me.
Im taking her to Tehran to put her in an asylum. Youll read about her in two
I dont want to go.
You think its up to you? Youre starting to annoy me. Bastard. Shame that I
need to hand you in standing up. Come on, hop on. Sit right, like this.
What are you thinking about?
frankly, Im thinking about how everythings going to be alright when I turn
you in.
How much are you getting?

Enough so my mother can pay off the mortgage and wish me well in the few
years she has left.
So theres a prize for finding me?
Mhm. Yes. Its a lot too. Youre not worth that much. I wouldnt buy you if you
were free.
What a delicious watermelon, here, have some. Eat some, girl.
I dont want any.
To hell with you, Ill eat it myself. So sweet!
Why wont you let me go? What do you want from me?
70,000 tomans, which is 100,000 tomans minus 30,000 tomans.
Youre an animal.
Oh god
You dont understand anything
You are not human!
Ha-ha. I know whats wrong with you. You really want to escape. You would
strangle me right here if you could, wouldnt you? Isnt that true? Please tell
me. I know all of it. Im the most street smart guy youll come across. Ha-ha.
I bet you never heard of mortgage? Do you even know what debt is? What
loan is? Have you ever had a motherfucking loan shark come to your door
every day, and embarrass you in front of the whole neighborhood? Has it
ever happened to you? No it hasnt! so what do you have to worry about?
You flowed your heart and he cheated you. Youre dear enough that your
parents are giving away 70,000 tomans for you. Then fuck it. Fuck all of
Give it to me.
Dont come close.
I said give it to me, sister.
Dont come close.
Told you youre an idiot.
Dont come close.
And what?
Dont come close or youll regret it.
What are you going to do?
Let me go.
Give it to me.
Give it to me, bastard. Ouch. Damn you.
What did I do?
If the main vein is cut, Im done for.
Its bleeding.
God damn you, Dayee. Damn you for putting me up to this.
Im sorry.
Get the handkerchief out of my pocket and wrap it.
I didnt know what I was doing
Aha. You fucked me up, fam, you didnt know? Let go of it, thats enough.

Let me see.
You dont need to see.
Its bleeding pretty badly.
To hell with it. Im done with you. Go and leave me. Go wherever the hell you
want. Get out of my eyesight. Leave you stupid barbarian bitch. If I knew I
were to find someone this crazy, screw it, I wouldnt have done it for
anything less than 100,000 tomans. Come on, leave. Damn your father. She
cant hold a nail clipper properly, and she pulls out a knife on me. People
would laugh in my face, saying what an idiot I am. How miserable. If only I
had 70,000 tomans, I didnt have to serve any bastards. Dear god shes
actually leaving! Shes gonna cause me trouble again.
Excuse me, are you going to Tehran?
Yes, come on in!
What a beauty! Hmm. Thank you lord!
Let go of me. Let go of me.
Get off!
Get off! Dont worry, well pay for it.
Let go of me, let go of me! No! Ali! No! let go of me! No! let go of me! Ali!
Fuck off.
Yours truly!
Shut up.
Get out of here.
It was fine before. Since it fell you the sea ah I ran out of breath. Pull up the
hand break. Cover up, cover up that it is really cold. Brother, is there
someone here to take a look at this car?
If you were two minute earlier there was someone here, but now you have to
wait till tomorrow.
What a luck, tomorrow morning. Our trip is becoming like Marco Polos.
Its brewed fresh.
Sugar cubes.
Here are the sugar cubes.
What would you like for dinner?
What do you have?
Kebab with rice, lamb shank, stew with rice.
What are you eating?
Do you want me to deliver your corpse to your family? Come on eat
something, youre gonna starve. Bring us two kebabs with rice.
No problem. Bring them two kebabs with rice.
Drink this, itll warm you up. Youre driving me crazy. Cheers.
Cheers. Is your hand still hurting?
Ouch, I forgot what you did to me. What about you, still hurting? Im sorry.

God damn me, I didnt know how heavy my hand was. Drink this please, itll
warm you up, its like medicine, no? cheers then. Do you want a shot?
No brother, going to make me lose my high.
Hes an addict. Cheers.
Staying here for the night?
No, I have to deliver something. Please just tell someone to put down this
Its going to be hard to get to Tehran on a motorcycle. The road is very foggy.
Wait till the morning, its only 3 hours to Tehran from here. If you leave by
the sunrise, youll be there three hours before the noon. We have everything
here. Room and board. Our sheets are very clean. Our pillows are filled with
the northern chicken feathers. We dont ask for ID either. Come on in, come
on in, it has a view of the sun in the morning, come on in, Ill the truckers to
take a look at your car in the morning. Have fun, youngsters!
The guy thought we were together. Dont worry though, Im only after the
70,000 tomans. Come on, go to bed. Im so drunk. Come on. Hold my hand
so wont sleep. What a beautiful pair of eyes for gods sake. dear god, keep
me from these perverted thoughts. Go to sleep. Wear that so you wont catch
a cold. This will suffice me. Sleep like the poor for tonight so youd know how
they go by. What a buzz, hope it doesnt go away.
Are you up?
Looks like it.
Are you going to sleep?
Dont put any thoughts in my head for gods sake.
If I ask you something, would you tell me the truth?
Who are you thinking about?
Honestly, Im thinking
Do you have a wife?
No, what wife?
Do you have a fiance?
Went to the army, came back, she was pregnant.
So what do you have?
Nothing, but a mother and a mortgage to pay off.
So youve never been in love?
No god damn it, what the hell is love? Stop messing with me, dont remind
me of what I dont have. Damn it, my buzz is gone. We have very different
things on our minds. Damn you, Dayee, see what youve put me up to?
What is wrong with her? Is she sick? Whats wrong? Get up, wake up. Were
you dreaming? Whats wrong?
Im cold.
Go back to sleep.
Im scared Ali.

Dont be, Im right here. Heres the comforter. Youre going to be sweating in
a minute.
Ali, Im not a bad girl. I swear to god Im not.
I know, I know youre not.
When are you going to turn me in?
Whenever you desire. Whenever you want.
Ali? Ali? Ali? Ali? Ali? Ali?
Whats wrong, you seem worried?
I thought you escaped!
It isnt opposite day!
Hey brother, look after this car, Ill send someone from Tehran to come and
get it.
No problem.
*fades to Hamsafar by Googoosh*
What is this place?
The house that the loan shark is going to take away from us. The one thats
going to cost me 70,000 tomans. This is it. Come on in. stay right here.
Ali, son?
Hey mother.
Youre back?
Yes, dear.
My dear, do you have the money? Did you find her? I was going to have a
heart attack thinking you wouldnt make it in time.
Show me the girl so I can stop worrying.
Thank god youre back. You said you were coming back with money.
Hang on a second
Now I can pay off the mortgage. Tell me. Ali, son? Tell me.
Did it not work out? The land shark was here today and he embarrassed me
in front of the whole neighborhood. Son, tell me, were you lying to me?
Mother, I didnt lie to you, I didnt lie to anyone.
What then?
You know nothing, mother. Do you know anything about my troubles?
You want me to let them put the house up for auction?
Ill be your slave. Ill do anything for you. Ill get a house for you, however it
is, whatever you want.
No, son, no. just this house, only these bricks.
Mother, calm down. Let go of me.
Ali! Tell me whats going to happen to me, my dear.
Dont worry about a thing, its all going to go down the way you wanted it to.
Hey girl, where did you go?
Lets go.
Where to?

Where we were supposed to go.

Shush. Dont say anything. You need to get that money. Come on, please.
This house is worth more than me.
Give me your hand.
Maam, maam, come here.
Shes here. Maam.
Maam, come here. Where are you.
Thank goodness. Thank goodness.
Dear Atefe is back.
Where did she come from?
Dear Atefe
Hang on.
Dear Atefe, are you alright?
Damn you and Atefe. Go upstairs. Faster.
Ahh. Dear Ali, youre finally back? My dear. I was dying in this prison like
place. Wheres my wife, where is she? Did you not find her?
Sit down.
I said sit down. *mumbles*
Ok. Ali is a great guy.
Where did you find her? Tell me, where was she? Who was she with? Who?
Dear Ali, please answer him. These are good people. We are family as well.
You probably know everything, but remember, no one else must find out. You
saw nothing. You probably want your money now?
Well, yes.
Here you go, Ali. Ali give it to me, I want to see how 70,000 tomans is
written. So fortunate!
Hey, where to? The exit is over there.
The money has gotten him confused. Ali, go ahead Ill be right behind you. Ill
be leaving now. Forgive me please .
Sit right down!
I dont want to sit down.
Yadollah, get him.
What? What is happening? What do you want from me? Ali? Youre with me,
let me go. Let me go you bully. For how long do I have to be imprisoned in
We will let you go, but only after the divorce.
*mumbling in distance*
Do you know where Ali is?
looking for you niece?

No one is asking you, bastard. Dear Akram, where is Ali?

In that corner.
Hes chugging bottles because of his broken heart.
Hello Ali, hello.
They let you go?
Yes. They put a gun on my head to divorce her.
Damn you.
Who are you talking to.
See what youve done to me. Damn you, Dayee. What you put me into. You
shouldve seen it. You shouldve seen it when I gave her the money. She was
so happy. I was just living my life, without anyone, without any concerns,
without any sorrow. Damn you, Dayee.
What are you talking about? Is this how you repay me after the trouble Ive
gone through for you and your mother? My luck!
Swear on your life, no matter how much I move forward, Im still behind.
While she was holding my hand, I didnt even notice it. Damn.
Hey, the mortgage is paid off and everything ended just fine. What the hell is
wrong with you?
Of course, just fine, just fine for sure! Sit down.
Sit down for what? Sit down so you can curse me?
Drink this.
Im not drinking.
I said drink Dayee.
All of it?
Yeah, all of it.
What happened?
Ease up.
Dont mind them, I dont want to fight tonight.
You bastard.
Youre destroying my business.
Told you to be quiet tonight, bastard.
Shut it.
Laugh now.
You saved me.
Ali, am I seeing this right?
This is that girls house. God, if only I had become the groom of this
household, I wouldve not raised a finger for the rest of my life, eat and sleep
all day long Ali, leave, youre going to cause trouble.
I want to go inside.
What inside? Have you gone crazy? What are you trying to set free?
My heart. Its in this house.

Ali I told you not to mix drinks. That bastard will kill us both with his gun.
Dayee sit tight while I go get her.
What the hell? This isnt wild west. Ill go officially ask for her hand in
marriage for you tomorrow, dont go Ali. Oh my god, this kid is so dumb. Hes
going to
Stop yelling.
Ali dont go, youll end up in prison, at least 10 years. Ali, Ali! What do I do
with this kid? Ali!
My dear Atefe, listen to your mother. Your dad is worrying a lot, keep his
reputation. The guy is here, and your passports are ready as well. I swear to
god youre so lucky. despite these circumstances, the guy has abandoned his
family and still wants to marry you. My dear, smile to him so this can
What about your family, are they okay with this?
That doesnt matter. Its my opinion that matters, and Im okay with this.
Give me that lighter, boy. Bring it up close.
Here you go. Miss?
What a lighter!
So, let me see the passports.
Here you go.
Everything seems right. Here you go. So the deal is that you fly tomorrow at
When you get there, you immediately marry. When things settle, you come
Congrats! Sweeten your taste.
Thank you.
But remember, no one must find out about this. You know nothing, got it?
Yes, of course.
Attention, attention. All passengers of the flight 001 from pan American, to
the destinations, Beirut, Rome, London, and New York
Hello there.
Give it to me, dummy.
Wait until they check it.
My dear, leave and whenever got it? Ill get your divorce. Dont forget.
Here you go. Travel safe.
Dont get pregnant.
Send us letters when you get there.
Be safe, my dear son in law.
Travel safely.
This is the best plan that Gholam Hossein could come up with.

The birdie is gone now.

What is this geezer doing here?
Atefe come here.
What happened?
My fiance? Where is she?
Come on, why are you looking so confused. Hop on.
My poor girl.
What were you going to do with her?
Get out of here, you.
Where are we going?
To the altar.
Arent you supposed to pay the debt to your landlord?
Yes, but first Im going to pay the debt I owe my heart.
What if they find out?
Thats Water over the bridge now.
You are so smart
Get out. Come on, hurry. Hassan, Hassan thank you so much. Ill repay you
somehow. Hop on, Atefe. Hop on Dayee, Im going to be going rocket-fast.
Damn you, Ali!

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