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All praises to ALLAH who created this universe for the exploration of man
Darood & Salaam on Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W), who enlightened the torch of
knowledge for mankind. One of his (S.A.W.W) sayings is
“Seek knowledge from cradle to grave”
First of all we would like to thank our respected teacher Mr. SAQLANE
From the core of our hearts. It was a great pleasure working with him. His precious
suggestions, unflagging support and gentle behavior, helped us a lot in completing this
project successfully.
We must acknowledge the valuable assistance of Mr. Amjad, serving in Ufone as
Section Head of Data Network. We could not accomplish our job without his kind
cooperation. Due to his effort we were capable of attempting our project in an effective

Ufone launched on January 29, 2001. Ufone is a new cellular operator in Pakistan.
Pak Telecom mobile Ltd. offers Ufone services to you, which is a 100% owned
independent subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation Ltd.
PTCL has aimed to provide best coverage along with state of art values added services
for subscribers according to their needs.

Ufone has been a highly successful venture both in terms of subscriber uptake and
coverage. Touching 100,000 subscribers in less than four months of operation.

With fastest expanding coverage, unmatched product leadership and consistent focus on
customers. Ufone has emerged to be the most prominent player in the market in the short
span of its operations.

Ufone, in less than one year has started providing coverage in most major cities of
Pakistan. This roll out plan has been far more aggressive than any of Ufone's competitors.

Ufone has the answer for U in an instance. You can either get a daily update via Ufone
Info-Push Services or retrieve the information you require via Ufone Info-Pull Services.

Ufone Info Pull Service

Each Ufone Info service has a short code, which you can use to get the information you
want. The Drop down menu below will provide you with details of the services we offer
along with their associated short codes.
All you have to do is to send the relevant short code via an SMS message and you will be
updated with the information you requested immediately.
For example, in order to get your daily horoscope, just type the first three letters of you
star sign e.g. CAN for Cancer and send that to the number 120 via SMS.
A charge of Rs.1.50 only is applied whenever you send an inquiry.
Ufone Info Push Service
With Ufone Info-Push services, you don’t need to remember any short codes. You can
schedule for automatic delivery of the information you want to your Ufone by
subscribing for your own My Ufone Account.
Dial 133 & make Your Ufone talk to you
Now you can listen to the latest news headlines, daily horoscopes, prayer timings, stock
quotes, jokes, listing of latest movies, business news and a lot more from your Ufone
with Ufone Info line U can get all this information just by dialing 133 from your Ufone.
List of Information available:
7 Religion (Quranic Ayyat of the day, Prayer Timings)
8 News (Headline News, Sports News and Business News)
9 Finance (Top 5 Forex Currencies, Bullion Rates, Stock Index)
10 Entertainment (Daily Horoscope, Latest Movies, Top Charts, Joke of the Day,
Quote of the Day)
11 Weather

Internet Payment Facility

You can now pay your Ufone bill or recharge your Prepaid account Right Here!
Never again you have to stand in a queue for paying your Ufone bill or have to go out to
get a prepaid card.
You can now use any Visa or Master card to pay your Ufone bill, or recharge your
prepaid account securely and conveniently here.

Online Payment

National ID Card No.

(or Passport Number for Foreigners)

Ufone Mobile No.


Click Here to Make Payment ( Secure Page)

Pay Via SMS

Recharge your Prepaid account or pay your postpaid bill through SMS. For this purpose
using your Credit Card.
Ufone always thinking of new ways to bring you the best products and services, to keep
you always ahead of others.
With Ufone, your reality begins, where their imaginations ends.
To pay through SMS, just send "pay ufone" to 801 and follow the instructions.
This facility can be enjoyed using all Visa and MasterCard.

Post Paid
Ufone offers a most economical and affordable package of post paid.

Pre Paid
• Ufone Prepaid cards come in three denominations of Rs. 500, 1000, and Rs. 1500.
• Card is valid for six months from the time of activating
• In case we run out of Ufone prepaid cards, we have to just dial 000 from our Ufone
and then we will be informed about the places from where we can buy the cards
(remember 000 is toll free number).
• To charge our package plan, just dial 333 and talk to an Ufone Customer Services
• Voice mail deposit is free and Rs. 1/min is charged for all message retrieval calls
made to the voice mail.
All rates exclude Local and Long Distance (LLD) charges, Rs. 2/min NWD/IDD access
charges are applied for all NWD (National Wide Dialing) and IDD (International Direct
Dialing) calls. Roaming charges between the same MSC (Mobile Switching Center) are
not applied. Roaming charges of Rs. 1 for roaming between Lahore and Islamabad MSC
and Rs. 5 for roaming between Karachi and others MSCs will be applicable.
Services Center
Ufone currently has its Customer Service Centers in all the cities, where the connections
are being offered. Our staff at the Service Centers will be privileged to provide solution
on just about any of your concern. No run around! No complicated processes! U just
walks in and let us knows of your concern. Rest would be taken care of!

All Service centers have been strategically located to be easily accessible for U. Please
refers below for information about your closest Service Center.

Karachi Rawalpindi Islamabad Lahore Peshawar Kohat

Jehlum Hyderabad Multan Quetta Faisalabad
Sukkur Sialkot Gujrat Gujranwala

Call Center
For us, what matters the most is U.
Anytime of the day or night, our trained and courteous staff is available at our Call
Center for any of your queries or guidance. The services, which are only available in
other mobile companies by visiting their offices, are available over the phone to our

“Our Call Center will provide you with the following services and more, over the phone –
completely and conveniently”.

• Change of Ufone Number

• Appropriate Tariff selection consultancy
• Provisioning of Value Added Services
• Credit Limit Enhancement
• Tariff Plan Change
• Address Changes

• Prepaid/Scratch Card related inquiry

• End User Equipment Information
• SIM Card Unblocking
• Requested Temporary Suspension
• Duplicate Bill
• Tariff Information
• Provisioning of Tax Certificates
• Balance Enquiry (Postpaid only)
• Anything else related to your Ufone

New Connection Information
Getting a new connection is easy. All U have to do is to visit any Ufone Customer
Service Center Authorized Ufone Dealer Outlet at your nearest location.
Following are the steps to be followed to subscribe to a new Ufone connection:

Step 1: Fill out the Cellular Services Agreement Form (CSAF)

This form is easily available at the Service Centers/Dealer Outlets. To avoid any
inconvenience or delay in subscribing to an Ufone connection, please fill in the following
mandatory information required on the (CSAF) Cellular Agreement Form at the time of
New Connection Form
• Customer Name
• Contact Address (Address of your Current Residence)
• Permanent Address (Please note that the address U provides should be authentic
and verifiable. Non-verification of address can lead to disruption of service and
cause inconvenience to U)
• National Id Card/ Passport Number (Passport number required only for Non-
Pakistani citizens)
• Two References (Required information should include Names, Addresses, Phone
Numbers, and Identity Card Numbers). For your convenience reference can be of
any relative or friend and not necessarily a Ufone customer)
• Telephone Numbers (Home, Office or any Other)
• Mother’s Name (This information is required for verification purpose)
• Father’s Name (This information is required for verification purpose)
• Type Of Connection (Post-Paid or Pre-Paid)
• Package Name
• Customer Signatures In case of COMPANIES applying for connection on their
name, the following additional is required besides the above-mentioned
• User Name (This will be the name of a user of this connection)
• Contact Person (An authorized person nominated by the company, who will
correspond with Ufone for the issues relating to company connections.

Step 2: Attach a readable copy of National Identity Card (NIC)/Passport

Step 3: Make the required Payment according to the selected Package Plan

the initial charges for a new connection depend on:

12 Connection Type
13 Selected Package Plan
14 Selected Access Level

Security Deposit Requirement

Prepaid Packages
Prepaid Packages come with International Access and there is no Security Deposit

Postpaid Packages
Postpaid Packages are available with the following Access Level options
Other Information

• New Connection Information

• GPRS Configuration Information
• Online Payment Information
• Ufone Customer Service Centers Information
• Authorized Dealer Outlet Information
• Scratch Card Outlet Information
• Transfer of Ownership Information

• Area Code Information

• Connection Conversion Information
• Deposit Waiver Information
• Handset Information
• SIM Replacement
• Phone Number Change Information
• Change/Correction of Address Information
• Scratch Card Recharging Information
• Duplicate Bill Copy Information
• Access Level Change Information
• Suggestions and Feedback
Systems Of Ufone
Decision Support System
An implementation of this system is done somewhat in raw form. If it is implemented
with its core essence then it will help top and middle managers extract essential data from
other systems and then apply data analysis and decision procedures to the retrieved data
to make unstructured and semi structured decisions. Mathematical graphic analysis
software deals with questions that can’t be answered by the reports produced by
operational/tactical support systems.
Tasks of DSS:
Two tasks performed in decision support systems are information retrieval, data
reconfiguration, calculator activities and analysis.

1. Information retrieval
Managers extract information from database, or from data files for the purpose of making
2. Data reconfiguration
Often, managers need information in a form other than that in which data is logically
represented in the organization so for this purpose this task is performed.

Knowledge Management System

This system provides integration of all systems by keeping the knowledge about all the
systems. Knowledge management has referred to efforts to capture, store and deploy
knowledge using a combination of information technology and business processes.

Four types of system can be used.

1. Document Management Systems

It allows workers to find existing documents relevant to the task at hand. Essentially,
these are multi soured search and information retrieval systems that tie into an
organization’s intranet (and may extend to the public internet).

2. Discussion Forum Systems

It promotes knowledge dissemination within communities of practice. Workers subscribe
to forums relevant to their Internets, exchanging questions and answers, lessons learned,
announcements, and industry gossip. Such systems are easily implement able with both
freely available web software and commercial products.

3. Capability Management Systems

These systems allow an organization to “know who knows what”. Essentially, these are
databases of suitably structured CVs or resumes; as such, they are implement able with
off-the-shelf database software. The goal id to put people together by matching one
person’s need for expertise with another person’s listed skills.
4. Lessons-Learned Knowledge Base Systems
These systems let workers tap into past experience, by storing that experience as
structured cases. These systems allow sophisticated queries, typically supporting “fuzzy”
retrieval of “similar”
Cases. Although simple systems can use just conventional database software, full
functionality requires special purpose, case-based reasoning or knowledge-based system

Billing System
Ufone has got a “real time” billing system. In this system up-to-the-minute information is
instantly available and can be acted upon immediately according to customer needs.
Ufone’s billing system is composed of a series of independent applications that. When
run together, are referred as the billing system.
Its major components are as follows:

15 CDR (Call Detail Record)

It is used to record the details of the call. Usual information on a CDR includes:
• Starting time of call
• Ending time of call
• Originating number
• Termination number

16 Guiding
It matches calls to customer calling plans. The application uses the start and end
number, duration and time of call to decide what the charging should be, based on
the calling plans on the customers record.
17 Billing
It is usually performed once a month. This function collects all the rated calls that
have been stored over the past 30 days. The program adds any promotion and
discounts that are associated with the customer account.
For example: If customers have called over a certain number of minutes, they
might get a volume discount. In addition, taxes and credits are applied.

18 Invoicing
When the billing job is complete, a file is created that includes all of the
customer’s information. This file is sent to a print house to be converted to paper
19 Client
Single view is used on the billing clients, which is a product of ADC. It is a new
integrated customer management and real-time convergent billing application that
enables users to instantly view information about customer, accounts and services
while also enabling customer access to account and network information.

Importance of Billing System

Billing is much important for the organization because it is responsible for:
• Routine Records
• User account database
• Errors and related issues
• Price mechanism and system
• Subsystem, data entry
• Main system and subsystem interactivity
• Printing mechanism
• Online information for billing
• Support for customer care centers

Customer Care System

Following are the components of Ufone’s customer care system,

1. PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange)

It is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users
on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.
The main purpose is to save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone
company’s central office.

2. Manufacturer
Ufone is using a PABX manufactured by Lucent technologies.

3. ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

An automatic call distributor (ACD) is a telephone facility that manages incoming calls
and handles them based on the number called and an associated database of handling
It increases the efficiency of business which handle large volumes of incoming call
traffic, to provide better faster service with saving resources.
4. Call Routing
Call enters the ACD system in a number of ways, including; ISDN line, analogue trunk
etc. Once through, callers can hear music or ringing tone and/or comfort announcements
whilst the system places the call according to the parameters defined by the call Center
Manager. Each route is known as an ACD Route Plan, which incorporates Call Priority.
Main Queue, Overflow Queues and interflow destination.

Ufone call rating strategy is

20 Corporate
21 Regular
22 Sales

5. CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)

Ufone call centers utilize complete CTI (Computer Telephone Integration), which
enables all customer related information to be utilized during the course of
communication with agent.
6. Clients
Single view is used, as a front end for CIS on Genesis client with a POP up made in
HTML is front-end for CTI. It is a key component of the Singularities suite, is ADCs new
integrated customer management and real-time convergent billing application that
enables users to instantly view information about customers, accounts and services while
also enabling customer access to account and network information. The systems fourtier
architecture allows providers to change customer relationship parameters within hours
and days versus current system that take weeks and months.
Single view is available on IBM, Sun and Hewlett Packard Platform and can
accommodate ICPs of any size.

Three-Tier Architecture
These days CRM solution suites are deployed on a three-tier architecture: client,
application server, and database. Most of the computing-intensive functions are
performed on server machines that people can replicate for higher availability and
control. The three-tier architecture allows distributing the workload, putting the
processing power at the right tier to get the job done most effectively and efficiently.
23 Client Tier
As all of the business rules and major process are located on the middle tier, the client
application requires less processing power and can be easily deployed through a LAN
or WAN to various workstations.
24 Middle Tier
It performs all queries and repots processing to free user desktops and minimize
network traffic, provides load balancing and fail-over safety, and centralizes business
rules for easy maintenance and optimization.
25 Database Tier
The CRM solutions can be optimized for Teradata Data Warehouse technology and
on Oracle databases.
Transmission Media
The main switching centers (MSC’s) of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are connected
through ATM backbone. Although connectivity between Islamabad (I-9 Markaz) and its
branch networks is provided through a 2MB microwave technology. The customer care
center of Islamabad is connected through a SS link of 128K.

Hardware Components

Whole intranet is connected to a firewall for data security. This firewall is manufactured
by Cisco.
LAN’s are connected with each other and with WAN’s using devices called routers.
These provide fairly advanced routing functions at the network layer. They are using
1600, 2600 and 3660 series routers.
ATM Hardware
They are using ATM technology hardware named as manufactured by Nortel named as
passport Nortel.
Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX)
A PABX is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between
enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of
external phone lines. Ufone is using this system for the reasons of cost etc. PTCL is
providing them a leased line.
All of these three zones are interconnected through main three switching centers (MSC’s)
to each other and has formed an intranet.
Main Switching Center
The central components of the network subsystem are the main switching center
It acts like a normal switching node of the PSTN or ISDN, in addition provides all the
functionality needed to handle a mobile subscriber, such as registration, authentication,
location updating, hand over and call routing to a roaming subscriber,

The MSC provides the connection to the public fixed network (PSTN or ISDN) and
signaling between functional entities uses the ITUT signaling system that is widely uses
current public networks.

Hardware in MSC (Mobile Switching Center) consists of

Switch: A necessary component and is used for switching purpose

BSS: A necessary component used for transmission purposes
IT: Consists of main servers like billing servers.
IN: Intelligent network is for service customization, prepaid cards

Sun Fire 4800

Based on UltraSPARC III technology, the Sun Fire 4800 server helps deliver on the
promise of continuous computing. With the redundantly configurable Sun Fireplane
Interconnect, the Sun Fire 4800 server delivers both high availability and impressive total
system performance. Full hardware redundancy and a variety of advanced mainframe-
class availability features, such as Hot CPU Upgrades and Dynamic Reconfiguration,
deliver exceptional availability. With Solaris Resource Manager and Dynamic System
Domains, the system has the flexibility to accommodate changing resource requirements
across multiple applications.

The key features of Sun Fire are,

Key Applications
Internet/intranet services, business applications, databases, compute services, server
consolidation, decision support applications, and High Performance Computing

Key Specifications
From two to 12 UltraSPARC III processors, up to 96 GB of memory, 16 PCI cards,
and one or two Dynamic System Domains. The system offers mainframe-class
availability features, including full hardware redundancy, concurrent maintenance,
online upgrades and Hot CPU Upgrades. Additionally, this system offers mainframe-
class resource management with fully fault isolated Dynamic System Domains.

Key Benefits
Rack-ready, flexible, highly available server for the data center.

Solaris 8 4/01 Operating Environment, or later.
Main Networks

Intelligent Network
An intelligent network (IN) is a service independent telecommunication network. This
intelligence is taken out of the switch and placed in computer nodes that are distributed
throughout the network. It provides the operator with the means to develop and control
services more efficiently.
In (IN) service logic is external from switching systems and is located is databases called
service control points (SCPs).
Following services are provided.
26 800 of free phone service
27 Calling card verification or alternate billing service (ABS)

With a SCP, new operations and management system are used to support service
creation, testing, provisioning. For example, an 800 service has an 800-type trigger at the
switching system, an 800-service database at the SCP, and 800-service management
system to support the 800 SCP.

Features of Intelligent Network

28 Introduce new services rapidly
It provides the capability to provision mew services or modify existing service
through out the network with physical intervention.
29 Provide service customization
Ufone requires the ability to change the service logic rapidly and efficiently.
Customers are also demanding control upon their own services to meet their
individual needs.
30 Establish vendor independence
Suppliers can integrate commercially available software to create the applications
required by service providers.
31 Create open interface
The software can interface with other vendor’s products while main stringent network
operations standards.
32 It is so important because it provides
33 New services
34 Service customization
35 Vendor Independence
36 Open interface
37 Basic routing
38 Single number service
39 Personal access
40 Calling party pays
41 Automatic route selection

42 Call counter
43 Flexible hot line

Data-ware House
Data warehouses have got great importance because of
44 Future planning and forecasting
45 Manage the huge volume of information
46 Reflection of the business rules of enterprise
47 Collection point for the integrated, subject-oriented strategic information
48 The historical store of strategic information
49 Source of information that is subsequently delivered to the data marts
50 Source of stable date regardless of how the processes may change

Ufone has divided their whole network into three regions, which are
Central Lahore
South Karachi
North Jehlum to Peshawar
And the services provided are

51 Good subjective speech quality.

52 Low terminal and service cost.
53 Support for international roaming.
54 Ability to support handheld terminals.
55 Support for range of new services and facilities.
56 Spectral efficiency
57 ISDN compatibility

Supplementary services are provided on top of tele services or bearer services and
include features such as caller identification, call forwarding, call waiting multiparty
conversations and barring of out going (international) calls among others.