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January 29, 2017

Mass Schedule
Saturday 5PM
Sunday 8AM & 10AM
Served by:
Fr. Anthony R. Lipari, FCM

Fr. Drew Miller

Associate Pastor

Sr. Donna Lombardi, N/FCM

Pastoral Associate

Karen Suter

Parish Administrator

Mike & Fran Krol

Parish Council Leaders

An All Inclusive Independent Catholic Community,

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place

Getting More Out of Mass

(written by: Edward Sri, PhD)
Adult Faith Formation
with Fr. Anthony

Will resume on Monday 2/6/17

Monday evenings at 7PM - downstairs
Bible Study
with Fr. Drew
Friday evenings 7PM
DownstairsAll are welcome!
Family Faith Formation
with Sr. Donna
Meets the 4th Sunday of each month
Our Family Faith Formation program is for all families with children. Please join us! If you have any
questions or want more information, see Sr. Donna
after Mass or call her
at 732-597-2273.

From the desk of

Father Drew:

Do you ever feel youre just going through the

motions at Mass? You stand-up, sit down. You say,
and also with you, amen, and thanks be to God.
You go with the flow in the liturgy, but your mind is
somewhere else and you question whether you have
a full understanding of the meaning behind the
If we look at the mass from a biblical perspective,
however, things can get very exciting. Well begin to
see that the Mass is not a collection of random
prayers signs and rituals. Rather, each part is charged
with profound meaning. Whether its making the sign
of the cross, or using incense and candles, or praying
Alleluia, Glory to God in the Highest Lamb of
God , practically everything we say and do in the
liturgy is rooted in Scripture. The more we understand the biblical meaning of these rites, the more we

Lessons from Eckhart Tolle

Over the course of the next several weeks, Good
Shepherd is going to provide you with a series of lessons from Eckhart Tolle, a great spiritual teacher. As
you read and implement these teachings into your
life, you will not only increase the quality of your experience of being alive but also encounter the living

Lesson 2: Wherever you are and whatever you

do, be there fully and give your 100% to it.
Whatever particular situation you find yourself in, try
and do what you can to contribute in the best
possible way. If you are uncomfortable and unable to
contribute positively, you have three options leave,
change or accept. Whatever you decide to do, live
with it and give it your best shot. Once you decide,
be sure to take responsibility of whatever transpires
of it.
Next week: Accept the present and work with it.

will experience the Mass as a personal encounter with

God who, throughout the liturgy, is inviting us to a
closer relationship with him.
Over the course of the next eleven weeks we will
explore each of these things individually.
Source: Catholic Update; January 2017 edition.

4th Week in Ordinary Time

Justice Challenge: Sundays Gospel is Jesus beatitude
teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. The beatitudes
provide us with a blueprint for being people of faith and
Your challenge this week is to take one beatitude each
day. Read the beatitude in the morning, and ask God for the
strength to practice that attitude throughout the day. Then in
the evening, reflect on whether or not you lived that particular attitude of being in your life during the day. Thank
God for your successes, ask for forgiveness where you
failed, and pray for the courage and strength to live that beatitude in the future.

A Shepherd's View

January 29th
5PM: People of the Parish
8AM: People of the Parish
10AM: Irv Chilman

February 5th:
10am Salvatore Neglia

Franciscan Reflections
At the very beginning of his
deepening of his faith
life (conversion) St Francis of
Assisi listened once at church
when the priest was proclaiming the Beatitudes and immediately he
these words as assurance from God that
this is what he had been searching for
and said." This is what I
wanted, this is what I've been longing for
with all my heart!"
- St Bonaventure, "Major Life"

Saints of the Week

January 31:
St. John Bosco, Priest (+1888)

More and more as I shuffle

through this vale of wonders I
begin to see that humility is the
final frontier. We spend so much
of our youth building persona
and confidence and career and
status that it takes a loooooong
while before we sense the wild genius of the
Beatitudes---blessed are those who do not think
they are cool, blessed are those who abjure
power, blessed are those that deflate their own
arrogance and puncture their own pomposity,
blessed are those who quietly try to shrive their
sins without calling attention to their overweening piety, blessed are those who know they are
dunderheads but forge on cheerfully anyway.
St Francis of Assisi points us to think this way,
too. Sprint away from being important, famous,
powerful. The weak are strong, mercy is greater
than justice, power is powerless,
Believe in the unbelievable, isn't that what we are
called to do? Don't try to make sense of it all. Be
attentive and humble and naked in spirit. Try for
lean and clean though the world roars for glitter
and gold. Feed the hungry, succor the sick and
frightened and lonely, as Christ says in today's
gospel: THAT is the inarguable assignment, the
blunt mission statement, the clear map coordinates. THAT is what we are here for: to bring love
like a searing weapon against the dark, and to do
so without fanfare and applause, without a care
for sneers. Do what you know is right, though the
world calls you a fool!

February 2:
The Presentation of the Lord
February 3:
St. Blaise, Bishop & Martyr (+316)
St. Ansgar, Bishop (+865)

Live Jesus in our hearts,


7-night Cruise to Bermuda September 2017

Ship name: Celebrity Summit
2017 Sail Date: September 3rd
Destination: Bermuda
Departure Port: Cape Liberty, NJ
Pricing: (per person):

Ocean View Concierge Veranda


Taxes, fees and port expenses: $195.10 not included in price.

Contact Donna Lombardi at 732-597-2273 or
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Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, for cruise only on select sailings and stateroom categories. Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional. For new reservations only.
Subject to availability. Certain restrictions apply. Prices include Non Commissionable Cruise
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Test your knowledge

1. How many ANCC churches are there in
the United States??


2. True or False: ANCC churches are

located in the following states:
Connecticut, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Dakota,
Virginia, Florida, New Mexico.
3. The ANCC was formed in:

1. C 2. True 3. D

Sight and Sound Theater
Lancaster, PA.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cost: $100 per person
(all inclusive)
Round trip transportation from Good Shepherd
Lunch at Shady Maple Smorgasbord
Ticket to afternoon performance
Tip for bus driver
$10 non-refundable deposit required at time of
reservation. Limit: 32 people

Contact Rocco Ianelli @ or

732-998-8820 for tickets.

Remember to take your bulletin home
with you when you leave!
It not only contains a lot of information for you
to reflect on during the week but it helps us to
keep the Sanctuary neat.