from your house .....

and mine

price r l, ' lljl!J Cl?n/s


WE ate glad to send you this new book of "Fish Recipes From Your House and Mine". It is Om second edition and iike our first it is mostly made up of the latest recipes that have been sent to. us from our customers and friends ...

IN this new publication we have added illustrated descriptive information on some of our more popular kinds of tablefish and seafoods, which we hope will be of some help if you have not had any of these fish before ...

FOLKS that like to serve fish regularly usually know where to get the best fish and seafoods and how to cook them to make them most enjoyable to their family and friends - it is from the homes of these people that these recipes come,

THE next time you are in doubt what to serve your family for dinner, try one of these Home tested fish recipes prepared from Skipper Sam's fresh Fish ... and enjoy the finest fish dinner that you ever had.




P.S. For specia I fish dinners=-church suppers, etc., please write to us for suggestions and party recipes.

Relishes 34.35 Bullhe~ds 24·25
Sablefish IAlaska) 16-17 Casseroles 30-31
Salmon 14·15 C e 24·25
Salt Fish 28-29 Chowders 30-31
Seuces, salads 34·35 Fish Cooking Suggestions 36
Seafoods Flounder 12·13
la) lobster 26·27 Haddock 20-21
(b) Oyster 26-27 Halibut 10·11
Ic) Scallops 26·27 Herring 2-3
Id') Shrimp 26-27 lake Trout 22·23
Smoked Fish 28-29 l.u+efish 28-29
Steaking Cod 16·17 M iscelle neous 30·31·32·33
Walleye Pike 4·5 Northern Piderel I Pike) 8-9
Whitefi~h 24-25 Pickled Fish 28·29
Whiting (Ocean Pike) 6-7 Red Rockfish 18-19
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • We ore n:5.ling here the different ~,ind5 of fish which WE! sell, end the MMhod of co,oking ec ch lind,

which ...... I!!' believe is most opproprjote 10 lJ'50e. . If you folic ...... OLPf qe ner o l cooking rules as wr-itten on page

36, we glJlorontee thc t you wi II 01w01:5. be well pleased with these nsn


LAKE SUH R I OR H~ ~R ING Fry, brei I, bei I, beke. potties, 1001.

LAKE SUPERIOR SMELTS _ __ Fry, broil, boil, boke ,

WALLEYE PIKE F,y, broil, boil, bckc, potties lee].

BABY PIKE .. _ •. _ .. __ .. Fry, broil, boil, hake.

LAKE SUPERIOR TROUT . Fry, broil, boil, bcke , patties. 1001.

NORTHERN PIKE _ _ __ ._. __ ._ Fry, broi! , boil, bake, potties 1001.

NORTHERN HOUT F,y, broi+, boil, bcke , pgUi es , loaf.

NORTHERN WHITEFISH Fry, broi l , boil, bcke , pOlli." 1001.

NORTHERN BULLHEADS Fry, broil, bcke.

CANADIAN BASS . . . ._ .. Broil, boil, boke.


ROCKFISH .. _ ......... Fry, broil, boi I, bake, potties. 1001.

FLOUNDERS . .. Fry, broil, boil, beke , pctti e s , 1001.

SABLEFISH .. .. " Fry, broil, boil, bcke , patti." 1001_

HADDOCK .. Fry, breit, bolt, boke, pa"i." lcof.

SH A KING COO . _..... Fry, bra i I, be i I, bo ke, po II i es, I 00 I.

HALIBUT _ __ . Fry, broil, boil, bake, pollie" loaf.

SALMON .. r ~ •• , •• __ ._ ••• _._~. Fry, broil, boil, bake. pattie!" locf.

WHITING 10CEAN PIKE) Fry, broil, boil, bcke. pollie" lcef.

BONED FILLETS , ~ __ . , . Are reedy to CQok; fry" broil, bcke , patties. loof:

FISH STEAKS .... .. Are reody 10 cook. fry, broif , boil, bcka.

SEA FOODS .. __ ._ _ .. A,e ready 10 cook; f<y. broil, bake.

SMOICEO FISH _n ••••••• • . __ ., . Are ready to eat. hect in Qven Ior hot meals.

SALT FISH _ n Freshen a~d cook like fresh fish.

LUTEFISH ._ ~ ~ _ .. _._. __ ._ .. ,._ .. _ _. .+ Boil in cloth or parchment poper.



Lake Su perter Herring is still our greatest lake fish seller because they are so good and very inexpensive, a combination in this day of high prices that's hard to beat. Only' fresh caught Herring are selected for "Skipper Sam's" specially prepared five pound packages. They're scaled, dressed and headless, ready for immediate use and handy for your deep freeze or locker storage. Each carton contains about 18 Jish, quality graded and quick frozen.

Only A few miles from our docks hundreds of tons of these line fish are taken during the fall and winter "Herring Run". It is at this time of the year that the fish are at their very best and lowest in price. The demand for this elegant fish becomes greater ever}' year. To speed up our handling and quick freezing operations, we have installed a new motorized processing line, with mechanical scaler, conveyor belts, which lead to the various processing tables, including spray washer that thoroughly cleans the fish, More than a hundred extra people are hired to help l15 clean and freeze Herring during the peak of the "Run".

Our Lake Herring are closely related to Whitefish, similar in taste, only smaller and more delicately flavored and are used only as fresh table fish. They should not he confused with the Sea Herring, an entirely different specie, which is mainly canned or pickled,

Why not try some of these tested recipes, and see what a splendid meal can be prepared of "Skipper Sam's" quick frozen scaled, dressed and headless Lake Herring, When fried, broiled, baked or in fish patties, you will be delightfully pleased with this new pack, all ready for the pan.

Scaled, Dressed and Headless Skipper Sam Herring



Hearng l(lmoun~ de$jredL J egg becten, corn Hotcj, H!osoning.


Herring (amount de$iredL crocker .e;rvmoS:jI seosoning,

1 e9'9'~ flour, I



lemt;lfl jll,.ljco, ~.ol1C1l"id pffpp-t!!r, 1 beohm~ nt."meg, b{~Qd (tumb~ or meal.


'/, hp. salt, , pf. cream Of milk, , hp_ baking powder, 1 09"1;1, % tip_ paprika.


2' ,rb~ , m i n(:ed

green ptE!pper,

'/, Isp. salt, 1 nerrrngr buHer,


rb~_ minc-eJ

cup tcrnctc juir=er

fsp. lemon juice, fresh 12' LUP breod C'rumb.5.


Herring, anc,hcfr,lY paIle ~eosoniftg.


Dip fi'sn ln beeten e-99 diluted with 2 toblespoons woter end roll in crushed corn flakes. 'Fry ill hot deep fai until golde-n brown. Serve pipi rig not,


Sec sen fish 0 nd di p in flour. bee-ten egg ond c-ocker crumbs. Fry uef f goldl!i'fi brown.

MRS. O. H. HAGEMEYER, Lovelond, O~;o

egg cern t


Cteon fish, w(]sh dry them with (I> towel. Loy in I'] pan. Sorlnkle gene-rousjy with lemon juice, a nd let stand 1 hour, SaH end pepper roll in becten egg to which has been odded 0 sprinkle of nutmeq. Theon toll in bread crumbs or cornmeol and fry Of beke to golden brown.

MRS.· ARTHUR ITEN, Gro,nd Rapid" Minnosolo

Southern Fried hC!uing fillets, add sclt. creorn or milk, boking powder. eg9, popnke , fl.our to make 0 thin bolter, Toke fillet end dip into lI'It!o above better on.d fry in CJeep fct until golden brown. Do not pre-cock fHI ets .

MRS. R. WOOL RIDGE, Morris, Mi nnescto


~oll herrIng in Hour, season with scl t and pepper, br own in hot d.; II et. Brown onion and gr'een pepper in butter, odd tomato juice. soli Dl1d lemon juice and simmer. Place fish in bQking dish, pour over tornc to [uice. Top 'With if, cup bread crumbs, which hove been mci stened ...... ith melte-d butter. Boke 15 rm nules. A thin alice of lemon may be pieced on top of eoch fi!i'L

HARRY MillER, Hay Sp,;ng" Nebrcskc

Dip herri nq in oi l or melted butter, season end broil. While lid'l 'is. broiling toke 0 smc] l [or or cnchevv poste , dissolve in pan of b ... tter, chopped porsley, juke or one lemon. Hect 0 ncr spreod seeee on ihh. SefV!1' i mmedietety.

HENRY C. KNUTSON, Elbow lake, M;nne,olo

Smol! fish moy be broi l ed whole, larger one-s moOr be cut in fll!e-t$, Semon, rub with melted lot end broil unf r golden brown.



To remove bones from herring; hold fj~f'. ;1'1 one hand, with the: thumb c nd finger or 1he ether wqrk 1hrougn to foi I locseni ng the flesh hom bod bone end most a II the bones wi II ccme oct, with 'Very littl e waste.

MRS. W. H. SMITH, Pi erre , So. Dakota



Walleye Pike seems to be about the favorite fresh water fish with almost everyone. Every year we receive many letters from old and new customers praising these prime flavored "\X7alleyes. We ship them out ready to cook or ready for your freezer .. For something extra good, try baking one of these big super-quality scaled, dressed, and headless Walleye Pike. They have snow white, flaky meat of a most delicious Ila vor. The smaller sizes are most tasty when pan broiled or deep fried.

The Walleye Pike, called the yellow pike by commercial fishermen, are common throughout the midwest, ranging northward to the Arctic Circle. Walleyes are hardy fish, not likely to be found in dirty waters, as they require clean lakes and rivers. That's why the very best walleye fishing is found throughout the Grea t Lakes and in the thousands of clear, fresh, cold lakes in Canada. About five million pounds of walleyes are caught in the Great Lakes region, with eight million pounds imported from Canada, dearly proving the popularity of this fine fish. During the long cold winters of Northern Canada, the hardy fishermen take these favorites thru the jce-when caught nature's frigid blasts, "quick freeze" these beauties, sealing in all the flavor and goodness of the walleye pike.

Sportsmen place a high value on the Walleye as a game fish not only because they're handsome looking and make a beautiful catch, but because of their bigh eating quality, and always in great demand "by the folk> back horne".

Scaled. Dressed and Headless Walleye Pike

Walleye Pike Fillet



1·3 lb. W.E. pilo, 11>,. ""II er , ,all

ond pepper 10 ICisle.


Coo~ one 6 oz. pkg. r'lood/es.. Brown 1/, {UP r:.l1opped green ,pepper, '/2' wp cncppa-d c,~I~r'r. 2' Jbs diced onion, J rO$. !;JL,rlefl 3 rbs: flour, 1 hp_ $()gOi~ J l:rp. 'trll, dosh pepper, dOln do .... es.


2' s/iC"E!'!i wolleye pike, 'l!4 lb. eo~h. 1/3 wo w'hHe wrne or , Ib.s. Ic-mol"l juice, 1 / 3 cup hecvy creorn , 1ft lb. mll.ld"'·oom~, solt and p~pper. whj'e sauce,


Wolleye pih IWe Is. , while cornmeal. solI

cmd pOppOl, Iemon ivjce.



I mod. fi,h, W.E. pi .. , 'I, I,p. '011, dash 01 peppet, 6 slr;p-s bacon, Rour, srv(li"gr 2 cUpS' dry bread crumbs, 1/ ... cup me-l'ed' boUtter, % hp. $al~, one '.Jp. onion ,utce, , ,bL .5:w~e-'9"'erk,jm chopped.


2 lbs, walleye fWeft '1~ hp. salt, 3 ,b.s. flour, '/4 tso. p~pp"er, , cup s'jeed new on,on, 2 CUP!! ,Ilin sliced pototces , l rbs. lemon ;tric@, yo( cttp buHerl j hp. :5".olf, 2cup~ m i /~, J r/2 CloIP$ Cr'{!IOm s I)" r e .r:Of~.


2 ~ups. coobd 'rotl" or p;kl;!'~ 1 Ibf. Wo{cestenhir@ sevce, 3 'bs. nOllt, I Ibi. minted par'dey, , lb.s. cnrcn iuice, 3 e g,,$ se pr:rro' ~d_



3 lb. dreBod pihr soUz P~PP~(, pop,i.ko, onion siices, 1 il;Llp light cream. pou';ey.

Ploce fj,sh in s-hollow pan, broil under moderate hect 15 rnin. turn and broil 10 min. longer, bests with blJ<He r , seoson with sult and pepper. Make follOWing dfe~sing: Cook 2 tbs. chopped onion end Y:z lb. mushrooms, in % C'IJP butter u nf I tender, .add 1 cup cooked ric-et 112 tsp. poul try season! ng, '2' eggs beef en seporOlely ov@t low hec t until E!gg:50 o .. e set. Plce e .broiled fbI', on plotter, mcu nd dressi n9 on ecch side, garni:5.h wlih lemon or parsley_

MRS. SIGURD CHRISTENS~N. Farwell. Nebraska,

Cook needles in t:lOllillg wc+er 4 min. Oro-in and rinse. Brown li~ll!!d i nqredients ond atir in flour, s-ugar, selt. pepper, cleves. Add 2% cups cooked tcroctoes INo. 2' con]: Cook u nti] thick, ;5:trrrrQ9 conatc ntly. Combine noodle!. ond 2 ,;:up:5. ef tomato eeuce rind pour' in 9reos.ed a in. b.o~jnQ dish. Arronge W.E. pi~e fillets on top ond pour remoitling soucs over fi:~n. Boh in mcdercte oven 30 min.

MRS. JAMES HAWK. Ewing, Nebraska

Season fishr pour ove-t wine Qr lemon [uice , an.d oflow to stcnd 30 minutes. Droi n, dip ecch piece in hecvy cream and !hen in flour. Fry in deep [o}. Arronge on serving platter, cover with rncshrooms [r i ed in bu Her o nd wki l e sr::I!JC~_

WILLIAM PODRATZ. S •• g.,. Hli nols

Secscn fillets wi th sclt, pepper and lemon [uice , Press. lightly in cern meal, end It)' in 1f.3:-illch hot shortening. Serve immedialely.

-I I

EDWARD lUCAS, Beemen. Iowa

Wash Ihh. dry, spri nil e wi 11'1 salt ond pepper, :5tuff, sew together, dredqe wi th flour. and place bacon on top. Add 11, cup of wcter, bake 350 f. 1 hour. BO:5te !,Ising Y1 cup hot water end 1 tb:>. butte", Serve with reme te scvce , Stuffing: Mix ingredients in order given. Sauce: "1 tbs. butter, 2 tbs. flour, 1/1 tsp. salt, If, to 1 tsp. onion juice, 1 cup mllk, % cup tomato ketchup, dcsh of pepper. Meft butter in secce pen, odd flour o,nd stir until well blended. Add snlt end pepper, onion juice end milk. Stir 'lInr~1 thick, and odd ketchup slowly' !'tining cOI'I:s.tantly. Heat end serve.


MRS. W. M. SCHRENK, Long froifie, Mi.nn~~QtCl

Place fillets in greased baking dish, sprinkle with lemon [vice and selt. Dot with one tbs. of butter. Melt remaining butter in eeuce pon. Add Hour end scnscni nq and blend. Add mi lk grCldU'olly ond co-ok until thick, s+ir ccnsto otlv. Steam until porrly cooked the onions and pete tees :5.0 that there will be very little- water used, then to IhE! creorrt SOI,.1.c-e add potatoes, onion and cern. POlJf tJ,is around the fi:5.h_ Bake 30 mi n . c t JSO deqrees cr unti] n5h flckes eosi ly. Serve garnished with porsley and I~mon wedges_

CAMILLUS ELLER. Columbus, Nebrcskc

Free fish from skin ond bones ond mash to peste. Beet egg yolks, odd flour so", onion juice and pcrstey. Stir in fish and Worce'J.· terslur e souce ond fold if! benten e-gg whites. Fry .spoonh,1:s ill deep fer.

JIM C. NELSON. Ellendale. Minnesota

Loy fisn on 9feO$~d brcil er pO.r'lz ~kin side down. Secson wilh :s.all and pepper and dot with butter. Place three inches frcrn heat and broil 20 minutes withou' tutning.

WilLIAM J. BUTlER. Columbus, Ohio

Cjeon,wc~" eLlher fHlet or sficed pike, Sec sen end prec!!' in boki n9 prm , wi I" slice of onion on each piece. Pour over creom . BQke or 35.0 for 30 to 40 mi nu+es for sjices , 2:5 10 30 ml nutes for fillel's uncovered. Fish wi tl ebscrb mod of c r ecrn end i$ delic.otely browned.

MRS. WALTER E. MA~CKS. S'. Ansga,. Iowa


Whiting is often called Ocean Pike because of its similarity in taste to the fresh water pike. They are white rneated and ilaky .. best of all it has no small bones . only a cartilage backbone with few short flat side bones that are easily removed after cooking. There is nothing cheap about Whiting except t he price and for this reason is commercially regarded as the biggest little fish in the Atlantic. Because of its tender H J 01051 boneless qualities and low price. It is used very extensively in fish Irys and fish sandwich shops throughout the Middle WeSt.

Ocean Pike are caught from Maine to South Carolina, in the Atlantic on sandy pebbly bottom from shoreline to a depth of 300 fathoms. . Most of our Whiting is obtained off the famous Cape Cod area by means of otter trawls and trap nets.

In appearance it is somewhat similar to Cod-slender with grey line sides and silver)' bellies. A strong and vigorous swimmer belonging to that group of fish that live as roving sea predators, well equipped with sharp teeth so to get along with much larger fish.

The kind of Whiting we pack are selected for size and will run from l5 to 20 fish per lb. box .. , They are layer packed in Skipper Sam boxes , Scaled, dressed and headless. . Try the Ring Mold recipe on the opposite

page It's different and delicious.

Scaled. Dressed and Headless Whiting (Ocean Pike)



DcJros:l 21/, lb. whiting. '2 eggs, 1/2 cup iomolo juice, '% WP!i soH brecd rr'em os , , tzo, so1r~ '/4 up_ ("ele-ry wlr, ') rbL lemon iuice, .:I rbs , m;"c"d parsley I '/'1 cup finely d~Dpped ce/ef'Y.



1 e:-gg', j cop milk. COt(1 meal.


SOC"l(e~ 1 cup mr:;JIyonnoi~e, 1 I~p. oflion mJ'f'I~ed, j rbs. minced dill pidle. , Ibs. ChOPP9d pimento.


Solt and pepper, I@Uu.te> or cole slow'.


:2 lb~, ocean pike, 1 ,bs. pidlil1g ~pice, 'l Ho/h celery (ut LrP. 1 5moll onjon slicedf 1 dic~d lemon.. J lsp. ~CJit, dosh pflpp~r_


1 egg, 'f,. cup mPfk, I/:;. Isp. son, l ~1.4 cup /lour I J '/~ t~p_ baking powd~t_



J jbs. ~oll, y~ hp_ pepper, ljz tsp: dry musrordl ,1/2" I.s.p. Worcesrershire SQUC@, Vi cup mille.


1'/, I;UpS cooked flaked fish, 2' (.JJp3 c.ook· ed p~as. , 'Cup grafed ,oo~ed (orroh:, 1f2 cup whHe SaUf;!I:, soJtr pepper, poprikc to 'osre.

1 -I

Wash Whiting Jl'loroughly. Cove, lish wit" weter ond let simme. until it con be handled. R~move skin·and floke. Mix fish with in- 9redi crus and plcee in (I buttered mold. If you wish 0 :5.oft mixtor e witholJt C ,11,11:5,t when coked set dng in (1 pe n 01 not wcter end bake 30 to 45 min. IE )'OU wish a -crl,l-s.ty surfece use the some temp. but, do nof set 'ht= ring in hot woter,

Remove Irom mold '-0 a hot plotter, fill center wi th sltced cooked ccrrets 0' cooked b-ocech. Hove 0 bow I of hot chees e sou ce to pour over eceb se-rving of vegctab!es. Top broccoli with holt of hord cooked egg. Top ccrr ots with parslE!Y lnstecd of servinq lemon stic es, crecm ~ tbs. butler with groll2-d ternon peel. Mob~ 3 butter bclls from the mixture. Chill. Top ecch serving of ,"hh with the cold bul1er boll. The heat lrom the fish will mell the butter.

MRS. F. N, HOSKINSON, Cocni?g, Iowa

1 -I

Sol t fish cboct l5 mill. before cooking. Dip in egg ond male then in while 'Off! meal. Fry in deep fat. Serve wilh fte-n(;11 frie'S-! green be on, rind co!e :5-10..,....

MRS. FRANK J, URBAN, Gccdlcnd, Kansas

Dip fish in milk, then in Q good pr epored ponccke flour. Plcce in hcavy Rot pan. with 0 cube of butter 011 eoch fish . Bcke in hOot c .... eo until tender. SN v e with scvce.

MRS, 8. LUTfI;R, Goon Vall.y, South Oekcte

use ol'lY left over cooked whiting. Flcke end fold into c white scuce well secsoned with soh and pepper. Serve very hoi on toost, with lettuce Dr cole- slo w,

MRS. HEN~Y YODER, MI, Pl eosont, lowo

lay cceoe pikr} on cheese doth or olurninurn foil. Add ingredienU os Iisted. Posten together. Ploce in kettle of boilirrg water c nd simmer 30 min. Serve wilh following ~OuCI): '/4 (;LIP burter , 2 tbs. sclcd ci I, :2 tb!. chopped pars! c-y, , rbs. lemotl [ui ce. 2' rbs. cnpers , 1 tsp. vinegar from capers. Hect ell ingredient, Oll"lrl pour OYf!r fish.

FRED MARQUARDT, Hoskin" Neorcske

Knead smooth the li ste d i ngredient:5-, ,oil thin, cut in eire! es 5 in. in diameter, put 1f~ cup of filling Oil eoch ci rcle , wei tidg@ of circle with ccfd weter , ictd dough O'tl~1 filling forming half circle Press edges log~lher with a fork, ond iry in deep hot fot until golden blown. fi llitlg: 1 cvp cocke cl mi need ecce I'll pi ke , 2 rbs.

I wofer , tb s. lemon juice, 1 l sp. minced 'porsley, sc!t ~ond pepper to teste,

MRS. JACOB H. WAlKMAN, Chester, Monh:rno

Mix salt, peppe-r, dry rnustcrd. Add wo-cestersbire HJI,JCe o nd min. Dip fish in crushed whcde wile-a t eer eo I RIO!.:;e'j,. P.lOc€ on gleo~ed baking sheet. Drip $1:;"00' oil over pieces. Boke in a hoi even rOI 15 to 20 min. or until lender.

MRS. ELMER COLD, Springview, Nebrcskc

Mi~ and worm Ihrough with mode-rote beet. Serve with be-ked pctctces.

MRS, TH EODORE SCHl EPP, Mi los Ci t~, MontOnQ



The Northern Pickerel is another big freshwater favorite .. a

savorv, white-rneated pike caught ill the same nets as the walleyes. They are also known a, Northern Pike or Northerns. Our Canadian fishermen call them ·']ackfish". Regardless of name, its a very good eating fish and an old favorite in this part of the country.

The kind we ship weigh from three to eight pounds when dressed and head less. Some of these fish are caught in the Lake of the Wood's region of Northern Minnesota, but the larger catches come from the northern lakes of Canada. where they grow big in size and good ill flavor. We get them right out of the icy cold waters. The finest of the catch

Because of their size and fighting ability, they rank high as <l commercial and game fish. Some Northerns weigh as much as 30 pounds and a few real big fellows will go a hefty 50 lbs. They grow fast and are about a foot long at the end of their first summer.

When Jackfish fishermen want a conking fish, this is the fish they Prefer . . . a favorite been use nf their rich food value, good size, and choice flavor and easy to prepare quickly into delicious hot fried steaks.

You can serve these Northerns in a great number of ways. These recipes will help you treat your family to something different in the way of a fancy fish dinner, We know you will like them. Our orders for Northerns are increasing every season ... A true indication that this old time favorite is one of the finest table fish on the market today.

Whole, Dressed and Heedless Northern Pickerel

Northern Pike Fillets



Pic:kcml lomovnl desifedL flOUT, soU and pepper.


pepper, I


pjderel, ccrnmeof , nOUf~ salf, 1 Ibl, butler.


pjdereJ, n!.llmeg, sweet croom, ~eosonjflg. I




Any vOfic-fy fish, meH~d bLrtl~r, papriko, :se-a~ofljng.


Scvee. 1 I~mon -cooling rind and joice, "/2 cups water, 1 tes. Rout, 2 tbs, vinegol, J hp. sugar,


medi"lJm pidcuei, % tsp, ll',ylm,egl

cfade! I~Tum.f;1.51 b U' Herr so 11 to ro ste ,


Souce: '! 3 podion r::.hopped ~w~~1 pidde, 2/3 POlljo" mo',t', %. hp. Ie-mon jujcer da~h 0' pre pored f:!olse-f"O'dishl cetery soi, c;rnd dry cnicn .


2 cup!. cooked pickerel flaked, 1 T/~ tbs. lemon juice, 5 dices bOICOF1 fried lightly, 3 rbs. chopped pa,deYI l Clip finely chopped ,derYI 4 Ibs. (lour, 1 c;,LJP lomoto iuicel % I~p_ soil, 'h rsp. p·epper.


7 or B-If:> pif;Kerej, .soli etto pepper, cfoder crumbs, hufler, cvstcrs, milk.


Narl/,erfl p;~e lomot.ll'H d~~j(-ed), egg,

bra n flob~ t TlJ':5'hed, 10 I r ond pepper.

Merk 6$h Jengtnwi!;e with deep ClJts about I/~ with flour. odd secscninq , and fry in deep fat. These cuts ollow the not hll '0 penetrc!e to tk!!: smc ~I bones Ihl1s. di~~or v i ng tn~m.

MElVIN MOON, De, Moine" Iowa

Dip desired pieces. In mixture of flour, ccromec! and seasoning. Fry in hot ekillet. When l/~ done odd I tcbtespcon blJtter' (lfld finish frying. Butter odded makes them golden brown.

MRS. L. W, KOVAR, Owetcnnc , Minnesota

Scole, skin and bone tisn, grind "ery finely Clnd secson with so lt, pepper and dcsh of nutmeg_ Mosh,. addin.g a liule sweet creom unhl ITIldur.e is rignt consistency for bolls, Boil skins and bones, ~lrQi n, and UHI' liquid re bo]! baJ 1·'50. Boil 20 mi nutes, Brown. in butler and serve wi Ih white sovce.

T, 0, OLSON, Lo nesbcrc , Mimles·ota

Plcce fh:h on g.reo$~d broiler rode Broil ecch side cbcut 10-15 minutes. Serve hot 9arni~JlI!d with lemon.

GE RHARD QUAM1 Ihi ef River Fa lls , Mi nnesctc

Plcce pi eke-rei ln cloth seck, 0'- use large sheets of eluminum foil pap!?', pinching ends logelher, put into kl!!"trlc of boiling water to which hos been seosoned with 1 medium oni-on, 1 +be. whole mixed spices and .5:QIt, Cool unfi l done about 15 min. Remove from kettle cod poor over the listed .ingredient:s. end pour ever 2 beaten egg yolks. ond' cook 2 01' 3 mi n. s.tirring cons+c nfly.

MRS_ HUCK SWEETMAN. New Ulm, Minnesolo.

Ski n and" bono 1 mod. pidl!!!n:d_ Put th.rough me-Cit gri n-doer once. Molc:e 0 rich white sauce to which has been added IllJtmeg, Mix together while sauce and ft~h end pfcce in gl'"""Q!;ed baking dish, sprinkle wit!' cracker crumbs end dot with butter. Solt to teste. Bake fot 1 hovr ,

MRS_ CURINE DAHlEN. Milnor, North Dokolo

Fillet or-e large pickerel, col into scr ..... in9 pie-ces and soli, set csj de 'while beating "2 eggs well, mix egg.s and 1 cup or rich milk together. Dip pickerel ifl milk end egg mixture end dust ,,·.dln crocker crumbs on both si dev. sprinkle well wi th popri kc , ond fry in deep fa t f<I~al('od to 300 d@gr-ees., When fish is done it wi II hove turned g·olden brow", end will bob te top ol boiJing fat. Serve with sauce ris!ed ct the left.

MRS_ GEORG E H. ANDERSON, Bolo ten. Minne,olo

- - - --

Hcke cooked pickerel, odd lemon juice, toss lightly. Dice bacon.

Fry lightly, odd vepetcbl es end I;OO\:: 5 min. Stir in Bcvr , odd lorna to juice, salt end pepper. Cook until smooln and thiekened. Remove from hec+ nnd odd fklked fhh wi Ih 1f.: cup nne bread crumbs. mix~llg well. Shope in locf and bckc i no 9ril!lm~d bcki ng dis.h -45 min. cf 350 degrees. Ploce 2 slices of bccon on top of loaf the lost 15 mi n. or boking. Remove to plo1t~r, garni sh will'! pcral ey, and serve with the following scucer 1f.2 cup grated cheese, I cup white scuce , 112 cup chopped 9r~en olives, 1 tb s. chopped plmen!o , 2 tsp. wcrcestessbue sovce , '2 .tbs . chile sauce. Add cheese to het white ~QIJ(:e_ Hect over hot we tee until cheese is melted. Add femoining ingrediellis

M~5. CA Rl PETE RSON, Degewoed, Mi nnesetc

wcsh end cleon pj.c'ker e I. SP'i it down either s-de of boc'k bone and remove bone ond ribs. Make dres:si 1'\9 of cracker crumbs, butter, oysr~fS, salt and pepper, odding ellOlJgn milk to moisten. Plcce inside of ns"_ Tie fish t09(:'lh~r with string. Boke 1112-2 hours. 350F _

STANLEY E. JOHNSON, Luverne, Miooe<oto

Prcpcr e f!~h lot I'ryi ng, dip ecch piece in becten egg, roll ill crushed bran pekes. Plcce ill wire basket, and rry in deep shortening;.

lEWIS L. SHAW, Clarion. low"



The Halibut is the largest of the flat-lish family and are mostly produced in the Northern areas of the Pacific Ocean, The catching of Halibut is reaulated by treaty arrangements between the U.S., and Canada and only definite limits are permitted to be taken every year in each of the Halibut fishing areas, so that this good eating fish will never be depleted.

Halibut grow slowly, reaching maturity after nine or ten years. As fish go they may live a long time and grow very big. Fifty po lind size fish are very common .. , Like its smaller rousin the flounder, it swims on its side with the white side underneath and the "eye" side up ... These fish are still caught with baited hook and line. Each main line running about 1,800 feet with 13 baited side lines. The lines are lifted, baited and reset after they have been in the water a certain length of time depending on the fishing. A number of eight to ten men are usually employed on the halibut vessels and a trip to the fishing ground may often take from two to three weeks .. The livers of Halibut are ve ry high in valuable vitamin oils and this by-prod uct has developed into a large market by itself.

Our favorite size Halibut are known as the Cbicken size which are just right for packing whole dressed fish orders and weigh from 5 to IO lbs, each Larger sizes weighing from 10 to 20 pounds are sliced into steaks. Halibut is prepared in many tasty ways as you can see by the variety of recipes

The North Pacific Halibut has always been regarded as one of the most excellent of American food fish.

Whole, Dressed <md Headless Chicken Halibut

Halibut Steaks



2 (UP~ rornotoes. 1 t.up wcter, l diced onion, 3 rb.J. trOUT, .3/4 jsp_ :5"oJrj , rbi,

hlJlle,_ _,


2Y2 lb. halibut, 2 cvos med. whi'e sovce , T/2 lb. gmted cheese, 2 tbs, bul1~r. soli Qnd pepper.


Any voriely desired. Heavy cream, crock- I er CfCJmh~! corn moo'. /(lI'nOI'll ;uFte. $eo+



Ploce hcflbot in baking pan. Cook all lngrsdi@nts I09~I"e(r and' pour over fhh, Boke 40 mi nuf es ba~ting etten.

NHlI E CUG LOW, Vinlon, Iowa

1 -I

Grease bQklng pon. Put srncl! cmcunt of white scuce in bottom of pont sprinkle with gro~ed cheese, then lc yer of cleaned, boned and skinned halibut, Semon with ~QH and pepper, Repeat lovers u nti I 0 II i ngreoienh hcve been used, ha v ins chi!eSII!: and scvce on top. Dol with butter, Soh in moderote oven J50F 45 minutes. Serves 6, toO a.

ElME~ McKEe, Lexington, Nebrosko

Dip fish sf ecks in heavy crecm, salt and pepper, rctl Tn crccker crumbs end cornmeal. Brown on both si des end fry very slew. Dot wilh lemon [uice CI few minutes before. removing from pan. Serve with hcrseredish :!;OUCE!.

MRS. FRANK lANDON, Pert Coil; ns , Celcrcdc

HAll BUT STEAK Cui fbh ; n ,o",ing pie ces , seoscn, di p ; n moiled butter dod

1 brown. Sprinkle ecch pi-ece with minced onion, odd woter, end

2 lb. hQ/jbolr 3 rbs. melted butler, J cook in covered pan 30 minufes , Set v e with parsley.

onion, minced, '/4 cup wnter , 1 tbs.

mhlc.ed pa~/eYT _ I


Cod~ haddock or halihut, 2 egg wnire$, 1/", CIJP maYOlH"laise-; '/~ cvp pidl", relisnr s!!-o-ioning.



, lb. t:nopped raw halibur, 2 cU'ps light o-ecm, '/.2 cup c:rochr crembs, 2 tbs, hullt!r Of margarine-, Y: hp, ;S:CJ'~, j jb·s. gmted onion, 'I... cup cubed .cooked ("el~ erYr 4 egg yo'h, Qearenl 4 egg whites stiffly becten.


Rice, 1 LOn lomal0 soup.


8urter, chopped on;on~, sal' I pepper, egg yolk, parsley, lemon juice.

l~WY HUCKENMllll~:R, S;bley, Iowa


Sprinkl4!l 6 portions of fis.n with so!1 and' pepper, plac-e in ~I-Iollow bcki Jig pan end broil S mi nutes on each side about 2 i riches from beat. Sprecd with foflowing SQuC(!: Beet 2 I!!-g9 whhes urrti! stiff into them fold the mi xture mcde by cornbi ni 119 1fl cup m-cyonnnise, V ... cup cup pickle rellsh and 'seasoni ng, 6roi I 3 to .5 mi n'Ute! longeT or until sauce is puffed end browned. Wotch closely 101" it bums easily. Serve 01 on-Ce,

C. W. SPRANDEl, Plymouth, Nebraska

~oll each steek or fillet i n seo soned flour. Pan fry the fi$h in 0 sme II omoutlt of c:oo~ing oil or bacon fot, unf I well browned on one :5i de. Then tum i I o ..... er, lower" the heat, ccver the pan and steom the fish urrf I done, or set in 0 moderc+elv low oven unf i I done.


-, $ca'd cream, odd 011 ingredients except e99 whites, Heot thoroughly, .!Itfrri"!"lg. Foto in egg white and bake for ene tJOUI in. I moderote overt.

MERLIN C FORD, Vono, Colore de

Hotibut steck to cover bottom of b.oking dish. Cover (hh wi1n

I belled rice and 1 con tcrnc to soup mixed. Bcke in medium oven 1 hour then add cheese to lop and brown.

MRS. tESt I.E CANDEE, Poplar, Monlona


Take Q hoJibut steal 1 V2 In. Ihick, wash and wipe it dry. 8un~'r ,Iht' bottom Qf 0 roosting pen. sprinkle it with chopped onions. salt end pepper, put the fish on lop of Ihi:!;, brush if over with yolk of en egg. Spri nkle with chopped oni on, porsley, soH cUfd 'pepper, Pour over it a tsp , of lemon juice, cover with CI tbs. of butler cui inlo srncll bi ts ond bake in a mcderote Q ..... en 30 min. Serve o n CI hot dish wi"th highly seasoned tomato eovce, 9arni~h I with sliced lemon ond potsll!!-Y.

GCRTRUDE GORES, SI. Leo. M'ooe,oto



There art several kinds of Flounders or Soles caught along the Atlantic and Pacific coastal waters. We offer you the very best ... tender, delicately flavored Pctrale Sole Flounder from the cold waters of the North Pacific. The main catch is taken off the coast of British Columbia and Alaska. These Flounders are larger than the average, weighing from one to three pounds each, when dressed and headless. Their flaky white meat and good size make them one of the highest in value of all West Coast commercial fishing.

"F ille; of Sole", is a most popu lar item on every restaurant, espeeia lly so On OU r West Coast. Large catches of Petrak, are filleted and sold as Pi! let of Sole in fancy packages for big prices, but we pack OUf Flounders in single frozen style, j list a, they come our of the cold waters of the North Pacific

Dressed and headless. You can then slice or fillet the fish to suit your choice in cooking, and best of all .. the cost is so very much lower.

Similar to the highest priced Halibut in taste and appearance, the greatest hauls of Flounders are taken in tho hundred fathom level of the Ocean by means of trawling. These fish are unique among marine life. Besides being a flat type of fish, the eyes of the Soles or Flounders are on one side of its head, and the fish swims on its side, blind side down. Newly hatched Flounders swim erect like most other species of fish, with their eyes in a normal position. As the young fish grows, one eye migrates around the head to a position next to the other eye_ The fish then swims on its side and the body becomes flattened. Strange as it may seem the eye side develops color and the blind side remains white.

We recommend the recipes on the opposite page for your meal of , Flounders, confident that your family will go for this tasty fish in a big way_ Try this fish treat either baked, broiled, or fried.

Whole, Dressed and Headless Flounders



flounders, lemon jl)jcel parsley, SE!'OS;Ofirn9·


) 'I, lb. ~ou"do[, 'I. crumbr, 2 10:$'. wcter, pepper.

WI' fillE' bfe'od I j egg, loll Orld




Flo(.lrlder sji,ed (amc!)nr de~jredL .sljc~s ot ~QIl pork~ bread {'(tim os, ~al'l pepperl POtiJlty $eC1.50nin9, butter.


2 Ibs, (Jo.t,mderi, 3 tbs. buUer~ 3 lbs, flour_ J'/l cups mille, J tbs. prepored musfard, 1 tsp. mit.. J /8 hp. pepperl 12' wp cheddar cheese.


'll "up yellow com meol, 'I.. cup flour. 1 f!p. 0' sugar.


1 cop rhid 50IJf c-ccm.. salt ofld pepperl 'f., tsp_ poptika, J/2 tsp, dry mUfford ..


SoH, 2 tbs. butter, 1 lbs. fiO·Uf.


1 lb. r. .s h, ,/, cop flo 0', 1 "~po sol" J /8 tsp. eo(h of pepper, curty powder and powdered Rosemary, 2 rbs: shortening. V4 il;Llp wa'er lor ,deeming.


Souc~ es lollowf.: 1 con tomalQ juice/litHe WOt9tF J onion groled, 2' tsp. Worl"e~'er.5hire lauce~ I~ bp. sctt, Y.. 'Jp. pop,jko~ 2 '.sp. calSJJp.


1 tbs. buHer~ 11 fr@os" p~~'~d qL1arfered tcmctces , 4 FlQunder fillets 4 po"'on. '2 Ib~, mincod onion.

Remove rock: from broiler end place pcr chme nt poper on bottom. fut Ash skin side down Oil pcper , season, sprinkle with popriko end dot with. boner. Broil until brown. Serve with sliced lemon and pafsley Of lemon butter ~CH,I(e.

l ESLI E L. DAN) HS, Syrocuse, Koosce

Seoson. dip in crumbs, then in bee ten @'99 with wafer cdded, end again in crumbs. Fry in small amount of fal. Gcrnish with lemon Clfld serve with tartar souce if desjred .

AlBERT VERSCHOOT, Cirde, Montana

Ploce 4 of 5: thi n slices of so It POr'\:: on bot-tom of baking pCJn I ro), s! ices oOf fhh on top. Add layer or :s.oft bread cru mb:s. , which hdve been seasoned. add me-l ted butter. Place cnotber layer of fidlr end top with thinly aliced soli pork. Bake in rnoderot e oven 45 minutes. Serve with drown butter or HoUol\dois~ scvce,

STANL EY H, I(}.NSG EN, Rifte, Colorado

I -I

Put onion in botlom loyer of djsn. PuttiIlg FFsh on top, cock rest of I he given- ingredi enB. POL,... over ~sh end beke in hot oven 400 degrees for 20 min. Slide under broiler orad brown.

MRS. JOHN T. HELM, Cable, Wi,coOlin


Prepare mixture or yeflow cern rnecl and flour with good tsp. of sugor end fry in deep let. Sugar gives them Q better teste c nd makes: them brown nicer.

MRS. W. Y. EPPERLY r Kansas City, MiuOUJi

'Dip sliee of fhh in the follo,wi ng: $our cream thot hcs been seesorted wi th 5011 and pepper and pupri kc , dry mustcr d then rol r if) crushed pofo to chips or corn flokes end fry.


1 -I

Place the stecks in the- broijer with medium temp. Sprinkle with salt. Make a butter souce by mC!hin.g: bur-tel and adding 1101Jr. Beste the flounder ham time to ti me whi le it cooks with the- butte!' sauce, tUr'ning the steoks severe! times. Wilen the stecks ore 0 golden brown .he-y ere reody to serve with tcrtor sou ce ,

O. 8. GRANT, Amarillo, Texcs

Combine listed i[l9r~di ents., mi~ flou.- and :seo'5-onings and coot fish with seme. Browninq hot ~nonefling, add water, Cover tigMly. Stecm 5 to 10 min. depending on thickness. Remove lid to cook dry if desleed.

MRS. O. W. VAND E RVnO EN, Scndpoi nt, I dono

Combine ingredients, mix well, bring 011 10 boil then pour aver 1 % fish in roosting dish. Slice onion on top and bake in covered dish until done. Remove cover and brown before serving, Arrange on plate 01 cooked noodles.

MRS. 101' E. BURES, Loke Ande" South Da,o!o

Cook 9~ntjy the listed ingredient~. Then add 1 !:mall ccn musnrooms and juice, Vl tsp. scl t , '11 cup dry ...... hite wine tsoutert'le',. Cover' end simmer 15 min. or until tender. Cool 12' potcfo bcf rs in solred wcter unt i I i ust tender , Drci n. Remove fisk. ~oOmoto. mushrooms to planer. surround with pototoes. lI!,educeliquid to 1 tLrp.

Blend: 2 tbs. melted butter, 2" tbs. flour. Add to liquid and cook until thickened. Add 1 ts~. minced pOlSley. Pour scuc e over fish, plcce under broiler until brown.

CALEe E. OLSON, Trocy, Minne50to


Fresh frozen Salmon is easy to prepare in so many tasty ways ... baking whole, chunking for boiling, or slicing into big juicy steaks for quick fries. The left overs are always good in salads, loaf, or sandwiches. Try smoked salmon, chunks.. it's a real delicacy.

We have the famous Johnson Straights Silver Brite Red Salmon.

These fish run in size from five to twelve pounds when dressed and headless ... A red.meated, rich, full deep sea flavored "King of the Ocean" ...

Pacific Salmon are the most valuable fishery resource belonging to the United States. The catch is about 600 million pounds of Salmon every year. 85% of this is canned and the balance is sold fresh, frozen, smoked or cured. Almost the entire production of Salmon comes from Alaska and British Columbia. In fact the Salmon fisheries, in Alaska, are greater in value than its gold.

There are five kinds of salmon in the Eastern Pacific .. The Red, sockeye, or bluejack; the king, chinook, or spring; the coho or silver; the pink or hum back, and the chum or keta. Pacific Salmon spend a large part of their lives in the Ocean, then enter fresh water to ascend the streams to spawn. As the Salmon approaches maturity, they swim up the rivers of their births until they find a place to spawn. There they pair off and each pair bui Ids a nest or depression in the gravel of the stream bed ... spawning over a period of several days. All Pacific Salmon die after their single spawning season. Salmon are caught with traps, purse seins, gill nets, haul seins, and by trolling. These fish \ are also among the most popu lar sport fishes of the world, noted for their fighting ability and food value. On the opposite page are well chosen recipes for cooking sa lrnon. Try baking a whole salmon with dressing, or broil a thick

j uicy salmon steak, you will find these Silver Red beauties an ideal meal for your famil y and friends ...

Whole. Dressed and Headless Salmon

Salmon Steaks



2 lb. ~oJmoJ1o~ , tso, '."mon: juice, onion sliced jhinJ 2 t05:. hurterl 1 (UP wnjre win!;!'.


j lb. boiled .s:almOf~~fl(Jlced, 1/, tsp_ solr .. 2 .a-g.g~r .8 UOi;:&:(!r'":5:zCl"lI'shed fi.r'l'~, V2 cup "';/k.


Melled hu~jefl' ,soUollld ,pepper, ROUT, .so/moti,


6 s'ci'lmoJl steak~/ )/~ cup bvrrer. ~/~ Bp_ ~CJIl, % J~,p. paprika, 2 Ib~ _ g~oj~d onion, j j~o_ Worco.s.r(1,s:hir~ scuro.



2 'b. pj~L~ of ~oJfr'lon. IUjl"~ .of 1/2 remon, 1 tbs . Cl10pped PlQr:sley Qlld l boy Je:.o'.


Porcrces , ~Qjf, Pe-pPe-'1 blJ'~e-f, cream,


3 rc 4 10.5. of ~c:dmQnF % lb. bu,jer.


3 or 4 lb. ~almQP1j % oI;Up oJh1oE!- ojt 2 rbs. bLlrre(1 , dO'Y'e !'Jod'C:1 3 Jarge o"iofJ~. 5rked, 3 I-af"ge tQmoioE!$, ~';(~d, 3 gieefl peppE"r-S1 ~1;(ed, '/4 lL"lJp ~ht}rrYJ 1 t/~ I ~p _ WO'l'e~ renn j Joe ~Q uce , :5"0 I, arrd pepper.


Onion~1 ("Ql'"l"o,h, '2 10:5". sojmon, milk,

If whole :hh is used, ~pl",i ~ lengthw.i:50e [or broiling:, Plai;e akin ~idlOlo down in shallow brei I.i ng pen. Spri nkle with so!t, pepper (l'Ild lemon jui~eond ~p~E!ad oni,on sfices Q'I(e~ whote sur lcce. Dot wi th butter I put under broiler _ Whel'\ butler melts, :beg~n basting with wi ne . Broi I '.1n~il fhh sepcrctes eosi I')" .i nto flo~es when tested wllh 0 fork. Tn.kken Hquid in pen with 1 tobtespccn flour, mixed with 3 tcbf espoons wnrm wcter. Add a' few slices of -:;llJffed ofives , Onion j·vl'i;€- (ney be poured ever fl$'" before aer' .... i:ng_

M~S, ROBERT MoG REGOR, linn, Kama,

Mi:o: ingredients and fry in fl.ot cokes. Moy cbc be ser .... ed l I'll sandwiches with sQled dressi ng_

MRS. MAINARD 'BROWN, GCU"<ly Con •• r , Iowa

Split ot'Ld clean sokrnon, or cut into ser ... ing pieces 'R:oll ~ n Hour t end place in greose:d broili,ng' pan ~~i n side down. Brosh wi th mi!!o'l ted butter , .5.pri.nkle with .5olt cod pepper, PIQt:-e- :2 inches below Ilcme. BtDi'l 10 minutes er I.MIII nic:dy browned. Turn corefulfy end brush with butter. spri nkle with sol+ end pepper r end broi I 5 mjnu+ea Of unt i I dcne . Serve wi Ih lemon souce rnnde by c-ombining hcll cup mel fed butter ..... ·ith 2 tcblesooorn lemon [uice,

MRS. H. t SM I TH, Beuver , 10""0'

Ploc:~ solrnon :5.,c:ob i n· greo~ed boki ng PQn_ Add melted ouner , seosoni ng and worcestersbi re sovce , which hove been ccrnbi ned rogetn~r, spreud over :5-0ImOon_ $prill"lkle grated onion on ecch steck. Bckc 42SF 30 minutes.

ED l. HYNOLDS, Onawo, Iowa

Ti e a '2 pound piece of .5alrnon in cheese ~'Iothr then boi I 3D mi.n.i I'll wcfer to which has 'bl?~n cdd@d juice o·r lemon, parsley end boy lec f _ Make Q cream souce end add 2 chopped herd cooked egg:50 and 1 tbs. lemon [uice . four QV~' fish and serve.

MRS, lEO McOSKER, Turon. Kcnsos


Hoke lorqe white potctoes unf I done. (IJt if] hale remove pete-

tces , mesh. Add $Cl:I.t, pepper, butt-er, flQked ~(]~nton end srnc II cmcunt of ereern. Sluff potcto skln and bake for 1-0 or l 5 mio. adore ser v in9' may be :5oprrnkt~d with chees e ,

MRS. ERN:E,T THORSON', Bcfdwin, North 00.01"

Preheot c .... en to A2S temp. MI!:I.t butter i n skillct. Plce e £!h which has been scued and peppered jn i+, Brown 'On both sides. peer oyer bcrbecued soucc. eo~e in oven from .30 to 35- min.

Ektl becve SQIJ<:e: Chop 1 CIJP onicn, 1 cup c·el·ery. 1 green pepper. :s.jmm-t:!-r 1 n pan of % cup buffer unti I light brown,add 2 C:(.Ip~ cctsup, l/~ tap; chite powder I l tsp. worcestershtr e ecece, I tbs. brown sugar, y~ ~up woter. Serve wi In potsl!?), or lliin :;di ~E of lemon.

S!s.n:R M.. JULIA. O.S_B.r Moorhe·od,

Pour olive oi r i nto o bahng PQ n. Add bUU-E!"~ and hecf u.n.ti I the butter is me! ted. Sec.son fi:sh wi th ~ol·~ ond pepper end j nsert clove 01 ·garlic-. Remo v e before'il'lg. Place the fi:s.h i,n clive oi I' end ·Iay the ~Ij.:;ed 'lj'e-getobl:E-s on top. Secson wit" ~oha:lld pepper. Cover well ...... ith v-exed paper. Bar.:_·e ~n a 400F for 45. min_ Remove pc p er , odd wi ne and Worce:s.'(lHni.r~ sevee and ccnfinue baking un~i.l veg,etoble:s: browrt.

LYNN RUS.SiEL l, Sedalia t Mi;5.~ol,l:ri

Line bbltom of 1;·ljQf PQn wi th 1 lover sliced onions , 1 lever diced oencts. loy 2 lbs. of salmon. on ",egetab!e50, :;;(!I1t end papper. Mix 1 ee e sou·pond 1 !::up mil~_ Pour over she ~o1mO!l. odd CI fe-w more sliced onion! DiI'Id ceerors. Beke itl 3:5.0 oven. for 1 hOIJr.

MRS. ANTON E RUFFA no, B,o,'k'on, Monlana



Our Sablefish is one of the fattest and richest of all American food fisbes. This fish is also known as "Black Cod", but don't let this name fool you ... its meat is pure white and full of fine flavor, the flesh is Jirmand flaky, and not dry-rneated like most of the groundfish,

Sablefish are caught along the Pacific Coast, with the main catches in British Columbia and Alaska. These fish are taken along with the Halibut and Rockfish catches. Sablefish is very delicious when steamed and creamed, and a big favorite with our many Scandinavian customers and those that like a fatty type fish, Also very good when smoked and salted.


Our Steaking Cod is brought in from the icy waters of the North Atlantic and Alaska Pacific. It's a very fine and flavorful, white, flaky meated fish that makes elegant steaks for frying or steaming. It's a big solid fish weighing from five to twelve pounds each when dressed and headless. The Cod resource yields about a billion pounds of these fish annually for fishermen of the United States, Canada, and Newfoundland. The greater part of the catch is taken with Otter trawls. Most Cod is marketed as fresh and frozen, with a small quantity smoked and salted. liver Oil is made from the livers of the cod, and one of the principal sources of vitamin D_ For a tasty treat try some of these new Cod-fish steaks, creamed and served with toast or see our recipes.

Whole, Dressed and Headless Sablefish

Steaking Cod Steaks


reapes ....


l whole sablefi.s.h .. solt, pe-ppe- r , 2 cues milk, burrer, lemon lujr:~.


Sauce- 1 pf. milk, :{ tbs . flol1(, 3 Isp. mvS'/o(d .. '/2 tsp. SUgOfr 1f.f t~p. salt.


1 q'" dry bread c:r(.lmb.s:j onion, sort, P~PP~(. "f:., semoning, j rbs , buftef.

cup iried Isp_ poulrry-


3 or J lb. fish, 2 Sarge onion~, 2 cfcvas g,odie, 2 Ib~. m;nl'""d persley, 1 con of romofces , ;{ boy leo v e s, 4 Ibs_ of l1ou~r saIl and (Jcepp~(', r Ibs_ 5LIgOr, 4 IbL burrer.


breoo r:.rumbl, mashed cctcrces, [equcf quolltj'ties), :101t cmd peppel'.. 2 egg.s beaten, 1 tsp. cream.

• •

Aftet wcshi ng and scolinq sobleflsh , ploe e i n gr-ea~ed pan, large enough 10 nord fish withou t crowdinq. Sees en end pour over milk. Bake in moderate oven boOsting ccce sjcnolly. When done dot with butter and Jcc v ".!' in, oven 0 f~w mi nutes. Remo ... e [] nd spr! Il~ Ie spcri ngly wi tt, lemon juice. Place on platter who! e. Do llol (over pen when boki 119.

FRED GARNER, Eli, Ncbrusko

C'lI1 in 2' i nch chunks , Sol+ o ... er night. Bring to boil in wc ter with 1 tsp. whole ollspicc. :Remove skin end bones. flake- int-o baking dish, cover with souce gi v en, sprinkle wilh bread crumbs .. dot with bcttcr , bake.

MRS. NELS PERSON, Redwood Pcl!s . Minnewlc

Cover bottom of greased boklng dish wi.h 3 lbs. of sliced and skLnned Scb leflsh. Ccrnbi ne dry breed crumbs, fri ed onion, soh onJ pepper, pou-lIry secscninc on:d butter. Ptece on. top of fish, Bake covered 10 mi n . i I'! hot oven end cncther 10 rni n. unccvcr ed. Serve 'Wit" Tcrtcr soucc.

MRS. JOE R. SAVELY, Bleck Hcwk , South Dakota

Place n$h in gremed casserole. Pu1 011 other Ingredients [no ,pOn and slmrncr 'lJ2 hour. PO'IH scvce c v er fish a.nd bole unti! tender. Gorni:s.h with conley.

Tcke the re-neins of left over Scbleflsh. Remove all the bones, mince fish Iine. Add fine breed crumbs ond meshed potatoes in equal quo nti ti es secsoned wilh :5.011 Clnd' pepper. Mix together eggs and cr eo m. Add to fish mixture end mix. well. Fry ~po¢ntuls in hoi 101.


Scr i beer J Nebrcskc

steaking cod recipes

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BoUer' Sift logclhef j ~up of Rour' , , tsp boklng po .... der , 'lz 'sp. so It, few groins pepper, J c-g,g bl!oten, % ClJp milk.


J bayl~of. 1 t;;p ........ ho·/e whit@ pepper, I lbL sail, r:md ,ind Ql :2 lemon~ not gro/ed.


2 rbs. bvHe.r .. 4 or .5 me d. norctoes diced, J lorge onion, chopped, %. gte-en p~p. per, mlnced, 1 lsp. celery. sort, J/~ t$p. pepper, I No. 2 (on tcreotoes , r 1/;( lb. cod srecks.

Ser v c- witi'. parsley. MorinQle st ecks in lemo-n juice for 15 min.. then spreod top with butter. Bro ....... n under broi~e(. Turn and butter other side end brown.

MRS. E. A. GREllA, Centre! City, Nebraska

Cvt Skipper Sam Stc-axing Cod into ships size. of c finger. Sock in ice water. When headed d.ry between the fctd of soft sewer. Dip eech pie-tt!: in a baftet made by si"fling the li-s.ted in9rt!::dient~ together. Groduolly adding the flour. Mi.-.; quite smooth. Fry 0 delicore brown in hot fot.

MRS. ADOLPH PETERSON, Brcioerd, Minne,otc

Add bcvtecf. pepper, scf t o nd rinds or lemon '0 hot wale. ill lorqe roaste-r with cover. Simmer a whole cod in this till done obout 1 hcur. Moke 0 gra .... y os [ollows. 3 tbs. butter, melted, J IDs. flour, ;) c.L.JpS flsh broth. Let Boi L Rcc' 3 egg yolb wdh juice ~rom the "2 lemons Add just before zervrng fi!n. wnQlt'I on tJ plotter with boiled pcrcroes. A five lb. cod serves 8 peopl e.


Melt better in deep skillet. cdd p-ot-atoes and cook unti! brown. Add onions, min-ced pepper, secsoninqs end tomatoes. Heat t-o boiling. Pto ce cod steok on top of v eqetobtes , Cover o nd cock over low neat 10 to 20 min. or until fish is tender.

MRS, JAMES VALLIERE, Spring Hill, Kon>a,



The Rockfish is a big, fine chunky, white-rneated, flaky fish with lots of fresh deep sea flavor. We like to sell Rockfish because it's genuinely good and 50 reasonable in price.

More than 50 kinds of Rockfish are found in the Pacific coastal waters from California to the Bering Sea. These all belong to a single family, but the Alaska caught Red Rockfish are the very finest of the catch ... are mostly caught by hook and line along with the Halibut catch.

Rockfish have become one of the most valuable groups of fish in the fresh and frozen markets, and trawling for these fish is now common, and has increased the catch tremendously. In 1940 by hook and line 5 million pounds were caught along the Pacific Coast. But three years later, over 12 million pounds were taken by trawls alone. This gives you some idea of the present popularity of Rockfish.

The fine chunky size of these fish make them an excellJnt choice for whole fish bakes, Or when sliced into steaks Or filleted - can be steamed or fried with good results ... but no matter how they're prepared, they are a big hit with folks that like good fish. We select sizes weighing from 3 to 8 lbs. each, which a re most sui table for home cooking.

Whole, Dressed and Headless Red Rockfish

Rockfish Steaks



RQdfisn (amolJl1t desj",ftdL 1;!'99s, eornmeal OJ" .:;rader crumbs, zootr and pepper.


Roddisn s.fir=~d~ 3 cenors (ut in dripsi J s/jc,ed cnicn, 1 (VP bOJ"ling solted woli:!'(~ , oI;Up while wine, 1 bouillon cube, !;oH olld peppe-"I slj.r:Qd /.omon.



Ibs. onion minced, Y.. CIJP (e'ery

cnopped/ 2 tbs. green pepPiJf. r/~ cup brt:!'od crumhs, , rsp. lOr,. 1 egg, JIb. RocHrSfL

-<1 -



2 eggs, 16 cup cream, 2 'bs. ROUf, solt ond pepper, beat 'ogether.


~ Clip rice, bulret, flOll', SCllt, p~pp(!-(.


Prepored muslmd, sour cream,




I oC'OI1 cream 01 ceferyJOIJPt 'I.. bp. curry powder, , l.sp. onion powder, I Ib$_ parsley Rahs_


1 con 0' lomoloe.sJ , green peppefl 2

stalks of (elilHY, , smotl onion,


Cut in individual pieces, season, dip ill bec+ee egg end cernmeet Or crocker crumbs. fry in butter until well browned. Serve hot wi Ih sliced temeteee and cranberry scvce.

HA ROLD GUNN, Hcynes , North Dakota

Morinote- 3 Ihick slices of rockfhh in 1 cup Secteree wifl-e for severo! hecrs. Pcrbci l co-rots cui in strips 8 minutes in salted wcter. P~u" into shallow baking dish withQut dtoining. Add sliced onion, place fish on top. Makt~ scvce of 3 tcblespcons butter, 2 tablespoons flout, stir in bouillon cvbe and wine in wnkh fi~n was marinated. Pour oyer fis.h, odd sult o nd pepper. Top wit'!' lemon and bcke uncovered in trot oven ... until tender


Chop first 4 ingredients together for stuffing, cdd soh. pepper and egg. Stuff fhh, loy on well 9teo~td pan cod bake 1 "our in mcdero!e oven. Serve with brown butler sauce es follows. M~Jt 2 tablespoons butter until it be-gillS to turn brown. Add 1 toblespo un chcppecl poral e-y. end 11 lobi espocru lemon jui ceo

CHARL ES Hit YARD, Plentywcud , Mont~na


Cut fish in serving pi eces end dip in better o nd brown. in pon on bo-th sides in which 3 tbs. of butter and 3 tbs. of criscc has been added. Add 3/4 tbs, of finely chopped onions and I/~ cup of groted ccrrcts , Sprinkle on fOP end bake in oven 20 min.

MRS, HEN RY 51 ~BUT, Rusaell, Minno!oto

! 1 -I

Wos~ 1 cup rice, droi n end pul into boiling sc!t worer , cook unti I done, Oroi n, plcce in greo!>ed ccssercte. s eoscn with sa I t and pepper to teste. Cut Rockfish in 1 inch steak. Dip j n melted butter. Jhe-n roll ion secsoned flout. Plcce on top of rice, bcke in 350 or 375 oven until done.

MRS, A inHUR p, GUENTH ER, Pingree, North Do kola

Spr eo d cut sides with prepared mlJ'5.tord. Put in ccssero!e, sec son to teste end pu! 0 sp oonful of thi ck sour ereem on each piece ond' 0 little on bottom of pan. Cover and bake ill moderate- oven. Uncover fot lest lew min. of boking, Onion moy be added.

MRS, H. J, RIEPPEL, Appleton, Minne,olo

Wash and skin Rodrish. Solt well c nd dot qe ner cusly wilh butter. Mi:-:: ond heot celery ao.up , cutfy powder r onion powder, ond persley Hokes , Pour on fish. Bake 45 min.

MRS. ARNOLD ), TACK E, FI. Benton, Mootono

Cut fish In "'aU and sp-eed in .sh.oflow bcking dish. Sail end pepper then odd Iomotoes , 9't!:en pepper, celery end onion. Cool ..... e pepper, ce! ery ond onion. together unt i I tender. POtJr the tomato end scuce over the fish. Bcke 39 mi n. unti I done.

CHRISTtNIA THORP, Rhame, North, Dokotc

Cleaned and scaled, cut open port way, l.oy f1-ot in rocsfer 'Salt and pepper ond rub with scuscqe secscni ng. Be-fore seoscni ng rub wi th but+er. CUi up onion end celery end put in oven. Bake llj2 hoc rs o t 350 d egte es . Serve hot.




This is the famous Haddock which we bring in from far off Luenenberg, Nova Scotia, and is the full grown genuine North Atlantic Haddock, long rega rded as the very best of Atlantic caught fish. It's firm, white, flaky mea! has a very distinctive flavor, pleasing to the most discriminate taste. They weip:h from three to seven pounds each, dressed and headless,

Haddock is the most valuable of all the North Atlantic fisheries, and is the mainstay of Our United States otter trawl fishery. Over 90% of the Haddock card: are made by these trawls, the remainder is caught by hook and line. Most of the Haddock is sold fresh or frozen, and close to one million pounds of this fine FlSh are processed and smoked and sold as Finnan Haddie - the original famous Scot's method of Haddock preparation. Recently some has been. canned as fish flakes and some into fish chowder.

It is quite easy to distinguish the Haddock from the Cod, despite their close relationship. The Haddock has a higher and more triangular dorsal fin and is conspicuous ly mil rked by a black (rather tha n pa le ) I ine along its side and a black pa tch just behind the gills. In size, Haddock a verag~ considerably smaller than Cod. A few will go as higb as 2) to 30 pounds, however, in the waters off the Nova Scotia and New Eng land fishing banks the average Haddock is about three pounds. We like our haddock larger and select fish from 3 to 7 Ib5, for best eating.

Haddock may be cooked in many ways, with excellent results by broiling, baking, steaming and frying_ For an unusual mea] try Haddock baked

in milk. .

Whole, Dressed and Headless Haddock

Haddock Filleh


reclp8S .


1 'j, -lb. "oddorl, 2 I,b,_ oullor, I !'p. 50jj'r '2/ J '01)10 woter , '2/3 c:.rJP evoporoled mjl~_


2 rbs. bLPrrer, 1/2 hp. s(J'Jr I , c;U'P md~.

2 jbs., dos_'t p.;!lppe-fr , Ctlp grolf;:d

cheese , ~/~ I,~p. soUr j t/rlb. haddad" ~lle~L


J bud gClrJr~, 'l ~iit;E!'~ lemon, 'I,. f.;Up £olod oil, 2 lorg~ l'Ioddock r;11(l'1~, fe(l'~poQI'1 scrr, l/8 recscccn pepper! I,Eto:rpoo(J l1'u. m~g_


2 1-lh. r,~ll lIJ1el~. SoIl and pe.pp'etr 3 ,ipo romctoes. I mod. onlcrr, 2 :9t€,I}'" peppers, 1/..., lb. grClIe-d cheese. "2 rbs , burrer. pUp"bo. '2 pim€',I'JI.oe~, t/... cfc e. c-ockers.


J rb.5:. ~aJad oil" 1 ~~p_ dry mu~rotd~ J t~p. WotC,eS"ler~hiJ"E'. 1 hp. JOU, j /8 I~p. pepper, '/4 Cup ke,!:huPF , I~p_ il;'mon juice, 1 .small onion sliccdr j/"" C"up wcter.


%, cujo cnopped oni'on 5QlJled, .2! J Cljp. chopped 1O;E!!lery ill t/<II cup lotr 2 .:;up~ m0511ed po/ol,oes, J': '~p. ~oJI, 2 oz. oI;ubed cneese .


lJ~ "up chopped olliolll 'I: cup cub cd bocon, 3 .tubed po'{]tQe~, I con creqm :s.Iyre (om, J C"up~ miar :taoJr ol'Jld pepp~r,


1 lb. haddod:: fWe'.5, '/7 hp. ~o/r, pepper, 4 'hL htiHor, 2' HH_ mi/~~ 1 Y2 cvos frne ~Dfl bread II;"HJmbs, j/~ lb. i;hopp1:!d mlJll'lrooms! 2' fbs. mif)ced onrofliJ 2 hp. dJopp:ed ,p;[]r~le.,._

• •

Mel t bu+ter rn bob 1'"19 pan, p+cce fl5n in. pOll, sprmkl.e wi Ih sol+. odd WQ,t,er end mi ~k, ond bcke in modcscte o v en 350F '1.I1'I1i I [Ish i:s. tender. 4S, minute s , Serves ,6.

MRS., B. C, SCHAUf:R:/ Bozeman, MonlaIlo

Me!1 but tcr in dcub!e bci IN, ~IUf in flour j solt end pepper I odd mi Ik groduall)" cook IJlI'lli r t'hickl 'sf i r in cheese. AHonge fiI:lels in boking diah, :s.f'rinH~ wi th soh on d peppl?t J pour cheese seuce over, bake 350F- 3d mi nutc s.

BE R:T DAME, PI'~nlrwood. Monla I'"J.C,

Add godi..: end lemon slices 10 ci I' end I e+ ~l(],nd ilO'IJL rla.:::@ pani Q II.., the ....... ed fI,] I ets in cited she Ilo..... pon, make :s.l~ ts in i'i:5.11 end .s'pfinkie wi+h $0 rt J p-epper end rU,ltmeg, Pour aecscne d ci I over Fish_ Broi I 5 to 8 mi nu te s or unti I flah f)okt~ 0' POoi nr ol knife, bmti.n'g 20r 3 times with the cit. Serves 6_

LAWRENCE W. TRAUDT, Auror o , Neb-cskc

Arr'CInge fl~lers in gfemed bofi:ing pon. Splinkle with sen end pepper and sliced tornoto es. Plcce chopped cnicns , peppers and pimenfoes on lop of tomotees. Combi ne cheese, rotted cracker crumbs, bur!~{, pcprikc end spri nklie on top, Pour 2 tohlespccns ..... o+er in pen. Soh· 30 10 40 m i nures. 375.


Si mmer 'ugetnN [or :5 mi n. the li,~te-d i ngledi ents I?lac~ fish in gleo.5ed boki ng dish. POiJr seuee o v er fish. Bok12 fish 25 -mi n.

S ISTU MARY ROBERT :I'NE, R_S.M_. Volley C;ty. North Do'oIQ

Use s! iced steck of ho ddock. BfU''5:h 1 lb. steok wi til foOl. Boke of 425 for 10 mi Ill, Mix fisted 'i nqredi.ents . Add po+ctoes , =:;c;rt. cheese, Pile on, fid'L Top wj~h 9r~}ted cheese.

Fry onion end bccoo IOJettJe:r unf I soft J not brew .. , Cook cotetoes about rIVe min. then odd onion end bo c cm mi,ll;!ulc. 4 ~IJPt cubed fi~n in 1 inch pieces, tben corn, mi lk, -S;of:OSOIl w i th ~QH C! nd pepper. simmer ],Q min.

M~S_ RICHARD RECKNER, Ricevil!e , lowo

Arlonge fi llets ,i n gfeo:s.ed boki i"Ig dish. spr i n~ le wi til l/~ Isp , ~a'l! cud peppel", sew 11::: onion 0 nd mushrooms in huller fOI 5 mi n, Add por'50I'ey ond rest 01 $011 ond pepper J mi Ik end crumbs. Mix_ Spr eud o n fish, bck e in 37S o v en (or 35.-45 rme.

M,RS_ R I NiEHOLD' WE 1ST I HI..mtley. MOIl'oi'llcr



For something truly different and for a special occasion try anyone of these Lake Trout recipes. Most of Our Lake Superior Trout weigh from five to ten pounds, dressed with the heads On. Fish over ten pounds are usually headless. They are the genuine pink meared kind. Extra fancy and prime flavored

Trout are hard to catch. The demand is great in the large city markets, and the fish are very scarce but, we always manager to put some away during the peak of production ... and have them available for our many trout ellS tamers ..

The bulk of our Trout catch comes from the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior near Isle Royale, where the late Sam Johnson, first started to fish, over three quarters of a century ago. These fishing grounds are still the best and most productive for Trout fishing in all the Great Lakes.

Lake Trout are also caught in the cold lakes along the Canadian border and recently we have been getting a new supply as far north as the Great Slave Lake in the Canadian Northwest Territories near the Arctic Circle. These trout are known as Northern Trout, and run smaller in size than Lake Superior -are less costly, and increasing in popularity.

The larger sizes of these pink-meated beauties make elegant steaks for broiling, steaming Or frying. Select a 5 lb. trout, bake it whole and serve it to the family On a large platter, it's a real feast. Once you have a meal of Lake Trout, it will be high 0[1 your list of fish favorites.

For your convenience, we package sliced trout ... about one inch steaks in handy five pound cartons, Broil these choice steaks in butter and serve sizzling bot ... you will want marc. For your next party, try smoked

lake trout. it will surely make a big hit.

Whole Dressed Trout

Lake Superior Trout Steaks



4 lb. tah 'roLlt~ '/2' cup milkl 'I, cup wcter, .., dicos lemol'1, 1/, rsp_ olhpjee, lj.., j:;.p. sarr, r ~pf;g parsley, 2 med. white- SOIJC@, juice % Iemon , 2 hOld cooked egg!;, t;hOpPf!d.


1 lob Sup(uior trout, , egg, lemon jlJi~ej so/IJ pepper, flout .. aodef crumbs.


2 Ih. lake ltour, 2 c:'UP$ bmod crvmbs , VoIII tap. soH, , onion chopped Irl'le, '/2 cup chopped cer~ry, j sbs. lemon juice, 'I... f;IJp m~lt9'd buffer, , rbs. oI;hopped pors:ley.


2 cups cooked f;old f(oIJI, J c:up wfJiie SOI;U;e, 6 or 8 round or oblong ro/h, 2 slices onion minced and whidt" has been cooked.


2 c:up~ cooked !'ihrimp, 1/, cup minced mushrooms, 2 eggs w~1I becten, J cup crecm.


l ~moll onion, , green pepper. , smoll can tam(ljoes, If:;!' rsp. 5WE!'E!" BosU, 'f,. ts:p_ of orepcno, sail and pepper~ 1/: lb. cooked rice, 2 egg!!.


'I/~ cups 0 f wa rer I .lI/.l cup e I1bed on j orr J 1 c:up djc:&d rcrrcts, 11 (IIJP ce/eryl CU' jll Yz in. pieces, , cfcve ,garlic, chopped fin@" ~ cup of lice {no' cooked_], 3 fbs. mgar, soil and p~pp~t to Ioste , 1)'2 cups 01 strorned JQmaloes.

Place dee ned fist, in !killeL Add combined milk, wcter , lemon :s.1ic::e1.. spices. sc!t and parsley. Cover nnd cook eve r row heot for 20 minutes, of IJnlil tender. Reme .... e Ih,t, to plotter. Combine hot whi te SO uce , lemon [vice and hcr d Looked egg~ I ood pour over fish, Serves 6.

MRS. GEORGE E~ICK, locoed, Kc nses

Cui fish in medium pi eces , sqIJ-9"II!'Z1! lemon juice over end e Hew to slo.nd' 3 Of 4 hours. Remove hom juice [clo nol wosh off jui ce], season, dip in flew, bec+e» egg end crocker crumbs. Place in refriqerctor for 2 hours of lint, I reody to fry in deep fot or oil,

JOHN CISSON, Horvev, IllinQi,

Prepcr e trout in usuc r way tor boking. Combine 011 i nqr edj ents , adding enough water to t,old toqether. Pod: in end crcund fish. Bcke 45 mi n ... Jte~, moderate oven,

MRS. ANDREW F. PETERSEN, Raymond, Minne,e'e

Shred 2 cups <old cooked t rou! r c nd odd to 1 (UP 'Wni te sevce. Add cocked minced onion. Cup tops from 6- or B rolls and remove oert of the soft crumbs withcct bre>oking the crust or the sides. 'Brvsh the ir"iSide of each with melted butler and fill with the prepared fi~"L Cover the fish at the open end of each roll wifh some of the crumbs , and dot with buller. BakE in 0 moderate oven. 375 unti] the crumbs ore brown.

PETE R HOB ERG, lake Benton, Mi "00'010

Prepare a good size lake trout by sp! i tling i I down the bor::k Q nd removing the bones. LO't '12 of flsb in c deep well greo-s;e-d pan. MiX" shrimp, mushrooms , well bee-ten eggs to olmost (J paste, Season well with s.clt end pepper. Spreod this on '12 of fish, Loy other hcH of fish over the dres.sing. Pour 1f.~ cup of crecm over fjst,. Beke in mcdero t e oven 350 F. cbeut 45 min, Gcrnish with sliced mori nc ted cucumbers end lemon sfices .

MRS. JOHN P. THOMP>ON, Burwell, Nebccskc

Remc .... e bone hom trcut , but do nol cut througn skin. stoff and bake at 350 deg,ees untd done, with :s.tuffipg. Onion, pepper, fried until goldell brown. Add pulp of temntoas , Simmer for 1.S mi n, Sec sen wi 11'1 sweet B05i I, oregano, SOoI·. and pepper. Add cocked riee which ho'5- b""'l;'"ll wc~ked end s.trained. eggs end enoug~ crocker crumbs 10 hold dres~ing tcqe+her. Do not hove dres$ing 100 s.iff. Serve with tomoto sccee whcih is mode from juice of tomato used in dressing.


CUl trout into setving portions. P\lf in ·Iorge rooster. lh cup of butter. Lei brown. Add flsh end brown on both sides. Then odd listed ingr edients. Bake 45 min. or until v€gttoblel end rice ore done being ccrerul not to breok fi~h when bO-50ti ng and turniflg,




The Whitefish we ship are fresh out of the icy cold Northern Lakes You will like these tender white-rneated flavorful Whitefish planked and baked or just cut into fillets for broiling or frying. They weigh from Ph to 3 pounds dressed with heads on.

Often (ailed the "King of Fresh Water Fish", Whitefish live in moderately deep lake water, feeding on shell fish and insects, coming into shailow water f or a brief period in the late spring and early Slimmer, and for spawning in the late fall.

Most Whitefish are caught by gill nets Or pound (trap 1 nets, and mar keted fresh and f cozen, with the me va lued as a substitute for sturgeon roe, in the manufacture of caviar Good catches are taken on the South and North Shore of Lake Superior during spring and falL The "Jumbo" whitefish is much sought after by the leading hotels of the country, where they are usually prepared by b'lking or broil in,l:. Regardless of the manner of preparation we are confident you will enjoy a meal of this "King of the Fresh Water Fish".


Our greatest supply of Bullhead's come from near the headwaters of the Mississippi and are regarded commercially as the best in their class. Caught during the cold weather season, they're skinned and cleaned immediately after being pulled out of our Northern Minnesota lakes. These Bullheads weigh about two to three fish per pound when skinned, dressed and headless. Bullheads are widely distributed throughout the midwest .. , they're hardy and much sought after by anglers. Commercial fishermen catch them with trap nets and seins,

Catfish are great as a boneless fillet. Their thick meaty sides are cut from the head to tail of the fish with all waste removed' ... ready to cook. pan fried, deep fat fried, or broiled they are good anyway you serve them.

Catfish Fillets

Whole Whitefish



caltish recipes .



2 Or J 11. nod hem whd~/dl. 2 w~Hcecten egg~. 2 Ibs.. pOldey, 2' lbL cfwpp-f!od oflions, 2 rbs. ccpers. :2 rbs. r:hopped .~weC'j pidl9, % jsp_ popfiko, lJ ... rsp_ 'Sal!, :2 tb~, Iernon j .... ice. j rb5. . v inegar. Y4 lb. bulleI.


Wilitefj"!h 0' olher \"orje'tYt v(]'ge-'ClbJ~5i lemotl'.


De!.ifed ornounr 01 wh;,,~fjsh, cco-ct I cmon, red ond grcC'n pot~/€'y, of bO,=QIl.

mjn"ed Pf!lPP(!;(,


1 lb. wll,te:thh filJE!t~I' 3 rbs. snod.enjngF 2 rbr. HOUfF 'I .... sp_ ~D"1r. j/:;> '.sp_ pepper, ~/4 tsp, paprika, '/~ tsp. ce-r.e-f'Y :!;.oj, F "2 I~p_ c.hoppeo porsley, 1 wp milkt lh ([.I':::' g',crfed cheese. 3 cnlons , :5"Jiced, 1/1 cup bri:'od crumbs,


4 lb. whi~efh""! :2 rbs, "hopped onrorr... 1 rbs. buller, 1 cup !l:'a'~UPr 2 jb~'_ v; F"Ji:!"gorr I/A, f;rJP lemo'l jvjeel 3 los. Wor("eslef~ ~hire- .to(J!:~~ 2 rbs_ brown S.ugOtF p~ppe~ (Jnd sal. too jQslo.


J oniQ[Io cllopped V~(y fjne~ 3 or .5 ..:taders crutned ilneF 2 egg~, ~o/J and pepper j·o· teste.


j egg, :5:oH arid pepper, )/2 '~p_ woreest~tshj {-i:!o sou ce, 2 tbs _ we tel.


, 5-/0. thn, '% ClJp:r f;hoPPf;!d onion, ,j/2' l'UpS .br·~O"d Of .c~·ooC'br l'{L1mb~, l r.s:p. ~'O'lr .. j tip, <hilr powder, 4 tbs. b!.JUE!r~ 1 ICan lomdfoe s .


8- 10 buH n~odsr 1 CU'P cfad!:!'!" crumbs 0.1"" yel Jow Corn meal I :2 e gg~ F we II bee ten, sc 11 and p9pp~"'_

Prehcct oven to ~2S. Mel! l/~ lb. butter or fIlorgm i ne in bottom -of POri. When but+er i s hot. but n.01 brown. odd whole fI~h, which nos been sclt ed inside end out. Brown fish quiddy c n both sides. Mi x (dl other i.rigredi·enis 109elher end 'Pour o .... er rt.!in_ Baste- ~rom time te rime. Continue bol!:~ng unt i [ done, 25 to 30 rni oulcs. Serve with ~tLdled baked petetees ond 0 gr-een comhinc t ion scte d

end you hove rr meal fit for Q ki ng, -

MiS. P. H. QU'i Nay, Ornoho, Nebrcskc


Brei I fre~h of quick frozen fisb. Brown cnlv I·i ghtly on second side. Trensler to o P.~n pf onk or heo! pr-oof plotter. 5lJ11r01Jnd with tomatoes which havr? been br oi led wjln fish oJ)d other cooked 'Y('9~ robtes'k e s beets , carrots Qr brccco! i , PIQ.;;-e spoeofols or fllJffy meshed po t-o toe's (J~ 0 bor d'er oro und the outside. BlUsh 0·1.1 wi·11', mel+e d bottcr end nlcc e under broiler to brown li.gfuly. Garni-s.h 'Nith I emc n end serve ot on ce .

eH ESTER FOSSUM. Oohaim. Mon'ooo

Pr epore Fi:50h fer b~oi Ii ng., ae! i t fish but do net cut through ski n. Spr·i nkle wi i"h the "",dy mi need' v eqetobtes , Let stood 10 to 15 minlJtes before brei ~ir:g, Heo t brei Iinq prm , ptcce ::;t.rj.p:5. o] bccon on pan, and t;Ju! fish on lop. The [lc v or of the veqetobles wi II penetrote lhe n~"'. Broil 1 ~ to 13 mi nutes cccordinq to thickness .of fi~h. When fllli~h-E!"d broi, :5.eO~On wi Ih 1011 a nd pepper.

ED MUS.I L. Roveono , N.ebr{l~l::a

1 -I

Co·ok whih?'ri~h in bod~r'lg sclred wcter 10 which I· tbs . vi negot hcs been added. Me-I t "2 tbs. s:horte-ning in sauce pen, add flour I sel+, pepper r pcprikc • celery soh and chopped porstev end bl end. Sfir in mi Ik grod!,J(J Ily and cook o.nd s+ir OVel low hec t unti r thickanad. Add 9ro~ted cheese. st~rti.n9 un~j:1 cheese i:s. melted end blended. Melt r'emoin~ng :s.horteni'l'Ig, place onions in bottom of btJ~i·tlg dish_ ArrO'f"lIge fi~h on o ni on . PQL1r cheese sauce over f!~n and spri nk!e with breed crumbs. Buke oboor 25 mi n. in hot o v en,

MRS. LUDWIG WE IGEl, S'. Chcrles M;nneso'a

Brown :501.i ghtly. simmer I·j sfed I f!gredienh end povr over fi:50h. 8oke- in ove-n crt 42'S. deqr ees tor 4 mi n.

MRS, ERWINH, F RAASE. Endorlin, North Dckctc


Remo v e .5ki n from cleoned fish 'of".#.y cor-efully ~aviflgl ski 1"1 to ~h.l11 fish ~1''lPo_ Remove bones {,.om. fi:5.h end chop finer 0 nd mi x all listed ingredients thoroughly, shcu+d riot be: too weir more crocker crumbs mer be ridded. Also a pi nch of peu It.ry spice. Put th.~$. filii ng back i nto fish 5ki n , sew or lie togelhE!r a nd bOI lin. eclted w(],tEH _ Se-~V~ [n s.iices.

MRS, HENRY KUF LUVSKI, 'Po"og., Wi«on,;n

I -I


Bene .and cut flsh in servi ng pieces. 8.eotegg, odd 1011 and peppe-r, Worr estershir e sa UCi!!' nnd 2 ,b:5.. 'Woler. Di p pieces in thia mixture th,an in rolled crocker crumbs or dry bread crumbs, l,al stcnd 1 hcvr. Then ffy in d-eep fot LPnt~1 browned. Serve with seuee. GQrni.~n with lemon olld penlev.

MRS. JOHN H. 0 loGE L, Ha"old, South Dokotc

M~x cdr in9red'jt:nl~ logethi!!';r ItJ'f cleemed snlted ~:s.h in b(Jk~ng d~!j;h. fill w~th d"E!.5~ill.g, wrop ill cheese doth end bcke 1 hour. .Bcste etten wi-rn the juice in the pon.

MRS. F.RANK RENNE'R, W.,I Poi nt, Nebraska


Prepere bullheeds in uS'IJCl,f wa'! (or Jr'li I'!g_ Dip ill beaten, egg~. end crccker crumbs to which $eosQlliflg bcs been added. Fry unti I golden brown.

MRS. F. J. G ETZ IN, H"mbold', Sou,h Ookala


Lobsters are caught in crate-like traps or pots, along the New England Coast, with Maine producing the greatest yield. Practically all the American Lobster production is sold alive, while the Rock-lobster Tails one sees throughout the country are imported from various foreign countries. South Africa leads in the importation of lobster Tails, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Some quantity is being produced in the waters of the Bahamas Islands, Cuba, and Honduras, Lobster Tails are excellent boiled or broiled, served with your favorite seafood sauce or with melted butter.


The Oyster industry as a whole ranks second in value to the Salmon industry. The Eastern Oyster is one of three species taken commercially in the U. S., the other two are found on the Pacific Coast. The Oyster, taken from Massachusetts to Texas is intermediate in size between the small Olympia Oyster of Puget Sound and the giant Pacific or Japanese Oyster. Oysters are mollusks that grow best in shallow waters, never abundantly ill the open ocean. On the Eastern Seaboard the oyster beds in Chesapeake Bay produce over 35 million pounds yearly. The state of Maryland produces more oysters than any other. Private oyster cultivation on underwater farms has now become a gigantic industry. Because of its diet, the oyster is a rich source of minerals such as copper, iron and iodine. It also contains most of the essential vitamins and protein of high nutritive value.


Shrimp is the most valuable fish resource in our South Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. The bulk of shrimp are caught along the Ocean bottom. There are thousands of vessels employed in shrimping, with some of the larger ocean going boats venturing into the Carribean Sea off the coast of Mexico and Central America, where new and larger shrimp beds have been located.


Two kinds of Scallops are taken along the Atlantic Coast. The Sea Scallop and the Bay Scallops. Sea Scallops are taken by dredging, chiefly in New England coastal waters, while Bay Scallops are taken in shallow water by dredges, rakes or dip nets, around long Island and the numerous bays of Rhode Island. The only part of the scallop-s-either bay or sea-that is eaten is the large muscle that controls the movements of the two she) Is.



Lobster Tails




j lb. ~nrjmp, '/7 CUp (JOLU, % cup cold wcter, j tbL m/od oil Of meijed lotI j egg, I/J hp . .501,JgOf olld lj~ hp. mho


2 cups (oo~{!'d fr"e~~ $hdmp. 1 tb.s:. b.uH~r,

1,12" rs.p. mLJ~ rmd. r E!'gg'F lj... wp breod

crumb.s., 6 _greefl peppersl p(lpper~ n(.lt·

meg~ il;ele-ry ~E'ed. ~


J pj_ ovsrcrs, J ql. mirk~ j '((.113 r.hifl

t:;rE'om, 3' Ibs_ bLrrrer, ~CPJ'I pepper,


2~ Qr~je-{~. '!~ ~up ~o/od oil. '!~ Is-p_ ~cd' I Y1 hp. papriko, % c~p lemon irJ'ce, 1 hp. grated' ho{s""rodj~h~ 1 tb~_ Wljf('e~· l.fJnnjrc souce, 1 egg5 slighHy be·olenl :2 j bs , woOfer ~ ~ i I red b,eod Lrum b~ .


t obster loi/! lomoolJrJt d9~;{'f!'dL burrer, scvce.


2 cups. eook",d toj'mo",.~ j eup droineQ cysters, 1 egg.. 1 cup cfQckc" crumbs, I ~rJp miJk, , hp. ~crll. 10lil CrJP cerery cut fhleJ 2' IbL onion chopp~d~ If..r I::.p'. p~pper.


2 Ib.5. ':;"ClUOp~" 2 IbJ. io~ Of mlod oil, :2 tbs'. lemon ilJ;l:~.. 'A Isp_ ~CJ/l, 2 E'~gs ~'ighr/r hectent 2 tb:s., cold water, :tille dr red bread Of l:'O ch r l:fun'l h~_

• • • • •

• •

Prcpm e ba tter of 011 i nqr edients. S-n-ell sfu imp leovi n9 1(J$t section o nd tcit. Remo .... e btcck I'ine, ..... o~J'. ill ~O'I water, dry, dip in bOIrt!-t, hy in deep [c t unti! qctden brown,

M~S_ AlMA B_ SM ITH, Ku lrn, North Dokoto

Cut off s+am €lld1 of peppers e-nd remo- ... e seed and vcirrs, seck in c.old wcf er for if'} hour. ere-om butter , egg ond seoscni n9S, odd crumbs. Mi;( ,c,11 well end odd shrimp. Oro i n' peppers a'nd fi:ll w~lh pr epcred stuffi ng, set in 0 ron, open si de up end bcke j n hOi o v en 20 mi nutes ,

MRS_ MI'tO KUG tH. Riverton, Ncbrcskc

Simmer or~lcr~ [in their own liqutd] unti! 'E!dges ClPI.I. Scold mi lk and povr 'oge~her _ Add 1 cup l-a,~f'I ereom, bcue-, ood seosoninq. 1 HE!O t thorQughly of low hec! s-lirri'ng unfi! O),$t'I;!F:50 come to the top. Ser ..... e hot.

MRS. HORAe E WAlTZ. Red Oak, 10,,"0

Combine oil', soli. oopcikc , lemon juice, hor serodiah. Wot-tI?Slef~hi r e $(lUCI;!', Pour oi! dresai ng over oysters Q nd let stood 1 hcor , Orol'l1 end PO! dry, roll j n flour r dip in egg, end OgCifl i n crumbs. fry ~ n ihot for, l inch deep ill heavy hying, pon u n.t~ r br own . D~atn end surve i mmediu telj-. SCAllOPS and SHRIMP JTIoy be prepored end fried in the some WO';_

GEORGE R_ HASSElHOP_, Iromon, Mi.on",olo

Boi I: 15 mi nutes in soft ed ....... cter . Droin end split lenqtb ...... ise tluolJgh meet. Plotfen by bre-aking :5-he-11 $Iightly, PI'I;:II;:e- on br oiter POJil. br'U5h w.i t h butter end broil , 3 inches from flcmc , 10 100 ~ 50 rninuf ea. Snrve wi th ain't desired 501JCe.

MRS._ J_ G_ Ll NDS,AY, Everqree n Colore de

Combine- o~1 inqr edienfs toqether , ptcc e j n gre-O:5-ed!, end buke 3S0F 40 rni n.ule:5.. S~~V'E!" with tQf1'a' 5'::PLII::e_

H.AR.RY Mllt,ER, .Jcmescor r, Mis:50ouri

Wip.i:: scojlops CIInd add to ccmbi ned acfnd oi t lemon juice ond :5oofF. Let stcod covered in relricerctcr 1 hour or lonqer Dip seollcps in eggs mixed witI'. w9t~r and ~oflin crumbs. end repect. Hect fot to JIO degrees end f'Y 3 to ~ mi n , Serve wi Ib 1 eup rnedi U{'f) whi~e sovce to. which odd 2 IbL co'~VIP ond 1 los. Hei nz




Our five-oven smoke house is a busy place because of the increasing demand for these choice smoked, ready-to-eat fish of many varieties. We smoke Our fisl1 "well done" . this makes them taste better and keep longer. These smoke-flavored, golden brown delicacies are just the thing for a quick lunch Or an oven heated fish dinner. Our smoking plant is one of the most complete in the D. S., with all stainless steel brining tanks, dressing tables, Iixator, etc., which all helps to improve for a sanitary and quality product. A few varieties of fish smoked are the Whitefisl1-fat, tender, whiterneated; Ciscoes-s-delicately flavored, most popular with the men that fish them; Salmon=-chunked, red meated, one of the very best; Goldies--fast becoming one of the most popular; Herring-large, lean, the "old standby" from the cold waters of Lake Superior; Trout-a rich and flavorful smoked fish - unusually good, smoked to a golden brown.


The Ocean Herring is the predominate fish that is salted and pickled. Great quantities of this fish are caught in practically every ocean of the world. Good quality fat Ocean Herring are taken around the waters of Nova Scotia, New England, Iceland and Norway. The salt fat Ocean Herring is processed in salt and brine ... this may be eaten as is or freshened and cooked ... big favorite with our Scandinavian customers. A great industry built around the Ocean Herring is the pickling of the herring where fillets or "Gafflebittar Pieces" are processed, freshened and spiced with vinegar and onions, and then packaged into glass jars or wooden pails. A wonderful treat, used as appetizers or a dinner snack.


Practically all the "Lutefish" im ported into tbe D. S. originates in Norway. The cod is caught, dried by the wind and sun, under ideal natural conditions in Northern Norway. When completely dried the fish is bundled much like cord wood, shipped to this country, and eventually thru a long processing and soakout period emerges as the famous "Lutefish", a favorite Scandinavian dish for the Christmas and New Year Holidays ...

Smoked Fish




Prepared lulerrsh, soli, boiling wofer .. mvs'ofd souce.


3 Of .4 soli herrillg, fliced raw orrions , o!l:$,.,ice, boy Jeovea, '% cups v;negot, 'A cup wale" '/7 cup sugar,


.4 lb. fish" (trouf, p;ke, s.elmon' sa If , 2 Jorge onions sliced, 1 qt. wete,., , -cup vin-e-gof, 2 rbs. mi~ed pidJing spices, ~ tbs , sugor, r/2 Iernon ~ljc~d.



Vinegar, !ol/' and pepper ("oms, whole I aHspice.


~ lb. SQII herring, quor' note roes. cooked; 1 egg, 1 pt. milk; % cup flQur, pepper '0 fosro.




SOlJ'ce fot ~Cfrj"g~ r .coUp cider vine-gIQf, 2' tb~, preprued mvs-tordl j tbs . $UlgarJ lJ~ Isp. p·l}pper.


Braise ,ill golden brown: 1/1 cvp chopped onion, , '.sp_ chopped gClrfi~. 1 rsp. c-hopped parsj~rr Y.., (VP C"hopped cejer'f~

• ljof Cl1P solad oil.


1 lb. dry smoked sotmcn, flaked/ 1 cup grole-o c:O{(O,!~ lj.. l-5p. eodl poprilo, peppe'-j 1/" .cup lIl!ocf) m illced pcrsl@YI lemon ;uke, , rbs. 9(Ored onion, %. (UP dry bread crumbsl '/2 cup milkl .3 egg~ ~-e-porcr,r""d.

Cook lu tl?fi~h in bel I il'l9 weier and 50H unti! f ender, Make rnustcrd scuce cs follows: 2 teaspoons prepor ed mustcrd , 1 teaspoon ;LJogor. lJ2 tee spoon flour. 2 teaspoons vinegcr , slir end odd smcl! cmount of boiling wcter let '5otond C few minutes . Add 2 teospccm prepor ed rnusterd ~01J,e 10 bcsie white $CIJCC reci pe, end pour over lutefish.

MRS. WILLIAM B. LARSON, 0'«0'0, Nebroskc

Soak herring in cold woter overnight or 12 hours. Cleo», skin end bon-e. and cut into amc.l! pieces. 'Put in dish end oltemcte lovers with sliced raw onions. cr'I,Jsh-eo cllspiee end bay lccves. Cook remointng ingredients end when (001, pout mixt.ure over herti(Jg end odd 0 few slices of lemon on top. let sto nd 0 hw hours before us i 1'119.

MRS. NORTON ANDERSON, SiQ"' Palls, South Dakota

CI eo n fish withol.,.lt r ernc v i ng skin or bones. 51 ice and seoson wi th solt , Cook onions if! woter for 20 minutes. Add vinegar, spices lied in cheesecloth bog, sugor, lemon and fisb. Boil for 1 hour. Remove- fish. Stroin liqvi d, and pour over fiSh. StOHl' in liql,lid in stone (rock. Ser .... es S.

JAM!'S SKALKA, FQ; ,fi.ld, Nebroskc

Toke awc), the bene from flsh c nd divide into hondsome pieces. TOke equal por ts of liquid in ...... hi cb tile fhh 'was boiled and good vineqcr , Sprinkle each piece with a nltle solt end V@ty' little pepper end 0 few b leek pepper corns. end 0 littl e whole a II-5pi ce . Immerse the fish completely. Use on ecrthenwore pot end :;.cr pot in the oven covered. let it heal Ihrougn but do not boil. ln 12 hccr s it ..... ill be ready (or the supper table.

MISS MA RTHA RC ISHUS, Wi I h,'on, North Dakota

Seck the herring. Remove skin cncl bone, cut in sfices or strip$, Ptcc e in lover i n a di~~ or ccssero!e wil'n the ccoke d and sliced potc tces . Mix tcqether egg, milk; flour end pepper and POl,Il over Iish. Bcke tile pudding in hot oven '12 hocr. Serve wiln melr e d butter or crcnm grovy.

MISS CECILIA M. SWANGSTU, V; 'aqua, Wi sconsi n

SOQk 6·8: solt .herring ever nite in fresh water. Next mominq ~ljn a od bone them and cut in bi te aiz es.. SI i-c€ two rncdi urn onions. reo l thin. Put herring end onion in layers in gl05s dish or ;Of. Mi.x 'he listed i nqredicnfs, use the milk for S.01,l(:e-, 11\0sI'1 jt with fo[~. Aho ir you lih dcsh of garlic 501t, dosh of chill pcwder and pinch ct cllspice , Mi)l; all this well and pO'I,Jr over 'hE" nerring end onions. Let stond for 2·3 days. This is the best appetizer. no

one con re-sist.

Btois.e till qof de n brown the lis+ed ingredients. Then add and simmer one hour the follow'in-g. 1 cup tomotces , 1 (:'lIP tcmolo sauce, 111-, cups wcter , '1 tsp. salt,' tap. block pepper, 1f1 tsp. pcprikc. Then odd smoked sclmen end ~;mn'lN lor Q few minutes. Cook and drain 1 lb. spnqhet+i, put on plotter 01'1::1 pour on scvce. Sprinkle wilf; grated cheese ond serve immediole-Iy.

MRS. L J. McNULTY, South St. Poul , Minnesoto

Cembi ne 501 mon, ccrrots end s ecsoni ngs. Mi l( togerne-r. 'Crumbs, milJc and egg yolks OIld combine with salmon mi,:dl;llr~. Bee! egg white and fold into other ingredients. Pour inio gr€osed tee+ pan; se-t in pen of not wofer. Bale if! moderc te oven 025f) one hove. or until fi~m. Serve with hot cheese or caper 'Sauce.

MRS. ROBe RT c. 8ROWN. VaOlcouver. Wmhi ngton




, lb. fr~h rilleJ 0" wf1.o!e frill wi,h bone5 r~moved. % ~lJp butler, 1 fbi. potol0 fjOV(. ~ IbL flO(.lf, 1 egg whire~ '2 ros , mial .J /8 cup rrecm, j rb,L ~oll, 'I ... tsp , w~;te pe:pper.


P lb. hotrbvt. ·1 eg9~, 2 I~p_ one-hollY posh!' r mil, peppf.!f, , cup blfi!.'oo crumbs. do~h papdka, milk 10 moi~le(lo Cf.U mb.s , 2- hord bojled, ("(eQm sauce.


2' lb. haddad (H cadi IIsp. fIIuJm-eg, l hp_ so1r, '14 I~p_ pe'pp~rl 2 egg!F :l Isp. chopped parsley, 1/, cup breod ({umbos, 2 boy teovos. 4 rb$. melted hLJ'H-er, ~ 5moll onion d:opped~ '2/ J (UP milL


J 'I, cups ,old thh tony Jefl over fish}, J ~up rhid w,nire scvce I , l1'ggF I ("up steoi'lrt!d rice, mHF pepper, breod UlJmLL


Boking powder biscuit dovgh fusing '2 cups fio!')rL j l/I l'Up.s ccc+ed fi~h nah·d. I small omen chopp-~d. 1 gfeen pepper, J/1 hp. sol" milk.


2' Ibs ...... 11 lie (;5 n. 2 tb~. {Jov,. 2 Ibs. btl'j('f~ r cvp milk, 4 eggs, sarrl p~pp-ei, poprac, da~h WOz'C'EHrefShire sovce, 1 hp. lemon j[J'(e.


3 lb. !foul, '2 or 3 sljc~s salt pOik. 1 smoll onion. 2 Li'h. mil~, 6 mod. oorotoes, '2 hp. soH. l/8 ue. pepper. waler.


1 large pidfJt~l. , -cup sour creem, egg, 1 smell onion; s.oH cnd peppef"t m~ljed br.dler. po(siey.

• •

Put "sh IhioLlgn food chopper and mesh until smceth. Add tn~ milk, flour o nd pototo flour. sclt ond pepper, and butter. Bec t egg while U'lltil stiR, also whip the creern and blend in!e nih. rmxfure , f'ot;:1l!' in buttered bokinq dish set ill pc rt -of water ond boke 1 hour 0. mcderote beet. Serve wilh following scuce Beat 2 egg yo-Ih in smcl l soucepon , add 1 tbs. vinegar, 1 tbs , lemon jtJio:::'I!', ond 1 tbs., butter. Cook for 0 fc:w min. over hot wolef. Then odd 1/3 (UP bu tIer cut i nto! I pi eces end 2 tbs . Ihi ck creem whi pped.

MRS. L. VfNCENT, Renvll!e , Minn.

Soil flsh, l(!l~ cool, sepcrcte in smcl! pieces. Add bread crumbs, beaten eggs, cnd mix we+l , odd seosoninp , Place in bvtter ed ring mold. deem 1 ~/? hours. Of u nfi] flrm. Ser v e with cream scuce, cover wilh hard cooked ~gg51 put Huough ricer. Use gr~f!'n pea; in

center of ri "g.


Cook fish lS minutes in boiliog scl ted woter , with bey leaves. ond on-ions. Droj n off stock. on~ reserve Ier :s.OUCI;!'. Remove ski n nnd bones end put through f-ood chopper ~ odd eggs, secs cni ng, milk, ond buller. Beet until fluffy. odd pcrslc y, pour into boking dish, spri nk!e breed cr umbs on tel'. Bcke in moderate oven 30 rrvi nutes .

e EN FLATH, Hcl lund, Iowa

Min(e fi~h into smoll pieces, m;;< with nce , odd while eecee, secsoninq and shape into croquettes. Dip into slightly beaten egg, roll in crurnbs , fry in deep fol. Droi n and serve wj~n any deairad


W. C. HAACK, York, Ncbrcskc

RoJ I biscuit douqh to % inch thickness. Comb! ne fish, onion. green pepper. end salt. Mois.ten s.lightly with milk. Mix well ond spteod on dough. Roll D~ for jelly roll end cut in 111, inch Boke on g,eo1.€d bok! ng sheet ~ao deg. Y2 hour. Serve with tomato (Jr mushroom scvce.

LLOYD E. SPIKER, Hermon. Nebrcskc

Steam fish '20 mi actes. Remove ~kin and bones. Re-serve IjQ:u~d (or scuee. Blend Aour. buner , and mi Ik. Add seo~otlingJ cook in double better lInti I smooth. When cccl odd A becten egg )"olh end 6s.h Raked. Fold il\ boeden egg whites. Ploce in buffered casserole. set ; n po n of bci li ng wnter , bcke 30 ml nvles. Serve with buttered' pctctoes, aJid whi Ie sccce.

ARTHUR R" FIOLH, T,oy, l dohc

Dice pork, fry c .. isp in ken!e. Pore .and dice petctces. Cho~ onion fine, Add pete toes to diced pork, with half of chopped onion. Add fish which bcs been '::;:11..11 into smoll pieces. Sprinkle with remoi ni-ng onion. Add secsooi r.JQ, and ~nough wcter to come to lop or fish. Cover end cook until pctctces ere soh. Add milk ond let scctd. Serve wi1h cscckers ,

V. KOLZWORTH, Stonchorn, Cclerodo

Cut pidere' into pieces for servinq. Boil 15 minutes in cc ned wo ter with onion until render. [De not c .... erccok.] Remov!! fish to healed plotter. Strc!n stock. Beet egg end combine with ~oUt creom. Add to aleck. Sen501"1 to teste. Heot ~OIJlPJ bvt do not 01- row to bci L Gern.i~" "",iln potsl e-y. se-ve wi In me Ited butter.

L. 8. KILDAHL. Pon!ioc, Mic:hiscn




2 cocn flaked fhh, 1 los ge/oJin, '/') cup <old wohu. 2 eggs, J/~ rsp. sa", 1/4 Cl.lp mincC'd celery. j hp. min",ed onion, ,/ ... cup ~jl1~90r, jIll ("vp wcter.


:2 cups cooked ~cdmonJ 2 Jb.s:_ t;hopped ceo/elY, 2 (UPS m05.hed pctctces , l ~5p. sof1. 1 smoir O,niOi'] minc_ed, 3 egg wildes, 2 .bL bouer , 2 rbs. parsley ,hopped, j /8 /'p. peppe'.


1 V.. tbL gelatin, ,31.. CIJP~ waler. T can tomato soup, , no. $of'l do~h pepper, J /8 rsp. svgor. I lsp. pfepof!!'d ho,~e,{Jdi$h, 3 tos. lemon iuice, ~ Y2' [lJp~ ("OQ~ed whiJe(;sh, tJo~ed.


Amo(loll r made-,el fo~ ~cn .. jng~, ~oH. pepper; lemon joic(l-j buller, diced lemon.


Any desired fish or fr/le's. SeU pork.


1 lb. cold rr~hl 4 oe-oje-.n egg yolh, lit i'!p_ mjflced QnlOl'l, 4 tbs, mehe-d butter, IJ~· cup m,lk, j "IJP crOCKer cwmcs. 4 sli"l,! beoten eogg whites, soh ond pepper,


2 wps. cooeeo frour lIoked, 4 hOld Look~ ed eggs, chopped, 4 rbs. bvtle-r, dash peppe(. !/~ cup rich milk, 2 CfJP:S coo~~d rrce, % r:sp. popri~CI,


Alaska salmon ccc+ec end cui into pie~es, 2 cups ("Qo~ed p~a$, I CIJP 9fOLU'Id row cQrrols, l onion finery chappe:d, 2 rbs, melled blJrte" .sO'II, pepper, juice 01 Frsh wi,h milk 10 make 2 cups, row polatoes.


2 ~up~ cooted flaked whrlefi'sh, '/7 cup cooked peos, % cup diced ~oo!~d (orron, % ("up buUef, '/4 CIJP Rour, 2 cUP$ milk, I 'sp_ mHI moshE'd cctcroes.

Chop fish. soften getolin in cold water, beet eggs, add salt, celery. onion, vinegar and wcter . Cook over boiling wo ter until Ihick , odd gelotin ond mix. Add fhh cod pour into mold. Set in cool place. Serve on lettuce wilh mayonnaise.

MRS. KNUTE G. ANDbIS0N. Mora,hon. l cwo

80il solmon, cool 01'10 flake. Cook celery, persfey end onion in butter till tender. Combine with fish, meshed potatoes and sea:5-oning. Add bee+en egg whiles. Pile' lightly in 9ff!:O~ed bo\;ng di sh end boke i n rnodero te oven 350F 20' mi nates or unti l well browned. SE-f v e with lemon. sfic es .

HARRY J. BAKER. Wo'.field. Nebrcskc

Soften gelatin in hd'if cu p wctcr lcold], combine r-cmoif'ling wmer wil!\ soup, heat to boiling. odd gelatin, slir unti l dissolved , odd ~,QIt. popp er , sugOt, lemon iuicc, end horseradish. Chill until sJig'h1ly thickened. Add fish flcked, ond pour into mold. Chill I)~til firm. Ll-uno.ld .0 serve. Gorn.isf'1 with lemon wedqee al'ld shoes of stuffed olives.

Cl eo n and s.plit mccke-ef , sprinkle with sctt, pepper and lemon [uice, Add ~rnQII dots of but+cr. Beoi l unti] b r a ...... n, hun and broil ether side. Serve hoi with tcutor souce or ~Ii ces of I emon ,

. DAVID E. INGHAM, Spencer. Wiscon!

Sp! i I smo II fi:501l and loy skin do ..... n on heo ted brei ler pen. Pbac e slrip:50 of sail pork on top. Br oi! for 10 or 20 minute-s or u nfi l salt pork is. cri:50py and fis! .. i:5. browned.

JAMES VOJTECH. North Bend, Nebrcskc

Mi;( all i nqredients , fold i n egg whites. Grucse double bct+cr pun, pour in mixture and steom over hOI e-eter 1 ho ur . Serve wi rh wl'.ite scvce,

CLARENCE TENLEY, Anamosa, lowe

Ploce butter 0 nd min. in 100 01 doubt e hoi lee. Add r'~H 01 i nQr~dienls. Mi,; cor elully. Cov~r end heor unti l mixture i~ hot deer through. Serve with spiced beets.

JOSEPH A. STAIERT, Arccdi n , Iowa

Brvsh deep boking dish with oil, odd 1 inch layer o£ sli>e:c:d raw potctoes , 1 'oyer of sc lesoe, 2 cups pees. 1 toyer pOfOJOe~, Top ...... ith ground eerrots end chopped onion. See son with salt end pepper. Combine juice of Fi~h wilh milk 10 make- 2 cups . Add 2 toblespoons melted butter end pour over mixture. Bake 350 for 45 mi nutes . .B-uttered crumbs me)' be 1J5e-d to cover top i f pr eterred .

M~S. ANNA FAlKENHAINER, Mil'.r. South Dakota

Make (3 5{1UCe wi th butter. ilOlJ'r and mi I'k.. Add fish, eenors ond peas. GHl'!;He Q boki ng dish e nd l i ne si des wi tn 00 thin layer cf mashed pete toes. Fill rile center will'! the creamed mixtvr e . Cover top wilh meshed polo tees end bcke in hot oven until pie i$ healed through end browned an teo.

G~ORGE 6. FISHER. Brockton, Montano




J YJ lb. whitefrsh. l '/~ hp_ soh, '/2 CUp mushrcoms , 4 eggs, 'I] cup bulle-i". Qnion Hl'osoning. celery loll. ClJp bf~od c:rrJmb.s-j , pt. crecm.



J cup rich mUle Of thin C'r~om 1 tb~ chopped green pepper.. J tbl: Quire,.: finnon nodd'e.


2' ceps cooked fis.n, , eggl 3/.t CIJP bread Of .erode! crumbs, '/2' cup ereem, '/2 rsp_ soU. dash paprikc, '1 ~,$p. lemon jr;;ce 3 Jbs. mj(Jcea parsley, :2 tbs. onion, i tbs , meHed buHer,


1 onion, '1 Ihs. fot, 2 'b~. villOgOf, 2 tbs. brown !it/gor, , CIJP (alsup, 3 'bs. WorHHtenhirc- socee, Y. ctJp lemon ;uice, liz tbs. prepotf!d mustard, i c;;vp wcter, T/~ cup celery chopped fine, solt ond pepW~t, 2 hot peppers cut fine. Smoke ojl.


Any ,,"oriely of flUehl l sbs. chopped pon/Eo}"" , rsp. chopped onion, :2 t;:Up:5 diced lra/S' b,ead, y" cup fflorrcd bUrHtr, .sci, cmd pepper.


1'0 11/4 fb. fish s'eo.ks or rrllets~ 1 hp. ~o/ad oj'l solt, 2 rbs. comslafch~ ~ '~p. ~oltz 1/8 hp. p~ppe(, l ¥4 f;UpS: milk, , ClJ' 2 -e,gg yol~sl 3 ~bs. lemon jrJke, 1/4 cup salad oil, jib, >l;oobd Of ctlllfled o~poro9lJ~.


2 1· inch rhjcl( Ihh s'eaksl l ~/h;ed anion, g"~ll'n pepper.. semctces. melted blJfler, soil ond pepper.

Remove bones and :5kin of fish ond pound ond rub through strainer. Cook breod crumbs and cream in double boiler 10 minutes. Add butter, secsoni ng and mushrooms. Cool. Add fi:sh ond beet thoroughly. Add bee+en egg~1 plcce in buttered ring mold. Set mold in deep pan with hot wcter to 1 inch of top. Cover mold with WaX poper. Bake in moderate ov-en 45 minutes.

MARTIN rIA YES, Holyrood. Kama.

Wo:s.h filler$ of finnCH'I haddi e, toy flat in qrees ed pun. Pour mjlk , peppers, and butler over . Bake 01 350F 250 minutes or mere depending upon thickness of flsh. Beste often 0$ milk boils owcy. when fish is cooked, remo v e from pan, pour o v er the remaining '/2 cup of milk. Se- v e.

ARIHUR L. OSLAND, Walnut Grover Minnesota

Flo~(!! cooked fi~h. ,-ornbinc wirh eg9z brown cnicn in melted butter, combine fish Qrld i ngreciients , put in greased baking dish, bole 400F 30 minutes. Serves .4.

M~S. ANNA STRAND. Hiflsborc., North 00'010

-I 1

Prepare 0 ny 'lorge frozen or fred, fish in IJSUO I way. Di p in smoke oil and dmin o-ff on pcper. Roll in flo-ur and put in s.killel and brown. Place fish in bakillQ dish and pour scoce [make from ingredients givenJ over and boke until done. Time wi]! vory IJC:~ cording 10 .5IZ~ of fish. Smoke oil con be purchased in any drug store,

M~S. GUY L RASER, Scottsblvff, Nebraska


Soak fillets in soil wcter half hour. Combine .sluffing end spr ecd on larger pieces of fi llets. Roi I srno lie, pi eee cs a i,eH), roll nnd place on .lhe larg@ ~!iLe- ond (011 again. Fie with string. PII!JCE! rolls on wef l greased bal::lng pan. Ptr2:5~ extre stuffing into lOop Df tolls. Rub with melted for end bake in hot o v en Ier 20 minute! or unti l fish is done o"d brown lop. Plcce on plotter and remo .... e str i Ilg. Ser- ... es .5 or 6.

MRS. J. R. STEINMETZ, Cincinnati. Ohio

Bru$h fh.h· wit" 50100 oil, sprinkle wilh sc lt , plcce in shcllcw boking pen, Boke in moderate oven '20 minutes, Mix ccrruterch, salt ond pepper, odd milk very slowly, slit until 'blended. Cook over low heat stirrjflg conslonrly. Remc ... e from heat. grodlJlolly add beaten 099 yolk. Return to ~t>at ond cock $Iowly ;1 mi nutes longer. Remove end beat in lemon juice, oil or buller. P'LIt bundles of o!pcnogu'5; betwli!'en fish s+eoks , pour scvce over 011. COQ~ under broiler long enough to brown lightly.

CH.A~L~S ~. eAXTER, Powell, Wyomi"9

Sprinkle stecks wi rh 5.011 and pepper J brush with melted' butter. Place one in ha~ing di~h, sprecd ~Iuffin.g over iI, and put second steak en top, Top with sliced olliQIl. green pepper end conned tomof ces or sliced fresh tomotoes. Spoon 2 toblespoom butter over. Bcke in pr ehected oven . .40 to 45 minutes.

Stuffing for fish-2 ~cble~poons melted butter. 3 ceps breed crumbs, 1 teaspoon soH, % reo-spoon poullfy sto~onin9;, 2 tcblespoons chopped pcrstev, '/ ... cup diced celery, If. cup tcmcto juice, 2 tcbtespeons chopped onion.

GEORGE A. HANSEN, Rock Falls. lowe




Sikes. 01 boned Rsn (any variety dfUhe-dJ,

1 tv p fine I r c-wJ;11 ed erad er c(um bs, 1/2 I C"Up l,Jr'ldHu'ed evcoorcted milk-, .dked tomato, sliced American cheddar cheese, .soH and pepper.


11/1 lb. cod 01 haddock (';lIefs.~ 3 stt'ips bacon, 3 ~/i(ed med OOiO/15, 1'/, lb. pored poro.oes cubed, 1f~ rsp_ c{tje'Y se ed I 3 '0 r ge COfTo/~ cubed. 1/.. c L1p diced green pepper. 2' I!p. solt, i;;_ hp. pepp,er, 3 CI.1p1 b-oiling wot~'I\ 3% cU'ps tomotces, :1 ros. m,n-t""d pOfs/ey.


2 Jb. halibut fillet Qr sreces, I Y1 Cl;,jp~ con"ols wt in i'rips ... "/4 CoUp celery cuI in sf/ips, % cup Ihinly sliced coions, 3 rbs. buHer ... II r 'sp. ,soh ... dash peppefJ Pll r~p_ (Jut)" powd~r ... Y1 c.up milk.




6 Of 8 poppe rs , so I, 0 nd pepper tc 10.5 te r J smol! can tomoto souce, Yz cup 01 br~od o~ c~oder crurrrbs, l @gg_


% lb. fish per person.


Pe-PPE'rr l lmoH onion, !:;Iround, 2 e9g~, CrQCKef crumbs.


Butler, ~oH, pepper, lemon ,tJif;er 011· ~p;,t'e~ c.hopped O""JOll'r PQr~leYI 50H~ pepper Clnd lemon juice, 3/..: Clip while wine.

Dip eoch sfice of fisi'. r n rrtixtur e of crocker crumbs ond mi I k. Soute in lerg@ pen ul,tii golden brown on both sides, in not lot. Remove from pan ond plece on baking sheet. On. top of each sfice of fisn ~Iock 1 tnickslke tome to end 1 rhid alice American cheddol" cheese. Spfinkl~ wilh sc n end pepper. Boke 25 mi nules,

E. W. {MIKEl HANSEN, Winne', South Dakota

Sou+e bcccn in deep ket+l e, remove end set o s i de. In some ketf l e scute onions u.ntil tender. ClJt fi~h 21f~ inches thick, Add' wilh remoi"in9 ingtedienrs_ Pour in boiling woter end let simmer until veqetcbles ore lender. Add tomatoes and heot. Yields 12 cups, Garnish with ponl'.!-y end bcccn.

K. P. M<CRACKEN, Qmchc , Nebrcskc

Place hatibul in bvtter ed boking dish, sprinkle with salt o nd pepper, seote ccrrots , cele-ry and onion in butter 5 min. Add ::oh, poppe'rend curr'y powder, mix ...... ell. Add milk, heat thoroughly, pour over fhh cover. Bak~ in modercte oven 350 d£!g,ee~ {or 30 min. Remove cover , bake 10 min. lon.ger.

JOHN H. JA~OI, Send Coulee, Montono

Cteen severo! fish such cs sohle , trout or rockfish, ploce in doth and boil In woter, 2 tbs. !oU to 2 qt. of water until tender. Pull fish off the bone end put through food chopper Of crush with fork_ Add pepper, one hol] can of :5-(nQII tornctc :!>O'l,II::e, one holl cup of breod or crocker crumbs. 1 well bec r en egg. Mix well together and fill 6 to 8 green peppers thot nove been cleaned and :;ceds and veins removed. Bah in 0 moder c te oven !,Intl! tender. Remcining suuce mey be vsed us toppi ng.

MRS. l. E. HALE, £1 Reno. Oklahomo

Dip fish in mixture of whole wheat bread crumbs, melted butter and Q,oleo cheese. Place ill well buttered sho llow boki ng dish wi Ih '1/3 cup crecm, chopped onion, sc It c nd pepper _ Boke: in medercte oven JSO degrees 30 )0 40 min. Sprinkle with lemon

MRS. o. W. SCHIECK, Ch.,enne, Wyom;ng

1 lb. fish boiled in woter to cover fhh 1;1 Iittje , self for 0 few min. Drcin fi~n. Grind or shred fish, odd pepper, onion, eggs, Mix wet! , Form i ntc pctfies , roll in co rmed rni I k, then in crocker crumbs, fry either ill deep let or pun fry. If mlxt or e i:s. too dry odd mere milk, One sj de hun rry on the other.

ELIZABETH F.ARMER, Milwaub!C', WisconSin

Toke Hns and scole c nd clean fiah, Ihe n C1Jt center bone- out by cuBing on eocb s.idl!-. Then r emo .... e rib bones., brush with butter and solt end pepper, lemon juice, c+hcice , fill with follo-wil'l9- dressing, rl e and plcce ill -0 buttered pon, (Hid better fhh all over, sprinkle on lest or listed i ngrediellt:s., 'Sole at 375 for 4S to 50 mi n. Dressing for fi:sh~ Sook 6 slices hrend in co-Id woter , squeeze (lout wcter ond breck up in bowl odding 1 tsp. so It , 1f4 Up. pepper, dash of gorlic sclt , dcsh of allspice, V2 chopped onion, liT" (~ celery, scime chopped perslev. 1 egg, :s.ligntly bec r en, 2 rbs. me lied butter, rnix wefl. And st'LIff in fish Ihal no·s been sli fond ready to Ire up and bcke.



sauces, salaCls, relishes.

• • •

• •


'/~ cup buHer~ 2' cups mi'k, % (I,IP {JO llf , % fsp. soH, :l beoten egg )"olh, 2 tbs , lemon ,uice.


2 rbs. butler, 2 tbs , IlOLlf, j CIJP milk, 01" 2 rbs. 1(~5/l glared honefodisn.


'/~ Dottle COHup, 2 rb~. .:::hopped onion, % lSp. ceie,y soH, 2 tbs, Wor({tsr~,s.hjfe rouce .. l lbs_ ~lo('5erodish. I '&5. villegoL


'2 jbL buNe,. 2' tbs. flour, , r;[Jp wotcr, '2 bouinon cubes, '2 doye~. 1 boy le(JJ, I/~ cup wllile .Socrerue wine. I/~ cup minced oor~h~'I. 5011 arid pepp~f 'a teste,


5 tbs. buHer, 2 rbs . ROUf, 2 egg yolks,. 'h Is-p_ 5011, l /8 tsp_ pepper, r '/: cups boilj'ng worer, 1 j5p, lemon juice, :2 rbs. ,opef~_


large g'een rOnlaroe.5. 3 red peppe(~r cenets. 3 onion~.


2 ("up~ Ofeao 0-1" "odc( 'CHrmb~. y, f~p_ soil, J/8 Jsp , pepper, 1 t~p, onio~ Juice, l '~p_ dmppeo parder. , lsp. copers, 4" tsp, mc-Ir~d buller.


, cup crccker crombs , 1/4 Cup metred bIJH':.:f, V ... I$p. soH, r cup cysre-s. 1 t/~ Itls_ lemon juite. r '/7 rbs , Lllopped celery_


d me d. size cooked pO'[)lOe5, 2 hOld cool""d egg~, , mt:!-d_ cooled beer, I med. onion, Yl cup celery, I cup p;d:l~d hN(j'1l9_


2 ceps coated so/mon, 1 mea. hend letruce, cuI up 3 hard boiled eggs, 2 rbs . r:.nQPped onion, V2' Isp_ cele,.)' seed, 2 med. sweet pickreL Solad dreossing. dilule wiln cream Of milk. SCilt end pepper 10 IfJ~le.

Cook: butter. milk and flour unti' Ihick, Pour over beeteo egg yolks, return 10 stove and cook 3 mi notes. Remove, odd lemon jui ce , Beof nard o.nd pour over Ih.h loaf. Poge 1 I

CLARENCE TENlEY, A.ommo, lowe

Moke 0 white souce of buncr , flour and milk. Secson to teste. Add qro tl:!"d borserodi sh. Pour o v er fish.

LOUIS KLlNOf, Avoca, lowe

Mj), all ingf@d1enls togcther, chill end serve,

GLENN D. GUllO. Omohc , Nebrod:.o

Meit butter, blend ill flour, ..... o ter end bovi+lon cubes. Cook, slir· ril'9 unril smooth. Add do .... es end bay l ecf, aimmer 10 minutes. Str qin , ackl wine. minced PQi~le)', solt (lnd pepper'. Reheat. Serve hoked or broif ed fish. Yield: IV. ':IJDS_

W ILL lAM 0 LOF I ELO, O.~o"ce, lowe

Blen.d 2 'obl"!5p.oon~ hut fer ood RotH over ...... e-m wat-er, add secsoninq, stirri(Jg constentlv, until thid. Pour mixture OVE!r beaten egg yolks. Blend. Add remoining butter, lemon juice C1nd capers, o.nd btend IholOUghly_

MRS, ED LOCKNER, Terril , lowe

Grilld oed ~prink.e with 2 robtesp oons , sc lf . Let Hand 10 minutes. Drain well. [Ibeac ore all rcw.] Mix 2 tcblespocos flcvr , :2 cups sugcr , 1 cup prepared mustard, 1 pi nt vineqcr , Cook unfil 'hi L~. Cocf . Wnel'l coot. add 1 cup sarod dressing. Mj:( with row vegetcbtes and cc n in h01 [crs wilnoul further cooking_

MRS. HARn WITMER, 0;'00, Illinois

Mix 011 i nqredients if'! Older given.

B. A. JACKSON. Lcckbert. MlnllE!$oto

Foss QII toqether end moisten with oyster liquid.

FRANK C. FUNFAi, My,II<, Minn<SQ'e

Cut the abOVE! 011 in srnoll pieces. Pour over the following dressing: It;. (UP wt,ile vinegor, 'I, cup white sugor, tor less to ::.uil tmte~. Sec son with while pepper end 3.011. Mi); wdl end chill.

RfV. r. C. KUEHL, Puebha, Colore do

Combine 011 ingredients and chil l well before s(!rving.

CHi IS F _ SCHM I OT, Moville, lowe




2' ~rJps boiled p_ora'oe's IdicedL 1 ,cups (1pp~es' diced... j (UP pid::led h9uirrg cut in small pjeC;~SI J coo hecvy .sweet acorn, 'I'J Clip sugo,. J hp. soh, 1 Isp. fin~I'I choppe-d onion, r/Il CI1P vinegar,

Mj~ altogether end let stcnd '2 or 3 hours before ser v ing, -,

MRS. KATE KURTZ, Cushi 09, lowe



'i';<, p~g. 'emon gelatin, J"/.., 'LIP bodjf'Jg woser, 2 tbL cnopped sweet p;dles, :? ,bs_ SlJgm! iJll t~~L sedl, t/, con lolmon. i egg boil9d h~rd end f-li('(!d, J / 3 Ctlp chDpped celery! '/B hp. poprao, '/S if-p. celruy ~oJr_

Pour wah!·, over gelolin end stir uofi l dissolved. Add lemon [uice , I ~ugo' I selt and popr i ko. Cool -end, let, thi,den s! ighHy. Add re;5J Q' ingredient:s.. Ptcce .::.1 ices of egg i 1'10 bottom of mDld which has been ri ns ed wil h cold water. Pfnce in (efl"ig.e-rotor to set. Do not

I cdd slJgO[ if [etto i:!i used.

MRS. MATT GUBBElS, Rcndclph, Neb-cskc


J cup mOYQl1najsc1 2 tbs. '0n10'to peste, I Ibs. TO((09on vinegar, '/2 ~up c;hili

SClIJCej J hp. onion il1j~e', ~ fbs. fino-Iy

.chopped p.or~JE'r, j rbs. tjl'){!<,'y c:.~QPped chive~, J lsp. Wo,cE'sjer.5hjrc souee , 1f1 f;UP creorn whjppedl lew grojn.5 cayenne, J tsp . .g'n, 5011 and pepper '0 teste.

I Combi ne 0 II bUI IOH three i ngredi ents end mix well. Combi ne lo~J thr-ee itl9(e-d~ enPz and to-ld in. Serve with 011 sec roods.

MISS MARIE J. FREY. Aurcr o , lllinois


One cup moycnnoise , teaspoon grated onion, V, cup piccctif li . Combine 011

ingredients. Set .... !! with either ~$h or seafoods.

HOLLANDAISE SAUCE Half cup bvtre(, 1112 tob+espcons lemon juice, PIQ(e these where they ..... ill

keep worm. In double boiler put 3 egg yotks . Beot until they begin 1Q Ihichn. Add 1 Icblespo on boiEf'lg woter end beet. Repeat thi$ u nfi ] you hove used 4 tcblespcons boiling wc ter , then beet in lemon iu«.e. ond slowly odd rneltad butter .. Add I/~ teospccn 'SQII, '/8 tecapoon pcprikc: If souce shcu Id sepcr.ale , odd 1 tcbfespcon cream.

ONION SAUCE Coo~ (or 5 mi nutes IwOo cups sliced onions. Dr oin. Cove, them with 2' I;UpS. boilil"lg

wofer end boil unti! -so~'I. Drcin end run througn a sjevu , Add enough wo t ar to lit, cups. Add 1 bouillon cube. Me-It 11f: tcbf espcons 'Of butter, sfir in until blended 3 tohlespccns flour. then stir in the onion puree. Add seosoninq lest.

cod pepper to teste.

Meh 3 toblespocns butter, sti, ln 2' tcbIespeons flour, odd 1 (LIP fj'1o.h stock ~,Iowly. When sauce is thick, odd 1/, teospoon dry rnustord , end cook for 2 minutes. Soil


TOMATO SAUCE Cook fer 10 minutes two (UPS cnnaed tomctces , 1 IQrg-e slice DE onion, '12 C\,Ip chopped celer)', l/~ cup chopped green pepper, $t(OI(l. Melt 3 heoplng tcbl e- 5poon.s butter, blend in J tablespoons flo1J~, odd stroioed tcmo tc ~!od. Cook and stir the 50UCE!' until smooth. Sees on with 50 I t a.nd pepper.

be odd~d to ~ui t toste.

To a hcaic creamed souce r ecipe , add tecapoon finely' chopped onion, 1 teaspoon. lemon [uicn, l te05POOn oC'urr)' powder. More lemon juice and r:utry powder moy



Melt 1/. CUp butt!?r, odd '2 toblespcons c:hopp.od parsley, $011, pf!"ppel o nd popriko. Add [cmcn juice to teste.

PICCALILLI Wo:sh 4 qU(Jrt:50 green temotees. qucr+er and -emeve st cm ends, Wmk and quarter 6 I ~d

.. pc pper s oed 6 green peppers: Remove seeds. Peel 1/1 qucrt srnoll onions, Pout these 011

through the meal grinder. Pvl qrcund v egetcbl(!s i ntc colcnder c v er e bowl, drain off liquid. Next, pul vegetables into large ket+lc , odd 1 qccrt vineqor , and boil 25 to 30 minutes stirril'lg frequently. Agoin drain vegetables and dL~cc(d the l iquid. Put vepetcbles beck into kettle Qod add lj, qucrt .... ioegor, .3Y2 (UP'" wh: te sugar. l/~ cup soh. 'h cup mustcud seed. ll/-t tt;lbre~pOOflo! celery seed, 1ft reb! espccn ci nnom on ond '/2 tablespoon allspice powdered. Let sjmrner J to 5 minutes. Pad in bot jon, end seal. Deliciovs eornbi ned wit., mcycnncise and served with fish.


Defrost all frozen fish in room temperature or in cold water, clean well, and cut ; nto SU itable fillets, slices, or leave who te, depending on size of fish and manner of prepuing. . \'<'ash and wipe off excessive moisture, sprinkle salt on both skin and flesh sides. Dip in a hatter of beaten eggs and milk and dust with flour; or if you like them a little crusty, roll in a rn ixture of about one part of cow meal and three parts flour. . and THIS IS VERY IMPORT Al"JT! DO NOT COOK FISH TOO FAST .. ! Afte r skillet or pan has been hell ted and fish has been slight! y browned on both sides, turn flame down low, cover skillet or pan and cook until well done (but don't overcook). Remove cover shortly before taking from fire to firm the flesh a little before serving . Your fish will then be properly cooked, retaining a II its original juicy Ha vors, and wiI! taste and look deliciously appetizing And you will have NO FISH COOKING ODORS if you follow this simple sensible method, because careless cooking will make offensive odors from most any kind of food.

"Small size fish" like smelts, thin cut pieces of fish, or fillets, shrimp, oysters Or sea I lops are best to deep fry (after the usual seasoning, dippi ng and flouring), J ike you French fry potatoes or doughnuts. lifting fish out occasionally while cooking add, 10 both the appearance and flavor of the fish .

.. Fish patties," cakes, burgers or balls, and fish loaf can be quick Iy made to add a del ightf u I variety to your mea Is After defrosting, remove all fins, skin, and bones, run through meat grinder twice and pound with a wooden potato masher unti I consistency of paste. Add season ing, egg, mi Ik and water-s-stir and form into pa tries, burgers, etc, and fry, boi I or bake to 5U it your requirements, just like you would any hamburger style meat

"Planking" is simple and a handy way to serve baked or broiled fish. Have several small pieces (one for each guest) of V2'" thick birch, hickory, oak, maple or some other clean and dry hardwood board cut into ova! shapes about 10" long and 5"" wide, or made to suit size of fish or fillet you want to cook: ... "Cook" these planks in oven or broiler to burning point, adding cooking oils occasionally. Wheo planks are properly "cured" and free from all sap and wood odor, brush with butter or cooking oils and place fish on plank, after properly seasoning with salt and paprika. Broil or bake in shallow pan unti 1 done, add butter and lemon and serve sizzling hot on plank and on individual platters Clean off planks and keep them like you would any other cooking utensil.

The above applies to the general methods of frying, broiling, or baking any kind of Skipper Sam's fresh frozen fish ... When BOILING our fish, you em either defrost or p lace in kerr Ie when f rozen, but a lways remember to start in cold water. Salt well, season with a few whole allspice lind a small piece of bay leaf . and DO NOT BOIL TOO fAST Just let fish come to a boiling point and allow to simmer for about 15 Or 20 minutes. Lift fish out of kettle when done, remove bones, skin, erc., if any, and serve very hot adding butter, lemon, dry mustard sauce or gravies to suit yoursel f. A little extra care will add so much to the appearance nnd quality of your mea I. Also try to serve fish immediately after they are cooked

piping hOI. This too make, a big difference!

If you follow these simple basic principles of cooking and use a little extra care and precaution, you can have delicious fresh ftsh dinners equal to or better than those prepared by many famous chefs. The "trimmings" and relishes of the many various kinds available can be added to suit your individual taste. Most of Our fishermen prefer to eat t hei r fish rather P lain and as a rule don't care too much for the "decorarions." We like butter, some lemon juice or vinegar, green or sliced onions, and tartar sauce to go with the fried, broiled and baked fish. Creamed gravy, butter and dry mustard sa uce are usua Ill' served with boi led hsh If s all a matter of differences in taste. The main thing to remember when you get fish hungry is, first buy only good, Fresh-caught fish; second, cook them the right way; and third, serve them piping bot. If you will do this, you will want to serve Skipper Sam's guaranteed fresh fish more often


J[ T is now more than 50 years since Sam Johnson (Skipper Sam) began to ship his fresh caught fish to inland folks. From a few tons of frozen lake Herring ,I hipped in gunny sacks to nearby towns, we are now shipping millions, of rna ny kinds of fish to almost any place in the U ,S,A,

TO ship so many fish so far away, requires among other things a good shipping box and we have for years been. improving on this very important thing, , , The box pictured above ;5 our latest and best. It is made of double wall 350 lb. test paraffined corrugated board, full overlap style top and bottom with a side wall liner, , , When Dry Ice is added and the cover securely strapped on, ,our fish will arrive in perfect condition,

WE are telling you this because we want you to know that we do not hesitate to do everything poss ible to de li ver our fish in the same condition as when shipped, , , You don't have to wait for colder weather to order fish from us "We pack them to keep , and guarantee that you will always be satisfied with every shipment received of Our superior grades of Skipper Sam's Fish,