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About The Author .............................................................................................. 4
Introduction ....................................................................................................... 5
The WakeUp Millionaires Journey Begins ........................................................ 7
Belief System .................................................................................................. 7
Embrace Certainty. ....................................................................................... 12
Have a Compelling Reason. ........................................................................... 13
Psychology - Creating Abundance of Opportunities ....................................... 14
The Power of Saying No ................................................................................ 17
Training Your Mind ....................................................................................... 18
The Missing Chapter to Abundance ........................................................... 19
Are You Sincere? ........................................................................................... 23
Act On Sincerity ............................................................................................ 24
Opportunity - The Platform to WakeUp Millionaire ....................................... 29
Income Today, Income Tomorrow and Millionaire Income ........................... 31
So what is the Opportunity that I use?.......................................................... 32
The Three Phases of EPS ............................................................................... 35
Product ......................................................................................................... 38
Introducing Mobile Apps .............................................................................. 40
Types of Apps ............................................................................................... 42
Having a Team .............................................................................................. 48
Making Money from Free Apps..................................................................... 49
4 Things That Could Kill Your App Before It Even Gets Downloaded ............ 53
Here Are The Big Takeaways ...................................................................... 54
Mindset - How My Brain is Wired to Think ..................................................... 56
The First Rule: Strengthening Your Mindset.................................................. 58

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The 4 Thinking Strategies .............................................................................. 63

- Easy Opportunities .................................................................................. 63
- There is Always a Choice .......................................................................... 64
- Open Door Policy .................................................................................... 68
- Who Do You Know .................................................................................. 73
Investing For the Future................................................................................ 75
A Simple Ritual that Leads to Amazing Opportunities ................................... 76
It All Starts Somewhere ................................................................................ 78
Why is it So Hard to Start? ............................................................................ 79
Short Story: How You Start Will Determine Where You Go .......................... 83
I Did Something ......................................................................................... 84
Everything About Wealth Will Change in The Future.85
The New Generation and Technology Growth.. 86
Government and Politics.88
Our Education In Schools.. 90
Were Comfortable. And thats Not Good For Long Term. 93
You Are On Your Own.. 97
Bonus Chapters:
The Success Secret to Not Failing .................................................................. 99
Can Money Buy Happiness? ........................................................................ 101
Summary ....................................................................................................... 104

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About The Author

Patric Chan is one of those "ordinary people" who is living an extraordinary lifestyle
despite his "interesting" background. Living on a small island in Asia, never been to a
college or University, having absolutely no network of association and starting with
zero money, Patric is now an international speaker, best-selling author of multiple
books, self-made millionaire and world-class internet marketer.
To help people around the world achieve success, he specializes in breaking down
complex success techniques and strategies into simple-to-understand concepts that
can be applied instantly to their lives. Other than that, his success formulas are
based on practical methods - not any 'new age' concept.
For instance, because of his proven internet marketing strategies, it automatically
made him the top 5 enrollers in an Inc 500 network marketing company, beating
more than 500,000 other members.
He has spoken in many countries such as the United States, Malaysia, Singapore,
Australia, the United Kingdom, India, China, Hong Kong, the United Emirates Arab,
Thailand, etc. Patric is also featured in a book with other authors like Brian Tracy,
Robert T. Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Zig Zizlar, Tom Hopkins, Suze Orman, and others.
Patric has also co-authored Clicking Cash with Robert G. Allen, the New York Times
best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income, Nothing
Down and Cash In A Flash.

Patric Chans Official Website,

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

First, let me congratulate you on taking action towards success, and for taking
responsibility towards a greater financial future.
This book is not about money management, how to save money or some tactical
method to make quick money.
Its about becoming a WakeUp Millionaire.
Becoming a WakeUp Millionaire does not happen overnight saying that would
literally insult your intelligence of differentiating between what is real and what is
When you combine the three elements that govern your path to become a
millionaire, Psychology, Opportunity and Mindset, you initiate the course that leads
you to wealth and happiness.
One day, youll reach the tipping point where youll become a WakeUp Millionaire.
Youll wake up and know that you have achieved personal freedom the power to
have total control in your life, where youre no longer being dictated to by others as a
means of getting money.
Just embrace that feeling for a while. How would your life be different?
I want to show you how - not by giving you words of motivation, but by leaning
forward and sharing my story, my journey. How I did it.
So throughout this book, Ill share with you how it happened in my life and hope that
it can act as a guide for you; perhaps you can learn from my real life experience.
Maybe youll find some of my methods or strategies acceptable. And I would respect
that youre the captain of the ship. Just pick those that harmonize with your style
and your beliefs because sometimes, all it takes is one secret to transform our lives.
I would also encourage you to read this book more than once. Its been proven that
we do not get optimal value from a book when its read just once. I personally know
that I dont. After reading a good book, Ill usually read it again.
When you read it a second time, I believe youll start to pick up some other values
that you have missed. Youll also start to have a better understanding of the
meanings in the chapters.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Last but not least, I do update and add new content to my books (especially for the
Opportunity chapter) occasionally.
To make sure that you do not miss this, its important that you stay subscribed as a
customer to WakeUp Millionaire. To do this, simply go to:
With that in mind, lets begin the journey to WakeUp Millionaire

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The WakeUp Millionaires

Journey Begins
Before I became successful, I knew I would achieve success.
No, Im not saying this to sound arrogant or anything Im saying this to make a
simple point to you
You can never achieve success if you dont have the confidence and certainty that
you WILL achieve success. Success wont come to those who hope that theyll
achieve success someday. Successful people make it happen.
With enough certainty, youll have the force to propel you to reach your goal.
Just think of it this way
The reason why you can drink Coke or eat a burger is because youre certain that
theyre not poisonous. You are CERTAIN these are safe to be consumed.
Its almost the same deal with success.
You see, in order to achieve success, one need to take action. It just doesnt happen
on its own, that would be indirectly contradictory of Newton's First Law of Motion.
Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion
unless an external force is applied to it. - Newton's First Law of Motion

Belief System
There are already plenty of books written about this topic both scientific and
What I would like to do is to share with you how my belief system works. Although it
took me years to hone it, the fact is, it doesnt require me to write an entire book
about it. I think what you want is to read as little as possible and be able to apply
what youve learned quickly.
You see, I was never cut out to be successful in the first place.
I never did well in school probably because I lost focus, playing around too much
then. So I stopped after high school; I've never studied in a college or University
My job is rather futureless -- I ended up working on the streets selling greeting
cards, door-to-door.
Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

I don't come from a rich or well-off family -- thats also the reason why I didnt further
my studies; its too painful to take my folks hard earned money that way. There
wasn't any financial support for me to pursue what I wanted to do. We're your typical
middle class family - my Dad's a cab driver and my Mum's a housewife. But most
importantly, were happy. Ive never felt upset that we werent rich and Im proud of
my Dad for driving a cab to take care of our family.
I don't have any special or unique talent -- I mean, there are people who are highly
talented in sports, inventions, programming, arts, music, etc. that allows them to
become millionaires. I dont recall having any of those talents.
I live on a small island in Malaysia -- not one of the big cities where there are plenty
of opportunities. Although environment does influence one's success, I can
confidently say that it's not entirely true. With today's technology, you can be rich
anywhere you live.
I don't have any "connections"-- some people became wealthy because they know
the "right" people who can elevate them to the next level. I didn't have any
entrepreneur friends or know of any millionaires personally at that time; nobody was
around to guide me with advice about wealth and success.
I could have gone on, continuing with my ordinary life as it was if it wasnt for a
vengeance that I had.
Nothing evil. Not the kind of vengeance where it makes you want to kill someone or
anything like that.
Its a feeling that makes you want to prove to the world that youre better than that.
But actually, in retrospect, I was just trying to prove it to myself.
Its the time when you deny your situation; denying that youre incapable of achieving
more in life, that youre stuck with your existing, futureless life.
That makes me hungry.
You see, you got to have that kind of hunger, that kind of drive to BE successful.
When I was trying to achieve success then, I was beaten up emotionally from so
many angles.
If youve been to motivational seminars, you probably know that you are supposed to
network with other attendees. I mean, the Gurus teach that networking is important
for success, right?
I kid you not, I was a very positive fella. But it seems like not many people wanted to
network with me or wanted to exchange cards because I was nobody then.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

You know something -- the more the environment and people dissent you, the more
powerful you should become - not the other way around.
Instead of focusing on weakness, I choose to focus on strength.
The more they say I cannot do it, the more it fires me up to show that I can do it.
This is where I want to differentiate positive thinking from optimistic thinking.
Positive thinking is saying
Its okay, it doesnt matter that these people do not support me because Im a
positive thinker I dont let negative thoughts affect me. They probably dont mean it
Optimistic thinking is saying
They dont support me I accept that, even though I dont like it. It sucks; I wish it
wasnt like that. But since thats the reality, what good can come out of this?
And the answer to that question from an optimistic thinking standpoint is
Ill take that as a challenge and Ill prove to you whos right.
But I guess the biggest breakthrough when it comes to tuning your belief system for
greatness is

What is Your Compelling Reason to be Successful?

If you CAN answer that question, you have the strength to walk you through the
journey to success.
Ive already given you mine.
Now, compelling reasons usually dont come in a material form. For instance: a car,
house or anything like that. Those are not your true compelling reasons.
Why? Its because your mind will ultimately give up and let you settle for less. So if
your dream car is a Ferrari or something, at one time, youll make the decision to say
that its fine even if you dont drive that Ferrari. Youll just drive a more affordable
car and forget about your compelling reason.
A compelling reason usually has a strong emotional attachment to it.
It could be an incident that happens in your life.
It could be something that you value more than any material things in this world.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

It could be your hunger for something greater, and you know you have to become
wealthy in order for you to achieve that.
Mine is simply to prove to the world that Im worth something. And in the end, its
about proving to myself that I dont want to settle for less anymore.
Here are some of the other compelling reasons Ive seen from my students
A guy needs to be free from working jobs because his mother is ill. His desire to be
by her side every day, caring for her, gives him the compelling reason to achieve
A young guy comes from a rich family. Moneys never been a problem. The
problem? He wants to earn his own money with his two hands to prove to his father
than he is not useless and is independent. Thats a compelling reason.
It makes you take massive action.
You see, people are motivated to take action by either inspiration ... or...
Compelling reasons focus on inspiration. Desperation comes from fear. We dont
want to be there its not enlightening; its dark.
The difference between actions which springs from these two sides is shocking.
Yes, it's true that people who take massive action do see results. Often, massive
positive results.
But, most of those results almost never last if its NOT derived from inspiration.
Why is that? Shouldn't taking massive action improve your life instead of creating
more problems and making life even more complicated than before?
Sure, that's what everybody wants us to believe.
If the action comes from desperation, the action is motivated by wanting more it
comes from desiring, and not having enough yet. It doesnt serve a core purpose.
Therefore, most of our actions eventually result in some form of problem at a later
stage. Just think desperation is not a positive platform, so how can we rely on
sprouting action from it?
Actions that are motivated by desperation, fear can only result in more problems in
the future.
You may have perfectly good intentions behind your actions. But, if they arise out of
a negative state of mind it will only create more problems for you, eventually.
The simplest example of this phenomenon, that we're all familiar with, is when
Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


actions arise out of anger.

When we do something while feeling angry, we usually regret our choices and
actions soon after, if not seconds later.
What we don't realize is that all negative emotions affect all actions in the same way.
This is actually a fact of life. But, we don't always see the negative results
immediately after taking action. Because, oftentimes, it shows up much later, in
some form of a negative situation, person, or experience.
Unfortunately, most of us don't make the connection even then. So, most of us never
realize how this stuff works. And, we never know to correct it for our future actions.
We never realize that every action-step we take, no matter how small, is going to
affect the next step that we take... and each of those will eventually affect where we
end up in the future, and what kind of final result we get.
So, most of our actions continue to create new actions for us - and for everyone
around us.
In summary, you should never take action out of a negative emotional or mental
state. And, even during those situations that require immediate action, you can still
take a moment to allow yourself to come from a better mental and emotional state.
And, when you start becoming aware of your actions being based on your inspired
reason, youll be more motivated and feel enlightened.
Each time that you practice acting consciously, you will get better at it. And, pretty
soon, almost all of your actions will be inspired by - and surrounded with - the right
energy, instead of negative and reactive energy.
The difference between the two ways of taking action may seem subtle right now,
especially when you're first starting out with this new awareness. But, the outcome
that will echo well into the future will be quite substantial.
So what is your compelling reason?
You dont need a bunch of them. Probably just one very powerful reason to catapult
you to greater success than what youre having right now.
Correct me if Im wrong, but I dont believe youre starving right now. Im not just
referring to it metaphorically, but technically too.
There are people who are very poor. And if they had the same knowledge as yours, I
bet that theyd strive to break from their situation immediately.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


But you are not.

Youre comfortable.
I know how it feels because Ive been there. I was comfortable in the beginning
until I found my compelling reason.
Weirdly, it may even be an uncomfortable feeling to have because a compelling
reason creates uneasiness. However, going back to the earlier part of this book I
did mention that success means you must work.
The good news is: the more successful you become, the less work youll have.
Then one day, youll work very little and the reward will become huge.
Let me just illustrate this point
You know Leonardo DiCaprio right? The famous actor from Titanic?
Well, hes one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Today, its easy for him to
make money because he is THE Leonardo DiCaprio. Movies will pay him a lot of
money to be the star. Advertisements will pay him huge sums to have his name or
face on their products.
I would guess Leornardos true fame got started after Titanic. But before
thatLeonardo had been acting in other movies and TV series; he started acting at
the age of 16.
Success grows when you continue to work. When youre certain that bigger success
is waiting for you.
The first part of becoming a WakeUp Millionaire:
Embrace Certainty. You have to be certain that you can achieve success. Believe
in that. You got to have that in your system. Of course your certainty level changes
as the days and years go by because youll have new resources to support your
Well talk about resources in the upcoming chapter. For now, your certainty is
based on your ultimate goal - and the goal of reading this book is to become a
WakeUp Millionaire.
Im a realist; Im not a motivational speaker. So when I encourage you to embrace
certainty, it has nothing to do with the positive thinking stuff, got it? Meaning, dont
think of unachievable goals like owning a jet, buying an island and so on (unless
youre almost there). These certainties will evolve by themselves at a later stage
when such things are within your grasp. Make sense?

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Have a Compelling Reason. Once you know that you can achieve success, youll
need to have a compelling reason to see you through. Think of it as your burning
fuel. Your light, so to speak.
You know, we should celebrate everyday just for the fact that were living in our time.
There are just so many opportunities for us to make money, to become a WakeUp
So many that it creates abundance

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Abundance of

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Let me ask you: do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

The teachings from the famous DVD, The Secrets?
I do, but not exactly the way its being taught. Well, thats another story.
The reason I brought it up is because the abundance mindset has a lot of similarities
with the Law of Attraction.
In summary, the Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts
like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about
positive or negative results. Well, thats what Wikipedia says, anyway.
With the abundance of opportunity mindset, it means that opportunities will never run
out. Its unlimited. Like sands at the beach, water in the ocean. Get what I mean?
If opportunities are unlimited, isnt it fair for me to say that we can ALWAYS create
wealth whenever we want?
There is never lack of opportunities in todays time.
Take the example of writing this book.
In the past, in order to write a book, someone had to have writing talent. Id also
need to speak with book publishers and would have a hard time of thinking how to
promote it.
Today, its different. Im writing not as a writer, but as someone who is sharing his
experience and knowledge.
Its being self-published on the Internet. All I did was just PDF it. And promoting it
wasnt that hard because the world is all now connected. I dont even need a
physical bookstore to promote it.
As you can see, opportunity exists everywhere. Ideas could now be turned into cash
easily. Turned into wealth.
There are many people today who do not have jobs because theyre making money
by trading stocks, investing in properties or running their own Internet businesses at
home. They are their own bosses.
The question is: do you have the psychology to support yourself?
Again, it goes back to mastering CERTAINTY.
Can you strongly agree that theres abundance of opportunities? If you can, then the
next step is answering the question of
How do you attract them into your life?

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Now that Ive made it clear that opportunities are indeed in abundance, Im going to
go behind the rationality of this psychology why this can help you to become
You see, in order for you to make an immense amount of wealth, you need other
people to help you. Its too much work on your own.
Ill be sharing a strategy later on in this book, but for now stay with me on this
chapter of psychology.
NODOBY likes to work with people who work in fear, who are not confident in what
theyre doing.
Thats what scarcity does to people it injects fear in them.
While abundance creates confidence.
If youre not confident in yourself or your own idea, what is the likelihood that others
will have the confidence in you?
Your opportunity will fall to pieces.
The other problem of scarcity is that it takes you to desperate mode.
When youre desperate, you do stupid things. It clouds your mind to think sharply. It
confuses your own judgment.
I like being in abundance mode because it allows me to be free - not chained to just
one option.
When my emotions and mind are free, I have creativity, happiness and energy.
Creativity to think of ideas and expand on opportunities.
Obviously, you need to be happy to achieve ANYTHING in life. How can you work
when youre not happy?
When I wake up in the morning and I know I am free, I have energy to do what I like.
Im not bound to other peoples rules. I call my own shots.

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The Power of Saying No

Realize it or not, youre regularly being persuaded by others to fit into their own
When I was younger, I remember I had an ex-girlfriend who didnt know how to say
no to her friends. So shed always end up agreeing to her friends invitations all of
the time. Then shed complain to me that she doesnt like going out that often with
them, but she is forced to do so because she feels bad turning them down. In
actuality, we all have the privilege to say no to others.
In order for you to achieve success, youll be using your most valuable commodity of
all TIME. This commodity is given to everyone equally; it just depends on how well
you manage it. Or spend it.
In the beginning stages, youll use a lot of time to build your wealth. Then later on,
you can use money and influence to replace time. That will eventually allow you to
become successful when youre able to have money to live your lifestyle, and yet
you are no longer using a lot time to make money. Ultimately, being a WakeUp
Millionaire is about having total control of your time.
When you are unable to reject to others, others are taking up your time. This of
course will slow you down in reaching success and making your million dollars.
And guess what? You do not have the power to reject if you do not have the
abundance mindset. Youre forced to obey others.
Imagine this
When you know that there will be another opportunity waiting for you, youll never be
worried about losing opportunities.
Miraculously, when youre able to see things abundantly, more opportunities will
come to you too. Now, thats when the Law of Attraction is set into motion.

Note: Im not suggesting you to have an ignorant attitude. Thats a surefire way
to be a failure in life.
So how do train your mind to see and think things in abundance?
I use the word train because it really means training your brain -- youll now need to
let your brain interpret events differently.

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Training Your Mind

You see, whatever good things happen to you, you can either assume that its very
hard for that to happen or it just happened easily, naturally.
For instance, a salesperson who closed a million dollar sales deal.
It was hard for him it took him three years working at his sales job to reach this
level. It was very challenging to present the sales pitch to the prospect and finally
gotten him to sign the deal.
It was very easy for him. He just made the phone call and arranged an appointment.
He met up with the client, talked a little bit and got the sales deal.
Do you see that both are correct and theyre both the truth?
But it depends on which part you want to train your brain to focus on.
So if your brain chooses the easier option, it should be able to see how easy the
opportunity came by. And this opportunity will surely come again because its so
easy to make happen.
Like, I could say that writing this book is a tough job. Or I could say its easy because
all I need to do is to spend about two weeks writing it and sharing my ideas.
Heres the caveat its really up to me to DECIDE whether two weeks is a lot of hard
work or if its very easy.
The thing is this: you simply dont get anything by accepting it as hard work.
Nobodys going to shed sympathy for you. In a nutshell, theres NO TRUE
ADVANTAGE for training your mind to evaluate matters to be complicated, when
they can be considered easy work.
You need to train your brain to accept that theres never been lack of opportunities.
Right now, this instant there are opportunities waiting for you. No kidding. Im not
even suggesting positive thinking here, but to relay a valid fact.
Well talk more about opportunities in the later chapters, but here are some
opportunities right under your nose
Do you know of anyone who owns a business selling something, a product or
service? If thats true, youre just a phone call away from an opportunity.
Do you use the Internet? The Internet is like the land of opportunities in itself.
Do you have some money with you that can be invested in stocks or real estate?

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


How about doing multi-level marketing? Yeah, its not the coolest thing in town, but
hey, if you have nothing else to go with, this is probably the best opportunity that can
potentially turn you into a WakeUp Millionaire. Low cost. Free training. System has
already been created for you. What else can you ask for?

The Missing Chapter to Abundance

I think abundance cannot exist without a sense of gratitude; a sense of appreciation.
Many years ago, I was a kid who was just starting out. At the time of writing this
book, Im 33.
I didnt know how to achieve success or create massive wealth; I was all over the
map seeking answers. Ive been reading a lot of books and attending seminars, but
apparently my life was still the same. Put it this way: I wasnt becoming richer at all
despite of what Id been learning about success. Its like Ive been going in circles.
To a point, I was frustrated. Maybe, angry. I mean who wouldnt be? These Gurus
have been pitching how easy it is to become successful and become a millionaire,
but I just couldnt seem to crack the code.
One day I stopped doing anything related to achieving my goals. And did
Now, when I did it, it wasnt at a beach or some forest reserve just in my small
I chose to stop being frustrated and to stop feeling desperate for success.
What I did was
I started to be thankful.
Instead of feeling the sense of being overwhelmed and so on, I started to think of
what I can be thankful for instead.
Thinking of what the great things are that I have, right now.
And it leads me to write out the list of who should I be thankful with.
At that time, I wasnt wealthy so I wasnt thinking anything about material. Anyway,
material should be the thing Im least thankful for.
I was thankful that time for

Being healthy, allowing me to enjoy my life.

Having my eyes to see wonderful things in this world.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Having legs to walk as fast as I want, and run as crazy as I wish.

Having a fully functioning brain that allows me to think and do all of the
marvelous things a brain does.

My fingers even my toes. Though my toe doesnt play a strong role

(compared to my heart, legs and so on), Im so grateful to have it! How much I
love my toe!

Then at I look at where Im living what I am driving.

I was happy. It wasnt a big house or a Porsche; it was actually an old car. I was just
happy because I have a place to call home and have my own transport.
I dont have to starve.
I have my favorite pair of jeans and some shirts that I think are awesome.
I have a mobile phone. How cool is that? Im not referring to the phone, but the
luxury of being able to stay in touch.
And I have so many other things!
Then I got to the list of people I had to be grateful for .
Mum, Dad, family, girlfriend, good friends, business associates, mentors, customers
the list goes on and on. If we were to list the names, it seems like itd never end. Can
you see how blessed we are, with so many people who are close to us?
You dont want to just be grateful for what you have; but what it means to you.
For instance, my first expensive watch was a Tag Heuer when I was a kid.
Its not just about having it to wear, but the meaning that it brings to me I was
grateful because I was able to buy it (its considered a luxury for me at that time).
Im grateful for the legs that I have. But Im even more grateful for them to allow me
to walk, run, climb, jump, kick, dance and enjoy sports I could experience. The value
of my legs makes me appreciate them very much.
It is the value of the things you have that makes you appreciate having them.
This is why there are millionaires who are living depressingly. They simply do not
know how to put a meaning to their money. Most people do not know the value that
little things in their life have. Im not referring to the price of material things or the
money that allows them to buy stuff, but what the stuff they have actually means.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


After experiencing being thankful in life, I feel good. I think, the best word to
describe it would be enlightened.
I felt that the possessions that I have are AMAZING. Im so blessed; I love my life so
If you were me, I dont think you would let this experience go away either, so I took it
to the next level.
I was thinking What if, I do this regularly?
And heres what I did.
I started taking walks. Sometimes, jogs. But the whole purpose of this exercise
wasnt really focused on physical fitness but experiencing my gratitude ritual
While Im doing my walk (or jog)
My mind will run through the things Im grateful for, everything I can think of that I
can appreciate.
When Im jogging, usually, Ill start with my body parts from toe to head. Especially
when youre using themit kind of highlights to you again of how valuable they are.
I remember feeling gratitude because I was breathing.
Although breathing is essential to our living, how many times do we take the time to
appreciate that?
Ill stop my jogging when I feel that Ive already shown thanks for the great things
that were given to me. Who you thank depends on your own belief, whether its God
or the Universe. Personally Im thankful to God.
Where I live, theres a hill not far away.
Once a week, Ill hike to the top of the hill and go through this very same process
running my gratitude through my mind.
The best part of it is it makes you feel the sense of accomplishment. Like youve
conquered the hill and youre on top of the world. Try it; I think youll love it too.
So what will being grateful do to you?
A lot.
For starters, it makes you feel that youre one of the best. Theoretically, its fair for
me to say that you can call yourself the best because there isnt another you in this
world. Unless, a clone exists at the time youre reading this book.
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When you feel and believe youre greatest, youll automatically build the
unstoppable confidence.
The cool part about confidence is that it doesnt just affect you. It creates an invisible
aura that affects other people around you, making them want to be associated with
Next, it makes you feel happy. Not like happy after watching some comedy flick on
YouTube, but the type of happiness that is developed from the sense of feeling
content with what Life has offered to you.
This kind of happiness lasts.
Do you remember the last time you bought something you REALLY liked?
Come on. Im sure you do. I do too.
Lets take something small, maybe when you bought a new phone or an iPhone, for
that matter.
It feels awesome, right?
So many functions and cool stuff to play on it.
And when you use it, you feel proud holding something so cool in your hand.
My question to you is how long did that happiness with iPhone last?
Lets be honest with ourselves in that it did bring us joy. Sometimes, it could be days
or weeks. Maybe even months!
But ultimately, it dies off. And thats still okay - but the problem is, its very hard for
you to feel happy about it again after its gone physically and mentally.
But I can guarantee you that at any time, whenever I appreciate my eyes, legs or my
Mum, I will always feel happy. It never goes away; it can never be gone.
What else gratitude gives me?
Empowerment. It empowers me to take action.
When I feel gratitude to those who have been in my life, I feel proud of myself. Im
proud because Im humble.
I know, it sounds quite conflicting but its actually not at all.
You see, many people put on a mask, pretending to be strong because they thought
that appearing as their true selves could be a sign of weakness.

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Im sure youve seen the not-so-rich people who pretend to be rich. They think that
their lack of riches may be a weakness but the truth is theyre just being
manipulated by the media and environment to behave that way.
The real rich people, the millionaires, theyre always humble people.
Sometimes, rich people are called snobs but I disagree with that opinion actually
many rich people are humble people. If they dont mix with the average people it is
simply because they want to surround themselves with like-minded people. If
average people do not have a , bias view on the rich and are willing to tune their
mindset differently, perhaps, things would be different.
When youre able to be humble, regardless if youre rich or not, youre being your
true self.
Youre letting go of the material things that clouds your thinking.
Sorry if I sound rude, but youre not someone special even if youre rich. Youre just
another person who happens to have more money to buy stuff. Of course Im not
saying the money is useless. Im just saying that money helps, but it doesnt make
someone successful in life because success is measured in many other forms, not
just the money in the bank.
Youll be proud of yourself if you can master humility.

Are You Sincere?

Its okay its just between you and me, you can be honest.
Now, despite how much we want this world to be, not every successful person is a
sincere person but I strongly believe that if someone IS sincere, then his success
would be greater.
Thus, the sincerity concept doesnt apply to everyone, but this book is not about the
general people, its about you and WakeUp Millionaires.
Its also about sharing my experience and knowledge with you, of what works for me.
It may or may not work for you, but one thing is for sure I want to make sure that
anything that works for me is told to you.
Have you heard the quote, light attract light?
Im blessed that almost all of my business dealings are smooth sailing, I was
fortunate to have sincere people to do business with me.
By the way, I used the word almost because Ive been taken for a ride by a
business partner before. Once in a blue moon, Ill get insincere customers.

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The root that prevents people from being sincere is the fact that others in their
dealings are not always sincere towards them.
So it becomes a problem.
People are afraid to be hurt and to be cheated. Thats why theres quotes like, once
bitten, twice shy.
Look nobody likes that feeling, its painful.
When you show your sincerity and youre being lied to (or treated insincerely), you
feel the trust in broken and have a sense of betrayal.
As you can see, by just reading the words lies and betrayal, they have already
made you feel uncomfortable, right?
Its freaking bad negative energy.
What you need to understand is this
Someones got to start doing the right thing. Might as well have that person to be
Wouldnt you want to hold the torch and lead others to do good in this world?
Sincerity unlocks doors of opportunity by allowing good people to come to you and it
transforms your psychology for opportunities.
Because when youre sincere in your doings and your intentions, you eliminate fear
youre not afraid as youre acting based on truth.
Now, I dont want you to think this chapter of sincerity is about moral values.
Although thats part of it (and Im sure our parents thought us to do the right things),
but its because acting on Sincerity has literally make my life easy for success.

Act of Sincerity
I know when I was I kid, not just that I have burning passion for success, I am very
sincere to learn.
There was one time I emailed an entrepreneur who has made millions in life. Ive
heard about him and I admire his success.
So one day, I took the initiative to write him an email to tell him about my
admiration for his success and asked him if I could ever meet up with him just to
seek his words of wisdom.

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Now this may sound unbelievable, but sometimes your life can literally transform
when you read a book or get some advice. You dont even read a roadmap, you just
need one sentence.
Anyway, he doesnt live where I live. In my email, Ive said that as long as he can
meet with me, Ill fly there to see him (keep in mind that I wasnt rich yet that time, so
even a thousand dollars is a lot of money to me).
Unexpectedly, he said that hell be in Penang, the island where I live, for a vacation.
More importantly, he said hell meet up with me in the morning and I can ask him
questions about success.
This goes without saying, but I met up with him.
We talked.
There were many lessons in the conversation but one that Ive remembered until
today was this
During the conversation, Ive asked him about the concept of Robert Kiyosakis
cashflow quadrant.
If you dont know what that is, its basically the famous teaching of someone being
either in the Employee (E), Self Employed (SE), Business (B) or Investor (I)
quadrant. Basically, the whole premise of the concept is moving into the B and I
quadrants to be wealthy. You can pick up Cashflow Quadrant at if you
would like to learn more about these quadrants.
Now, I have a hard time immersing myself to that concept because I was in the E
quadrant. How would I move out of that quadrant?
Then he said something to me
Well, if you look at it, sometimes, you do not need to be IN a quadrant. If you look
carefully again, the four quadrants is a square which metaphorically, it can be the
base of a pyramid. You can be at the top of the pyramid, not at the bottom.
That truly changes my perspective.
If thats the case, it means that I can be in all quadrants. I mean, its really up to you
how you want to define of what Ive just shared to you but my key takeaway is, I
can still be employed and yet, run my own business and invest in others.
Now, I think Kiyosakis concept is brilliant.
I dont mean to say anything different but from my experience when it comes to
reality, the fact is, were likely to be in all quadrants.

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I am an employee because I serve others.

Im self-employed because I still do some stuff on my own, like writing this book and
launching it. Some entrepreneurs feel embarrassed to say that they do work; I dont
because I dont like hiding stuff. Thats definitely not applying sincerity in your
Why do I do it on my own? Simply because I want to make sure that my readers are
getting the exact message that I want to share. Secondly, I have a habit of wanting
to do the best I can do for my products.
Im a Business Owner. I have businesses that are running on their own, generating
passive income and employing others to help my company to grow.
Finally, Im also an Investor because I have investments in equity market and
But do I complain that Im in the E and SE quadrants?
Not really. In fact, Im grateful to have what I have today.
Going back to the story of my meeting with this millionaire, I think it all happened
because he knows of my sincerity to learn and my sincere appreciation towards
his thoughts.

What Ive shared with you are the values that Ive carried and practiced.
Do they have flaws? Yes, definitely. After all, Im only human and Im not a
motivation author.
But if they have helped me to accomplish my fair share of success today, I think they
can be helpful to others too. Which is what Im doing Im sharing them.
When your mind and heart are open, then youre fully aligned to accept
Theres a saying that 80% of success is based on the mental game, while the other
20% is about the strategies and mechanics.
I would agree to that. Although you need to have both, but the mental game plays a
bigger role.
Ive been teaching about creating wealth for many years now and based on stats,
those who achieved success are those who master their mental game.

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Many people always say, Show me the money!. But the truth is, many people set
themselves on unsuccessful journeys without initially build the pillar for success.
Always keep in mind that acquiring wealth, achieving success or simply becoming a
millionaire IS a journey.
This is not a normal journey. Its a journey of uncertainties of what will be happening.
There are many challenges, including internal and external enemies preventing you
to achieve your dream.
The only thing that keeps you going is how well youre able to control your mindset
and use it as your ally.
You see, your mindset is another entity of its own. Now, this topic alone is another
book of its own. Read WakeUp Millionaire Blueprint Part 2 where Ive covered more
in-depths about it.
But in a nutshell, your mind has the power to influence your thoughts and actions.
If you continue to face uncertainties and challenges along your journey, your mind
will start to help you to reduce this disappointment by retreating from your goal.
At one stage, itll conclude that pursuing this journeys going to be unfruitful and
youll suffer more pain the solution? Keep going. Continue doing whatever that
have certainties and allow yourself to be happy (or avoid disappointments).
Its a whole game of pain and pleasure taught by Anthony Robbins.

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of
having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If
you don't, life controls you. Anthony Robbins
If you master your mental game, you know youre ready for any obstacles and
accept that the destination of the journey is well worth it regardless of how painful
it can be for you.
Heres another truth
Someone who has less powerful strategies and techniques but strong at mental
game CAN still achieve success. The only setback is, it could be mediocre without
powerful strategies but success is almost guaranteed.
Someone who has the right strategies and techniques to succeed but does not have
a strong mental game WILL not achieve success. Why is this strangely so? Because
even with the right strategies, there are still going to be other obstacles that will
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prevent him to achieve success hell still need to overcome them. Even if he did,
its just a matter of time that everything crumbles.
The secret?
Master your mental game and use the right strategies. Of course, pick the right

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The Platform to
WakeUp Millionaire

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If you think that you can become a WakeUp Millionaire without putting some effort,
Im so sorry to disappoint you.
Because the truth is, you need to do something to make money. Even if its sending
emails thats still considered as taking actions.
If you accept that fact, then its obvious youre on the right track.
Some call Opportunities vehicles, platforms and so on. But Im calling it an
Opportunity because IT IS an opportunity.
Basically, in this books context, its referred to the vehicle or method that you would
like to use to make money with.
Obviously, there plenty of opportunities to choose from today.
In fact, it becomes a problem.
These days, we have the problem of info-overload or sense of being overwhelmed.
If youre just given 2 options to make money and these are proven wouldnt your
life become much easier?
Instead of dabbling around with which one to choose from, you can start quicker
without the sense of regret or what if.
The good news is, Im not even going to give you 2 options Ill just share with you
ONE. One that Ive used and will continue to use in the future.
This way, you can just copy what that has already been proven to work.
Becoming a WakeUp Millionaire is not hard. Dont make it complex. Do not reinvent
the wheel.
My Opportunity lies in business. Not just business, but Internet business. Its fast,
cheap and best of all, many of the tasks can be automated.
But before we get to the Opportunity, Ill need to teach you a few things about
making money and creating wealth.

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Income Today, Income Tomorrow and Millionaire Income

There are 3 types of income and you need them all.
Income Today This is the income that youll need today and within the next 30
days. Basically, this is your life line you need money right now to not only enjoy
your lifestyle, but fund you to become a WakeUp Millionaire.
You have to understand that theres no liberty to living frugal you need to use your
Income Today to give you the pleasure of what you can afford. You need to
continuously reward yourself for taking actions to become a WakeUp Millionaire.
No, Im not asking you to spend every single dollar you got. Thats stupid, and this
book is not about money management or budgeting either if you have those
problems, please get that sorted out. I would encourage you to get in touch with a
financial consultant for that solution.
This book is about becoming a WakeUp Millionaire.
At the same time, there are many books out there that teach about becoming rich
by savings. As far as I know, rich people focus on earning.
Author of How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold theorizes that the wealthy focus
on what theyll gain by taking risks, rather than how to save what they have.
The masses are so focused on clipping coupons and living frugally they miss major
opportunities, he writes. Even in the midst of a cash flow crisis, the rich reject the
nickle and dime thinking of the masses. They are the masters of focusing their
mental energy where it belongs: on the big money.
If I want to make $100,000, I wont be focusing on how I can save that or how much
money I would need to have to get that amount as interest. Ill be focusing on what I
can do to earn that amount.
Income Tomorrow While making money for Income Today, you would also be
planning for Income Tomorrow. Income Tomorrow is defined for income that youll
have within months and can be extended to a year or so.
It creates short-term passive income. For instance, you own a membership where
people are paying you monthly fee. However, without consistently being innovative,
your member would cancel their membership and you will not be making passive
income anymore.

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Millionaire Income This is where you can be free. You can choose when to work
or not to work anymore. The biggest mistake that average people make (which
keeps them from millionaire status) is simply not choosing the right Opportunity that
can lead to this stage. Secondly, they should be building Income Tomorrow that can
have the possibility to go the Millionaire Income stage. Its okay if you dont
understand me when I say that Ill explain all of these within the next pages.

So what is the Opportunity that I use?

Before I get to that, I would also want you to know that Opportunity can change at
any time. Just think it as the vehicle to get you from one place to another place.
Which is, in some sense, the truth.
Youre trying to get from your current level to the WakeUp Millionaire level.
That being, your focus is the destination and youll choose whichever of the most
suitable vehicle for you to get there.
In my years of making money and creating wealth, Ive used at least 3 major
So let me remind you again Opportunity can change.
However, theres one Opportunity that NEVER change.
That Opportunity is real estate.
If someone were to ask me of whats the end game, Id tell them its about using
any other Opportunities where I can make a lot of money and then, use the money
earned to be invested into real estate.
Even if I make $100 million, I would use a portion of it to be invested into real estate.
In summary, the more money I can make from my Internet business, the more real
estate that Ill invest (or bigger real estate).
So real estate will always be Income Tomorrow and Millionaire Income.
I mean, if you know of some cool real estate secrets like a no-money-down strategy,
etc. and they allow you to make money, that is simply AWESOME. Do that.
For my model though, I dont focus on real estate strategies.
I focus on earning money elsewhere (from business) and buy good real estates to
Again, theres no right or wrong here Im just sharing how Im doing it.

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My Opportunity is the Internet.

However, recently, it has changed from Internet to mobile apps.
But lets talk about the Internet first.
The Internet is the playground that allows ordinary people to earn extraordinary
income, to the degree of becoming a self-made millionaire.
Then again, the Internets opportunity is way too huge. If youre a beginner, youll
probably be overwhelmed by it.
So to avoid that, let me just share with you HOW I make money using the Internet:
There are two worlds to profiting from the Internet. One is being an affiliate marketer
where you make money by promoting someone elses products. Youll be paid
affiliate commissions.
The other role is being the product creator. Sell your own products and keep 100%
Instead of selling anything, Ive narrowed it down to selling mainly information
An information product is simply a package that consists of information inside it
this package can be in any format: ebook, audio course, video course, home
courses, reports, etc. Even software can be classified as an information product.
In fact, this book is an information product.
If youre new to information product, let me give you two ways of packaging and
presenting your product:

The Compilations Method:

Its an information product that compiles a list of ways.
Here are some title examples:

10 Ways To Build 6 Pack Abs In 30 Days

50 Secrets Of How To Become A Millionaire
31 Forex Trading Strategies

A classic example of this would be Chicken Soup of The Soul book series. Its a
compilation of many motivational and inspiration stories.

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Step-by-Step Guides:
Most products fall into this category and here are some simple titles to it

How To Setup A Blog

The A-Z Guide To Lose Weight in 4 Weeks
5 Steps To Raise Fund For Charity

Step-by-step guides need to be in a logical order and the secret is to make it as clear
as possible of what action the person needs to take after each section or chapter.
An example would be the The Dummies book series.
As mentioned earlier, information product is not limited to just courses or books.
Some of my other Internet businesses include niche software like, web solutions like, blog at and many others.

So how did it change to apps all of the sudden?

In August 2012, I went to Korea for a holiday.
I wanted to see how much of a break I could truly take while being away for about
two weeks. Not just mentally, but demographically as well. I was still working,
running my business, but Ive cut it down to just about two hours per day on average.
Besides, Ive never been to Korea it would be a new experience to be here and
see hows the K pop culture is. By the way, they were playing Gangnam Style songs
everywhere then.
I was trying to achieve a new concept which Ive named the EPS Income Model.
Where EPS income stands for Easy, Predictable and Stable income.
I could be wrong but, Im guessing that your goal and mine are almost the same
were trying to setup a business (or a vehicle) that can generate easy, predictable
and stable income for us.
Let me elaborate further
Easy would mean that once your business is up and running, you can easily make
money with very minimal effort.
Then this business should generate income that is predictable you can expect to
know how much money youll make by doing whatever youre supposed to do for its
marketing. Stable would means that its not dependable on other influences.

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The problem arise is when people dont understand that it is not easy to create EPS
Income Model.
I mean, its EASY to make money when your business is up, but this doesnt mean
its easy to get it up, you get it?
This is why its so hard to teach Internet marketing everybody wants EPS but are
not committed enough to have this.

The Three Phases of EPS, just like Income Today, Income

Tomorrow and Income Millionaire
First, you want to create easy, predictable and stable income to make some extra
cash. Meaning, it could be part-time income to supplement your full time income but
not just a one-time thing you want this to be predictable and stable.
Normally, at this phase, youll make money by promoting someone elses products
(aka affiliate programs).
The next EPS phase is to generate easy, predictable and stable income that can be
your FULL TIME income. At this phase, you want to generate enough income to quit
your job (if you have a job). Again, this is why you need predictable and stable
income otherwise, youre going to be very worried with all of your bills.
Give or take, you should set a target between 6 to 12 months for you to move to this
second phase. Its very important that you have a dateline (yes, I know its usually
called deadline but I just dont like the word dead) to accomplish your goal of being
in phase two.
Most people mess up big time when they get here they make money (phase one)
but never plan for their future. They get comfortable.
Phase three of EPS is to make a windfall.
Although Ive seen a few Internet marketers who have successfully reached this
stage, the truth is, almost none of them will ever reach this phase. An example of a
windfall is like you created Twitter or something like that. Basically, you can retire if
you want. You can cash out.
The fact is, I am unlikely to reach phase three with the kind of Internet marketing Ive
been doing in the past. I mean, even if you pull $50,000 a month, youve just barely
reach 7 figure mark in A YEAR. Dont get me wrong everyone should be super
gratitude with 6-figure a year revenue. This is *perfect* picture for phase two, but not
phase three of EPS.

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In order to have an unreasonable result, youll need to start thinking at a different

level, including doing extraordinary actions.
Yes, its risky but think about this
Have you realize that theres only 5% (or whatever small percentage is) of people
who are rich in this world?
Its probably because the 95% of the rest behave the same and only 5% do things
differently. They often take a risk to be different.
To move to phase three, there are two key things you need to have
A product. And you need to own this. The good news is, were living in a world
where a product can be created from thin air. Now, when Im talking about a product,
Im not just talking about a course. For instance, (which is NOT a
course) IS a product. Its a service that millions of people use every day.
A team. By having a team, not only can you grow faster, youll be able to have a
business without having you to do the work. This is crucial. Thats how you can
reduce your work to only 2 hours a day.
Another thing is this if its ever possible, your product should not revolve around
your name. To illustrate an example; do you know whos behind Nike? I dont. But
apparently, we buy Nike shoes or i apparels, regardless of whos behind the product.
In summary of EPS, here are the key points:
Our goal is to always have a business that falls into the easy, stable and
predictable income model. If it doesnt, then youre either going to have a hard time
making money repeatedly or not be able to rely on this business for long term. If you
dont have EPS, youll likely to be running in a rat race.
There are three phases of EPS part time income, full time income and windfall
(where you get to choose to retire if you want to).
Remember: IT ALL STARTS with part time income for whatever your Internet
business is. Dude, youll set yourself to failure if you skip this step and try to go to
phase two or three.
To get to phase three, you need to have your own product and a team to support
I believe that EPS Income Model is the only way someone can truly achieve freedom
with Internet marketing. Let me make it clear again it is not easy to create an EPS
income model but its easy to make money online when youve gotten the system
right and your Internet business is up and running.

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The idea is to start an Internet business that has the potential to go to phase three,
or at least, to phase two.
Now, many Internet businesses CAN go to phase two but not all of them will allow
you to make easy, predictable and stable income.
This is why many Internet marketers are stuck and still running in a rat race.
In essence, its NOT about making money or becoming a WakeUp Millionaire its
about being able to work less and have more time to do the things we want, and
reduce the stress were facing with conventional businesses (or jobs). Thus, this is
why its important that we MUST be able to make money easily and the income
must be predictable and stable.
You can make money online but how much youre getting for the time youve put in?
Does it allow you to continue to make money with minimum work after that?
The equation that you need to figure out
is how much youre getting in return for
the time youve put in for the work.
In the book, 4-Hour Work Week, Tim
Ferriss describes that he only work 4
hours a week. This also means, he can
decide to use his time to pursue his
dreams and passions rather than using
time, the most valuable commodity, to
make money.
Earlier, Ive mentioned that if you would
like to go to phase three (it could take
you years but during those time, you
would have already made a good sum of money in phase one and phase two with
the least work possible), you must have a product and a team.
The best part is, you can start with these two things even in phase one. Ironically,
Ive just discovered this imagine if Ive started with this knowledge 10 years ago
when I first got started. I would most likely be at phase three right now.

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Lets start with the first leverage, Product. A product doesnt necessarily have to be a
course or an eBook -- a product can be *anything*.
What Im trying to say is,,, Angry Bird, ThemeForest, etc are
products. Basically, just SOMETHING that people use on the Internet.
If you ever want to make easy, predictable and stable income that can fit into the
3 phases, these are the 5 criteria:
1. Mainstream product. If you ask your neighbor whether theyve read (fill in
the blank with your favorite Internet marketing Gurus name) latest blog post,
theyll look at you strangely. A mainstream product is a product that everyone
knows, or if they dont, itll just take you less than 2 minutes to explain and
theyll GET IT.
2. It can be scaled. Assuming we get to ignore product life cycle and external
influences (like competitors, change of trends, etc.), your product should be
able to grow by simply doing more of whatever that is working. For instance,
Zynga (the company behind Farmville) can easily scale its business to the
next height by releasing new games on the same platform.
3. Natural growth. Internet marketing is definitely a very lucrative niche and it
gets my recommendation. However, 9 out 10 of the products in the market do
not have natural growth theyre promoted through an orchestrated launch
(which is unlikely to be pulled by a newbie or marketer with minimal fund).
After the launch, when everything settles down, the product will eventually
die on its own. Again, theres absolutely nothing wrong with it but its surely
not an EPS Income Model.
4. Repetitive usage. Preferably, it should be a kind of product that gets the user
to come back again to consume your product. Twitter and Facebook are two
very accurate examples. Or a game where the player comes back to play it
5. You should not be in the picture. When the product is up and running,
doing what its supposed to do, youre not supposed to be the reason why the
user continues to use your product. If this happens, its going to be very
difficult for you to go to phase three.

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An example of our EPS Income Model is PagePressApp, a Facebook app. You can
see it at but its likely something not related to you
(because its an app for Fanpage owners).Before I jumped onto this development, I
did my diligence of research. At that time (which was about a year ago), another
Facebook app called, Static HTML: iframe tabs, was the #1 app being used in
Facebook with an enormous number of over 60,000,000 users (or downloads).
Thats 60 million.
It also tells me that there are AT LEAST a whopping 60 million Fanpages out there
I know its definitely a mainstream niche to serve then. I mean, even if I can just get
1% of result, 600,000 users, it could already be a very profitable venture.
The app has been growing since the day it was launched.
Theres a steeper growth of users in the beginning because weve promoted it (but
no crazy launches, etc.) and after that, it continues to grow because it started to be
reviewed by authority websites like, and so on.
Then with this success, we clone the model to create another Facebook app, The obvious reason why its being created is because Static
HTML: iframe tabs app commands 60 million users at that time. Both of them
perform the similar purpose. Were not greedy in any way well just need to have
1% of its result to be kick start a EPS Income Model.
Of course, its not always possible to have a product to fit the 5 criteria of a
mainstream product, it can be scaled, natural growth, repetitive usage and not
required to be involved with the business because theres no such thing as a
forever-growing product.
Eventually, a product will die on its own if its outdated or theres a major competitor
stepping in. BUT it doesnt need to die if you continue to improve it or innovate it, just
like any business. improved its business by introducing Kindle.
This strategy is call, stacking. You stack on your winning products to become better
by improving it, introducing new models, creating new divisions, etc. Heck, every
business does that, even best-selling books. Rich Dad Poor Dad was a major hit but
I dont think it would last still today if Robert Kiyosaki stops promoting his amazing
Rich Dad brand or stops writing more sequels of books. After 7 Habits of Highly
Effective People, Franklin Covey was introduced more books are written, trainings,
consultations, etc.

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Introducing Mobile Apps

I think the best product that fits into the criteria above is mobile App (Apple and
Facebook app is great too, but its more complicated to manage, compared to mobile
Why? Its because Facebook apps are dependable to Facebook.coms latest
changes and rules. This means if you do not have an in-house programming team,
youll be in trouble whenever your app requires an update.
Frankly, its so much easier to learn about mobile apps than Facebook apps.
Lets go back to mobile apps.
Its definitely a model that promises an easy, predictable and stable income model.
Most people just freak out when they hear about app business.
I guess the biggest myth that people have is they dont have the skill or knowledge to
become an app entrepreneur/marketer.
After youve done some reading, youll soon realize that its really not that
If I was starting all over again, I would have chosen to master the app business
rather than Internet marketing.
To illustrate one example, how many people can produce a salespage like or Most cant and even if they
can, itll be a lousy copy that wont convert.
Can you write a description for your app? You probably can. Even if you cant, youre
selling a $0.99 product (or free) How hard can that be?
App business fits perfectly well for EPS and for the three phases of business growth.
For a start, having an app to make some part-time income is surely possible.
If you work on a system (instead of just doing it for fun) and take it seriously, it can
get you to phase two.
It has the possibility to go to phase three. Check out Draw Something app. The
company (or just the app business, cant remember) was sold for $180,000,000.
Phase three options is always available because companies are buying app
businesses. If you havent realize by now, iPhone app is the hottest trend that is
happening right now. More apps will be consumed.
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Just imagine that. I havent even touch on the fact that Android apps has even bigger
market share than Apple today.
Want to know something else?

By 2014 Mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet

- Morgan Stanley
And yes, you can start an app business even if youre not a programmer.
This is why, you will assemble your team and honestly, sometimes, this could be the
remedy to take you out of your own rat race.

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Types of Apps
The most important criteria of your app is it has to be a QUALITY app. Quantity
comes in second in this game. My point, its better to have two quality apps than ten
lousy apps.
You see, if its not quality, it doesnt gets approved by Appstore. End of story.
Now, even if it does get approved by luck, whats the point if the user doesnt get any
value from your app?
Hell delete your app, leave bad a review, etc.
After researching, Ive categorized apps into these three categories

Content App.
These are apps that provide content to the user. Just think of a website that has
been turned into an app but has additional features. Or think of Newsstand (for Apple
devices). They are easy to be created.
If you have a quality and engaging content app with some kind of uniqueness, they
can be approved in Appstore.
The way to make money with this app is to pick a niche market and create content
about it. For instance, you can create an app about cooking that includes recipes,
cooking videos, cooking material reviews, etc. in it content.
You can check out my content app on the topic of self-improvement from:
Apple Appstore:
Android Version at Google Play Store:

Ideas for your content:

Turn your existing content from your blog posts, Fanpage wall posts, articles written
in the past, Twitter tweets, etc. INTO a free app. A content app thats free to

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


This goes without saying if you do not have content yet, youll need to create those
or borrow from others. Content is freely available at,,, etc.
Then have your app in Apple Appstore. Thats your NEW CUSTOMER source.
I doubt your competitor is there, YET.
But how about doubling your revenue? Let your app to be available at Google Play
Store too.
Below is a screenshot of an app of mine and if you notice, new users EVERYDAY.

Best part is, its 100% natural. No launch, no active promotions, etc. It just sits
there in Google Play Store, siphoning new leads every day.

As Ive mentioned at the early chapter of Opportunity, information marketing is one of

the most profitable ways to make money online. The old school teaching is to write
an eBook and sell it online. That still works and Im a strong advocator of that.
But theres a bigger market here, right now. No, Im not talking about Amazon Kindle
(though that is also another huge market to tap).
Im talking about a WHOLE new market that is still under exposed (compared to
Kindle). Just think, why do you think theres a category called, books in Appstore
and Android Play Store?
These two giants would probably want you to create an app that has content for their
users to consume!
You probably cant imagine how excited I am to crack this code. Let me explain

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


First, the mobile market IS going to be the future. Please dont mistake it as hype
this is happening and its happening very rapidly, my friend. Dont believe me? Wait
for another 6 months and youll read more success stories of others.
Secondly, a PDF book or content can now be passed as an app. This means, it
opens up the door to tap on Appstore and Android Play Stores massive traffic!
The coolest part is you dont even need to create any technical apps or games
because you can have an app that is nothing other than content. No programming
skill required. No programmer headache.
And what if theres unlimited source of content that you can use?
Truthfully, when I thought of this idea, I couldnt sleep. Today, there are literally
thousands of written information, audio, video and photographs that are under the
public domain. You can have the rights to use them for your own gain on any
imaginable topics you can think of.
Here are some sources you can work with
INFORMATION /EBOOKS: (dedicated to Christianitys content)



Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


If youre using any of the content of the sites, do make sure to read their terms and
conditions or rights accurately. They might have their own terms that youll need to
follow accordingly. HOWEVER, theyre public domain material.
There is just so much money to be made when I can combine public domain with
Just do a search for Think and Grow Rich in -- this is what I

Yes, thats the classic Think and Grow Rich, which happens to be public domain
content. It gets more than 100,000 downloads!
As you can see, theres a solid reason why Ive put Internet marketing aside for the
time being and just focus on app opportunity.
When done right, the App business is definitely a profitable business.

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Utility App.
By the word utility, Im not referring to the definition of utility in Apples category. Its a
function app. Basically, function app helps the user to do something.
A simple idea is a counting app. There are all kinds of things to count in this world
counting of walking steps, movements of any stuff, beats of any kinds, budget
counting, etc. The trick is to make your app where it makes sense for the user to
continue using it, rather than just a one-time usage.
Think of other types of functions. I have a compass utility app at:

Game App.
These are just like they sound, game apps are games. Angry Bird, Draw Something,
Doodle Jump, Temple Run, Restaurant Story, etc.
Game apps are probably the most complex app to be developed because of the
designs, animations and interactions involved. However, if its a good gameplay, itll
probably yield the most repetitive usage. The more times your app is open,
generally, the more money youll be able to make!
What is my secret to game development?
Create endless running or jumping game. Whichever one. Doodle Jump jumps
endlessly. Temple Run runs endlessly. By the way, both of them made more than a
million. If you notice, technically, theres only one set of map. Unlike Angry Birds, you
need to continue to create new maps every time.
I guess one of the biggest mistakes made by those who want to start an app
business is spending too much time on the development and features. Actually, its
not really their fault they have been conditioned with the mindset of getting it right
at the first round and hope itll be a home run.
Im going to share with you the secret to get started with a game app.
You see, there are app Gurus who said that the simple games trend is over. Let me
explain my definition of a simple game it is like the Doodle Jump game, where the
game is all about having the character to jump endlessly. A simple game is where it
doesnt require a lot of logic with AI (artificial intelligence), maps, animations, etc.
Frankly, I think these app Gurus are far from the truth. Heres the proof that simple
game is as hot as ever:

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Sonic Jump was #1 in Appstore. Its a game like Doodle Jump.

The trend can never be over. All is needed is a new flavor to it. To elaborate this
point, it would be easier to refer to fashion
Can jeans be outdated? No, youll just see new flavors coming out, different cuttings,
materials or colors. But at the core of it, its THE SAME. Jeans are jeans.
Lets take another example of a topic that can never be outdated Law of Attraction.
But isnt Law of Attraction an old topic?
Yes, thats true but there will always be new people wanting to learn. Same deal with
simple games -- there will always be new people buying iPhones or starting to play
You see, the most important part of making money with apps (or any Internet
marketing stuff) is GETTING STARTED. Since getting started is the toughest part of
all, you should do whatever that is easy to do in the beginning. I mean, Im sure
complex games have many of their own advantages but
1. Do you have the fund to do it?
2. Do you have the luxury of TIME to develop it?
3. Do you have the knowledge for the business?
Besides, ironically, you could have spent less time and less money and yet, have the
same success with a simple game (like what Doodle Jump did).
Bare in mind, at the end of the day, the success depends on how good you are with
I know, this question is probably at the back of your mind right now.
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But Dude, Sonic Jump is by Sega and its from Sonic the Hedgehog brand!
Yes Dude. Im aware of that. Besides, honestly, I doubt youll ever be #1 (I doubt Ill
ever get that too, so does any app Gurus that you know of). Right now, correct me if
Im wrong, all you need is to get started.
Even if you can just get hundreds of thousands of downloads, that would have
already helped you to make some good income. You dont need millions of
downloads right now. The interesting part is somehow, weirdly enough, your app will
get found when its live. I have a compass app where I do zero promotions on it
and yet, its being downloaded every day.
However, without sugar coating anything, even a simple game app is a lot of work to
get started. It may still cost you a few thousands to get it done successfully.
Last but not least, sometimes, all it takes is a good idea.
Think of the theme that you want your jumping game is all about. Once you have
that, then you can figure out how to hire programmers and so on.
Heres my jumping game in Appstore

Having a Team
To get started with the app business, youll just need a programmer and a designer.
You can use to find a programmer or use an app freelancing
website like
Now, Im not going to discuss about hiring here but I want to share on how to attract
a team (when youre ready and found your desired team players). All you need to
focus on is how they are better off by being in your team than them doing their
own stuff.
Of course the most obvious one is to pay them more but that would be a challenge
when you just got started, right?
You can always think creatively. Youre an entrepreneur.
What if youll share your profit with your programmer? Or youll help the programmer
to promote his own app* for free? So on and so forth.
*Note: Most app programmers are doing freelance jobs because they need income
to fund their own apps. They would probably be more interested to see their apps
becoming successful than earning money for coding for others.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


The point is you must allow your team players to be able to fulfill their own goals as
well in order to help you achieve your goals.

Making Money from Free Apps

App marketers use to sell apps for $0.99 or $1.99. Look -- people can easily spend a
dollar or two without thinking much about it. Because there are currently hundreds of
millions of smartphone users, this has allowed ordinary people to make money with a
low priced product.
However, the better way now is to create the app and give it away for free.
Instead of trying to persuade the user to buy before testing, let them download the
app for free so that they can play around with it. Then they can decide if your apps
useful or fun for them.
If you have something to sell, you can always sell as an upgrade inside the app.
Even if you dont have your own product to sell, you can easily generate income from
The common one is displaying banner ads in the app where youll get paid per clicks
from the ads. This can be done by joining
The other method that I like is getting paid for sharing others apps in my own app.
Introducing RevMobs app ad network.
Last time I checked, I was getting paid a whopping $1.75 per free game install. And I
dont need to update the offer because RevMob handles that for me permanently.
In essence, youre getting paid for giving away free apps.
Your users are happy because they get to download apps for free. You are happy
because you get paid commissions. Advertisers are happy because they get new
As you can see, its a win-win-win relationship.

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Want to know of another way monetize income

from your app every week?
With Internet marketing, weve been trained to build an email mailing list. If you still
havent figured out how to make money online, well, Ive just given you the answer.
Ive taught about this in a book Ive co-authored with Robert G. Allen called,
Clicking Cash.
In fact, the concept of building a list and promoting through email marketing is so
powerful that many of todays Gurus are making a living based on this alone. If you
take their mailing list away, theyll literally lose their Gurus status.
Now, if you merge this core Internet marketing secret with app business model, youll
have a fusion of unimaginable profit.
Lets look at email marketing.
First, you need to have a squeeze page or sort to capture leads. Youll then need to
have some kind of valuable free gift to get them to subscribe.
I know its a little bit of Internet marketing jargon, so the easiest way to explain is by
showing you a demo check out Its a type of squeeze
So lets say you do a good job and build 20,000 subscribers.
But what you may not know is, when you mail out to your list, you would be lucky if
you ever get 15% open rate.
Which means, youre getting just about 3,000 people to see your email. You might
find this hard to believe just ask around. Of course this is a general stat, if the
marketer is a brand or well-known, hell be able to pull a higher email open rate and
vice versa, newbies wont even reach 15% AT ALL. Research shows 4% open rate.
Just ask yourself, do you open ALL marketers emails?
Im lucky that you read mine. Thank you. Im sure Im not the only one in your email,
youre probably subscribed to many other marketers lists. Heck, I am subscribed to
others lists too.
What are some other problems?
Sometimes, mail gets stuck in the spam folder for no apparent reason. Gone.
Youre also competing for the attention of your subscribers because theyre
subscribed to so many other lists!

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


By the way, we assume you have 20,000 subscribers. The truth is, most newbie
marketers will NEVER get to this number on their own. They may get 2,000.
Now, despite these problems, building a mailing list and doing email marketing is
STILL the #1 strategy and probably, the most profitable one.
That is until Ive discovered what apps can do.
Let me make it clear Im not asking you to not get into list-building and stop email
marketing (if you want to do Internet marketing to make money online).
But Ive discovered what I believe to be a more effective strategy than that.
Its called, push notification for apps.
This is how it works:
Im able to send out a message to all my app users, directly to their IPhones (or
smartphones) and theyll receive it immediately. You know that I dont even need
them to open up my app to read my message? It just appears on their phones
Just so you know, the MOST used feature is SMS. Push notification is like the
greater evolution of SMS. Youre not testing out something new; youre using a
PROVEN strategy.
Imagine this
Instead of building a 20,000 email mailing list, youve build 20,000 app users. And
you dont need to have a squeeze page and crack your brain to come up with a free
gift (your app IS the free gift).
Research has shown that push notifications get open rate of 97%! Now, lets be a
little bit conservative and stick to 90%. Thats 18,000 subscribers.
To be frank, that is an impossible open rate number to be reached by any Internet
marketers. And if they do, they would probably need to have a list size of 120,000
subscribers. I have a bigger list than that and I can honestly tell you that my open
rate has never reached 18,000 before. Never.
Now, do you think you can make some decent money if you can get 18,000 people
to read your message? I bet.
Do you start to see how powerful this is? When you merge list marketing strategy
into app business?
Also, Ive not mention that when you send a push notification, it gets delivered
INSTANTLY. With emails, sometimes, people dont open up your email for days.

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Imagine if you need to push a book to a bestseller list in 24 hours. You can reach all
of your fans and followers in MINUTES. Ponder on that power, on that leverage.
My friend - with this strategy, you could control a crowd.
And if you do not have any products of your own to promote, you can always
promote other peoples products to earn commission.
Getting Paid Per Sale You can join for free to promote affiliate
programs. Youll get paid for the sales youve referred.
Getting Paid Per Lead You can join for free to promote
products and services that will pay you for the leads youve generated. Basically,
youll get paid when your user fills in a form.
Just so you know
Theres almost an app for any niche or business today. I could have an app to teach
Internet marketing (but Im just not doing this at this stage because its not
mainstream enough).
Because according to Morgan Stanley, by 2014, there will be more users using
smartphones than computers to surf the web. I dont know about you, but Im sure
gearing up for the future. I think Ill need to reach my prospects and customers on
their mobiles than their computers by then.
But heres the caveat I predict that the futures going to be very competitive.
Everybody and their dog will be doing it.
And the push notification features effectiveness will also decrease. I mean, Ive
shared this marketing secret with thousands of my readers. Thus, the next time you
receive a push notification, youll think twice about how youll react towards it.
And soon itll reach a stage like banner blindness.
This is why, you need to use this strategy NOW to profit massively.

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4 Things That Could Kill Your App Before

It Even Gets Downloaded
Before you go ahead and get your first app created, first have a look at these
mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be in this industry for the long term.
Not focusing on end users You have to remember to focus on the user
experience at all times. Even if you did develop a super cool app, the people who
download it are going to delete it from their phones anyway unless they find it useful
and enriching. When developing the app, from conceptualization to the final stage,
you should always look at it through the eyes of your end users. Will they find it easy
to use and how much does it serve its purpose?
Is your app created based on a trend or can your users expect long term benefits?
Does it create or satisfy a need in the market?
Not making provisions for future upgrades Operating systems are frequently
being upgraded, and if you dont make allowances for this in your app it will be a lot
of work to make it compatible with the new version. Preferably, the app should work
across a wide range of devices and operating systems. Besides, youll also need to
have a system to place where you can update your app easily every time.
Not knowing how to limit app features This is a mistake that every newbie
makes. In their zealous pursuit to create the coolest, most awesome app ever, they
forget that sometimes, simplicity is the best. Too many features make the apps
way too complicated to use. The best apps have one purpose only with a handful of
features to complement that purpose.
Ive downloaded game apps that Ive uninstalled in less than 3 minutes. Not because
of the graphics or gameplay, but because it has too many features! I dont want to
spend my time learning how to play; I want to spend my time PLAYING the game
and enjoy playing it.
Research on your idea Ideas are important in app development, but that doesnt
seal success for you.
You see, your idea may not be unique. Dont assume that it is or that you know your
market. Do your homework. This means you must find out if there are already similar
apps on the market. Then look for what their strengths and weaknesses are. Once
you identify them, think of how you can position yourself to be different. By studying
the most popular apps you can understand the secrets to their success and why
some are total flops.
Downloading a few apps in the same category that your app is in is a good way to
determine how your own idea will fair.
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Here Are The Big Takeaways

1. Free. Youll most likely to make more money by giving your apps for free and
monetize within the app. The logic is this: if its free, you can get thousands of
people to test it out, and if your apps good, youll have users who want to buy
the upgrade or purchase more content/features inside your app. And even if
they dont, youll still be able to profit from ads revenue and build a list for
push notification.
2. Simplicity. To get started, it makes more sense for you to develop simple
apps (regardless of whether it is a content app, utility app or game app).
Speed is the essence of success. If you spend too much time on development
and design, you might even miss out the entire opportunity. Besides, as what
Ive pointed out in the game app chapter, your simple game could be as
successful as any complicated game. Strike when the iron is hot.
3. Volume. Youll need more than an app to be successful. I know earlier, Ive
mentioned that quality is more important than quantity and Im sticking to that
statement. What I am saying here is to have more quality apps. Once youve
created an app and its making money for you, dont stop. Create and launch
another app.

If you want to learn how develop your own app, there are many courses out there
which can help you. Like at Udemy.
But the truth is: I absolutely dont know anything about app development and
Im not a programmer and I dont intend to be one. Dont get me wrong if I had the
programming skill, I would be overjoyed. I have admiration towards programmers. If
youre a programmer, I would say, The world is your oyster, now.
But the thing is, at this stage, I dont have the slightest clue how to do this, to write
codes for programming.
I like to continue being an entrepreneur.
You see, if I was to start learning programming, itd take months of my time. And
guess what? By the time Im done, I would probably still be stuck at the amateur
The second reason is: if I dont know programming, it forces my mind to be an
Heres what I mean

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Because I do not know how to do it, I would not interfere with the programmers job.
When I dont do that, my mind would have the space for marketing ideas and
business planning.
I would rather hire programmers to create the app.
At the same time, we also have our own app creator software platform to create
apps. With this platform, were now able to create apps without any technical or
programming skill.
Once in a while, Ill open up my APPportunity Coaching Program which is an A-Z
coaching program to teach my students how to make money from apps and become
app entrepreneurs. Its a huge program 12 weeks of training. It also comes with
bonuses, including the app creator software platform.
If youre interested in signing up, click here.

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How My Brain is
Wired to Think

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


How do we think?
Have you thought about that?
Most of the time, we do not take the time to actively think of solutions or
And its hardly our fault were probably too tired by the end of the day. But the most
concerning part is that our thoughts are influenced by other factors, including what
weve been learning in the past years.
In this chapter of Mindset, Im not here to teach you about mindset per say.
What I would like to share with you is the skill of making decisions.
Heres the deal
Your path to wealth (or becoming millionaire) begins with making the right decision.
Because decisions lead you to take action.
But before the decision phase goes into motion, it all begins with how your brain
interprets and analyses stuff.
As you can see, this is very scientific approach to success (as opposed to an
artistic manner).
Let me illustrate this
If youre sleepy, naturally, youll go to sleep.
First, your brain tells you youre tired and that you need rest. Then you make the
decision to go to sleep. And youll take the action of going to bed and lying down to
sleep. But this entire simple process happens naturally.
Again Ive said several times in the book that Im in no conflict with the concept
behind the power of sub-conscious mind. I think unlocking this mysterious power is
revering. I want that too.
But in this book, Im going to share my expertise on strategies and more on the
tangible concept.
Besides, Im best at writing this book by sharing of what Ive done and how Im doing
In summary, Im going to share with you how I make decisions but without getting
into the scientific mumbo jumbo stuff.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Also, the entire premise of the strategy is for making money and creating wealth
Im not training you to make decisions on whether you want to eat hamburger or
Chinese food for lunch. Of course I cant stop you from using the same strategy, but
dont expect it to give you the best result.
If we messed up at making decisions, we will end up doing the wrong thing. Or
sometimes, were bad at making decisions; we just dont decide at all, which leads to
inaction. This is where nothing happens.

The First Rule Strengthening Your Mindset

Do you play sports? Any sport?
I play basketball. Not a pro, but Im an okay player.
But when I first started playing ball, I was horrible. Believe me.
Just give a basketball to a dude who has never bounced and dribbled a ball before
he wouldnt be able to do it. Hed probably end up looking down at the ball, struggling
to bounce it.
In this world, there are two groups of people leaders and followers.
If you look carefully, the followers are the majority and leaders are the minority.
Basically, there are fewer leaders than followers. Then there are good leaders and
average leaders.
There are many components that a leader needs to have the skill of motivating
others, empowering and so on. But one that will set whether the leader takes the
group (followers) to victory or not is their skill in making decisions.
Take an army general for an instance. In a war, he needs to be as good as he can
get when making decisions, even when its just making a choice of two options either retreating or attacking. Making the wrong decision will not just affect losing the
war, but losing lives.
This is also why there are just a few good leaders today. Ultimately, a good leader is
about being able to make decisions that help their followers to win.
As you can see, many would just prefer to be followers rather than leaders because
they know (consciously or not) that theyll be forced to make decisions if they want
to be leaders making decision is a tough job.
Sometimes, we even have a hard time deciding what to eat for dinner! True?
Scientifically, when you make decision, there is a lot of activity happening in your
brain. I dont want to get technical to start talking about synapse, neurotransmitters,
neurons and so on -- you can read all of that stuff on Wikipedia.
Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


But basically, when you make more decisions, you strengthen your brain.
So this is what I mean:
If you want to build great muscles, you work out and continuously train it. You will
strengthen your body and enhance it.
Just like making decisions you get better at making decisions when you make
more decisions.
Thus, scientifically, you automatically become better at making decisions if you make
a lot of them.
They say practice makes perfect. Yeah, it sounds like a cheesy quote but thats the
best way to get good at it by continuously practicing and making decisions.
Therefore, when you have the chance to make decisions, take that opportunity. Be
the leader Take charge and take responsibility, even if the decision is made
Let me say this again you cannot get good at something if you HARDLY make
Now, it doesnt have to be complicated decisions or related to opportunities. Just
simple choices that are presented to you in your daily routine.
What should we eat?
Which street should I use?
What should I watch?
Should I go swimming or jogging today?
And so on.
The weird thing is there are many things in life that weve set without taking the
time to think. Just for fun (and also practicing your brain to make decisions), start
questioning minor things in your life. And make better decisions.
Why do I always wake up at 9:00 AM? Can I make the decision of waking up earlier
or later?
Why do I always listen to this song when Im in the gym working out?
Why do I use this alarm app in my iPhone?

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


There are just so many things that you can question and make new decisions with.
Just so you know, sometimes we follow something unconsciously because were
programmed by the media.
When I use the word media, its not just referring to advertisement. It can be
anything that controls the way you act.
And most of the time, its for a self-serving reason. Yeah, now it sounds like a
conspiracy thing going on, right?
Your boss would probably say to you that business is risky. That its better for you
to remain an employee?
Isnt that a form of control that is imposed on you so that you dont think of making
the decision to do something else?
Just so you know, in my office, Im very transparent with my team. Ill tell them as it is
and clearly explain that employees and employers have their own advantages. They
can choose where they want to go. And Im not afraid of saying that clearly because I
know that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or a millionaire seeing that it
comes with a price.
How about other types of media?
I dont like to talk about politics. But arent you getting only the messages that
politicians want you to hear, without you having to make your own decisions or
question their actions?
But theres nothing wrong with how the media is controlling us. Because its your
own responsibility to make better judgments for your own future.
Just like there are many people that get scammed and lose money. Most of them got
scammed because they WANT to believe the scam, although its too good to be
true and they already sensed something aint right. They like to be followers rather
than leaders to lead their own financial future.
Of course there are cases where they are innocent people who cannot distinguish a
scam or not. But then again if you read something like this:
Spend one hour a day answering survey questions and you can make $200 a day
even if dont even know how to use the computer!
Now, the statement above is just a made up. But do you get what I mean? We need
to have our own analytical skills to know when something sounds too easy. If this is
really true, no ones going to work at jobs anymore.
I mean, we need to have some basic analytical skills, dont we?
Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Now, could the statement above be true? Maybe.

Thats why its your job to find out how this can be TRUE. Do your research. Your
homework and due-diligence.
The truth is: there are statements LIKE above scamming people who do not want
to lead their own financial future.
And I havent even touched advertisements yet.
They are dictating how things are ought to be!
Now, Im not a big fan of teaching budgeting and savings, but the fact is regardless
of how much money youve earned, you wont have much left if you dont know how
to manage your spending behavior.
(Note: I dont encourage saving to earn, I encourage learning to manage your wealth
while and after youve earned).
You can argue with me till the cows come home, but is it fair for me to say that you
do not need to buy certain things if you do not have a surplus of overflowing cash?
The classic example of how the media portrays positive vibes is through cigarette
Look you and me know that cigarettes are bad from all angles. Again, you can
argue your points if you want.
But if you look at the media, apparently smoking is positioned as a super cool thing
to do. It attracts attractive people and makes you feel wonderful. Mmm.
If youre smoker, Im not asking you to quit. Its your life, your own desire. I just want
you to consciously know what is actually going on and accept that reality. Then youll
be able to judge for yourself if you should continue spending money that way or not.
Then we talk about actors and movies.
The reason why advertisers use actors (or celebrities) to display their products is
because actors have such a strong impact on us they represent the ideal
No, you dont want to be Bruce Willis shooting bad guys, but Im sure you might think
how cool it would be to be a hero that way.
So this is how our brain kind of connects Bruce Willis is wearing a Tag Heuer
watch in the movie (this is just an example, I dont know what watch he wears). Buy
that watch. Wear it and youll become a tough hero too.
Of course this is a simplified example, but I hope you get the idea.

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The 4 Thinking Strategies

In the following chapter, Im going to share with you my thinking strategies of
becoming a WakeUp Millionaire.

Easy Opportunities
With the existence of the Internet, I want to emphasize again that we live in a world
of great opportunities today. I strongly believe with my heart that if someone knows
the code to unlock the wealth of the Internet, they really dont need to have a job
Its simply because hes selling to the WORLD.
As you open up, youll start to attract many opportunities in your life.
The first strategy that I want to show you is to always choose the opportunity that
requires the least work.
Lazy is not a good habit but within this chapters context, I would want you to
entertain this notion
We like to be lazy, dont we? I mean, were not born to work, but rather to enjoy our
Frankly speaking, the whole concept of working from Monday to Friday for eight
hours a day is already incorrect.
When were children, most of our time is used to play. We feel happy when we play.
As we grow older, we play less. And less and finally, we stop playing.
You see, were not born to work.
In my opinion, lazy can simply be translated into meaning not wanting to work, but
to play.
And to a certain degree, play equals happiness, right?
As adults, although we dont run around chasing each other or play tag, we still enjoy
playing, just in other forms. It could be playing sports, watching shows, spending
your time pursuing your hobby or passion, simply said doing the things we love to
So our systems are somehow built to play.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Now, of course, we cannot change how things are anymore. The environment has
already set the rules of Monday to Friday. Its a norm today.
If this is to change, I believe the worlds economy would collapse.
So live with that its not going to change.
But ironically, I dont think everyone who generates income does work Monday to
Friday. The rich dont do that. They dont publicly tell you that because if this
awareness reaches the public, an economic chaos will happen.
The good news is youre the minority your absence in the Monday to Friday realm
will not create an economical downfall. You can choose to not accept what the media
tries to impose on you and start working your way to be separated from the norm.
Then spread your message to your friends and loved ones so that they too can
escape. No radical change is required, just one step at a time.
You may think Im thinking selfish for just thinking of you and me, but not the world.
Im a realist. You can say that Im not a big thinker but I like to start thinking of
helping you first. Who knows, maybe youll be the big thinker who change the world
someday. The person who carries on the torch.
Another way of looking at breaking away from Monday to Friday is just how
Confucius said it

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
- Confucius
There is Always a Choice
When youre presented with opportunity, dont be so hasty to get started. Why? Like
I said, there are many opportunities today!
The matter of fact is, many of them will likely generate the same amount of money to
you but some of them are difficult to do.
My brain is always focusing on the easy stuff. When an opportunity is presented to
me and my brain says, Thats a lot of work, Patric, Ill drop it. Its not worth the time
to do it.
There are times when I was contacted by clients who wished to hire me for
consultation to develop their business.
And they were willing to pay me handsome money for that work.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Hold on this is not about me tooting my own horn to tell you how awesome I am;
Im telling you this because Id like to give you a good real life example
Assuming the client is willing to pay $50K and I accept the job, that would mean that
I need to deliver the value of $500K to make their investment amazingly rewarding.
Or at least, a $250K value (5x).
Now, I could do that. But oh boy, were talking about MASSIVE workload here.
And on top of that, they rightfully owned my undivided attention. I need to be
available at anytime they need me.
Again, I could just take the job and make the $50K. But Im going to suffer and
need to drop off many of my other own opportunities.
If I need to make the $50K, here are other opportunities that I should work on
(Replace them with whatever of your own expertise and opportunities.)
1. I could conduct a workshop and sell it for $1K to 50 participants.
2. I could create many apps and do my best to generate $50K from them.

I believe the two options above are better.

Let me explain
1. If I was to accept $1K fee, Id just need to deliver a $5K - $10K value in
return. And thats not hard, especially when you compare it to a $250K to
$500K value!
When youve collected payment from someone, youre already expected to
deliver better value - it just depends on how much more value you can give.
2. If I was to accept the $50K job, Id be helping the client develop their
business. Thats alright, but if I build my own apps, I have the advantage of
building my own business. Which means even if the workload is the same, it
would still be better to spend my time and effort to create my own apps!
Secondly, its surely less work because Im doing for myself. Im not
accountable to anyone else, except for me. I choose when to work. Ill play
when I want to play. Frankly, I dont like to be bossed around by anyone else.

In your own situation, you need to know what is easy and what is not.
Here are three basic guidelines of easiness

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Value to Deliver. When you get paid (or receive payment from someone), how
much the value must you deliver in return? In simple English, how big is your
Attention. The less attention you give, the easier it is. Now, I know that our brain
can store a lot of things but once youve given your attention to too many things or
people, youll start to crash. Thats where the concept of being overwhelmed comes
into the picture.
I dont know how many things you can stay focused on at once. Generally, a great
leader would be able to manage their mind to focus on many matters. Take a
President for an instance - his attention is needed in many places and on many
matters. That is why only great leaders can be Presidents.
Secondly, for the attention that you need to give, how committed are you to that?
Familiarity. I dont get into businesses where I do not have knowledge or experience
in the industry. I might, if I have leverage (something that Ill teach more in this book
later on). But other than that, its a confident no without any second thought.
Common sense will tell you why. It slows me down. Ill need to spend the time to
understand the business and get myself acquainted.
Instead of doing that, I should be spending my time exploring Opportunities that Im
good at, where I can kick off as soon as possible.
Besides, at the end of the learning curve, theres no guarantee that Ill like it or
become a pro. Im not suggesting you play the guarantee game because achievers
DO NOT need guarantee for success.
But in this context, a guarantee is simply guaranteeing that youre well equipped
with knowledge or have vast experience in what youre about to get into.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
But Patric, does this means that I should not get into not-so-easy opportunities even
if its an awesome one?
This is where your skill of making good decisions is put to the test. This book can
give you the guide but it is you who will know what will serve you best.
Many matters in our life have no right or wrong answers.
Mothers and fathers could be doing their best to take care of their children and
shower them with love. In all rationality, the children would likely grow up to become
obedient and loving kids, but that is no guarantee they can still grow up to become
rude and spoiled kids.
I want you to make use of your decision making skills. That is what makes you more
successful than the rest, more successful than average people.
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Its the same reason why two schoolmates who go to the same school together and
experience everything equally turn out different; one becomes a millionaire and the
other one ended up working on a job that barely pays enough. Because the
millionaire made different decisions which directed him to take different
actions in life.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Open Door Policy

This is quite embarrassing
In the past, I used to apply the closed door policy. I did not pass opportunities to
others and tried to do it all for myself.
My stupid reasoning? Its my great idea and I want to own it; to have the entire share
of it.
This less enlightening thinking causes me to be slow. I wasnt able to execute
Opportunities quick enough.
I was also frustrated because Im not able to see my ideas becoming alive. They
ended up abandoned because wealth acts like speed if you do not act on
Opportunities (or ideas) fast enough, either

1. Someone else will do it


You might not believe this, but when you manifest an idea, that idea will also
be released to the Universe. Yeah, you might think that Im out of my mind
right now talking about this weird theory. But somehow, strangely, someone
will suddenly get your idea too. Just think there are millions of people in this
world; do you think youre the only person who thought of it? When the other
person is more inspired or passionate about his (your) idea, hell take action
and turn that into reality.

2. It becomes outdated

Lets say you have an idea for a game app. You know its fun and people will
like it, right now. But just wait another six months theres a likelihood that
your idea will be outdated because new games are introduced and people are
now playing those new games.

3. You get overwhelmed


You keep your idea or Opportunity and planning to start it later on because
you feel that youre busy at this stage. Heres the problem in the weeks and
months to come, more Opportunities will come your way. Then youll start to
be overwhelmed because youre stacking more opportunities on old ones.
Then you cant decide if you should still execute the old ones or not because
you have several to choose from at that point.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Smashing Down the Close Door Permanently!

One day, I decided to change my policy to an open door policy.
Instead of keeping the ideas and Opportunities to myself, I decided to share them
with others.
Now, before I continue teaching you, I want to make it clear that when I use the word
others, Im not referring to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Theyre the chosen ones. In
what sense?
First, youll know who the people like you are and have an affinity with them.
Secondly, its a win-win relationship where both of you are benefiting together with
YOUR Opportunity.
This is not a student-mentor relationship that youre doing. Or a charity relationship.
This is a form of business partnership where your partner is capable of doing the
things youre good at or can do better than you. And he wants to be part of your
Opportunity because you have other advantages over him.
For instance, you need him (or her, Im just using him because Im thinking of my
partner) because youre too slow to do it on your own.
Hes doing this for you because he can make more money doing it with you than
doing it by himself.
Thus, it becomes a two-way beneficial relationship that can prosper.
One example is
I have an idea about a software to develop. I have the funds to develop it and
everything else to see it becoming a profitable Internet business. What I do not have
is TIME.
So Ive partnered with another person where he runs the business and executes all
of the ideas and strategies I have for the business.
Today, its still making money for both of us but I dont work at all. My partner works
a little bit but hes responsible for the software development, keeping it updated and
all that good stuff.
The fact is, without him, this software might not exist today. And without me, he
wouldnt have made the additional income (that continues to pay him today).
Going back to the Psychology of Opportunities opportunities are in abundance.
As long as you do your part, youll never be lacking. When you share your
opportunity, another one will exist in the future.
But if you hold onto it and youre not able to execute, dont you see that youre
literally wasting it?
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In my case, after the software is up and running making money for us, we were able
to come up with new businesses. In fact, Ive shared with him bigger opportunities
since then.
Once I can free my mind of the opportunity, I can spend my time to develop new
ones because my attention is no longer on it. This opens up new space in my mind
to allocate attention on others.

How It Starts To Become Awesome

My todays model is to have all of my opportunities with the right people. I mean, in
the past, I wanted them all - but not anymore. Ive figured out a much easier way to
reach my goals and contribute to others greatly.
The strategy is simple. I will take on opportunities where I have strength.
If the opportunity requires my attention in the early stages, its perfectly alright if it
falls into these two categories of wealth:
1. Once its all said and done, the opportunity can continue to generate passive
income. Of course it must generate a sufficient amount, but as long as its a
passive income model, itll automatically get my attention.
2. It can create a profit windfall. Meaning it has the potential to grow big and one
day we can cash out big time.
I will empower my partners to make decisions on the opportunities that were doing
together and making sure theyre rewarded very well.
Lets examine this model compare to the closed door door policy
With a closed door policy, I get to keep 100% of the profit and have one opportunity.
Maybe I could expand to a few more opportunities once the first one is up and
running. But the fact is I cannot have many of them simply because all of them will
still need my attention.
With the open door policy, I help my partners make more money than they could on
their own. Lets say we split it evenly, Ill just get to keep 50%. But I could launch
several opportunities within a short period of time. Maybe five opportunities.
Do you see the exponential model here?
With open door policy, not only are you able to make more money, but youll be
able to make passive income and continue to grow. In other words, you could be
working less and making more.
I said working less, not completely hands-off, because in reality you might still be
involved in the opportunity, one way or the other.
Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


If youre wondering how a successful entrepreneur like Donald Trump is able to

create so many businesses despite being in different industries, I guess he has an
open door policy model. Successful entrepreneurs empower others either in a
form of partnership or simply hiring the best talents around.

The Highest Level of Leverage

The way I gage whether an opportunity can be successful for me or not is through
reviewing the leverage that I have.
In a simple way to understand, leverage is none other than resources.
Today, you have a lot of leverage that assists you in achieving your goal. They
could be

Your Knowledge and Experience

Your Skill and Talent
Your Fund

All of these leverages allow you to SAVE time. If youre completing a task where you
have knowledge, experience, skill or talent, youll be able to accomplish it faster and
with less frustration.
If you have funds, you can get someone else to do it for you, thus saving your own
And Internet is a marvelous opportunity because the Internet itself is a form of
leverage for business.
Can you think of a business that stays opens 24 hours a day? Thats what the
Internet allows.
Or a business that can be run with zero employees, without any physical office? Not
to mention that your shop can cater to an unlimited numbers of prospects.
The fact is: leverage is the most powerful concept in terms of creating wealth or
making money on the Internet. If you dont use leverage then youre just not working
When you combine the information business with the Internet, it becomes the
ultimate leveraged business model.

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First and foremost, it can be automated; secondly, it can be created from thin air.
Like this book, its created from thin air and if Ive decided to sell it as a digital
product through the Internet, you can see that my premise is almost zero cost.
Yes, I do have to work to write it.
But once its done, once I put it to the marketplace, I dont work anymore. It is just
there -- I dont have to physically work anymore. In other words, Im not trading my
time for money because that has become an information product.
The open door policy expands my leverage.
When youre able to leverage on other peoples time, I would say that is probably the
highest leverage you can get.
With funds as leverage, you can leverage on other peoples time. But itll never be as
powerful as what you can do with partners partners are committed for their own

Heres the exciting part

Sometimes your resources can be your hidden treasure. They are in the form of
opportunities, but you never thought of that because youre working alone.
If you have money, theres someone who you can fund to build a business. Or if
youre following this books WakeUp Millionaires Opportunity, you can use your
money to create an app. Find a partner who can manage for you.
If you are able to write or like to teach, find a partner who is passionate about
marketing but has no good product to market and sell. He can be your marketing
Perhaps you have a shop. Maybe theres someone who is very savvy with the
Internet whom can help to bring it online. Partner with him. Or maybe someone who
can open up another shop like yours elsewhere and you can share profit with him?
And the list goes on.
Do yourself a favor
Go through a list of your own resources. Youll be amazed that many of them could
be turned into Opportunities.

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Who Do You Know

If a rich person were asked the following question, theyd likely respond as follows:
If you lost everything, how would you gain it back as quickly as possible?
Give me a phone I just need to make phone calls.
Of course, in todays Internet age, they would probably say give me a computer (or a
smartphone) to email or Facebook my network.
Some of the wealthiest men and women in the world are as rich as they are because
of their elite networks. They know how to pull strings.
Besides, wealthy people know how to use other peoples money (legally of course)
to make money for themselves.
My mindset is focused on growing my network - This one strategy is instrumental
to my success today.
There are many books written on the topic of networking. I would suggest you read a
few those that explain about networking, and also some techniques of doing it
right. In this book, its not my intention to talk about the art of networking or any
tactics, but the secret to networking.

How networking started for me

It started with bad experiences. Really.
When I first started out on this quest for success, I was taught that the key to
success is networking. And its also because I was involved with network marketing
at that time. Thus, the uplines tell us to network with as many people as possible.
So we go out and try to make friends and get to know more people.
And you know, in MLM, theyll say something like
Your line will grow when youre able to sponsor a horse in your downline.
And this horse is referred to either as a passionate dude or someone who holds
strong authority that can influence others to join.
Ive mentioned it was a bad experience for me because no one seemed to be
interested in networking with me.
It made me feel like a loser or something.
As a kid, I was confused because the Gurus said that networking works!
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They did not teach me the golden rule.

The golden rule is to always put the persons agenda in front of you. Now, you may
know this, but its likely youre not doing it correctly.
No wonder my days of MLM when I was a kid never worked Im only focused on
my agenda, which is trying to sponsor another person to become my downline.
Yes, Im nave. I admit that.
Although you are not telling your agenda to others when youre networking, they can
still sense it. They can sense that youre trying to get something from them. And
thats no good. Until youre able to drop this and network sincerely, youll find it hard
to attract the right people into your business circle.
To give you an extreme example, you dont like the typical salesman right?
Why? Because you know theyre trying to sell you stuff and theyre doing it for their
own agenda. Theyre going after the money in your pocket, to earn their commission,
instead of thinking how they can help you with their products (and get paid in return
for helping).

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people
get what they want. The late Zig Ziglar
Be a good listener. Listen to other people; what are their agendas? Ask yourself,
Can I help them?
Dont believe me that this works like magic?
Well, next time you meet someone, ask him what he would like to accomplish this
Then ask him, Is there anything I can do to help you accomplish this?
If you ask sincerely, with the true heart of wanting to help, youll see that hell see
you as ally in this journey together and not a salesman.

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Investing For the Future

Your relationship with others is your greatest asset.
The truth is, if I lost everything, I could build it up again at an accelerated speed
because of the network that I have.
Assuming if I want to get WakeUp Millionaire to be a best-selling book, heres how I
can tap into my network
First, I reach out to my network of authoritative people to review WakeUp Millionaire
and request for a testimonial (if they like it). So long as the book is valuable and
theyre my friends, many of them will write for me.
Secondly, Ill ask their favor to tell their followers about it.
All I need is to orchestrate a proper launch. Just think
If my network has 10 people and each of them has a list of subscribers and
customers of 50,000 each, this means I could reach 500,000 people in one day. And
with todays social media, assuming they have 5,000 friends on Facebook, that
opens up the door to 50,000 others who could also be sharing with more people.
Wouldnt that give me extreme leverage to create money on demand, rather than
pushing it with my own effort, alone?
That example is just about trying to sell a book.
But having a network is MUCH greater than that because there are all kinds of
opportunities in this world.
If I liked to do Forex trading, I can pick up the phone and ask a Forex trading expert
about what hes buying.
If Id like to do real estate, I could ask him to spot good properties for me to acquire.
If I wanted to do MLM, I could ask a top networker to put me as his downline so that
my own network could grow faster.
And so on.
So, as you can see, your relationship with your network is priceless. That in
itself could turn you into a WakeUp Millionaire.
Early on in this book, I taught you about Income Today, Income Tomorrow and
ultimately, the Millionaire Income.
Today, when I got myself involved with networking, I didnt just focus on Income

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


You see, today, someone may not fit into your opportunity. Or you may not fit into his
But youll never know of what the future holds for you and him.
The strategy is plain and simple network as much as you can, regardless of
whether there is any opportunity between you and him or not, for today.
If you get it, if you understand the core power of networking, your goal is to
continue networking with others every time.
As you build your network, youre building your true asset of wealth.

A Simple Ritual that Leads to Amazing Opportunities

One day, I was with my co-author, Robert Allen. I learned a lot from him. At that time,
he was sharing the power of networking and how it compounds when your network
introduces you to their network.
Then an idea hit me. I thought.
What if I start making a phone call every day to my business friends?
And thats what I did. I picked up the phone and called my business friend.
Heres the interesting part my business friend would have never expected me to
call him seeing that Ive never done that before. We even live in different countries
and different time zone Im in Asia and hes in the States.
Needless to say, he was surprised but happy to hear from me.
And he was wondering, what Im going to ask from him so he asked me the reason
for me calling and I said this
Nothing much, I just thought of calling you because we hardly talk and I wanted to
know what youve been doing lately.
The entire premise was about me wanting to know what he is doing and if theres
anything I can do for him. And its sincere. I DO want to know what hes doing. I do
want to help my friend.
Just one phone call. Something that is not expected to happen in this world of the
Internet. It literally makes us closer.
Now, it also happens that hes a friend of Sir Richard Branson. Hes an email away
from the founder and chairman of Virgin Group of more than 400 companies.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


If you have ever heard of six degrees of separation, it is the idea that everyone is
six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world,
so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two
people in a maximum of six steps.
This also supports the classic notion that the rich get richer.
The Rich ALWAYS have their own network. It didnt appear from nowhere, they
made the effort to build it.
After that, I continued to call until all of my contacts.
Heres my challenge to you
Pick up the phone and call a contact a day. I mean, not your hanging out buddies,
but those who are related to opportunities. See how your life starts to change within
the next 30 days. I bet that at the end of your contact list, youll at least have a
handful of opportunities to work on.
Imagine when your network is introduced to their network exponential begins.

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It All Starts Somewhere

Its a proven fact that most people never achieve success after attending workshops,
seminars and so on. A few will, but most of them fail.
But interestingly, they never truly fail. Failing would mean that youve started and
werent able to achieve the expected result. Technically, those who fail never fail;
they never got started.
Im passionate about teaching opportunities.
In seminars, someone in the crowd would have his hand held up when hes listening
to all of the amazing possibilities to riches and interrupt with this
Patric, you dont understand. Its easy for you to make millions. Youre a best-selling
author, you have network, you have this and that and the list goes on.
Obviously, this guy doesnt get it.
At the same time, at an unconscious level, hes already giving excuse to himself for
not taking actions for success.
The truth remains that the journey to success can be painful. There are sacrifice to
be made and so on.
When someone says to me about that I have all this good stuff and leverage
I dont feel offended or defensive.
Why? Because my goal is that I want to help them. Its never about me; its about
This is my answer
At one time, I was just like you.
Yes, its true - its easy for me today. It even seems like I have a button that spits out
money when I click on it.
But at one time, this button never existed. Its like searching for the pot of gold at the
end of the rainbow.
Now, I couldnt say the same for those who inherited wealth, but for all of the selfmade millionaires in the world out there, they created the button by themselves.
Everyone has got to start somewhere.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


And that is how my brain is wired I understand that in order for the opportunity to
grow, Ill need to start small. Its not going to happen immediately.

Why is it So Hard to Start?

This is the weakness of thinking big when we think too big, we feel small. You see,
not everyone has the capability to hold on to a big vision and not feel overwhelmed
by it. When the goal gets too big, I too feel overwhelmed.
The secret to thinking big is youll also need to have a big heart for it because your
emotions will affect your analytical skill.
When I was young, I had the ambition to build a multi-million dollar company with
100 employees. The product of the company is a technology product and we have
many offices throughout the country. It would be spectacular.
As youre reading this book, this ambition of mine was never achieved. Heck, it
didnt even see daylight!
Why? You probably guessed it its too big of a goal at my age, at that time. Its just
plain thinking big.
I mean, I didnt even have my own place to stay yet at that time!
Im not belittling thinking big as theres truth to its power. But most of the time, its
mainly about giving you motivation.
I would rather focus on something that I can achieve and ACHIEVE IT. When I want
to do something, my model is very simple do my very best to get it done
successfully. I dont need to dream of owning a jet plane if I know that Im not going
to be able to buy one.
Can I still wish for a jet plane later on? Yeah, of course. Ill do that when there are
signs that IT IS possible to buy it.
Now, if you disagree with me and feel like thinking big seems to work well for you,
continue to do so. Use any method that works for you. Its just not my style. Thats
Interestingly, even if youre not thinking big, theres no guarantee that you can take
action - you might still be stuck!
So the strategy is not to focus on the work to get the goal attained.
Youll focus on the small steps that lead you to achieving the goal while keeping the
main goal in sight.
Break the goal into smaller chunks.

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Then take care of the chunks, one at a time.

Think of a great movie that youve watched recently
Got it?
Although the movie is just about 1 or two hours, the fact is the movie took months
to film! Months! Sometimes, a year - for just two hours of entertainment to be
They break down the big goal (having the movie done) into small chunks of actions.
And one fine day, filming the movie is completed. As long as they can discipline
themselves to continue taking actions and completing one task at a time, the big goal
is achieved.
I know today, we live a very fast paced world. Everything seems to be fast. Yes,
we need to be fast but we also need to have patience to lead ourselves to success.
Take small steps and youll garner these advantages
1. Small Victories.
When you play sports (or video games), you feel awesome when you win. Although
there is no prize and no one to congratulate you, in your mind you know you have
accomplished success. Scientifically, your body releases a type of natural chemical
called endorphins and this hormone makes you feel good. Feel happy.
See, what Im telling you is no hocus pocus theory. Were talking about science here
(without the complexity of it).
You can do a search of endorphins on Google if you like. Im not going to spell out
how it works. Its just like you put in your car key and start the engine all we need
to know is that it works. The car starts and were able to drive it; we dont need to
know about the engines functionality, the cylinders movement, the fuel combustion
and so on, right?
Relatively speaking, its so much easier to accomplish a small task related to the
big goal than completing the entire goal in one shot. So I have no doubt that if you
take action and complete a small chunk of the work, youll do it flawlessly.
Then brings you joy because you win.
You see, our mind needs to celebrate success. It reassures the statement of I can
do it. You build unstoppable confidence and certainty. And by now, we both know
that these two characteristics play pivotal roles for your success and becoming a
WakeUp Millionaire.

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2. Proper Planning.
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin
I dont know how Mr. Franklin thought of this remarkable quote; maybe at one time
he messed up his project with no planning. Who knows.
The point is: I dont think these words of wisdom come from nowhere. There must be
some truth to it, right?
When you do things systematically, one small step at a time, it gives you the
allowance for planning.
When I was involved in the seminar business, I remember one time I messed up.
I was over-confident (when youre over-confident, you risk being ignorant) and
wanted to organize a big seminar in just a short period of time. Well, originally, I
thought it was a simple thing to do:
Find a speaker.
Get people to attend.
Book the revenue.
Finding speaker was the easy part. Booking the venue wasnt that hard but I never
knew that getting people to attend was so difficult!
If I was smarter at that time, I would have allowed a longer period of time to promote
the seminar so that I could apply many ways to promote the seminar.
Simply said, breaking down a goal into small steps allows us to foresee the path and
make the correct adjustment along the way.

3. Higher Success Rate.

Michael Jordan is a legend in the game of basketball. But interestingly, in his early
days, he didnt have the characteristics of becoming one of the greatest (or the
greatest) basketball player of all time.
But one thing he did very well he practiced a lot. The kind of practice that an
ordinary guy like me would labeled as insane for doing.
Today, Im very certain that Im very good in what I do when it comes to making
money from the Internet. And Im humbled for that talent. I guess one of the key
influences to this is because I practice.
The more you do a certain thing, the better you get at it just like what I taught
earlier when it comes to making decisions. Theres just no doubt about that.
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You see, there are many people out there teaching about opportunity methods.
Be it about Internet marketing or real estate investing. But there are only a few who
are true teachers and mentors.
A guy who makes a million online from a single venture would probably be a less
skilled teacher than someone who made $10,000 10 times.
The guy who made a million sits behind the possibility that he was lucky at that time.
Whereas the $10,000 guy has a system where he can duplicate the result again.
Your goal is to master the skill of accurate execution of steps. You dont want
your success to be based on luck. That is like a dude who wins the lottery and once
the money is all spent, theres no way he can earn the money again.
In my seminar, its common for me to be approached by attendees who ask me,
How do I make $100,000 in 30 days from the Internet? or something along those
In all fairness, I truly believe anyone can make the amount of money they want, as
long as its a realistic number. The question is, WHEN?
Will it be in 30 days or in three years?
The answer lies in that persons experience and skill.
So Ill usually ask the attendee
May I know how much money youre currently making from the Internet?
If the answer is $0, do you think they can make $100K?
Maybe. But since were not here to talk about positive thinking, I would say its
unlikely to happen.
But if we start small, like taking actions right now, the possibility starts to get better.
Just think of it this way
If he has made $1,000 from the Internet before, then maybe I can understand what
he did and help him to do more of that, teaching how to enlarge it. From there, it
might jump to $10,000 and from there its easier to jump from $10,000 to $100,000.
Did you catch the ironic part here?
At whatever amount of money that someone wants to make, it all starts from ground
zero. No wonder many give up before starting!

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How You Start Will Determine Where You Go

In Penang, where I live, we have a lot of stalls on the streets where you can sit
down and eat delicious local food. At one time, I was eating at one of these
places and a guy came to me, asking for money*.

* Even when I was in San Diegos famous Gaslamp area where there are
plenty of wonderful restaurants, a guy came up to me to ask for money.
This happens everywhere around the world, so it has nothing to do with
You see, I do not give money to anyone if they dont work for it. Thats just my
principle. If he had come to me and asked me to buy a pencil (or anything he
wanted to sell) from him instead, I would have given him the money.
So I told him that if he was hungry, I would buy him a meal. I offered him the
opportunity to sit with my wife and I so I could buy him a meal, which he did.
While he was eating, I could see how haggard and sad he was. Not because of
the meal, but because of how he ended on the streets this way. So I couldnt
help but ask him how he ended up that way to live in poverty. So how does
anybody end up asking for money on the streets?
He told me that he was an odd job worker and when he was young he drank a
lot and he was also a gambler. Later on in life, he had numerous health
problems so he couldnt work anymore. He doesnt have a lot in life; he doesnt
have a wife or children. Now that he cant work, he has no money. Nobody
cares for him -- he ended up as the man on the streets, begging for money.
All of us, you and me have a great start.
We have a good job (or a business), family, we have people whom we love and
love us back. This guy doesnt have all that.
Because he started wrong, hes basically all messed up sadly, probably till
the end of his life.
But what if this guy had a different start?
What if he chose to have a family instead of enjoying his life with substance
abuse and gambling. Maybe, his life would be drastically different today.

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I Did Something
Do you have any great ideas that can be turned to wealth?
In todays age, ideas could be worth millions if they were ever acted upon.
If you dont, have you met friends who talked to you about their exciting ideas? And
guess what? They would probably still talk about it to you today.
When someone says to me
Look at your success today. You were lucky youve started early.
Yup, Im sure luck plays a role as well for what Ive accomplished. After all, we need
to remind ourselves how tiny we are in this universe and were the creation of God
(or the Universe, depending on your beliefs).
But at the same time, I believe there are many other influences that contribute to it.
Anyway, this is not about my success, its about a message I would want to pass to
You are absolutely right. It is also because I did something years ago, and this is
the reward that was reaped.
Strangely, few people dont understand this simple remark
If you dont do anything, that one day will never exist. I can guarantee you nothings
going to happen next year or five years later unless an idea is acted upon.
I did something years ago. Im very sure that many of the steps were executed
incorrectly. If I had todays knowledge, skill and leverage at that time, I would have
done it all differently.
We all continued to learn as we grow. Thats how we sharpen our skill.
The best part is: if we take action, weve initiated the process. With the right mindset
and psychology, well continue to seek the answers to the questions we stumble
upon and find the solutions to the problems that will arise along the journey.

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Everything About Wealth

Will Change in The Future
In this final chapter, Ill highlight to you the many critical changes that are happening
right now and many that will be more drastic in the not-so distant future ahead.
These changes are affecting your financial future as we speak.
Lets start with money - the fact is, money is important.
Look, Im not going to talk to you about spirituality matters or the argument of
whether money brings happiness or not. Basically, I think money is definitely a very
useful tool for you to achieve personal freedom, yes?
To give an example, if you like helping an orphanage with money, you can give
donations. With money, you dont need to work in a dead-end job anymore, so you
can use your time to be with them or do some community work. I guess Ive made
my point that money IS a very useful tool.
Lets move on
But unfortunately, your original plan to make more money is unlikely to work
anymore. This is because of the changes that are happening and will be happening
very soon. And if you have no plans for your life yet, then you should start working
on that. Yes, as soon as after youve done your reading here.

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The New Generation and Technology Growth

As Im writing this, Im 33 years old. But, when I meet with those in their twenties
theyre different. They think differently, they behave differently. They have different
principles. Their mindsets are completely different.
And Ive not even touched on the teens who will be subsequently taking our places
in the near future.
If youre thinking that Im going to talk about how to sell to them, youre totally wrong.
This is not about marketing but about CHANGES that are happening, without being
Heres the situation now:
If youre a boss, do you have a solid plan on how to manage them as your
Well, be prepared for a different experience compared to those days of having
people working for you smoothly.
The fact is, with globalization taking place at a fast pace today, they DONT NEED
YOU to earn money anymore. Keep your salary. I dont need a job from you. Trust
me, theyll have their ways to create money theyll never starve.
Or maybe youre not the boss, but instead an employee.
Then you better buckle up because youre going to compete with these dudes, or at
the least, be working with them in a team. Unless youre prepared to be faster (in
everything you do!) and be a contrarian thinker, I can envision how youre going to
be swimming against the tide with them. Two words - Freaking stressful.
Even thinking outside the box seems to be outdated nowadays. Thats soooo
old-school. Contrarian is the in-thing to be right now.
I mean, if you want to speak metaphorically about thinking-out-of-the-box, I would
simply ask you, Wheres the box?.
I guess the box idea comes from corporations where people work inside of cubicles.
Today, things have evolved to be borderless. In fact, employees are expected to
think outside of the box its already a compulsory necessity in jobs.
At the end of each day, youll be playing catch up with the new generation in the
office. I wonder how is that going to lead to personal freedom
And its just going to get bigger.

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This is why you need to become a WakeUp Millionaire thats your solution to not
Lets switch the topic to technology growth.
Since the day of the internet realm began, you have seen more rich people than
ever. Of course, many, many millionaires were made because of the initial boom.
It seems like many are more proud about saying that they work for Google, Apple or
Facebook than Walmart, Coca-Cola or ExxonMobil.
Anyway, going back to technology resisting it is futile.
It just gets more complicated. But ironically, it gets easier too because itll become
more user-friendly for customers as time goes by.
Have you heard of the new Google Glass? No? Read about it at:
New inventions and technologies are being introduced into our world, whether youre
aware of it or not we better gear up and embrace it fully.
Again, more millionaires will be made from new technology ideas and inventions.
The matter of fact is, the way that were doing business will continue to change to
benefit the market and its single major influence is none other than technology.
Now, Google Glass is something that will happen in the near future but for now,
were already moving into the mobile technology market. Ultimately, everyone is
going to use smartphones at some point. Even Africa is changing rapidly too. Watch
this for clarification -
This is why; Ive placed mobile apps as the Opportunity at this stage.
The question is, is your business related to technology, or at the least Internet?
Wait a better question should be have you started to figure out how to use the
Internet to benefit your business?
Because the Internet is the backbone of EVERYTHING when it comes to

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Government and Politics

Im not a big fan of politics as a whole, but as a citizen of my country, I do my best to
stay updated with whats happening. What our government is doing for us as a
Interestingly, its amazing easy to stay updated I dont even need to take the time
to search for whats happening with politics and our government because
everything is already shared on and Or Everythings leaked. The good, the bad and the ugly.
You watched Star Wars? Those Jedi Knights and The Dark Sith stuff? What? Youre
not a fan of Star Wars? Come on, how can you not be? Go watch.
Sorry to be a spoiler if you havent watched the movie yet but basically, with Power,
you can benefit good or evil.
The problem is, power is such an amazing thing and regardless of how good
someone is, they'll be tempted towards the dark side. (Hey wait, thats not how the
Star Wars story goes about. thats Spiderman, isnt it?) Regardless, politics =
Right now, most citizens are facing challenges with their governments and
questioning how the politicians are taking care of them as individuals. The United
States is one example. Including my country, Malaysia (since I live here, I kinda
know whats going on daily).
So, are you still expecting the government or politicians to take care of you?
Heck, you probably dont even know whats the accounting of your government at
this stage -- how much money they still have, or more probable how much debts they
have. How theyre handling their debts. Unless you live in China, then you dont need
to worry about your country being in unimaginable debt.
Seriously Im not great with maths, but common sense will teach you about your
countries money by seeing how they are spending it and what theyre doing to make
the country richer.
Unless youre somehow a friend or a relative or a friends friend or a relatives friend
or whatever forsaken relation to the politicians in power, I really dont know what your
plan is. Even if youre somehow connected, I think youll hate playing those games
personally, I hate them.
You know, never in my LIFE could I imagine the UK going bankrupt. I dont say this
for fun, I read it at this site. Yes, the UK King Arthur, knights and castles, that
country. A place where many Asian's always dream of going to for holidays. And in
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the past, some Asians even dreamed of going there just to work at odd jobs like
washing dishes inside of restaurants.
The point is this; its not the same as it used to be anymore.
It's better to have plan B because I dont even know if your retirement fund is still
there when you want to cash out.
Also, everything seems to get more expensive nowadays but your salary isnt
increasing to suit.

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Our Education In Schools

Now, I dont want you to get the wrong idea that Im hammering school education.
Not at all and in fact, I would say that its not even their fault that the education
system is not up to date with todays reality. No wonder Mr. Kiyosaki wrote a
controversial book called, If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don't Go to School?.
The problem begins when change occurs.
You see, I dont know how pre-historic our school textbooks and educations are
dated back, but I think its safe for me to say that
Nothing inside the syllabus has changed much.
Can you imagine this
Economy has changed.
Technology has changed.
Mindset has changed.
Opportunities have grown many times over.
But our conventional education doesnt seem to change much. The teachings are
almost the same as before!
I remember during my schooling days, I needed to write essays for the homework.
And during that time, the internet was not around yet.
Today, whats stopping the student just outsourcing their essay homework over the
internet? Maybe to someone in India who has a better written English? They can just
go to to do this.
I dont need to memorize stuff because Im just a click away from Google to get the
answer I need.
Do you know how big the size of Malaysia is as a whole?
I dont, but I got the answer in less than 15 seconds, whilst writing this manifesto. Its
probably about 127,355 square miles or 329,847 square kilometers. Thanks to Wiki
I mean, why would I want to memorize this fact, when I can just find the answer at
ANYTIME I want using my iPhone?
The school should be teaching SKILLS. Maybe, how to search for information faster
or something on the Internet? Bad example, but you understand my point, right?
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By the way, Im not just referring to the primary or secondary schools. Its happening
even to those who are studying diplomas and degrees.
The lecturer teaching about business marketing has probably never run a live
marketing campaign before in his whole life.
The lecturer teaching about e-commerce has probably never created an internet
business and sold products successfully before.
The lecturer teaching about customer service probably never sat in the office and
talked to customers and doesn't really know what is happening in reality, compared
to the theories he learned (probably from another lecturer who is the same shoe in
the past).
Education is important for jobs, if you need certifications or a technical skillset.
I mean, you cant be a doctor if you dont go to medical school. You need to learn
that skill.
But I dont see how education is going to help you, if your goal is to find the way to
having a prosperous financial future and finding the key to personal freedom.
Even to get amazing jobs. You may get them by showing all sorts of cool academic
papers, but when the rubber meets the road of your showing results, oops.
In our company, we prioritize talent and attitude over qualification.
Just so you know, ultimately, companies will be shifting their focus on hiring resultsdriven or experienced people to do the jobs.
If the goal is to own a business or to become an entrepreneur, Im not too sure what
youll learn in the current educations syllabus will truly be the knowledge that will
lead you to a business success. What youll need to learn is:

Having the right attitude and mindset (dont seem to teach that in the syllabus)


Coming out with brilliant plans and knowing how to execute them


Have PR skills so that you can communicate with people for business


And some other stuff that the school probably doesnt cover

Maybe youre not worried about yourself, since you are okay.
But what about your kids and their future?
It's a false hope to think that your kids future is going to be bright if you send them to
awesome schools today. Im not saying that they wont, Im saying theres no
guarantee that comes with that and the guarantee gets slimmer each day.

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The good old days plan was as follows: send your kids to an awesome school and
spend hundreds of thousands, so that theyll have an awesome job that pays them a
truckload of money when theyre done studying.
I kid you not, some parents still believe this plan actually works.
Why is it not working as well as it should anymore? Firstly, the education syllabus
may not prepare them for the real world. We all know that's obvious.
Secondly, the competition will be growing or be changing in times to come (once
Thirdly, due to technology, you really cant predict how that jobs going to be 10
years down the road. Compared to ages ago, things do not change because
technology is not that advanced yet.
But heres the thing:
At the end of the day, I would still like think that education is important and Im
sending my children to schools and doing my best to give them the best education
But its not for the purpose of achieving personal freedom or ensuring a good
financial reward at the end, instead its mainly for the experience and the knowledge.
Something that will be with them for their whole lifetime.
If you want to ensure the elimination of financial worries, I would suggest that you
build your own business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That is the only thing you can
count on to be yours and yours alone.

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Were Comfortable.
And Thats Not Good For Long Term.
Were very fortunate to be living in these times of good wealth and prosperity, living
in a wonderful country where were developed and advanced.
But the wind of change is coming your way.
They say that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will leap out right away
because its hot. Its obviously painful.
But, if you put a frog in a pot that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant, and
then you gradually heat the pot until it starts boiling, the frog will not become aware
of the impending threat until it is too late. Yup, the frog will eventually die. The
saddest part, it probably wont even know why it died.
Asia is rising at a rapid speed. Not because Im an Asian dude and singing praises of
where I come from, its simply the truth. Remember the countries that are going
bankrupts? Numbers dont lie.
The country that is the rising superstar is none other than China.
This is direct from Wikipedia

Are you seeing what Im seeing here?

It used to be United States companies dominating the top chart of global 500
companies. It looks like Chinas catching up fast.
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You may think it doesnt bother us too much, because its at a large scale. Just wait
and see what happens in the future.
I was in China to present a seminar in Dec, 2012.

One word - theyre hungry. Not in any bad way whatsoever, but instead in a positive
way. Theyre hardworking people and they take instructions diligently to achieve their
own success.
Whats best is, they dont think too much, theyll just do it and figure out the rest of
the plan as they go along the road.
Honestly, generally, we tend to do research, think of plan B, question the course, etc
meanwhile theyre busy moving forward. If you fall down, just stand up and start
again. No wishy washy BS excuses.
After the seminar, I went there to conduct a 2-day workshop, teaching them how to
create and make money with app businesses. Well, actually, its more like A DAY of
work since whatever I said needed to be conversed by my translator. (Yeah, Im
Chinese, but I dont speak Mandarin.)
So in essence, theyre not even learning DIRECTLY from me but through another
persons interpretations.
In a week, one student has successfully created his own mobile app. Of course its
not the most brilliant one, but he successfully got it started with no excuses.
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While for most, theyll either blame me that I didn't teach enough or give some
excuse of why they cannot start yet.
I just got an invitation to speak at 2 more seminars in China during 2013 and I asked
the organizer this question (to evaluate the opportunity in comparison to cost)
How many attendees are you expecting this round? Is it going to be the same as the
one I spoke at last year?
He replied, Itll just be bigger.
My friend, they just continue to grow bigger.
Maybe Chinas not hitting our shore yet, so no great urgency, even though theyre
literally growing rapidly and will soon be dominating many opportunities.
But I can fairly safely predict that many other third world countries will be growing
too, at rates we've never seen before.
With the advancements of technology and the freely available information (again,
thanks to the internet), people are learning faster than ever.
More people will rise above.
Imagine if India explodes just like China did.
I guess, theyll soon be outsourcing their own jobs to the world then, instead of us
hiring them for our jobs. Can you imagine that?
All of these facts are going to change how youll be making money. For sure.
And what if your country is no longer a successful country and seen as a lesser
developed country when other countries rise so high above you? Dont be surprised
if your government is not doing their job well enough and other countries are growing
past at crazy speeds.
Lets bring this back to where you are now.
You can continue to be comfortable if you like, after all, were naturally comfortable
people. Thats our advantage when living here we dont need to work so hard.
But make no mistake, my friend within your country itself, many are now coming
out from inside their comfort zone. My assumption of this phenomenon is because of
these facts

Lack of confidence in their jobs and subsequent government


No new boundaries to find information

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Inflations that are pushing citizens to find different income streams


Desire to look and feel better (thanks to the media)


Peer pressure (yes, adults have this problem too)

You want to know something I found out? They WANT you to continue being
comfortable. Thats how it works for them to continue their growth.
If you still dont have the awareness, well, tough luck because you might end up
being the frog. You may dislike me for saying this to you - I mean, who likes bad
news. If you feel that way, Im very sorry. But I know deep in my heart, Ive done my
part. I want to help you, despite the risk of you removing me from your Facebook
friends or whatever.
Continue with being comfortable for next few years. See what will happen.
You may think its still a long way to go, Ill do it tomorrow. Right now, I feel like
watching my TV CSI is on TV right now. I can't miss it.
Okay, its your life. You get to choose what you like to do. Just dont get scammed
into buying some work from home starter kit or biz opp stuff when youre
desperate for that extra income.
One more thing just so you know, in just one year, MANY things can change,
including your financial future when it comes to building a successful internet
business. I got a student who has changed his life because he works hard for just
one year. A lifetime reward.

Copyright WakeUp Millionaire, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


You Are On Your Own

Youre on your own now. Whatever choices you make will certainly influence your
financial future and your own personal freedom. And your familys future too. It
really is that simple and straight forward.
If you dont take care of your own future, youre going to be hit badly with the
forecoming changes. I dont need to be an oracle or try to inspire you, the evidence
is very obvious. Some people just like to continue to think positive and act as if
nothings going to happen or is indeed happening.
Of course, if you ask me what you should be doing, every day, starting from now
Ill suggest you that you join me and start your own internet business. Little by little,
you build your business up then soon enough, it becomes an internet business
empire where it starts to generate a passive income for you to live off.
But if you want to do MLM or take up a part time job, thats totally cool with me. Or
join some other guys that will teach you about internet marketing. Either way works
fine with me.
For me, Im sticking to my plan of getting into opportunities and riding along the
trend, not to oppose it.

Remember -- everything is about speed.

Things change very rapidly, I've said this so many times here each delay would
mean further delays of your own success.
Secondly, its about being a contrarian thinker. When everybody is doing the same
thing, its time for you to do something totally different and be bold enough to
ACTUALLY do it. That will get you the attention for your business.
Have you ever thought why there are only 5% (or less) of people who are rich and
successful in this world? It's simply because they dont do the same things that
everybody is doing.
You dont need to be good at everything to become a WakeUp Millionaire. When I
first started, my writing was much worse than this but I was persistent with it. It didnt
stop me. I have a greater reason to achieve success. I refuse to turn this measly
challenge into an excuse for not giving it a try.
Interestingly, up till today, Im still not perfect with my grammar, after being in this
business for 10 years. Yet, Ive become a best-selling author and wrote many
writings on the internet that has inspired others to live their dreams. I guess my
motto is pretty straight-forward
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If you have the desire to succeed, youll find ways to overcome your challenges.
At the same time, I want to share with you the GOOD NEWS.
The good news is youve read this book in time. Its not too late. Its never too late to
start. I hope it has opened up your eyes about what is actually happening and youre
able to subsequently plan ahead.
My piece of advice is this, start taking action that is aligned with the changes, and be
responsible for your own future. Most people will never read this book and
unfortunately, they wont be preparing for the upcoming opportunities.
At the same time, many other's would have read this and done nothing. 9 out of 10
would just do nothing. The question, are you going to be one of the 9, or are you
going to be the contrarian person whos the 1 out of 10 and excel like crazy?
Just as problems bring opportunities, changes bring advantages.
So its really how you view things in life, isnt it? You can be unhappy with how
gloomy this chapter is, and super excited with the rich information I've provided for
you to move forward now.
For me, I always choose to think differently and ask better questions that are more

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Bonus Chapters:
The Success Secret to Not Failing
A lot of people are not aware that there is a secret to not failing.
That secret is very simple stop thinking about yourself. Stop thinking about how
you can achieve your goals.
I know that this is very contradictory to what most speakers and trainers have been
teaching you. There are so many courses out there that encourage you to think
about how you can achieve things or how you can live the life that you want. Well,
what I want you to do now is to just put those thoughts on hold for a while as you
read this.
Heres a very simple exercise you can do (just be honest with yourself)
When you are trying to achieve success, regardless of what you are doing, whether
its relationships, financial wealth, improving your career or growing your business,
you are always thinking about you.
Its all about YOUR goal, YOUR business, YOUR success, YOUR wealth, etc.
Even if you say thats not true, subconsciously thats what your brain is thinking.
Lets face the fact. Its always about you. Thats why nobodys helping you to achieve
success. There, straight to your face.
Imagine this. You attend a seminar about becoming a millionaire. You approach the
speaker and start telling him about your goals, how you want to live in your dream
house, drive a big car or own your own jet. Then you ask him to help you.
Do you think hes going to help you? He could, but lets look at things more
realistically. You tell him about the things that YOU want to achieve and then you ask
him to help you so that you can achieve what you want to achieve.
Ask yourself if hes going to help you again.
Let me give you another example. Lets say you want to get a bank loan. You talk to
the bank loan officer who is the person responsible for approving your loan. You talk
about how much money you want to make with your business and the things that
you are going to do with the money. Will you get your loan by telling him all about
you? How about you instead talk about how the banks going to make money by
lending you their money?
Heres a final example

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You want to marry a girl. This has nothing to do with wealth or fame and fortune. You
tell her that you want to marry her because of how much she loves you. Thats not
wrong, but I dont see how thats going to excite her. Its like me saying that I want to
be your friend because you are nice to me.
Are we missing something here? What about the other partys emotions and
thoughts? If you live in your self-contained world of your own success and dreams,
youre going to leave out a lot of things.
We always think of ourselves because its our natural tendency. We love ourselves
and theres nothing wrong with that. I mean, our brain functions that way! So every
thought that comes out is always about us. Our brain always protects us. It always
wants the best for us. Get it?
However, other peoples brain functions that way as well. The brain of the millions of
people around the world functions that way too, so they always think about
So if you dont want to fail in whatever it is you do, change your mindset. Think of
what you can do for others. Whenever you want to achieve something, be aware of
your thoughts. What are you thinking? What are you manifesting?
Then think of what you can do for other people in order to get what you want. The
principle here is to get what you want by helping others get what they want.
When you do that, you will see so much more success in your life. Of course in
reality, we cant practice this all the time. It has to make sense to a certain level. This
secret of success applies whenever you find yourself in a disadvantaged position
compared to the person whose helping you.
Lets say I want to be business partners with Bill Gates. Im obviously in a less
favorable position than he is, and if thats the case I should be thinking of how I can
benefit him first in order for me to achieve my own goal.
Whether its a partnership or in an office environment where youre trying to get
someone to do something for you, think about this and youll get a paradigm shift in
your way of doing things.
However, dont go around doing things for people to get what you want all the time
because youll be drained.
On a final note, remember that you CANNOT ACHIEVE SUCCESS ON YOUR
OWN. Maybe you can, but youll be exhausted. Wealth is created when you work
with other people who have their own needs and desires.
If you have your own way to help others achieve their own needs and desires, youve
just opened the path to riches for yourself. Theres just so many opportunities out
there waiting for you to grab, whether it is financial wealth, success, fame or

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Its an adage question and it doesnt have a direct answer. I can tell you this
money CANT buy happiness but money does influence someones happiness, a lot.
I know a lot of people who are not rich and theyre still happy. At the same time, I
also know a lot of friends who are rich and are happy too.
And heres the ultimate kicker I definitely have more friends who are rich and
happy than not rich and happy.
You dont *really* need money to be happy, but with money in your hand to spend
wisely, you can surely attain happiness quicker - and perhaps, easier too.
You see, the REAL secret to happiness is by making others happy and feeling
fulfilled in return. Why do you think there are people who do charity by donating their
money? Self-fulfillment.
If you have a wonderful wife who is loving and caring, wouldnt it be a happier
relationship if you could shower her with more gifts than money can buy?
Or if you have a beautiful kid, wouldnt it be great if you could take your child to
places he/she likes to visit?
If you read this and you feel like Im a jerk to say money brings happiness or you
disagree for whatever reason, stop reading because Im not here to point out whos
right or wrong. But I think I can say this - if someone feels uncomfortable with what
they read here, theyre just avoiding reality and reality always bites. Who likes to be
biten? I rest my case.
What most people are unaware of is at the subconscious level they are letting this
belief slip into their mind and it becomes the excuse for them not to be wealthy.
To be wealthy, theres a lot of work.
And Im not saying this because its my belief system or something no. Go ahead
and ask any millionaire how they became millionaires and Im pretty confident that
theyll tell you that theyve gone through certain challenges.
Imagine this - if you embed the thought that money is not important for your
happiness, do you think youd still work hard to be rich? Not anymore.
And these are the people who would say these things to you
Why work so hard?
Money is the root of all evil.

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Youll attract problems with your money.

You wont have true friends if youre rich.
Ive interviewed many millionaires and some of the most successful people in the
world Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Bartmann, Jerry Clark, Robert G. Allen, John
Assaraf and many more and guess what? They seem to have a lot of true friends
and have strong feeling of happiness with them.
So after this explanation about money and its relation to happiness, Ill tell you this -money will help you gain happiness when youre attracting and using it correctly.
Ask any rich person - are they happier today or when they were broke?
Some will say when they didnt have money, and this will be a small group of people
who attract and use money incorrectly, thats all.
As a matter of fact, the topic of money is such a sensitive topic that there are people
who avoid discussing it - embarrassed to be misunderstood of being chasing money
and rejected from the society. If youre not excited about getting rich, how can you
attract riches in the first place?
At the same time, I was asked an interesting question from an attendee when I was
doing a workshop with Robert Allen
Youre already so rich and successful. If I were you, I would have taught people for
I honestly think hes not rich yet and doesnt really understand the mechanisms of
money and wealth yet, not in a negative way.
I wanted to ask him this question in return
Why do you think doctors charge fees for their consultations? Or why do you think
lecturers, fitness trainers, fashion designers and professors are paid then?
The doctors, lecturers, fashion designers, fitness trainers and professors should be
paid because theyve risked their own time and money to be able to help other
people. Theyre ALREADY doing a favor by charging you and me for imparting their
knowledge, experience and wisdom.
Imagine if they had the same thought as the workshop attendee; that they should be
taught for free as well - that they should not spend tens of thousands or years to
learn their trade. Imagine how this world would actually perform today. Weird, right?
If you want to be rich, focus on being rich. Stop questioning what you dont like
because it wont change anything if its not within your control.
The way you view the world will ultimately be your world.

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So do you want happiness or money?

My answer? Both, because youre living in a world of abundance where you can
have both, not one or the other.

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Before you read the summary, keep in mind that this is the summary of the
WakeUp Millionaire Book.
But theres no summary for success and wealth because we always continue to
seek more knowledge.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. - Steve Jobs

Every successful person and millionaire knows this to be the truth. Were always
learning and never have the ego to let someone tell us different.
When we lose our humility, we shall lose our leadership and all the inner wealth that
weve build meticulously in the past. Not in just one day, but gradually until we lose it
all, before we know what really hit us.
Being a WakeUp Millionaire is not about the money that you have in your bank, its
about what you do with it.
What in life that means the most to you?
You probably have a list of things to say to me. And I bet that theyre all good. But in
essence, its about having more time for yourself.
Time to be with your loved ones, your family. Time to play. Time to do anything you
like, within your physical and financial means.
So dont waste your time making more money if youre not living your life. That
defeats the entire purpose of even getting started in the first place.
Make money, live your life. Live by doing the things you love doing.
As you continue, balance your life to make more money and continue to enjoy your
life in this journey.

If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of.
- Bruce Lee
The goal is to make enough so that you no longer need to make money to support
your lifestyle or to live your life wonderfully the goal is NEVER to make as much as
you can. That will surely suck the life out of you and pull you into the black hole of
greed and unrested goals. What for?

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I want you to understand the concept; not immerse into the instruction because
theres no instruction here.
How much money is enough for you? I dont know. At the end of reading this book, I
believe youre a thinker and you should know more about yourself more than I do.
Should you think big? Again, it depends on what you WANT in life. Or in other words,
what you appreciate in life.
So I want to position the end of this book in another angle
You may or may not realize it, but youre already having a wonderful life. Being a
millionaire doesnt dictate happiness it simply comes with how you balance your
life and appreciate what you have.
Yes, start mapping out your course to become a WakeUp Millionaire, dont lose sight
-- but keep in mind that being a WakeUp Millionaire is not just about having a million
dollars, its about being successful in life holistically. Having balance in your life.
Having control of your life. Surrounded with love and laughter of joy.
With that said, I wish you the very best in your journey and I look forward to hearing
your inspiring success stories soon.
Stay humble.
Be sincere.
Live ethically and with integrity.
To becoming a WakeUp Millionaire,

Best-Selling Author, World-Class Marketer and International Speaker

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