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Hymn To My Mother David Seals ISBN: 9780772320016 Northern Arizona University Press Reviewed By Dominique Sessons Official Apex Reviews Rating: When Mary Kathleen O’Brien Seals died in 2001, her eldest son, David, delivered the eulogy at her funeral. In his impassioned message to friends and family in attendance, he relayed the significance of the most impactful event of his mother’s life: the tragic death of her oldest daughter, Kathy, at the tender age of 4. Comparing her to the mythological Demeter – who was also suddenly stripped of her daughter, Persephone – David paid special homage to the remarkable strength that his mother subsequently displayed over the remainder of her life, as well as the trademark resilience that enabled her to cherish life to the utmost – despite the lingering sting of her daughter’s death. Such is the essence of Hymn To My Mother, the moving maternal tribute by author David Seals. Styled after Homer’s “Hymn To Demeter,” Hymn To My Mother chronicles the life and times of someone for whom the moniker “free spirit” would be a considerable understatement. The first volume in The Flagstaff Quartet, a collection of intriguing accounts of the Family Seals’ lives and lasting legacy, Seals’ tribute introduces the reader to a family clan far from what many would consider normal - but who nonetheless lived their lives to the fullest in the pursuit of their individual and collective passions. In poetic fashion, Seals paints a vivid, larger-than-life portrait of the “modern goddess” affectionately known as “Kay,” carefully capturing the true emotional, mental, and spiritual impact that she had on his life, through which the hers is allowed to live on for the benefit of future generations. Powerful and poignant, Hymn To My Mother is a touching tribute to a special soul with invaluable life lessons to share. A heartrending literary treat.