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The Gear Junction, LLC.

Consignment Policy Agreement

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City,____________________________________________ State,________________________________Zip,______________________
Email:________________________________________________________________Phone: __________________________________
Terms and Conditions
Consignment Terms: As the consignor you will receive the percentages of the sale set below.
$ 0.00 - $149.99
$ 150.00 - $349.99
$ 350.00 - $799.99
$ 800.00 - $1499.99
$ 1500.00 and up

Consignor receives 55% of the sale

Consignor receives 60% of the sale
Consignor receives 65% of the sale
Consignor receives 70% of the sale
Consignor receives 75% of the sale

(65% if used in-store)

(70% if used in-store)
(75% if used in-store)
(80% if used in-store)
(85% if used in-store)

Payment: Consignor will be notified about sale of item within 24 hours after the item is sold. Consignor has the
responsibility to pick up payment, request in-store credit, or request that payment be mailed. Payments that are mailed will
have a $1.00 surcharge applied.
Pricing: Ultimately, the consignor decides on sale price of item. Input regarding realistic sale prices will be given by The
Gear Junction. The Gear Junction reserves the right to refuse to sell any item not deemed practical to sell. Consignor will
have 5 days to respond to price lists sent via email before items will be put on the floor with the prices applied by The Gear
Junction, LLC
Duration: Consignor agrees to leave items on site and available for purchase for a minimum of 30 in season days. Items
will be displayed by The Gear Junction for 180 in season days. Consignor is responsible for retrieving any unsold items
after the 180 day term. If items are not retrieved after 190 days they become property of The Gear Junction, LLC
and may be donated to a local non-profit organization.
Price Reduction: After 30 in season days, The Gear Junction at its sole discretion retains the the ability to reduce an items
price by 10% of its original sale price. After 60 days, The Gear Junction at its sole discretion retains the ability to reduce the
price of the item by an additional 20% of its original sale price. Items that are out of season will not be subject to price drops.
Price drops will only occur on items that are in season.
Summer season: April 1 - October 31

Winter Season: November 1 - March 31

Liability: The Gear Junction, LLC is not responsible for loss or damage to merchandise due to fire, theft, or vandalism. The
consignor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Gear Junction LLC from any liability, claims, suits, proceedings,
demands, losses or damages of any nature.
I, ________________________, am the owner of the items to be sold and have full authority to do so. I agree to the above
pricing and liability statements and will abide by the timelines listed in this contract.

I would like in-store credit

I would like cash

Signature (Consignor) _________________________________________________ Date: ___________________