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Lesson Plan

Lesson: Overhand Throwing Introduction

November 1, 2016


Outcomes Addressed:
K.1.K.B.3b Recognize names of body parts (i.e., shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, legs,
feet, hips,) when following instructions for physical activity.
Can students learn the proper techniques needed for overhand throwing?

Opportunities for Assessment:

Not a lot of assessment as it could be an introduction of a bunch of new skills
FOR: Observe students as they try and learn the proper techniques of the overhand

Teaching and Learning Activities:

Activating - play a warm up game that involves overhand throwing (10 min)
Acquiring - explain and model and have them shadow the motion to feel the
technique (10 min)
Applying - Have the students throw a ball at the hula hoop on the wall

Differentiation of Instruction:
Verbal: explaining the activity and talking about the technique
Visual: demonstrate the skills they are learning
Kinaesthetic: performing the various skills needed and moving through space
Interpersonal: work as a group to take turns at the hoop
Intrapersonal: be a good listener and work to learn the new skills

Materials Required
Hula Hoops
Dodgeballs/wiffle balls
Duct tape
Manitoba Physical Education Curriculum

Cross-Curricular/Real World Connections:

Math: counting how many points they get