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Lesson Plan

Lesson: Scooters

November 9, 2016

Grade 4

Outcomes Addressed:
K.3.4.A.2 - Recognize safe and unsafe characteristics of performing common

Opportunities for Assessment:

FOR: observe the students to watch that they are displaying the safety cues talked
about beforehand.
AS: Talk to students and have them say what is the fastest method

Teaching and Learning Activities:

Activating - play a warm up game (10 min)
Acquiring - talk about the safety aspects and how fun scooters can be(10 min)
Applying - have relay races that allow them to explore moving safely on scooters (10 min)

Differentiation of Instruction:
Verbal: explaining the activity and talking about the technique
Visual: demonstrate the skills they are learning
Kinaesthetic: performing the various skills needed and moving through space
Interpersonal: work as a group to move quickly
Intrapersonal: be a good listener and work to learn the necessary safety guidelines

Materials Required
Manitoba Physical Education Curriculum

Cross-Curricular/Real World Connections:

History: discover the origin of scooters
Math: find distance covered