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SURGICAL ExPERTISE You can perform silfl surgical procedures quik. Prerequisite: Taind in he Treat ljury sil Benefit: You can perform surgery in 10 minutes. Normal: Performing surgery typically takes 1 hour (see the Teat skill page 74) ‘Man Down: Whenever analy within 6 squares is reduced to hitpoints, you can immediately move upto your speed toward that aly as a reaction This movement does ot provote attacts of opportunity ‘Steady Under Pressure: You can choose to reroll any Treat Injury check, using the better result. ‘Knack: Once per day, you can reroll a skill check and take the better me sc St i tp seach ec Diptera arr snes ero Stay uP accelerate dag dak oy irmepuuss tan inbe taboooe oa Sccfur one ecsen eu wn camay ae age from an attack, you can instead choose to take haf damage and move -1 ‘step along the contin tack fax Nails: You con catch a second wind one extra time per day ‘Wind, page 146). If you have this talent and the Extra Second Meat tse page 85), you Can catch your secord wind a total of three per day INT BLANK SHOT Milled st making well-placed shots with ranged weapons at point range. You get @ +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged {against opponents within point blank ange (see Table 8-5: Weapon page 129) EXPERIENCED MEDIC ‘You have spent so much time onthe battlefield that patching up wounded allies has become second nature to you Prerequisite: Wained in Treat Inu. Benefit: You can perform surgery (see page 74 ofthe Saga Edition core rulebook) ona number of creatures equa o your Inteligence Bonus (mir ‘mum 2) simultaneous. You mate Treat Injury checks foreach individual, creature a5 normal Battlefield Remedy: You have learned a variety of different ways to ‘treat combat injures inthe field. When you succeed on a Tees injury check to administer First Aid, the tended creature also moves +1 step on the condition tack Prerequisite: Trained in Teeat Injury. Evasion: if you are hit by an area attack (see ‘Area Attacks, page 155), you take half damage if the ‘attack hit you Ifthe area attack misses you, you take ‘no damage. SHake IT OFF You have learned to shake off debilitating conditions. Prerequisites: Constitution 13, trained in the Endurance skill. Benefit: You can spend two swift actions instead of three swift actions to move +1 step along the condition track (see Concitions, page 148). Normals it takes three swift actions to move +1 step along the condi- tion track. 1SE SHOT “tiled at timing your ranged attacks so that you don’t hit your Point Blank Shot You can shoot or throw a ca fr throw a ranged weapon at an opponent manele combat nth one or more of your aes without taking the Penalty (see Shooting or Throwing into a Melee, page 161),