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Skills 2 Test A (unit3andunit4) 4 Read and answer the questions. My name's Clara and I’m from Italy. I live in Rome. On school days I get up at half past seven. ‘My favourite meal is breakfast. I eat cereal and toast. I go to school with my sister on her motorbike! It’s fun, School starts at half past eight and finishes at four o'clock. After school I meet my friends. I go home at five o'clock and do my homework. | watch TV with my sister and we go to bed at ten o'clock. Writing 5) Look at the table. Write five sentences. limb swim | fly | jump Name: Where is Clara from? She's from Italy. What time does she get up? What does she eat for breakfast? Does she walk to school? What does she do after school? What time does she go to bed? tk Dolphins can swim, but they can't fly. dolphins monkeys parrots xxl] s x {|x| x sts] SIS] |x squirrels Speaking wok Oo NH 6 Complete the table. Tell your friend or teacher. ‘You 1 get up at half past seven. ‘My Life get up half past seven have breakfast g0 to school finish school have dinner go to bed Listening 10 Reading 10 Writing 10 Speaking 10 Total 40