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Toaduays, boundaries, and structures, to the end that said grounds shall remain and be reasonably cared for a3 cemetery grounds foreson. RULE 76.| Whenever and wherever the term "perpetual care” is used in reference to the mausoleum and/or colunbariun, it shall be head so Bh ne aCioaing and sweeping of the building at reasonable intervals, ee er _———— es ae ere or eens eOn Of locks and doors to prevent the entrance of prowlers taeentgstrable persons; meaning and intending only the repair nbcossie tated by ordinary wear. €, as mean ‘he maintenance, repair, or replacement of any gravestones, monumental structures, or memorials, or broaumt nor does it mean the reconstruction of any marble, granite, bronzes or concrete work on any section or plot, or any portion oc por- tions thereof in the Memorial Park, mausoleum and/or columbarium, crema- Lr ,—r=—G eT;s—r_—C rs lr or cody common eneny, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious miger tes menerss explosions, unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrestions: qagtss or by the order of any military or’civil authority, whether the damage be direct or collateral, other than as herein provided. RULE 78. The money received for perpetual care shall be placed in an irrevocable trust or trusts. The Association reserves the right, how- ever, to deposit said funds with any person, company, or corporation qualified to act as trustee or trustees for’ such perpetual care tunis. RULE 79» ferpetual care, whether allied to lots, graves, mausoleum and/or columbarium Space, or to any space within the confines of the Memorial Park, shall be iimited absolutely to the income received ncom the investment of the perpetual care part of the principal being expended. .anything herein staten eo ing contrary notwithstanding. as above defined; but in no case shall their deposit be construed as a contract to care for any individual property or space other than as above defined; and the erpetual care of the cemetery, mausoleum and/or colum 7 shall be limited to the net income from the investment oe scch ‘unds. RULE 81. The income from the perpetual care fund shall be expended by the Board of Directors in such manner as will, in ite judgment, be mesh advantageous to the property owners as a whole, and in seconlance igh the purposes and provisions of the laws of the State appiicatie co the expenditures of such funds. The Board of Directors of thetwsenea” sroperte pereby, Siven the full power and authority to determine upon what Property, for what purpose and in what manner the income from sai’ fund RULE 82. The amount of said perpetual care fund to be collected from purchasers of cemetery ground plots shall not be less than $1.00 per the Boag eras each Plot until changed by a duly adopted resolution by the Board of Directors of the Association. RULE 83. The amount set aside for Perpetual care on crypts, in- cluding underground crypts, shall be $45.00 per crypt. Companion crypts are considered two crypts and $90.00 shall be set uside fon endowment care.