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College and Community Service Organization team

Southeast Community College
The name of this organization shall be College and Community Service Organization a
team approved by the Chancellors Advisory Team (CAT).

ARTICLE II - Purpose

To promote and provide professional development

To promote college and community service projects/activities
To provide college scholarships for students

ARTICLE III Membership

1. Active membership is open to any person employed by, enrolled in or who supports the
goals of the College and the Team(Organization)
2. Membership shall become effective upon payment of the annual dues. Annual dues are
$10.00 per year. New members are waivered the first year.
3. Membership will run from July 1 through June 30.
4. Each individual member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of this
team/organization and shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to vote of
the membership. A majority vote shall prevail.

ARTICLE IV Officers (Team Leadership) (Executive Team)

1. The leadership of the team, each of whom must be a member in good standing, shall be
Facilitator, Vice-Facilitator, Recorder, and Treasurer.
2. The executive team positions (team leaders) shall serve a term of one year or until their
successors have been duly elected with the exception of the Treasurer which is a twoyear term of office.

3. The executive team positions (team leaders) shall be elected by ballot in May and
assume responsibilities July 1. Election is by a simple majority of active members
submitting a valid ballot.
4. The duties of the leadership shall be as follows:
a. Facilitator
i. Preside over the team
ii. Make appointment(s) if necessary to fill vacancies
iii. Appoint committees as necessary
b. Vice Facilitator
i. Assist the Facilitator and succeed as Facilitator after Facilitators term
ii. Preside in the absence of the Facilitator
iii. Succeed to the Facilitator if the position becomes vacant
iv. Chair the nominating committee for election of team leaders.
c. Recorder
i. Record and distribute the minutes for all meetings
ii. Maintain all necessary organization records including a roll of the
d. Treasurer
i. Be responsible for the collection of local dues
ii. Be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the budget,
including an annual report to the membership

ARTICLE V Meetings and Activities

The Team shall conduct a minimum of four meetings or activities per year.

ARTICLE VII Guideline Changes

Guidelines shall be established, amended, or rescinded, by vote of the
membership. A majority vote of members is needed to change the guidelines.


Logo was designed with our mission in mind. The hands represent how we
support college and community.