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es I WAN'NA BE LIKE YOU (The Monkey Song) {rom Walt Disney's THE JUNGLE BOOK 966 Wonca Cero. ne ‘Words and Music by RICHARD M, SHERMAN Sap Reneass ‘ang ROBERT 8 SHERMAN 5 SS SS Sp SSS a lr—~”r~—~—a™_UZ=“F ssc vis ape your and td to stop ad that's what's Botheer = in? me wancna be man, t ike you. me the Se = ere, when Tea ‘ba tbe reached the (0p Te de- sire“ sil keow where man's eed fre, 30 ‘man - cubends and @ = rang 8 == = = = — = ge 2 Se add lis oer oe A meee ence fas ee ee eee see rel ee teen ea mote Wed of mon-ke-in) “round! Oh fe Time “i BAY ot ahh ihe = oe) Wann Be ike You a, ohh kee Oh tearm some “et © Chin? Da? oe —- re 1 wana walk Uke you, —_——— true, 00h, ooh (Ee a oS on an tm tebe iz ~ y o < b» & c Pt es ps a ee ee = SSS ¥ tt = Dat ton, coh = ooh. (Ee thu = oh = oh-man, —to0, ooh ~ Ooh (Ee -