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5th Meeting of The HAPUA Working Group No.

5 on Human Resource
16th 18th November 2016, Manila, Philippines

Theme Building The Future of Capable Work Force :

Unlocking The Power of Leadership
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PT. PLN (Persero) Wilayah Suluttenggo AP2B Sistem Minahasa


Assistant Engineer of SCADA Maintenance

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Creating a Higher-Performing Workforce by Using Talent Development Strategy
Top management have always been focused on basic talent management (acquiring, hiring, and
retaining talented employees). But, to drive optimal level of success, business leaders need engaged highperforming employees. The first key to incite a great workforce is to align individual goals with corporate
strategy. To achievegoal alignment in an organization, the top management must first clearly
communicate the corporate strategic business objectives across the entire company. With everyone
working together toward the same objectives, the company can execute strategy faster, with more
flexibility and adaptability. The second key is to create highly-skilled internal talent pools. The
development of skilled talent pools makes it easier to develop desirable skill sets in a broader group of
employees, resulting in higher performance across all levels and functions. By cultivating talent pools
internally you are ensuring that you will have experienced and trained employees prepared to assume
leadership roles as they become available. The last key is to create a pay-for-performance culture. In a payfor-performance culture, managers gain easy access to all the information they need to reward individuals
for actual performance 360 degree feedback, goal alignment metrics, review data and performance notes
taken throughout the year. By measuring the essential factors that mark the difference between success and
failure in specific jobs, the organization will be able to put the right person into every position, allowing
them to utilize their talents without limitations. This leads to greater job satisfaction, improved morale and
employee retention because the organization is staffed with a workforce of people who are highly
productive, skilled and committed to doing their very best.


: Aldi Erzanuari, S.ST

Job Position : Assistant Engineer of SCADA Maintenance


: PT. PLN (Persero) Wilayah Suluttengo

AP2B Sistem Minahasa



Certifications :

English First (EF) Real English UpperIntermediate 2

English First (EF) Real English UpperIntermediate 1
English First (EF) Real English Intermediate 2
English First (EF) Real English Intermediate 1
English First (EF) Real English Pre Intermediate 2
English First (EF) Real English Elementary 2
English First (EF) Real English Elementary 1
Contribution to Education USA Fair 2012