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Center for Supportive Bureaucracy

Empowering Clerks Network (ECN)

Playful Paperwork Presentation / ECN
Office Hours with Ori Alon (MXKJ978)
Compassionate America, LLE
Invite Empowering Clerks Network (ECN) Director Ori Alon to present
his various participatory art projects. Alon use social practice, street art
and Clowning to initiate therapeutic experiences, critical thinking and
improve joy rates.

Alon initiated the issuing of 400,000 Playful Paperwork documents

worldwide such as Joy Permits, Forgiver's Licenses (A&B),
Refurbished Report Card, Adults Special Achievement Stickers,
Racism Release Forms, DIY Certificates of Recognition, Apology
Declaration, OK Parent Award, Open Carry Permit for Musical
Instruments, Compassion Cards and opened numerous Typewritten
Letter Writing stations.
Alon co-created the #HiddenFortuneWheel street art project for
empathy, posted thousands Alternative Street Signs, dedicated
hundreds of benches, parks and public places to War on Drugs,
McCarthy Witch Hunt, sex trafficking and torture victims and in honor of
various thought leaders. Alon also writes a comics strip with postage
stamps and the Magic Bagel children’s book series. He lives in Beacon NY
and visit schools and conferences regularly as a guest artist. to learn more

Photo taken at the inauguration of Donald Trump, Jan. 2017
Alon issued Joy
Permits, Racism
Release Forms,
Forgiver’s License,
Open Carry Permit for
Musical Instruments
and other documents
at Trump rallies, the
RNC and DNC during
the 2016 elections

Office Hours &

Empowering Clerk
training in Atlanta, GA
Dozens of ECN branches are opening around the world, from Taiwan to the Ukraine, Australia
and Argentina, dramatically increasing the amount of paperwork in people’s lives. (top left)
Bend, OR branch is known for its highest levels of efficiency and kindness. (top right) ECN
visit conferences, career fairs and national events regularly. (bottom right) Kymberly has been
living in a shelter at the time she was issued a DIY Certificate of Recognition & filed for a Pain
Deed during the RNC. (bottom left) Lara and Alfredo receiving the ECN Caregiver of the Year
Trophy Award during the Women’s March for being great parents to their daughter Laila.

"I gave a friend of mine, who is a hardworking single mom, an OK Parent Award. After she
read it carefully she gave me a big hug of appreciation and said it really meant a lot to her and
she thought all parents could benefit from it. Supportive bureaucracy is helping people by
reminding them that they are human and deserve to be acknowledged every day"
Daniel Weise, Creative Director, Thundercut
The Hidden Fortune Wheel is a 5ft installation and a street art mountable wheel (250
wheels were installed around the US so far) inviting participants to imagine themselves in
someone else’s shoes for 10 minutes. Collaboration with Ana Azzue Gallira. See video
interviews of people spinning the wheel and sharing about their experience below.
Forgiver’s License application of life without parole inmate Marcus Hunter.
application for a
License of a
refugee from
Sierra Leone
who suffered
torture during
the war and an 8
year old who
forgave her
sister for hitting

(left) Recipients of a True Friend Diploma in Patch Adam’s Clowntown Healing Festival
in Phoenix, AZ. (center) Participants issuing a Certificate of Recognition to one another
in a workshop before the Jewish High Holidays in Beacon NY (right) Junior student
issuing herself a Refurbished Report Card in Westchester, NY.

View, download & print ALL ECN

documents, for free at
Artist talk at the Matteawan Gallery, Beacon NY January 2018 click to play

PeachaKucha 20x20 presentation June 2016 (click to watch)


I, _______________________ Hereby declare that I am willing to unconditionally and to the

best of my ability release all forms of judgement not solely based on the contents of one’s
character. I expressly release Racism (Inc) from affecting my behavior and I acknowledge
it having no conscious (nor unconscious according to L-89038) influence on my decision
making and behaviour. INITIALS: ________

On _____________________ I was acting towards ____________________ in a way that
would have been different had their skin color/gender/accent/cultural
heritage/_____________ been different.

During _________________ I had a thought/fear/assumption/action/__________ towards
__________________ that was not based upon his/her content of character.

On ______________ I was treated differently by ______________ due to my gender/skin
color/sexual orientation/faith/__________ (leave blank if not applicable).

AGREEMENT DATE: __________________________

NAME: _____________________________________
SIGNATURE: ________________________________
WITNESS: __________________________________

Center for Supportive Bureaucracy Empowering Clerks Network

Forgiver’s License (Class A&B) • Joy Permits • Refurbished Report Cards • DIY Certificates of Recognition •
Adults Special Achievement Stickers • Pain Deeds • Certified Apology Declarations • True Friend Diploma • OK
Parent Awards • Clown Visa • Aunt/Uncle Adoption services • Pain Deeds • Empowering Clerks training program
• Open Carry permits for musical instruments • Free Play Admission Tickets • Village Fool Diploma

The Beacon Wall was taken down by the developer two days after the installation was posted.

Dear ally, (artist statement)

The #MeToo campaign shook me to the core. I knew the statistics, but the
courage of so many women in my life to share about their daily, humiliating and
demeaning experiences, in such a vulnerable and honest way, was the most
inspiring thing I've seen on the internet and will influence and benefit our lives
for generations to come. I organized two different men's groups to confidentially
share about how and why we treat women in disrespectful ways in which twenty
of us reflected on our behavior and regrets. One man who had abused his
authority twenty years ago (and is doing important work helping sex addicts
since) said he feels like he was trained by society to behave that way, and pointed
to how big powers such as film, fashion, advertising and porn industries
negatively influence men to behave in these ways.
Around the same time, I was offered the Winter Residency at the Matteawan
Gallery in Beacon NY. I decided to create an interactive work about the #MeToo
campaign. I believe that men who harass women, or anyone oppressing others,
are inevitably unhappy and not free, and therefore can use my support, listening
ear and even a loving hug. This doesn't take away from the suffering of the
victims, my unconditional support for them or the urgency to create a more just
world, but it became the topic of my project - if unhappiness leads to oppression,
helping the oppressor can lead to less sexism and racism. I decided to facilitate
the White Men Registry by the NY Diversity Authority, in which white men (who
are at high risk of becoming Nazis, mass murderers and sexual abusers) will be
invited to share about their suffering and prejudices and women and people of
color could show compassion and solidarity to the unique individual life
experiences of white men in their lives. If they wish, they could also wear a
pinkish purple 'I'm an ally to white men #BeTheChange button to make sure that
white men know they have someone they can lean on when they feel lonely,
greedy, discriminatory or abusive.
This didn't go well. Offering love to white men, even with clear satirical
elements, was deeply disturbing to many. One friend compared me to Neo Nazis
and others started treating me as if I was a racist, which unsettled the sensitive
white fragile man within me. I've created interactive anti racism street artworks
that were viewed by some half a million people, but one unsuccessful joke is all it
takes to be labeled as alt right. Part of me was genuinely surprised by the negative
and accusatory feedback - I think trying to understand the life experience and
prejudices of anyone is always a good thing (including of Hitler and Stalin, who
were both victims of harsh domestic violence in their childhood). Many people
assumed I'm confused or clueless and sent me Racism 101 articles, or feared that
by offering more love and compassion I will make systematic racism and
patriarchy worse. As a Centrist I find this dangerous to society when people feel
safe and free to express controversial opinions. As a Clown, I find this whole saga
incredibly silly.
When I officially converted to Clowning last year I took serious vows to follow
this spiritual path. I'm here to generate more compassion, love, laughter and to
subvert authority with joy and critical thinking. I'm not here to upset anyone and I
recognize my imperfection and that this project might be a mistake. And therefore,
in honor of Senator McCarthy, I decided to censor the White Men Registry.
As a pseudo-intellectual, I condemn this decision, and I will be illegally
performing the “White Men Registry” at the
Gallery as planned and I will delve deeply into
the contradictions inherent in these decisions.
With the joy of giving service,

Final results: 83% in favor, 17% against the

WMR. I decided to cancel the show because it’s
too mainstream.
White Men Registry, interactive performance,
Matteawan Gallery Beacon NY 2018

"Alon's White Men Registry helped me to develop

more compassion and empathy towards white men,
which doesn't come naturally to me"
52 years old Latino male, NY
“Yes we need the White Men Registry because if I'm
not going to laugh at it I'm going to die”
Voter, WMR Referendum Jan 2018
About 180,000 Adult Special Achievement Stickers were issued so far.
Print yours for free at!
Dear Kenyon College Admissions,

After carefully considering your interest in my application, I have decided to place your
institution on my wait list. I recognize the strength of the college’s academic programs
and I remain very interested in my potential success at Kenyon College.

The very competitive pool of colleges and universities that accepted me makes it
difficult for me to select the institution that I will attend next fall. I read and evaluated
thousands of acceptances from some of the most exceptional institutions in the
country and around the world. With so many strong candidates accepting me, I am
unable to offer my commitment to many acclaimed candidates.

I hope you will agree to remain on my wait list. Please log into your University Status
Page to access your online Wait List Reply form and let me know whether or not you
wish to remain on my wait list. Additional information is available on my Frequently
Asked Questions web page. Should you have further questions, please feel free to
write my Senior Associate Director of Acceptances and College Selection.

While I know this is disappointing news, I may be able to take you off of my wait list. I
appreciate your patience as I hear back from all of my colleagues, and if you choose
to remain on my wait list, I will be back in touch after May 1 with an update.
Jane Cole
Alternative Memorial Plaques are uploaded to Google Maps and viewed 500,000
times, often as feature photo like at the Eric Garner Memorial Park in Atlanta.
“Sorry” to read more of Ori’s comics.


Short picture book memoir

By Ori Alon Visit to learn more
Appeared & presented at the New York Times, InfoWars, Radical Therapist, Poughkeepsie Journal,
Chronogram, Highland Current, the College Fix, the Gothamist, Spacecraft Project, Brooklyn Paper,
Times of Israel, Improvised Life, Jewish Currents, Creative Exchange, Dads of Divas, Miranda July’s
Instagram, Expressive Therapies Summit, ITAC4 International Teaching Artist Conference, Art in
Odd Places, Portland State U., Anne Frank Project for Social Justice Buffalo, O Positive, Conference
for Alternative Education, Staten Island Museum, HV MOCA, ReNew Pittsburgh, Poughkeepsie Day
School, Atlanta Beltline, Clearwater Fest, Greensboro Project Space, PeachaKucha & more
Alon is now running for Mayor in Beacon NY, offering free ice cream for elders, 17% tax
deduction for men who express vulnerability, $0 campaign cost, full merge of the ECN and City
Clerk office, lowering voting age to six and to only say positive things about his opponents.
"I've enjoyed having a tangible item to pull out and give to my clients after a very
serious therapy session about their present and past challenges. I love having a
resource for people to validate themselves when they feel written off by the world. A
certificate, refurbished report card, or even a sticker can also be a nice transitional
object and subtle reminder to the individual that it's going to be ok."
K.N., clinical social worker

ECN of Taiwan
All work is based on the gift economy model - support as you can (paypal to or pay it forward with time / money / talent.
Ori Alon
Center for Supportive Bureaucracy, CSB
Empowering Clerks Network, ECN
Department of Explaining Which Kind of Things I Offer

Bureaucracy as a Therapeutic Endeavor artist talk - 75 min presentation about

Alon's interactive street art, Empowering Clerks Network, activist and
compassionate art, various social practice projects and Q&A.

Empowering Clerks Network Office Hours, interactive performance, can be set

during exhibit opening, festival, conference, wedding, funeral or other events and
adjusted to event theme, up to 6 hours.

Playful Paperwork workshop - experience the secret and magnificent healing

powers of Bureaucracy in a guided tour through issuing ECN documents such as
Joy Permit, Forgiver's License (Class A&B), Refurbished Report Card, OK Parent
Award, Racism Release Form, Pain Deed, Aunt & Uncle Adoption and others.
Great for staff development, corporate retreat or family reunion. Participants can
get training to open a local ECN Branch.

Hidden Fortune Wheel workshop - design your own empathy wheel and share it
with your community. Can be offered to children Pre-K-12, adults or as a family
program. 12.47 - 36.2 participants

Street Art Installation Walk - Become a street artist for a few hours, an interactive
group / individual urban walk with Ori in which you'd post your own signs, dedicate
benches and experience thinking like a graffiti artist.

5ft Hidden Fortune Wheel interactive installation borrowing

Empowering Clerks Network is a registered Loving & Liable Entity (LLE)

Compassionate America, LLC