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New Magicks for a New Age
Volume 4: The Notebooks of a Magickian
Book Five: 7/1/95

AolMail Subj: [My friend Gary, who recently had two heart-attacks] To: [Correspondent] My friend Gary’s much better, they told me this morning. Last night, a friend of mine who is a talented psychometrician and I went all over my apartment, and she unerringly located every single thing of any importance which my former “student,” George Br**** (the one I told you about, the serial killer & recreational arsonist), had given me that I still had. I’d kept them because, after all, they were dedicated to the Gods, and I thought getting rid of them would be sacrilegious. And they were valuable. But my friend is worth more to me than all the money in the world, or all the power, for that matter, so my landlord and I are taking them over to the Fremont Solstice Day Parade committee as a donation for use on the floats – what better way to get rid of evil than to throw it into the heart of the Sun? <VBG> The stuff was all out of this apartment, waiting to go, last night, and will go off today. This morning, I called the hospital and they said Gary is doing much better. He’d actually had two heart-attacks over the weekend, apparently, and his heart is damaged, all right, but doctor is sure he’ll get most or all of the function back. Gary is a sextuple Scorpio, and Scorpios’ ecological niche is to detox their spiritual environment by taking in all the spiritual detritus and shit and processing it into something life can use again. Only if there’s too much, they back up. Then they start eating or screwing or both. If it goes on long enough, they die of heart-attacks, cancer, AIDS . . . Those things were killing him – he was acting as the spiritual flack-jacket for all of us here, throwing himself on a live grenade continuously since 1989, as it were! He’s a true hero – and oh, how horrible I feel, that my friend almost died because, like an idiot, I hung onto those things! But now he is

beginning to recover. So with any luck, he’ll be home soon, and feeling much better.

From ongoing email correspondence with a friend I’ll respond to your letters in full maybe tomorrow, but right now I’ll wrap up your questions about [subject] – you’ve had to wait long enough, and since he’s coming out here to see you soon, you need the info, I think. So here goes: I never gave much credence to “extraordinary” powers until I met him. He’s extremely powerful. I could tell you stories . . . let’s just say there was absolutely no room for doubt. Why? How? In his Fifth House, he has Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo, the perfect combination for a potential adept of Tantra. This discipline requires enormous sexual-cum-Kundalini energy reserves on tap at all times (Uranus conjunct Pluto) and the ability to focus them with laser-like intensity and coherence (Virgo). Mars, in his 4th House, broadly conjoins Pluto, adding oomph to the combination, while Vesta, ruler of Spiritual Fire, is also in the 5th House. Pluto and Uranus oppose Saturn in Pisces in the 11th; They sextile Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th, while Saturn trines Neptune. Saturn rules his 8th-House cusp (the 8th House rules occult science and its applications). Caput Draconis sextiles Saturn, trines Mars, Pluto, and Uranus, and opposes Neptune, as well. Uranus and Saturn rule the Sign on his 10th-House cusp, Aquarius (the 10th rules avocations, callings in life, destiny, etc.). Together these would not only give him the potential for such abilities, they’d push him into developing them (or dying trying). In other words, with that combo, he’d have to have such powers, or he’d never have made it out of the gate! <g> (Neptune rules the Power of the Mystic Vision as well as Powers of Deceit, Deception, and Confusion; Pluto rules raw power in all forms, especially Kundalini energy; Uranus rules the sort of breakthrough energy found in genius of all kinds, modern science, poltergeist activities, and so on; Saturn rules dominion in all its forms; Scorpio rules applications of occult power, e.g., telekinesis, telepathy, etc.; Pisces rules parapsychological abilities; Aquarius rules psychokinetic abilities; Capricorn rules manifestation; etc.) Is this man capable of love? I don’t mean hearts and flowers stuff Yes, he is. On his 8th House cusp is Capricorn; the 8th House is the Sign of love over the long-haul, the Baucis-et-Philemon sort of thing. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn; Saturn endures. So the sort of love he is capable of is the most enduring kind, the kind diamonds (associated with Saturn) truly symbolize: the love of trees for the Earth, of birds for the sky, of mountains for the Aeons, of Life for Eternity. This is the sort of love that is most closely expressed for what it is (and even then, very poorly!) by the song “The Twelfth of Never.” It is a love that is very hard to express, particularly in words, the love of algae for lichen and vice-versa, that is at its best when it is, unquestioned. The aspects discussed in the answer to the previous question add a great deal of power to the love he does have for others, and to the problems it brings him and the problems he has communicating it, since they all have to do with or strongly affect both his 5th and 8th House affairs. Moreover, the ruler of the cusp of his 3rd House of communication is Luna, and the only major aspects She makes to any of those Planets are squares to Neptune (silence due to blocked or toxic emotions) and the Lunar Nodes in 6th and 12th (problems due to his unconscious mind or to his health problems). But love he does – and what he wants more than anything in the world is to find someone whom he loves that is on his wavelength and knows without having to be told what he feels and why. This has made him incredibly lonely – it’s like shouting at the top of your lungs in a room packed with stone-deaf people, or trying to show your paintings or writing to the blind. >>>. . . A mystic rectangle has two sets of Planets in sextile, with one Planet in each of the two sets trining one from the other. [Subject] has all his Planets included in an arc of 119 + degrees, a close trine bounded

by Mercury in the 7th in Sagittarius in Jupiter in the 4th in Leo. To have a Mystic rectangle, he’d have to have something in Gemini sextiling his Jupiter and something in Libra sextiling his Mercury or vice-versa, and there are no Planets at all in Gemini. (I’ll start doing his chart in earnest tomorrow or Friday.) Ah. . . they have to be planets. I was including aspects to the ascendant, moon’s nodes, etc. I only use them when they are in conjunction or stellia with Planets or Lights involved in this configuration. Other astrologers might not be so timid – and timidity it is. I just flat don’t know to what extent significant points are significant in something like that. You’re probably right, but I’ll go ahead and stick to Planets and Planets-plus-points for now, ‘cause I have this great big streak of purest jello serene right up the middle of my professional back. <g> >>>Unfortunately, there are no programs for astrology that do Fixed Stars, I have to look those up in the lists of my texts on the subject <sigh> . . . There is one that will do some of the fixed stars, but it might be kind of expensive. There is a low-end shareware version of it on AOL (that does NOT do fixed stars). Somehow, interpretive astrological software, or software that depends upon somebody else’s archives rather than algorithms that can automatically reproduce things from basic principles, always leaves more than a little to be desired. Fixed-Star astrology depends upon who thought which Star meant what, if anything, so this is a matter of depending upon somebody else’s archives. Which somebody, is the question? Which Stars are important, which aren’t? What do the important ones signify? How about things we’ve only discovered via high-power telescopes and non-visible light telescopes, etc. since the start of the 20th century, that could not have been seen by earlier astrologers? Etc. At some point, there has to be a judgment call even on what Fixed Stars and other extra-Solar objects and phenomena to use for chart interpretation, and a computer can only do that if it’s in a book somewhere. In some cases, I’m the first one to write the book on it. So software for this that didn’t draw on my own work would be highly inadequate, to say the least. For another astrologer, that might not be so. And I do know from experience that people tend strongly to be drawn to just the astrologer who can get the best handle on them, astrologically speaking. Maybe it’s a genetic (commensal viral? <g>) thing – dif’rent strokes for dif’rent genotypes, i.e., there are different astrological schools that work, though they contradict one another, because each works best for a given set of genotypes or species, and the latter vary widely. We ultimately tend to find the astrologer who does best by us because somehow we sense our “own,” that is, somebody with the right genetic (viral? <g>) makeup, and thus someone who has been drawn to the “right” school of astrology for our needs. >>>[The concept of “karma”] finally was appropriated by the ruling classes to be used as part of a religious “stick & carrot” set-up to keep the masses properly cowed and controllable. Also, it gets used to explain everything, and something that explains everything explains nothing. “Karma is something that New Agers believe in . . . until they get mugged.” :) To me, Karma is an invention which attempts to refute the existence of disorder in the world. Sometimes “bad” things just happen to “nice” people. No reason for it. . . they just happen. But people need to feel this sort of sense of justice in the world, so they come up with the theory that the “nice” person must have done something “bad” in the past to deserve such a “bad” thing happening to them. It’s difficult for many people to accept that sometimes, life just ain’t fair. Shit happens, y’know? A scary thought. People find it quite

discomforting to let go of their preconceived notions about some grand master seeing to the workings of the cosmos, and that there is a reason for everything. It is helpful of course to look upon “bad” events as teachers, and in fact that is undoubtedly the healthiest thing way to deal with them. But that does not mean that some wise deity set them up expressly for that purpose due to some “lack” in our inner nature or as “punishment” for some sinful deed in another life. Such theories were designed to increase one’s sense of self-importance in the infinite universe. **In short, the notion of Karma is a psychological device for dealing with feelings of jealousy, unfairness, fear of the unknown, fear of an uncontrolled universe, fear of disorder, and lack of self-esteem, and in that sense useful, but, however, bearing no semblance to reality, and a deterrent in the search for truth. and I now step down off *my* soapbox :)

Gee – you must have read my umpteen dozen rants on the subject! :) (Look under “NM3FF. . .” for what I’ve put on diskette so far of them, among those files I sent to you.)

>>Because all of [subject’s] Planets are contained in an arc less than 120 degrees, bound on one end by Jupiter at 4° 6’ Leo in the 4th and at the other by Mercury at 3° 12’ Sagittarius in the 7th, his chart displays what is known as a bundle pattern or wedge pattern. Should the woman with a grand trine in fire who travels where angels fear to tread be more cautious here? In other words, Venus in Scorpio, from what I’ve read, sounds scary. But “I’m not afraid!” . . . should I be? The traditional books all say Venus in Scorpio is selfish love, which doesn’t sound good. I like to think of it more as emotional intensity, which doesn’t scare me a bit. (but maybe it should?) . . . I would say those “traditional” books come out of an older phase of our present culture that looked askance at sex and all sorts of other things, and didn’t hold with liberated women. I think your interpretation is much closer to the mark; in one culture, the particular expression of that placement might come out differently than that for a different culture, but the underlying influence, I think, is just what you’re saying here. . . .

>>>Venus in the 6th tends to be almost hysterically anxious to avoid “germs” and mess of any kind, and because She also rules [subject’s] chart, he may have a tendency to be the sort of joyless, ruthlessly dedicated pursuer of “health” that gives feeling good a bad name. no, at least not that I can see. He’s very interested in health, but he’s not joyless or ruthless about it. He’s finicky about what he eats, but he has to be, as he has to maintain a very controlled diet due to his disease. He tries not to be a pain about it, but it’s something he has to deal with.

Actually, [the subject] does have Venus (conjunct Sol) in the 6th [the data for his chart was originally an hour short of his actual time of birth]; but here, Venus rules his 12th cusp, so rather than being expressed as an essential part of his day-to-day personality, this has to do with a maintenance program to take account of what is probably a genetically acquired (12th House) problem. >>He may swing from being a workaholic to being lazy and back again, and prone to mood-swings. uh huh. Okay, with Venus conjunct Sol in the 12th, both in Scorpio, that might still hold. He also has Mercury, ruler of his chart, in Sagittarius in the 6th, weak by Sign, strong by House, which could do something similar. But insofar as it comes out in his personality (Mercury/Gemini), it would affect only his gestures, coordination, and so on (all Mercury) rather than poisoning all his feelings and moods. The latter will still be rather volatile, because Venus in Scorpio in 6th, already “weakened” by those placements, is also ruler of the 12th House of his unconscious mind, Deep Memory, and connection to the Collective Unconscious. But Her variations will not be part of his core personality, however annoying they might be to him or anyone else.

>>>Because Venus conjoins his Sun and sextiles his Mars, Who rules his 7th-house cusp – testimony of enduring relationships of love with others – he will probably try to involve whoever he is interested in any phobias, hysterias, fetishes, obsessions, or compulsions he may have along these lines, as well. These problems could be compounded by his 7th-House Mercury – or could be alleviated by them, depending upon how he uses that mutual reception by House (Mercury in 7th vs. Venus in 6th). >>>(There is hope! <g>) is it *that* bad? Goodness, no! I was only joking. And of course with the shift in time for that chart, an awful lot of the bad things go straight out the window. >>>He has Vesta on the 6th House cusp. All his spiritual fire seems to go into his work. He has Mars, Pluto, and Uranus in the 5th House, with the ruler of its cusp (o° 23’ Virgo), Mercury, in the 7th. (Now that must make up for a lot! <g> The real problem with his sex-life would be . . . keeping up with him!!) Now Yael, you know I’m only interested in his brain! :) Oh, it gets better with that shift in his time of birth – while Mars goes into his 4th House, leaving his 5th, Vesta enters his 5th. So guess where all his spiritual fire goes instead of his work! <VBG> (I’d love to see the way that brain is shaped . . . <DOLRA–EBVBG>) >>>headache, but this paradoxical thing of feeling driven to achieve infinite amounts of work in very little time, and knowing that the harder you try, the less gets done. I end up doing nothing at all with my motor racing like crazy! :@ So here we go again . . . that’s the story of my life! I try to remember the fable about the man who had to eat an elephant and finally did it, one bite at a time. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t. Alright. One last (but I’m not making any solemn oath) question on my natal chart: How does Juno in 12 interpret?

Let me quote from Demetra George, in Asteroid Goddesses (she couldn’t write her way out of a checkbook – but boy, howdy, does she give good information! <g>): Juno in the 12th house is significant in the karmic aspect of relationships. Often the partnerships one magnetizes have a destined quality to them. There may seem to be no visible reason for the union, but underlying the surface is an emotional power that one cannot deny. The visible relationship is only the tip of an iceberg whose antecedent causes go back into past lifetimes. Yet, it is these unconscious aspects that surface and dominate the relationship interplay. Sometimes the partner may be disabled or ill, so that one needs to selflessly serve and make amends to them. In other cases the partner may be a victim, and one learns to release them and let them evolve on their own. Juno in the twelfth house individuals may experience loss, denial, or death of their partner. On a spiritual level, partnership is connected to a desire to merge with the infinite. Where mysticism, dreams, ideals, and yearnings are shared, this placement can signify an ecstatic union. (Ibid., pp. 175-176)

Now, we’re both in agreement that the concept of “karma” is both inadequate and unjust – what legislators call “bad law,” on many counts. In some cases, yeah, maybe somebody did something to someone else and is paying out weregild for it in this life via such service (12th House). But I believe that all astrology does is specify fundamental biological tendencies, which are resisted or acted upon by individuals and cultures according to their kind and circumstances. The 12th House also rules the Collective Unconscious, and if the Collective Unconscious decides that it’s okay to sacrifice the innocent to pacify whatever ogres menace it, by God it will – and that also will show up as 12th House matters in natal charts, synastry, and event charts. Too many astrologers condone such things as sexual assaults on children, things that show up in the 12th House and its rulers in the charts of children so assaulted as well as in the charts of the perpetrators, and similar evils that leave such 12th-House “paper-trails,” as something the victims deserve, the perpetrators only helping the victims to “work out their karma.” Yeah, and there’s this wonderful bridge in Brooklyn, you’d love it, just a steal at only $10,000 (but just for you, bhubie, I’ll sell it for a mere $5,000, this week only!!). I think in some sense society – or maybe opportunistic thrints who have infected large numbers of society? <g> – “looks at” the charts of newborns and “decides” what to do with them, in a Durkheimian sense, to meet its own needs or desires, regardless of any justice or lack of it involved in such use. Children with difficult 12th-House placements and aspects in their natal charts who are born to members of societies that cherish all children are not likely to be victimized in this way, whereas they would be at strong risk for it if born to members of societies that don’t cherish children in the general case. Funny thing, societies that tend to believe in “karma” always try to wipe out or “assimilate” the ones that don’t, which latter are also the ones that tend to cherish children (whereas the first sort don’t). Does this mean that the “Lords of Karma” believe in child-abuse as Business As Usual when it comes to reincarnational penology? Yeah – which means that it’s time to get rid of the “Lords of Karma,” doesn’t it? After all, they’re the ones who decided that Mother Earth had done something so vile that Her karma involved being killed off by ecocatastrophe (pushing this idiot idea to the limit!), aren’t they? Anyway, stripping out the ideas of “karma” here, let’s say that 12th-House Juno probably means that you and the other person may well have known each other in one or more lifetimes and at those times

established very strong bonds between the two of you, strong enough to bring the two of you back together in at least one more lifetimes, for whatever reason. In addition, this may well be true of most of your relationships, of whatever kind, for whatever reason: kin, friends, teachers, students, and so on. Juno seems to rule commitment to relationship, period, regardless of the type of relationship. (Hmmm . . . wonder if this is a factor in the sort of personality that tends to harbor lots of grudges for a long, long time? “Relationship” can also mean “relationship of hate/loathing/detestation/fear/etc,” and it would be interesting to see how Juno in 12th [or conjunct 12th House ruler, etc.] reflected that sort of relationship.) >>>Probably something like “relationships established in past lives will be taken up again in this one.” The House and Sign placement of the ruler of the Sign on the 12th House cusp will tell which relationships in this life that will occur. E.g., if you had Cancer on the 12th House Cusp, with Moon in late Aquarius in 7th, likely you’d marry or have as a business partner someone with whom you had the same relationship in a past life. If you had Fascinating! What about Cancer on 12, Juno conjunct the ruler of 12 (moon), both in Leo in 12, in mutual reception with the sun in Cancer in the 11th? Moon in Leo can mean, e.g., professional actor or actress, or artist. The native could end up having a longtime professional relationship with someone, say, as an actress in a play directed by the other person, who has her acting in a great number of the plays which he or she directs. Or the native could even be a Gala to a mate’s Salvador Dali, i.e., be married for life to someone who uses her again and again as inspiration for his work, the way Dali did his Gala. With Moon (the native) and Sun (her mate) in mutual reception, this could mean a professional/personal partnership of the sort the Curies had, too, as original researchers, mates, lovers, friends for life. It could also mean that the native had some sort of relationship with her father (Sun) and/or mother (Moon) in a past life – with Moon in Leo, Sun in Cancer, they might have been her children then. This help, as far as examples go? If not, just ask, I’ll give it another try, “Kahuna Mai Tai ta!!” (“No problem!” in Lushspeak). >>>Extending the analogy further, you may also need to damp the reaction a bit, for your own health. In physical reactors, boron rods and coolant (water, sulfur) are used for this. Boron has atomic number Z=5, which reminds one of quintiles = 72 degrees, one fifth of a circle, Pentagrams, the Quintessence, Earth. Coolant: water. Water is alchemy. Have you ever studied alchemy? If not, have I got a treat for you! :) I am your enthusiastic student. The little bit I’ve read in alchemy seems so vague, so frustratingly. . . “what the __ are they talking about?” kind of material :). Okay, astrology, East and West, is the discipline of acquiring spiritual literacy via working directly with the physical and interacting with it on a physical level. Matter is the ultimate condensation and manifestation of spirit, and by working directly with it, one gets the strongest possible sense of the consequences of all actions and processes on the Inner Planes of spirit (will), emotion, and intellect. Western alchemy differs from Eastern in that it is primarily concerned with the physical plane, whereas Eastern alchemy uses metaphors taken from the physical to illustrate the nature of the spirit, and is almost entirely concerned with the Inner Planes (though it does have a chemical side, working with physical herbs, minerals, and so on in a way much as the West does). Western alchemy holds that manifest reality is composed of four Elemental aspects: Earth, the physical; Air, the intellectual and mental; Water, the emotional and creative; and Fire, the spiritual, the will, the intentionality of the organism. Put together via Alchemical techniques, these make up the Quintessence (Spirit, with a capital “S, “Will of God”). Decomposed by Alchemical techniques, each of the four yields a “Mercury,” which is actually a vaporous substance, not the metal Hg; a “Sulfur,” a kind of oil, not the physical element sulfur, Z=16 in the periodic table; and a “Salt,” not an ionically bonded combo of a basic radical with an acidic one (proton-donor with proton-acceptor?), but rather an ashy residue that is one of the results of the Alchemical decomposition. When these three are Alchemically recomposed into the “original” substance from which they were derived by Alchemical decomposition, if that substance is analyzed according to current standard physical and chemical techniques, it is exactly like

the original – but it has very different properties than the latter, especially when used as a medicine. The substance can be anything, though traditionally only “living” substances are used, that is, parts of plants or animals, or minerals in “living” rock, that is, rock that hasn’t been processed by modern metallurgical techniques. (It is one of my great desires, no kidding, to do Alchemical decomposition and recomposition of rare earths and transuranics, to see what the results are – though of course only a teensytiny little bit at a time <g>.) There are two major types of Alchemical processing: In one, first the substance is decomposed into its Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt, then each of these three is decomposed into its Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, then all 12 are recomposed into the “original” substance. In the other, first the substance is decomposed into its four Elemental expressions, then each of these is decomposed into its Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt, then all 12 are recomposed. (The decomposition may eliminate one or the other stage of these two, that is, either the breakdown into Elemental forms or breakdown into the Modes of Sulfur, Salt, Mercury, but you get the basic idea.) Now: notice the correspondence here with the Signs and Houses of astrology! The Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur correspond with the astrological Quadruplicities of Cardinal (Mercury), Sulfur (Fixed), and Salt (Mutable) Signs and Angular (Mercury), Succeedent (Sulfur), and Cadent (Salt) Houses. On the other hand, the Elements correspond with the Elements of the Signs and the Triplicities of the Houses – Houses of Life (Fiery: 1,5,9), Houses of Substance (Earthy: 2,6,10), Houses of Relationship (Airy: 3,7,11), and Houses of Ending (Watery: 4,8,12). In Qaballah, Fire is the Path Shin, associated with Key 31 and Trump XX, The Aeon/The Last Judgment, of the Tarot, and with the Planet Pluto; Water is associated with Key 23, Mem, and Trump XII, The Hanged Man, and with the Planet Water; Air with Key 11, Aleph, Trump 0, The Fool, and the Planet Uranus; and Earth with Key 32, Tav, Trump XXI, The Universe/The World, and the Planets Saturn and Earth. (Incidentally, the first alchemists, engineers, chemists, metallurgists, physicists, et al were the smiths of the world, who changed the world by the art and science of the use of fire. Above all, it is they – and with them the alchemists – who are represented by Shin and Trump XX, The Aeon. This Path is associated in turn with Pluto, Lord of Subterranean Fire and molten magma, the natural form of the molten metals which the smith forges into swords, farm tools, and other artifacts, which are represented in Chinese alchemy by the Element Metal, associated with the Planet Venus, Pluto’s astrological and esoteric “partner.”) I mentioned the Fifth Element, the Quintessence, which is the result of combining all others, representing Creation Perfected. Alchemy is also a discipline by which humanity can participate directly in the perfection of all creation, including its non-human aspects, e.g., the mineral kingdom, by Alchemical processing of the substances that are part of them (it says so, right here, on page 23! <g>). By practicing this discipline, we grow closer and closer to God, in theory. The Chinese know this Element as chi, out of which all things come, to which all go: it decomposes first into Yin and Yang, which then combine to form everything else, which then either break down into Yin and Yang to form chi or form chi combining as they are. chi is associated both with Saturn and Earth, but also means “the middle,” the Center of all things. There is a Sixth Element, Chaos, out of which all things come, associated with Eris and Luna, the subLunar realms between the Sphere of Luna and the Sphere of Earth that is populated by the Qlippothic detritus of the Spiritual Planes, the Sign Pisces, and the Ain (Nothing) , Ain Soph) No Limit, and Ain Soph Aur (Limitless Light) out of which the Tree of Life was born. The Japanese, who inherited their metaphysics from China, associate this Element with Void, which is the Unconscious, the great primordial, creative matrix from which all things come, which we can’t know consciously – we can only consciously know its products. This, by the way, is the Element that Bujinkan Budo taijutsu makes use of, cherishes, builds on to produce its results – training the unconscious mind rather than the conscious mind, teaching the conscious mind, with all its inhibitions, to get the hell out of the way and let the unconscious draw on its own primordial wisdom to do the job. Such training is necessary to break down the inhibitions conditioned into us by a society that domesticates human beings rather than civilizing them, inhibitions against acting in self-defense, against drawing on the 3.5 billion years of Life’s accumulated wisdom stored in us and in Nature at large to meet our own needs, against acting in our own best interests, in order to keep us from trashing the aims of society/our betters(/thrints?). I recommend the following beginning textbooks on the subject: Frater Albertus, Alchemist’s Handbook (Manual for Practical Laboratory Alchemy) (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1989)

J. C. Cooper, Chinese Alchemy: The Taoist Quest for Immortality (New York: Sterling Publishing Co., 1984) Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi’s Essence of Ninjutsu: The Nine Traditions. Masaru Hirai, translator (Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1988) Jack Hoban, Ninpo: Living and Thinking as a Warrior (Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1988) Hanshi Steve Kaufman’s The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings: The Definitive Interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s Classic Book of Strategy (Boston: Charles E. Tuttle, Inc., 1994) Ajit Mookerjee, Kali: The Feminine Force (New York: Destiny Books, 1988) Israel Regardie, editor. 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley, especially Book II (Liber 777) (York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1983 or later) Melanie Reinhart, Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective (NY: Penguin Arkana, 1989) By the way, the books on Bujinkan Budo taijutsu included in this list are not just intended as advertisements for all the wonders thereof (though there is that <g>!). The philosophy that goes with it is drawn from Japanese versions of Taoist philosophy, which is to the East what Magick and the Western Tradition are to the West. So there’s a lot in these books on Alchemical ideas as applied to the realest of real-life situations: deadly combat. >>>. . . It certainly is! Those “winged things with talons” [on the desk you inherited] are gryphons, heraldic emblems of great power, and the “female lions” just maybe might could be sphinxes. I took another (long) look at it [the desk]. There are also 2 large circular leafy branches which terminate in what would appear at a distance to be flowers, but are actually the head of a bird with a hooked beak. . . like an eagle. I’ll look up the leaves and see if I can identify them. >>>Attics are sort of physical versions of the Collective Unconscious, especially when in a relative’s home. That no one knew where it had come from underscores that. they are, aren’t they? Nicely said. Well, it was kind of obvious – over the years, I’ve put zillions of things in attics and forgotten them entirely! :) >>>That the relative was an ancestor means it is a link to your ancestors and the Earth and that portion of the Collective Unconscious that has to do with your ancestral roots. For you, that desk will always have enormous Magickal power. Think of it as a kind of living being. Ask it to show you what it has to teach you – it will find a way to do so, though at first you may not realize that what happens is the answer to your request to it. Anything that is really Magickal for you, store in it. If possible, take everything utilitarian out of it, put elsewhere, and dedicate the desk from then on as your Magickal storage-place, a sort of deskshaped Ark or tabernacle or trunk, whatever. Take notes on things that come up in association with the desk – one more way it will have to communicate with you. Give it a name. Ask it to tell you its name and identity in dreams. And so on. And it will give you treasures. Enormous treasures. I’ve been storing my collections of photographs (family stuff :) and stamps in it, along with mundane stuff like tape and scissors, and my grandmother’s [household hints book.” Think I’ll keep the family stuff in it, remove the mundane stuff, and use it as you suggest. It’s so nice conversing with someone who doesn’t find it humorous when I make these connections. Keeping a reasonable perspective is important, but there *are* other aspects to life. Thank you. I think psychiatrists or anyone else who pooh-pooh such notions sadly miss out on a great deal of what we

need to keep us healthy. Jung was wise enough to investigate such things and pay them – and the Gods with them – an intelligent respect. It is so sad that our culture makes light of this sort of thing. Did you see The Madness of King George III (movie), about that English King’s battle with madness, porphyria, his wannabe-king sons, and his own physicians? (He and George Washington had one thing in common, for sure: idiot doctors!) In that day, there was no science of medicine as we understand it, just a lot of opinions competing for first place as to which one got used on the patient next. Almost all those opinions were either reflections of the opinion-holder’s own ego or were drawn from somebody’s interpretation of somebody’s translation of a comment written in French about somebody’s tome written in German about Aristotle’s ideas on etc all of which lost greatly in translation, as you can imagine. The studies and arts of the mind of the “developed” West are hideously impoverished and even malefic, as the medical “science” of 18th century Europe and England was. In this case, what is missing is an understanding of biology and the spirit as manifest in biology, which you would think would come from religion, but isn’t allowed to – and Western “developed” religion is just as bad in the other direction! Only the Western Ceremonial tradition of the esoteric Arts and Sciences comes close to the sort of synthesis that is needed – and even that falls down at this point, because it doesn’t include (a) (you guessed it! <g>) Bujinkan Budo taijutsu, (b) an inclusive systematization of esoteric theory and practice that subsumes all the essentials of both East and West, the way the Theory of Relativity includes Newtonian physics but also a lot of other stuff, and (c) good, hard, solid objective biological/ecological science, all of it, as we know these today. My 3-volume work New Magicks, such as it is, is my poor attempt to try to fill the gap; I suppose it’ll have to do until a truly good version turns up. <g> Speaking of numbers, what is the meaning of Crowley’s “4638ABK24ALGMOR3YX 24 89 RPSTOVAL” [Book 2, Verse 76 of Crowley’s The Book of the Law]? For all of me, it could be a recipe for fried bread! I’ve seen several different supposed interpretations of it – and I mean “different.” Maybe Crowley’s is closest to the mark – his is based on certain ideas from Egyptian philosophy and linguistics as well as anything else. But it could also be just a red herring. Or it could maybe be a reference to the Declaration of Independence (notice that “Verse 76”?), and the first or last letter of every word in such and such a clause in it, or who knows what. Somebody I heard about turned the whole thing into straight binary code, simple ASCII text, then started dicking with it, using various operations from binary algebra on it and turning the results back into alphanumeric code from the binary form to see what would happen. I understand he got as far as “NAND (LOGICAL NOT/OR (verse 55 of book 3))” which came out “I had one grunch, but the eggplant over there,” and gave up . . . <VBG> But seriously, folks . . . Tell you what: if you find somebody’s interpretation of it that convinces you right off, would you let me know? :) I just loved your chapter on Persephone, one of my favorite Goddesses. The section on her and Hades/Pluto was very thoughtful, that on her mom was amusing and insightful (it’s about time someone said it!) and the scientific speculation was quite interesting. At first I was disappointed that Pluto’s moon was not named for her. but then she does NOT revolve around him, does she? Perhaps she will be found as a bridge between two worlds. . . I was so glad you liked that chapter, particularly for those things! Otherwise, I seem to be the only ! *MODERN* *EDUCATED* *WOMAN*! who sees things that way – the lone pariah of PCU <g>. And no, Persephone doesn’t have a relationship with Hades like Juno does with Jupiter. She spends a lot of time away from him, often with Hekate (did I send you my esoteric poem, “Moonlight Sonata in Hell”, about that?), and does have a life of her own, very much so. I wrote “Moonlight Sonata In Hell” and “Persephone’s Dalliance” (text-file DALLIANCE) and some other things about that, very steamy, but true visions (in fact, if they really were true visions about Her and Her Lord, given Their realm, the Underworld, and its connections with the 8th House, biology, sex, death, etc., you’d bloody well expect it to be steamy! <VBG>). I keep my Firestar semiauto in the chest I have for the things dedicated to Her rituals, even though the gun itself is dedicated to Mars – after all, She is Mars’s higher octave, and She

seems to be very pleased having it to practice with on the Inner Planes (or maybe track down cosmic felons, “Mrs. Hades, we are needed . . .”? <g>). She isn’t at all dependent or co-dependent on Her husband, and of all of the Greek Gods Who are married, seems to be truly mature, in a truly egalitarian marriage, I should only be so lucky!! :)

***If your natal chart has very strong Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses, or strong Moon, Neptune, and Pluto, that might be enough to do it. Such people tend to be very, very psychic, have a lot of trouble with it, and know when people are going to die – in this culture. In more “primitive,” nativistic cultures, they tend to display rather different talents, and have less trouble overall with that sort of natal set-up. I don’t understand why that is. What is different about primitive cultures that makes the water house/sign emphasis easier to deal with there? (Remember me. . . Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, and moon in 12, Mars in 8 (am I really going to die a violent death?), and Saturn in 4 (will I really be a recluse in later life?) Also, I’ve never seen any discussion in the regular books about the significance of, say, having the fire signs in water houses, etc. Can you shed any light on that?. . . I guess I should just be patient and wait for you to do my chart. :) Remember: all this applies on a statistical level, but a datum is not a statistic. That is, it does not necessarily apply to any individual with such placements, just to an overall trend in a population. Anyway, different cultures have different responses to the same things, and when these are important things – birth, death, pain, joy, marriage, divorce, children, old people, etc. – it makes for very important long-term differences in their overall cultures. I shouldn’t have said “primitive,” either, maybe just “low-tech” or “non-tech” or whatever. Except that often they do have an advanced technology, a psychospiritual one, as opposed to our objective, concrete one. In those cases, they are psychospiritually in touch with (a) ancestors, the 4th House; (b) their evolutionary links to the living world, or totems, the 8th House; and (c) the world of dreams, the Underworld, the Collective Unconscious, the 12th House, in ways we aren’t. True, individuals in such cultures may be just as alienated from nature and their neighbors as people in our culture often are, but as a whole culture, overall, at least on a collective level, many such cultures aren’t alienated that way. They thus either don’t have the sort of troubles with the Water Sign/Houses of Endings which we do, or the troubles are much milder and more easily managed. (But then, there are the Ik, the abominable Ik, the bane of all anthropologists and everyone else who ever runs afoul of them, who aren’t only primitive, but downright horrible – they have all our troubles with those Signs and Houses, and more . . . and deserve them! <g> [For more on the Awful Ik, read Colin M. Turnbull’s marvelous The Mountain People (Touchstone Books, 1972).]) Maybe it’s a matter of how soon after birth the umbilicus is cut. There’s been a lot of research done on the psychological, behavioral, and neuroendocrinological development of children with respect to how their births were handled. When the cord is cut right after birth, and/or the mother is anesthetized or otherwise prevented from cuddling her newborn right after delivery, the mother may have a great deal of trouble bonding with her baby, and the child may develop anxieties and emotional problems later on in life characteristic of children who come into the world this way. When the mother is not anesthetized, is allowed to handle and cuddle her newborn right away, and the cord is not cut until its function is complete – i.e., the last fluids are passed through it from mother to child – these syndromes don’t develop (though of course others might, instead! <g>). This second pattern of childbirth is much commoner among “primitive” peoples than “civilized” ones, at least today. It still isn’t very common in this country, unfortunately. Certainly the abomination of having women give birth lying flat on their backs, feet in the air is almost totally unknown except in the “developed” countries; elsewhere, healthy women use the birthing-stool or otherwise sensibly let gravity assist in the birth. Etc etc etc. The point is, birth as a process is ruled by the 4th House; as a separation from the mother and the ending of a former state of being, it is ruled by the 8th House; and as memory of prenatal life, life in the womb, it is ruled by the 12th. Where birth is traumatic, great anxieties tend to cluster around everything ruled by these Houses – one

becomes greedy for property (land) (4th), pathologically terrified of death (8th), and prey to an host of unconscious complexes (12)! The 4th rules our physical relationship to Mother Earth, the 8th, our biological (evolutionary) roots in the living world, and the 12th, whatever reincarnationary experiences (if any) we have on tap; these are the Houses which the “developed” world has so much trouble with. So who knows? :) On the other hand, of course, as anthropologists from Franz Boaz and Margaret Mead to today’s shining lights in the field have frequently pointed out, and so many “New Agers” to the contrary, Civilization has no premium on assholes, and the Noble Savage always has his Ignoble Jerkoff counterpart in all “primitive” cultures that have ever been found. Individuals vary widely everywhere. There are bonafied psychotics, sociopaths, neurotics, and other less-than-healthy people in “primitive” cultures, too, including those that suffer from every sort of terror and obsession that plagues his more “civilized” brethren. People are still people, wherever you go. So as I said before, all this applies to statistical patterns – but not necessarily to any given individual, in any culture. So while our culture may have problems with those 3 Houses, you or I, as individuals, may not necessarily have those problems; and while “primitive” cultures often don’t have problems with those Houses, even so, there will always be somebody in them who is just as hag-ridden by the problems of those Houses as any WASP executive! ***In your chart there is a T-square defined as follows: Mars conjunct the South (malefic) Lunar Node in Aries in the 9th, opposed to Jupiter conjunct the North Lunar Node in Libra in the 3rd as well as to Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd (Jupiter is too far out of orb to conjoin Neptune); and your Natal Sun in Cancer in the 11th squares the Mars-Cauda Draconis conjunction, on the one hand, and the Jupiter-Caput DraconisNeptune group in the 3rd, on the other. Nasty, eh? Pushy, argumentative, and never ever wrong! Not necessarily. Sounds like somebody who really sticks to her guns. We can’t be right all the time (try telling me that when I get my Attitude up! <g>), but when you’re right about something important, a bulldog tenacity (Sir Winston Churchill) in the face of opposition (Hitler) is far more appropriate than Miss Manners ((Prime Minster Chamberlain) ever was! <VBG> ***You also have a stellium in Leo in the 12th consisting of Mercury, Luna, and Juno that sextiles Venus in Gemini in the 11th; and your Sun conjoins the midpoint between these. What significance does all this have? I’ve never understood midpoints. Part of that is my way of getting a running start at an interpretation by letting my mind wander out loud over any territory that even seems like it might have something useful. <g> According to Robert Hand, a midpoint combines the qualities of the two points whose arcs of separation it divides, e.g., the point halfway between Mars and Jupiter would combine qualities of Mars and Jupiter. “If a planet is connected by midpoint to other symbols in the chart that are in tension with that planet’s fundamental nature, it will make the functioning of that planet’s energy ambiguous and difficult. Midpoints that are combined with a single planet in the chart become part of that planet’s total expression. Whatever transit, progression, or solar arc direction sets that planet off in later life sets off the midpoints attached to it as well. Therefore, an understanding of the midpoints attached to a planet can tell a great deal about how that planet will operate in a person’s life.” (Hand, Horoscope Symbols[Para Research, 1981], p. 150.) When a planet is conjunct a midpoint of two other planets, it is if it were conjunct a conjunction of the other two, though weaker than an actual conjunction of them would be, and aspects to it by anything else, transiting, progressed, or in the chart, would be like aspects to such a stellium. So here, you combine Mercury, Juno, Luna, and Venus with the Sun, as it were, in square to the Mars/South Node and Jupiter/North Node opposition. The Sign and House of that “stellium”‘s placement is of course Cancer and the 11th, the Sun’s original placement (since if, through mutual reception with Luna, you move Sol to some other placement, He is no longer conjunct that midpoint, and the “stellium”, such as it is, ceases to exist). ***So Venus trines the conjunction of Jupiter and the North Node (while simultaneously sextiling your Mars and your natal South Node), while the Juno-Luna-Mercury conjunction sextiles them (as well as

trining Mars and the South Node). Whoa whoa whoa. You’re going too fast for me. What does all this mean? Okay, imagine them laid out on a circle, and ignore the Houses for a moment. A 30-degree arc (plus or minus an acceptable orb) connects (a) Mars/South Node with Venus/Vesta; (b) Venus/Vesta with Sol/Pallas; (c) Sol/Pallas with Juno/Luna/Mercury/Ceres/Pluto; (d) the latter with the Part of Fortune; and (e) the Jupiter/North Node conjunction with Saturn. Then two 30-degree arcs – 60 degrees – connect the Juno/Luna/Mercury/Ceres/Pluto stellium with the Jupiter/North Node/Neptune (broad) stellium; (b) the latter with Saturn in the 4th in Sagittarius; (c) Saturn with Chiron in Aquarius in the 6th; and (d) Chiron with Mars/South Node. Almost everything in your chart is thus connected by integral multiples (well, once or twice times) of 30-degrees with everything else, collected within an arc of 184 degrees going from Mars in Aries to Neptune in Scorpio, a sort of “bucket” pattern with two handles, those being Saturn and Chiron. And with the sole exception of Uranus, at 10 degrees Leo, just too far out of orb from anything nearby to fit in, everything in the chart is collected into conjunctions and stellia separated from the other conjunctions or stellia by integral multiples of 30 degrees. Even poor, lonely little Chiron does. This means your chart contains a Grand Sextile – in Air and Fire, yet! This is one of the rarest configurations, and theoretically something to be smug about, if you believe in karma. Link up the Planets in the 30/30-degree links as I’ve described above, and you end up with a Star of David. It gives one tremendous opportunities, excellent ability to communicate, ease in dealing with people and peopleoriented attitude. The danger of this configuration is a scattering of energies, since too much versatility and opportunity could be available. Some squares and/or oppositions and/or conjunctions can be very helpful – and of course a Grand Sextile must contain at least 3 oppositions, which yours does (Saturn-Venus, JupiterMars, Chiron-Mercury), not to mention the squares previously discussed. Your chart thus also contains a Mystic Rectangle, formed by Saturn, Chiron, Venus, and Luna/Mercury. You could also say that Chiron, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury/Luna form a second one, as well. The Mystic Rectangle consists of four planets interconnected by two trines, two sextiles, and two oppositions, such that when you link them, the figure looks like a rectangle. Both the Mystic Rectangle and the Grand Sextile are said to be characteristic of those who have been Grand Adepts of the esoteric Arts and Sciences over many lifetimes, and confer enormous abilities, wisdom, insight, and powers, both esoteric and exoteric (it says right here! Honest!! <g>). Now, it’s about that astrologer who gave you such a bad time – let’s look go over there with Big Nik Copernicus and get down to brass arbolests with him . . . :) ***And through the mutual reception between your Sun and Moon, you can, as it were, shift your Sun from the position at which He is at the apex of that powerful and strenuous (!) T-square, square Mars, the Nodes, Jupiter, and Neptune, to one (conjunct Luna) at which He sextiles Jupiter, the North Node, and Neptune and trines Mars and the South Node. That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of the approach of solving a T-square through mutual receptions and shifting. So I can just sort of “pretend” that my sun is in Leo in the twelfth and thus avert the square? Not exactly. First, figure out how the Sun would behave if it actually had that new placement, then look at the ways it would give you to solve problems brought up by the original placement. Actually, you’re just looking for the solutions – they’re there in real life, available to you, since the mutual reception does exist in your natus (so the theory says, anyway). Just go take advantage of them. Your unconscious and Deep Minds will complete whatever mechanics is involved in it – trust them to do the work for you. What they need you to do is a conscious analysis of opportunities that would exist if your Sun were in that new placement – once they have that, they’ll “point” the focus of your conscious awareness at those, which really are already out there, but as-yet “invisible” to you, because of lack of the awareness of what they are and (as directed by your Deep Mind and unconscious) where they are. *** Thus public service (12th), hospitalization (12th), work with mothers or children (Luna, Leo, Cancer), work in zoos or with horses (12th), research work (12th), living in seclusion (12th), help from behind the

scenes from your mother (Luna in 12th), theater work (Leo), etc. may enable you to evade the stresses, strains, and crises which otherwise that T-square would inflict on you. <sigh> serve or suffer after all. Nope. These are just a tiny handful of opportunities that are provided by the mutual reception of Sun and Luna in your chart, even for a given problem or crisis that might or might not come up in your life. If I tried to do an exhaustive list, I’d be at it forever. So these are just by way of example, to show the sort of thing that could be gotten out of the mutual reception There are probably zillions of others – I got these from books which, unfortunately, are written by people infected by the New Age Virus <g> with consequent Piscean (= “very fishy” <VBG>) attitude problems, including the use of the concept of “karma” as a moralistic weapon to use when playing a good game of “I’m okay, you’re in my karmic debt, clean out my garage while I go to the movies” or “I’m okay, you have bad karma, too bad if you’re being mugged, why should I bother myself calling a cop, let alone risking my ass to rescue you” or “I’m okay, follow your bliss, pal –over there. And take your tin-cup and cardboard sign with you!” or “I’m okay, you have bad karma, that’s why you’re a woman and I’m a guy!” etc. :( (Do you get the idea I loathe New-Ager attitudes? Gee, you must be psychic or something! >:->=> ) ***If, through mutual reception by House, Mercury is shifted out of His position in Leo in the 12th to conjoin Jupiter in Libra, He will then be in a Sign ruled by Venus, Who is in Gemini, a Sign ruled by Mercury. So if you begin to earn money (Mercury) through writing (3rd), teaching (3rd, Jupiter), or publishing (Jupiter), still more income may then come in from friends (Venus in 11th), lovers (Venus), the arts (Venus), teaching or writing for children (3rd), neighborhood activities (Gemini, 3rd), or partnerships (Venus, both business and personal). Any suggestions on what I should write about? I’d look at the Tenth House (empty), ruler (Venus, conjunct Vesta and part of that Grand Sextile/Mystic Cross arrangement), Third House (Jupiter/North Node/Neptune) and ruler (Venus). In this case, I’d say the sky’s pretty much the limit, given all that – how can you lose?! <g> But also looking at the 9th House of publishing – who you have to please to get published and your audience, the people who buy your books – you have Mars/South Node in Aries. So anything that breaks new ground (Aries), goes boldly where etc (Aries), deals with martial themes of any kind (Mars, Aries), and/or deals with bad luck/horror/restrictions/dystopias/etc (South Node) might be more likely to reach the general public. I think. ( I have [frequently] been known to be wrong. <g>) ***With Pluto in the First, you are potentially extremely powerful, both in a psychospiritual sense (willpower, Magick, etc.) and in that of your ability to recover from injury, illness, and the other wounds of life. strange sort of power though. . . only seems to work when I don’t consciously try to use it. If you’ve looked at my chart by now, you’ve seen my Sun/Pluto mutual reception. It works like that a lot of the time – which is why I find both Bujinkan Budo and Crowley so useful. The idea is to get what you truly want – i.e., the current manifestation of your True Will – as clear-cut and strong as possible in mind; then your Deep Mind takes over and sort of pushes you where you need to go and/or bringing where you need to go to you (like, playing Yenta between mountain and Mohammed <g>). Mutual receptions of Luna, Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus to Sol all seem to work that way, so maybe those are the sovereign remedies – and with both Mars (Bujinkan Budo) and Pluto (Crowley) as strong as they are in your chart . . . :-? ***This is underscored by the fact that Pluto here trines Mars. Venus, ruler of your 10th House of avocation, sextiles your Pluto, Who in turn sextiles your Neptune, squares your natal Sun, sextiles your Vesta (conjunct your Venus), and sextiles your Ceres (who is in Leo in the First). Going too fast for me again. Venus sextiles Pluto. Pluto

sextiles Neptune, squares sun, sextiles Vesta, sextiles Ceres? Is that right? What does it mean? See remarks above on Grand Sextile (oh odious smug child! <g>) ***With Scorpio on the cusp of your Fourth House, Pluto rules any land you own, your ancestry, inheritance of titles or money from ancestors, your last years, and your soul. Hmm. I’ve never owned any land, have never inherited anything except some neat old furniture. What does it mean to a person to have Pluto ruling the soul? As this is no ordinary chart, and you are no ordinary person (hey, I know you’re broke, quit looking at me like that! <g>), conventional interpretations are inadequate, but first I’ll give them anyway (‘cause I’m pushy. No, but seriously folks . . . <g>): Ruler of 4th in 1st – One of your parents may have had a profound impact or influence upon you, or you may inherit real estate through your family. Regardless of what you do in life, your family background will be important to you, and because of the sextiles and trines to that ruler (e.g. from Venus, Mars) it will sustain you through both easy and hard times. Exemplars include Jimmy Carter, Margaret Mead. Scorpio on 4th House Cusp – you are a lion in defense of your family, probably have a “den” of your own somewhere in the home (if you don’t live alone), may have lots of activity in the basement or your “den,” may do a lot of growling around family members. Your feelings are deep and strong, and you have a great need to prove yourself. You have the urge to succeed in life by your own efforts and may turn your back on help from others. Having great inner strength, you are both loyal and persistent. As for the unconventional interpretations, well, you’ve heard the expression of someone, “he/she is a born so-and-so,” where “so-and-so can refer to any sort of skilled avocation or occupation,” e.g., “born aviator,” “born to nudzhe,” etc.? Okay, you’re a “born Plutonian.” Pluto wasn’t even discovered until 1930; you are definitely made for the late 20th/early 21st century. As part of the Mystic Rectangle and Grand Sextile in your chart, Pluto has access to almost everything in the chart – in fact, to everything, because it makes an exact (w/in 1°) aspect of 20 degrees to Uranus, which does have significance, though I’m not exactly sure of the nature. (Donath hasn’t come out with that book, yet! <g>) Pluto is also in a critical degree (first) of Virgo, and in direct motion (active in your lifetime, throughout your lifetime (due to your Sun’s placement, progressed Pluto won’t go retrograde in your lifetime). So you get Pluto’s full expression, and you get it out-front, in your body, person, day-to-day life, career, the whole nine yards. Pluto rules alchemy and regeneration – you could come back from horrible injuries, maybe even regenerate completely, or undergo rejuvenation via Alchemical processes. Pluto is the gateway to Outer Space – you may someday stand on the soil of a Planet of another Star. Pluto rules Magick; you almost certain have the potential to become a true adept in Magick. Pluto is Kali – we’ve already talked about Bujinkan Budo ad nauseam ad aeternitatum! <g> Pluto is sexy; your Significant Other must be quite a guy, having had to triumph over a herd of admirers like that! <g> Power comes to you naturally; you may have inherited it through your family, and certainly you have grown up familiar with its uses and expressions. (This is real power, that of enormous wealth, or very high-energy technology, or of today’s international finance and politics, and the things associated with these.) The only power I’ve inherited is a lot of love from wonderful (but not monetarily wealthy) parents. Perhaps that is the most real power, after all. One of the things I have discovered, the longer I study and practice the esoteric Arts and Sciences, is that, as they say in “primitive” cultures, “in ancestors there is tremendous power, terrible power.” It is possible, somehow, to contact the biological roots linking oneself as an individual to one or more of one’s ancestors as individuals, and from them gains at least seeds of whatever skills, wisdom, experience, knowledge, and so on they acquired in a lifetime. So back there someplace are some extremely powerful (Scorpio, Pluto) ancestors (4th House), with whom you can “link in” (4th House, Earth connection) and receive from them something of their spirit, their knowledge, their wisdom, and so on to use in your world, now. The 4th House rules ancestors . . .

***You are very aware of the inner motivations and mental states of others, even when these are not evident to anyone else; This is sometimes painful. That, I don’t think there’s any escaping. All you can do is balance against it the increasing numbers of times you also discover something that brings joy, or even exaltation. It’s like the Man with the X-Ray Eyes – sometimes you want to cut your eyes out, so you don’t have to see any more. But sometimes . . . sometimes, you catch a glimpse of the Face of God. And then it’s all worth it. ***you could make a highly adept strategist, because this placement of Pluto gives you the ability to stay about 15 moves ahead of your opponent. (None of us will ever know everything, but if we are able to stay far enough ahead of our enemies or opponents, we can win every time. “Far enough” may be one move or a thousand – in chess masters, for example, it is a maximum of 15 movies – as long as it does the job.) With Aquarius on the 7th House cusp, Uranus in Leo in the 12th, and Saturn in Sagittarius in the 4th, you’ll have highly unusual (Uranus) partners (7th), a mate or mates who are unusual, powerful (Uranus) lovers (Leo), a hidden (12th) marriage (7th), powerful (Uranus) creative (Leo) eruptions (Uranus) from the unconscious (12th) How to get a hold of these? They stay smoldering beneath the surface, and I have great difficulty bringing them out. [Dante should only have had it so good!] As I’ve said before, theoretically . . . <VBG> (A.K.A. “Tell me about it!! :< ) I wish I knew. Tell you what, you show me your recipes, and I’ll show you mine . . . :> ***Your Sixth House cusp is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, which is in your 4th, and you have Chiron in Aquarius in the 6th. Yes. . . you mentioned before that the placement of Chiron indicates where one may be wounded, the Shaman’s journey and all that, and how they could help others. How does that correlate with Chiron in the sixth in Aquarius? According to Melanie Reinhart, “In the 11th house, we seek groups of like-minded people in order to widen our social sphere. We stand back from society to reflect on and perhaps to criticize the wider collective context of politics and history. We may want to reform the world we see and become involved in social or political causes dedicated to improving the human lot. Individuals with Chiron in the last two houses and signs [11th/Aquarius and 12th Pisces] are often intensely connected to the deeper psyche and the collective unconscious, but also vigorously defended against it. It takes considerable strength to be able to give expression to collective ideas (11th house) or feelings (12th house) without being carried away by them and losing our individuality in the process. However, Chiron in these houses and signs offers the possibility of our being able to do just this, although we usually pay a price n terms of feeling somewhat isolated in our journey.” (Chiron and the Healing Journey, p. 163) Of the 6th House she says, “In the 6th house we develop discrimination, and begin defining ourselves by what we are not . . .; we begin thinking reflectively and desire self-improvement; we develop skills and the perseverance to apply them. Virgo is the sign of the harvest, where we acknowledge and receive the fruits of our labor, and often work to perfect and improve them. “With Chiron in Virgo or the 6th house, control is often an issue – either too much or too little! Life in general and the body in particular may be controlled rigidly, or subjected to disciplines of exercises and special diets. Purity and order is important o us, and we may feel the need to be constantly organizing our thoughts, our life and others in an attempt to ward off the chaos that always seems to be just around the corner. We might have to learn through trial and error what can be controlled and what cannot. We eventually find relief through learning to accept chaotic emotions and/or practical situations. By risking the

delegation of responsibilities to others we see that the universe does not fall apart if we don’t organize it all” (p. 132). In the sixth, Chiron can bestow a healing of the split between spirit and body, between spirit and the world we normally call “physical.” Reinhart says that “Archetypally, the image of the Black Madonna has associations with this sign and symbolizes this union. Statues and shrines of the Black Madonna are relatively rare, but are renowned for producing miracles and healing. They are sometimes located on sites where pagan goddesses, such as Diana of Ephesus, were once worshipped. The Black Madonna represents a bridge between the older fertility cults and the more recent images of the Virgin Mary, which, in contrast, are somewhat asexual. Sometimes – for example, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico – the Black Madonna represents a mixture of Christian and pagan ingredients from indigenous religions that still flourish and are closer to what D.H. Lawrence called ‘the religion of the blood’ . . .” p. 134. Kali, the Goddess of Tantra, is another manifestation of the Black Madonna; She is the oldest Goddess of India, pre-existing the Aryan conquest by many centuries, a Mother Goddess of the Draviddians Who survived all purges of Aryan conquest to become the chief aspect of Durga, India’s Great Mother Goddess, the aspect that kills demons, Heaven’s Divine Cop (well, They only need one –Her! <g>) Like one of Her male avatars on Earth, Hatsumi sensei, our Grandmaster, She exemplifies the perfect union of body, soul, and spirit in singleminded pursuit of an objective, i.e., dancing the Dance of True Will. That is the result of Chiron’s death and Alchemical transmutation in the alembics of the Underworld, the apotheosis of the World-Class Shaman. Virgo, Sign of Ceres, the Great Mother Goddess Whose daughter Persephone is Queen of the Underworld, and the 6th House have to do with the beginnings of that alchemy that transforms Chiron, the Wounded Healer, into Kali, the Invincible One. Chiron in the 11th House or Aquarius has to do with being caught in the Web of the Mass Mind like a fly in a spider-web. Its healing has to do with recognizing that that is but a Sub-Web of the Web of Life and, through re-alignment, learning to navigate the latter in fruitful commerce with the whole world. So maybe you’re to become someone who can bring understanding of the way for us to heal our worldcracking mind/body split – manifest as well as the split between developed-vs.-undeveloped worlds, civilized-vs.-primitive, male-vs.-female, violence-vs.-passivity, etc – in ways such that we don’t have to (a) throw the baby out with the bath-water or (b) keep the bath-water as well as the baby, but rather (c) optimize our options (keep baby, use bath-water to wash driveway or even water the flowers). You’ll heal the split within yourself, then go on to help the whole world find a way to do the same – keeping both “green awareness” and objective science, fantasy and science-fiction, horror and Norman Vincent Peale (Norman Vincent Price? But seriously, folks . . . <g>), shamanism and allopathy, and all the rest of it. Nu? (With your chart, all things are possible! <g>) ***You could have bad health or hardship because of health-related matters (Saturn ruling the House, Chiron in it), and your last years could be spent in ill-health, possibly in a foreign country (Saturn in Sagittarius). You could suffer from unusual (Aquarius) viral (Aquarius) infections (6th) who rules allergies? Mars is one of the rulers, because Mars rules the immune system, and allergic reactions are sort of immunity in overdrive. Actually, I should say “difficult aspects to Mars” – allergy reactions are pathological, after all, the result of not quite getting it right when having a problem, and the hard aspects (squares, oppositions, conjunctions with Malefics, etc.) provide the problems. But megadoses of vitamin C tend to provide relief, at least if you take it for awhile, and C is part of the Krebs cycle, “cell cement” that is also critically necessary for proper calcium metabolism and deposition in the body. The latter is ruled by Saturn, since Saturn rules bones; Saturn also rules wisdom as well as material things; so you could say that Saturn rules the body-wisdom necessary for the body to learn how to deal with certain situations in appropriate ways rather than having allergic hissy fits. Thus, Saturn rules the healing of allergies. I think. (= “Only quote me if it’ll make us both rich.” <g>) ***have heart (Sun) problems (Sun quincunx ruler of Sixth Saturn), or possibly liver problems (Jupiter inconjunct/semisextile Saturn). But if, through Her mutual reception with your Sun, we move your Luna to a position conjunct your natal Sun, then She is in the 11th House, hence in mutual reception by House with your natal Saturn. This being the case, through that mutual reception, Saturn can be moved to the 11th, and

that will take care of the trouble. Hence through behind-the-scenes maneuvers of women (Luna in 12th) and male friends (Sun in 11th) to change (relocation of Saturn) things in your life related to higher education, travel, foreign countries, etc. (Sagittarius) to fall in line with domestic considerations (Cancer), you may be able to clear up health problems related to the heart and/or the liver. I’m confused. Are you saying that domestic matters i.e. home, children, etc. should take precedence over higher education, travel, etc.? No. Again, this list isn’t exhaustive. It is meant by way of suggestions, but was taken from one of them New Ager books on astrology, and you know what that means . . . :-P ***”as-is” chart) prove to be inadequate. In short, you’re a survivor type –exactly the type to scare women like that moralizing astrologer silly, because women like her have had few chances to develop their lives very fully and therefore can’t compete very well in a lively economy, which you certainly can. I.e., she sees you as a strong competitive threat. But having been raised with strong encouragement not to compete actively or with any sort of assertion, like so many women <sigh> she prefers the passive-aggressive approach, hence tries to slap you down for being such a threat to her with moral condemnation for “bad aspects,” something like that. Actually it was a man: reformed alcoholic (Sol in Scorpio on 12) whose wife had left him. What’s the smiley for “embarrassed blush”? And here I’m always kvetching about sexism? Mea maxima culpa! <g> (And I wonder why his wife left him? <g>) He took one look at my Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn and decided I was a promiscuous flirt. [And in that sense I suppose he did see me as a threat]. If he had even a fraction of your competence, or had even just taken a little time to look at the rest of my chart the way you have done, he could have seen that that scenario wasn’t likely [ :) see below]. Instead, he went off on a tangent about how I should contemplate all the dreadful things I’d done and renounce my evil ways. It’s true I have many areas to work on. . . that fire/water T-square, for one, is a constant challenge to me. . . but he saw only one thing, and projected all the suppressed feelings he had about his wife onto me. Rule of thumb: any time somebody starts in on you like that, supposedly from an expert point of view, and won’t stop to let you ask questions – to “read the fine print” – I’d suspect fraud/incompetence/mental illness/asshole (check all that apply). Again, unfortunately there are a lot of malicious, screwed-up, passive-aggressively vicious idiots like that in the business, because of its underground status, academically and scientifically speaking. It requires “right-brain” thinking, and many of these people do have potential talent for that – our culture is not geared to fully appreciate such talent, or such potentials within all of us, and produces an awful lot of right-brained walking wounded, in consequence. These people are never given any real training in logic, analytical thinking, objective science or any of the rest of what it would take to balance themselves out psychospiritually – they have the Right-Hand Pillar of Mercy, the Vision of Chokmah, the magnanimity and ambitions of Chesed, and the appreciation of beauty and pattern of Venus, but not the Left-Hand Pillar of Severity, the objective scientific thinking as well as the relentless honesty of Binah, the persistence and courage of Geburah, the logic and analysis of Hod. (Their opposite numbers, e.g., the CSICOP goons such as Martin Gardner, have the reverse problem.) So they’ve never had much experience with the valuable aspects of the Left Pillar virtues – which include professional honesty, selfhonesty, the ability to distance oneself from the matter under consideration and come to a conclusion about it without projecting themselves into it. (I.e., they’re assholes. So what else is new? <g>)

Ah well. In astrology, as in all other areas of life, there is infinite variety. BTW, he also did a chart synastry for my SO and I. . .a real quickie. He pointed out a bunch of squares and said “sorry, doesn’t look good”. Squares are good in synastry if there are sextiles and trines to balance it out. The squares keep the “flowing” aspects from getting out of hand, and vice-versa. In such cases, squares act as “glue” to make the relationship work and stay together. We have had (and do have) a lot of obstacles to overcome, but on the other hand, the relationship has caused us both to grow and learn a lot. But I can’t help but wonder where it will go and if, in the long run, it will prove to be a good thing for both of us, or will it become a catastrophe? “I’m thinking! I’m thinking!” <g> Seriously, I’ll get to the synastry – and before it, your SO’s chart, soon as we get done with yours. My other major question concerns the writing. In several areas you noted the importance of writing and Gemini/3rd house matters, and Chiron is there. Would this concern scientific writing, or is there some other area of writing that it might be helpful for me to look into? Unh-unh – Chiron in Aquarius in 6th, Chiron trining Venus, Who rules your Third (cusp in Libra), Jupiter, North Node, Neptune in Third. (Chiron was in your transit chart’s 3rd, in Virgo.) Jupiter has to do with expansion, and thus could rule Golden Age-style s-f adventures concerning stellar empires (Jupiter rules empires); Neptune rules mysticism and poetry; North Node may mean You Can Do No Wrong (so also Jupiter’s conjunction with Spica). Since both the ruler of that house (Venus) and the Jupiter/North Node/Neptune stellium make major aspects to everything in the chart, except Uranus (which They also aspect via a quintile = 72°), you could probably wing it beyond that point, as long as it’s poetic (Neptune), expansive (Jupiter), and well-balanced (Libra) – hey, I got it: since Neptune rules your 8th House (death) cusp, why not Rod McKuen and the Grateful Dead do All-Time Hits from Adelle Davis’s LET’S EAT RIGHT TO KEEP FIT? No? Aw, gee . . . <VBG> Thank you so much for doing this. You are extremely talented and insightful, and a very caring and generous person. Naw, it just gives me all these great opportunities to make shitty jokes on a, er, running basis! <g> Seriously, what can I say but “Aw, gee, shuckins, ma’am . . . .” ***Okay: you have Chiron in the 3rd House of speech, writing, communication, Your first message said I had Chiron in Aquarius in the 6th, not the third. <Sigh> I screwed up again, didn’t I? For the record, Chiron’s in your 3rd in Virgo in the transit chart I did for you, while Chiron’s in Aquarius in the 6th in your natal chart. I feel like an idiot – I’m sorry, I guess I’m still catching up on all that sleep I lost over the months with insomnia. :( *** Juno in Capricorn in 6th: You seek depth and the assurance of long-term I don’t mean to be a pain. . . you’re the professional here, and you’re doing this out of the goodness of your own heart, not for $$, but my program claimed that I had Juno, Ceres,

and Pallas all in Leo. Okay, looking over the charts again (when in doubt, read the manual, idiot! <g>): Asteroids: Vesta, Cancer, 10th; Pallas, Juno, Leo, 12th; Ceres, Leo, 1st; Chiron, Aquarius, 6th. Transit chart: Pallas, Gemini, 12th; Vesta, Cancer, 12th; Ceres, Leo, 1st; Chiron, Virgo, 3rd; Juno, Capricorn, 6th. Current progression: Vesta, Cancer, 1st; Pallas, Leo, 2nd; Juno and Ceres, Virgo, 3rd; Chiron, Aquarius, 8th. (Transits are what’s going on the sky right now, progressions – one day for each year of your life.) I tend to hop all over the place without bothering to let everyone know where I’m going or where I came from (this was one of the things that shot me down every time when I was a programmer, used to lose my returns all over the place when it came to GOs, MOVEs, and DOs). Again, I blew it – well, maybe this’ll keep me more on my toes from now on . . . I read through the overlays for Leo in Sakoian and Acker and it felt more like home than the Virgo. But I also came to the (yikes!) realization that my sun, in addition to being at the crux of that nasty T-square, is now on the twelfth house cusp! Which gives me sun, moon, mercury, and Uranus all in 12. My own worst enemy, and a powerful one at that. What am I to do. . . run away and become a nun and work in a mental hospital??!? Naw – become a ninja and make out like a (heh!) bandit with ill-gotten gains! :) Seriously, ninjas are the ultimate Masters of the 12th House, not their own enemies, not the enemies of anyone but those who initiate first strikes or who are Evil People the Ninjas are hired by the People to Deal With. :) Ninjas live in the world without being noticed – unless they want to be – living in a way that avoids the problems which LOUD people generate for themselves. Ninjas live a life based on the assumption that Nature is the Ultimate Sanity – and come to Nature as their teacher. The 12th House is Pisces is the Sea – and the Polynesians have lived on and with the sea as easily as other cultures have on and with the land for many thousands of years. “Go to the ninjas and the Polynesians, thou land-lubber, consider their ways and be wise!” :) Seriously, the stuff I was quoting was yet more of the Old Agey New-Ager stuff, they aren’t into all this good jazz that students of Crowley and Grandmaster Hatsumi are, so they don’t know about all the great 12th-House alternatives to shutting yourself up in a box and tending those who are several ant-hills shy of a picnic for the rest of your life . . . ***That could be. What intrigues me is that (a) no matter what the chemistry of it is, it feels exactly like the pain associated not only with menstrual cramps at their worst, but with my migraines, though of course displaced to other parts of the body; and (b) somehow the brain is triggering apparently identical longmuscle cramps in two very different areas of the body, the Gemini-ruled upper back/shoulders/lower neck and the Libra/Scorpio ruled pelvic basin and uterus. How? Why? Who knows? Do you have Venus in mercury-ruled Virgo in the 8th squared to Pluto? (or did I make a mistake?) Actually, Venus in Taurus, but yeah, square Pluto. If I calculated it right, that sounds like it could provoke some strange irregularities (Pluto) in female hormones (Venus, 8th house) that could affect your back (Virgo/mercury) as well. If that configuration is somehow tied to your moon/Saturn conjunction (I forgot to check) that could explain part of it too. Migraines are Aries territory. . . exercise helps with my Mars in Aries T-square mess migraines. Maybe good for you too? Not the back, no – this is upper back, joining base of neck and inner shoulders, ruled by Gemini. Venus does Sextile my natal stellium of Luna/Eros/Saturn/Juno, though. Saturn rules pain. I’ve never tried

exercising as such with a migraine – generally, my sense of balance goes all to hell, so exercise isn’t something I think of then. But I’ll try it. My cure-of-choice is “lie down in a dark room with a cloth over the eyes and pass out,” works most of the time. It struck me that we both have a lot of fire and water to mix up and deal with. . . any suggestions that you have found to work? Nuclear engineering? :) Seriously! Nuclear plants are steam plants, using high heat, with various fluids as transformers, to get a lot of water to boil or even sublimate, fast, to push huge turbines. Allee samee da kine nuclear submarines and so forth. With both Pluto and Uranus prominent in my chart, I tend to have that kind of energy, though on a personal scale (thank God, or every drop of water in my body would longago have flash-boiled and BOOM!! that’d have been it <g>), and I notice that when I’m into the Mystical Vision or generating my poetry or some other Neptune or Luna-ruled activity (both rule Water) I’m at my best. With Pluto mutual reception my Sun, it’s as if He were conjunct my Sun, as well as in His original position, and from conjunction with Sol in Aries in the 7th He opposes Neptune and squares my natal Luna, good aspects for work and achievement. Teenage Mutant Ninja Astrologers for 5/6/95 – Outer Planet Astrology and Its Applications Bujinkan Budo taijutsu and the Outer Planets – the Astrology of Bujinkan Budo Uranus rules the unexpected, expert knowledge, adept technique; Neptune rules the elusive, invisibility, deceitfulness, subtlety, wisdom; Pluto rules transformation, death as a part of life and Life’s tool, the Forge of God, the Alchemist, transmutation, the Underworld or Collective Unconscious. Laughter is taijutsu of the heart, soul, and spirit. Scorpio and the 8th House, ruled by Pluto, are associated with the waning quincunx, which illustrates jiu-jutsu, a way of using an opponent’s momentum against him or using one’s own momentum to stop one’s own forward rush into disaster. They are associated with the bald eagle, of whom it has been said, “If bald eagles were cartoonists, they’d produce stuff just like Gary Larson’s!” Neptune rules the process by which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, which involves the complete disassembly, at a molecular level, of the caterpillar and the re-assembly of the resultant mess into a butterfly. The chemical constituents of the caterpillar provide both the fuel and the structural material necessary for the latter. Pallas in Capricorn gives the native a sort of sixth sense for perception of the structure of things apart from their substance, for the Form or Uranian aspect of Binah by which one comprehends the pure form of a thing regardless of what it is made of. You perceive the world in terms of form and pattern, and take the meaning of what he or she encounters from such perceptions. The native is able to perceive things, persons, situations, processes, and events in terms of what Plato referred to as Ideals and Jung called Archetypes directly, that is, their essential nature, without having to infer it logically from their various physical and other characteristics. A comic-book presentation of reality isn’t ridiculous to the native, for comic-books deal almost exclusively in archetypal expressions of the “real” world, which is less real to the native than the Ideals that give rise to and express themselves through it, which he or she perceives directly. Healers with this sense tend to become chiropractors, practitioners of deep-tissue massage or rolfing, or dentistry; successful paleontologists and forensic pathologists almost always have it, as do ecologists, in one form or another. Artistically, Pallas in Capricorn represents the ability to create precise structures or molds in which raw creative energy can coalesce; when artists gifted with this ability are at work on their creations, frequently their productions seem to come into existence almost instantly, as if my Magick. (The renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin had Pallas in Capricorn.) Pallas in Capricorn excels in architecture, drafting, and sculpture. Also, Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Lord of the Hours and the Years – Time – Pallas in this Sign has a knack for timing, for being in the right place at the right time. Politically, natives tend to be defenders of law and order, and have a strong drive to acquire social and political power. The wisdom of Pallas in Capricorn is the wisdom of order – putting things in their proper sequence. Pallas in the 4th suggests that the native is extremely psychic, with a strong gift for empathy. Wisdom comes directly to natives from the Collective Unconscious, in which they are very much at home; popular literature holds a wealth of wisdom for them, because it is the frankest and most open expression of the

current state of the Collective Unconscious. They have great talent for making their homes delightful places to be. Many of them become outstanding amateur chefs. The astrological meaning of a given Planet changes from one point of observation to the next – try doing astrology on Pluto, for example! There, Sol is just one more Star, and the Timeless Collective Unconscious becomes the Quotidian Personal Consciousness. To Pluto, the Sun is just one more resource. From the surface of the Earth, I seem to be the center of all things. From the surface of the Sun, my world seems to be the center of all things. From Pluto, it becomes clear that I, my world, even my Star are very small parts of the whole vast universe, no more and no less so than any other. Gold – the metal of the Sun – then is clearly just another metal, not as valuable as water, air, soil nutrients, or the cherishing care that makes a living world: Pluto knows the true worth of all things. The Sun is Lord of the conscious mind, Pluto is Lord of the Unconscious, that which cannot be safely and adeptly done by conscious, detailed attention, but only via automatic and autonomic processing. Chiron For urban humanity, the Kuyper comet Chiron represents above all the domestication of human beings either by human society, individual human overlords, or sentient slaver viruses (“thrints” – for more on which, see below), their presumed ownership and treatment of us, and related issues. In non-urbanized, “feral” humanity, Chiron indicates simply the ability to turn adversity to good account (“2 = 0”). America’s Plutonic Aspects Pluto is the Great Smith. In American history, He has alloyed many cultures and peoples together to produce a fine-tempered artifact. With Scorpio intercepted in the 6th House of the U.S. chart, we Americans constantly put our labor and effort into hidden transformations, the outcome of which (9th House, outcome of 6th House endeavors) are transformations of the spirit, philosophies of the spirit, new Qaballahs. With Pluto (ruler of 6th) in Capricorn in the 9th House of the U.S. chart, these apply on political (Capricorn), the politics of the spirit, hence our curious admixture of religion with politics at a national level. That same intercepted Scorpio in the 6th has us constantly laboring in secret at transforming our languages (6th), relationships with our non-human commensals (e.g., pet plants and animals, wild neighbors, etc.) (6th), medicines (6th – homeopathy, medical step-child of alchemy, Pluto’s Great Art, is thriving in this country), techniques of healing (6th – acupuncture, medical alchemy, is also thriving here, as is herbal medicine in all forms), secret (intercepted in 6th) Alchemies (Scorpio), the results (9th House) being manifest (Capricorn) attainment (9th) of spiritual (9th) power (Pluto). The 11th House, which rules science, concerns the outcome of matters of the 8th House, which rules the emergent data gathered via scientific research. In the U.S. chart, the cusp of the 11th House is in Pisces, that of the 8th in Sagittarius. So a great many Americans in all walks of life are concerned with emergent spiritual phenomena (8th, Sagittarius) such as UFOs, miracles, angels, etc. Also, both cryptophenomenology (study of the anomalous) and mystical (Pisces) science (11th) are energetically going concerns in our country. Scorpio intercepted in the 6th in our chart implies labor at (6th) a restricted or rigidly defined (intercepted in 6th) chemistry, e.g., the one we use now, based on quantum mechanics and Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements. The latter in turn could also be used as the basis of a new scientific (11th) Qaballah (9th) of great power (Pluto), both spiritual (9th) and political (Capricorn) developed by Americans for eventual practical application in such Arts as Magick, Alchemy, esoteric pedagogy, etc. All this, from the placement in the U.S. chart of the 6th-House co-ruler, Pluto (power) in the 9th House (spirit) in the Sign Capricorn (politics, works). Love, Death, and the Marriage of Hades and Persephone: We can handle the fact of death and loss because we have within us a biological legacy, represented in

our stories and pictures of Hades, the Grim Reaper, Pluto, etc., that enables us to harness these in the service of life and love. The price of love is death – as the hidden treasure of death is love. Love and death are inextricably woven together in the mammalian brain (hence ours), their neuroendocrinological representations indissolubly interdependent. Thus every symbol of we have of Death is simultaneously one of Life – and Love. The partnership of Love and Death in our lives is reflected by the opposition of the dignities of Their Planets in the horoscope: Venus/Hera (Shakti/Durga [Eros]) wedded forever to Pluto/Mars (Kali/Shiva). We are animals who love one another – and who die. It is our tragedy and our triumph to be aware of it. Love and Death have been the great shaping forces of human evolution, partners and mates rather than enemies. The story of the marriage of Persephone and Hades is the story of that partnership.

That Sol is an esoteric Lord of Pisces and the 12th House is supported by the following: According to the ancient Greek religious stories, the arrows of Apollo, Who is a God of the Sun, bring pestilence. Pestilence is ruled by Pisces, the last Solar month before the beginning of the astrological New Year, which begins when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, going North, at 0° Aries. During the Solar month of Pisces, where there is marshland and swampland (Scorpio, a Water Sign), the mosquitoes begin to breed. It is they who vector the pestilences of malaria, Yellow Jack and their kind to us. Pisces is the Sign ruling the outcome of matters ruled by Sagittarius, the Archer (hence an aspect of Apollo) – and what could be a better symbol of the countless flying arrows of Apollo than mosquitoes swarming through the air, their sharp probosces ready to drill our skins and fill us with malaria and all its dread kin?! The Social Psychology of Mass Alienation The “sick ones” of this world disturb us in part because they are whole in some seemingly indefinable way that is lacking in the most well-adjusted of us. This is especially true in the case of the powerful “gurus” to whom we turn en masse for advice, who are never drawn from the ranks of former Vietnam Vets, those who barely survived abuse inflicted on them in childhood, or any others who have survived true horror. The reason for it is this: those who have been through Hell and survived have one thing which those who are successes, as measured in worldly terms, including the “spiritual” adepts so idolized by the public, lack, and that is their evolutionary history, from life’s very beginnings down to today, the history that has produced each one of us. The survivors have been forced to confront the essence of all the selective challenges which their ancestors ever faced, up to and including the monsters that preyed on those ancestors, who nevertheless lived long enough to leave their descendants among us now; and they survived it. Thus these, the “twice-born,” in the words of William James, may lack everything else, even a whole self – but they have their souls, and have served as the vessels of spirit at its most frantically, consciously active. And they are, as a result, adepts of their own nature, of the core and essence of their being, as no one else could ever hope to be. The meanest survivor of Charlie Company is thus a far, far greater Magus than all the New Age “gurus” who ever were or could ever be. Buchenwald did one thing yet unguessed: it stoked the forges of the spirits of its survivors, and called forth in their descendants the powers necessary to take on Hell itself and win. Potentially, at least, the most powerful adepts in the world thus are these: a human male taking a stand to defend his women and children – and the woman herself, with her children behind her, getting ready to attack and utterly destroy anything that might manage to get through her man’s defense of his family. At their moment of their greatest readiness for combat, these two are the most powerful organisms, body, soul, and spirit, the world has ever produced, no matter how unprepossessing they may be as individuals normally. Those who undergo such a critical moment in life, should they survive, from then on are true adepts. That is why Bujinkan Budo taijutsu or something like it is so necessary for complete Magickal maturation: it is a system that continuously calls forth such powers from us and refines them and refines them to their most perfect possible pitch, on a conscious basis, as nothing else ever could. Training in such a school is like consciously choosing again and again to plunge into the furnaces of Hell in order to gain experience of getting out again each time alive and in increasingly better order. That is the core of the weird attraction of horror fiction: it is a long, slow, leisurely, relatively safe ongoing evocation from out of our own souls (4th House), our biological being (8th House), and our

psychospiritual heritage (12th House, the unconscious, reincarnation, the Collective Unconscious) of the greatest power in the universe, by the only things powerful enough to call it forth again every single time, the twin demons of Horror and Terror.*

*Merely being inspired to ralph on the rug don’t count, though. :(

It is in our moments of supreme agony, terror, horror, overwhelming loss that we are consciously closest to the wellsprings of our spiritual greatness – but how rarely we know it when it happens, or even long after! Those who do learn it, whether in the stress of combat, at the graveside, in the hands of fiends, in the depths of a night-terror . . . or simply in a quiet moment of reflection and insight, go on to become the Great Ones – and the world (i.e., the Media and the others who scavenge like jackals at the Feast of Mundane Wealth and Power) promptly forgets them. For who wants to hear that attainment of the great powers of the spirit can only be won by harrowing Hell? Yet More Thrints and Thrints Yet Again Is the art of effective demagoguery simply a matter of engaging the same thrint(s) in everyone in a rhythm set by the thrint through a ptaav demagogue which is its host? Using some principle such as “quantum connectedness” (a corollary of John Bell’s Hypothesis, described by physicist Nick Herbert in Quantum Reality), could one use the very thrints one was infected by to transmit information to and receive it from others infected by those same thrints, even when sharing such information wasn’t in those thrints’ best interests? E.g., using Hitler’s thrint to send “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” or “Shave & a Haircut, Six Bits” or “Mairzy Doats” (as maybe played on the rubber-band nose-harp) at a critical moment in one of his more successful speeches to everyone in his audience possessed or at least infected by the same thrint he was? (Have you read “The Ransom of Red Chief” or Jimmy Hatlo’s “Little Iodine” comic-strip lately? <g>) Is telepathy mediated by exchange of viruses among communicants? Is this why cats touch noses when greeting each other – exchange of information via exchange of microbes? Pisces rules microbial plagues and pestilences. Was the Age of Pisces (Aeon of Osiris) the Aeon of the Virus, that is, the Aeon during which we began truly confronting the thrints who had enslaved us for so long on what was to become a truly conscious basis? Is that what Christianity and its long tradition of doing battle with evil and, above all, the Evil One (the Arch-Thrint?) all about – setting the stage for identifying once and for all what the bastards really are and beating them to their knees via modern objective science and its applications in the Age of Aquarius (Aeon of Horus)? One of the things that kicked off this long orgy of speculations about viruses I’ve been bombarding you-all with is the fact that in about 85% of all cases of folk-beliefs concerning evil, hexes, bad luck, curses, etc., little or no separation exists between concepts of evil and those of infectious disease, between morality and health. As Frederick F. Cartwright and Michael D. Biddess observe passim in Disease and History (New York: Dorset Press, 1972), most peoples have always believed plagues to be afflictions sent by the Gods and/or due to swarms of demons and other manifestations of evil. Further, a tremendous number of the various recipes for folk-Magick, such as love-spells, curses, etc., depend upon the principle of contagion, that is, the use of material from the body or belongings of someone invoked in the Working and/or the person performing it. Biophysics – telepathy, telekinesis, etc. – aside, this is reminiscent of nothing in all the world so much as the body-to-body vectoring of infectious disease. Then, too, descriptions of many of the traits and abilities of evil spirits are exactly those which would be characteristic of a sentient, malefic virus, should such a thing exist. Rather than being just a proteinjacketed particle of RNA or DNA so small it can only be seen in a microscope, or even just a loose, random, unrelated assortment of identical copies of such a particle, a virus is in fact a vast organism of very low density, actually in the bodies of members of one or more species of hosts for it. As in the parable of the six blind men trying to scope out an elephant, taking the parts for the whole leads to grave errors in any

conclusions we may draw about viruses as organisms. “Microbes,” both viruses and “unicellular” prokaryotes such as bacilli, are all actually multicellular prokaryotes, far less dense than we or other eukaryotic individuals are, and vast, vast. How like the descriptions of “spirits” and “demons” this is, in so many of the old tales – vast but invisible and “insubstantial” beings, omnipresent, with all the powers such characteristics would confer. Also, the sudden, disastrous mingling of peoples through war and other massive disruptions and dislocations of history, such as the Crusades, the flight West of whole peoples before the advance of Ghengis Khan and his hordes, the emigration from Europe and Asia of enormous numbers of people to the Americas to escape dire poverty, unspeakable tyranny, and other horrors has had consequences which exhibit patterns characteristic of great epidemics. For example, the witch-burning frenzies of Medieval Europe swelled after the return of European knights and their men from the Crusades in the Middle East, as if the people were hallucinating horrors set off by delirium due to infection by unfamiliar microbes brought back from the Middle East by the returning soldiers, or as if, sensing such infection in others and in terror of becoming infected by it themselves, they fought the sensed invader with the weapon of choice when it comes to preventing the spread of infectious disease: fire. Think how easily mass hallucinations, the madness and delusions of crowds, folie a deux and other forms of contagious insanity could be induced in us by a thrint that occupied the central nervous systems of all those so affected! Everything from mass defection from official religion to revolution could be started by just one such thrint after coming upon a people who had no acquired immunity against it or the ability to live with it in peaceful symbiosis – and the most natural reaction of a population suddenly faced with such a plague would be to reach for a torch . . . Are the weirdly regular cyclic phenomena characteristic of big cities which Emile Durkheim, the Father of Modern Sociology, found so fascinating, e.g., dog bites per capita per year in New York City, actually manifestations of processes of thrint metabolism? Are the intelligences associated with urban super-organisms actually viral in nature, and these cyclic phenomena the manifest side-effects of their internal biology and the ecological interactions with their environment by which they regularly vector their “seed,” the microscopic, protein-coated particles of nucleic acid bearing their genes, on to new hosts in ways analogous to eukaryotic mitosis, meiosis, and conception? Did the cities of human beings, ants, the hives of bees and wasps, come to be because viruses wanted them to, made them do so, for viral reasons rather than those of the beings who built these assemblies? Are our theories of the evolution of human cities only after-the-fact rationalizations of our real history as thrint slaves and stock-animals? Have thrints been major driving forces of evolution of all social organisms, whether human beings, ants, bats, or any other, of whatever kingdom? Think: how wonderfully cities – indeed, colonial gatherings of any kind, whether flocks, herds, clowders, cities, hives, roosts, you name it – serve the needs of viral reproduction! How easy it is for viruses, indeed, any microbes to vector themselves from one organism to another in any sort of large, dense gathering of living beings, especially if they are all the same kind! Why do we love cities – for our own reasons, or because we are stimulated to do so by viruses living in our central nervous systems, because that serves their purposes best, never mind ours? After all, consciousness is associated with a continuous metabolic juggling act by the organism by which it strives to keep all its parts up and moving in the same direction, as it were. This biochemical dance is the homeostatic systemization of the behavior of the organism’s component units, the copies of its genetic templates and the latter’s life-support containments, which in multicellular eukaryotes are cells, and in viruses, the virus’s host’s body’s tissues. Durkheim’s eerily regular statistical cycles, whether of dogbites per capita per annum or any other, are certainly strongly suggestive of exactly the way in which such urban viral homeostasis might express itself. Consider rabies: virulent rabies causes the host to “go mad,” to enter a frenzied state during which the infected host often covers a lot of territory very rapidly and bites a number of other warm-blooded organisms – which of course are then infected by rabies themselves, so perpetuating the rabies organism. The “madness” of rabies is the result of a viral reproductive strategy, and typical of such strategies, though a little more spectacular and terrifying than most of them. But this form of viral reproduction is analogous to eukaryotic mitosis rather than eukaryotic reproduction as such, part of the metabolism of a given virus, rather than the creation of a new, different viral individual, part of that individual’s metabolism, rather than anything to do with any other such individuals. So those oddly regular cycles Durkheim studied may well be, like the behavior of rabid dogs, expressions of the metabolism of viral individuals, and thus of their consciousness, their will to survive as complete individuals and not just as a mere random, unrelated assortment of nucleic acid particles. Which gives disturbing glimpses into just exactly what the nature of the psychology of such individuals might be like. What sort of being is it whose

Will and thought is expressed by the regularly recurring madness of beasts, the rending of dog-bitten flesh, the deadly collisions of vehicles on our modern expressways, toddlers drowned in bathtubs or murdered by their parents, in rapes per annum per capita and serial-killings per annum per capita and cases of voluntary (for fun or to save money, not out of necessity) urban cannibalism per annum per capita? No wonder disease and madness and evil all seem to walk hand in hand, to be surrounded by the same sick, hot, tittering aura of horror! Did the idea of race come from sensed but misunderstood genetic differences in the populations of microbes associated with different peoples? Is it possible that the human brain has evolved into its current egregiously large size, complex structure, and multiplex talents as a result of natural selection on its ability to actively participate in the body’s battle against microorganisms – especially thrints, which would be (should they exist) other sentient beings – that have already penetrated into the body’s interior, in addition to its admittedly formidable abilities for thinking up ways of preventing disease?* The brain is the largest of the sex-organs, primary or secondary, after all. It may also be the largest subsystem of the body’s immune system, evolving to meet the challenge of battling and defeating invading infectious entities that are, in their own strange, alien way, as sentient as we are, presenting challenges to us similar in many ways to those a which a human enemy would.

*E.g., via !chi kung, Magickal imaging techniques, etc.

If thrints – consciously aware, quasi-sentient slavers taking the form of viral individuals that live in the central nervous systems of their human hosts/slaves (ptaavs) – exist, they must have working memories of some kind, or else they couldn’t function as organisms, coherent working super-systems of components maintained through homeostatic mechanisms as more than just loose collections of unrelated genetic units. In which case their memory would have to be in the form of regularized dynamic interchanges of their own particles among their hosts. It would be possible to screw up the cycles by which those interchanges take place, say, by artificially infecting hosts with other, selected viruses chosen specifically for that purpose, which would effectively nuke their memories and end them as working threats, at least as consciously aware, sentient foes or predators. Currently an anti-self-defense movement is growing in this country, whose proponents subtly or otherwise push the idea that there is something wicked, nasty, even evil about self-defense, on the grounds that self-defense may possibly entail action which could have physically violent effects on the attacker; since, they argue, it is never right to inflict violence on another person, even someone attacking you or your loved ones or the necessary means of your livelihood and well-being, this means that self-defense is to be avoided at all cost. This movement, which so far has entailed a very effective castration of much of the power of the media to combat such assaults on the Collective Unconscious of the people, is the psychosocial equivalent of the way AIDS attacks the immune system of someone it has infected, combined with the sort of symptom suppression (repression?) typical of allopathic medicine. Could this be the result of infection and possession by thrints? From ongoing email correspondence with a friend >>>If you think of the Collective Unconscious as the psychospiritual aspect of Hypersea, then perhaps such 12th-House links between people indicate their ecological connectedness, one more aspect of Gaia’s geophysiology, by which She maintains Her internal health and well-being and continues Her existence. If so, the links would indicate a physiological connecting process, such that your birth and his birth were separate results, possibly minor ones, of growth and development of some physiological process within Gaia and the way it manifests physically in the world, so that it was perfectly natural for the two of you to come together and become involved – no past-life stuff needed for such an explanation. Curious as to what you think about this.

Yes, this sounds right, although I still don’t understand it. I think I mentioned before that from the beginning I’ve had this feeling. . . it’s very strong, yet also very subtle, that there is something he and I are supposed to do. . . together, something important. Yet I don’t understand what it is. I’m usually not like this, so please don’t think I go around trying to find mystical reasons behind every phenomenon or person I encounter. The idea that there is a purpose for it. Am I being ridiculous? I’ve never discussed it with him, so I don’t know if he feels that way or not. Am I just being overly romantic, or could there really be something we’re “supposed” to accomplish together? When I do tarot and ask this, it usually gives me some earthy card. . . ace or ten of disks most commonly. I usually connect those cards with income, but that doesn’t “feel” right and I now believe I may have been missing something here. The Hypersea/Gaia concept you’ve outlined gives me a new perspective on it. Gad, you sound so much like me at times, trying to make sure people understand I am a scientist, not a wool-brained New Ager, so please take this seriously, dammit! <g> Yes, I do. I take it far more seriously from a conscientious scientist, such as yourself, than I ever would from a “New Age Master,” anywhere, anytime! For one thing, you can understand what my vision is, however foggily I communicate it (or see it in the first place, for that matter), whether you agree with it or not. And that vision is of biological reality, as understood today by biologists, ecologists, and naturalists, of humanity as part of that reality, and of all long-enduring examples of human cultural activity such as religion, Tarot, Qaballah, whatever, as therefore being direct expressions of our biological being and our collective ecological niche in our living world. All our ideas and feelings of destiny, that things are meant, all the reflections of such feelings in our divinatory practices and all the other means by which we try to understand the psychospiritual meaning of what we encounter and experience in our living cosmos, Gaia, for ourselves, for life as a whole, are likewise grounded firmly in our biology, our evolution, the evolution of our place and function in the global economy of Gaia. Life learns to use to advantage what it must deal with, to turn burdens into assets into treasures. Thus the burden of water-need became Hypersea became the physical machine facilitating the Collective Unconscious, the ultimate connection among all living things, even those in the seas, lakes, and rivers and underground. Essentially Hypersea serves as Gaia’s thalamus, coordinating and linking all the major energy-systems within Gaia, acting as a directing intelligence to make sure they keep interacting and functioning optimally (relative to Gaia’s as well as their own needs). The 12th House of the horoscope is all about humanity’s connections with and within the Collective Unconscious, i.e., Hypersea, and therefore all about how, individually and collectively, we are supposed to live our lives in order to keep Gaia’s health at a maximum as well as (and even more than, if priorities are involved) making sure we do as well as possible ourselves. Those 12th-House contacts in your synastry with your S.O.’s, like your feelings that the two of you are meant to be together to accomplish something, are your own personal expression of Hypersea and its function in Gaia’s geophysiology. I.e., Gaia needs the two of you to be together, because She would benefit from it; so also, ultimately, would the two of you, if only in a genetic sense. You sense this accurately in the form of your premonitions, intuition, and instinctive feelings; and the synastry between your S.O.’s chart and your own also shows it, because human astrology has been carefully developed over many millennia to serve as just such an accurate “readout” on or interface with Gaia and Her needs. You are the result of over 3.5 billion years Gaia’s evolution, you know, an expression (among trillions, of course) of what She is now and what She wants and needs to do, so, at least on a biological (8th-House) level, you need to do what She needs you to do (12th House “compulsions”), and your horoscope and his show this, as do your intuitions. This, by the way, is why the 12th House also rules “self-sacrifice” and “selfless love” or pure altruism. It really has to do with the service by the phenotype of the genotype, what Haldane meant when, in reply to the question, “Would you lay down your life for anyone?”, he made a rapid calculation on some scrap-

paper at hand, then said, “Sure – for . . . that’s three brothers or nine first cousins.” Venus rules the honeybee, partly because of the bee’s honey, partly because of the selfless service of the worker bee to her hive (Venus is exalted in Pisces, expressed there as pure altruism, and She is the lower octave of Neptune, Lord of Pisces, as well as a lower octave of Amphitrite, ruler of Hypersea, associated with Sephirah ℵ1 on the Right-Hand Pillar of Grace of the Sphere of Life), partly because of the bee’s sting (Venus = Aphrodite is also a Goddess of Battles, like Athena, Kali, Maîtresse Ezeli, etc.). She thereby embodies the links between phenotype and genotype, between the psyche of the individual and the Collective Unconscious, between “selfish” service of self to one’s Lesser Self or Ego and “selfless” service of self to one’s Greater Self, all the copies of one’s genes existing in other organisms, especially one’s local community and family. She is as much an expression of our biology as is Mars, good ol’ “Nature Red in Tooth in Claw” – Her claws are bared in defense of social dyads and collectives, of the gene-pool, not just the warm-bodies carrying those genes around, and therefore She can be infinitely deadlier than Her brother Mars. At Her nastiest, She is Mother Kali, the deadliest warrior that ever was, the Archangel Michael, Defender of the Throne of Heaven, Protector of the People. And all of that is the 12th House, too. Anyway, I would trust your intuitions in this case, not the least of reasons for which being the fact that because you are a highly trained and educated scientist and heir of 20th-century knowledge and technology, you must have tested those intuitions to destruction. Yet you still have them. “After all the dross is cast out, the true gold yet remains.” They’re gold, you can be sure of it. Gaia needs the two of you together, at least needs two people just like the two of you together, and the two of you are together, so . . . <g> I hope I get to meet you sometime! :) Between your chart and this correspondence, clearly you are fascinating! awww. I bet you say that to all your chart-ees. Naw – just my fans . . . <g> Thanks for all the info on nutritional supplements. I’ll certainly pass it along to [subject] You might also ask him if he’s looked into anti-oxidants such as co-enzyme Q-10 and garlic tablets. I went over to a local health-food store a couple of days ago and blew $50 bucks on the following: Natureade brand Detoxifying Formula/Double-Strength/Aloe Vera Gel (200:1) with pure aloe pulp and herbal blend of milk thistle, burdock, dandelion, echinacea, green tea, red clover & blue cohosh (colorful, ain’t they? <g> – liquid taken in water); Nature’s Way brand Primadophilus Bifidus/Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus (billions of bugs per capsule guaranteed! <g> – re-establishes thriving colonies of intestinal flora); Kyolic brand Super-Formula 102 tablets containing aged garlic extract powder and Kyolic enzyme complex); coenzyme Q-10 capsules (30 mg); Jarrow brand OPC-95 caps, an extract of grape seed that is a powerful antioxidant; Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition brand Heartsease H.P.B. capsules (hawthorne [whole plant], garlic, Siberian ginseng root, dandelion root, parsley root, ginger root, capsicum, heartsease leaf, golden seal root, bilberry leaf and bry., vitamin B6); Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition brand Detox! (red clover, licorice root, pau d’arco, vitamin C, echinacea root, golden seal root, sarsparilla, burdock root, alfalfa, kelp, American ginseng, garlic, butternut, milk thistle, porla mushroom, dandelion, astragalus, yellow dock, buckthorn, prickly ash bark capsules). I’d been having all this pain on the left side of my chest since Picky died – when Gary had his heart-attacks I saw the handwriting on the wall, or at any rate the cardiac membrane. <g> I started taking these two days ago. The pain is just about gone – and I’m breathing more easily than I have in months. I’m *so* glad you’ve figured out the causes of your insomnia and other problems and by the tone of your letters you sound great. :) That’s another thing – last night, for the first time in two years, I fell asleep right away and slept like a rock without taking one antihistamine. I had some aspirin for a whopping headache, nothing else. Today, my appetite for sweets and fatty things was vastly diminished. Taken together, both indicate that suddenly my

hypothalamus (the appestat of the body) is working right after years of otherwise – or that it’s finally getting the right signals from other parts of the body, so I sleep when I need to and am hungry only when I should be, without chemical intervention. I think that’s due to a combination of going off those damned decongestant-antihistamines and this new batch of stuff I just started taking. OK. . . Venus in Virgo in the third is the worrier, right? Venus in Libra in the 4th is much happier, yes? So maybe, a problem could be that we both tend to worry about the whole thing too much, rather than just “going out to play”, as you said. Message: we should stop worrying, and just enjoy it? >>>As they say, let’s run it up the flagpole and see if it salutes. – Or conversely, look hard and consciously at the worry, maybe do chi !kung on it (How big is the worry? What color is it? What does it sound like?) until you find out why the worry. Worry is like pain and fear: it’s a signal, telling you something. Sometimes it’s hard to interpret the signal – it could mean “there’s a short in my worry-button that needs attending to” rather than anything beyond itself. But it could refer to something important you need to look at. Once you do, as pain does with chi !kung, it may well go away, its job done. The biggest worry sounds like “I’m too old for him.” Secondary worries sound like “I’m too old-fashioned and small-townish for him. I’m too big for him. His parents want him to marry a nice Jewish girl and my parents are wasps.” It may also be a little like “my last marriage was bad and I don’t want to make the same mistake again.” There may also be a little bit of “we both need lots of space and time to be alone. . . will we end up hating each other if we move in together?” What do you think? Short circuit or something important? They sound like legitimate concerns, and I wouldn’t discount them. These are things you need to be aware of – but not destroyed by. Once more, here is Hypersea, connecting you to people you don’t necessarily want to be connected to, at least on a psychic level, at least not when it interferes with your relationship: his parents, both your communities, etc. In other words, your psychic sensitivity picks up their signals via Hypersea, as well, and it reinforces your already-present concerns until these reach almost painful proportions. This can actually interfere with your ability to accurately assess the extent to which those concerns are appropriate and act on them in a way that benefits the relationship, though. So you need a damping function. Imagine, e.g., his parents’ faces, imagine staring them right in the eyes, staring them down . . . until they blink. I’ve heard this can be a very effective way to get the people you are concerned about (in this case, his parents, your community, etc.) to back down psychically, and as a result, on the physical plane – i.e., it really works. No matter what else, it desensitizes you to their attitude toward you, and frees you from worrying about what they will do, so you can concentrate on your relationship. Dale and Terry taught me that when someone stares at me on the bus, stare back. Staring is a very old primate political technique. The starer is trying to establish dominance over the staree. If the staree looks away, dominance is accomplished – not just symbolically, either, but in terms of hard-wire consequences of things built deep in our mid-brains and hind-brains. Evolutionarily, there had to be some way for a group of animals to “pick” a leader, if only by default, and this is how primates did it: using stares and other nonlethal forms of combat as a way of establishing who is boss. More often than not, the one who wins these contests really has been fit to lead the band, at least over the 65 million years or so that primates have been around, or else it wouldn’t be so genetically hardwire a response-pattern (though in the short run, like between my house and downtown on the bus, say, given the general caliber of the starer-types, this isn’t very often the case – goes to show you, a datum ain’t a statistic, especially when the datum is some punk with a boom-box and an attitude on the morning commuter bus . . . <g>). If you keep staring back long enough, the starer has to either fight you or give up, and in the latter case, you win And on the bus, there is unlikely to be a fight – in the case that a fight is likely, it would be anyway, and staring back will give you an advantage, unsettling the starer, who would not be expecting it, and throwing him or her off guard

maybe for long enough for you to do extensive damage to him, her or it. (In which case, start making loud screeching and whooping sounds and throw yourself at your opponent, because this also would be totally unexpected by said opponent. In all the confusion, as off-balance as he or she would be at that point, if you simply waded in and started swinging with all your strength, especially if with also your purse or a handy “key-chain” [= kusari-fundo, weighted chain, i.e., 3’ chain with snap-rings clipped to each end and nice keys on the rings with sharp edges and some weight, heh-heh-heh], you could win quite handily. Just make sure it looks like your opponent was ready to start something – and don’t aim the keys at an eye or anything. After all, my friend Gary isn’t out of the hospital yet, and won’t be doing paralegal work for a while. <g>] >>>In his Fifth House, he has Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo, the perfect combination for a potential adept of Tantra. This discipline requires enormous sexual-cum-Kundalini energy reserves on tap at all times (Uranus conjunct Pluto) and the ability to focus them with laser-like intensity and coherence (Virgo). He’s been looking for explanations and understanding of what he has, and what he should do with it, but eastern mysticism just doesn’t seem to appeal to him. Is there anything you know of in Jewish mysticism or Kaballa that deals with this kind of power? Well, Pluto is Kether, Sephirah 1, and Uranus is an aspect of Binah, Sephirah 3, Neptune of Chokmah, Sephirah 2, Saturn corresponds to Da’ath, the “11th Sephirah, the Abyss and the energy of the whole Tree of Life. The Middle Pillar, comprising Sephiroth 1, Da’ath, 6, 9, and 10, is a conduit for sexual or Kundalini energy, and the energy used to achieve successful Magickal Workings is exactly that. It rises from S. 10, Malkuth, the base of the spine, Saturn/Earth, to S. 9, Yesod, the genitals, to S. 6, Tiphareth, the heart, to Da’ath, the thyroid, to S. 1, Kether, the Crown of the Head, and if, in that process, you hold consciously in mind a steady idea or image of the thing you are trying to bring to pass, that orgasmic energy, finally “fired” through the top of the head, will ultimate manifest in physical form in the image of your desire. That is how Tantra works, and it is understood by Kabalistic adepts that this is how Magick works, though it is called something different, seen in terms of a different symbolism. Tiphareth is the union of male and female – the Star of Solomon, the hexagram – and it is when that “Kundalini [energy] rising” passes the heart on its way up, the chakra or bodily region corresponding to Tiphareth that this union of Yang and Yin within the person is completed as a necessary step toward the ultimate “firing” of the energy out the Crown Chakra or Kether. Looked at another, union of male and female in sexual congress initiates the process in the first place and brings it to that stage. Neptune/Binah is associated with the right temple and the right hemisphere of the brain, Uranus/Binah with the left temple and the left hemisphere, by the way – i.e., Neptune with “right-brain” faculties such as spatial-perception and pattern-recognition, Uranus with “left-brain” ones, such as socialization and vocabulary and arithmetic. If this is the sort of thing that would be useful to him, fire any and all questions that might come to mind at me and I’ll try couching them answer Qaballistically. Also, try to get a copy of Liber 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley – it’s in trade-paperback and widely available, published by Samuel Weiser (usually B. Dalton’s has it in or can get it). It’s a very useful bridge between East and West, and links Qaballah to the Western Tradition as well as to Chinese and other Far Eastern traditions. Costs about $12.95, and one of the most valuable books on my library shelves! Thanks so much for your beautifully written answer to my “love question”. It did help me a lot. . . by giving support to things I had sensed, and by helping me to understand what’s going on inside this guy. It explains why he seems to be reluctant to “let go” with his emotions. I had become somewhat cynical and distrustful of my own intuition. . . I was afraid it may have just been wishful thinking on my part. But your answer helps me let down my own barriers a bit more.

Does this make any sense to you? Yep. I’ve been there – many times. What’s nice about astrology is that any competent astrologer will find the same things, essentially, in a given chart as any other. Astrology has so often confirmed my own feelings and perceptions when everyone around me hastened to assure me I was just “indulging in wishfulfillment” or whatever the buzz-word for “we don’t like it, it threatens us, so don’t do it!” was. Charts are as objective as any other form of data – as objective as the night sky. <g> Reading them is rather like arithmetic – if you follow the method, you get the same answer every time. Wish-fulfillment doesn’t enter into it. I guess that’s why Freud hated astrology . . . <VBG> >>>Oh, dear God! Are you all right now? Adelle Davis has some recipes for appendicitis, and some parts of the world treat it with loads of fresh raw honey, which apparently has an antiseptic action. Maybe that’s because of the propolis in it, which also can be purchased at health-food stores – have you tried either? In any event, take care, let me know how you are doing I seem to be okay now, except that I feel weak. The main problem now is my veins. . . I have small veins which are hard for the nurses to find. What with all the blood-work and being put on an iv, with at least two or three stabs and swivels for each successful poke, my arms now look like Joe Cocker’s during the height of his addiction. One in particular, in the inside of my elbow, is quite swollen and bruised and sore. But at least I didn’t have to undergo surgery. Thanks for the advice about the honey. Sounds like a yummy medicine to me! Honey is essentially super-saturated sugar-water. Raw honey has pollen, minerals, vitamins, and propolis (a natural antibiotic fungus that grows on acacia root) mixed in, as well.* Strong concentrations of sugar are themselves antibiotic – I had a friend who once worked for Sees Candy, and everyone there was well aware that you can leave a box full of the candy on a shelf, with the lid off, with no refrigeration or other protection, for months, and insects and fungus and mold won’t even touch it. The sugar is just too acidic. Same thing with the sugar in honey. That’s why they cure things in honey, like ham. Some sailor on one of Captain Cook’s ships died and was packed up in a barrel full of honey, his body made it home just fine, even though it took many months, much of it in tropical heat, before they got him back to England! Apparently the raw honey’s concentrated sugar overwhelms the bacteria responsible for the attack of appendicitis. I’ve read that it’s also been used to treat – successfully – septicemia and even incipient (but not quite ripe) gangrene, keeping the process of suppuration from going terminal and then reversing much of the damage. Also, it has halted damage from the venom of snakes, spiders, and so on in some cases. For what it’s worth . . . (I’m trying out for Ripley’s Believe It or Not, too. – But seriously, folks . . .) Concerning: Forwarded message: From: [correspondent] Hi Yael. Well I sure had a shitty couple of days. I’ve been in the hospital. The night before I was scheduled to take my oral prelims, I had a little bit of abdominal pain and a fever. I went over to the student health clinic, and they said yikes, looks like appendicitis. Sent me to the emergency room, from

where I was admitted. No food for 2 days. Had iv stuck in my arm, all sorts of nasty tests done, and they’re still not sure what was wrong with me. Probably some rare phenomenon known as mild recurrent appendicitis, which my grandmother had. What do you think. . . .virus? :) Cheers. – [herself]

*Refining takes out everything but the sugar and the water and converts the sugar in the honey from its mixed forms to something like pure glucose, as well as destroying the delicate but very real molecular superstructure of the water. The latter has, of course, been reworked by the bees into a sort of gigantic supermolecule that is 2 parts hydrogen to one of oxygen but comprising millions of atoms of both linked together by countless covalent bonds into a sort of “brain” comprising “neurons” of H2O interlinked by “dendrites” of covalency – an apian form of homeopathy or alchemy, as real as anything any medieval alchemist ever did and as effective as the work by a modern electronic engineer! This is a side-effect of what the bees do natch’erly – or so we, in our smug superiority, like to think, anyway (maybe they do have all these little apian alchemists, wearing strange hats and robes, working madly away in the deep, dark recesses of the beehive, knowing exactly what they’re doing, and – gee, do you suppose there’s gold in them thar cells? <g>) – but it is as effective as any conscious homeopathic or Alchemical processing done today by any modern naturopath or alchemist. The refining – a combination of straining and boiling – destroys it all, along with taking out or destroying all the vitamins, minerals, and propolis. :(

>>>Just for fun, here’s a puzzle for you: A child is sold by its parents to a demon when it (the child) is still an infant. Upon reaching maturity, the child refuses to cooperate with the demon, does everything possible to undermine the demon’s projects, fights it in every possible way, because the child knows that what the demon wants to do and wants the (former) child’s aid in is wrong, evil, and wants nothing to do with it. In the 9th Circle of the Inferno, there is a round reserved for those who betray their masters, another for those who betray their kin. Technically, in refusing to do what the demon wants it to, the (former) child qualifies for both such rounds. Not necessarily. The devil may not be the child’s true master, and the parents may not truly be the child’s kin. In the psychospiritual realms, the child may find a different master, and the child may establish different kin. It is within the child’s power to do so. All is not always as it seems. Or, as my friend Kate Pappas commented, “The Ransom of Red Chief” also comes to mind . . .

>>>Gary’s much better, they told me this morning. Oh thank goodness! *Please* yell at him mercilessly to reduce his fat intake. By now you’ll have received the thing I sent about his psyche’s need for healing, his attitude problem. He gets furious whenever I act concerned about him, whenever any of us do, but can’t communicate why,

resists everyone’s attempts to get him past this, gets wildly angry when we dare to show concern about him – then gets hideously depressed if we don’t. There’s a local professional “soul-retriever” I’m going to hire to do something to get him untangled from whatever has done this to him, if necessary – as long as this goes on, he works like crazy to destroy himself, and there isn’t a damned thing any of us can do to stop him. Every once in a while he tells us he’s “damned,” in this flat, gray voice wholly unlike the way he sounds when he’s bullshitting or trying for attention or just plain lying (he does that, too, frequently and badly) – but he won’t tell anyone why. I am determined to find out – his life depends on it, and maybe the well-being of his soul. Anyway, yelling at him won’t work – I have to talk with one of his doctors who isn’t too young, arrogant, and hypnotized on modern med-school ego-gratification and training-in-stupidity to try a little child psychology on Gary, i.e., finding some way to SCARE HIM INTO BEHAVING!!! <VBG> He had a doctor like that in Santa Barbara, who blackmailed him into doing what was good for him. Let’s see if we can find one up here . . . <g> >>> [I gave the lovely, expensive, and deadly things [which my former student had given me as ritual instruments, the ones continuous proximity to which over many years was killing Gary, to the Fremont Solstice Day] Parade committee as a donation for use on the [parade] floats – what better way to get rid of evil than to pack it into Chernobyl’s Reactor # 3 [Seattle, where I live, is ruled by Scorpio and thus Pluto] and throw it into the heart of the Sun [the Fremont Neighborhood Solstice Day Fair and Parade Committee]? <VBG> Ahhhh. . .. poetic justice. I keep having visions of Br**** – with 5th-degree sunburn. All over. Damn that monster, anyway! >>>most or all of the function of his heart back. Gary is a sextuple Scorpio, and Scorpios’ ecological niche is to detox their spiritual environment by taking in all the spiritual detritus and shit and processing it into something life can use again. Scorpios have been given an undeserved bad rep by many. I have enormous respect for them. Now that I can see what was actually going on there, so do I. Scorpios serve as detoxification and recycling centers for everything around them, especially on a psychospiritual level. In our society, we live toxically, so the toxins never stop coming – no wonder Scorpios so often seem to be so weird, they’re overloaded to the rafters with everybody else’s garbage, and have no idea themselves, most of the time, what’s wrong or what their own ecological niche is or how to defend themselves from overloading in a way that won’t hurt them. So they start eating and/or screwing and/or taking drugs and/or indulging in other addictions like crazy, as natural buffers against the damage done to them by the toxins. If the toxification continues long enough, however, even that doesn’t work, and finally they succumb to heart-disease, cancer, AIDS, some other STD, the results of some other “compulsive addiction,” or some combination of these. So their “weird” behavior and “weird” states of mind are the result of their naturally, reflexively, unconsciously acting to protect everyone around them from exposure to toxins of all kinds, especially psychospiritual ones – and without them, where would we all be? Our sick way of life would have collapsed long ago if it weren’t for the poor Scorpios among us, who are our first line of defense, everyone’s psychospiritual flack-jackets, the human and living community’s macro-level spleens, thymuses, colons, and bone-marrow. The cure for Scorpio’s “weird” behavior is a clean-up of Taurus’s deadly addiction to energy-wasting, pollution producing luxuries of all kinds! >>>oh, how horrible I feel, that my friend almost died because, like an idiot, I hung onto those things! I don’t understand how the things you had in your apartment might have come to have had an affect on Gary, but I’ll take your word for it. However, I don’t think you should take too much of the blame onto yourself. It sounds as though your

friend’s fondness for unhealthy food was the main culprit. He actually has *six* planets in Scorpio? What is he like? Gary was born at about 8:10 am on 11/11/1942 in Dayton, Ohio. (So you have his chart for reference.) He is a man who is capable of learning anything, has degrees in celestial mechanics and planetary science, has worked for the US post office for about 7 years at one point, is a certified paralegal, was Baron of Los Angeles in the Society for Creative Anachronism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, is a member of the College of Heralds, is a flag- and banner-maker, a highly accomplished linguist – I could go on for hours, and all of it true. He also knows an enormous amount about astrology, the occult, you name it. You’d like him, very much –when he’s behaving himself. Then, like King George III in one of his porphyria bouts, he suddenly becomes mean, irrational, what some have called “typical male hysteric/aging queen behavior,” but which actually strongly suggests a combination of psychological problems and neurochemical dysfunction at work (and maybe lack of blood to the brain, due to damaged carotids, due to his diet, about which more in a mo’). He has a jones for fatty foods, and a weird avoidance pattern when it comes to cleanliness – we have to keep finding roommates for him who clean house, because he seems to have a compulsion to live not just in dirt, but filth, otherwise. Everything in his place reeks when he’s the only one living there – including him, because he doesn’t bathe, unless forced to. Nor brush his teeth. And the food he prefers is stiff with grease - in fact, he’s offered me pieces of fresh fruit over there, like orange slices, and even they taste of rancid grease! A brilliant man – who acts more and more as if he suffered not from Alzheimer’s, or even anoxia, but the results of either malefic hypnosis or re-emergent memories of chronic trauma when he was extremely young, or both. He’s gay, which doesn’t make any difference – but he gets nowhere with his sex-life, hasn’t in years. . . . And he is my friend. He’s stood by me and protected me and been there for me and shared everything going on in my life for twenty years. And if he dies I will be more alone than I ever knew anyone could be. After Picky and Frank’s deaths, this is just a little too much. As for how the things I got rid of could have hurt him, I’m not sure, but I do know that there are objects proximity to which seems to have a cumulatively damaging effect on people, for reasons which aren’t well understood. I’m told gold in large quantities can do that, for example. And of course we all know about radioactive material. In this case, maybe the use of these things in Magickal rituals, combined with the biophysical effects of George Br****’s rather malignant presence and intentions on them (he took part in the rituals, too!), made some subtle alteration in their physical make-up at a sub-quantum level or something. Alchemy works, I’ve actually had some experience with materials altered Alchemically, and it really does make changes in the materials – while they are chemically identical to the originals, in the sense of atomic weights and so forth, they behave differently, and have different effects on organic systems and living organisms than the originals do. Alchemy and homeopathy both involve the interaction of materials with the fields surrounding living organisms and the biophysics of such interactions, so maybe that’s what was involved here – real but very subtle physical changes in the materials involved, such that proximity to them now is deadly over time. Damn – just realized: I have to get a new table and a new chest of drawers/desk to replace the worktable and desk I have now – both were given to me by Br****. – No, correct that: shit. This is bad – with my drop in SSI income as of next month ($260 per month less) and my Bart-repair expense in a few days (Bart the Unbearable Houseweasel goes in for his Attitude Adjustment and Deodorizer on Thursday, thank God!!!), I can’t afford new ones for at least a couple of months. :( Got any ideas on de-hexing things? I could sure use ‘em about now . . . More Woolgatherings from Hell: The three “e’s” of adepts of ecology, combat arts, and engineering: elegance (all the information is present, in the least-cluttered, best organized form) efficiency (least effort, least waste) economy (least cost – especially in terms of loss of life or harm to life)

What looks like psychology but isn’t? – What is the psychology rabies, or meningitis, or acute encephalitis? What is the psychology of damage to the forebrain (as described and discussed in Damasio’s Descartes’ Error)? In that context, what is the psychology of rape, serial killing, aggravated child-abuse, etc.?

Notes on Hypersea (the ecological and geophysiological concept discussed in detail by Mark and Dianna McMenamin in their monograph Hypersea: Life on Land [New York: Columbia University Press, 1994]) Disease is an accidental by-product of the mutualism/commensalism required for the creation and maintenance of Hypersea. It is the oldest of all selective forces on land, save for need for food, water, air, etc., and it may ultimately be the most important, in terms of its impact on the evolution of Hypersea itself and of all the land-life participating in Hypersea. Infectious diseases, like any other form of mutualism/commensalism, successful or otherwise, are just one way in which Life sends messages to itself – in this case, something other than valentines and thank-you notes. Hyperstar As there is Hypersea, so there is Hyperstar – the fine articulation of the gravity and the electromagnetic fields of a Star by the life of that Star’s attendant worlds. These fields mesh with those of all other Stars, and it may be that their biological articulation may likewise mesh with that of surrounding Stars in a manner analogous to the way in which fungi form the interconnections between other forms of the life of Hypersea. If so, what would be the agent of such interlinking? From letter just received from a friend, concerning the above Hmmm. Stellar mycorrhizae! Interesting theory. Oh, yes – and of course Occult Science got there First: The Fungus and the Star by I. Itch

[There is an illustration that goes with this one; contact me if you want to see a copy.]

A toadstool would a-wooing go, Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! A toadstool would a-wooing go, And wooing, he did go afar,

Until at last he saw a Star – Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! *** He sat upon an ebon height, Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! He brooded there far into the night, Under the Star’s piercing light, And his whole life seemed to him a blight – Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! *** He wished with his cilia to embrace, Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! He wished with his cilia to embrace And intertwine with the silvery rays That streamed from the Star’s serene face, Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! *** Forgot the toadstool his low estate, Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! Forgot the toadstool his low estate And the common-to-all-toadstools fate, And he dreamed to take the Star for a mate, Sing heigh-ho, Rowley, powley, Old King Cole, he loved his Gammon and spinach, A Crowley! *** He spread his umbrella and flew away, Sing heigh-ho, Crowley! He spread his umbrella and flew away To live with the Star for an Aeon and a day, And there, far above the world, they play, The toadstool-Star and his mate: Heigh-ho, sing heigh-ho, Rowley, powley, Old King Cole, he loved his Gammon and spinach, A Crowley! :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P

AolMail Subj: For OPI To: ****

Concerning Michael Thorn’s forwarding of a recent post in the COG email list concerning a call for a ritual this coming July 4 proposed by Norma Joyce and Women in Constant Creative Action, posted in OPI # 65 [for full text of which, see below], I did an election chart for the day, time, and place given (July 4, 1995 at 12:55 p.m. PDT, Eugene, OR (123 W 5, 44 N 3), to see what would be likely to come from it, using the Placidean House-domification system. I found a few things that those participating in the ritual may wish to take into account, if they’re not already aware of them – I’m not sure what effects on the ultimate results of such a Working these would have, if any, but for what it’s worth, here they are: The Ascendant’s position is 6° 9’ Libra, the third dwad of that Sign, a Sagittarian dwad. The chart is thus ruled by Venus, ruler of Libra, and co-ruled by Jupiter. Venus is in the 9th House of this chart, in the last degree of Gemini, a critical one. Since Luna in this chart is at 0° 0’ Libra, Venus will move into Cancer, a new Sign, well before Luna can aspect Her. As She will neither aspect nor be aspected by any other body in the chart, She is thus technically void of course. The Moon rules action in any chart, hence the sequence of events which a Working conducted according to the time, place, and date of this chart would precipitate; since She can’t aspect Venus, the ruler of the chart, such a Working might not show any action, a possibility which is reinforced by the fact that Venus is completely Void of course, not making any aspect, even a parallel, to any Planet or the Part of Fortune in the Chart. If Venus were in mutual reception with another Planet by either Sign or House, especially if that other Planet were not void of course, this might not be the case. But Venus is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, Who is also in Gemini, and in the 9th House, ruled by Jupiter, Who is in the Third House, so She is not in mutual reception with the ruler of Her Sign or the generic ruler of Her House (Venus rules the 2nd and 7th Houses, not the 3rd). Now, She is in the Sign Whose esoteric Lord is Sol, Who is in Cancer, Whose esoteric Lord is Venus, and thus is in mutual reception with Him under esoteric dominion; there may be other non-mundane mutual receptions by House or Sign in which She is involved in this chart, including mutual-reception systems involving more than two Planets. But these are more difficult to use to advantage, and do not tend to come into play without the application of conscious, willed effort the way that those involving only two Planets at a time and traditional mundane dominions often do. So that’s one thing. Another is that Luna, Who at 0 degrees of Libra is thus in a critical degree of that Sign, is in the 12th House of the chart. She is thus in mutual reception by House placement with Neptune, generic ruler of the 12th House of any chart, Who is in Capricorn in the 4th House of the chart, generically ruled by Luna. The influence of Neptune is thus extremely strong in this chart, especially because Neptune is in an angular House. Neptune is a Malefic, and a very powerful one, Lord of deceit, deception, hidden perils, undercover agents, assassins, poisons, lies, dissolution, narcotic drugs, murders, and so forth. This is not to say that Neptune can’t also bring good things; but Neptune here is also in mutual reception by Sign with Saturn, Who is in Pisces in the 6th. Saturn is the Great Malefic, and this configuration thus has an enormous potential for peril either to the participants or as far as the outcome goes, or both. Concerning election charts (of which this is an example), Ivy M. Goldstein Jacobson says, in her Simplified Horary Astrology (1966): “Never have Saturn . . . conjunct the ruler of the 1st. The only angular house Saturn and Mars may safely be in is the 10th, where they have dignity, but only if ruling the house of the question and if strong by Sign” (ibid., 268). The natural mutual receptions between Neptune and Luna and Neptune and Saturn could bring Luna and Saturn into conjunction with Neptune and thus each other in the 4th, operating on their own, as traditional mutual reception’s sometimes do. Luna co-rules all charts, and thus a secondary ruler of this one, so this would be very ungood, and wards and other protections should be set up to prevent occurrence of a real-life manifestation of this Working which such a stellium in this chart would symbolize. Finally, both Mars and Chiron here are in the 12th House. Mars in the 12th House. Both are Malefics. Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson says of the 12th House in general that it has to do with “misfortune, bondage & persecution, imprisonment or confinement, banishment & exile, estrangements, ambush, kidnap, secret enemies and treason; clandestine acts, subversion, wantonness, self-undoing, suicide, assassination; mysterious & undisclosed conditions; widowhood; blasphemy; periods of poverty or grief, funerals, withdrawal by choice” (ibid., p. 263). Of Malefics in the 12th, she says: “[These] describe the activity there as unfortunate for the querent and if direct & afflicting the ruler of the 1st, the mischief is deliberate, far-reaching and from ambush, recognized too late. There is danger of imprisonment, criminal acts, estrangement from the father or family, cruel enemies, treachery or subversion, danger of assassination or torture, & many accidents behind the scenes; and the death of a child” (ibid.). She indicates (p. 264) that Mars in the 12th House indicates danger of arrest – there could therefore be undercover agents or something around. Chiron, on the other hand, is the Wounded Healer – an omen of cyclic recurrence of

wounding. In the 12th, He can indicate addiction to strong drink or hard drugs or some other addiction, so perhaps it might be wise to watch out for substance-abusers at the place the ritual is held. I do not mean to be alarmist, and it may be that all these omens will come to nothing. But forewarned is forearmed, after all, and at the very least it might be wise to set up strong wards beforehand, to protect any who participate in the ritual as well as any who are to benefit from it, and to make sure that the Working’s ultimate manifestations aren’t somehow skewed away from what those participating in it desire. This is by way of a PS to the above: As I said above, in this election chart, Luna, at 0° 0’ Libra and the 12th House, is in mutual reception by House placement with Neptune, Who is at 24° 30’ Capricorn in the 4th, while Neptune is in mutual reception by Sign position with Saturn, at 24° 45’ Pisces in the 6th. I observed above that through mutual reception, Luna could be moved to Neptune’s original position in the chart and vice-versa, and that the same was true for Saturn, as well, which could facilitate an outcome from the proposed Working for which this election chart was erected symbolized by Luna in the 4th conjunct Neptune’s original position and sextile Saturn’s, whether She was also then also conjunct Neptune and/or Saturn, or whether Neptune had be re-positioned in Luna’s original position and/or Saturn left in His original place. Suppose Luna is moved to Neptune’s original position and vice-versa, while Saturn is moved to conjoin Neptune’s original placement. The result is that (1) Neptune is in the first degree of Libra – a critical one – in the 12th House, where He is strong and any malice on His part is great; (2) Luna is in the 25th degree of Capricorn in the 4th, exactly conjunct Saturn; (3) Mars in the 12th will trine Saturn in the 5th, so that the peril represented by Mars, the Lesser Malefic, in the 12th is thus greatly reinforced by Saturn, the Great Malefic; (4) due to the re-positioning of Luna, the Part of Fortune is consequently repositioned at 18° 17’ Aries in the 7th (this could bring fortune from strangers); and (5), after Her exact conjunction with the re-positioned Saturn, Luna will first sextile Pluto, then conjoin Uranus. Luna rules the timing in any chart, and the sequence of aspects She makes before leaving Her Sign gives a general feel for what the chart portends overall, what is likely to come from its subject. Luna conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th, which rules the USA (since these are US citizens who will do this ritual), followed by Luna sextile Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd from the 4th and then Luna conjunct Uranus in Capricorn in the 4th could indicate that the outcome of the working will be: extreme oppression and tyranny in this country (Saturn in Capricorn in 4th); followed by sudden mass death, as from a great plague, and that in the very near future (Pluto in Scorpio in 4th, sextile Neptune and Uranus); followed by violent revolution in this country (Uranus in Capricorn in 4th), which would not necessarily benefit those participating in the ritual (Uranus exactly quincunx Venus, Who rules the chart and thus its Ascendant (the participants), and is in the 9th House of rituals and Workings). Further, Luna also rules the 10th-House cusp of this chart, which is in Cancer; since in any chart erected concerning events in this country the 10th House also rules the President of the United States and his or her administration, whether these figure in or not (they would be involved in the outcome of this Working, though, in any event, so this goes double here), this sequence of events would also strongly affect the President, his administration, the federal government overall, and all its participants. So if you do participate in this Working as planned – be careful. Ward, bind, and banish as if your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness from now to eternity depends on it – because it just might. Original post from Michael Thorn as it appeared in OPI 65 is as follows:

****************************[OPI 65 begins]************************* From: M Thorn This message was posted to the COG email list. It seems appropriate to share it will all of you. Blessed Be, Michael Thorn

With the spawning of the Oregon Citizen’s Alliance (OCA) and the white supremacist and many other groups of that ilk, we were becoming more and more concerned about this move to take away the rights of other citizens and decided to hold a ritual for protection and peace in Oregon. This was done on April 29th, at the solar eclipse, which is time for the basic nature of a situation to change. Then came Oklahoma City, and the terror that happened there. The Oregon Militia stopped the paramilitary drilling but other groups in other states cheered the action at the Federal Building. Could it be that the rainbow energy we sent around Oregon had an effect? We’ll never know. What we are suggesting and planning is that we do this ritual for the United States. We will have stationed points at the four direction to call in the energy, close the circle and then send it to the center point, St. Louis, MO, bringing down the goddess energy to the center, thus creating an umbrella of rainbow protection, and feelings of peacefulness, with St. Louis being the handle to ground the energy. What we are asking of you is that you let people know of this ritual and that you add your group and individual energy as the moon goes into Libra on the birthday of our country. On July 4, we will be calling in the directions starting at 12:55 p.m. PDT (1:55 p.m. MDT, 2:55 CDT and 3:55 EDT) and will bury a crystal at the four points, with the point up. Along with the crystal will be other artifacts, gifts to the Earth. In the center we will bury the crystal with the point down to bring the energy of peace and protection downward to all. We also ask that you ask for the energy that is already here to be cleansed. Please drop us a line and let us know if you will be in the energy grid. This can work and it is time we join our energy to the Goddess and give Her a helping hands. If you call the energy Him, it doesn’t matter, the energy is too strong to care what name we give it. It is, and if enough of us believe in peace and liberty for all it can happen. Blessed Be. So Mote It Be. – Norma Joyce and all the women from W.I.C.C.A., Women In Constant Creative Action, P.O. Box 5080, Eugene, OR 97405, (503) 345-6381 *** Sticks and stones May break my bones – But whips and chains excite me. *** AolMail Subj: Re: Chart analysis # 1 To: [A friend and student] >Received your mail today. For once, the Snails run on time! :) > Thank you for the chart information and the Flag design. If you >could, please explain the symbolism of the flag. Thanx. The two Hebrew letters on either side of the central glyph are A’ain (value 70) and Zain (value 7), standing for the title of Crowley’s “Liber OZ [A’ain-Zain]”, his libertarian (Thelemic) manifesto (see attached file). The central unicursal (= “one-line” because it can be traced from beginning to end without once taking the pen from the paper, unlike the Star of David, which requires the pen be lifted once to do the second triangle) Hexagram with the smaller Pentagram at the center represents the union of active and passive polarities in Aquarian egalitarianism (a Western version of the T’ao or Yin/Yang symbol, but

pointier). It also represents motto “5 = 6” (5 = Pentagram, 6 = hexagram, their common center equivalent to “=“), which symbolizes the union of the individual human being with his or her full potential, the realization of that potential in his or her lifetime, traditionally called “The Great Work.” This also represents the fruition of humanity’s collective destiny as carriers of the entire genetic spectrum of all of Gaia’s life-forms to worlds of other Stars, so that Her spirit can go on forever through Her children whose genes emigrate to those worlds and their descendants. The broken chain around the hexagram symbolizes the end of tyranny and the beginning of freedom for all humanity (Thelema, the 93 current; this is also symbolizes by the two Hebrew letters). The colors red and white are as in China’s symbol for the T’ao: red being active, initiating, transmuting (fire and wood); white being passive, responding, accepting, transmuted (water and earth). >Also, I am unsure of what an “esoteric detriment”, “esoteric >ruler” and “exaltation” is, refer to. Thanx. If a Planet is in a Sign or House which it traditionally is said to rule (mundane rulership or mundane dominion or mundane dignity), its influence in our affairs is strong. In its exaltation, its influence is stronger still. In its esoteric dignity or esoteric rulership, it is strongest of all. Conversely, in Signs or Houses of its (mundane) detriment its influence is weak; in its fall its influence is weaker still; in its esoteric detriment, its influence is weakest of all. Placement of a Planet or other chart-element in a Sign of strength (mundane or esoteric Lordship/rulership/dominion/dignity and exaltation), strengthens the influence of a Benefic so placed, such as Jupiter, Venus, the Moon’s North Node (Caput Draconis), and the Part of Fortune, and weakens the influence of a Malefic, such as Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, or the Moon’s South Node (Cauda Draconis). The reverse is true for placement of a Planet in a Sign of its detriment or weakness (mundane or esoteric detriment, fall). For example, Sol is obviously strong in Cancer and Leo, the months of Summer (June 21-August 23); He is in His exaltation in Aries and Taurus (March 20-May 20), when the Earth is warming up rapidly and all the plants are coming up and blooming; and He is strongest of all in Pisces (Feb 18-March 20) and Gemini (May 20-June 21), the Signs of His esoteric dominion or rulership, when the Seasons are about to turn to still warmer ones (respectively Winter to Spring, and Spring to Summer). On the other hand, He is in detriment in Capricorn and Aquarius, when it is very cold and His influence is obviously weak – but now He is going North again (in our hemisphere, anyway), and in a few months it will be Spring, then Summer, when He will be strong. He is weaker still in Libra and Scorpio (September 21-November 21), the Signs of His fall (Fall = Autumn), when He is going South and the heat He gives to the Northern hemisphere is thus in decline. He is weakest of all in Virgo (August 23-September 21) and Sagittarius (November 21December 21), Signs of His esoteric detriment, when the Seasons are turning to still colder ones. (If you need for me to go into this some more, just let me know.) >Also, it is funny that the chart indicates earth, Kevin Millis Sensei >(my sensei) told me that i am very earthy and that I need to be >more like water. So. . .what is “mutable earth”, or what does it refer >to? A Season is three Solar months long. The first such month in a Season is a Cardinal Sign, the most characteristic month of that Season. The second is a Fixed or Cherubic Sign, which “fixes” its energy, in which the characteristic processes of the Season run their course. The third and last is a Mutable Sign, the time when the Season is just about to turn to the next one. Cardinal Signs are called that because they are placed at the East, West, North, and South points of the astrological figure, hence compare to the four cardinal points of the compass. Other names for them are the Leading, Movable, Acute, Changeable, or Initiating Signs or types. As they represent the active temperament, they are said to partake of the nature of the Ascendant of a chart, that is, representative of the Will of the querent, the one inquiring in the matter. Fixed Signs represent a balance of conflicting forces. They are more uniformly referred to as the Fixed, Grave, Cherubic, or Executive types. Sometimes they are called the “foundation” Signs. They most distinctly typify each element, because of which they were said to have been dominant in the formulation of the Mosaic Law (the laws given by Moses to the children of Israel). They have also been called Seismic

or “earthquake” Signs on the assumption that earthquakes most frequently occur when the Sun or Moon is in a Fixed sign. They are the power-houses of the zodiac, reservoirs of cosmic energy: the Formators of the Chaldeans, the Cherubim of the Hebrews, the builders of the world. The tenacity of the fixed Sign – the middle third of a Season – is depended upon to support or stabilize the influence of the leading Sign (the first third of a Season). Mutable Signs represent the arcs in which there is a perpetual condition of slowing down in readiness to turn a corner, a mobilization for action, and the indecision which can result from or accompany it. These Signs are symbolized by ideas expressing this duality: Gemini, the Twins; Pisces, the two fish or deepwater sea-horses of Neptune; Sagittarius, the centaur, half-man, half-horse; Virgo, Sign of Mary, mother of Jesus, half mortal, virgin girl, half immortal, heavenly mother. They represent the different aspects of Mind; because of their agility, versatility, and quickness, they act as mediators between the Fixed Sign of their own Season, which precedes them, and the Cardinal or Leading Sign of the following Season, which comes right after them. They have been called the “reconcilers of the universe.” Fire Signs represent the Will, Spirit, or Intentionality of living beings, the future toward which Life struggles. These Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – rule the immediate present and the future as a goal to be realized by force of Will. Water Signs represent the Psyche, the Emotions, the personal and collective Unconscious. They represent the ancestry of all living Beings: the immediate, intraspecific genealogy of an individual, by Cancer and the Fourth House, which rules the soul or psyche, feeling, land, inheritance of land, family titles, and so on; the genetic ancestry of living beings, by Scorpio and the Eighth House, ruling the great biological imperatives of life, birth, death, transformation, rebirth, transmutation, the alchemy of Life; and the ancestry of the soul, by Pisces and the 12th House, rulers of reincarnation, past lives, one’s connections with others via the Collective Unconscious, the past. These Signs rule the past as the foundation of existence. The Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – are the Signs of Intellect and Reason. They are also the Signs of relationship: Gemini and the 3rd House, relationship with siblings, cousins, neighbors, neighborhood as a microcommunity; Libra and the 7th House, one-on-one relationships of all kinds, including with total strangers, from marriage and business partnerships through all relationships with professionals (one’s doctor, lawyer, or other professional specialist), to face-to-face combat and other forms of one-on-one hostile interaction – relationships between two individuals, social dyads as communities of two; and Aquarius and the 11th House as the broader community of the network of friendships, business associates, co-workers, and acquaintances of which one is part, a community that ultimately embraces the whole world (Aquarius rules humanity as a collective entity). The Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – rule manifest physical reality: the body, its functions and needs; physical objects of all kinds; manifest results of any endeavor. These are the Signs of practicality and pragmatism, of people who get things done. They indicate skill in using and managing the material and financial resources necessary to make other functions of human life possible. In whatever Houses of the horoscope Earth Signs are found, the native will show the virtues of pragmatism, common sense, practical skills. Of Virgo in particular, practicality is shown in the form of intelligence and skill in labor and construction of things necessary to our lives. This Sign is also concerned with proper maintenance of our bodies and our health. Nicholas Devore says of it, in his marvelous Encyclopedia of Astrology (NY: Philosophical Library, 1947): *** VIRGO The Virgin. The sixth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol [M with crossed leg] is probably a representation of the Girdle of Hymen, and has reference to the Immaculate Conception of a Messiah (i.e., Mary’s impregnation by God with the baby Jesus). It is usually pictured by a virgin holding in her hand a green branch, an ear of corn, or a spike of grain. Spica is a star in the constellation of Virgo. Here was commemorated the Festival of Ishtar, goddess of fertility. The Sun is in Virgo annually from August 23 to September 22. Astrologically and astronomically it is the thirty-degree arc immediately preceding the Sun’s passing over the Fall Equinoctial point, occupying a position along the Ecliptic from 150 degrees to

180 degrees. It is the Mutable quality of the Earth element: negative, cold, dry, sterile, human; also critical, practical, helpful. Ruler: Mercury. Detriment: Jupiter. Fall: Venus. Critical Virgo Who criticizes all she sees: Yes, e’en would analyze a sneeze? Who hugs and loves her own disease? Humpf, Virgo. Symbolic interpretation: A green branch; an ear of wheat or corn; the Immaculate Virgin who gives birth to a world-savior. Form and the differentiation of sex. Discrimination through a critical analysis of the fruits of action. But modest Virgo’s rays give polished parts, And fill men’s breasts with honesty and arts; No tricks for gain, nor love of wealth dispense, But piercing thoughts and winning eloquence. – Manilius First Decan [0-9° Virgo]: Achievement, a good mentality, gigantic tasks. Second Decan [10-19 degrees Virgo]: Experience, an assimilative mind, skilled in diplomacy; great temptations; powers of discernment and compassion; love of worldly honor; susceptible to allurements of the flesh. Third Decan [20-29 degrees Virgo]: Renunciation, the Crown of Thorns; work on behalf of others or of science, without thoughts of reward; forsakes everything for duty. (Ibid., pp. 366-367) >What is Delta time?, Sidereal Time? Julian Day? Universal Time (UT), measured by the angle of the Sun’s position in the sky relative to Greenwich, England (e.g., when the Sun is due South of Greenwich England, on the zenith or meridian running directly over head from North to South at that place, it is noon UT), would be perfect for astronomical and astrological purposes if the Earth turned on Her axis at a perfectly uniform rate. However, because of earthquakes and other disturbances, She doesn’t rotate uniformly. Thus UT clocks, especially the newer astronomical clocks that keep extremely precise time by measuring the rate of disintegration of atomic nuclei, have to be reset when the Earth is fast or slow. The astronomical calculations that go into an ephemeris presuppose a constant time, independent of the Earth’s variations. So astronomers have created such a time. Ephemeris Time (ET) is Universal Time as it would be if the Earth had rotated uniformly since the beginning of the century. It is an ideal mean solar time, used in all modern ephemeredes. The difference between ET and UT (Delta-T) can’t be precisely predicted, because it is the result of observations, and can only be estimated for the future. It has to be looked up from tables for the purposes of chart calculations (the tables are built in to software used for this purpose). Currently, in 1995, ET differs from UT by about +59 arc-seconds (an arc-second is 1/3600-th of a degree). Planetary calculations should be done in ET because the Planets move independently of the Earth. House cusps, on the other hand, are closely related to the rotation of the Earth and should, therefore, be calculated based on UT. (Calculation of an entire chart using ET is a common error, resulting in slightly misplaced House cusps.)

The difference between UT and ET is only worth bothering with if you are going to locate the Sun and Moon as accurately as possible, as for Solar and Lunar returns. Otherwise, if you are satisfied with accuracy to the nearest minute of arc, it isn’t usually necessary. UT and ET are Solar times, but to measure planetary motion it’s convenient to have a time that is related to the zodiac rather than the Sun. This is Sidereal Time. Whereas UT and ET measure the angle from the Sun to the zenith, Sidereal Time (ST) measures the angle from the vernal equinox (0 degrees Aries) to the Zenith. Thus at 0h 0m ST, o degrees Aries is on the zenith, or “southing.” At 1h 0m ST, 0 degrees Aries is 15 degrees West of the zenith. In the time it takes the Earth to revolve around the Sun once, a Solar year, the Earth rotates on Her axis 366.2422 times. Thus to us on Earth it seems that the Zodiac and the Vernal Equinox (celestial longitude of Sol on the first day of Spring, equal to 0 degrees Aries [the Sign, the first Solar month of the astrological year, not the Constellation, which is a more or less fixed pattern of Stars in the sky]), our reference point on the Zodiac, go around the Earth 366.2422 times per year. However, the Sun rises, crosses the zenith, and sets only 365.2422 times per year. This is because His apparent yearly motion through the Zodiac is in a direction opposite to His apparent daily motion across the sky, so that one of His yearly motions “undoes” one of His daily motions. Consequently, a year has 366.2422 sidereal days and only 365.2422 Solar days, exactly one less. A sidereal day is shorter than a Solar day by 3 minutes 56 seconds, and a sidereal hour is shorter than a Solar hour by 9.86 seconds. Universal Time and Sidereal Time are together on September 21 every year. Then ST pulls ahead of UT at the rate of 9.86 seconds per hour of UT until a year later, on September 21 of the following year, ST is exactly 24 hours ahead. The ephemeris gives ST for 0h 0m 0s UT at the beginning of every day. Therefore one must add 9.86 seconds for every hour of UT in order to get the correct ST. Sidereal time, because it measures the angle between the local zenith and 0 degrees Aries, is different for different longitudes. Since Sidereal Time has no time zones, the difference between Sidereal Time at any place and Greenwich Sidereal Time depends on the longitude of the place. Longitude divides the Earth into 360-degree segments; time-measurement divides its rotation into 24-hour segments. Therefore 360 degrees/24 = 15 degrees of longitude equals one hour. Having calculated this longitude correction for the place for which the chart is erected, if it is East of Greenwich, England, add the correction to the total to get Local Sidereal Time (LST); otherwise, subtract it. See The American Ephemeris 1931-1980 and Book of Tables by Neil F. Michelson (San Diego: ACS Publications, 1976), pp. 651-653 for the original text from which this was paraphrased. The Julian day: For calculating long intervals of time it was found desirable to eliminate the months and years, and number the days consecutively. Hence one such numbered day is identified by the prefix J.D., meaning Julian Day. On January 1, 1925, the astronomical day was superseded by the Julian Day, numbered consecutively beginning from 4713 B.C (e.g., January 1, 1934, was J.D. 2,427,439). To avoid confusion in the comparison of ancient and modern dates, the Julian day was made to begin at noon, twelve hours later than the civil day, which begins at midnight at 180 East or West of Greenwich. The Julian day makes calculation of the number of days elapsed between any two given dates very convenient: simply set down the Julian day for each of the two days and subtract, and their difference is the number of elapsed days. For dates separated by only 2 or 3 years, it is only necessary to use the last three or four digits of the Julian days involved. (Remember that leap years have an extra day!) >In reference to the earlier question on determents and rulers, when >one is nocturnal and the other is diurnal, does that imply that these >traits are strongest in the night or day? These distinctions go back to the Babylonians, about 3,000 years ago. In practice, I would say that for most purposes, the distinctions between “diurnal” vs. “nocturnal” Signs could be discarded entirely, for they don’t seem to affect most things. Thus each Planet has two mundane Lordships, two exaltations, two esoteric dominions, two mundane detriments, two falls, and two esoteric detriments. What these distinctions actually refer to have to do with two things: the Signs on the cusps of the Houses in the chart, and whether it is night or day at the time and for the place of the erection of that chart. First, if it is for a chart for an event that took place during the day, the diurnal Lords of a Sign (i.e., those that have mundane or esoteric dominion over it or are exalted in it by day) are slightly stronger in Signs of their diurnal dignities than are those for Whom those Signs are nocturnal dignities (i.e., Who co-rule the

Signs with Them, as Neptune does with Jupiter or Mars with Pluto), and weaker in Signs of their diurnal detriments than are Their co-rulers; the reverse is true for a chart erected for a nocturnal event. Second, and more important, those Planets having diurnal dignities (strengths) in the Sign on the cusp of a particular House in a given chart are the primary rulers of the affairs of that House in the matter of the chart if the chart is for an event that took place during the day, while those having nocturnal dignities in that Sign are secondary rulers of its affairs, i.e., slightly less influential in them than are the diurnal Lords of the Sign; the reverse is true for a Planet erected for an event taking place at night. (Remember that the Planets ruling the Sign on the Ascendant, the cusp of the chart’s First House, rule the chart as a whole, and the aspects They make to everything else in the chart indicate the nature of the subject of the chart and how it will evolve or develop over time. >House elements: what does this refer to and how does the number >of planets with in each category effect the particular subheading? Houses 1, 5, and 9, respectively corresponding with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are the Houses of Life, Spirit, and Will. A preponderance of Planets in these Houses gives the chart – and the person or thing it refers to – an overall Fiery tone, a strong-willed nature, a highly spirited temperament, a large capacity for love, courage, and ardent devotion. Houses 2, 6, and 10, corresponding with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are the Houses of Substance. They signify a strong practical temperament, common sense, ability to make things real, achievements that take physical form, the physical body. Houses 3, 7, and 11, corresponding with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, are the Houses of Relationship. They signify the capacity for bonding with others, staring with the 3rd (the beings in one’s immediate, everyday environment, beginning with siblings and neighbors, the microcommunity of the neighborhood); going to the 7th (one-to-one encounters, relationships, and interactions, whether friendly, loving, business, or hostile, the social dyad which is the basic unit of all society, the social atom, as it were, out of which compound and complex networks of interrelationship involving several or many people are made); and finally the 11th, the macrocommunity, the networks of association, affiliation, friendship, formal membership in organization, species identity, the superorganism of the global human community. Houses 4, 8, and 12, corresponding with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are the Houses of Endings: the 4th rules the last years of the individual life, the 8th rules the dissolution of the body in death, and the 12th House rules the dissolution of the psyche and the mind in the Oceanic Collective Unconscious in sleep, dreams, drug-trips, death, and the aftermath of orgasm. But they are also the Houses of Beginnings, for they rule the Past, the basis on which all the Present and the Future are built: the 4th rules the history of one’s forebears and one’s people, the ancestral and genealogical past, one’s human ancestry, and inheritance of titles, land, and traditions – the cultural bedrock of psychic existence – therefrom; the 8th rules the biological past, the history of one’s genes, all the way back to Life’s first beginnings on Earth; and the 12th rules the history of the soul and spirit, memories of past lives, and the ties to the Collective Unconscious and, through it, people one is destined to meet and interact with in a given lifetime. >There were a number of hand written graphics, symbols on page >two. One is a circle with a dot in the center and the other looks >like a D. what do these refer to? A circle with a dot in the center sounds like the Sun. I don’t know what the other would have been – what it was just doesn’t come to mind. What was on “page 2”? Part of the chart analysis? If I have an idea of what was on it, I may remember what the notations were. >Lastly, so as not to take up all of your time answering these >questions, is there a comprehensive book that would cover these >questions?

Not that I mind the questions, but there are several good books on all of this. First, get a copy of The Astrologer’s Handbook by Frances Sakoian & Louis S. Acker (NY: Perennial Library, 1987). It’s in paperback, though originally was published by Harper’s in hardback, and if it’s still in print, it shouldn’t cost much. It’s even cheaper in used-book stores. Another book, which I just love, is the aforementioned Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas Devore. It has the subjects listed in alphabetical order, easy to look up. You might also check out Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson’s Simplified Horary Astrology (1966) and Anthony Louis’s Horary Astrology (1991); both are very good, and cover an awful lot of these topics, frequently in much greater depth and more insight than books on natal astrology. All of these, when in print, are available at any decent New Age head shop, occult book store, or even B. Dalton’s; if they are out of print (look that up in Books in Print at the library or any large bookstore), most used bookstores will be glad to do out-of-print book-searches for you and let you know if they find the book. And many library systems carry them. >Smiling, a little embarrassed Don’t be embarrassed – everybody has to learn sometime! At least you have the sense and scholastic integrity and courage to ask lots of questions, which really is the only way to learn anything worth a damn in any depth! Replying helps me write my book, too – and on top of everything else, I really do enjoy it. So fire away, that’s what I’m here for! :) On thinking about it, I still didn’t make that thing about diurnal-vs.-nocturnal rulers very clear. This has importance mainly for determining which Planet rules the Sign on which House cusp and therefore rules the affairs of that House (in the case of the First House, which Planet rules the chart as a whole). Take your own chart, which has Virgo rising, and is a nocturnal chart, since you were born at night. Mercury is the nocturnal mundane Lord of Virgo (Persephone the diurnal one), Mars is nocturnally exalted in it (Pluto, diurnally); and Uranus is its nocturnal esoteric Lord (Saturn, its diurnal one). So Mercury rules the everyday affairs of that House in your life, as well as your life overall, since He is therefore also Lord of the chart as a whole; Mars rules anything connected with society, economics, and politics (human ecology) in the affairs of that House, as well as in your life overall; and Uranus rules anything having to do with astrology, Magick, alchemy or other esoteric studies, practices, and phenomena connected with that House or your life as a whole. The aspects these make to other significant points in your chart or to points in other’s charts (synastry) determine how these will influence the various aspects of your or others’ lives. Since Persephone (as yet undiscovered, but why let that little detail stop us?! <g>) is the diurnal mundane Lord of Virgo, She has the potential to influence affairs in your life connected with that House (and your life as a whole). Generally, though, either the influence of the co-ruler of the Sign on that cusp is considered to be of secondary importance in affairs of that House (and the chart overall), or else is considered to as its ruler only when the primary ruler, in this case, Mercury, makes no significant aspects to anything in the chart, or at least not to the rulers of Houses under consideration at the time. E.g., in the case of your chart, say Mercury made no aspects to anything else in the chart (not true, but what the hell). In that case, the placement in the chart and aspects to the other elements of the chart of Persephone, the “fallback” Lord of the House, would be analyzed to determine how the mundane or ordinary affairs of that House (and your life overall) would go. The same is true of Pluto, with respect to politics, economics, and society and the way these fit into your life, since He is diurnally exalted in Virgo and therefore ruler of any political, demographic, social, or financial aspects of that House’s affairs; and of Saturn, with respect to esoteric matters and their place in affairs of that House, since He is the diurnal esoteric Lord of that House. *** AolMail Subj: Re: Your horary request in Astro To: [Respondent] Dear –,

Thanks so much for responding to my request for second opinions on the horary on my friend Gary. By the way, he comes home tomorrow – he apparently suffered two heart attacks between June 11 and June 13 or so, the second one much more serious than the first. But his prognosis is excellent and the experience shook him up so much he’s more than anxious to do everything necessary to recover the health of his heart. It’ll be a while, of course, before we can be absolutely sure whether he has a reasonable chance of satisfactory recovery, but so far, so good. He’s tickled to death over all the attention he’s gotten so far, too – UW Med Center is a teaching hospital, and he had 6 coronary specialists, several interns and residents, and a mob of nurses on attendance, which has done his ego more good than anything else in the world could have (and you wouldn’t believe what the total bill for it was, which will probably be picked up by Medicare, as Gary is a poor man). As I say, so far, so good. >First I notice that Saturn is in the chart’s natural 7th house. I >follow the classical stricture against judgment that says Saturn in >the 7th will impair the astrologer’s ability to read the chart. That stricture can be ignored. Notice that Saturn is in Pisces, and Neptune in Capricorn, so that They are in mutual reception by Sign. Bonatus says “reception abates all malice” (as quoted by Anthony Louis in Horary Astrology: The History and Practice of Astro-Divination [Llewellyn, 1991], p. 170. According to Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, in Simplified Horary Astrology (1966), [T]he significator [person of the 1st House, the querent, me] gains an advantage thereby through an outside person [Neptune] & can get out of what he got into [Saturn in 1st] if he wishes. He may obtain his release, escape a penalty, complete a deal, regain his former standing, and ‘get back to normal.’ The significator may also be read as though back in its own Sign [in this case, Saturn in Capricorn and/or Neptune in Pisces]. Still keeping the same degree, show the planet where it would thus fall in the chart to reveal the department where the person signified would better himself if he chose to go there. But if retrograde [like Neptune] he may not really want to make any change at the time. When BOTH signifcators are in each other’s Sign, it gives exchange status by mutual consent as though each says ‘My house is yours.’ The matter is brought to a conclusion acceptable to both due to mutual deference. If their aspect is a sextile, trine or parallel, the conclusion is reached easily and quickly. If it is a square, an obstacle is surmounted by mutual agreement. If it is an opposition there will be amicable division of holdings or a separation by mutual consent. If they are not in any aspect at all that we use in horary but are in mutual reception as by semisextile or quincunx, the matter ends through reorganization, with each person taking care of his own side without having to deal with the other but a financial obligation must be met. Ibid., p. 78

And I remember a quote from John Lilly that runs something like “Mutual reception mitigates all evils.” So through Neptune, the stricture against judgment due to the placement of Saturn can easily be got around via Their mutual reception. Thus with that qualification the chart is radical and ought to be read as such. Since both of those Planets are Malefics, and Their Signs not of good import in most charts, however, this isn’t necessarily the best possible thing – evil that might have been prevented, or shown to be a fantasy, at least for the moment, by Saturn rising is permitted to operate via this mutual reception, at least potentially. :( >Even so, this seems to me to be a complicated and delicate chart. Boy, howdy, you said a mouthful! <g> >I agree with your decision that the natural 11th house is the >derived 1st, making the Moon (debilitated in Capricorn) Gary’s ruler. >Especially because the Moon is in the 1st degree, I see this as a >journey. Generally, I use traditional aspects and the ancient house >rulers before modern house rulers. This means that I would first >look to Saturn (instead of Uranus) as the ruler of the derived 8th >house. The moon will make a sextile to Saturn after making a trine >to Mars. Since Saturn is in the terms of Mars, I consider that >sextile the primary influence and indicative of a positive outcome. But Saturn is the Great Malefic and Mars the Lesser Malefic, while the Moon traditionally is implicated in all questions concerning death (She rules the great tides of life, including their ebb, and thus death in all its aspects). The sextile only means reinforcement of an evil outcome, I’d think. >But I can’t ignore Uranus, especially since it is the last aspect the >Moon makes before leaving Cap. You interpret this conjunction as >immanent death. I don’t like predicting death and I only discuss this >as an astrological question with another astrologer. That aspect >tells me that IF death comes it will be unexpected and sudden. >Defying accurate prediction, as it were I agree, on all counts. Whenever Gary does go, it will probably be when his heart gives out completely – he may be better than he was, but the damage was awfully bad, and he’s not a young man any more. :( >Looking further, the derived fourth (final outcome) is ruled by >Libra. The Moon’s first aspect of any kind will be an inconjunct >with Venus. Normally, I would not use inconjuncts for horary but in >the case of a health question (as well as the fact that the moon is >in the terms of Venus) this indicates to me that the going will be >rough. But I still do not see a death here. >All that said I believe he will pass the crisis. First the trine with >Mars will give him strength, the sextile with Saturn will give him >the will, the sextile with Pluto will increase both of those >positions (Unless he has embraced his death, in which case he will >pass over. His own state of mind, rather that his physical condition >will tell you your true answer.) Finally, the Part of Fortune (using >Cancer as the Ascendant) falls directly on Uranus. Since the >primary aspect is a trine to Saturn, I believe he will pull through >after a struggle.

So far, that’s exactly what’s happened. He does want to live, and it looks like he will live, at least for the next several years, maybe even get his health back, since this experience really shook him up! At times he has talked suicide – but he does not want to go the way he almost did this time! :) [Nota bene: My friend died on July 10, 1995, at his home in Seattle, Washington, at about 8 p.m. He had lain down to take a nap about 7 p.m., and never woke up. His heart gave out about an hour after he went to sleep. It must have been very quick, and very merciful. – Yael Dragwyla] >Your question also concerns timing. I’ve had uneven results trying >to time things out. I would use a degree a day for the course of the >moon. Using that, the eighth day, the 23rd day, the 24th day, the >27th day and the 28th day will be critical. Of these, the 8th, 23rd >and 28th being the most important. If he makes it past these, no >problem. Well, two more dates to go! <g> Lately, with Saturn (Time) in mutual reception first with Uranus, then in Neptune, as now, I’ve sort of given up on timing – I use the same measures of time Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson recommends, more or less what you do, and it never works. I think the mutual receptions of Saturn with the others throws it into a cocked hat at times. >Finally, I found it interesting that he had two heart attacks. You >probably noticed the Sun, ruler of the heart, is not only in the dual >sign of Gemini, but in the 22nd degree of Gemini, in the derived >chart’s 12th house. I would never make a prediction based on this >but it is an interesting description of the situation. Now, that I had not noticed! Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, it is interesting – as you say, you can’t really make a prediction on that basis, but it certainly does correspond to what happened! *** Subj: Battle-Flag of Thelema From: Polaris93 To: [Correspondent]

>>> Yael, just wanted to let you know that I received your package intact and apparently uncensored. I will go off-line later and read the info on the disk you sent. Can you tell us more about the symbology used in the “flag?” Why the circle of BROKEN chain links ??? The two Hebrew letters, read left to right, are A’ain (equivalent to long O or an “ng” sound, numerical value of 70) and Zain (equivalent to our z, value 7). They form the title of Aleister Crowley’s libertarian manifesto “Liber 77,” also called (i.e., the Hebrew letters form the number “77”). The six-pointed star is a Unicursal Hexagram – a figure which can be traced unbroken throughout its length without lifting pen or pencil from the paper – and is the Western equivalent of the T’ao (only pointier), passive & active united in the egalitarian spirit of the Age of Aquarius. Together with the Pentagram at its center it represents “5=6,” the uniting of the Lesser Self of Ego and Body with the Greater Self of the spirit and soul (called the Great Work by adepts), as well as, on the physical plane, the successful movement of Earth’s life from our world across the cosmos to other worlds, aided and abetted by ourselves as part of Earth’s reproductive system. The broken chain surrounding the figure means: “Thelema (the Spirit of Liberty)” breaks all chains. The

general layout of the thing suggests the flag of Israel, from which this is an affectionate borrow; the redand-white is Taoistic and Alchemical, the uniting of the White Eagle with the Red Lion in the T’ao to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Below is the text of Aleister Crowley’s Liber OZ (Liber LXXVII), upon which much of the symbolism of this flag is based: Liber OZ (LXXVII) Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law! THERE IS NO GOD BUT MAN 1. Man has the right to live by his own law, to live in the way that he wills to do: to work as he will; to play as he will; to rest as he will; to die when and how he will. 2. Man has the right to eat what he will; to drink what he will; to dwell where he will; to move as he will on the face of the Earth. 3. Man has the right to think what he will; to speak what he will; to write what he will; to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will; to dress as he will. 4. Man has the right to love as he will. 5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart those rights. Love is the law, love under Will. *** Dear – Sorry it takes me so long to get back to you. I have an excuse – would you believe the cat ate my harddrive? *** AolMail Subj: For OPI/in re OPI # 65 – # 2 To: ****

The following are in response to items posted in Online Pagan Information # 65: To: FrankSkiVT Re: skunk cabbage and lobelia Try contacting Wortcunning Co., (206) 789-8524 PO Box 9785 Seattle, WA 98109 (or call Seattle Crossroads Learning Center at 206-325-8790 and ask about herbal resources of all kinds in Seattle area)

To: Nitingale Re: Big Hairy Roaches This is a remedy that was discovered by Z. Budapest and the people at the Feminist Wicca when it was in Venice California: spray vaginal deodorant or the generic chemicals that are used to make it kill cockroaches like nothing else on earth, even stomping hard on them! (This product is recommended for nothing else, especially what it’s advertised for, however.) Also, second best: dumping borax or borate crystals down all their runs and keeping their runs packed with same. Third: electronic cockroach killers that are sold by a lot of mail-order supply houses. Only killing them will get rid of them, unfortunately; peaceful coexistence won’t work. Nothing but nothing preys on them, so biological weapons usually won’t work – unless you live near a large university, and can get hormone-bollixing chemicals from their biology department, the kind that screw up the mating chemistry of the things, or their reproductive chemistry, and keep them from mating or producing eggs or whatever.

>>>>By now you’ll have received the thing I sent about [Gary’s] psyche’s need for healing, his attitude problem. He gets furious whenever I act concerned about him, whenever any of us do, but can’t communicate why, resists everyone’s attempts to get him past this, gets wildly angry when we dare to show concern about him – then gets hideously depressed if we don’t. There’s I haven’t looked at his chart yet, but what you describe sounds so, so. . . Scorpio. Secretive, unwilling, or unable, or perhaps afraid to communicate. Also, they despise weakness in themselves, and it probably makes him extremely uncomfortable for others to recognize that he has problems of any sort. Yet he needs love, and is subject to depression if he doesn’t feel he’s getting it. But it has to be genuine love, on a deep level, and shown in a very subtle way that doesn’t make him feel weak. He would of course be *ultra*-sensitive to other’s feelings and emotions, which could cause him pain. He wants to be strong and wants people to think of him in that way. Doesn’t want anyone’s pity. Maybe a really silly, happy bright red stuffed animal would help to cheer him up. . . and it would probably do him a world of good to know that you *wanted* him to be happy. (not, of course, that you wanted to *make* him happy, that’s a different matter entirely.) In any case, I wish him the best in both his physical *and* psychospiritual recovery.

Maybe I hit on something with him. The first night he was in the hospital, I called the hospital gift-shop and ordered one red rose sent up to him, with a little card asking him to get well soon, saying that I missed him. On the day he came home, he called and asked me to come over and ride back here in the taxi with him, because the hospital didn’t want to send him home alone. So I did, and when I got to his hospital room, I asked him how he liked his rose, which was sitting there in a little crystal vase. He said, rather wistfully, that it had been many years since anyone had sent him flowers. He obviously appreciated it, and seemed touched by my having sent him the flower. Later, when I told him I’d gotten rid of all of “that shit” Br**** had given me, including all the ritual gear, because I was sure its presence here was doing none of us any good, he was more than touched, he was moved where he feels things most (I think sometimes <g>): his wallet. “That shit” was worth at least several hundred dollars, perhaps a lot more, and the fact that I thought far more of him, and his well-being, than of it seems to mean the whole world to him. No demonstrations of “sloppy sentimentality” accompanied any of this –those he’d have scorned. So maybe I finally found a way to show him there are people who do care about him, in a way that makes him feel good. >>>>If this is the sort of thing that would be useful to your S.O., fire any and all questions that might come to mind at me and I’ll try couching the answers Qaballistically. Well, yes and no. The thing is, most of what’s written deals with how to find or obtain this sort of power. It has come to him naturally. What he needs is some guidance on what to do with it. Just as I am looking for the deeper significance of what I’ve sensed as a “reason” or “meaning” we got together, he is looking for the “reason” or “purpose” that he has this power. It’s a feeling like going into a room at the other end of the house and forgetting why you went there, but knowing you went there for some specific purpose. Part of what he should do is invoke or meditate on Sephirah 2, Chokmah (Wisdom), Sephirah 3, Binah (Understanding), Da’ath, and their associated Paths, Aleph (Uranus), Tav (Saturn), and Mem (Neptune). Assume, just for fun, that Uranus goes with Binah, Saturn with Da’ath, Neptune with Mem, that the comet Chiron is associated with both Uranus and Saturn and Their associated Sephiroth, and that the asteroid Pallas is associated with Chokmah. The Elohim (Archangels or Gods) Saturn/Kronos, Neptune/Poseidon, Pallas/Athena/Medusa, Chiron, and Ouranos/Urania are the ones he wants to invoke for understanding his life-purpose (True Will, Dharma, Kismet, Destiny, etc.). The 10th House of the natal horoscope, its ruler, the Lunar Nodes, and the Sun delineate the True Will and its optimal course, the Sun’s placement defining the essence of his True Will. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Houses and Signs They rule tell him what resources he will have available to him to overcome any obstacles he encounters on the Path (Japanese: do) of his True Will; Pallas and Chiron are aides of the Outer Planets and Their dominions; and, barring obstacles, the Inner Planets are the resources available to his Sun to enable him to accomplish his True Will in his lifetime. Finally, his Mercury facilitates communication among everything in his chart and enables all these Intelligences, as represented in the Microcosm that is that one man, to cooperate effectively and work together to keep him on the Path of his True Will and successfully negotiate it during his life. (The Sun is Tiphareth (S. 6) and Resh, Trump XIX, The Sun.) He has his Midheaven in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, and also conjunct the Moon in the traditional U.S. natus. There are several other important contacts between his chart and the latter, as well. This indicates he is supposed to have a career involved with radical change (Uranus) of the United States, especially since his Uranus is conjunct Pluto (another harbinger of radical change). Because his Uranus is in Virgo, this suggests radical (Uranus) criticism (Virgo) devoted to the ending of outmoded ways of doing things and the institution of more appropriate ones (Pluto); because it is in the 5th House, the House of children, sex, creativity, and sports, he would probably specialize in one of these areas. But Virgo also has to do with

nutrition, so he might be involved in changing Americans’ dietary patterns, particularly the way in which they feed their children, as well. Sun in the 6th reinforces this; Sun in Scorpio reinforces his Uranus/Pluto conjunction. Other interpretations are possible – this sort of gives the idea. Qaballistically, then, he should go back over the astrology in terms of the Qaballistic associations of Planets, Signs, and Houses to see what else comes out of it. Does this help? If not, let me know, I’ll try again. >>>>Now that I can see what was actually going on there, so do I. Scorpios serve as detoxification and recycling centers for everything around them, especially on a psychospiritual level. In our society, we live toxically, so the toxins never stop coming – no wonder Scorpios so often seem to be so weird, they’re overloaded to the rafters with everybody else’s garbage, and have no idea themselves, most of the time, what’s wrong or what their own ecological niche is or how to defend themselves from overloading in a way that won’t hurt them. So they start eating and/or screwing and/or >>>>bone-marrow. The cure for Scorpio’s “weird” behavior is a clean-up of Taurus’s deadly addiction to energy-wasting, pollution-producing luxuries of all kinds! Yes, yes! Everything you’ve said sounds right to me. Scorpios seem compelled to investigate the nature of everything the rest of us would rather not know about, and flush it out. The difficulty lies in not taking all the nasty stuff they encounter into themselves and leaving it there in its nasty state to putrefy. Like the Taoists, they need to adsorb and transmute. They’re natural-born Alchemists, living embodiments of the Alchemical aspects of biology. – Sometimes what they take into themselves can’t be transmuted with the physiological and psychospiritual tools they have at hand, I guess. In that case, either they find some new ones to add to the original too-kit that will enable them to finish the job, or else the job finishes them, which is what damned near happened to Gary until I played the “proper tool” and got rid of Br****’s junk, which lay at the root of the matter. Analogously, it was as if he’d tried to eat and digest raw plutonium like any other food – our biology just doesn’t permit it. In that case, the “proper tool” would have been a stomach-pump combined with ascorbate and ozone flushing – in this, it was a matter of me and Kevin hauling it over to the Fremont Solstice Day Committee. >>>Gary was born at about 8:10 am on 11/11/1942 in Dayton, Ohio. (So you have his chart for reference.) He is a man who is capable of learning anything, has degrees in celestial mechanics and planetary science, has worked for the US post office for about 7 years at one point, is a certified paralegal, was Baron of Los Angeles in the Society for Creative Anachronism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, is a member of the College of Heralds, is a flag- and banner-maker, a highly accomplished linguist – I could go on for hours, and all of it true. He must be a fascinating person to know. The understatement of the millennium! :) >>>>diet, about which more in a mo’). He has a jones for fatty foods, and a weird avoidance pattern when it comes to cleanliness – we have to keep finding roommates for him who clean house, because he seems to

have a compulsion to live not just in dirt, but filth, otherwise. Everything in his place reeks when he’s the only one living there – including him, because he doesn’t bathe, unless forced to. Nor brush his teeth. Sounds like he feels he must live in the midst of Isabel Hickey’s “stagnant marsh waters.” What was that I said about “the understatement of the millennium? :( >>>with his sex-life, hasn’t in years. . . . And he is my friend. He’s stood by me and protected me and been there for me and shared everything going on in my life for twenty years. And if he dies I will be more alone than I ever knew anyone could be. After Picky and Frank’s deaths, this is just a little too much. Scorpios have a sense of loyalty which is very strong and runs very deep. I had no idea myself just how deep it was until this. – I don’t think even Gary realizes it – it’s just the way he is, the way he does things, he doesn’t think about it. He’s not very introspective. (I know, I know – “Scorpios aren’t introspective.” <g>) >>>>afford new ones for at least a couple of months. :( Got any ideas on de-hexing things? I could sure use ‘em about now . . . No. . . I think my ex-mother-in-law must have hexed everything she ever touched. I never felt comfortable until I had rooted out every last item associated with her and either given them to charity or sold them at yard sales. Now *there’s* an idea. . . dehex by an Alchemical transformation into cash:) Actually, that’s not a bad idea, as long as it isn’t something that (a) belongs to another mortal or (b) belongs to the Gods. In the first case, it would be a violation of ethics, in the second, a spiritual transgression, in either case the sort of thing that can make Magick backfire – and such a de-hexing is definitely a most Magickal act: “Magick is the Art and Science of causing change in conformity with Will.” In this case, it is one’s Will to get out from under the source of the bane, and that is the means used to do it. Anyway, there’s more to the term “money-laundering” than most people think. Money is, in a very strange way, clean. It’s neutral. The act of accepting money one isn’t entitled to may be unclean, as it were, but the money itself is no more than a meter of socioeconomic energy: where the effort goes to move the goods to where we need them. Earning one’s own living is a Magickal process, all right, but the money one earns that way is just a symbol for the energy one has put into one’s own work and what one is trading it for. In fact, astrologically speaking, money is like the Moon: it causes change, it takes on the color of whatever it touches as long as it touches it, and no longer, then goes on to the next thing. Ken Darby wrote a lovely song which was used in the 1954 movie River of No Return, which starred Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum: One Silver Dollar

Silver dollars on a green table, Lucky numbers on a wheel, Every gambler is playin’ to win, Just one silver dollar more, one more, Just one silver dollar more – What for? One silver dollar, bright silver dollar, Changin’ hands, changin’ hands. Endlessly rollin’, wasted and stolen, Changin’ hands, changin’ hands. Spent for a baby’s trinket, One by a gambler lost, Pierced by an outlaw’s bullet, And lost in the blood-red dust. One silver dollar, worn silver dollar, Changin’ hands, changing hands, Love is a shining dollar, Bright as a church-bell’s chime, Gambled and spent and wasted And lost in the dust of time. Endlessly rollin’, wasted and stolen, Changin’ hands, changing’ hands. One silver dollar, worn silver dollar, Changin’ hearts, changin’ lives, Changin’ hands, changin’ hands, changin’ hands . . . (Ken Darby–Lyle Newman, Simon House, ASCAP, 1952 (?)

>>>>Well, Pluto is Kether, Sephirah 1, and Uranus is an aspect of Binah, Sephirah 3, Neptune of Chokmah, Sephirah 2, Saturn corresponds to Da’ath, the “11th Sephirah, the Abyss and the energy of the whole Tree of Life. Most everything I’ve read identifies Uranus with Chokmah, Saturn with Binah, and Neptune with Da’ath. Uranus/Chokmah as the initial “spark” of conception, a fresh idea, wisdom. Saturn/Binah as the potential to take form, the womb which incubates the idea to maturity, understanding, etc. Why or how do you see them differently? Da’ath is identified with the oppression of the Abyss between Chesed and Binah, a state of utter leaden despair, a conviction on the part of the aspirant who has attained Chesed that now he will never be able to attain Binah, that he will be trapped forever in the limbo between. Sort of the way Job felt when JHVH gave him the old Third Degree (Job 38-41). In this stage, one waits and waits for the Grace of God (Chesed) to carry one to Binah, the entrance to the Garden of Eden – and nothing happens, and nothing happens, and nothing happens. One is a stone, waiting to be hurled across the Abyss by the mighty Hand

of God to the regions of the Upper Heavens. – And then, funny thing: one discovers that that Hand has been inside one all along, that this stone has wings, and that the mighty Spirit of God within can move those wings, which can then carry that stone across the Abyss! As one believed all along, truly it is the Will of God, the Spirit of Almighty God, that carries one across that final Abysm to the realms of Paradise – but the surprise is that that Will works from within, informing the wings of one’s own spirit with its Power and Strength so that those wings can do their job, rather than acting from without, lifting up an inert, wingless rock of Individual and depositing it in some far yonder. The rock we believe ourselves to be before this Enlightenment, the rock of the aspirant in the Abyss, is represented by Saturn; the rock flying by the strength of the wings of spirit, its own spirit, is represented by Uranus, as is its destination, Binah. We are indeed rocks – but living rocks, rocks who have Will, spirit, intelligence, purpose, living Yods or sparks of the Godhead Which created us and in the likeness of Whom we were created. In that likeness, then, we, too, possess at least enough of the power of Will to lift us across the Abyss from Chesed, God’s Grace, to Binah, the Understanding that comes from knowing the Godhead of which one is a spark or Child. Saturn represents the stolidity and solidity of the rock, Uranus its internal intelligence and Will, its ability to fly (Uranus is a God of the sky). But in the first rush of exultation over our achievement – “Look, Ma – no hands!!!” – we often do very stupid things. The consequences of such cosmic, Magickal Stupidity brings us to the Wisdom of Chokmah, Neptune. “All rivers run at last to the Sea.” Ultimately we all make mistakes, and come to learn from them, and grow wise. And the apotheosis of that Wisdom is this: while truly within us there is the Spirit, and yes, it can do miracles, it is the Spirit of That That Is, Who created us; of our own egos, we can do nothing, and it is only through the Will and Power of God that we can achieve anything, even simple, quotidian things such as eating and walking and breathing. We are all only aspects of God, sparks of Godhead, and only God working through us all ever does anything real and notable and important. And learning that we come to Kether, samadhi, contented surrender to the Will of God, total Union with God, total harmony with all things. Or so they tell me . . . :) *** Neptune Neptune moves an average of 2 degrees per year. Transits are effective for two degrees on approach to the contact and one degree leaving it. Once Neptune has gone one degree past exact opposition to your natal Sun, without returning on retrograde to within two degrees of it, the aspect is over. Neptune goes direct on October 4th of this year at 22 degrees 47 minutes Capricorn. He advances then to 27 degrees 45 minutes Capricorn , taking his station on April 29 of next year. Then He retrogrades back to 24° 59 minutes Capricorn, taking His direct station on October 6 of next year. He then advances to 29° 58’ Capricorn, taking His retrograde station on May 1 of 1997, and retrogrades back to 27° 11’ Capricorn (within two degrees of your natal Sun, but not by much), taking His direct station on October 8, 1997. From then on, He is out of orb of opposition to your natal Sun. Oh lordy! October of 1997? That’s over two years from now. Looks like I’d better learn how to deal with it. How do you see it’s effects, considering my T-square and all that? And how best to deal with it?

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