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New Magicks for a New Age
Volume 4: The Notebooks of a Magickian
Book Eight

Human endoecology and its impact on human evolution How much of what we are is what it is because of the dynamics of our interrelationships with our endocommensals – viruses and bacteria, many of them pathogenic, i.e., causes of disease, in their effects on us? How much of our cultural evolution has come about as a result of such associations? E.g., did we learn to cook because cooking meat reduces the chances of getting sick from viruses and bacteria in it? How many of our burial customs and ideas about death are derived from our need to avoid diseases associated with our dead and what we have had to do to protect ourselves from such diseases? How much of our physical evolution has comprised adaptive responses to our endocommensals? For example, is our extraordinarily over-sized brain the result of a series of evolutionary responses to repeated infections by microbes that like to live in our CNS, a way of turning disease into a selective advantage? And have we been deliberately bred down the Aeons to become what we are by viruses, sentient viral life, the way we’ve bred dogs and corn and rice and horses into their modern forms? If so, what have they bred us for? (And in that case, how can I be writing this, making others aware of this possibility, whereby we come so much closer to getting rid of our wannabe masters?) Qaballah: Extensions of the Traditional Tree of Life Beyond the 16-Sephiroth Sphere of Life Can a third or fourth dimension be added to the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements, e.g., by adding a dimension related to atomic weight, so that different isotopes of an element are considered as unique elements in their own right, or one related to particle/anti-particle or other quantum distinctions, so that there is, say, one Periodic Table for each normal isotope, one for each anti-matter isotope of the elements? If so, is there a corresponding extension of the Tree of Life or Sphere of Life? Can another dimension

be added to it, including six new Sephiroth and two Pillars per dimension, for every such extension of the Periodic Table, so that, say, there is a 4th- or 5th-dimensional version of the Tree of Life, 3 or 4 hyperplanes intersecting in a common Central Pillar (which always comprises exactly 4 Sephiroth, including 10, Malkuth, 9, Yesod, 6, Tiphareth, and 1, Kether) including 6 new Sephiroth per hyper-plane (exclusive of the 4 Sephiroth common to all hyper-planes)? Can we map that aspect of reality described by the extra dimensions of super-string theory (for more on which, see Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension [New York: Oxford University Press, 1994]) by using such an n-dimensional extension of the Tree of Life? Homeopathy To the extent that Life – at least eukaryotic Life – is water, water with a memory and an attitude, water contaminated by various forms of useful crud, homeopathy is a method of teaching the water that is an organism to behave in a certain way by adding to it water that has been taught to do the same thing outside that organism’s body. That is, a homeopathic medicine consists of some substance that has been diluted n times by pure water, where n is equal to some positive integer times 100. At the end of the dilution process, there little or nothing remains of the original substance, so that the result is virtually pure water. But water actually does have a memory, in a physical sense, due to its unique chemical properties (for more on which see Lyall Watson, The Dreams of Dragons: An Exploration and Celebration of the Mysteries of Nature [Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 1992], Chapter 9 [pp. 111-122]), which is part of the basis for its importance to Life as we know it. So the homeopathically treated water remembers the substance it was introduced to in this way, and thereafter behaves differently, especially on a biochemical level, than before that introduction. When it is, in turn, ingested by the organism, in the form of a tincture or a pill or whatever, it of course becomes part of the water that makes up most of what a eukaryotic organism is, physically speaking. As a result, the latter takes on at least some of the biochemical behavioral characteristics of the homeopathically treated water just added to it. If the organism is given repeated doses of that homeopathic preparation over a sufficient length of time, eventually that behavioral tendency will become a permanent feature of the organism’s biochemistry. And in that way, a permanent change is made in the organism’s physiology and health, for better or worse. (By the way, veterinarians have repeatedly tried out homeopathic medicines on their non-human patients in double-blind studies that eliminate the possibility of contamination of the experimental trials by experimenter expectations or desires. Their patients, many of them reptiles and birds and odd mammalian fauna, thus have no way of knowing what the expected result is, and neither do the veterinarians who do these trials, so psychosomatic placebo effects can’t come about – the results are as they are, due entirely to the effects of the medicines, whatever those are. Consistently, in all cases, the medicines were shown to do exactly what their manufacturers claimed they would do, with extreme effectiveness. Homeopathy works – and, as Watson et al point out, it works for reasons having to do with the physical chemistry and the quantum mechanics of water which are responsible for the extreme importance which water has to terrestrial life of all kinds.) The Goddess Liberty The Goddess Liberty is a Lunar Goddess, and as such must have a Crone (waning Moon/New Moon) Aspect. What is Hers – the Bomb? Sexual predation and thrill-killings a la the Black Dahlia? The massmurders and ghastly experiments on human beings of the Third Reich? The Tuskagee, AL syphilis experiments in the US several decades ago? What place do these have in the living universe, or of what ecological processes are these distortions? The Gods are the Intelligences of the universal living processes and phenomena of the living universe, and this goes for Liberty, too – including Her Crone phase, whatever it is. So are these Uranian horrors Her true Crone Aspect, or are they ghastly distortions of it due to the resistance to Her Will in the world? Or are they the temporary side-effects of the Working out of Her Will, which will cease to be once Liberty is universal? Or what? Liberty is both Lunar and Uranian. Does that imply that Uranus is a higher octave of Luna, as He is of Sol and Saturn is of Luna?

Thrints Who do thrints – sentient or semisentient slaver viruses – hate? Thrints hate anyone or anything that acts to hinder infection of new hosts. Anything that hinders increase of human population size and density does this. So (among others) thrints hate gay men, because their sex-life generally isn’t conducive to adding to the size and density of the populations they are members of. Thrints likewise hate and fear anyone opposing urbanism, such as Luddites, anti-imperialists, environmentalists, etc. *** Subj: Date: From: To: Fwd: Astro 9/30 95-10-05 17:54:34 EDT Trident23

Just got the newsletter [See below]. I enjoyed it, but I think there are more than one possible interpretation of “Why this birth chart?”, that is, besides karma. “Karma” is a very culture-bound idea, one with heavy moralistic overtones though it is supposed to be “morality free.” “We’re here to work out pastlife karma.” Actually, it could also be conjectured – and I mean “conjecture,” because karma is a moral concept, a matter of “ought” rather than “is,” relative to somebody else’s idea of what ought to be the case, whether it really is or not – that we’re here because maybe we developed certain specialties, talents, strengths in past lives that could be useful to the community, the ecosystem, our living world as a whole now, so Mother Nature (Mother Earth) gives us a job assignment where maybe our own individual talents and proclivities and behavioral tendencies can do some good with minimal harm to the neighbors. The only karma I can see involved in that is having done something to hurt Mother Earth in a past life – and every single human being that has ever been since the advent of fire has either done that or passed on a culture that eventually came to do that, for reasons that may or may not be our fault (maybe Mother Earth is trying to have a baby, and needs a species like us to do the job, and damn the torpedoes anyway!). We are living beings, part of the living world, subject to ecological and biological and physical laws first, last, and foremost, and everything else second – and that includes human cultures with their moralistic ideas about “karma,” “hellfire and damnation,” and all the rest of it. “Karma” somehow doesn’t do justice to the fact that poor Mother Earth is in terrible shape – what has She done, karmically speaking, to earn the hideous damage done to Her by so many human societies? And regardless, who the hell do we think we are to accuse Her of it, or justify our matricidally planet-wrecking behavior in such terms?! If, however, we avoid the whole idea of karma and interpret the chart in ecological terms, including evolutionary terms – i.e., evolution of our species and our communities and societies as well as individual change and development over lifetimes or any one lifetime – we get a great deal more out of the chart. In fact, it is only such a context for interpretation that makes sense out of the fact that meteorological astrology, and the astrology of earthquakes, and mundane astrology in general work so well: astrology is the ultimate ecological study, and the “karma” it seems to describe is really our own culture-bound interpretations of a principle that can be summed up as “Mother Nature always bats last.” (It has also been said, with some truth in it, that “Mother Nature is a bitch” – I’m not going all Green on you. . . . Not yet, anyway . . . <g>) Is there a biologist in the (Fourth <g>) House? We got a really sick Planet here . . . and we will have until we start looking at our astrologies, our religions, and our everything else from the point of view of Mother Earth and our place in Her. Interested in your view of this.

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INTERCEPTED SIGNS –- (Excerpts from Intercepted Signs and Reincarnation –-By Donald H. Yott) Astrology today is becoming more scientifically based. Up to the present, much of astrology has been confined to that which has been handed down through the centuries. Many terms in astrology have not been clearly defined and now must be. There must be more of a universality in meaning; there are too many conflicting schools of thought and no central authority to finalize their differences. Astrologers are not scientific enough. There is a pattern that has been worked out since the time of

creation. It isn’t by chance that two planets within three degrees of each other are considered a conjunction or that a sign is intercepted and that the word “intercepted” is used. It is in the study of language that astrologers often cause confusion. They should be very much concerned with words and their meanings. If we use the word “conjunction”, we mean to co-join. If we employ the word “intercepted”, we mean something is being interfered with. In particular with interceptions, there are two schools of thought in astrology. One school declares that an interception is a focal point in a horoscope and much attention should be placed on it and its qualities. The other school of thought states that interceptions are not important and too weak to take into consideration. When we use the word “interception’’, we mean that something has come between the constellation and the Earth. It isn’t that the influence is weakened, but it is not coming through as clearly and, of course, we are always concerned with the influence as related to the qualities of the Sun. Part of our job as incarnating human beings is to develop all of the signs of the zodiac in the affairs of the houses, and as we come in, lifetime after lifetime, we will for example, experience Virgo in the first or second or third house. This is because we must perfect ourselves in all areas of life through all the qualities of the signs. When an intercepted sign is in a chart, it indicates that the influence is there but is having difficulty finding a channel of expression. We could say that one school is right in that the influence might be considered weak. The other school is also right in saying that it is a focal point, for any weakness should be an area to which we must pay attention because we must transmute our weaknesses into strengths. From an esoteric viewpoint, and from the viewpoint of reincarnation and Karma, an intercepted sign means that we neglected to develop or to grow through the qualities of that sign in the affairs of that house in other lifetimes. It was serious neglect on our part and so in this lifetime we must develop and incorporate these qualities. But the interception causes problems - obstacles which are really channels of opportunities. Most Karma, when it is negative, is brought about by a refusal to accept our duties. We take energies and we misuse them. We pervert them or we neglect them; thus Karma is built up. An intercepted sign means we neglected to the qualities of the sign and it isn’t that we neglected it in one lifetime only, but in several lifetimes. Because of this we will find that intercepted signs often bring out circumstances in our lives which are beyond our control. In the main, these circumstances aren’t obvious. The word “intercepted” itself, means that something is interfered with or isn’t clearly seen. We really can’t “see” the sign and there is a hidden, subtle force in our present lifetime. This evidences itself as a gap in our life, something missing, a hidden something that we seem to be searching for and just can’t put our finger on. All intercepted signs represent these circumstances beyond our control and, in relation to reincarnation and Karma, these are the circumstances which you neglected to fulfill in past lifetimes. As an example of this, let us suppose that there is an intercepted Virgo somewhere in the chart. It indicates that, first of all, many people will demand our service. It is the sign of service; it is the sign of discrimination; it is the sign of the teacher. When we have an intercepted Virgo, people will always be calling upon us, needing our help, always seeking our advice and we have no control over it. It just seems as if all of this gravitates towards us. The reason is that in past lifetimes, we were not of service and ignored cries for assistance. People sought our advice and we could not be bothered with any kind of guidance or counseling in the past. Virgo is the natural ruler of the house of service and the public, and so when you have an intercepted Virgo, you neglected to give help, assistance, the shoulder for someone to lean on in other lifetimes, in the area of the chart where it is intercepted. If we have an intercepted sign, we should look back over the pattern of our life and we should be able to see where this has been working from the viewpoint of service. Most of our Karma, then, is the result of neglect or the avoidance of responsibilities. We have to look to the main qualities or features of the sign. There are more qualities about Virgo than discrimination, service and teaching. When it comes to reincarnation, we must point to the main qualities or the major qualities of Virgo. Remember one thing: we are not and never should be slaves or automatons to our charts. But we have made the chart; we entered this life through past deeds and experiences. What we have made, we can unmake; we can outlive and outgrow our chart at any time, once we are aware of it. In esoteric astrology, it is thought that once we arrive at the level of esoteric astrology and know it, and use it, we no longer need our chart for we have become the master of our destiny. Remember, too, our whole chart is the result of reincarnation and Karma; it is karmically oriented and based. We do not consider only intercepted signs or retrograde planets, for the chart represents the sum total of all our lives.

When the soul realizes it is time to reincarnate and searches for a body being created, it desires a time when the stars in the heavens will be in certain positions. These will be the guideposts creating the opportunities and challenges to work off Karma and to have the necessary experiences for new developments in life. Each life then grants us opportunities to work for the future. We are always reaping Karma, and the reaping of Karma is the opportunity, but we are sowing Karma at the same time. Intercepted signs will usually bring out negative rather than positive traits because of the fact that we neglected them in the past. Since it is more difficult to bring out the qualities intercepted signs, we might tend to be too passive, to follow along with the stream of life insofar as these signs are concerned. Negative qualities seem to have more emphasis with intercepted signs than the positive. If we focus attention on our negative qualities, we can transmute them. These are the areas through which we learn the greatest lessons in life. If you have an intercepted sign, naturally the opposite sign is intercepted. These we must correlate. One will always be in the southern part of the chart, the other in the bottom or the northern part of the chart. One is in the ‘‘I’’ area; the other in the ‘‘We’’. Our charts represent polarity. The whole key to life is polarity or balance and the center of our chart is where the balance is achieved. That is why, on a mundane level, the Pars Fortune is in the center of the chart because that is where we are – on Earth. The Earth represents material life – dense, gross, physical matter – and we must balance the material aspect of life with the spiritual. So, always, we need balance and this is where we should be striving. Balance means harmony and harmony is a higher interpretation of the word “love’’, and love is the basic principle of creation. That is what started it all. Intercepted signs are very important for very few people are aggressive enough in their lives to make an effort to change negative traits. In order to bring out the qualities of an intercepted sign, We have to work at it harder. The tendency might be to be too passive, very similar to someone with a chart which has more positive than negative aspects. A chart that is too well aspected can be more of a burden than a chart with many negative aspects. This is because things could come too easily and there isn’t enough balance. We can become too passive about life. We should bless our negative aspects - they are our opportunities for growth. They represent our challenges. However do not ever neglect the good aspects - they are the helpers. They can be little crutches to help us to transmute the negative qualities or to take negative aspects and learn how to use their energies. A negative aspect represents energies as much as a positive aspect. Electricity is the result of a negative and positive charge We could never have electric light with just negative or just positive charges. We cannot develop and learn and become spiritualized beings until we learn to balance and utilize both the positive and negative influences in our lives. On an esoteric level, we realize that the negative aspects are tremendous opportunity for growth and the positive represent what we have already accomplished and can be the crutches or the railing on the steps. We can only grow through balance. We do not always grow when everything is going well. When we look back at crises, we find that the crises and challenges have made us what we are. The obstacles make us grow, but in the long run, it is the effort that is so very, very, important.

======================================================== Notes and Comments ======================================================== Date: Fri, Sep 29, 1995 From: Polaris93 Hi, folks! I won’t insist that you’ll enjoy this (unless, of course, you’re masochistic), but for what it’s worth (hehheh-heh), here’s # 1 of Tales from the Astrological Crypt Q: Why does Pluto rule income gained from successful lawsuits?

– A: Because He rules sewers (sue-ers) . . . Retaliations are invited from all comers. Ever yours, Yael Dragwyla


**(The following is a response by Polaris to a reader question; we are reprinting it here as it might be of general interest.) Date: Thu, Sep 28, 1995 From: Polaris93 Subj: Composites Now, you do understand that by a composite chart is meant one in which the positions of the Planets, etc. are each the averages of the same Planets in the two or more charts of the individuals involved? For example, if there are three people, with natal Suns at positions S 1, S2 and S3, the Sun in their composite chart is equal to (S1, S2 and S3)/3, that is, their average? (If n people are involved, there are actually n such averages, since we’re dealing with a circle here, not a line; the average you want is the one that falls within the shortest arc containing all n of the positions being averaged to get the composite point under consideration.) This is not concerned with mid-points of chart-elements within an individual’s own chart, except perhaps insofar as the points in the composite chart fall on midpoints or other points in charts of the individuals for whom the composite is calculated, or those in charts of anyone or anything involved with the composite “person” under consideration. Rather, this has to do with, as it were, “mid-points” of chart-elements distributed across several charts, and in each case, only of chart-elements of a given kind, for example, natal Solar positions, natal Lunar positions, etc. By the way, Kinko’s Copies and other places frequently have programs that can take data on a Macintosh-format floppy and transcribe it in the proper format on a DOS-format floppy, at least for pure ASCII text files. If you want, I can send you what I have of New Magicks for a New Age . . ., which you can take to a Kinko’s and have transferred to Mac floppies. If you’d like that, let me know and I’ll send you my mailing address and what is entailed, which wouldn’t involve much expense. (New Magicks has lots of stuff on astrology in it.) Take care, always, Yael Dragwyla



Qaballah and Astrology The Path connecting the astrological rulers of Aries/Battle (Mars, Sephirah 5, Geburah) and Virgo/Strategy (Mercury, Sephirah 8, Hod) should be The Warrior. As a matter of fact, the Path connecting S. 5 and 8 is Cheth, Trump VII, The Chariot, which has exactly that connotation (the soldier/warrior defending the Home = the Sign Cancer, which is the astrological association of that Path and Trump). Similarly, the Path connecting the ruler of Aries (=Birth/Speciation) (Mars) and that of Scorpio (=Death/Extinction) (Pluto, Sephirah 1, Kether) should be The Sculptor. The pieces carved away from the finished piece of art are the Dead; the Chisel is Death/Extinction; the emerging finished Work is Life; the Chisel’s Edge is Natural Selection, which creates the New by destroying and selecting out the Old. No traditional Path exists between Mars/Geburah and Pluto/Kether, so this one will have a correspondence somewhere in the Periodic Table and the ASCII alphabet, the new Paths of the 16-Sephirah Sphere of Life (my extension of the traditional 10-Sephirah Tree of Life; see Chapter 1 of Part 2 of Volume 3 of my New Magicks for a New Age [file NM3BA.doc]). How to Weed Out Disinformation Circulated Concerning UFOs and ET Visitors to Earth by Who Knows Who: Example (or, Why You Can’t Force-Grow “Grays” from Zilch to Maturity in a Tank or Anywhere Else in a Year and Half) Everything involved with life, from conception through every stage of development and all aspects of metabolism right down to death and decay, involves the expenditure of biochemical energy, the rate of which (ergs/sec or some other suitable Energy/Time) depends upon the nature of the processes involved. Life is a dynamic phenomenon, like all such subject to the constraints of the laws of thermodynamics, and nothing alive and no living process can violate those constraints with impunity. An example is the cubesquare ratio problem associated with the physical volume of the body of an organism versus certain problems associated with, e.g., cross-sections of bones, rate of heat-loss and/or rise in body-temperature versus area of skin-surface, etc. This includes the growth and development of an immature organism. In the case of an animal – a more-or-less mobile organism that requires oxygen for its metabolism and gives off carbon dioxide as a result of that metabolism – the thermodynamic cost of such processes can be quite high. For example, the temperature of a small organism – e.g., an infant human being – is necessarily higher than that of a large one, since heat-loss is a problem for the former (low cube-square ratio, i.e., ratio of body-volume/mass to area of body-surface) while heat-retention is often a problem for the latter (high cube-square ratio). So young organism usually have a higher thermodynamic set-point – average body-temperature – than older ones, as it is. The problem is that if that temperature gets too high, as in a very high fever, the organism can die rather quickly if that temperature isn’t quickly lowered to more tolerable levels. And in the case of mammals, who possess those relatively huge, complex brains that don’t have a lot of tolerance for temperatures far above normal body temperatures, even when a fever doesn’t last long enough to kill them, it can leave them permanently brain-damaged and neuroendocrinologically crippled, because the lateevolving cerebral cortex and many portions of the mid-brain aren’t as well-buffered against such insults as evolutionarily older, more critically important organs such as the heart and liver. Consider development from conception to maturity. The amount of energy required to make that transition in anything as large and complex as a vertebrate is enormous. It is especially high in mammals, and the larger the average size and neuroendocrinological complexity at maturity of the mammal in question, the higher it is. It is, in fact, so high in many large mammals – such as human beings, which are far above the median size range for the animal kingdom (shrews are much more typical, size-wise) – that if there is any shortening of the time taken for complete development from conception to maturity, the organism in question would undergo the biochemical equivalent of the China Syndrome, because the sheer heat given off as a waste by-product of the biochemistry of the processes required for such rapid maturation would be far, far above what the organism could survive for more than few minutes, let alone reach maturity unscathed and in full working order. Further, the amount of food required for all that metabolic activity would be so vast it couldn’t

possibly be pumped through the poor little thing fast enough. If one tried to force-feed the growing organism with all that food the way geese are when they are being ranched for pate de foie gras,* their guts would explode from sheer pressure in a very short time – too much food, too fast, for the poor GI tract to accommodate! If tube-feeding were tried, the same problem would arise, though it might take longer. If IV feeding were tried, within a short time the veins of the poor little thing would be so eroded from sheer pressure as well as the damage done by the relatively huge IV needles that it wouldn’t take long before it would have no more veins that could serve as feeding inputs. To even attempt such a thing would also require so large a volume of water per second throughput as sheer physiological coolant in support of such a forced-growth program that it also would tear the organism up badly in a very short time, all by itself. So any attempt to grow anything the size of a man, even a small man, even one without much in the way of sex-organs (as has been reported of “Grays”) in just one and a half years is foredoomed to failure. Doing it in five years might get you a bunch of badly brain-damaged, paraplegic idiots – of you were lucky and didn’t lose them all. Trying to do it in a year and half is flatly impossible for anything much bigger than a housecat (which takes about three years to come to full maturation, by the way, the same as for a standard domestic dog, which is not much bigger than a cat). Yet a lot of the stuff circulating around the Marginals Press Movement declares just that, that “Grays,” humanoid alien clones about the size of a small man, are grown from conception to full maturity in tanks out there somewhere in underground bunkers in the sandy wastes of the American Southwest in about a year and a half. Which has to be sheer bullshit – given the thermodynamics required. So I repeat: when considering anything allegedly having to do with ETs and UFOs, always ask first, last, and foremost: Is this possible, biologically speaking? Are we talking about real living beings, or even just real physical beings, e.g., computers? Computer manufacturers can tell you that a lot of the things claimed for ETs aren’t possible for computers because of the thermodynamic and other physical constraints involved, and a biologist will tell you the same about organisms for exactly the same reasons. Think organism. It helps weed out one hell of a lot of horseshit in a great, big hurry! <g> (This commercial was brought to you care of Hades & Persephone, Inc. <VBG>)

*This ugly practice, the purpose of which is to serve the jaded palates of those with too much money and no heart, originally involved nailing the poor goose’s feet to a board, so she couldn’t move much, and force-feeding her by pushing the food down her throat with a stick – much more food than she would ever need if she were leading an ordinary, active life, more even than necessary for the life of someone who is confined in a pen with her feet nailed to a board. Today, we are more “humane” the goose who is the victim of this process is confined in a box so small she can’t move at all, but doesn’t have to suffer having nails driven through her body. Either way, the goose can’t possibly metabolize all the food that is pushed down her throat every day, can’t burn it off – she couldn’t do so even if she lived a free-range life, and certainly can’t in her confined existence of this sort. So her liver works overtime to convert all that rich, rich, high-fat food into glycogen, which is then stored in the liver, which becomes enormous and cirrhotic. Eventually she is slaughtered out, and her pathologically over-developed, very sick liver is ground fine and made into a paste and sold at high prices to aficionados. This is considered to be a delicacy by those who are supposed to know about such things. I wouldn’t know – I want nothing to do with it. I couldn’t bear ingesting the misery of an innocent victim of such a process, no matter how exquisite its culinary manifestation might turn out to be! (Same reason I can’t eat crabmeat – not since I saw one being boiled alive for a banquet. – On the other hand, ever since I got attacked and mauled in the Pike Place Market by escaping lobsters (not to mention my close call in San Francisco in a similar situation at Fisherman’s Wharf), I have no compunctions against eating lobster, which is prepared exactly the same way crab is. Lobsters don’t even care if they’re being boiled alive – their sole, total concern is hunting up other lobsters in the same pot and beating the shit out of them in an all-out lobster equivalent of World War III. Anything that tastes that good and has that sort of attitude is, I insist, absolutely fair game for anything, up to and including the rack and roasting alive, if it gets them nicely ready for the table . . .

Health and Disease: Symptomology is Not Part of the Disease! If you are healthy enough to get sick – i.e., to show definite symptoms of illness – you’re healthy enough to get well. Symptoms of illness are manifestations of the body’s struggle with pathogens and toxins and the damage they cause, and are part of its defenses against the root causes of illness as well as of the underlying mechanisms of its attempts to heal itself of the damage which these cause in it. Thus allopathic (from two Greek roots, allo- and path-. meaning “against” and “disease”) medicine errs in trying to suppress all symptoms, even those that are not immediately life-threatening, and in viewing symptoms as inherently pathological in and of themselves. This is as true psychiatrically and psychologically as physically: as the organism works to heal itself from injury and illness, it will exhibit certain symptoms which are simply by-products of that exertion, that effort. For example, fever is a result of the body’s attack on pathogens – and also a way of crippling, sterilizing, and/or killing the latter outright. Except in cases in which a fever becomes very high and goes on and on and thus threatens life, suppressing it with aspirin or whatever isn’t wise. Drinking a lot of water is wise in such a case, because at least some of the fever is the result of over-heating due to battling disease by producing T-cells and whatever, all of which require a lot of metabolic energy, and the proper response to over-heating is cooling – the best means for which in all the world has always been and always will be water, the Universal Coolant par excellence. But some of that fever is actually beneficial, for by itself it can total out disease bacterial and viral populations by crippling their ability to reproduce, so that they can’t reproduce as quickly as they are nipped off by T-cells, leukocytes, or chemicals given off by various glands that are quite fatal to them. Also, there are cases on record when “germophobic” individuals have attempted to A-bomb the “germs” in their body forward into the Azoic, and have almost done the same to themselves. That is, such individuals have, in their zealous anti-germ crusades, bombarded their bodies with huge amounts of antibiotics of various kinds and, in the process, killed off all their beneficial, normal commensals, such as their gut bacteria. As a result, they ended up in the hospital with severe nutritional deficiencies and a number of other problems, damned near dead, and had to be nursed back to health with enemas of Bulgarian yogurt and similar measures. Psychiatrically, until recently the psychiatric profession systematically attacked patients’ reports of having been sexually and otherwise abused by parents or other adults during childhood as evidence of psychosis or at best severe psychoneurosis. Multiple-personality syndrome was likewise seen as “actingout,” “schizophrenic psychosis,” etc. Only recently have these symptoms been officially understood and acknowledged for what they really are: the struggle of the mind and body of the organism to heal itself of the wounds of horrendous, chronic assaults on same during infancy, very yearly childhood, youth by predatory adults. In other words, be careful about symptom-suppression – the life you save may be your own! <g>

The Biology of Morality Ultimately the purpose of morality is to serve life, to serve the interests and well-being, especially their genetic and psychospiritual ones, of living organisms by shaping their behavior so that it supports the health and longevity of the living communities of which they are part. As Moishe Rabbinu taught us: See, today I set before you life and prosperity, death and disaster. If you obey the commandments of Yahweh your God that I enjoin on you today, if you love Yahweh your God and follow his ways, if you keep his commandments, his laws, his customs, you will live and increase, and Yahweh your God will bless you in the land which you are entering to make your own. But if your heart strays, if you let yourself be drawn into worshipping other gods and serving them, I tell you today, you will most certainly perish; you will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess. I call

heaven and earth to witness against you today: I set before you life or death, blessing or curse. Choose life, then, so that you and your descendants may live, in the love of Yahweh your God, obeying his voice, clinging to him; for in this your life consists, and on this depends your long stay in the land which Yahweh swore to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he would give them. Deuteronomy 30: 15-20 (The Jerusalem Bible) The Ten Commandments and the Torah do not comprise a moralistic head-bending exercise in guilttripping. They made perfect sense to those living at the time, who lived in a world very different from ours, requiring rather stringent precautions to prevent people from doing things that could make them sick, sterilize them, kill them, or destroy the communities that are the very fabric of human psychospiritual (cultural) and genetic survival. Morality –real morality, not such attempts at paralysis of the Will of others for personal advantage, such as the use of the term “karma” by New Agers and other passive-aggressive [Bad Word Bad Word Bad Word] types – is Life. The Law was made to serve Life, not Life the Law: if it doesn’t serve Life, it ain’t true morality. Think about it. *** Pluto is the Divine Alchemist, infinitely patient, His Alchemical laboratories the hot heart of Earth and the soils and interiors of the bodies of the living organisms of our living world, working His unspeakably slow processes of transmutation, the re-cycling and transformation of minerals and other materials throughout the Earth, over countless Aeons, in rhythms timed not in seconds, or even years, but megayears, gigayears of slow, slow Songs of Time. He is the first smith, before even Hephaestos – Who was Hades’ apprentice in the first years after the overthrow of the Titans by the Olympians – and the first ecologist, the first biochemist. He it was who invented the use of poisons, corrosives, and caustics in war, the use of caltrops and pit-traps and all the other first, terrible engines of war. He was the first physicist, too, and the first chemist – the first artificer, the first scientist. Needing nothing save His beloved wife, He is no imperialist. All He wants is peace and the freedom to explore the farthest reaches of space, time, and possibility, as He Will – and woe betide whoever is fool enough to try to deny Him! *** What might be the effects of homeopathic preparations and Alchemical medicines made out of rare earths, transuranic elements (e.g. plutonium), plastics, and other non-traditional substrates upon living beings? After all, since 1945, between fallout from A-bomb tests and all the “strange drugs” pumped into the environment in the form of weird food additives, nasty industrial effluents, things added to stockanimals’ feed to fatten them up or make them more prodigious producers of milk or eggs, etc., every living organism on Earth has become a living, breathing Alchemical laboratory for the biochemical processing of all that crap. Some of us have even survived the stuff – and gone on to produce healthy children, who themselves have inherited a Planet and way of life at least as toxic from us. Alchemy involves the recreation of living processes (or their analogs) in a laboratory setting in order to make changes in the underlying quantum structure of materials without, however, actually changing their gross physical characteristics such as mass, volume, atomic number, etc. The changes in quantum characteristics, while they don’t change the material’s gross chemical nature, do change its impact on the tissues of living organisms as well as its much of its electromagnetic behavior in certain ways, some of them subtle, some not. What does running radioactive crap through living beings – like human beings and other people living downwind from repeated atmospheric A-bomb tests – do to the crap itself? What does it do to the organisms and their children? Could those materials be processed under laboratory conditions, at far faster rates, the way living tissue processes it? We know that “normal” materials – e.g., gold, silver, copper, food, inert rock such as dolomite – are processed by the body in ways that do make changes in them at a

quantum level, whether or not the body changes them on a gross chemical/physical level. E.g., running dolomite through an earthworm does things to it, things that make it a better nutrient for other organisms (such as plants), and not just because it is now mixed up with earthworm fewmets, which are of course rich in organics, or because it has been turned into a sort of monomolecular powder by the digestion process, so that plants find it far easier to assimilate the calcium and magnesium that make up dolomite after it has been digested by earthworms than before, when the dolomite is still in the form of actual lumps of stuff, with a small surface-to-volume ratio. So what about, e.g., plastic, dioxin, or uranium? Would Alchemical processing, either inside the bodies of living beings or in a laboratory, render their quantum structures such as to support life and bring health rather than the opposite? – Okay, all you alchemists out there, let’s try it out and see what happens! (Remember always start with such organisms as, e.g., crab-grass, nastytempered lobsters, junkyard dogs, and politicians for your experiments, beings that truly deserve whatever can go wrong with the experiments, before you try it out on anybody else! <g> Astrology: Chiron The planetoid Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in orbit between Saturn and Uranus, is the bridge between those two Planets, since Uranus rules nativist culture, especially the American Indian Nations, and Saturn rules the corporate urban society. Perhaps Chiron’s function is to heal the wound in this world that is corporate society together with the damage which that society has inflicted on native cultures and the nonhuman world. That wound is the wounding of Mother Earth – including that part of Mother Earth that is the heart, mind, soul, and spirit of every living being, human and otherwise – by “progressive” civilization. *** [The following was sent out on an email post late in 1995 to several correspondents on Internet] Hi – I was born March 20, 1945, at 5:48 p.m. PWT, Pasadena, CA; as a result, Neptune is very strong in my chart. I have been using homeopathic drugs with great success to help clear up some ailments I’ve had for years and that nothing else has touched. Such drugs are made by repeatedly diluting the original substance with 100 parts pure water to 1 part substance, up to 6, 12 or however many times; the result has only 1 part substance to 10n parts water (103 = 1,000; 106 = 1,000,000; 109 = 1,000,000,000; etc), where n equals the number of dilutions, often none of the original at all* – yet it works. The reason it works is that like certain plastics and metals, water has a memory, due to its quantum structure (its structure at a subatomic level, the way the sub-atomic particles that make it up interact with one another over time), and thus can be “taught” certain things by means of things that affect that structure. It “remembers” where it has been, what it has been. When water that has been “taught” to react in certain ways by such homeopathic dilution with it of a given substance is ingested by an organism, whose body is mostly water, the water in the body of the organism is thus “taught” thereby to react the same way. With repeated doses of the medicine over time, the learning becomes permanent – and the organism gets well. (See Dianna and Mark McMenamin’s Hypersea: Life on Land [1994], a marvelous model of evolution of terrestrial life, which explains a great deal given an understanding of how homeopathic medicines work. That life as we know it is, is due primarily to this strange ability of water to “remember” things, and “learn” to react in certain ways to various substances. Life is basically water with an attitude and some trace mineral junk in it – and that is why homeopathy works as it does and is able to heal illness.) Now: is the fact that homeopathy works so well for me when many other therapies have not due to the fact that Neptune is so strong in my chart? Neptune rules Water, Water as an Alchemical – ecological and biophysical – Element, and homeopathy is a therapy based upon the ability of water to learn certain things when exposed to certain substances. I have Neptune in Libra (kidneys!) in the First House of my chart, conjunct Pallas and Chiron, opposed to my 7th House/Aries Sun, squaring my 10th House /Cancer Luna/Eros/Saturn/Juno. This suggests that perhaps anyone with very strong Neptune, especially Neptune

in the First, Sun in Pisces, Sun in 12th, chart-ruler in 12th, chart-ruler in Pisces, etc., such that Neptune is intimately bound up in the functioning of their bodies, would respond very well to homeopathic medicine even if nothing else seemed to work. I’d be interested in anyone’s comments about this. – Yael Dragwyla

*Avogradro’s Number, 6.02 x 1023, is the number of molecules of a substance in one mole – the molecular weight in grams – of a substance. When more than a certain amount of water is added to the mixture, therefore, there are more than 6.02 x 1023 molecules of water per molecule of original substance in it, and therefore nothing left of the latter at all in the mixture.

Subject: Re: Chris – from Yael Dragwyla Date: 95-10-12 07:24:48 EDT From: 100415.2206@compuserve.com

To: Polaris93@aol.com (INTERNET:Polaris93@aol.com)

Greetings Yael Fully concord with your successful experience of homeopathy. Use it myself frequently and always recommend it in cases of chronic problems believed intractable by orthodox medicine (‘cos they usually ain’t!). I also make up my own Homo. tinctures for stuff not yet in the Homo. Vede Mecuum Materium Medica. Pass the word - this form of healing is for the people, bypasses the medical monopoly and has direct connections with traditional folk healing lore; although it has been hijacked somewhat of late by the pseudo-scientists who make remedies pretend to be drugs when they are anything but. I found your perception of how the homeopathic effect works very interesting although it diverges a little from mine so try this for size. Homo. tinctures/remedies do not carry a substance in them at all. They carry an ‘intelligence’ or information code. It is precisely because the atomic substance of which they formed a part is diluted out that we can refine what is left. Tituration (the act of empowering the tincture) involves magnetising the remedy with repeated shocks. This is why it is best done by the homeopath’s hand rather than by a machine. If they also visualised, used pore-breathing and invoked during the empowerment as I do they would find the stuff even more effective! The ‘intelligence/information’ is conveyed into the metabolism of the patient and triggers cellular reaction of certain kinds depending upon its quintessential nature. This is why there is no proper ‘dose’ in homeopathy. You can take a drop or a gallon - the effect is the same because the code is the same. This is pure magical herbalism whether you term it homeopathy or cunning-healing. The old ones had it right all the time, of course. Homeopaths tend to get hung up on the ‘right’ remedy because homeopathy occasionally doesn’t work (or works less with some people than others). They then hunt randomly for another symptom related remedy which does work and find it but it’s a bit hit-and-miss. Your idea of the astrological connection would come in well here. The subtle fluids involved in Astrology and Homeopathy must be closely connected. You should read Medical Astrology by Corning (Weiser Pubs but now out of print I believe) which is a mine of information of this sort. Best Wishes and keep up the good work. – Chris [Bray, Proprietor of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Leeds, England]

Subj: Fwd: Re: Chris – from Yael D... Date: 95-10-12 16:16:36 EDT From: Polaris93 To: 100415.2206@compuserve.com Chris – Good to see someone else knows about this wonderful therapy! I’m going to pass your comment on to a number of people (see “CC” list at head of this! <g>), ‘cos it’s all true! :) Incidentally, I used to have Corning’s work in my library, but I found that an awful lot of his understanding of medicine, anatomy, and biology was not quite what it should have been. For example, he attributes diabetes to “psychosomatic” disease (it has to do with debility of the pancreas, an endocrine gland), and otherwise gives a few problems. I think the homeopaths do know something about what they’re doing, but I agree that they are often floundering, not really knowing what they are doing. They urge the patient never to mix medicines – that’s fine, I agree that that is ideal, but there are times when the ideal can’t be achieved. (As somebody once said, naturopathy is always best –except when you go through the windshield of a car. Then you turn to allopathy . . . and a good lawyer.) I also have made my own homeopathics, not for medicine, but rather for use in Magickal ritual – e.g., a x12 tincture of Mercurial fluid, which has mercury metal in it, to use during invocations of Mercury – the highly diluted resultant tincture has almost none of the original metal in it, a good thing, because I drink it, and otherwise one could get very ill! :) As for the theory behind it – have you read Lyall Watson’s wonderful works on biological esoterica? He talks about the weird – and I mean weird – chemistry of water, its role in biochemistry, and alchemy, and you might find it highly interesting. Try his Lifetide, Gifts of Unknown Things, or anything else of his you can find. (He has a book coming out soon, Dark Nature, I can’t wait to read.) Wonderful man, also very kind and gracious.) What, by the way, do you have on hand for sale in line of homeopathics? Maybe I can use up some of that credit? <g> Take care, now, love always, Yael Dragwyla *** Subj: Date: From: To: Dear – The companies I mentioned are the real thing, very ethical. This sort of thing is admittedly a little uncertain, but if you follow the exact symptoms given on the labels and the box or bottle, and the directions given therein, it should work – and if there are no results within a few hours, with repeated doses, try something else. Used as directed, they won’t hurt – just don’t exceed the suggested doses. That’s why the symptom list – the idea is that the symptom cluster or syndrome is a sort of guide to what’s really wrong, the underlying problem, which is a distortion of the healthy quantum structure of the body’s water, which is what the medicine addresses. It won’t hurt and should almost certainly help. As for what firms are best, the all-time tops is Boericke & Tafel, Inc., based in Santa Rosa, CA. Go with them, if at all possible. For detailed questions and supervised treatment, look up “naturopaths” in the Yellow Pages, too. Because the principle upon which homeopathy is based is so different than that of allopathy – it’s sort of the chemical/medical equivalent of ninjutsu! Go with the flow! :) (you were asking about 12th House stuff?! <g>) – the medicines are made differently, and in the case of companies like Boericke & Tafel, you can trust the label. There’s very little in there besides water, binder (usually powdered sugar), and/or good brandy, chemically speaking – though Alchemically or on a quantum level, it’s a different matter. You can’t poison yourself in a conventional sense, but if you are still concerned, make an appointment with a naturopath in your area and let him or her explain and prescribe, because they do know what they are doing. Fwd: Re[4]: Backlog clearout 95-10-12 23:10:36 EDT Polaris93

Hope this helps, love always, Yael Forwarded Message: Subject: Re[4]: Backlog clearout Date: 95-10-12 17:46:23 EDT From: To: Polaris93@aol.com But how to tell the real McCoy from the poseurs? If there were some sort of guideline, I’d feel better making it myself... the process might even be good to experience. But which treatments to use for which problems... does one go by instinct, or by astrological associations, etc, etc. For example, tender stomach. That’s associated with Cancer/moon, right? Would the cure be the opposite... Saturn/lead? Of course, lead poisoning might be a complication. So maybe some other Saturnine metal or herb. I’m not putting the theory down, I’m just perplexed as to how decisions are made regarding how to proceed and with which substances. Also, different cultures lend different properties to different substances. Should one proceed by instinct? The whole area is fascinating to me. But I feel very inadequate in terms of knowledge. We have a coop which sells all sorts of extracts, etc. but the people who work there are volunteers, not experts. Many items seem highly over-priced. It seems that this is an area where the potential for quackery is high. I’d like to know the theories for myself rather than blindly trusting labels on bottles. (I’m the same way with medical treatments from the establishment. When I was in the hospital following delivery of my son, a nurse came with a handful of pills for me. I asked her what they were. One was a painkiller containing codeine. Another was a substance to help “dry up” milk secretion. As I was breastfeeding, I didn’t think either one would be particularly good for my kid. It never hurts to be cautious about what one puts in one’s body.) I will look for the books you mentioned before. This is such an interesting area.

*** [From recent email correspondence with a friend] Dear – You wanted an explanatory paragraph about New Magicks. Here it is: The Hermetic universe – reality as seen from a Hermetic point of view – is as much a continuum as the objective one, the universe as seen from the point of view of modern objective science, is. It’s all one

universe, and all our studies, objective, subjective, scientific and mystical, materialistic and Hermetic, are of the same universe. Yet I’ve seen very few works on Hermetic subjects that present their subjects from that point of view, that they are different windows on one thing, just as, even today, few scientific texts make it clear that their subject is one or a few aspects of one universe or multiverse. Virtually the sole exceptions on the Hermetic side of it are the works of Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, and the other modern post-Golden Dawn Qaballistic Magickians. These all base their work on the Tree of Life and the Qaballah, which link everything in the universe, material and spiritual, together via the metaphysical system that is graphically represented by the Tree of Life. Yet even they never really worked through all the details – Crowley himself died in 1947, just at the beginning of the Atomic Age, the Space Age, the Computer Revolution, and those who survived him, such as Regardie, weren’t qualified to understand the nature of the tremendous changes occurring socially, scientifically, and technologically all around the world from then on and their esoteric implications. New Magicks for a New Age was written to fill that gap, for my own students. It shows, via traditional Qaballah and my own 16-Sephiroth extension thereof, how everything in the Hermetic universe, East and West – astrology, numerology, Tarot, palmistry, divination of all kinds, Magick, Alchemy, Qaballah, I Ching – is linked to everything else in that universe, and how, in turn, all of these are linked to everything in the material, objective universe, just as everything in the latter is linked to everything else via the basic principles or laws of science. As Rudyard Kipling says via the protagonist of his wonderful novel Kim: Something I owe to the soil that grew – More to the life that fed – But most to Allah who gave me two Separate sides to my head. I would go without shirts or shoes, Friends, tobacco or bread, Sooner than for an instant lose Either side of my head. Above all, New Magicks for a New Age is intended to describe the biology of the spirit, especially of human spirituality, and what the Hermetic Arts and Sciences, disciplines devoted to the study of the psychospiritual universe, have to do with the biological aspect of reality. As a biologist and ecologist, it became increasingly clear to me as I simultaneously studied both the life sciences and the Hermetic disciplines that the most fundamental aspect of all life, its intentionality, its relentless purposiveness, is Will, the focus and ultimate beneficiary of the Hermetic disciplines. The abilities and talents cultivated by Hermeticists the world over are simply some of the most fundamental aspects not only of our strictly human nature, but of our general nature as biological entities, living organisms who are intrinsically part of the living world. The point of it all, at least ideally, is embodied in Moishe Rabbinu’s last directives to the Israelites: See, today I set before you life and prosperity, death and disaster. If you obey the commandments of Yahweh your God that I enjoin on you today, if you love Yahweh your God and follow his ways, if you keep his commandments, his laws, his customs, you will live and increase, and Yahweh your God will bless you in the land which you are entering to make your own. But if your heart strays, if you let yourself be drawn into worshipping other gods and serving them, I tell you today, you will most certainly perish; you will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess. I call heaven and earth to witness against you today: I set before you life or death, blessing or curse. Choose life, then, so that you and your descendants may live, in the love of Yahweh your God, obeying his voice, clinging to him; for in this your life consists, and on this depends your long stay in the land which Yahweh swore to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he would give them. – Moses’ departing speech to the Israelites, Deuteronomy 30: 15-20

Regardless of the names and images we give to our Gods or the precepts and commandments of our various religions and philosophies and Hermetic systems, it all comes down to that. New Magicks for a New Age is devoted to an exploration of the implications of this, what it means for today’s students of both the objective, scientific, technological world and the subjective, inner, psychospiritual, Hermetic world, and how such knowledge can be used by anyone as an aid to achieving harmony with the living world and with his or her nature as a part of that world. We can be neither happy, healthy, nor free without such understanding. It is my fervent hope that this work will help open the roads to the Stars, both physical and spiritual, for the generations to come by showing how, as John Muir put it, “everything is hitched to everything else,” and what this implies for all of life, including ourselves. For the last quarter-century or so, as a biologist and ecologist have been struck by how old and how universal the various Hermetic systems of belief and practice are, how much their underlying assumptions and philosophies resemble one another regardless of superficial differences and local expressions. These are not typical of things that mitigate against survival, whether physical or cultural, for such beliefs and practices quickly select themselves out of the world – along with their adherents! And they aren’t typical of things that have no survival-value one way or the other, either negative or positive, for biology – including human biology – in the long run doesn’t waste energy or resources or time on things useless to the well-being of the organism and the community. Human beings are living organisms before they are anything else, integrally, inextricably woven into the living world and the physical universe, like all other forms of life. If astrology, Magick, and the other Hermetic Arts and Sciences did not take account of reality and had no value, even potentially, to the organism and the community, they could not have persisted among human beings for any archeologically significant length of time. Yet we know they have been around for at least as long as human beings have, not only because the archaeological evidence, such as ancient burials and cave-paintings, supports this, but also because they are so universal among human beings, the basic principles upon which all of them are constructed being essentially the same no matter where or when in the world you find them, no matter what the superficial differences due to locality and language and other local factors may be. More: not only other primates, but indeed many non-primate species of mammals, and even some birds and lizards, indulge in behavior that for all the world looks like Magickal ritual, both as individuals and in groups. The Hermetic Arts and Sciences may be pan-specific, appearing everywhere in the living world, for all we know – certainly it is pan-cultural among human beings. So they are at least as old as the advent of Homo sapiens, half a million or more years ago, and possibly as old as terrestrial life, three and a half billion years. They therefore are Life’s way – at least human Life’s way – of taking account of real aspects of the real universe, built into our biology, and thus reflected in our biology as our biology is reflected in them. Magick and astrology and Alchemy are as properly studies of the biological scientist as they are the mystic and theologian, though for different reasons, since each of these, though studying the same universe as the others, has a different point of view on that universe. New Magicks for a New Age is intended to be a bridge between the biologist and the shaman, between the biochemist and the theologian, between the astronomer and the astrologer, to accept that wonderful gift of Allah, who, as Kim says in Kipling’s novel of that name, gave us both sides of our heads, and praise Him by learning to use those two sides of ourselves – the subject and the objective, the right-brain and the left – properly, together, in the living dance they were meant to take part in with each other all along. – Yael Dragwyla, Seattle, October 1995 *** What we are, what we have grown and evolved from has always depended for its survival and wellbeing upon the nature of our relationship with God, with the Holy Spirit within all things, the Logos that informs and Wills all things, the Creator from which they come. God is real. Our biology has always taken account of that reality in one way or another, the testimonies of which are our various religions. Evil is also quite real; otherwise our psychology and history and all our religions wouldn’t be concerned with it and the problems it presents to us. Mother Nature is parsimonious; ultimately, the biologically useless

falls by the wayside, for it requires time, effort, and resources needed for other things more useful to life and living. Religion has always been with us in some form; wherever we find humanity’s mortal remains, our ancestors’ bones and teeth, we also find graves – and in them as well, the tokens of love and need and hope given by the living to their beloved dead. The Other World of dream and prayer and Magick has ever been with us, and it is likely that it has been so for all living beings, though for most of them in ways so alien to us we’ll never be able to make them out. In all our history, written and otherwise, certainly, we have always had an active relationship with the noumenal universe, the realm of Gods, dreams, thoughts, emotions, creativity. This is no less so now than ever before. Therefore this noumenal universe and all it contains is objectively real, in some fashion, or else long ago we would either have forsaken and forgotten it or become extinct because of a too-tenacious love of things of no relevance to life, to our lives. God is real. The record of the rocks, the long, long trail of pieces and traces of life from its earliest morning down to the present testifies to that. Christianity and modern scientism both err in their war over evolutionary science vs. creationism, for each has the most precious treasures to share with the other: Christianity possesses a profound understanding of God and our relationship to God and one another, while biology and the other sciences possess the objective evidence that underscores the objective reality of God, not to mention the biological necessity of our moralities and ethics, a necessity as great as that for food, water, air, and all other things without which life must perish. Karma Karma is a morality based upon fear, not love. In fact, it insists that you will “earn bad karma” and be punished for loving and acting on that love. But it is love and its correlates, neighborliness, affection, friendship, etc. that are the basis of all community, human and otherwise, without which life ceases to be. So a morality based upon karma is ultimately contra-life. It opens the door to every sort of irresponsibility, cowardice, and abuse of power, all in the name of “not earning bad karma.” In the West, the analogous anti-morality is that sort of religion that encourages so great a fear of “going to Hell” that the believer is easily manipulated into every sort of evil, from lying and cruelty to others on up through aggravated assault, mass murder and beyond, as alternatives to such a fate. On Horror Horror concerns the betrayal, enslavement, and murder of love and trust by cruelty, power-lust, and recreational sadism.

Astrology: The 12th House of the Horoscope The 12th House of the horoscope is concerned with the native’s personal past and history, including the things which he or she has no control over. Hence this house is not concerned with “karma”, but rather with the consequences of either what the native has done or what was done to him or her – i.e., memory, in the psychodynamic sense, whether from this life or a past one. True Will True Will = basic biological Intentionality - Getting There, genetically and/or spiritually. Are moral imperatives orders from our genes as replicated at large in the world, in the general gene-pool? Are ethical imperatives those of other genes within our bodies, or do they come just from personal experience? Eli Sagan says that whereas the superego, the source of guilt, is born of fear and identification with the feared one, the conscience, transgression of which gives birth to shame, is born out of love and identification with the beloved, above all, the nurturing parent. Morality seems to have to do at least as much with fear, or at any rate, a sensible concern for our ultimate well-being, as it does love, for it impels us to act in support of

the systems of kinship and community upon which we depend for our genetic survival. Our sense of ethics, on the other hand, is born of our own personal ideas of what is or is not fit, and arises more out of conscience than the superego; it seems to be almost entirely a child of personal bonds of love, a product of the social development and history of the phenotype, the organism in a given lifetime, rather than of the genotype, the potentially eternal blueprints with reference to which that organism can be rebuilt again and again over endless lifetimes. Morality impels us to act in support of our world; ethics urges us to act in support of our friends and loved ones, those closest to us.

[In response to email message included below] Hi Clewt – Glad you got the disks. Re your sending about black helicopters (at end of message): Sending out a lot of stark black helicopters isn’t a militarily or politically sensible activity (though who is to say that our Peerless Leaders are sensible, sane, or intelligent? <g>), because it simply screams that something is seriously weird, stirs up the people, etc. On the other hand, the damned things have been filmed – they’re real, whatever they actually are or whoever is really behind them. Like so much of the rest of the cryptophenomenological universe, they are sort of tilted 45 degrees to everything in ours, so that radical paradigm shifts in our thinking are going to be necessary if we are ever to understanding what they really are, their origins, and their implications for us. Paranoid schizophrenics – like poor Linda Thompson – are people incapable of making such shifts or else just dropping the whole thing until they are capable of it, who keep on trying and trying and trying to jam the weird phenomenon into the procrustean bed of theory based on our current understanding of things, never succeeding because (a) the thing is the wrong shape, wrong length, wrong height, and can’t be cut down or stretched out to size with anything now on hand to use for the purpose, and they finally go crazy from frustration. Theories, my friend, I have in plenty – but no certainties. I gave those up long ago. They are deadly. Whatever the black helicopters and their ilk really are, they seem perfectly designed to generate lots and lots of paranoid schizophrenia. I do not want to be one of their mind-victims! :) Take care, always, Yael Dragwyla

[In response to the following] << Thanks for the disks YD, UFO discussion people. >> I got em yesterday. I thought I would let you see my compositions for the

Forwarded Message: Subj: Re: black helicopters, special attention Date: 95-10-17 11:14:23 EDT From: Clewt To: Merlin1246 come on merl, Black Helicopters have alot to do with UFOS because FIRST OF ALL, if they are able to conduct cattle mutilations, they can do PARANORMAL functions. Second of all, because they do silly things and want to do surveillance where none is necessary, they seem LIKE UFOS to be OTHER REALITY oriented. UFOS themselves in the early years were considered to be very likely a secret government program. So it is with black helicopters. An occasionally encountered scenario is to have a UFO land, fly away, and then black helicopters

show up and buzz the place where the landing was before any alert was put out. How would the BATF or whatever know anything about this and send out a helicopter? THIRDLY, Black helicopters often hang out where UFOS are being seen, or strange doings are happening. They are often dawdling around the white convoys which come and go to no logically discernible purpose, as UFOs seem illogical. FOURTH and of course, Linda Thompson is considered off the wall and no longer secreting a few brain enzymes by even the patriots.

[From email correspondence late in 1995] Dear – Haven’t yet run the data for the Pentagram chart you sent (see below), but will today. Thanks for the data, I really appreciate it. As for Comet Hale-Bopp, current issue of Sky & Telescope has a big article on it. Spiritually speaking, it may bode as much ill as any great comet in history – comets are traditionally regarded as harbingers of woe through war, plague, and other disasters, and this one, coming at us out of the Sign Capricorn (Constellation Sagittarius – due to precession of the Equinoxes, the Signs no longer correspond to the Constellations), far to the South, which latitudes were named “the Hells” by the ancient Babylonians, may well bring terrible things in its wake, if there is such a thing as an astrology of comets. Not to be a party-pooper, but “spiritual awakening” frequently comes as the result of something really ghastly happening to one, so yeah, this comet could bring a “spiritual awakening” – but at the cost of things like plague or war, maybe. I do not relish its visitations. The 1910 visitation of Halley’s preceded WW I by four years, the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918 by 8, and was 6 years after Crowley’s writing of The Book of the Law. In addition, 3,500 years ago – the last pass of Hale-Bopp, they think now – the Mediterranean island of Santorini was vaporized by the detonation of a gigantic volcano which was so large it put the eruption of Tamboura in the last century in the shade. The eruption effectively destroyed most of the then-thriving Mediterranean civilizations. Its after-effects may also have been responsible for the Ten Plagues of Egypt recorded in Exodus, and probably screwed up the weather all over the world for many years thereafter. I’m not too sure I want to see what Hale-Bopp will bring in its wake this time around! Take care, thanks again, Yael Dragwyla Re fwd:

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From: hackman@fishnet.net To: Polaris93@aol.com At 02:45 AM 10/17/95 -0400, Polaris93@aol.com wrote: >I’m not really up on the WWWeb, yet, but I’m a practising astrologer. What >is the date and time of the pentagram chart? I can set it up on my own >astrology software and have a look at it. >Thanks, Yael Dragwyla >

ok, 2/7/97 12:05pm pst 119W 34N

current ephemeris for the comet on that date is 19:55 RA +18.0 dec i calculated that out to be about 27.5 capricorn (not physically near the ecliptic of course but in that degree of the ecliptic) and it is also heading into aquarius through feb/march. The pentagram relies on the ascendant as one of it’s points. Here’s some other stuff I wrote about it... –––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The ancient Celts used a different calendar than we do. Theirs was based primarily on the moon while ours is a fixed calendar based on the sun. Each month began at the new moon, and their year began in october (All Hallows). The particular date of this pentagram chart (2-7-97) was celebrated as the birthday of their goddess Brigid, for whom the country of Britain was named. Brigid is also a Catholic saint. This holiday is also known as Candlemas, Bride’s Day, Groundhog day, and is not normally celebrated on this date under our modern solar calendar. This however would be the proper date according to the original Celtic system. *** WHAT IS COMET HALE-BOPP? Comet Hale-Bopp is a recently discovered Comet that was first sighted in the constellation Sagittarius. It is about 1000 times larger than the average comet. As of the first of september this comet was out around the orbit of Jupiter and was already glowing and giving off gas (Normally this doesn’t happen at that distance). Recent reports show however that it is not giving off as much gas as might be expected, indicating that it probably will be quite large and bright when it comes the closest to earth (about .93 AU) in april of 97. This comet is expected to be extremely bright, probably brighter than any star or planet, possibly bright enough to be seen in the daytime. Some people have called it the ‘comet of the century,’ this remains to be seen as it’s quite possible it could fizzle out. Recent measurements indicate this is not a new comet and was probably last here somewhere around 3500 years ago. Gordon Michael Scallion who publishes “Earth Changes,” had been predicting the appearance of a large comet which he says is composed of spiritual energy and is the forshadow of a new age. He hints that this comet is probably identical with the star of Bethlehem although it’s current orbit doesn’t seem to verify this theory. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? I originally discovered this fascinating pentagram chart in June of 95 and had been contemplating it since then. It is intense with Aquarian energy and my first thought was that it might be the indicator of the beginning of the Aquarian age. It’s connection to ancient Celtism is quite interesting. Upon hearing about Comet Hale Bopp, I knew with certainty that the comet would also be involved in the stellium in Aquarius. I have since confirmed this with data from JPL (see below). I’m still not quite sure what it all means, but I believe that it is a sign of some important spiritual event. Any input would be much appreciated and I would be glad to receive email. *** [From recent email correspondence]

Hi, all – Just did an eclipse chart for tonight’s total Solar eclipse at 9:37 p.m. PDT (4:37 GMT on the 24th, tomorrow), for my locale (Seattle, WA, USA at 122 W 21, 47 N 39), and noticed some fascinating things. First, the eclipse took place with Moon and Sun at 0° 18’ Scorpio – a critical degree of Scorpio, also located in the Via Combusta. Second, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is in the last degree of Scorpio, about to enter Sagittarius on November 10 and leave Scorpio behind for another 230+ years, and is thus in a semisextile aspect to the eclipse – a version of the inconjunct; 0° Scorpio represents the other version of the inconjunct, the quincunx or 150 degrees, and like the semisextile it represents explosive energies, the sort of thing typical of earthquake and other disaster charts. Third, the chart for this eclipse as erected in Seattle has 6° 35’ Cancer rising, and 26° 26’ Taurus on the 12th House cusp (Placidean system). The 12th House cusp for that chart is thus conjunct the Fixed Star Algol, “the most malign Star in the heavens,” within the permitted orb of 1 degree (Algol is currently at 26° 1’ Taurus). Seattle is perhaps the most Scorpio city in the world, more so even than Beirut and Washington, DC – and is located square on top of the massif of Mt. Rainier, a gigantic active volcano considered to be potentially one of the most dangerous in the world, which lately has been heating up . . . Fourth and last, my own natus was on March 20, 1945 e.v., @ 5:48 p.m. PWT, in Pasadena, CA, so that my natal Sun is at 0° 3’ Aries –exactly quincunx to tonight’s Solar eclipse! And I live in Seattle. Anybody have any thoughts on what any of this might mean, both in general and with respect to that exact quincunx of the eclipse to my natal Sun? Also, when was the last time a total Solar eclipse occurred in that degree of Scorpio? Thanks, Yael Dragwyla *** AolMail Subj: NOT FOR ASTROSUP!!! To: MauudieTFP My friend –– just had a strange dream on the night of the total eclipse a couple of days ago which I found to be hauntingly suggestive, in an astrological sense. Thought you might find it interesting. (The comments following her description of her dream are mine.) Enjoy, Yael PS: Please DON’T publish in AstroSupplement – she’d be embarrassed. Thanks, Yael >>>Just did an eclipse chart for tonight’s total Solar eclipse at 9:37 p.m. PDT (4:37 GMT on the 24th, tomorrow), for my locale (Seattle, WA, USA at 122 W 21, 47 N 39) Fascinating! I don’t have any thoughts, except that Scorpio means regeneration, in an eclipse the sun “dies” and is “reborn”, and that Cancer is the sign of motherhood. Pluto entering a new sign emphasizes this. This is so interesting. Last night I had a strange dream about a volcano (a little Rod Serling music, please:) ... A woman from outer space came to me and said that the crust was warring with the liquid fire, and that an explosion would take place if something weren’t done. She called on Diana, and told her that the fire must not be put out, but merely cooled. Diana sent in the mists of the sea through a crack in the crust. The pressure was relieved, but not extinguished. The woman

explained that in this way, a new star would be born, and held out in the palm of her hand a sparkling diamond which seemed to give off it’s own rays of light so that we might understand. The dream took place around 10:30 or 11.

Hmm . . . “earth” could mean Capricorn, where Uranus and Neptune (Neptune is currently still sextile to Pluto, so is Uranus) are right now, with Saturn in Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune; “liquid fire” = magma = Pluto/Solar eclipse in Scorpio, maybe. Diana would be the Moon – Moon conjunct Sol in Scorpio? Diamonds are ruled by Saturn (Capricorn/Pisces). “Mists of the sea” = Neptune? Luna? “Crack in the crust” = Uranus in Capricorn? Star = astrology = Uranus/Saturn in Sagittarius/Aquarius (that is, those Planets rule astrology from those Signs)? The thing that worries me is that Tamboura, the volcano, was so disastrous because once all the magma flowed out of the main chamber, the chamber collapsed and sea-water rushed into it through the fissures, right onto the white-hot rocks of the bottom of the chamber, and the whole thing went up with a fury that might only be matched by detonating a 5-gigtonne H-bomb on the sea-floor. Let’s hope this doesn’t refer to that:) *** AolMail Subj: Astrology & the Community To: SylviaS419Hi – The least part of what we are is our conscious individuality – our egos, our bodies. Both the great spiritual teachers and all competent biologists will point out that most of what any organism – any organism, including any of us – is, is contained in its community at large, the ecosystem of which it is part and its genetic kinship community. Nativist religions almost all assume this to be the basis and foundation of spiritual reality, and teach that the true Way of happiness is establishment and maintenance of Right Relationship with the living world and that part of it that includes our community, both human and nonhuman, and our kin. The astrologies of ancient Babylonia and other major early civilizations are almost entirely devoted to the study of community horoscopes, and of the horoscopes of individuals – e.g., kings and major leaders – only insofar as they represent the community or the nation. Traditional Chinese astrology does deal with the horoscopes of individuals, but in a way much more closely linked to the natural world and the immediate community within which the individual is embedded. But while Western astrology does deal to some extent with the astrology of the community, e.g., mundane or meteorological astrology, its major focus now is solely on the individual, with little or no regard for his or her embedding in the natural world, family, or society. Carl Jung’s studies of the collective unconscious and the light shed on it by such disciplines as astrology is a major exception to this – one of the few. New Age or “person-centered” astrology seems to assume that the individual exists in a vacuum, with no other forces than the chart and perfect free will affecting him or her. This is a dangerous sort of assumption, both sociopsychodynamically and ecologically. Spiritually, psychologically, and physically, we are inextricably part of the living universe of ecosystem/family/community/society/polity; an astrology that ignores this fact and teaches an individualism divorced from that context can only contribute to the great sickness of the developed world in our day. Our souls and spirits, like our bodies, are sick unto death as a result of our psychospiritual and ecological alienation from the living world, and as a result of that alienation, our collective behavior is destroying our neighbors, our neighborhoods and killing our living world. Though I am a libertarian, I am not a proponent of the sort of soul-killing alienation that many self-professed “libertarians” and “individualists” embrace; though I am an astrologer, I do not espouse the analogous alienation of so many “New Age” astrologers, and I am frightened of the possible consequences for humanity and the living world of the psychospiritual focus they encourage. I would like to know if any other modern Western astrologers feel as I do and are doing work on the astrology of our ecology, of our interrelationships with family, community, society, nation, ecosystem, and living world. If there are and you know of them, could you send me publication data on their writings or email/snail addresses by which they can be reached? I’d be very grateful for that information.

*** AolMail Subj: Chinese/Western Year To: SylviaS419

Hi– On page 14 of her The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, Revised Edition (New York: Perennial Library/Harpers, 1988), Theodora Lau gives the following correspondences between the twelve figures of the Chinese calendar and the Western Signs of the Zodiac: Chinese Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Boar Rat Ox Western Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn

On January 31 of 1995 e.v., the Chinese year 4693 began, a Boar year. For Westerners, that year thus had a Scorpio accent, over and above any other astrological influences. On February 19 of 1996 e.v., the Chinese year 4694, a Rat year, will begin; as a result, for Westerners it will have a Sagittarius accent. There is also a five-Element cycle overlaid on the Chinese system of the years, two years of each Element, the first Yang (positive), the second Yin (negative) (see p. 12, ibid.). This cycle, ten years in length, runs as follows: Wood (+), Wood (-), Fire (+), Fire (-), Earth (+), Earth (-), Metal (+), Metal (-), Water (+), Water (-), Wood (+), . . . 1995 e.v. has been a Yin/Wood year. 1996 e.v., will be a Yang/Fire year. The Chinese Elements have the following relationship to Western ones, as follows: Wood = Air, ruled by Jupiter, associated the metal tin and the Chinese Year/Hour-Signs Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon. This Element is associated with the energy or influence of growing, natural things, characteristic of the months of Spring. It corresponds to the Western Element of Air. Fire, ruled by Mars, associated with the metal iron and the Chinese Signs Snake, Horse, Sheep. This Element is associated with fire and burning and the heat and the Signs of Summer. It corresponds to the Western Element of Fire. Metal, ruled by Venus, associated with the metal copper and the Chinese Signs of Autumn, Monkey, Rooster, and Dog. It corresponds to the energy or influence of made things, those created by artifice, human or otherwise (e.g., beavers, ants, grasses used by cats to “fish” for gophers, etc.). It doesn’t have an exact Western analog, but could be considered to be associated with the idea of the Quintessence, made from the other four Elements. Water, ruled by Mercury, associated with mercury metal (quicksilver) and the Chinese Signs of Winter, Boar, Rat, Ox. It corresponds to the Western Element of Water. (Earth, chi, is associated with the Planet Saturn. It is the Center, composed of Yin and Yang mingled together. It corresponds to the Western Element of Earth, or perhaps the Quintessence. It is the Enduring,

the Floor of Creation, as Heaven is its Roof. No Signs are associated with it in the Chinese system. Yin is associated with the Moon and the metal silver, Yang with the Sun and the metal Gold. The Chinese idea of Heaven and the Japanese Element of Void correspond closely – the abode of the Gods or kami, the throne of Their Will. In the I Ching, there are trigrams for the Elements, one each for the positive and negative aspects of an Element: Chien for Heaven (Air/Wood +), K’an for Water (-), Ken for Mountain (Earth +), Chen for Thunder (Fire +), Sun for Wind/Wood (+), Li for Fire (-), K’un for Earth (-), Tui for Lake (Water +). (See the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching for more on this, as well as J. C. Cooper, Chinese Alchemy: The Taoist Quest for Immortality [New York: Sterling, 1990].) What do these influences add to those that already accompany this year (1995 e.v.) and next (1996 e.v.), so heavily laden with the influences of Pluto, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Uranus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Saturn, Pisces, Neptune, and Aries, because of the mutual receptions and coming changes of Sign of these Outer Planets? I’d like to find out if anyone has done any work so far on these, and would be grateful if you could send me references for them. Thanks, Yael Dragwyla *** AolMail Subj: The Astrology of Community To: SylviaS419 Hello – This is by way of a PS to my earlier remarks on astrology of community and ecosystem, and community-centered vs. individual astrology: It is the community upon which all life ultimately depends, which nurtures and sustains every organism, of whatever kind. From the community of family and friends, to that of immediate neighborhood, to town and city and nation, to ecosystem and, finally, world, our well-being, indeed, our very existence, depends upon the health of our community and of our relationship to it, the nature of our embeddedness within it. All the world’s major religions are ultimately predicated upon this fact, and their commandments have to do with curtailing behavior and attitudes on our part that could damage our community, the small community of the family, the larger communities of friends and neighbors, the major communities of society and nation, the ultimate community of Mother Earth. Depending upon the culture of its origin, any long-existing religion assumes that our relationship to these reflects or incorporates or nurtures or is in fact identical to our relationship with our Gods, for the Gods created the living world, or were birthed by Her, and to do harm to Her is to sin against Creator and creature alike. An astrology that does not address these – the communities of which we are part and upon which we depend for our very being, their health, and the health of our relationship to those communities – is thus ultimately as superficial, trivial, and ephemeral as the sort of “person-centered” psychotherapy that regards the client as isolated from all external influence, living in a social, political, ecological and spiritual vacuum, with no need to pay attention to the exigencies of objective reality or biologically determined basic needs (as so much of what passes for psychotherapy is today, as James Hillman has so cogently discussed in his We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World’s Getting Worse (1992)). Mother Earth – the bioecological universe – is the great ground of our being. “You are what you eat” – we all grow out of Mother Earth, made of the Her soils and waters and winds and the energy of Her deep mantle and core as well as of the Sun. As Her health and Life goes, so go ours; as our relationship with Her goes, so go our lives, our very being. But for all the attention modern Western astrology really pays to this fact, one would think that we all existed in a moral, ecological, psychospiritual, social, and political vacuum, wholly isolated from our biology, from our community and its needs and its gifts to us. Yet Western astrology, like its Far and Middle Eastern counterparts, is itself predicated on the rhythms of the living world – the turning Seasons and our relationship to them, the passage of the years, the Elements of which all the living world is made. How, then, have we come to turn away from full awareness of the roots of our astrology, the font of its life, its origins and the subject of its study? Our astrology is often as ecologically, socially, ecologically, and morally alienated as our psychotherapy – yet, like psychotherapy, its ultimate concern is with our biology and our ecological embeddedness in the living

world! How have we gotten so far off the track? I suggest that only by a profound re-examination and reorientation of the major focus and thrust of astrology will we gain – or regain – anything like a true understanding of what we really are, and what we need to be doing to fulfill our True Wills, recover what health of body and soul and spirit we can, come into our own as truly mature beings. To do this, I suggest, we must relinquish “person-centered” astrology and balance the astrology of the individual with the astrology of the community and our relationship to it, not giving up either, but rather combining them in a healthy synthesis, as our earliest ancestors were wise enough to do.

*** AolMail Subj: Re[2]: Homeopathy To: 100415.2206@compuserve.com Hi, Chris – >>>Just returned from a sojourn in the Hand of the Pyramids hence delayed response to your earlier Emails.<<< No problem. By the way, not familiar with the term “Hand of the Pyramids.” Was meinte das? >>>Granite is rich in radium. A small piece titurated in distilled/rainwater will produce a powerful homeopathic tincture. Crushing granite under water suffuses Radon gas into the water. Pitchblende is a highly radioactive natural material too, but by far the easiest way of obtaining Uranium is to crack open one of those smoke detectors. Sufficient here for many homoeop. tinctures. Any good book on minerals will give you clues to more but are you sure you want to go this way. If it is healing your after then there are less risky and more efficient ways. Magnetise distilled water (use lodestone immersed during full moon period) for a fundamental elixir of life which will re-synchronise your cellular structure to the correct frequency and cure just about anything. Has an amazing track record.<<<< I had thought of pitchblende and uraninite, possibly even (stolen–hush! <g>) tailings from Hanford Reservation, but I’d forgotten about granite. And I hadn’t known that crushing granite underwater would liberate radon gas! Perfect! (I could get an old smoke-detector and use the minerals from it, I guess, but here they seem to prefer polonium or thorium for the radioactives in it, don’t know if they’d do.) In fact, I’m not just after healing. I’m actually looking for factors associated with uranium, neptunium, and plutonium, Magickal as well as physical. Dilutions I’d be using would be x11, x31, x 40 – respectively 10 raised to the power of 22, 62, 80 – and given Avogadro’s Number, there simply wouldn’t be anything left of the original once I got through potentiating the tincture by all those dilutions! For healing, I’ve got a medical magnet and a magnetic mattress with magnets built in – this is more for break-through purposes. I once had a “psychological” problem that was similar, was looking for LSD to do the job, had never taken any before (this was in the late 1980s), everyone kept saying, “No, no, you need this technique, that antidepressant, blah, blah, it’s gentler, it’s safer.” They meant well, but I really did need LSD to do the job – I tried everything else, nothing else worked, I finally got some LSD, it did work. Crude, but effective – and because my survival and well-being depended upon a successful breakthrough at that time, it was worth all the migraines and everything else that went with it, because it did the job when nothing else did. As the surgeon said, “Sometimes, ya gotta cut” – though I suppose here it would be the dynamiter’s saying, “Sometimes, ya gotta blast!” Yeah, it was risky, very risky, but it’s like the situation in which if you have an operation, there’s a 50-50 chance of dying, whereas if you don’t, you have a 101% chance of doing so. So . . . >>>About your problem with Will. No one is wholly human. Some natures are so unholistic that they behave and appear demonic but are in fact qlippothic. I.e. imbalanced negative forces seeking to accrete

more substance to themselves by parasitically vampirizing energy from anyone within range and thereby depleting/imbalancing anyone they come into contact with.<<< Gee – sounds like my landlord! :( :) >>>Most psychic vampires manifest neurotic tendencies but those which are hosted by psychopathic natures take a delight in psychic rhetoric, psychological disturbance and ultimately violence. There’s no way that this kind of person can be really helped unless they decide to help/heal themselves (a contradiction in terms as it is against their own nature) so the recommended way of dealing with them is to starve them of stimulus/feedback/response. That is, remove yourself from the arena of conflict which they create and within which they thrive.<<<< Gee – sounds like what everybody in this building is about to do about the s.o.b.! :) >>>Similar advice also for the landlord problem. The gods will not provide that which you can achieve yourself more easily on the physical plane.<<<< Well, They certainly did provide me with the information I badly needed to understand the real nature of the problem (the landlord, not the building owners) – “Whom the Gods would destroy, They first drive mad.” :) Plus several people came by looking for my friend Gary for Thanksgiving yesterday, learned he was dead and the hand Kevin had had in it, and . . . :):):) >>>If Kevin is being squeezed into a big spend over the contested property he should be able to afford to buy somewhere else at half the price which has the added advantage of escaping the thrall of these bullies. Kevin has free choice and must make that choice himself. Either he expends energy cursing and binding his landlords to rid himself of them because he’s pissed off and decides to treat fire with fire, or he expends the same energy in getting a new place and thanks his landlords for a valuable lesson on coming to terms with the universal injustices of life and for creating an opportunity for him to be positive energies about a new personal future (glass half full as opposed to glass half empty syndrome). Asking for the prayers of others to come to one’s aid, will be as effective as trying to whistle down a whirlwind. It works but little. <<<< Well, somebody’s prayers sure seemed to work, because I’ll be able to move with a good roommate, maybe three of them, I don’t owe Kevin nothin’, the people who work for his company will almost surely stay employed when he folds because the Sanchezes will take it over and they are good managers, unlike Kevin, and what you said about what Kevin ought to do is true. Unfortunately, he is quite, quite mad. We’re going to tat him a nice strait-jacket for Xmas (“Let’s put the ‘X’ back in ‘Xmas’!!!) and that’ll be the end of it. >>>Of course any practical occultist would prepare talismans to create energies and environments in which the Will of the landlord was muted/cowed/distracted and also put protective psychic shields around themselves<<< Oh, I did – I have buried hematite, turquoise, silver, and amethyst all around the property, even around the property Kevin is living on next door – that may have helped, too. Hematite repels evil . . . :) >>>Kevin should meditate upon the histories of some of the greatest Adepts. Even they couldn’t invoke magic to cope with a mob and were frequently hounded out. Paracelsus; Comte De Saint Germain, Dee, etc.<<< Not to mention lots and lots of occult con-artists we could name . . . like Kevin . . . :):):) >>>The wisdom of success comes from finding solutions on ALL planes. If he meditates on these thoughts he’ll get his solution; if he relies on airy fairy prayers from well-meaning New Agers he won’t. Hope these thoughts help your friend.<<<

Right into hell . . . :):):) – Not that I have to do anything myself. Between his current stack of parole violations (not to mention all the grow-rooms he’s on the verge of getting busted [again!!] for), the people who hate his guts for hounding my friend Gary to death, the . . . :):):) Kevin is doomed, and I am outta here, and that is just fine with me, my roommate, and our neighbors downstairs! :) Take care, keep me posted, I will do ditto, 93 Yael *** Dear – In response to your post of 95-11-16 20:19:14 EST, the text of which is as follows: >>>Yael; I wondered what you meant by this phrase “analogous alienation of so many “New Age” astrologers, and I am frightened of the possible consequences for humanity and the living world of the psychospiritual focus they encourage.” I would respond to it if you could define it for me. How is a “new age” astrologer different from any other astrologer?<<< It may be that you have been fortunate enough not to live in an area full of self-professed “New Agers” who also hang out a shingle for practices including everything from Shiatsu and Dance Therapy to astrology. I do live in such an area – to which I fled from another one, about 1200 miles away, after the latter became unbearable. Those whom I have met here (and, before, where I used to live) who call themselves “New Agers” have the rather frightening attitude that all the evils of the world can and should be blamed on the victims, from chronic, aggravated child-abuse to wars of attrition, and that whatever trouble happens to others, it is always due to “bad karma,” such that the victims have no right to fight back, complain, or even just weep. – They believe this, it seems, until they get mugged, at which point they add a codicil to their beliefs about “karma” which is, essentially: “If something bad happens to you, it’s due to your bad karma – if it happens to me, it’s due to ‘bad vibes’ or outright criminal action on somebody else’s part.” In other words, “In the Great Age of Aquarius, all things are permitted – as long as they happen to somebody else when they are bad and to me when they are good.” I kid you not. This is what the people in my city who call themselves “New Agers” actually believe, as reported by them. Further, in the various “New Age” books and periodicals I’ve looked at, the ones that bill themselves as such, in so many words, the authors seem to have very similar beliefs about social, political, and moral reality. Their attitudes apply to every important aspect of life from how we raise our children to health issues to death and dying and what comes afterward, and all of them look suspiciously like Calvinism re-worked in “New Age” language to sound trendy. I myself am a Ceremonial Magickian, a Qaballist, and an astrologer. I am also a biologist, an ecologist, and a planetary scientist, whose first intellectual love was astronomy and who was educated first and foremost in the hardest of hard sciences. I became interested in the esoteric and Hermetic aspects of things in my adolescence, back in the 1950s, via things I first encountered in science-fiction novels straight out of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, including the works of Robert A. Heinlein. So I learned early on that if a field of study is worth a damn, it has to be objectively verifiable – and its precepts aren’t logically defensible via opinion and “what feels good alone.” It has to work, its predictions have to pan out, its precepts have to be falsifiable, it must be subject to test by independent observers – and this is as true of the Hermetic and esoteric disciplines as it is of the hard physical and biological sciences. Above all, I’m a Jew – a maverick one, to be sure, but a Jew. “Blaming the victim” and an indifference to the world’s evils are attitudes that terrify me, as you can imagine – they also sicken me to the roots of my soul, for so much of the evil in the world continues because people who could have been good pacify themselves with these attitudes and are content to do nothing about the evils they see around them. No science can excuse evil, can explain it away, can justify doing nothing about it or having attitudes of contempt and cruelty toward the victims, whether those victims are tiny children, grown men and women, helpless non-human organisms, or Mother Earth Herself. “New Agers” apparently do believe that astrology and other Hermetic disciplines can be used to justify evil – I’ve heard them claim that, themselves. I have heard people calling themselves “New Age astrologers” – which is where I got the phrase, right out of their mouths and pens! – excuse the most

horrifying forms of chronic cruelty, torture, even murder of small children, or political torture and murder of innocent people, or cruelty to animals, or toward Mother Earth Herself, as due to the victims’ “Karma,” and claim that because it is “karmic” in nature, no one should do anything to stop it. Idiots like this have used sociology, psychology, and other “secular esoterics” (to paraphrase the term “secular humanist”) similarly to justify evil, e.g., the justification of racism via bogus IQ statistical analysis, and they are rightly denounced for it. It isn’t any better or more moral or more “spiritual,” for that matter, when such rationalizations of evil are re-stated in “New Age” terminology. Whether you blame the innocent victim of evil for his or her suffering as a result of IQ, genes, species, “karma,” “lack of God’s Grace,” or “God’s Will,” it’s still blaming the victim, and it is wrong. Such poses are rightly denounced by everyone from the American religious right to such scientists as Stephen Jay Gould on moral grounds – and the unfortunate things is, since the idiots who do this sort of “New Age” moralizing so loudly and publicly also put themselves on record as astrologers or other Hermeticists so much of the time, the esoteric disciplines become tarred with the same brush. They make my science, astrology, look evil by association in the eyes of the public, and I don’t like it! As a Jew, as an astrologer, a Magickian, a Qaballist, an objective scientist, I am outraged by the way in which self-professed “New Agers” use my sciences to try to justify the world’s evils and their own sheer lack of guts and moral health to do anything about it. They are truly the People of the Lie that Dr. M. Scott Peck writes about in his book of the same title, and their lies include the unspoken, guilt-by-association lie that astrology and the other esoteric disciplines are at best nothing more than rationalizations for social non-action, injustice, and utter evil. So “New Age astrology” exists, by that name – there are people here in my city who call themselves that, there are people all over this country who do so, who publish books and articles about that subject, calling it that. And for them, the idea of using astrology to “justify” the evils that happen to victims who have done nothing to deserve those evils seems to be far more important that either doing good astrology or learning anything new and objectively verifiable about the astrological aspects of reality. These are the people who never, ever manage to see anything bad coming, either on a world scale or on a personal level, using astrology or anything else, for whom the “New Age (of Aquarius/Horus)” is full of goodies and joy without an iota of trouble. They are the ones who so conveniently forget that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, Whose metal is uranium, and that the entire 20th century, the opening decades of the Age of Aquarius, has been the most horrifying time in all history – especially in terms of the ecological devastation of the Earth and extinction of Her species wrought since 1904 e.v. No, for them, it’s all party, party, party – and anyone party-pooper enough to point out the handwriting on the wall, the fact that the clock stands at a late hour, that maybe that thing coming along the road is a tornado, not the Blue Bird of Happiness, will just “earn bad karma” for “being such a downer” and releasing such “bad vibes” at all the good little New Agers! My special study in astrology has included observation of the horrific transits of the Outer Planets 1984 e.v. – 2010 e.v and their ecological, sociopolitical, economic, and meteorological effects on our world, which has been and continues to be something like a cosmic version of the impact of this year’s most devastating hurricanes on the American East Coast and the Caribbean countries. Initially, I was jeered at, sneered at, called all sorts of names for predicting from the transits, as listed in the ephemeris and computable with standard software, exactly the sort of radical dislocations, tragedies, and horror-stories with which the period 1984–1995 has in fact been replete, using standard astrological concepts and techniques! The people who did the sneering and jeering were always those who billed themselves as “New Age” astrologers, and their reactions to my predictions ranged from “Oh, we don’t want to hear about that! <g>“ to “You really need psychotherapy to get over that attitude problem you have, dear,” to “You’re bumming me out, I don’t want to hear this!” Now, after my predictions – like those of numerous other astrologers who stick to real astrology and don’t try to use it to put a gloss of fake cheer on everything – have all panned out, I hear, they mutter things about my “being into black magic, how else could she have known?” Gee, don’t these twits ever crack a good textbook on astrology?! “New Age” “astrologers” (or anything-elsers, for that matter), make all of us who take astrology and the other Hermetic Arts and Sciences seriously look bad. We’ve already got problems that way, historically and currently, from Church, state, and the odd fanatics with personal axes to grind – all these “New Age” “astrologers” do is throw gasoline on the fire! They make all of us who take “New Age” subjects seriously look foolish, fraudulent, and worse. They aren’t astrologers, they aren’t of the “New Age” (which is a time of enormous scientific advance, horrifying ecological devastation, great evils, tremendous opportunities – everything, good and evil both, on a scale as large as the universe, with the potential for either literally attaining the stars or bringing about the final and complete end of this living world), they are opportunistic infections who hurt us all. And that is what I mean by the term “New Age

astrologer” – it comes right out of their own mouths and word-processors, and means a set of attitudes and a public presentation that has done us no good and has in fact done all of us, Hermeticists, scientists, average lay-people, nothing but harm. Sorry if I have offended you. You are almost certainly not one of the jerks I’m describing here – in which case, please understand that the way in which they use “New Age” ideas, concepts, and language isn’t doing you any good, either. At least check out what I’m talking about – I think, as a good person who genuinely cares about astrology as well as, even more importantly, the spiritual and moral health of the world we all share, you will be appalled at what you find out. *** In a message dated 95-12-30 21:51:25 EST, Michael Rideout writes: << I have a few things to say about Chiron, which can also be applied to Pluto and the asteroids. First of all, astronomers don’t fully understand the orbit of a planet or other body until they’ve studied its movements for at least one full orbit. Chiron was sighted in late 1977, and appears to have an orbital period of about 50 or 51 years, so it hasn’t been observed for one full orbit yet (and neither has Pluto). This makes projections of Chiron’s orbit (and Pluto’s orbit) into the past rather questionable, and the further back you project it, the more potentially inaccurate the projection becomes. If you are going to put Chiron in charts for dates long before 1977, keep in mind that you’re using potentially inaccurate positions. Besides, if Chiron is a comet that was captured by the Solar System, when was it captured? If you put Chiron in the chart of an historical person from the distant past, how can you be sure that Chiron was even part of the Solar System back then? Second, I have strong reservations about slapping “ready-made meanings” onto a planet or other body based on its name. The proper way to determine what a newly-discovered planet or other body means is to carefully study it in many charts, not to read all about the mythological character it was named after. The theory behind this practice is the highly questionable belief that the name chosen for a new body is the “right” name, so astrologers need only refer to the mythology books and voila!, they instantly know beyond the shadow of a doubt precisely what that body means! People often see what they want to see, or what they expect to see, and I’m concerned that astrologers who study charts to “confirm” their preconceived notions about what a body means may simply be finding meanings they expect to find. I’m not saying that this is definitely what’s happening, but we must consider the possibility that it’s what’s happening. I’m willing to entertain all sorts of theories, but when people talk about a totally unproven theory as if it were a fact, I have to shake my head in wonder >> A couple of quibbles: As to whether Chiron was always there in the Solar System in its present orbit, and if not, what that means for charts of people born before it was in that orbit, the Planets and other bodies really seem to function in much the same way that objects bobbing on the surface of the sea do, as markers showing local characteristics of the overall 4-D geometry of the Solar System. Whether Chiron was always in its current orbit or not, that part of the gravity-well of Sol and the other Solar bodies always existed, and all Chiron does is mark out its general location and shape at this time. Perhaps when we are ready to look at certain aspects of ourselves, and not before, we discover some physical body orbiting Sol or even beyond the Solar System that shows something corresponding to it in the geometry of the Solar System, so we can “track” the inner phenomenon by it. So it may not be necessary for Chiron or anything else to have always had that orbit around Sol for Chiron astrology as we now use it to be valid for very old charts. This is a possibility which I think needs more investigation – anyone out there have anything on it? Second, astrology is not astronomy, though they both study the same objective phenomena. I think Carl Jung would agree that there is great esoteric significance, always, in the names we give to things, especially when the ones giving the names are not well-acquainted with esoteric studies and so tend to do the naming by instinct or reflex, without much conscious thought on it. That a name for anything has been officially accepted and agreed on by many people indicates that that thing’s meaning for us on the level of the collective unconscious is in line with that name. Astrology does examine objective phenomena, like any objective, exoteric discipline, but its aims are to expose the inner, psychospiritual meaning for us, individually and collectively, of those phenomena. That an astronomical object was given a certain name by human beings means that on the level of the collective unconscious, it already has that meaning for humanity and therefore for individual human beings. Statistical studies of its placement in charts and what

it is associated with in the lives of individuals in whose charts it is strong should therefore correspond with the meanings implicit in the name we have given to it, according to Jungian and other esoteric theory – in fact, if that should not turn out to be the case, such an exception would be worth study in its own right, highly significant as an indicator of a rift between two major functions of the collective unconscious, that of the psychology of naming and astropsychology! So I wouldn’t make any hard-and-fast rules about which to go with first, the name of a newly discovered Planet or statistical studies done on its placement in charts. Astrology is an art, after all, not an absolute science, and this is one of the reasons why: like all other esoteric disciplines, its ground is the collective unconscious, a part of ourselves and of life in general we can never fully know and understand on a conscious level, and there is for that reason a certain inescapable level of uncertainty in the study and practice of astrology. But your points were well-taken, and should not be discarded. I think a middle ground should be found between the extreme of simply taking the name given to a new body as is and doing its astrology on that basis, with no objective, statistical studies done on its functions in the chart, and that of going entirely with statistics and ignoring such esoterica as its new name. The greatest of scientists, after all, got their best ideas from the realms of dream, daydream, poetry, etc., as Einstein, Kukele and others all testified. All “objective” science can do is refine and test what the unconscious mind gives us to start with, whether it is “objective” data given to us by the “physical” universe or gifts from the personal or collective unconscious in the form of dream, reverie or even hallucination. To discard either the exoteric or esoteric aspects of astrology is to lose half the guts of what makes it what it is. You raise some excellent points, Michael, but let’s be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. – Yael Dragwyla *** Subj: Hekate Date: 96-01-09 17:16:29 EST From: To: polaris93@aol.com Hi – I need some information. On the Vernal Equinox 1988, I was invited by ********* of the **************** to do the Vernal Equinox ritual for that year at the Hekate Shrine in *****, Washington, up in the Cascade Mountains. I did so, with the help of volunteer assistants who were visiting there, but only just barely, because it started to rain out halfway through, and it almost chased us off before I was done. The ritual was an invocation of Earth, to save Mother Earth from the things that have been destroying Her and reverse the damage done to Her by them, using American Indian and other nativist religious chants as part of the ritual. I have been told since that Hekate was royally offended at me for using her shrine to try to save Mother Earth that way, for having the gall to try to save Mother Earth at all. If you have any information about this, please let me know, so I can pass it along to others who’ve suffered this sort of thing, too. Also, we’d like to know anything about protections against Hekate, what Gods can and will defend against her, and so on. Any information about *********, the Shrine’s history, and so on, is also welcome. Thanks, Yael Dragwyla Yael, Perhaps it was inappropriate to invoke the underworld goddess of crossroads, waysides, and night travel to try and save the earth, and using nativist rituals, not Greek. Maybe on the next full moon, perhaps at a crossroads, you could perform a service just for her, something appropriate for this powerful goddess. I don’t think you should try and get the gods battling each other. Just tell her you’re sorry that you offended her. “Hekate was a Greek goddess associated with the underworld and with magic. She

was a goddess of crossroads and waysides, and pillars known as Hekataea were commonly erected at crossroads and doorways, perhaps to ward off evil. She was especially associated with travel by night, although it is not clear whether she was regarded as the protectress of night travelers or their chief peril. Hekate was also considered a patron of Medea and of witches, and she had an occult following among women in Thessaly, where she was regarded as a moon goddess. She assisted in the search for Persephone after her abduction by Hades. In this connection, as well as in connection with her role in night travel, she was depicted bearing a torch. In later representations, she was shown as having three bodies, particularly in the Hekataea which allowed her to keep watch over all roads at once. Her epithets included Enodia, a reference to her role as a goddess of waysides, and Trioditis, a reference to her role as a triform goddess of crossroads.” L– Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been a problem just for me, and there have been a number of indications lately that for wholly unknown reasons, Hekate seems out to destroy Mother Earth, especially through legislative attempts to destroy environmental protection laws, but also a renewed local interest in nuclear devices as “solutions” for world problems. A friend in Santa Barbara who is Magickally knowledgeable pointed out that Hekate traditionally has no real ethics associated with herself, and is only interested in gaining power; expressions of her “personality” are more that of those who invoke her on a regular basis than anything intrinsic to a unique entity. The Hekate Shrine at ***** was founded by a gentleman named ******** who, it turned out, is a power-hungry, banal little man whose sole interest in life is gaining and wielding power of any kind over others, especially psychological and spiritual power – a very dangerous man to have around. Hekate’s personality, said my friend, took on a coloration of ********’s own nature and thus became more aggressively power-enamored than usual. In short, what ******** created up there, apparently, is the Magickal equivalent of a “nuclear battery,” so badly put together than unless power is drawn off it all the time, it starts to go critical and slag down and create a horrendous long-term mess (like Chernobyl or something). Rituals haven’t been done up there on a regular basis for years – so the Shrine is, as it were, in a runaway condition, the Magickal equivalent of the China syndrome. Very ungood. Appeasing this force is out of the question, just as appeasement gestures towards a hungry tyrannosaurus would be – fight-or-flight options are the only possible viable ones. Which ones? Also, we didn’t know at the time that the miniature Stonehenge, *********’s permanent Circle, had been consecrated to Hekate – it was supposed to be for any ritual invocation, not just to Hekate. I give you that since he had dedicated it to her, sure, she might be offended if we used it for what she considered alien rituals – but you know, the s.o.b. might have had the courtesy to let the rest of us know about this before we all did our rituals up there! Which isn’t your fault, sorry for snapping – anyway, as it were, to stop this mess, somebody has to go in there in the Magickal equivalent of environment suits, with Magickal cuttingtorches (or maybe some dynamite? <g>) and open that thing up and clean it out, my friend thinks. But how? The information you sent about Hekate may help, though, so thank you for sending it. Take care, love always, Yael *** Subj: The Best Way to Learn Astrology Date: 96-01-09 23:09:16 EST From: StarByt To: Polaris93 Listees and dear colleagues: I am researching the best way to learn astrology for an in-depth article in Star*Bytes ‘96. What I specifically want to know is what worked for you individually and what you personally would recommend

a beginner do. (1) Learning at seminars (2) Private correspondence courses (what are the best ones) (Noel Tyl?, for example); Olivia Barclay’s Horary Correspondence, just to name a few (3) One-on-one teacher/student (who are some of the best teachers today (4) Learning by cassettes/videos? What are some of the requirements for being a good astrologer today? (5) What are some of the best books you would recommend a beginner delve into to start out. I really want to do the definitive article on How to Make Astrology Work For You as a Profession and will go to great lengths to interview the tops in the field, and that includes many of you. I will quote you liberally, and if it is long enough, it will go into 2,3 or even 4 parts OR even into a full length book. I need you advice and input and thank you all in advance for putting your thinking caps on. With warm regards == and gratitude. Sylvie Schneble Star*Bytes (310) 202-8178 StarByt@aol.com or SylviaS419@aol.com Sylvia – The way I learned astrology, mostly, was by myself, through books, by doing it. I did have a teacher for a short while, in Santa Barbara, who finally got the idea of how to interpret horary charts through my head (take the ruler of the Sign on the Ascendant, or the ruler of the cusp that becomes the Ascendant in a “stepped” chart, and analyze the applying aspects it makes to other things in the chart, ditto and especially Luna as the co-ruler of all horary charts). Once I had that idea, I devoured everything I could find on the subject of horary, which is one of the best ways to learn all types of astrology. The rules for horary interpretation are very strict, and depend on rock-bottom astrological principles – you can’t fudge, because if you do, you come up with highly inaccurate readings, your clients walk out on you . . . :) So the best way to learn astrology is to get as thorough a grounding in horary astrology as possible, either through a good teacher (mine wasn’t) or library study (if you tend to be a lone-wolf type like me) or both. Best textbooks on the subject include, e.g., Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson; there are many others. Second, study sidereal astrology, that is, Fixed Stars and their astrological meaning. Three best texts for this: Robert Burnham Jr.’s wonderful 3-volume Burnham’s Celestial Handbook: An Observer’s Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System (Dover Books, 1978), which contains a wealth of astrological as well as astronomical data; Richard Hinckley Allen’s marvelous Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (Dover, 1963), ditto; and Vivian E. Robson’s classic The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology (Weiser, 1979) which, in spite of a few serious flaws in nomenclature, is one of the best texts on the astrological influences of the Fixed Stars published in modern times. Also, the excellent textbook on horary astrology by Anthony Louis, Horary Astrology: The History and Practice of Astro-Divination (Llewellyn, 1991), has a very useful, detailed section on the subject. Nicholas De Vore’s tour de force, Encyclopedia of Astrology (Philosophical Library, 1947), has some wonderful articles on certain aspects of astrology, especially mundane astrology, I’ve never seen covered

anywhere else; it’s a treasure-trove of highly useful information you won’t find elsewhere. Barbara H. Watters’s Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events (Valhalla, 1973) is one of the best astrology textbooks of all time. Period. Aleister Crowley’s Astrology, edited and annotated by Stephen Skinner (Samuel Weiser, 1974), provides insights on the origins of astrology and its profound importance to the survival and well-being of early civilizations that are badly needed by us today. The author’s poetic gifts find beautiful expression here in his descriptions of the nature and influence of Neptune, as well. For these and many other reasons, this book is one which every astrologer today should have in his or her library, both for the wealth of knowledge of the subject it contains and for the sheer pleasure of reading. On asteroids, the two best books I have found are Melanie Reinhart’s classic Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective (Penguin/Arkana, 1989) and Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Reemerging Feminine by Demetra George (ACS Publications, 1986) (as a piece of writing, this is a terrible work; you get the impression that the author couldn’t write her way out of a checkbook! But as a source of information on the astrology of the 17 or so most prominent asteroids, this book is an absolute must have!). Finally, Richard Grossinger’s The Night Sky: The Science and Anthropology of the Stars and Planets (Sierra Club Books, 1981), gives information on the subject available nowhere else. The author has a true poet’s appreciation of the subject – and a true scientist’s in-depth, hard knowledge of it. Doubtless there are countless other wonderful works on the subject – these are the ones I have found to be most valuable to me, though I have many others in my library which I have found very useful. *** AolMail Subj: Re: RE: “Illuminati Central”? To: KeenanD@rnd1.indy.tce.com **** Glad you liked it. By now, you’ll have received my comments on same to Merlin1246@aol.com – in the early world, spiritual and mundane politics weren’t perceived as separate, and when analyzing Greek myth and/or “straight” history, as we moderns look at it, it’s wise to remember that. If you want to know about the mundane politics of the early world, also look at their mythology, and vice-versa. Myth was oral recording of real history, and history is rife with things that were incorporated over and over again into “myths.” “Mythology 101”, anyone? :) ***

[The following has to do with one response to the “Hekate problem” – a rather ill-considered one] In a message dated 96-01-22 14:37:36 EST, you write: << Kathi, This is a rather longish post and, while I would have normally just responded to Yael via email, I believe that this is a good example of just why “cut & paste” paganism/Wicca is not only a bad idea, it can be hazardous! Jim

<In OPI #95, Trident23 (Yael D) wrote,> > If anyone out there is interested in doing some Magickal > healing, I have an interesting problem. Whenever I take > aspirin or Tylenol, continuous spasms start up in my > shoulders and the back of my neck that go on for weeks and > weeks, the pain becoming so bad I can’t sleep, can’t work, > can’t do anything. [deleted] > I’m not taking the aspirin now, I’ve de-toxed and everything, > but it doesn’t help. I’m also having another bout of endless > “menstrual” bleeding that goes with the aspirin reaction. <Good! Aspirin is probably the *worst* possible thing that you could be taking at the present (see below for my reasoning)!> It’s probable the worst possible thing anyone could take, for all sorts of reasons (see Ralph Nader’s reasons! Not to mention Adelle Davis’s!), and so what? > I was finally told by people in my area who are having > similar problems that this might be connected with visits > I made several years ago to the Hekate Shrine in Index, > Washington. A lot of people who went up there at the > time are now having “Hekate manifestations” like mine, > I’ve tried everything from homeopathic menopause tinctures > to wearing a necklace of fish-weights (for Poseidon, Who > doesn’t like Hekate) – the necklace actually seems to help, > but nothing else does once this starts up. <Yael, you’re getting in between two *powerful* Deities who do not get along! Are you looking for even more problems?!? First off, you’ve got to appease Her! And then look for another Deity to protect you. Get rid of *any* thing that is sacred to any God! If you must, then get a necklace of seashells (sacred to Aphrodite, who just might be able to help you out), but you play off a God against a Goddess - particularly Hekate - at your own risk!> Uh, excuse me – but this is like asking a Jew to appease Hitler or something. You do not, repeat do not appease something that is trying to murder Mother Earth and/or prevent others from helping and protecting Mother Earth. And that is implicated in numerous murders, if only symbolically. And seems to be opposed to anything and anyone who is battling child-abuse. I am not the only one who had problems with Hekate, and this involves so much real, substantive evil that I don’t see how anyone could urge knuckling under to something that is assuredly connected with it. Aphrodite is also a Goddess of beauty, pleasure, and lust – but not of healing. Further, all my life I’ve had problems with Aphrodite. I could see Themis, or Ezeli of Haiti, or Durga of India, all Goddesses of Justice – but not Aphrodite, a Goddess of personal pleasure. If the “Goddess” in question, in this case, Hekate, is evil, and the God isn’t, why not “play them off against each other,” i.e., ask the non-evil God for help in battling a truly evil Power, female or not, that seems to be dead-set on destroying the Oceans, the God’s domain, along with all the rest of Mother Earth?

If you are one of these idiots that believes “nothing female can do anything evil, nothing male can do anything good,” I think you are heading for the world’s worst fall. Evil isn’t the province of any one gender – it is a universal tendency, dearie, how ‘bout that? (Child-abuse isn’t the province of males alone – neither is destruction of the Earth, as witness Dixie Lee Ray, late governor of my state!) f you are another stripe of idiot, the sort that believes appeasement is better than courage, God/Goddess help you, because you sure as hell can’t help yourself! > I have been told that Hekate is angry with me because I was > invited to do an invocation up there on the Vernal Equinox > 1988 to prevent more harm being done to Mother Earth and > heal the harm already done to Her, but this never made sense > to me. But something is sure doing this, and I am not > the only one who seems to have offended Hekate somehow by > going up there (the people who apparently offended her are > those who did Magick for things like preventing child-abuse, >bringing perpetrators of evil to justice [e.g., the Green River > killer]), etc. Anyone know anything about why Hekate would have been offended at such things? <sigh> <Yael, first off, just who did you (or the others) do the Invocation to?> Mother Earth, as a matter of fact. Why? Got any objections? <While we can blithely say that “All Goddesses are one Goddess,” that does not mean that Her various aspects are not jealous of each other! While I’m guessing now, I would think that you did your invocation to the Great Goddess. Furthermore, you did it on the Vernal Equinox.> If Mother Earth isn’t the Great Goddess, honey, who is? <Guess what - Hekate’s Feast Day is on August 13th (my birthday, fyi).> Remind me to dedicate that day to Somebody Else!!! <So - we have you (and others) who believe that an invocation to *any* God/dess at *any* sacred spot cannot help but come about.... > That, honey, is libel, slander, and defamation of character. It also proves you can’t read, don’t bother to research questions, and don’t ask enough of them before jumping to conclusions. Happy landing on the next one. <I’m sorry to tell you this, Yael, but “cut & paste” paganism is hazardous. Any religion must be studied in the context of the culture from which it came. Only in “neo-paganism” can a person choose ‘a god/ess from column A and another from column B,’ and so on....>

I’m sorry to tell you, dear, that “cut & paste” thinking is hazardous. I’m a Qaballist, and I have never one cookbook or cut & paste Magick of any kind, for exactly the reasons you are saying. So when anything goes as badly wrong as rituals performed by me and others up at that place do, this implies that it bears looking into. Why the hell are you assuming I am guilty of such idiocy? I take every possible precaution with my Magick, and always have – so why didn’t you bother to ask whether I had or not? <Yael, you are not the first, nor will you be the last, to have this happen to you. My advice - as one who is sworn to Her in Her aspect as the Dark Sister - is to do a ritual to Hekate and ask Her just what you did that angered her, and what you could do to gain Her forgiveness. I’d ask Her myself, but unfortunately this it’s now the period of the New Moon, and I do *not* attract the attention of the Lady of the Beasts for anyone who is not Family!> Darlin’, I’ve been invoking Durga and Kali for years, and have never had these problems with Them – and if you think Hekate is the “dark half,” you should take a look at Hindu mythology sometime! Kali is not evil, but She battles evil, and is the Hindu equivalent of the Archangel Michael – Hekate would quail before Her, and if you don’t think so, check out some real mundane history of interactions between the Classical world and India! And that I’m still able to function at all may be due to my invocations to Kali/Parvati/Chandi/Shiva/Durga along with Poseidon/Shiva, Djehuti, Isis, Hermes, Persephone, Hades, Pallas Athena, and the Furies! I don’t want Hekate’s forgiveness, sweetie – any more than a Jew wants Adolph Eichmann’s, or Torquemada’s, or the Pope’s! Are you mad? <Goddess Bless,> Which one, darlin’? < Silver Walk in Beauty and Harmony – Strive for Balance.> Uh, is this the pot calling the kettle . . . ? – Yael Dragwyla ***

Subj: Date: From: To:

Re: FOR OPI: Problem with Hekate 96-02-01 12:38:37 EST Trident23

In a message dated 96-01-23 16:05:01 EST, –– writes:

<< =>Anyway, if anyone can help with the problem I’m =>having, or knows anything about Hekate in this =>context, I could surely use the help! Thanks, Yael =>D...

I shared this problem with a friend of mine, and here is her response:

========================================= Date: Mon, Jan 22, 1996 20:32 EST From: ******* Subj: Re: CTD #012396/1 To: Re: Hekate, Trident23 This hot off the intuition pressing upon my heart...... There are ties between you and that place that are not of Hekate, but are of some other “competing” energy. Perhaps in our culture we have created a dark energy that harms without reason called it “devil” and it has manifest in some places as real. I am not certain, yet it speaks a truth to me. To cut these ties use tools of Hekate, to honor her true place of destruction. A scythe or sickle if you can find one, a curved knife, or a dagger if nothing else is available would be the link. I suspect it will help her name become clear of the effect you are speaking of. Create a circle of 13 candles upon the floor, set the scythe in the center of it, call upon the directions for blessings, and protection, and let it be known that the honor of Hekate is at risk, and request the elements’ assistance in restoring her powerful name. Light the candles as you walk counterclockwise around the outside of the circle (this can be done as you call the elements of each direction) to open it for your presence. Step into the circle through the gate of the south imagining a gateway of fire that will transform purify and restore the passion of Hekate, squat before the scythe, then when you feel the power of Hekate rising, pick up the scythe, and move it around your body, and above your head - cutting the ties that bind you to the negative energy of that Hekate shrine. When you feel the ties are severed, replace the scythe upon the floor before you, step over it to cut the ties running from below your feet, and then walk out of the circle, through the north gate. Restoring Hekate to her rightful and clear place upon the wheel of power. Move around the outside of the candles clockwise to close the space in upon the negative energy, extinguishing each candle as you go. Thank the directions, and hold Hekate in your heart, now cleared from the ties that bound her energy to that other. Hope this helps...please let me know? Beloved light and shadow, ******* =========================================

It’s up to you and Trident23 as to whether you’d like this in your OPI. It won’t bother me if Trident23 decides this is too personal.

)O( stella >> The “dark energy” you are referring to may have been whatever it was my adoptive father “dedicated” me to when I was an infant. He dabbled in the occult and some very nasty things got done and I think that’s what it is. On the other hand, though, Thessaly – Hekate’s traditional home – was to the classical world what Sicily is to today’s, a center of every sort of covert crime and power-play and evil, and I don’t think that appealing to Hekate for help, on any basis, is going to be of use, because Hekate today seems to be involved in exactly the sort of horrors her classical-world followers were, things I am utterly opposed to, e.g., ritual and other aggravated abuse of children, etc. Thanks for thinking of me; unfortunately, in all conscience, I can’t make use of it. Take care, always, In a message dated 96-01-25 18:13:20 EST, –– writes: << It sounds like to me that you are being psychically attacked more than Hekate doing anything against you. There are also much older, nameless things that exist that can also attack. I offer you my help, although it will be long distance seeing that I am on the East Coast. There is a way to bind what has been done to you. I will pick out what you need, bless the items and send them on to you via mail if you give me an address. You must be the one to perform the ritual though. It will not have the impact you desire otherwise. For the record, I have a friend who traveled overseas and she mentioned that she spontaneously bleeding at the Temples of Kali. I’m not too happy about that either. It does seem though that there are still some bloodthirsty Gods around. Perhaps the Shrine wasn’t for Hekate at all. I wish you light, > You may have something there. The shrine was dedicated to Hekate, but one thing I found out eventually about the place where it was located, including the permanent miniature Stonehenge everybody used to do rituals (which was outside the shrine, but on the same land), was that nobody ever banished. Nobody. Except me and one other person I noticed up there. I always banish before rituals and after them, before to clear out any astral, qlipphotic crud that might screw things up, and after, as my contribution to a clean spiritual environment (spiritual ecology, anyone? <g>), and as far as I knew before going up there, everyone did, as a matter of common sense and sanity. Well, guess what? Not too many sane or sensible occultists go up there, it seems, and for years all these rituals got done and nobody ever banished, and my poor little pitiful attempt to banish at my own Vernal Equinox ritual was like trying to clean out the Augean stables with a cardboard poop-scoop! Anything could have been built up there, and it probably was. In addition, though, Hekate has a terrible rep in the classical world – in fact, her traditional home, Thessaly, was to the classical world what Sicily is to today’s, a hotbed of clandestine crime, evil, and politics of all kinds, and her followers were head-deep in all of it. I’ve never had the problems with Kali I’ve had with Hekate. Why, I don’t know. But Kali is the Hindu equivalent of the Archangel Michael, She Who Destroys Demons, whereas Hekate was solely a giver of power in exchange for a price – and the price was and is always more than the gift is worth, which is supposed to be the hallmark of the spiritual Bad Guys. What this all means, I don’t know. Let me get back to you as far as sending me the ritual objects goes – I’m not too sure about this, yet. I was “dedicated” to something nasty by my occultist adoptive father when I was an infant, a “dedication” I don’t want and had no chance to decide on, and this probably has complicated everything beyond all possible recognition. But I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks (especially for not spouting off idiot moralizations that don’t apply to the case anyway, which I’ve gotten far too much of from a few others already! <F>), blessed be, Yael In a message dated 96-01-26 02:28:26 EST, you write: << Actually it sounds like you’ve attracted negative entities, not necessarily any relation to Hekate. It

sounds like all of the people involved need to do some kind of spell to get rid of whatever presence is attacking you. I don’t know exactly what all of you did, but obviously you made yourselves visible to negative entities. Perhaps you should seek help from an older established coven who could help you banish it. Take care. Blessed Be, >> You may be right. There were a lot of us hurt through this thing, and there do seem to have been more than one entity involved. However, much of the hurt has had Hekate’s traditional symbolic signatures all over them, so she also clearly was involved. Why, none of us are sure yet. Someone has suggested that the next time the Skyhomish River really floods out the area, that will probably end the problem, as running water kills qlippothic entities. That may do it – maybe we should invoke the Gods of the Spring Melt? :) Thanks for thinking of me, Yael Dragwyla In a message dated 96-02-03 22:29:59 EST, you write: >Yael–read Silver’s challenge (hey, at least I’m glad he apologized somewhat, >because he did come on with a lot of queenly arrogance) and the Hekate he >describes is the one I’ve always heard of–the Crone aspect of the Triple >Goddess etc, the Queen of the Night and Keeper of the Three Crossroads– >it sounds as if you’re talking about two completely different personages! >His sounds like a goddess and yours sounds like a female version of Satan >(who is not a Deity!) > What is going on? (I am maybe a little worried because my name is, while >a common and acceptable name, also historically a “witch name” which is a >cognate of hers. . .’Ekaterina is a modern Greek name, but if you chop off >the last part, what’ve you got?) > But you know what has happened to you because you are you, and >Silver’s not... > somewhat concerned, love, Kate Kate – I wouldn’t be concerned about your own name. As for Hekate, the Goddess/Power, oddly, the Greeks had dozens of shrines to given Gods, and the God or Goddess in question manifested differently at each. Divine schizoid personalities? :) Maybe this is what happened to Hekate – one part stayed good, another bad. However, historically, Thessaly, Hekate’s island, really was a center for some ugly stuff; people have often ascribed divinity to Powers that aren’t Gods, by way of appeasing them, and will include them into their pantheons just to keep them happy (protection racket). Hekate may always have been such a power, a sort of demonic opportunistic infection that took advantage of various cultural religious beliefs to get accepted as a divinity, with all the perks, while in fact being something infernal, not a divinity. (This may be what happened to Jesus of Nazareth in Western Europe, in this case, the legend of a good man become a vehicle for a demonic power operating clandestinely from the mask of the good man to terrorize and control whole cultures for hundreds of years.) I do know that whatever is up there at that damned shrine, which does answer to the name Hekate when invoked/evoked by that name, is about the nastiest thing I’ve ever encountered, and after my erstwhile student Bryson, that’s going some! “Catherine” name. So is “Ekaterina.” “Hekate” originally meant literally “one hundred”, referring to “one hundred stadii,” the distance which Diana Far-Shot could shoot Her arrows. I think something borrowed that name and used it as a mask to Do Things to human beings and their cultures, and that is the being that made Thessaly its home. But the name itself had most innocent origins. Take care, love, Yael ***

In a message dated 96-02-06 18:41:45 EST, you write: << Hi, I’ve told a friend here on AOL that i’ve started practicing magick. She gets the impression that Magick and all the powers of the mind are evil and are satanic. The person that introduced Magick to me has nothing to do with the devil or anything of the sort. If you could please explain to me if Magick is just powers of the mind or if it is the practice of some religion that could be evil or good? Any explinations will be apreciated, thank you. David >> Dear David – Magick is esoteric engineering, a system of techniques, a psychospiritual technology. Magick can be practiced by anyone, of any religion, the same way engineering of any kind can. It is based on use of symbolism that is more or less universal, that has the same meaning in all cultures, at least in theory. Just as engineering can be horribly misused, e.g., to build nuclear bombs and drop them on people, so can Magick; just as engineering can be used for productive, life-enhancing things, such as building homes or bridges, so can Magick. Nuclear and biowar weapons are just as much instances of black magic as misuse of Magick. And just as idiots with the best of intentions can use engineering to do stupid, life-destroying things – such as building bridges that fall down, dams that destroy watersheds, and nuclear power-plants that leak and blow up and poison the entire countryside – so can well-intentioned idiots misuse Magick to wreak horror. Magick is very high-power technology, indeed, and requires competence, a conscience, and humility for its proper use. Employing it by way of a power-trip or ego-trip or without knowledge of what you are doing is exactly as bad, morally and spiritually and in terms of practical consequences, as well, as misusing high-power physical technology the same way, for the same reasons. Also, because Magick’s machine is the soul and will, and can be used to affect the psyches and spirits of others, as well, it has a frighteningly great potential for misuse in exactly the same way that psychiatry as: it can be used to obtain power over the soul, and to destroy the soul. Whosoever uses it for this is surely damned – but anyone who would want to use anything for such a purpose had to be damned to start with. That is, one’s religious and moral outlook and background come first, one brings it to whatever practical study (such as Magick) one undertakes, and they determine how one uses what one learns in that study, and why. So the religious underpinnings of all Magick are the religious and moral background from the start, from childhood, of the student, and can come from anywhere in the world, the same as for engineering of any kind. Government intelligence mind-control technology, the abuse of psychiatry and clinical psychology, biowar and nuclear technology – these are as black a form of magic as any, but what makes them black is the amorality, power-hunger, and sheer love of evil of the idiots involved in such things, and those were in place long before said idiots ever got into such technologies. So Magick is, in a sense, amoral – but it does study the universal things, the things of God, and of the spirit and the soul, and it has a tremendous potential for both evil and good, depending upon how it is used, as is true of so many “purely secular” technologies and endeavors. Hope this helps, Yael Dragwyla *** Subj: Fwd: OPI # 95 Date: 96-02-02 00:05:50 EST From: Trident23 To: KeenanD@rnd1.indy.tce.com Doug – Kali’s bad press has been mostly British – during the occupation of India by Great Britain, the core of the chief resistance movement to that occupation comprised Thuggees, followers of Kali and monks dedicated to Her service. Originally, She was the Great Mother Goddess of the Draviddians, India’s original inhabitants, and though the Aryan conquerors of India tried to suppress all the Gods of the

Draviddians, they could not do so to Kali. She was so powerful they kept Her on in their own pantheon – as Heaven’s cop, Slayer of Demons and Defender of the People and the World (like the Western Archangel Michael, who, I understand, had very similar origins among some of the Bedouin tribes who eventually converted to Judaism some 2500 years ago or so). When the British took over India, they tried to do the same thing to the Hindu Gods that the Hindus had done to the Draviddians’ Gods – without much success. But they did give Kali a very bad press – because Her followers, all outstanding guerrilla resistance fighters, gave them one **** of a drubbing over and over again! Today, Kali is considered to be the patron of women’s rights and women’s resistance to patriarchal oppression in India. Traditionally, the sacrifice to Kali is rice, given to Her temples. The rice is kept there for 28 days, then donated to the poor. There’s a wonderful book by Ajit Mookerjee, Kali: The Feminine Force (Destiny Books, 1988) that has a wealth of information on Her, very much worth acquiring. I’ll see if I can come up with anything on the resistance to British Rule in India that will give the historical side of it. – Oh, one other thing: The Gypsies are the descendants of Draviddians who left India long ago rather than submit to Aryan rule (the ones who didn’t are the ancestors of India’s Outcastes). “Kali” is a very common name among European Gypsy ladies. The Black Madonna statues found all over Europe, which date back to about 1500 AD or earlier in many cases, are Christianized versions of Kali – Mother Mary in a battle mode to protect the people, as Kali is Mother Durga in Battle Mode against the demons – done by the people we now call Gypsies. Kali’s analogs in the world are Black Isis, Medusa (the Crone aspect of Pallas Athena, Her Battle-Aspect), Maîtresse Ezeli of Haiti (a Goddess of Love, Beauty, Justice, and Battle), etc. This help? – Yael Dragwyla *** Forwarded Message: Subj: Re: OPI # 95 Date: 96-02-01 14:04:40 EST From: KeenanD@rnd1.indy.tce.com (Keenan Doug) To: Trident23@aol.com (Trident23) You wrote: > Darlin’, I’ve been invoking Durga and Kali for years, and have > never had these problems with Them – and if you think > Hekate is the “dark half,” you should take a look at Hindu > mythology sometime! Kali is not evil, but She battles evil, > and is the Hindu equivalent of the Archangel Michael – Hekate > would quail before Her, and if you don’t think so, check out > some real mundane history of interactions between the Classical > world and India! Sorry to betray my well-concealed (!) ignorance, but why then has Kali gotten all the bad press? An aftereffect of these “mundane interactions” that you mention, perhaps? I know you’re busy, but as time permits could you sketch this out a bit for me? I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable on Hindu mythology as I should be - so I’d be much obliged! :) West bishes, Doug