IChing & the SysteIlls of the West

Chester Anderson


Chester Valentine John Anderson was a friend of mine. He, a far better friend to me than I to him, I am afraid. He and I both left Mendocino around the same time, He for the Russian River area, I for parts much, much farther west. Ironically I found out about his being sick, ultimately leaving California, and then his death in an old Mendocino Beacon laying about my folk's house. Antonia was saying there would be a memorial service for him. This was some time after the date and I was stricken. When it came time to upload items on to SCRIBD I immediately thought of this PROSPECTUS, of Chester's that I had been carrying around, 10 these 35 years, a give back to them and an immortalization of Chester, as it were. Little did I know, Chester was already immortalized on the WEB. Wikipedia says he was born August 11,1932 and left us on April 11, 1991. It lists the books he wrote and the other literary accomplishments of his. Let me tell you, Wikipedia has nothing on me babe. The Diggers web site at has a connection to the communication company archives that, according to Joan Didion in Slouching towards Bethlehem, was Chester's "peculiar hold on the District derives from his possession of a mimeograph machine, on which he prints communiques signed "the communication company.'" It is ironic that the World Wide Web and Scribd came along to late. CVJ would have loved it. It would have been his perfect media. To nlY Knowledge he never completed the book that this document was a prospectus for. It is not listed among his papers at the Bancroft Library; it may have just been one of those things that feel between the floor boards of life. It should be noted that the address given here doesn't go anywhere now, Chet not being in a place to answer letters. The Church of The One was Chester and the Mendocino Lithographer's was the print shop He worked at to pay the bills. Chester was something of a well versed student of the I Ching. In the time I was in touch with him I collected all manner of charts with Hexagrams on them, very few of which I ever understood. He had this way of having you tell him things that you didn't let a lot of other people know, one of mine was that I "Walked the I Ching"; that is practiced }\.~ (Ba Gua or Pa Kua). I think he felt I should have a better understanding of what I was doing and kept giving me the material so I would go find these things out. As you can see in the lithograph done by Chuck Stevenson, Chester has placed one on it also. The picture belo\v was part of a series a whole bunch of us who did theater, knew Chuck, and weren't part of the main stream society ended up doing. I think Jean

Spetrino was responsible for the whole project, but it has been so long ago I can't remember. We all got naked and Chuck took pictures to use or not use in his art. There was supposed to be some slide show held at the Mendocino Art Center. I don't know if it ever happened, as stated above, I left town.

,.. ~....

In Charles Marchant Stevenson's multiple portrait IIChesterAnderson the artist refers to Renaissance allegorical painting in which the figure of Truth is presented naked, Truth having nothing to hide. Stevenson is the illustrator of Chester Anderson's cinematic novel of Greenwich Village in 1964, IIFoxand Hare: the story of a Friday evening II(Entwhistle Books, 1980). The inscription is in Chester Anderson's hand: IIInall things, great and small, I am the Beauty of the Divine Manifestation. II Pencil signed by Chester Anderson An original Lithograph of this may be had From Zacha's Bay Window Gallery, Mendocino, CA


I Ching & the System.s of the West

--Chester Anderson






LITHOGRAPHERS Bragg, California


In 1966, Antonia Lamb introduced Long may she live in happiness.

me to the I Ching.


PROSPECTUS: I Ching & the Systems of the West by Chester Anderson Published at the Vernal Equinox, 1975

Copyright @ 1975 by Chester Anderson All rights reserved.

Published for The Church of the One by Mendocino Lithographers 100 N. Franklin Street Fort Bragg, California 95437


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Righteousness a function of form discovered not proved. ]. S. Bach March 16, 1968 The flow of energy through a system acts to organize that system. R. Buckminster Fuller


The eight trigrams of the I Ching come to us in two traditional Primal Arrangement (or 'Before-the-World Sequence'), Inner World Arrangement



much the older of the two; and The Yang and Yin, Creative and Re-

(Bollingen I Ching, 3rd cd., pp. 262-279). Like every other duality are, respectively, they are the primary mandalas of the Powers of Heaven

in the Changes, these two arrangements ceptive. In their circular structure and the Powers of Earth.

Tht. P..l-.-l A"~"je.-s_"t" 0,.
"' Be+D •..,
thL WDv)J

~e'l ••.



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•..•• l:;".c





5 7

8olh'":'".•..I Cl\l"'~ ~

s ... eJ:t, ••.•• ~

n.,lll""4" 1: Cl.I_"

!.•.. ~c:..',,-. j


s 2(6 -'Ii





C\. .•.S't"4 •. ~ ~


s.e<t"" ••.••

C:ol:..l~ II> i-

~"'~ t. ~t""l.n-~



J•••. 't;.,•• u s

A few years ago, when I was being taught the basic Magic Circle traditionally favored by the members of a certain British Coven:

I realized that the outer and inner rings, representing the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, are exactly equivalent to the Primal and Inner World Arrangements, and that the four Names in each of the two rings can be equated to the four 'polar' (east, south, west and north) trigrams in each of the two Arrangements.


iI.•••• ;r.~

:: :



::::: Lv"'"



: : 1;,,,;, bob
:...:- A\~'t.,,"~ TVk-ksl:liu-

,f- CI.L

W •.

i:c~,,' ,.,1 •. C

In theory,

I reasoned, one should be able to construct

an effective magic circle from which

the two Arrangements

of the trigrams, placing one inside the other concentrically, to be the case.

would avoid the rather tricky business of invoking Divine and Infernal Names to assist in one's own trivial affairs. This has proven experimentally

.5 0 vr;(,






'" ~.1'~

C ,..




The fact that in the western magic circle the east and west poles of the Inner World Arrangement are transposed suggests that, like everything else in the Changes, the Yang and Yin arrangements of the trigrams themselves have Yang and Yin forms-the normal and transposed versions. (Thus do the Changes express Tetragrammaton.) If the IWA is the Powers of Earth, then going one way-east, Arrangement is passive, and going the other way-west, south, west, north-the active. (Or south, east, north-it's

vice versa. But I would imagine that in the western circle, both inner and outer rings are active, since one only erects such a thing to act from within it. And I would expect the normal, clockwise sequence of each Arrangement to be the ideal of what that Arrangement is: active for the Primal Arrangement, passive for the Inner World Arrangement. But I could easily be wrong.) This all suggests that trigrammatic magic circles can be constructed and precisely tailored for any imaginable number of specific applications, and this too has proved our in practice. I've erected a number of such circles and tested them on friends, with broadly consistent results. The friends (who knew nothing about what I was doing, or even about the Changes) were invited to sit within the circles and meditate, or project, sense vibes, look through the third eye-whatever they found comfortable-and describe their experiences, which have pretty uniformly been appropriate to the theoretical properties of the circles.

(A residual timidity has so far kept me from using these circles in any more active work than healing &c.) You may experiment with these devices for yourself, if you wish.




i.e.::::= +;- ~ ;:;-




r:J i ,)'5 =-""ct .•.



""-rl.t~\r ,I.- If.H"ZP "~l,..:vl ~ <

•. •. •. .. . .. -.•. .. •.

"" \'"'u n,



It follows represent vincing course, point forces


all this that

the trigrams, is just what

like all the gods

of all man's do-and And

pantheons, that con-

of nature-which

the Ching itself says they gods and trigrams. placed

correspondences it follows for point that

can be established the trigrams between



this, of

can be neatly the system

on the Tree of Life, and that a occultism and the system of the


of western

Changes can therefore be elaborated. Crowley, in 777, The Book of TllOth and elsewhere, understanding of the Changes suffered from being based thus erroneous


to do just this, but his

solely on the Legge mistranslation or gimcrack:

of the I Ching, and his attributions

are often





tl..c.T.... •..••.•• ...••"lktT •.."c. " ,

C. F. Russell and most other modern occultists who make reference to the Changes follow Crowley's faulty attributions, attributions and their work suffers accordingly-be advised. The correct are here set forth for the first time.








[,(.(~\~,:)~il\ //


ih.• cn...•'t "

r 1~'4 "t " ".,.••.
tlw. T", I , •• .••• , j
""'" "tI\.• ,.


These Sephiroth/Trigram

correspondences are exact, in the sense that they satisfy both In the Changes, each trigram is given the same

the Chinese and the Hebrew requirements.

attributes and properties as the Sephirah related to it. Where there are differences, the two systems complement each other. Furthermore, the trigrams, as thus laid out upon the Tree, follow the order of the Since I discovered this after Ipaking the Sephiroth/Trigram assignpole Primal Arrangement.

ments, I consider it to be a highly validating coincidence. Starting &om the top/south of the Primal Arrangement Tiphareth, Geburah, to Chokmah. Binah -

and moving widdershins, the sequence is Chokmah, Chesed, twist - Netzach, Yesod, Hod, twisting thence back again

This suggests at the very least a moebius twist in the structure of the Tree (a similar twist has long been known to occur in the sequence of the Major Arcana). It also suggests a spheroid structure in three or more dimensions, with Kether at the center (which is everywhere) and Malkuth at the circumference teresting to think about. (which is nowhere to be found). All this is in-

Since we are considering a Yang and a Yin sequence of trigrams, each with a Yang and a Yin subsequence of its own, it seems likely that there are actually four possible arrangements of the trigrams on the Tree, which would give us one sequence for each of the Four Worlds of the Qabalah. But I haven't had the leisure to go into this yet, and it remains an open hypothesis.

Chapter XI, paragraph 5 of The Great Treatise (I Ching, p. 318) says: Therefore there is in the Changes the Great Primal Beginning. This generates the two primary forces. The two primary forces generate the four images. The four images generate the eight trigrams. This sets forth the basis of a cosmological system identical with that of the Qabalah, the Tetragrammaton. The same system is set forth in chapter 42 of the Tao Te Ching.

Tht:. GY~AZ:!,ri1114/ 'B fJ"7lnc.'''J
tho(. 2.


P•... ~'»4~!YPoYUS



--- -- ---- - - - - -- - - - - - - ---:::-=


TkL Cs~o(Cj1

,,~u,~ CI'\C4"'je5


&. +- ")



, . L-l-L ~
-- -- L{,

=- -

~ b .::: -


. -n;~,.,.,:

(a. +- b)


--~ -+ .J;,a. -+ 3 a..b9-t- b - ==;; =- ~ ~ == :- =


+ b'--

-CJ,~ 1=1J~,...


1J,~ G{j~r: lv-<Jr-i4~$

The Great Primal Beginning is the Ain Soph Aur. The two primary forces arc The Creative and The Receptive-Yang and Yin per se-which are Kether and Malkuth on the Tree. The eight trigrams (which are the eight remaining Sephiroth) are the lines of force or attraction or whatever between the two great poles of Yang and Yin. The two primary forces evolve (I prefer this to 'generate') the four two-line images, which correspond to the four seasons, cardinal directions, and (most significantly) four clements. Also, of course, the Four Worlds and every other fourness in the universe. The two forces are simple Yang and Yin. Adding to each a Yang and/or a Yin produces four combinations of Yang and Yin: the four images/elements/&c. To each of these four adding yet another Yang and/or Yin produces the eight trigrams. All very neat and mathematical: :2 (the forces), 2 squared (the images) and 2 cubed (the trigrams). (It is interesting to note that whereas western occultism/metaphysics of the Changes are firmly tetrapolar, based on five-five and the system

the system of Chinese metaphysics is just as firmly

directions, elements, tones, colors, virtues &c. This despite the fact that

the tetra polar Changes have for 5,000+ years been the basis of Chinese thought. It is easily seen that the systems of western occultism and the I Ching are in most respects the same, which suggests either that the two systems have a common source [about which it is futile but enlightening to speculate], other is a corruption. or that one of the two systems is the original of which the [For aesthetic reasons, I prefer to think the Ching came first, but

t~ere's no telling for sure.] This is also lots of fun to think about.) Anyhow, within the confines of the eight trigrams, the system of the Changes presents a four-dimensional working scale model/outline extraordinarily sophisticated of the endless evolution of the cosmos, an and even scientific construct. This system was already com-

plete and perfect at the time of the earliest recorded reference to the Changes, circa 2305 B.C. (I refer you to Helmut Wilhelm, Change, page 48:

Scholars have in fact extended the mathematical order underlying the individual hexagram and, applying it to the system as a whole, have obtained a perfect numerical representation satisfying to the imagination of a mind trained in mathematics. A graphic representation of this system cannot but be inadequate, because three dimensions do not suffice. That is to say, if a single line is delineable in one dimension, and the double line requires a plane, and for the trigram a solid body is necessary, then naturally when it comes to representing the complex of a hexagram, one cannot do without the help of a fourth dimension, which is indeed imaginable to the mathernatical mind but cannot be represented concretely.

Which is really pretty clever for 2305 B.C.) (The similarities between the system of the Changes and certain concepts of contemporary physics, chemistry, game and information theory &c are, in a general sense, fairly obvious, and should be incorporated herein by reference, but they are too elaborate, and 1 too ill-prepared, to be gone into here in any detail. Write your own science-fiction.)

The prevailing academic theory is that the trigrams evolved in a fairly straightforward way from the old tortoise-shell oracles, beginning from a simple Yang/yes and Yin/no and gradually adding lines for greater specificity. However, I've seen no evidence presented in support of this idea, and the sophistication of the system so early as 2305 B.C. argues against it. (Another counterargument is that no one before myself seems to have had any

clear idea what the system actually is.) The academic theory is further weakened for me by the fact that already in 2305 B.C. the names of the trigrams (in some unknown and even then forgotten language, not Chinese) had become untranslatable, and the meanings thereof dependent on oral tradition, according to Helmut Wilhelm. This suggests (at least to me) that the trigrams reached China already fully developed from somewhere else, but God knows where. The indications of scientific and technical advancement inherent in the system (I admit 1 may be simply reading these into it from my own bias) lead me into frankly fantasy/science-fictional A. speculation: that the system is the sole identifiable surviving artifact of some advanced culture that rose, flourished and fell without any other trace long enough before recorded history to have been utterly forgotten, Hypothesis; B. or that the system was accidentally or even deliberately left behind, circa 2305 B.C., by representatives C. of some non-terrestrial, space-hopping culture-the Galactic Litterbug or Flying Saucer Hypothesis; or that, just as Chinese tradition has it, God (Fu Hsi) came down from His mountain and presented the system, fully formed, to mankind to aid us in our evolution upward toward re-union with Him-the Divine Intervention Hypothesis.
1 give credence to none of these hypotheses, but take great pleasure in all of them.

lost to human memory, whose fall was is the Atlantean

such that it left no other relics for archeology to find-this

In an ancient Chinese calendar system, "The Breaths of the Year," the twelve months are symbolized by twelve hexagrams depicting the ebb and flow of the two primary forces in the course of the year. (This is what Dr. Wilhelm is talking about when he mentions that such and such a hexagram is associated with such and such a month.) Along with these twelve, four hexagrams (which are the polar trigrams of the Inner World Arrangement doubled) are used to symbolize the four seasons.






~''l'\, l ",l l \t)" "
J?2~(1S ..A >:2,.lI,





f .l




"''''l thna )'j.J..

- .•-~ =: .• - _...• ..• .. - -.. - ..•



'I :n: ~
~ ~

"'IU~ ~ ~~ Itt ~~



These four core hexagrams are of two kinds, naturally. The Creative and the Receptive are closed, in the sense that they evolve no further. Before Completion and After Completion, on the other hand, evolve ceaselessly each into the other, Yang becoming Yin becoming Yang becoming Yin forevermore. The picture this presents is of the Creative and the Receptive as positive and negative poles around which Before and After Completion whirl, somewhat like a dynamo. The possible implications and twelve 'monthly' correlations. It is noteworthy four elemental/seasonal of all this are delightfully staggering, but it's enough for

here/now to point out that once again we have a structure of four 'seasonal' hexagrams hexagrams, and once again therefore the possibility of astrological that in this system the four central hexagrams perfectly reflect the images discussed above, demonstrating more clearly than is usual

in occult lore the actual workings of the elements. The correlations and correspondences between the twelve 'monthly' hexagrams of the Nuclear Evolution system and those of the Breaths of the Year are likewise interesting.

(\'\i.H"')I _______ -


1 •.. ~,.J.,_

:...:,A. a... f:•.••




....•.• -

CVI«!f" •.

7"''2~:: .: "'~J..

•.. .•. •..



12"~74{2 ~ L.or

-z:: .•. -- . t"


T.~r 'rkU4,..""


'Two 1 C"i"'j Cc..I~ Jtc"5 .••


The other 48 hexagrams are distributed among these twelve and four in a manner we won't go into here, so as to provide a calendar of 360 lines. From the old writings on the subject, it is clear that these 360 lines do not represent 360 days, as some scholars would have it, but the 360 degrees of the sun's apparent passage around the earth in the circle of the year. This is a fairly advanced notion for its time (circa 300 B.C.), especially since the Chinese were otherwise subdividing the circle into something like 365 "degrees," and suggests that the twelve monthly hexagrams can be correlated somehow with the signs of the Zodiac, but so far I've not been able to establish such a correlation enough to satisfy me. This is therefore one of my major projects. (In this connection, it is worth noting that the system of twelve Houses is a relatively modern development in astrology, according to Cyril Fagin, and that in the original system there were but eight houses. Correlations between these and the eight trigrams, especially in the Inner World Arrangement, may well be possible.) firm and inevitable


Each hexagram is actually composed of four trigrams (yay Tetragrammaton!).


1-2-3 and 4-5-6 are the outer trigrams, and lines 2-3-4 and 3-4-5 are the nuclear trigrams. In the Book of Changes, all four trigrams are involved in determining the meaning not only of each hexagram as a whole, but especially of each line within each hexagram. The internal evidence suggests that this mode of explication is at least as old as the texts (for they are based on it), and is perhaps of a piece with the rest of the system. From each hexagram, then, you can extract the nuclear trigrams and combine them in what I call a nuclear hexagram. (In divination, this nuclear hexagram generally depicts the querent's question or area of concern.)
I call this process of extracting nuclear hexagrams Nuclear Evolution,

and when, out of

curiosity, I applied the process systematically to all 64 hexagrams, I discovered that 48 hexagrams all evolve into the same 12 nuclear hexagrams, and that these 12 in turn evolve into four 'core' hexagrams. (Actually, I suppose, the 12 evolve out of the four, and the 48 out of the 12, but I necessarily worked it out the other way around, and that's how I think of it.)
50 14 34 32 56 30
55 62







Lf):I:111 ~IIIIII






~II:II:~ - - I'IIII~ :I:II:~ I: II 10\ ~II:III~
I I :

11111/ ~ :::111 J;IIIIII-~IIIIII-~III'II ~I::III II I I I , 1'1 ~

11'111.•• 110' 1IIIIIUl 1'1 IUl "'~ 111'110' '1'1 7 1'11.»-1 I 1"'-11' I.» :::111;::;


Lf)'IIIII~ '0 I11III "'III I 0111111 NIIII'I """II , I III N /
•.•• 111 II


[t L

IIIII~ /' 1 11111' . "1 1'1.» '11110' II I 1'0 1111'11.» ~ ;IIIUl

/~,~~ ~::I:I~
[9 65
09 8


Once again let me emphasize: (a) that the Nuclear Evolution system is wholly organic and integral to the hexagrams themselves, not an arrangement arbitrarily devised and imposed upon them; and (b) that so far as I can tell, despite the 5,000+ years of intensive study the I Ching has enjoyed, this system remained undiscovered until it unexpectedly burst upon me like an Adeptus Minor initiation to want to brag a bit, and sign my work.) in March of 1968. (This, however serento the Art, and I'm proud enough of it dipitous, may well be my sole or major contribution

FIVE I have no idea how significant this might be: I Ching = 2 4 8 64 78

primary forces images trigrams hexagrams


Tarot deck

2 4 8 8

primary forces images trigrams primary hexagrams*

22 = Tarot Trumps 56 secondary hexagrams 78 again


Tarot Minor Arcana

It's probably just another goddam intriguing coincidence.

* 'primary doubled.


(my term) are those eight hexagrams consisting of a single trigram


After years of comfortable sion without interruption

ex-Irish Catholic atheism, I became, between one instant

and the next, obsessed with the I Ching in July, 1966, and have joyfully pursued this obsessince. On 23 June 1969, again between one moment and the next, I had I became likewise obsessed with Magick and with western occultism in general, not so much as things or ends in themselves but as expressions of the same lovely system/structure system as the triggering event that left me open to this fascination with Magick. The whole thrust of my overtly magical studies has been to perfect a synthesis of the western and eastern traditions, perception, bining the transcendent and to develop therefrom a practical system of mystical tradition, comfree of the obscurities and corruptions of the Judeo/Christian pretty much independently found to underlie the Changes. In fact, I regard my discovery of the Nuclear Evolution

objectivity of the I Ching and the empirical subjectivity of the of the practitioner's

Qabalah; a system that would 'work' cally inclined-in engineering.

faith/belief, and would appeal, as equally as may be, to both the mystically and the technishort, a post-Einsteinian occultism. for thaumaturgical Failing this, I was willing to settle for a workable technique

L. Ron Hubbard has already done something much like this, but my whole nature recoils from the absolutism of Scientology, as well as from Hubbard's pre-Diane tics career as one of the blacker members of the O.T.O., Magus of the Agape Temple in Pasadena, et cetera. I suspect Scientology of being Black Magick hiding behind a lab smock, and Hubbard's motives of diabolism. Many Scientologists have 'buttons' programmed into them that, pushed, produce spectacular results (but don't do it in your own home). As an experiment, next time you encounter a Hubbard robot, look him fixedly in the eye with that well-known Clear stare and say, in a loud, flat, intense monotone: what he does. The degree to which I have already succeeded in my Work is partly shewn in this book. Actually, I have developed a fairly extensive technology of meditation, tion and actualization, symbol manipulaand ceremony that, so far as it goes, more or less lives up to my successful conjurations/evocations 'Ashtoreth' of 'LuciRON HUBBARD DEAD! and see

stated intention and in practice generally exceeds my expectations. For example, before an average of twelve witnesses I have conducted fer' (the 'spirit' of the trigram Li

=== The Clinging, Fire),

('spirit' of Tui


The Joyous) and assorted elementals, using only a circle of trigrams, using words of friendly invitation rather than command, and doing without threats, compulsions, Names of Power, defenses-without, in short, the entire paraphernalia ceremonial and underlying attitudes of early Renaissance anti-hierarchial undesirable side effects. In the light of what I'm after, that sort of Goetic sideshow is quite trivial, of course, but most encouraging. More to the point, I have taught several young people several ordinary years' worth of basic magic-as-yoga using the system of the Changes as the medium for 'energy transactions' that led in most cases to marked improvements in the students' life styles, personal magic, and in every case without the traditional

integration, happiness/health,

and to improvements in their relationships with the objective

cosmos. One of my students assisted in the burning of the Isla Vista Branch of the Bank of America, who a year before had been too law-struck to piss against a wall. I've successfully used trigram circles (roughly half the time explaining them, and leaving them unexplained unfortunate prerequisite) the other times) to train people who really wanted to learn (an to project a lot better, mostly, than I can myself. And I've used

the circles with some success in healing, too, in erecting precisely-tuned spells/charms/amulets, et trivial cetera. All of which (being still essentially an ex-Irish Catholic atheist/sceptic) ing curious. It is obvious to me that one to one correspondences I find exceed-

can be established among the I

Ching, the Tarot, the Qabalah at large, Astrology, the system of (at least) Kundalini Yoga, and, indeed, any and most forms of occult/mystic art/science characterized by the operation of a system, including those of the Hopi and some other Amerind cultures; and that the benefits of establishing these correspondences will be manifold beyond prevision. The correspondences themselves, in many instances, are much less obvious to me. My limitations keep identifying themselves. So likewise do my pleasures.

The fundamental every thing that law of the Changes likewise is that there is a Yang and a Yin form/aspect of

is, and of these

a Yang and a Yin for each, and of those positive and negative

forms as

well a Yang and a Yin, endlessly of the evolved atom outward through of that trigrams

from the simplest the infinitely duality

charges at the core being Itself. Elements. From variously

ramified whereby


all things

elaborations the eight

primal express

the One appreciates of the four


the Yang and Yin forms

this the elemental a Tarot


of the 64 hexagrams

can be established.

This may facilitate


- - - -\ I- -, ., - - = = - - -.•. - - .•. .•.. - - ~C 0:..•..•. •. .•..•. - - .- - ~ =- -- -.•. 7 - - .---- - ,. <? - - --=.•. -•. -- =- - = - - .. - - .•..... -.•. - ........•..•.-.•. -.•.- -.•.. .•. - ~.•. .•. - -I - - - -•. .. ~ .. ••.. ••.. -. - -• ==-•. - - ••.. -e-.- .••... - -•..•. =-=.• - .•. ..•..•. •. .•. - .•. - - - 60 - .•. .....•. .•. .•. .•. - - - ••..

-- -- 13



- I~
_ w






.. - ..•. •. - -.•. - - - :..: - - - = - ...-... - -•.. --- - - --.•. •. .•. - !()_ -~ ~- - ..- _.. .• .•. .•. -.- -." - - - -- •. - .•..•. .•.-..- -.•....•. --.. .• •. - .•. - .•. - •. - •. .•. - .•. .. .• .•.

- .. ::,...::.- .•. .•. -- - -5'")




--~=-- - ~--


~1 •










--•-.•. - - - --.•... .. - - ----.. - - ,.,~

} ? ...




I ,


- - .:...::. - - .•..- •.•... .. •. ..•. - -.2...3

=-:. .. .•..•. .•...

15" _

-- --•. - =- .... - - -- - -- -=.•.- .... . -. == -. == -.• - = .... .- .- ...• •. -- - - .....• - - .•..•. •. -1\2-



.•. ..... .•...
. .. .•. .•. -•. :..:

, I




.•. -.•. --•. • ....•.


~le ''\'''' c_



y &co'"'
... -


- B=-- D-~~

- - --


- ••



:.= ~


.. -


The hard part about trying to march the Ching with anything else is that nothing else has so perfect and integral a system. Astrology is a complex compromise choking on three extra planets and a surfiet of character analysis. Divination by palms, moles, mice, political speeches and headlines, to name but a few of that kind, is rigorously asystematic. The Major Arcana of the Tarot are evidently the relicts of what must have been a very elegant system, but it's been forgotten, and some of the pieces have doubtless been lost. The Minor Arcana, though, are just as neat as they can be. They even, like the Ching, incorporate two systems, a Yang and a Yin: the Court Cards and the numbered cards. In The Book of Thoth, dear old Crowley undertakes to mate each court card (and some of the small cards) with a perfectly matching hexagram, and despite being handicapped by James Legge.'s Yi King Karma he comes up with a system that pleases me as well as if 'twere mine. In his stab at fitting trigrams to the Tree (Figure 6), the Beast puts all the polar trigrams of the Primal Arrangement in the Middle Pillar, thus removing them from elemental roles, and assigns the elements to the four in-between trigrams, thus:

~ Kt"" O".~'" V


~ ~



--•. .

.. -.•.. -::::.



S"" ••..~j

•. . ~"T.,l,~

These trigrams all express the Yin side of the four elements, but otherwise the match is perfect. Next he matches these elemental trigrams to the four Court Cards and to the four Suits and sets them up in a grid:





w w

- - :c - _. -- - ... == .- ..... - - _. - .- -.-- .. =.. .. Sf3


•.•. -..... .~:t ~ .-




-- .- - -- - -_.. . ===. _..- = i.i ~::.:

7 S~oD.••s\.s P•.•• ;~



-.... -- .- .')..1




. ••








~ H?








• w


By this means he generates a hexagram for every intersection of Court Card and Suit, sixteen all told, and all relatively appropriate. mandala: And these fall easily into an admirable


p _ II,." ~



TI-. e. Cov yor C ,,"If Js

c.,,~n.\ y

S t j •• •..•• /I."" ~ ~H <)(
M"s"Cu Th ••..,.,""


05 _

c..(,Co.,~i':l 'tb\1'\A


There are some few weaknesses to the scheme, but it works. Considering Crowley's general luck with the Changes, I'm glad he had the satisfaction of doing at least one trigram thing that worked.


Aleister Crowley's more valuable to me for his errors than his hits. Whenever I discover him in error, I know that I have learned something. His faulty attributions of the trigrams to the Tree are an instance of this. He tends to blow it when he strays from the Qabalah of the Golden Dawn. (What hung him up was Da'ath. He knew that it was an imaginary Sephira, but he insisted on attributing stuff to it.) His assignment of the seven Chakras to the Tree is typically wrong. There exist on the Tree seven planes, four single and three double, corresponding to the Chakras thus: 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Kether - Sahasrara Chokmah/Binah - Ajna Chesed/Geburah - Visuddha Tiphareth - Anahata Netzach/Hod - Manipura Yesod - Svadhisthana Malkuth - Muladhara really, but it's proved useful in

This is a pretty rough and ready set of attributions, practical work (western style-for be no attribution

a serious student of Kundalini Yoga I suspect this would

set at all), and throws enough new light on the Sephiroth generally to be

worth while. More loosely, one might assign the Nadi to the Paths.

NINE There exists a Magical Alphabet this corresponds character McGregor Mathers' called The Writing of the Malachiim. Like most such, with the Hebrew alphabet. I found it first in took it up, for it's both

for character

version of The Greater Key and immediately and its symbolic content,

pretty and simple, and far easier to draw well than the Hebrew, which still gives me fits. In laying out this Alphabet characters are actually structural the case (you are not required the 'secret attributions' I realized that the Malachiim diagrams of the designs of the Major Arcana. This being in a suspicious manner by Mathers

to believe it), then the Malachiim characters plainly express

of the Trumps, as discovered

and friends and cherished privily by the Golden Dawn (until Crowley blew their whistle).

The information presented with each character is arranged as follows: First line: the name of the letter, the meaning of the name, and the numerical value of the letter. Thus: Aleph - Ox - 1 Second line: the Hebrew spelling of the name transliterated, its numerical value, and the cosmic attribute of the letter. Thus: ALP - 111 - Air Third line: the English transliteration of the letter, and the related Tarot trump. Thus: A, E - O. The Fool


Aleph - Ox - 1

ALP - 111 - Air A, E - O. The Fool Beth - House - 2 BITh - 412 - Mercury B-1. The Magician


Vau - Nail - 6 VIV - 22 - Taurus V, U - V. The Hierophant

~ain - Sword - 7 ZIN - 67 - Gemini Z - VI. The Lovers Cheth - Fence - 8 ChlTh - 418 - Cancer Ch - VII. The Chariot Teth - Serpent - 9 TITh - 419 - Leo T - VIII. Strength


Gime! - Camel - 3 GML - 73 - The Moon G - II. The High Priestess Daleth - Door - 4

rr N

DLTh - 434 - Venus

D - III. The Empress


He - Window - 5

Yod - Hand - 10 YID - 20 - Virgo

HH - 10 - Aires

H - IV. The Emperor

J, Y, I - IX. The Hermit


Kaph - Palm of the hand - 20 KP - 100 - jupiter K - X. Wheel of Fortune

W V t<

Pe - Mouth

- 80

PH - 85 - Mars P - XVI. The Tower



- Ox goad - 30

LMD - 74 - Libra L - Xl. justice


Mem - Water - 40 MIM - 90 - Water M - XII. The Hanged Man



- Fish hook - 90

TzDI - 104 - Aquarius Tz - XVII. The Star


- Back of the head - 100

QVP - 186 - Pisces Q - XVIII. The Moon

Nun - Fish - 50 NVN - 106 - Scorpio

Resh - Head - 200 RISh - 510 - The Sun R - XIX. The Sun


N - XIII. Death


- Prop - 60

Shin - Tooth

- 300


SMK - 120 - Sagittarius S - XIV. Temperance

ShIN - 360 - Fire Sh - XX, judgment

any tions source thing The to wonder planted would not

Ayin ~ Eye - 70 OIN - 130 - Capricorn

Tau - Cross - 400 ThV ~ 406_Saturn

o -.XV.

The Devil

Th - XXI. The World

This did gIve me pause. that is beautiful been


I gladly sense,

the G.D. attributions, these Alphabet

as I do most attribu-

and makes openly shewn

the fact that

long lost initiated disturbed

had all along for that

in the Malachiim a complex

me. My only to turn him


was Mathers,

man who once drove Crowley significant. Tarot attributions whole

into a camel, a man in whom

the element

of fraud was unduly with the 'true' script

Mathers/G.D./Malachiim if Mathers had

associations the

gave me cloth and


Malachiim legitimacy


of fairly

it ill Solomon's

Key to lend spurious intuition, him.

to a set of lovely Tarot occultly disreputable

attributions means. It

he had arrived

at through unlike

logic or some


have been what,

No matter Golden Dawn

I intended

to go on using but it would


the Malachiim





of course,


spoil the fun if both


out to be Mathers' in Barrett's script safely


I was delighted,


to find the Malachiim in 1801


'rlie Magus, or Celestial
beyond Mathers' out there know

illtel/(l?,ellcer, This was published
reach. this alphabet came from? where

and puts the


Does anyone

END PROSPECTUS 8/23/70 - 5/5/71 - 7/7/73

Los Angeles

& Met/(Iocillo

This has been the Prospectus for a much larger book, THE INFINITE MACHINE, now in the writing. THE INFINITE MACHINE should be finished by midsummer, 1975. Publication date and publisher are in the hands of the Gods. Inquiries, comments and suggestions about, criticisms of, and additions to the material in this Prospectus should be addressed to Chester Anderson, P.O. Box 875, Mendocino, California 95460, and will be gratefully received.

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