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Andrew Friedman

4200 54th Avenue S, Box 855, St. Petersburg, FL

(302) 757-3192


Bachelor of Science Biology, Eckerd College St. Petersburg, FL

Graduation: 05/2018
Minors: Computer Science & Human Development
GPA 3.65
Presidential Scholarship: 4 year academic merit
Nominated for the 2016 Writing Excellence Award


High School Diploma, Bishop Shanahan High School Downingtown, PA

Graduated in the top 10% of the class
Spanish National Honor Society
Engineering Dual-Enrollment, Widener University - Chester, PA
College credit courses: ENGR 111 Engineering Techniques & ENGR 113 Computer-Aided
Engineering Design

Biology: Cells and Genes, Ecology and Evolution, Microbiology, Genetics and Molecular Biology,
Chemistry: General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I
Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Science, Digital Forensics, Bioinformatics
Human Development: Introduction to Human Development, Global Childrens Issues,
Socialization: Study of Gender

Research Experience
Research Assistant, Alzheimers Drug Research under William Lawless & Professor Denise
Flaherty, Eckerd College
09/2016 to Present
Studying the effect of boron-containing compounds on model species C. elegans with stress
induced gene expression of beta amyloid plaques
Conducting paralysis assays on model organism populations to determine effects of
Maintaining C. elegans populations for experiments and stock collections
Research results pending
Research Assistant, Fish Toxicology under Professor Denise Flaherty, Eckerd College
01/2016 to 05/2016
Studied the effects of anthropologic pollution on coral reefs and marine life using model
Conducted comparative tests on 3 reef safe products from company Stream 2 Sea and
market products
Created a marine environment tank simulations and introduced products in controlled
Observed fish behavior and lifespan to determine toxicity of the compounds
Research Assistant, Soil Research under Professor Steve Denison, Eckerd College
Fall 2015

Studied soil in lab analysis to search for and sequence the DNA of potential new bacterial
Collected soil samples from diverse locations in St. Petersburg, inland and coastal
Isolated bacteria from culturing plates and through using Nucleospin bead tubes with soil
samples before sending samples for DNA genome sequencing
Used BLAST to compare results to known bacterial genomes and identify species isolated

Work Experience

Teaching Assistant, Microbiology under Professor Brian Zielinski, Eckerd College

02/2017 to Present
Assist students in performing experiments, handling cultures, and writing lab reports
Prepare samples and plates for each lab period to be used by students
Available for any questions or clarification on procedures
Student Coordinator, Center for Spiritual Life Eckerd College
08/2015 to Present
Focus on service and social justice issues in the community.
Coordinate with OneBlood, Campus Safety, and volunteers to advertise and staff a bimonthly
blood drive on campus
Collaborate with Resident Advisors and Faculty Fellows to host Dorm Discussions on topics of
Attend weekly meetings to plan upcoming events and volunteers for activities

Skills/ Certifications

Experience with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, AutoCAD, BLAST, Eclipse, and
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher
PCR, gel electrophoresis, microscope, slide prep, Gram staining, weighing,
filtering, titrations, purification, thin layer and column chromatography, dissection,
gene sequencing and haplotype determination, agar prep, plate pouring, DNA
extraction and purification, DNA ligation and cloning, centrifuging,
nanospectroscopy, maintaining salt and freshwater tanks for specimens, light
microscopy, GMO testing, maintaining model organism populations, Western blots
Languages: Spanish basic speaking, proficient in writing and comprehension
Experience with Java programming and Bioinformatics algorithms