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Hi-ho Steverino
Steve Segal has ascended to the office he coveted all along — the role often called the best job in Rotary — past president. Steve handed over the gavel Tuesday to new president Bernie Hunt. In Steve’s turn, he received a couple of lovely parting gifts, including the jeweled past president’s pin he so wryly shows off in the picture. You shoulda been there. No, seriously, you shoulda been there. Attendance, once again, was woefully weak. Where were you? Oh right, it’s summer . Photo by KEN COX

New club leadership for 2010-11 Rotary year
the onset of Rotary Year 2010-11 on July 1, the club got new leadership as President Pierce Hunt Summers Steve Segal handed over to his successor at Tuesday’s meeting. elect of the club, and Francie Summers becomes vice presiIn a sparsely attended gathering, dent. newly Past President Steve handed the gavel to 2010-11 Just over a third of the club’s President Bernie Hunt. membership roster were on to-be Past Novotny. Dist. Gov. Tom a job for every member of the club, and that posed a problem. Tom, a charter member of this What role to assign a former club, returns to the fold soon district governor? from his duties shepherding DisWith Tom’s eager agreement, trict 5300 for the last year. President Bernie — who plans a New President Bernie, then, will major yearlong crusade for membe the first president of this club bership — appointed Tom to the to have a past district governor membership committee. hand. But the gathering was among the troops. Continued on Page Three Bill Pierce ascends to presidentgraced by the presence of soon- Couple that with his vow to have


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A hard act to follow
Past President Steve Segal, looking pleased as punch, hands over the gavel to new President Bernie Hunt. “Steve is a tough act to follow,” says Bernie. “He’s set a standard in affability and easygoing charm in his year as president. I can pledge only that I will try to live up to that. Thanks, Steve, for all you did for this club.” Of course, the first item of business for the new administration is to haul down the big Canadian banner that has graced the podium at each meeting. Hmm, what shall we replace it with?

Photographs by KEN COX

Gifts for their own lovely homes: Left, Steve shows off the presentation gavel he was given in tribute to his service. Right, Bernie clutches the splendid clock that Steve presented him after naming him 20092010 Rotarian of the year.
(Editor’s note: Er, that’s enough pictures of these two guys.)


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It’s not a command performance, but ….
There’s an elephant in the room
at every meeting of the Las Vegas West Rotary Club. The elephant, huge but rarely, if ever, addressed, is the direction and future of the club. Next Tuesday, July 6, the first meeting of the new Rotary year, we are going to say howdy to the elephant. The event is the first club assembly in several years. Best memories available say the last one was held when Tom Novotny was president. RI recommends that clubs should have at least two assemblies each year, so we’re a bit behind members who are in town to at- What kind of a club are we? What kind of a club should we be? tend this meeting.” here. What kind of a club do we want to “Some told me I shouldn’t sched- Rotary is, of course, a voluntary be? ule an assembly for the first organization. No one can manmeeting of my presidential year date that you do anything; no one Those who pay attention know because it comes in the middle of can require you to attend any that our club went through a summer and won’t draw much particular meeting. sticky patch involving presidential attendance,” says President We have no command perform- succession this past year. Bernie Hunt. ances in Rotary. But if we did We’ve survived that well, evi“But I think it is important to start have, this might be one. dently. But the episode revealed as I mean to go on. The club assembly, for those possible fissures that could have “And I want to head a club that who’ve never attended one — and periled the very existence of this knows what it is, what it wants, that’d be most of us — will be a vital Rotary club. kind of a health checkup for our and where it wants to go.” club. Are those issues resolved? Are “I understand full well that people the wounds healed? Do we know have plans to be out of town in We’ll take its pulse, check its who we are? the summer,” says Bernie. “But I blood pressure and tap its knees think it’s pretty important for with a little hammer. Let’s find out.

New club leadership for 2010-11 Rotary year
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The membership committee, to be chaired by Mike Sexton, plays a critical role in Bernie’s leadership plans for the club. “I’ve pledged to Dist Gov. Roger Schulte that Las Vegas West will gain a net increase of five new members in my year,” says the new president.

CALENDAR NOTE: Our second meeting of the year — July 13 — is a joint gathering with the Fremont Rotary Club AT the Fremont club. Speaker is PDG Barb Risher-Welch, District 5300 membership guru.
Mike and Tom’s membership committee have a number of ideas up their sleeves to spur membership growth.

As president-elect and vice president respectively, Bill and Francie join the board of directors for the first time.

One of those ideas is a club “Mark Twain once said about the meeting devoted entirely to weather that everyone talks membership retention and reabout it but no one ever does cruitment. anything about it. That meeting is the second of “That’s kind of the way memberthe new Rotary year. It is a joint ship is viewed in many parts of meeting with the Fremont Rotary Rotary. We pay lip service to inClub AT the Fremont club. creasing membership, but what Speaker is PDG Barb Risherdo we actually do about it?” Welch, District 5300 membership President Bernie says he and guru.

Past President Steve keeps his seat as an officer of the board,; and Ted Gurr joins continuing Other plans for the new presidendirectors Ken Cox and Brett tial year include an increased Grant; Secretary Jan Carlton; and club focus on fellowship activi- Treasurer Tom Lott. ties . Duncan Lee will be senior advisor to the club, giving PDG Tom a rest As new president of our club, and from that role. a member of the district public And Candace Lansberry, who has relations committee, Bernie also experience in ministering, after hopes to spearhead the estab- all, will take on the resurrected lishment of a joint PR committee role of Family of Rotary coordinaof all the clubs in the Las Vegas tor. Valley . Candace will note milestones in “Rotary in southern Nevada has a great story to tell,” he says. “But we are not telling it very well. Let’s stop hiding our light under a bushel.” the families of members and make sure the club is up to speed to mark them appropriately. Come to the club assembly to find out more.


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We’re all pulling for Brett
Brett Grant, one of the hardest-working Rotarians in this hard-working Rotary club, and a world-class dad, needs your hope and prayers. Brett, who has been battling cancer for more than a year, suffered complications after surgery in a Los Angeles hospital this week. Ken Cox, who is staying in touch with Brett’s wife Kathy, reports: “The last two days have been very difficult for Brett and Kathy.

Brett with son Zachary and Dr. William Evans when the “Tuesday's surgery was to help Grant family presented a Paul Harris Fellow award to the on the infection that he consurgeon last year to honor his work on Zach. tracted and required him to The club, meanwhile, has esremain sedated and a ventila- bers hope to visit him next tor inserted. tablished a Facebook page at week. which you can express your “Today was another surgery to Keep up with reports from love and concern for Brett and relieve pressure from the lung Kathy on Brett’s condition by his family. to allow blood flow back to the kidneys that were not funcchecking the family’s page at If you don’t have a Facebook tioning properly.” You also account, know that it’s easy to Ken says Brett will be heavily can send good wishes to Brett get one. Go to sedated for the next few days, and his family at that site. and stake but he and other club memyour claim.

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