RADIONICS Many have never heard of the word 'Radionics'. Many aren’t familiar with Radionic.

They think it has something to do with radio or physics. Many ask what Radionic healing is all about. This made me to put my pen to paper. WHAT IS RADIONICS? It is a method of healing through an instrument or using the ESP faculty. In true sense, vibrations are transmitted directly to the patient at a distance. It is both a diagnostic and therapeutic method. A skilled and knowledgeable expert determine the cause of disease and right healing energies is send to the patient to restore optimum health. Radionics is a new science, based on the numerical coding and geometric representation of all vibrations which analyses all the subtle waves. The radiance of non-material aspect can be symbolized in terms of coded information, e.g. by means of a symbol, geometric pattern, number, colour, sound or prayer. In a modern methodical innovation, a piece of patient's hair or a drop of blood is used as a witness in a Radionics analysis. Radionics is based on the understanding, that every person's energy patterns, frequencies, signatures, vibrations or rhythms are unique as their fingerprints and every part of their body reflects these 'vibrations'. Illness, injury, infection, stress, pollution, malnutrition causes imbalanced pattern or interrupt the energy flow. This altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body with an instrument or using the ESP faculty, and treated by sending messages, in order to heal the body and restore the flow of energy. MEDIA TO ADMINISTER THE REMEDIES One can duplicate the unique vibration of any substance by discharging its information, and inducing the healing vibration into a media (liquid/solid). Though water (neutral media) attracts vibration of the remedies, in practice these vibrations are transferred into and stored in sugar pills (globules) which are handy to dispense to patients. METHODS IN RADIONICS Many researchers discovered and defined that each substance, be it an animate or inanimate, show signs of a unique vibration. Therefore everything vibrates and has certain frequency, which comprises a radiation and radiance. Similarly, diseases have their own vibrating frequencies, usually known as rates. In Radionics one of the following two methods is employed:-1) Numerical Code Method: the RATE of a substance is represented by a numeric code. 2) Geometric Code Method: the RATE of a substance is represented by a geometric code. Today numeric and geometric codes are available for all homoeopathic remedies, nosodes, biological and anatomical structures, diseases and functional disorders, hormones, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, biochemic salts, for all acupuncture points, colours, precious stones, chakras, meridians, herbs, subtle energies and bodies. The Radionic remedy vibrates with a natural intelligence. RADIONIC VS HOMOEOPATHY Homeopathic remedies are made according to principles laid down in the organon. There is also another method to prepare homeopathic remedies known as Radionics which blend remedies without using conventional methods. A Radionics analysis is not a medical diagnosis. Since patients are treated based on anger, jealousy, lack of confidence, vanity or sorrow, these emotional and mental imbalances are originated in the etheric body, so the results of these analyses are different from the biological analyses e.g. blood or urine analysis. Each remedy has healing vibrations which are the best for healing certain health problem. The lower potencies heal physical body and higher potencies have greater impact on emotions and on subtle energetic bodies (aura). Higher potencies stimulate our pineal and pituitary glands to activate our whole endocrine system for self healing and regeneration. When right remedies are prescribed a state of well being and joy, crop up. Healing occurs, because Radionic remedies are natural remedies, which has a lot of light and biophotons. This pure light in remedy activates light within us and we become healthy.

Radionic remedies, cures all health related problems such as stress problems, chronic hyperthyroid, stomach acidity, against pain, for regeneration of cells, organs and anti aging, for DNA rejuvenation, for emotional stability, for chakra opening and balancing, for immunity, antiviral/antibacterial remedies, for injuries, etc. These Radiionic remedies are stronger than antibiotics and heals the following diseases asthma, allergies, andropause, bacterial infections, cysts, oedema, depression, gout, injuries, insomnia, stress, stomach acidity, tumors, headaches, migrain ,hyper- thyroid, hypo-thyroid, menopause, prostatic hyperplasia, etc. How the Radionic remedies work? When a Radionic remedy is ingested it is assimilated into the circulatory system and settles mid-way between the circulatory and nervous system. An electromagnetic current is created there by the polarity of these two systems. There is an intimate connection between these two systems in relation to life force and consciousness. The pure life force works more through the blood, and consciousness works more through the brain and nervous system. These two systems contain quartz-like properties and an electromagnetic current. The blood cells, contain more quartz-like properties, the nervous system contains more an electromagnetic current. The life force and consciousness use these properties to enter and stimulate the physical body. How Radionic remedies are made? The potentiser is used to make remedies and also used to transmit therapeutic vibrations to patients you wish to send, simply by placing the remedy in the Copy Well and a witness from the patient in the Receive Well. Radionic analysis is done on the basis of a patient’s specimen. The patient’s hair or blood is the most suitable for this purpose. On the basis of information found in the analysis, it is possible to compile a balancing programme. The set information is then transferred to the patient either through patient’s specimen or by inducing the healing vibration into sugar pills (lactose or glucose) which are handy to dispense to patients, by which the corresponding energies of the patient are balanced. How to find the Rate for a Radionic remedy? Using the device it is a simple matter to find a rate for a substance. If you do not have the device your pendulum is enough to dowse a rate for the given substances. When your pendulum changes from a No swing to a Yes swing, you know you have found the correct digit for that dial. It takes a bit of practice. How to make a Radionic remedy from a known Rate? Using the rates book that is supplied with the machine you can select the particular rate to make a particular remedy. By setting the rate on the device and placing your tablets or bottle of water or alcohol in the Receive Well, press the function switch and leave it for at least 3 seconds, Your tablets are now ready for use. How to copy a Radionic remedy? It is both simple and quick to copy a remedy. Place the item to copy in the Copy Well and the material you wish to copy to in the Receive Well, and leave it for 3 minutes by setting the required potency, now remedy is ready. How to prescribe a Radionic remedy? You have to determine a suitable Potency for the patient who is to take that Remedy which is ready. If you are unsure which potency to use in a given case it is recommended that you dowse for the answer. This can be found by dowsing, either with a Pendulum or a Stick Pad. IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of us know that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. Every projection of thought is vibration and has attracting power. Law of attraction consistently responds to all vibrations. Each thought offers a signal similar to a radio signal, which recognized and matches the vibration based on the law of attraction. We are vibrational being living in a vibrational universe and everything is vibrating. When you give attention to something, an idea, a situation, etc you are actually activating the vibration and your focus causes that activation to become your

point of attraction. NOTHING COMES TO YOU WITHOUT YOUR INVITATION OF IT. If you understand this you will able to understand the concept of Radionics.
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