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Application for Employment

TVS Motor Company Limited (Executive & Managerial Positions)

Position applied for

Personal Details Photograph

Mr/Ms Name (In Capital letters) Age (Passport Size)

Date of Birth Place and State of Birth Nationality

Present Address Permanent Address

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Family Particulars Marital Status Single Married

Name Age Education Occupation

Brothers & Sisters M/F


Languages Proficiency (Indicate against each language whether fluent, fair or slight)

Languages Read Write Speak

1 QSF TQC 01 05 001 Rev 0 dated 24/06/2004

Brief description on your health condition.

State whether any of your relatives are employed in this company or its subsidiary (Yes/No)

If Yes, give details

Name Relationship Position Division/Group Company

Have you appeared for any interview in this company? If so, please give details.

Education (Begin with School leaving certificate)

From To School/College/ Major Subjects Examination No. of Class/ Percentage

University & its location Passed Attempts Division
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Please describe break in academic record, if any.

Professional Training

From To Duration Institution/Agency Training Programme/Course

Please use additional sheets wherever necessary

2 QSF TQC 01 05 001 Rev 0 dated 24/06/2004

Work Experience (Start with your present employment)

From To Name & Location of the Position/ Salary Reason for

organization Designation last drawn leaving
dd/mm/yy dd/mm/yy

Please describe break in experience record, if any.

Present Compensation Package

Monthly Basic DA HRA Conveyance Others Total Total (A)
(A) Rs. Per Month Rs. Per Annum

Annual Bonus LTA Medical Others Total (B) Total (A+B)

Rs. Per Annum Rs. Per Annum

Minimum CTC expected

Current Job Profile (Briefly describe your present job clearly indicating the reporting relationship, duties and

What would you consider your significant contribution to your present and past organizations?

Professional Contributions (Publications, positions held in professional bodies, participation in conference’s,

seminars, etc.,)

Please use additional sheets wherever necessary

3 QSF TQC 01 05 001 Rev 0 dated 24/06/2004

Membership of Professional Bodies

From To Association/Institute Class of Membership

What kind of career do you visualize for the next five years?

What would you consider as your major strengths?

Strengths Areas for Improvement

Any other relevant information

If selected when will you be able to join us?

Professional References (Not Relatives)

Name & Designation Address (With Phone Numbers & E-Mail address)



Declaration by the Applicant

I hereby declare that the information given herein is true and correct and will form the basis of the contract of
employment, if I am employed by TVS Motor Company Limited.

Place Date Signature

4 QSF TQC 01 05 001 Rev 0 dated 24/06/2004

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