February 1, 2017




First, I welcome you to our New America. By now, you must be starting to realize the efforts
of dissidents protesting in the streets and at airports, and the efforts of the Democrats in
Congress is futile. As long as you continue to engage in peaceful protest, we have no intention
of stopping you as your cries for justice, equality and human decency continue to fall on deaf
ears. Unfortunately for you, we are not politicians nor are we concerned with winning a fair
election in the fall of 2018, because we will use deportations and our substantial control of state
governments to make it nearly impossible to vote using “newly enacted voter protection” laws.
The electoral map will be written by us for us. After last night, I am sure you realize the
Supreme Court will not just be powerless to stop us, but will help us finish our coup.
In 2008, you elected a paragon of the American story and an idealist who wanted to usher in a
new era. One of the few voices who spoke out and voted against the war that set us on this
path. However, many of you abandoned him when he was not able to deliver the sweeping
changes many thought his election would herald. It was also when he needed you most. We
fought him on everything. However, he was a good and decent man who was bound by the
law, and that made progress slow. The grassroots movements withered and we eviscerated
Democrats in state elections. When the groundswell came again in the form of an independent
mind, the party leaders were responsible or complicit in stacking the deck in favor of another
candidate in the primary. Thus, seeds of tyranny and the road was paved for us most
unwittingly by those who sought to stop us.
While Senators Sanders, Schumer and Warren and Leader Pelosi will rail in the media about
the injustice and you will continue your peaceful protests, we will use the law of the land
against you where we can, and brush aside the Constitution where we must. The truth is you
cannot stop us. You do not understand the game has changed, and you lack the fortitude and
means to do what is necessary to stop us.
For the last 50 years, you have denigrated, spit on and marginalized the men and women who
would stop us. The police officers who you have demonized as a whole based on horrific
incidents perpetrated by a few. However, you and they fail to realize they are what we made
them: a highly disciplined and well trained paramilitary force.


The men and women of the armed services you treat with slightly less disdain these days.
However, many of you consider them a necessary evil in the best of times. Make no mistake,
the men and women in the Armed Services are well aware of the times during the Vietnam
War. For many of you, it is ancient history, but it drastically impacted the institutions and
molded many of the senior leaders.
You may look to places like Chicago and Detroit where guns are easily obtained by children.
However, you have shown them your true colors. 109 foreign nationals were detained at the
airport, and millions mobilized. Foreign refugees are the cause of the day. Their suffering is
well documented in the media and your concern is admirable. However, the conditions they are
fleeing are really the similar to areas of our inner cities. Child soldiers are often thought of as
an African or Arabian phenomena. Ours are called street gangs and they grow-up in
neighborhoods wracked by violence. However, they are carted off to the prison system in near
silence. Their stories were largely ignored nationally once the administration changed. We
may be a lot of things, but at least they know what we are.
Your last and most important line of defense detailed in the Second Amendment you willfully
gave away and persecuted those who understood its importance. Yet, many ask how a
government that strips people of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is stopped. Look to
your history books.
Senator Schumer recently stated The Statue of Liberty is weeping, and he is right. She does
not weep because of us. She has always known we exist. She knows avarice, malice, hate, fear
and division will reign supreme is left unchecked. However, she weeps, because you have lost
sight of what freedom costs. “Freedom isn’t free,” has become a punchline to most. However,
even in the most peaceful of times it is not free. It requires vigilance, engagement, compromise,
understanding and most importantly sacrifice. The cost skyrockets with each passing day
tyranny and fear grow. Our bet is you are unwilling to pay it.
So, keep protesting peacefully. Keep calling your representatives. Keep posting on social
media that I am running the government from the shadows. I am. What are you going to do to
stop me?
Welcome to our New America.