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This AGREEMENT made and entered into by and between:
EMERALD CUREG DINGLASAN, of legal age, Filipino citizen, with address at 1278 Metrica St.,
Sampaloc, Manila and hereinafter known as the LESSOR
-andRAMON C. RAMOS, married, of legal age, Filipino citizen, with address at 115-A Mother Ignacia St.,
Quezon City and hereinafter known as the LESSEE
-WITNESSETH1. That the LESSOR hereby agree to lease Unit 5-I with an area of 40 Sq.m. More or Less located at
Future Point Plaza II Condo. 115-A Mo. Ignacia St., Quezon City in consideration of the monthly
rental of FOURTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (14,500.00) Philippine Currency
exclusive of association dues. It is understood that the payment for water, electric bills and the like shall
be for the account of the LESSEE.
2. The LESSEE shall not use the said unit for any immoral or illegal purposes.
3. That the LESSEE shall not directly or indirectly sublease, assign, or transfer his right under this
contract to a third party or parties, without the consent in writing of the LESSOR;
4. That the terms of this lease is for One (1) year commencing from November 1, 2016 and automatically
expires at the midnight of October 31, 2017. LESSOR should be informed about Negotiation for
Renewal at least one (1) month before expiration of the Contract if the LESSEE decided to renew the
contract, otherwise, there shall be no more extension or renewal of the Lease Contract. The LESSOR
should also inform the LESSEE on intent for non-renewal of contract at least a month before the
5. Whereas the LESSEE shall issue the two (2) months deposit and one (1) month advance rental
payment. The deposit shall be forfeited in favor of the LESSOR should be the LESSEE terminates the
contract before the lapse of the contract for any cause or reason not due to the fault of the LESSOR by
way of liquidated damages as the case maybe.
6. The leased premises shall be used by the LESSEE for RESIDENTIAL purposes only. It is understood
that should the same be used or utilized for purposes other than as agreed upon, LESSOR shall have the
right to terminate this Contract Lease and confiscate the subject guarantee deposit. All repairs and daily
maintenance of the unit which includes replacement of the bulbs, ballast, leaking of faucet and other
similar item shall be for the account of the LESSOR. This property shall not be sud-lease to other
individuals without written consent of the LESSOR.
7. The LESSEE shall allow the LESSOR and/or authorized representative to inspect at any time
reasonable time of the day the leased premises, with notice to the former, for the purpose of ascertaining
whether the LESSEE is complying with the terms and conditions of the Contract of the Lease.
8. LESSOR shall not be liable for the loss and/or damages to goods and property and/or injuries to
persons in above, upon or about the leased premises for any cause or whatsoever.
9. That the LESSEE hereby acknowledges that the leased premises is in good condition complying.
10. That in case of violation of any condition of this contract, the lease shall be considered rescinded and
the LESSOR shall have the right to demand that the LESSEE immediately vacate the premises without
necessary count action.

11. That the failure of the LESSOR to insist upon a strict performance of any terms, conditions, and
covenants, hereof, shall not be deemed as his having waived any part of the terms of the contract;
12. That any and all violations of the conditions of this contract shall subject the guilty party to the
payment of actual damages suffered by the LESSOR or a minimum of FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS
(50,000.00) as damages, aside from costs of suit and attorneys fees:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, these presents are signed by both the LESSOR and the LESSEE,
this _____ day of ___________ 2016 at __________________________________________.

Emerald Cureg Dinglasan


Ramon. C. Ramos
Signed in the presence of:




BEFORE ME, a Notary Public in and for the City of Quezon, this ________ day of _________________
personally appeared __________________________________________ who has satisfactorily proven to
me their identity through their ______________ ___ ID, Drivers license, respectively, valid until
____________________, _______________________ respectively, that they are the same person who
executed and voluntarily signed the foregoing Contract of Lease which they acknowledged before me as
their free and voluntary act and deed.
The foregoing Contract of Lease consisting of 2 pages including the page on which this
acknowledgement is written, has been signed the left margin of each and every by the parties and
WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, ____ day of __________________ in Quezon City.

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