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Job Title: Management Trainee Officer

Job Code: 101011

Recommended Salary Grade:

Job Family:

Exempt/Non-Exempt Status: N/A

EEOC: Junior cashier, Sales workers


Reports To: Branch Manager

Location: Hyderabad
Date: September 2016

As a Management Trainee Officer, you would observe the running of an entire branch, or a
number of small branches and learn how the branches are operated. You are responsible for
bringing in new customers and boosting the bank's profits. You will be given a certain target
and you have to meet the target within a certain period of time. This role would involve setting
targets and making sure that they are met, motivating and developing staff, keeping the bank
to a high standard and dealing with customer complaints. As Management trainee, you would
create and analyze management information and reports, which are then given to branch
manager and head office. You will also work closely with local chambers of commerce,
development agencies, and other professionals such as lawyers, accountants and estate

Scope and Impact of Job:

Ensuring High Quality service and Customer Relationship Management:
As a trainee manager, you will follow an on-the-job training program. A Management trainee
is usually a part of a result oriented team and is responsible for ensuring high quality service
and Customer Relationship Management. Ensure achievement of overall Branch Targets by
generating business and cross sales.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
Customer Relationship Management
Complaints Handling Maintain Branch Operations reports Branch Merchandising & coordination with Marketing at product level. Ensure compliance with Banking rules,
Regulations & Procedures.

Required Knowledge and experience:

Related work experience:
Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Candidates with work experience of at least two
years in finance sector will be given preference.
Formal education:
Graduate or MBA.
Extra Ordinary B2B selling skills.
Excellent communication skills with strong personality.
Presentation Skills, Client Relationships, Emphasizing Excellence, Energy
Level, Negotiation, Prospecting Skills, Meeting Sales Goals, Creativity, Sales Planning,
Independence, Motivation for Sales.

Ability to lead and motivate staff to meet targets
Marketing, sales and IT skills
A business focused attitude, with a good knowledge of the local economy
Ability to deal courteously with customers, with tact and confidentiality
Ability to communicate effectively, and build long-term working relationships
Ability to negotiate, solve problems and make effective decisions
High levels of integrity and honesty
Ability to work as part of a team
Ability to adapt to change
Strong numerical ability
Analytical & presentation skills
Strong communication & interpersonal skills
Creativity & drives
Job Responsibilities:

Receives guidance from experienced banking staff and managers and performs duties in a
number of banking departments such as Finance, Client Services, Sales, Operations, Data
Solutions and IT.
Gains knowledge of line and staff functions, operations, management position and
company policies and practices that have an effect on each segment of bank.
Observes experienced workers to obtain knowledge of methods, procedures, and
standards required for presentation of departmental duties.
Receives training in occupation and operations of connected departments to ease
following transferability between departments and to give greater promotional
Sets performance goals and objectives with higher management of the bank.
Monitors performance development with managers and other key trainers