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February 1, 2017
Issue 556


As Days
Hello Parents,
If you don't read any of my articles for A's Days, please read this one. I would love
to share some perspective from someone whose children are now adults and parents. It is my intention to encourage you and give you hope in this season of raising children.
First, remember that this time of raising them will go faster than you can believe.
The opportunities to intentionally invest in your children are slipping past so
please try to embrace this process. I know some days seem endless but I promise
you won't regret staying present and relishing each stage of your child's life. You
can't enjoy every moment but try to cherish every season.
Second, your child is not the worst or best child ever. Many parents are devastated by their child's misbehavior and take it personally. Please stop! Parents can't
take all the credit for their child's behavior/accomplishments and they shouldn't
take all the blame either. Allow opportunities for your child to succeed and to fail.
Sometimes we learn more through failures than winning all the time. Stress and
pressure from the elements strengthen giant trees and so life's trials and struggles
should help us grow and mature.
Third, allow others you love and trust to speak life into your children. Viktra and I
had many adults who invested time and energy into our girls and I spent months
after Franny graduated writing thank you notes to all those folks. Sometimes
teachers, leaders and others can share the same things you've said over and over
and your child "hears" it for the first time. (I know, it's maddening!) Please, welcome this input and celebrate your child's growth with others voices speaking into
Finally, remember that the reward of raising children is adult children. I often struggled trying to be the dad my girls deserved and felt like a failure many times. I
hoped I would have a great relationship with my girls when they grew up but never
dreamed or imagined it would be this rich and rewarding. Their passion for Christ
inspires me in so many ways and as they became parents, the joy of watching
them become mothers filled me with awe and hope.
Please invest in your personal relationship with Jesus first, your mate second and
finally your kids. Those priorities will speak to them more than you can know. Pray
always for them and model gratitude, humility and forgiveness. Entrust them to
God and be obedient to His still small voice as you seek His best for your family.
Trust God in them as they step out in their own walk with the Savior. We are praying for you and are grateful you have invested in MVCA, allowing us to speak life
into your children. May God richly bless you!
Much love,
Christian Bumgarner

Upcoming Dates:

Blacktail Ski Day: Thursday Feb 16

Early Release: Feb. 17 11:45 am

Parent Teacher Conf. Feb. 20(no school)

someone a

There is
a great
of songs of love and appreciation to
choose from. Pick up your order form
from the office. Deliveries will be
made on Tuesday February 14th!

Friday Hot Lunch

Sloppy Joes ,Chips &

A big THANK YOU to the

Buckwalter & Nelson Families






Parents in Prayer 8:15
Swimming Lessons


Parents in Prayer 8:15
Swimming Lessons
Happy Birthday
Devyn & Zach


Happy Birthday
Bella Smith

Parents in Prayer 8:15 Happy Birthday
Swimming Lessons
Mr. Taylor




Parents in Prayer 8:15
Swimming Lessons
Seniors leave for

Board meeting 3:45

Happy Birthday

Feb. 1



Nayeli Windauer




No School
Parent Teacher /

All School
Blacktail Ski Day!

Early Release

All school Blacktail Ski Trip Thursday February 16, 2017

Adult lift tickets are $20.00, rentals are $20.00.
Lessons are required for all participating students no matter what level skier or snowboarder they are.
Student Packages:-$22.00 with day lesson
-$30.00 with full day lesson
5th Grade Packages:-$16.00 with day lesson
-$24.00 with full day lesson
No discount on price if students have their own equipment.
Hot lunch is an additional $6.00 (optional).
Make sure you pack a lunch for your students if they do not pay for the hot lunch provided by Blacktail.
Helmet rental is an additional $5.00 (optional).



Happy Birthday
Kingston Funke

The MVCA upper school science classes attended Glacier Park's Winter Ecology program. Park rangers led our students in the study of the watershed, animal tracks, maps, and a snowpack survey measuring snow depth, temperatures, and densities. It was a beautiful hike along the MacDonald Creek
trail out of Apgar Village. What
a blessed time out studying God's
incredible creation!

National Glacier Park

Winter Ecology program

Upper School History class visit to the Capital

The U.S. History class went to Helena to support the School Choice Movement. We
were given a tour of the House Chambers by Representative Hertz of Polson and of
the Senate Chambers by Senator Salomon of Ronan. Mr. Hertz told us about the purposes behind
the three readings done for each bill and answered
various questions by the students. Mr. Salomon
explained that most of the work was done in committees and that the floor votes were usually mere
formalities. Each legislator ends up focusing on a
particular area of law in their committees and depends on experts to help them sort out the appropriate legalities.

We then went out onto the steps of the capital to hear speeches given on behalf of the
School Choice Movement. I was delighted to hear a speech sent over by the State Superintendent of Schools pledging support for School Choice. The state has never
supported this movement before. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to glimpse
the workings of a democratic republic.
Mr. Al Onsager

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